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  1. I don't disagree with you on most of that, A check "IsWeaponOut" out might help, in the dialogue condition, but if scripr was needed something similar to this might work Event OnTriggerEnter(ObjectReference akActionRef) If (akActionRef == Game.GetPlayer()) && !(Game.GetPlayer().IsInCombat()) ; do something EndIf EndEvent Would probably need to modify to needs and getting away from Game.player to and alias would probably be more efficient
  2. One of my favorite Mods for FO4 what I would like to see is some threesome's and Gang-bang scenarios added, group aggression. Things like "My friend's and I have decided that you're a fucking Slut! Free for the taking, so we'll be taking advantage of that" or "Sense your all tied up and so literally helpless, we've decided to have a little party, and your the party favor."
  3. I was just thinking Outside the police station when the ghouls are attacking is prior to Danse being added to the player faction I would think. I can see why that would happen if the mod is looking or checking that the selected aggressor is in the player faction. I would think at that time they would not be, as you have not actually recruited them yet. Just a guess! If that is so then until you recruit them then they will all be valid aggressors. EDIT >> that is normally the best check to use when testing if NPC is a companion as there are so many third party companion mods out there, and most all add the Companion to the player faction to confirm the action. I mean I guess you could spurn the BOS, and tell Danse to Kiss off, and he would never be a companion.
  4. Agree, such a thing could be neat at times. EDIT >>> Bumped into them one to many time's, knocked over stuff in there home or store, were sneaking around and it just pissed them off.
  5. thank you that may help. I will give it a try latter. EDIT >>> That did it, I was just over kill on my Body slide ;(
  6. No errors in the MO2 log, and all that is in meshes, this image shows. Not sure why it is happening, but when I run body slide it burns the undies in, and even after removing I have to re-run my body slide to get them completely off. other wise the UN-textured image still stays. Perplexing to me, not sure why is happening. There is nothing in overwrite either, I got to thinking something there might have done it, but I do not see any meshes there at all. But thank you very much for even looking at it a little for me.
  7. Nope MO2 always, so many more options with MO2. I don't know what I am doing wrong on that install, I mean it is not you problem, I just am unable to understand what i am doing wrong with sporty underwear. Here is image of how I have been doing it
  8. Nothing to do with your mod, but If I try to install the sporty underwear, even though I tick the None on the nude body re-placer in the Fomod it still places the under wear on when I am nude. I must not be understanding something about this Sporty underwear installation. If anyone knows what I am doing wrong, please advise me 🙂
  9. Kool! I use MO2 so quite often a mod might overwrite another and I can fix a lot of times by moving the left side up or down, with the priority tab checked and fix such things. checking for anything that over writes Zaz would be the first thing I would look at by checking the lightening bolts.
  10. the mod requireZaz Animation Pack V 8.0 [2017-11-15] 8.0 or higher It very much looks like you're missing a texture. Might try to re download
  11. Thank you for this one, it makes everything work correctly for me. A personal choice for me over UAP which is also a good fix, but not exactly what I want.
  12. Been meaning to thank you for the hard work, and the "Victim" trait it is just what I had been wanting, Thank you! That trait really makes setting up different scenario's a breeze ;)
  13. What are you using for a Mod installer ? For OB I use OBMM, may not be the best and it has ticks you have to watch out for. Not sure how well OB will work with other installation software. But I am sure they can be made to work. ************************OBMM ticks***********Things you need to keep in mind OBMM makes installing and removing mods easier and cleaner. A well formed OMOD will do a correct install of the mod with good accuracy, and place everything where it needs to be. 1. However there is a Catch. Most people will be installing mods sometimes which overwrite portions of OMODs they have previously installed. 2. Say I have installed an OMOD modA which re-textures Land. 3. I later installed an OMOD called modB which re-textures some but not all of the same land modA touches. 4. I want to uninstall the OMOD modA, but What I have right now in my data folder at this time is a mixture of modA and modB. 5. If I just uninstall install modA I may have problems with what is left of modB, as much of it's changes may well be removed by ModA. 6. So what I need to do is, disable both modA and modB. Then I can safely delete modA if I wish, and then re-enable modB. 7. ModB will install as if I had never had modA. I would then want to do bsa redirect if this mod needs it, and rebuild my bashed patch if needed. This is something that many who are use to other mod manager's that store the removed file or keep a record of the old file, and put it back are not aware of as OBMM does not do this. It over writes files, and when the Omod is removed it takes the files with it. ************************************************* I did play the LAPF version from start to finish. No problems. But I know getting all correct for Oblivion and LoversPK can be a little testy. (Not as bad a FO4 AAF) but Load order is critical in OBLIVION. whats is really Cool about OB is you can remove any mod any time, and they leave no tracks in your save game so no need for any save cleaner. Loot is bad for Oblivion, as far as I know that has probably not changed. ************************************************** fejeena is top's when it comes to knowing what works and what does not, so there advise is going to be solid, and should be listened too. ************************************************** I know it is working for Myself, and many others so I am betting you have something out of wack, I am sorry I don't have really good advise other than look at the suggested load order from Fejeena, and my load order on front page, and some trial and error is going to be your best bet. But it does sound like your installation may be a little buggered, and may take you some time to sort out. Wish I could be more help. But that is the best advise I have on this. Truly sorry! Once you do get it sorted out though, It will help you a lot with any other Oblivion mods you intend to try or wish to play. EDIT >>> Be sure you have the latest OBSE and be sure to start the game with obse_loader.exe which should be in the main game folder if you installed it right.
  14. Yes some quest's, some AAF mod scenarios, might have different dialogue depending on the gender of the PC. Depending on your desired physical preference it could be quite advantageous to be able to assume the gender of male while remaining physically female, and vise versa. It may not work with all dialogue condition's, but for those that it does it might make for some interesting choices, and some unique changes. To be able to swap your perceived gender quickly, back and forth from one to the other.
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