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  1. I wanted to try this, but I am wondering about the installation, I noticed that it overwrites my "Remodeled Armor for UUNP BodySlide HDT" which I have installed in MO2. Of course this would probably be the other way around if I moved my body slide under it. Does your mod have it's own body slide ? are is it using some of the Remodeled armor with its own body slide? Is that body slide UUNP ? May be dumb questions but I sort of needed to know. I did I think read through your Op page pretty closely but did not actually find and installation instruction, Not saying one was not there, I may have missed it. I hope I am not bothering you to much.
  2. Good stuff, Thank you very Much!
  3. Thank you , I was not sure, I had downloaded the framework already, but was just a little unsure, I knew it was always needed before. Thanks for taking time to answer me Much better than me doing the trial and error method
  4. All good stuff Thank you very Much for this!
  5. Have not even had time much to be play anything in awhile. Had some time and decided to push some erotic Skyrim. I played the original version of this, and although it was a good idea it just was never truly finished in any extended play fashion. You're doing a fine job here, I also enjoy the addition made by Kalmah. Is all very well done. Thank you very much! I hope you don't power out on it, lots of little scenarios left I am sure to explore.
  6. I may have made this confusion myself!! Anyway looking at my installation of version 12.04, Which was last time I was playing, and the version I had when I looked to see what was new. It appears to have Creature framework installed with it. <<<< I may have dome this to reduce head ache during install, not sure. Anyway I downloaded 12.6b just now and was looking at it and I do not see the Creature framework .esm in it. I hate to even bother you about this, but you might have moved past Creature framework or something and I was just making sure I that I would still need to get CreatureFramework V2_0_3. Everything is working fine with 12.04 Not even sure if I need 12.6b. ( I could not or did not look hard enough to find your change log ) I am sorry for bothering you with this, like I said I may have done this myself. I was just hoping you could clear up my confusion, which I may have made. I have not played the game in some time and have forgot a lot.
  7. Love 💟 your Hard work, and wonderful animations 1. I had a little problem awhile back wanted to mention it, I don't really understand it. CTD when starting Sims4. Made sure first I had no Duplicates mod files. 2. So I removed all mods as usual, and began installing one folder at a time. If one had failed I would look at the packages and files inside that folder. 3. I had 2 animation folder, named Animations1, and animations2. 4. animations2 installed game started fine, no problems. 5. When I installed animations1, The game would CTD. 6. So I began pulling animation packages from Animations1 until the game did not CTD on booting. When I removed your Package the game started fine. 7. I replaced every file installed same as before with only your animation package removed, and the game started fine. 8. On a Whim I made a new folder naming it Animations3, then installed you package in that folder by its self. 9. The game started fine like that, but If I put you animation package back into Animations1 game would CTD on starting again. 10. I do not understand it, unless it was the number of packages I had installed in Animations1, and yours is such a large package that that number and you package size may have screwed things somehow. ( Sims 4 maybe not reading the folder correctly due to the number, and size of the packages?) 11. It also could be that by placing your package in Animations3 folder by it's self caused it to install after all the others, and that fixed it. I am only mentioning it encase someone Else happened to run into this problem. I wish I knew why it happened, But it is all fixed now, I hope you do not mind my mentioning it, as it might help someone Else. ( But I truly do not understand why it happened like it did ) I do truly enjoy 💖 your animations very much.
  8. There was one thing that I dumb assed on, you had this on you main page *** DON'T USE BOTH MODS AT THE SAME TIME! *** I at first assumed , because I read way to fast and was to eager to get them installed, that because you had two packages in your zip file that I should only install one of them..LOL I know being a dumb ass. I shortly figured it out though 🥰
  9. May have been asked, I am sorry, been chasing down so many files to get back up to par with TS4 1.70.84 but is this going to work with WW v162g ?
  10. are you meaning this For any of the following SHIFT + CLICK interactions to work, you need to enable Testing Cheats by putting this command in the CTRL + SHIFT + C console "testingcheats on" That could surly be the problem as I do not make a habit of turning on cheats unless I am in need of it. Sorry I even bothered you.. I need to read more closely I will test that latter. Thank you. EDIT >>> Actually I was thinking I had MCCC set up to auto do that, but that may only pertain to MCCC functions.
  11. Sorry I have been busy, but did not want to leave you hanging. Just now had time to look at this closely. 4. was My mistake I had not played in awhile, and had just updated everything, and forgot that I could highlight the text choice and see all of it, Truly sorry on that. Image shows my mistake :( 6. I have posted two image's one with no MSM, and the other with MSM ( as before maybe it is something I have done wrong, I never doubt that as I am pron to being to Quick on my thinking. ) “In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is Freedom, in water there is bacteria.”
  12. probably a dumb question, and I apologize for that but does the "Basemental Drugs Log.log" go in "Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods >" folder as well ?
  13. Game version WW ver. what ever is latest release here at Lovers Lab I have followed Kinky whims for a long time, love your ideas, and mods. Some things seem different or missing now that it is Devious desire I am curious about. 1. On some of the last KW that I ran I could set the player character as a victim, and set only victims to be molested. This was good for personal scenario's I would set up, and I could limit the amount of Kinky activity happening much easier, allowing me to control the events occurring with more control. ( I could pick and choose, and control the ones that might get attacked ) I know I can give a victim trait, but I have not found a way in setting to make the victim trait NPC/Player the exclusive attack choice. 2. I also could do a random Rapist trait before and apply it to all NPC. ( It may be there and I am just missing it ) 3. These things may actually be there the interface or pop up menu's, maybe I am not fully understanding some of them properly or miss reading the information you have given me in the pop up menu's. (It could even be that you have A .json file where I can tweak these setting's) 4. Not really a complaint of any kind as I truly enjoy your work, I am seeking I guess a better understanding of the choices that you have given me. ( sometimes your description of the options is cut off in the pop up menu I suppose by a letter character limitation in the pop up.) 5. I guess I am mostly just seeking a better understanding of my control options, and how to implement them. Truly Sorry if I have miss a bunch of Obvious things. 6. For some reason, (probably my failure) using MSM buggered my menu's, and I did not get all options for Devious Desire with it installed. (But removing it made all menus options pop up) <<< Like I said May have been some miss understanding on my part on that. EDIT >>> Just so you know I have no exceptions at all with your mod. So far I have not seen a single one.
  14. The options were in staged lieto mod by Tentacus I think it was the tick in this image I missed. EDIT>>> with out that tick you won't get the actiondata.xml and the Vioxsis_Strap-ons_equipmentSetData for the strap on, and thus they will not be used, as AAF has no reference to them. EDIT >>> As best i can tell he is just picking the most commonly used strap-on, and I think probably the best one as well.
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