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  1. The new version of TamagoTopic is coming along nicely, now no longer being dependent upon TamagoClub itself. Hold up, wait! What? It's not part of TamagoClub? Yup, that's right. Well, mostly. It is useless without Lovers with PK and TamagoClub. But if you have this mod in your game and neglected to load/activate TamagoClub, your game won't suddenly end on you. Instead, it detects that TamagoClub and/or Lovers with PK aren't loaded and ask you to fix that instead. Of course, the new version still requires some resources from TamagoClub, and activately accesses and loads them. NEW option.... That woman you're talking to may be your baby's momma.... And she's SURE to remember you. Hey, it' wasn't hard to add at all.... Niara from Dark Bloodlines is certainly a beauty. Maybe I have a chance with her... And her speech... certainly Khajiit-like. Ah, Cyril from Bravil Underground.... I guess one child was enough for her. But... what a MILF!
  2. You have to love the 'Crosshairs' method to acquire information about the target you're talking to. The newest feature added to the crosshairs imethod is a 'Tamago aware-womb state system. I found that using aware states as conditions for each dialog did indeed have some faults which prevented the "What is your menstrual cycle" topic from appearing. Kid you not, it sometimes didn't work. So I made a routine that should do the trick, using a TamagoTopicStages flag. OH, and for the record, there are eleven menstrual/pregnancy stages though only ten are in use. Like anyone separates Third Trimester and Past-Due Pregnancy.... mebby I'll add that dialog later. It's easier to do so now. So basically every condition in the topics are custom TamagoTopic flags except for 'responsibility' and 'disposition'. I could literally separate it from TamagoClub as a dependency itself! Don't ask how long it took to go through 1000+ lines of dialog, changing every aware/womb state from TamagoClub into the TamagoTopic State flags.... Gets better now. I have an INI file that lets you configure WHAT races use the dialog for races using RaceID 1. Currently, the INI file includes the words: Khajiit, Cat and Tabaxi, and works like a charm for all feline types. Again, I don't have any other non-standard dialog (other than specific for the Saint/Seducer/Dremoras). But I'm open to suggestion to samples for other race types. Besides Dialog based on Menstrual Cycles (10 types), there are Racial variations (4 types for now),, the honorifics (5 for now, one being enslaved state), variations for possible gender changes (5 types), if you knocked her up or if the baby is yours, and if their biological clock is ticking (2 options). Oh, the combinations..... Anyone think of any other options? Not sure about hiyoko brats mind you.....
  3. So does LoversBitch... if you get knotted.
  4. Yeah, cravings can be a bitch. Khajiits, if questioned, wonder what carrots and troll fat taste like. And... Oh, and how does one prepare sauteed spriggan? Working on it. Rather than use a basic (IF RACE == KHAJIIT) in the topic, I am using a IF GET-ITEM-COUNT TTRaceID == 1 for Khajiits. Using the good old 'crosshairs' method, I am testing races and applying what race it belongs. THIS along with an expandable INI file. So Khajiit-styled dialog may also work with Tabaxi or Skyrim Khajiits according to player preference. A TTRace of 0 is for regular folk. And I'm leaving options open for other races IF ANYONE HAS SUGGESTIONS ON DIALOG? Probably gonna get replies AFTER V 2.0 is out
  5. I think there's a divorce brewing in the Elven Gardens. Two Sintav Households sitting across from each other.... And did I mention Farwil of Cheydinhal? Count Andel Indarys's son? He might become infatuated with a young maiden who saved him from Oblivion. Hell,, if you play your cards right, you may end up living in the Castle???
  6. I had to start re-doing all the 'Topics' in my revised TamagoTopics mod. Returned dialog when the NPC is actually pregnant (1st Trimester to Stillbirth) need to be actually exact and requires testing with the womb state. This different than the Menstrual System where the NPC may not be fully aware as intelligence may affect judgement. With that, all pregnancy replies must take precedent above menstrual replies, so they have to appear above them... so began my 1000+ line rewrite. Why should I use the accurate wombstate for pregnancy states? Well, it made no sense that an actor say she's having a period when she looks like she swallowed a whole watermelon.
  7. Running a few preliminary tests on TamagoTopics right now. Some fun results. Cyril from Bravil Underground was really pissed... at ME! Yeah, I prefer her original look. Jazeel was pretty damn confused. Why you ask? Jazeel is a guy! Yeah, that's one helluva statement.... Who says Vampires can't have kids. My little Ceephard is a cutie. Er... given her mom's innate behavior...... she may really mean it. These were PART of a test, a test that didn't cover even a THIRD of the new TamagoTopic content. Testing does continue though. One thing I kept forgetting is that the character's own awareness of their menstrual cycle is not always accurate. It's influenced by their intelligence and luck, so the stereotypical ditzy blonde might end up screwing up her cycle. So yeah, ask an idiot and you may still get a wrong answer, even when they're showing. Hrm... I think THAT needs to change. What do you think? I'm still wondering if anyone would suggest anything to add to the dialog. Racial content such as content if you ask an Argonian (and if you can supply said content examples)? Or some situations that might be apt. And what if dialog was based on another outside mod? *Shrugs* Meanwhile, I'm using this opportunity to test a new set of options for HIYOKO SHOOTER. Parental Factions and Faction Removals. Have you ever seen fights break out among Hiyoko Children, even among their sires and siblings? Being tested, each 'parent' is assigned a parental Faction. And when a child is born, it is given both of those factions, so it will have favor and be favored by both parents. And if another child is born, it too will have those factions. Likewise, if that hiyoko child is a parent, it already belongs to parental factions and passes on those family traits to the next generation. At the same time, I'm establishing a 'dangerous factions' removal system. Defaulted to remove just 'bandit' traits (the lowest level removes nothing), higher settings removes guards, Mythic Dawn, and Daedric factions. OH, I gotta remember to add in the documentation how to RESET some mods.
