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  1. Well, for now... there IS a method to ensure you don't have an issue.. BUT it is a little drastic In the OPTIONS spell for Lovers Slave Trader, you have four options. The fourth is basically a RESET of your sold slave ledger. It wipes out all the sales you made and frees the slaves sold. However it does 'end/stop' the quest that controls slave sales and handling, so you do need to use a command console to start it up again.
  2. Exqueeze me? Someone is actually casting spells while getting laid?
  3. The issue with non-persistent Actors is that they can/will vanish if you leave their presence. This is part of why dungeons can be cleaned out of enemies and then restock some days later, If you were to sell such a slave to an actor, the slave will vanish from the game in all likelihood and mess up the owner/slave registration system. That is why such barriers were put into place.
  4. (I was having issues with my internet and was typing this. Thanks Sladen) Well, you may notice you begin with a wicked scythe-like blade at the start. It can behead your fallen enemies. Just use the HOLD/GRAB button on your enemy while clicking the mouse to attack and... *SLICE* You now bagged his head. Try selling the heads to a guard and you'll get dialog about the Brotherhood over in Chorrol. OR just go to Chorrol and join. Pretty much same difference.... And don't forget to grab my 'DarkBloodline Fix" patch. Not only does it fix some scripting issues, but alters the sex animations to work with the current LAPF system. The .esp here is the same as Galgat's translation. I made no effort to alter it, opting to make a separate patch so the original LL released work remains original. If you're one that likes to read the Prima books on games so you know where to go, what to do, and what cheat codes to use..... Check my signature for a couple Prima Books mods. You can actively BUY a Prima book in-game and read it while playing. Well, within reason anyway. You can't read it if you're handcuffed and can't get to your inventory, right?
  5. Mod Organizer? Not Mod Organizer 2 ? Either way, they seem a little... hapenstance with OBSE from what I have read. *Cest la vie* And Mod Organizer doesn't like OMOD? *GASP!!!!!* Well, it's a good thing I gave options, eh? And a help file more helpful than,,,, okay, I did retranslate what was needed of the original help files, but the help files didn't describe the 'ORDER' in which the mods need to be placed, eh? For the master files, TamagoClub.esm and HiyokoClub.esm go are placed directly below Lovers with PK.esm in that order: Lovers with PK.esm TamagoClub.esm HiyokoClub.esm Even if you have other mods like LoversCreatures.esm, Tamago and Hiyoko appear below Lovers first. And I know, I usually pack my graphics and sound resources into a single BSA. But Tamago is a different beast and Tamago will not access its menstrual cycle menu graphics from a BSA. Its graphics must be within the Textures\Menus\Icons\TamagoClub folder. If I don't understand the mechanics, I am not messing with it. Nope nope nope. Now of the other mods in the package, the order is LoversTamagoClub.esp, LoversGenetics.esp and LoversGenerator.esp, all three in that order BEFORE the Lovers with PK.esp. Yeah, Before it, and not after. For LoversGenerator... yeah, you have either the x117 version of the no-x117 version. Unless you have the MBP (ModularBeautifulPeople) and x117 races loaded in your collection of mods, you'll want the no-x117 version of LoversGenerator. There's plenty more mods available regarding the Tamago/Hiyoko Collection. Both Fejeena and I have Yellow Links in our signatures that can direct you to a MOD ORDER list to ensure you have mods arranged properly, including TamagoHiyoko mods. And this topic's download page also has "Tamago and Hiyoko - A Guide Book" (TamagoGuide.esp) which lets you purchase a nice little instructive manual you can read in-game. The book can be found in the four book stores in Tamriel. Seriously, eight cities and only four book stores? Someone's slacking...
  6. The function of the LST patch is to provide extra greetings for enslaved children such as "Hello Daddy Dearest", or to block certain actions like prostituting one's own children. Unfortunately, I have not upgraded the LHS LST patch for a number of reasons. Hopefully, I can adapt LHS to enough of a degree so the patch will no longer be needed. With what I'm learning (and one is ALWAYS learning ) I might be able to eventually throw away the LHS Text Extensions..... mebby.
  7. BUMP to version 3.9 Okay, I had goofed a bit. The Epicine on Self spell was incorrectly placed. Now it can be found within the Self-Effect Spell category as it belongs. Meanwhile, I uploaded some screenshots. And yes, you can see an Ogre turned into an Ogress! But it depends on the use of LoversCreatures 2.5+
  8. Ah, but the system does not work for the player. Once it detects that the subject gaining points is the player, it exits. Thus, it does not calculate rank by points for the player. It is a non-Player feature alone. Ranks for the Player within the Slave Trainer guild must be attained by other means. Er, your personal system for the training bonus uses it. That and infamy... But that too is LST.
