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  1. As I work on the LC2.5+ upgrade to LoversRaperS, I had to consider a few ideas.... Q: What happens when you rape a creature that has a Submissive/Defensive pose? A: You get some creature pussy. Q: What happens when a creature rapes YOU or you use that Rape Me spell on a creature? A: Yer ass belongs to that creature. Q: What happens if you don't have LC2.5+ or if you rape a creature that does NOT have a Submissive/Defensive Pose? A: Um....... Ah, now we have something to consider, don't we? Well... there ar
  2. The two ogre styles, male and female, should work just fine. I've tested a mass monster GangBang orgy with RaperS to have the Daedra trigger a FuroGeneratorTrap incident. And at the time, I saw no body mesh incidents occur with the Ogres. Perhaps a mod in use may be presenting a custom Ogre? BigDick in fejeeena's LST Bravil Underground is kinda custom.
  3. Yum! She's hot! But for the ladies, we need some sort of Flame Dude to go with that, in the same essential style for (hahaha) canon sake I guess?
  4. Well, I kinda did get ONE group of Goblins to go Masculine and Feminine, but they are the default, non-berserker, non-skirmisher variety. My custom castle with a variety of tame bestie beasties within has a nicely shown male and female goblin. Well, as nice as a goblin can be I guess. Tit's aren't as plump. No wonder goblins like OTHER women to fuck.
  5. Well, my rework of LoversRaperS is continuing. So I do have to temporarily import other mods for the system's Cross-Mod support. I'm trying to keep my work directory clean, for mod editing and updating, so when I'm done updating compliance.... buh bye. A funny thing I just discovered in regards of cross-mod compatability with the FuroTrapGenerator mod. If you are under threat of rape by a daedra and end up in a Furo Trap (either chair or bath), your body form may be disconnected with improper animations applied. Pretty messed up, eh? BUT if you have first used the FuroTrap Sum
  6. I was trying to establish female upper-parts for goblin femmes rather than just the shaman who had been the only exclusive female. What I did works for basic goblins, but it seems that I need to update for other goblins (berserkers, etc). In regards of RaperS, there may have been such issues. I am currently working on RaperS in order to adapt it to LC2.5+ creatures, and did have issues at the time with Rape and RapeMe. ......... 'did'... Past tense. (I currently have RaperS open in my editor right now)
  7. Dude, I've been caught quoting Sheogorath at times Well, only a few creatures have submissive poses. Certainly all animal creatures (dogs, rats, etc) have none. But neither do Ogres, Spider Daedra, Trolls and others. Yep, they're not keen for being on the receiving end as yet. We need .kf animation makers for that at the least. Between the LoversCreatures Summoned model and base models, there is no difference. A stock Xivilai and LoversCreatures Summoned Xivilai, there is no difference. It's just that certain creatures produce creatures of one gender than ano
  8. Time for a... TEMPORARY CORRECTIVE BUMP As @volt41 mentioned, there was a flickering issue if one started a fresh game with Lovers Voice SSP plus for Creatures. The flickering was a visible symptom. The source of the issue was the system's attempt to apply Creature Preference flags to a number of actors. The issue was that it was attempting to apply said flags to the actors within the database instead of the more flexible and dynamic Actor References. As this didn't work, you not only had an odd flickering as it re-attempted to apply flags to Actors it couldn't, b
  9. The hooker system checks only for the completion of the vanilla Oblivion CharGen quest to be completed -OR- if the toggle was enacted. These are options that it checks to prevent approaches. However, the system does block approaches under other 'quest' conditions within Oblivion where it would not be appropriate. The only way I can foresee it breaking other start quest mods is if you get so many hookups, you either can't continue or have ended up walking funny. Yeaaahh... nope. Shouldn't break anything.
  10. I just re-installed the mod within my currently (near virginal) installation. Just the basics of Oblivion, LAPF, LoversCreatures and now RaperS. With this, I too have noticed the flickering and also noticed that I could not set creature preferences. So it appears that I have to work on it (SOON) when I get done with my current endeavor also related to creatures. However, I tried something. While the game flickered the creatures, I saved my game and then reloaded the newly saved game. Within the saved game, the flickering stopped and I had the ability to set creatu
  11. The Hooker system only becomes active when you first solicited yourself to an NPC. Until then, the hooker system and your raising of hooker ranks will not begin. And at the same time, you are not recognized as a hooker by the NPCs until your first completed hooker sex session. No one will approach you and ask for your services. At the same time, Lovers Hooker will typically prevent anyone from approaching you until the CharGen quest (the tutorial quest up until the exit of the sewers) has been completed. Granted, you must become a hooker first and approach someone to start this.
  12. Er, what does not work with 2.5 creatures? If it was xLCR, that was designed specifically for 2.5 creatures. However, not all creatures have submissive poses. Those that do not cannot be made submissive and cannot be raped... if that's what you mean. However, that would not be a wholly scripting issue as those need .kf model works to create animations. How are you at .kf modeling? Just hoping........ And some creatures indeed have some 'D' issues. Some female creatures do not go futa even when engaged in sex. If you look at the .chm file provided and go to the 'Creatur
  13. Within the Lovers Creatures 2.5 topic I made mention of another project... that I've been working on a LC2.5+ update to LoversRaperS. And to be more specific, the popular Wappy version. Hey, if you wanna update something, it might as well be the best, right? Well... I found a couple nagging issues, like raping a dead creature COULD keep it resurrected after rape. This was annoying... but repairable. I did just that.... repair it And yes, I did actually make it work with LC2.5. Honestly, some content was already present with values for LC2.5's creature gender already
  14. To @TDA Guess what? Female dogs and like animals just stand there and 'take it'. So if you have the inclination to make such animatics for dogs, sheep, mountain lions or the like... I would not object at the least. You'd probably make some lonely farmer happy. AND I guess that means most of the work would go towards the aggressive human-type animations as the animals would be mostly static after sex begins. I can't say the same for creatures with an intelligence marginally higher than base animals * * * To @lukashisuphola The all-in-one is merely tha
  15. Um... you can make the animations? The .kf files (to my knowledge) using the current skeletons used by the Lovers system? Dude, if that's the case.. WOW! Still, I might be good with the coding, but it seems my outta date Editor won't even let me update the LoversAnimWhatever.esp file that stores the animation linkies.
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