  8. Yeah, I saw that. And I think you might be considering "Face Exchange Lite", though that only allows you to load a pre-existing face rather than change the one you have dynamically .
  9. TOPIC BUMPIFIED Hey, if anyone figured out how to change facial genders... now's a good time to say.
  10. Okay... anyone know how to make a male PREGGERS body besh? Or mess with them badly by having a mesh that nestles a little something 'extra' behind their balls? There's gonna be some very confused guys out there..... ------- My revised TamagoTopic is almost done. Putting it through tests to make sure. It DOES take care of some nagging issues that the original didn't. There have been times wheree (and I tested and confirmed this) the female's AWARE FLAGS didn't always appear in her inventory, so replies defaulted to a 'Menstural Cycle' answer. This, I solved. Also, it's entertaining to have a NPC say "You fuck! You knocked me up!!!" because... you were the one recognized as being the sperm donor for the fetus/embryo. Okay, she doesn't say THAT... I'm just having fun there. The actual dialog is modeled after the generic content with some extra lines thrown in here and there. The most creative would be where good old Sheo comes in. OR if you ask a Golden Saint what HER mensies are like. Yeeesh..... a bit gruesome sounding, but they are technically daedra. Not all NPCs react the same though. SOME may want a family, some many not. How can a character say "I'm looking forward to having the child" and yet complain with sad faces all the other times? SO... I added yet a little more to TamagoClub itself.... a Female Biological Clock flag (which obviously can be altered by some other outside mod...). Oh, it's totally optional and TamagoTopic can run on older versions still, going with older default behavior of course. Yeah, when I get done with a couple of mods, I'll be doing some uploading..... But right now... testing and checking. OH... the next Genderbender update will eliminate a bug involving characters reacting to changes when they were asleep in bed. BUG: Characters stay in 'complaint animations' indefinitely...... * BUG SQUISHED *
  11. Being 'enslaves' is a quest in itself. The game needs to know about the enslavers, the NPC(s) who will be your owner, the AI of how they handle you when you are owned, and other possibilities like owner-to-owner sales, escape, punishment and so forth. Between PSE and the others Fejeena and I named, PSE handles most of those options. I will not bandy about which of the mods came first and which ripped the enslavement/shackled system from which, but PSE's system is the most comprehensive and complete. Unfortunately, it would take quite a bit of work to rip such a detailed piece of work. I mean... Sure, there's enslavement in CrowningIsles, but highly scripted events with zero escape chance. And likewise for the .... parties... you attend in LoversGGBlackmail. Mind you, PSE has a ""Player Slave Settings" spell that you can use which would disable various aspects of the game, and thus make certain built-in quests inactive.
  12. 'Topic' is nearly 600K in size now. Permutations abound for all the dialog, and I'm about to tackle actual pregnancy dialog beginning with the first trimester. What permutations? Well, There's dialog style. Besides the folk that have a normal speech pattern, you have to deal with Khajiit which tend to talk about themselves in the third perspective. Yhe daedric races (including Mazken and Aureal) talk more proper and do not like to use conjunctions in their speech. And then there's a nutjob on the New Sheoth throne. Wait. Isn't that nutjob a guy? Gender options are also involved. Before I ever touched Tamago, there were options where male characters could receive sperm. Nope, not kidding. So now there's been some additional changes. And the GenderBending system I made can offer more options. So no only can female have dialog, but guys turned 'into' females, and... oddly... guys with wombs. Really. And there's the question... did you knock her up? Yeah, she could be pretty pissed at you, or happy she's having your baby (or cub she's khajiti), or she's rather glum carrying some brat. SO.... Four Speech patterns, Whether you're the father or not, whether it's gender or gender bent, and more... you have over 30 permutations. And for each original 'Tamago Topic' line, I've been working out variations and adding a bit more.
  13. Yes, DarkBloodlines has prison sex just like LoversTrueCrimeEX. It also places prostitutes with custom races outside inns and taverns in the major cities. But since DarkBloodlines needed to be translated into English from its original language, I would suggest that LoversTrueCrimeEX was created by removing the quest-line content from DarkBloodlines. I am not sure LoversTrueCrimeEx has prostitution. There are plenty of mods that conflict one another. Be mindful of LoversCrowningIsles (female only Prostitution and Humiliation) and LoversSituations (female only Blackmail and Humiliation) as they too could cause conflicts with Player Slave Encounters. The bondage shackled feature from Player Slave Encounters is mimicked within these two mods.
  14. DarkBloodlines: I just uploaded a complete package version a month ago so you don't need to go to the Russian site for the resources.
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