  9. More than nine within the Pack Slaves spell? Someone is doing severe Troop Transport operations. Oh, and Pack Slaves is actually part of LoversSlaveTrader. The book within BravilUnderground merely teaches it. Yes, it could be increased... but Vicn knew that since he crafted the Ledger too. There must have been a reason he limited the Packing option to just the nine slaves. Slaves walk based upon their speed. Some move faster than others. Hah.... be aware that Hiyoko Slaves travel pretty slow as based on their height/age. And Scalons move pretty rapidly, faster than most NPCs. A rank based caterpillar mode would be complex indeed.
  10. I am the ruler of this town now. I will need a good deal of luck to keep these rascals in line ... Could be entertaining to see how one would go beyond this arc.
  11. I'M A QUACK!!! NOW IT'S VERSION D-2.8 While the system appeared to work for me, apparently testing on the "First child borne into the world" and all that, the system which let you tell your child to follow the other parent was not truly functional. The issue was not that I could not acquire the other parent. Nor was it an issue with the actual combination of statements that applied and set the hiyoko child to find and follow its parent. The issue itself related to a difference between the parent NPC you interact with in-game and the actor you can edit and tweak within the editor's Database. Let's say you encounter a Female Redguard Bandit. How many times have you faced the same one? Five times? Six? There is only one exactly like her in the Database. However, you can find her drawn here, there, and behind the grassy knoll. In essence, the NPC you interact with in game are clones of their so-called Base Object (or Database Object). The same holds true for all other encounters, whether it be a wolf, Falanu Hlaalu of Skingrad, Jauffre, an annoying Mud Crab, Peggy Coolage from the Crowning Isles, or Dar-Ma's unique horse, Blossom. The thing is, the database object is not the character on the map. And the child only knows its heritage based on the data from within the database, ie the base object of its parents. So it was incorrect to try to make the child try to follow the parent from the database as it was not the one currently in Tamriel, Nirn, Oblivion or Mundus in general. It needed to follow the Clone (or Reference object) drawn in-game. Yeah, that was tricky. I had to craft a system to look for all actors in a given cell, But when I did the comparison of the 'CLONES' it detected, i had to tell the system to see if the clone's BASE object was the same as the child's Momma or Pop. Only THEN will it now perform the routine that tells the brat to follow the parent. And boy, do they ever!!!! Along with that, the Topics where you can tell the child to Follow Mommy or Follow Daddy only appears when they are in the cell!
  12. If you happen to look at the xLSTMq18MolagBal / Molag Bal NPC, you will see that his rank within the Raider faction is the Molag Bal rank. Obviously the highest rank was attributed to the Daedric Prince of Domination. Quite likely. The system does increase ranks for all NPCs and Creatures with sex. But sex does not increase the rank for the Player. Doing so would let the player achieve ranks too easily. So the rank must be an award give in a quest or by some NPC, and not by training slaves. For those unaware, Vicn created this initially as part of LoversSlaveTrader. It was on Valentines Day 2012 when he decided that BravilUnderground should be its own separate work, dependent upon LST of course. That's why they mesh so well.
  13. On the contrary. It is a texture problem as GeneForge v 1.00a has custom .dds textures for redguards. It doesn't use vanilla textures for Hiyoko Redguards... apparently this being why I was getting freaky weird Redguards. If you open the RACES folder to see the custom races, you'll find hggfRedguard / Hiyoko Redguard, And the paths for the Redguard textures files (under Body Data) are characters\hiyogen\red\m\upperbody.dds and the like.
  14. Good idea.... Typically not ready may show some leftover tokens (like something saying it's already having sex, is sitting down, or other stuff). Hrm, have you considered running the "Sexual Exploits (Lovers Settings)" spell, and choose the 'FIX BUGS" option?
  15. HiyokoGenerator's filenames come as MBP & x117 and w-out MBP & x117 versions. And yes, the non-vanilla version uses both MBP and x117 races. GeneForce can work with the original HiyokoGenerator with the MBP dependency for greater variety, but it does have its own collection of races for use as well. That I can confirm as I've had Tabaxi and Argonoid children that came from the MBP HiyokoGenerator whilst using Gene Forrge. Oh, you may want to open up GeneForge (if you have CSE) and check out the its custom Hiyoko Redguard race. It appears a bit ... odd... in my installation, darker and more glossy in appearance which may give children borne a steel-like appearance.
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