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  1. In case anybody checks, there isn't an actual update to TypeN, however a new conversion has been made. I updated the list to include the info.
  2. TypeN has a .. uh... whatever the bouncy girls thing was called. It was compatible with the major armor mods at the time. Haven't heard of Spice of Life so it seems maybe there are new ones out there now. Should be compatible if you don't mind differing body types on some armor. (Unless it uses a vastly different skeleton. Unlikely.)
  3. Yeah the flat feet thing was suggested a few times. I think there's even a high heel setup now. (Or maybe not, it's been awhile.) Definitely would work as a possible option. But probably won't occur as I'm not really doing anything Bethsoft anymore. (Skyrim was the last straw for me. ) There's still 2 active bugs I've yet to fix. Everytime I try, I end up doing something else.
  4. Our assessment team believes there to be a lack of synergy with the concept of expanded volume to mass ratios. Such a direction fundamentally alters the core features provided. Furthermore changing this now would result in a downwards trend of mediocrity. As we're a proactive goals-oriented organisation, we believe the best option corporately, is to not acquiesce to a solution of this kind.
  5. It needs FOMM for the script aspect. If you're on something else, you'll need to install manually. It's pretty straightforward though. Just install meshes and texture folders. Then add in numbered folders as desired. The Raider folder has both clean and dirty textures. Of course then also toggle archive invalidate (or the equivalent in your chosen mod manager). From what I recall, you need the esps from 10 and 20 for Vanilla FONV + DLC but only the esp from Folder 40 for TTW. Best to check the script itself. My memory isn't the greatest guide. OR just get FOMM so the script handles it.
  6. Work on the Asari mod too!? What am I? Nuts?
  7. Ran into two things during initial "new mod" testing: This interferes with casting animations. It seems the DrawMagic idleanim has been edited accidentally. Removing the entry via TESEdit gets things working again. Sadri's Used Wares: opening the door to Sadri's triggers a transition that will warp you to the New Gnisis Corner Club instead. Likely a scheme to get you to buy more drinks. This appears to be due to an edit of WHgrayquarterdoor01. Some fade-in effects are added as well what seems to be some RavenBeak references. I noticed that RiftenRWDoorLoad01 is also edited. I haven't checked out the Ratway to see if there's any odd behavior. If I get out that way I'll let you know if anything pops up. Haven't had a chance to check out the mod in earnest yet. Looks promising.
  8. Nessa

    Skyrim Unhinged

    Well first test of a helmeted Doppleganger failed. I used a full set of Elven armor with a helmet. (Because of course I'd pick elves first. ?) Though there is some change in behavior. The Doppleganger now shifts in and out of visibility! Which makes for an awesome fight. Next up will be a helmet that totally covers the face. (Defeats the purpose of a doppleganger but maybe it's a work around for those of us that refuse to play without moving hair. ?)
  9. Nessa

    Skyrim Unhinged

    I did just have a fleeting thought.... What if the doppleganger wears a helmet? Should stay visible then. I'll try adding one to the base outfit of 4.0 and let you know if it fixes it.
  10. Nessa

    Skyrim Unhinged

    Tried all the options in the .ini, and its still not working for me. What I haven't done is try getting enslaved to myself (?) and seeing if that fixes it. It seems the plugin is primarily for followers. At any rate, it's no big deal. It's easy enough to update the Doppleganger via the console. Also I kind of like fighting an invisible self. The fight is even that much more challenging.
  11. Nessa

    Skyrim Unhinged

    Thanks for that! ? I was having no luck finding it. Did some quick testing and it seems it -may- only work for followers. Not entirely sure. It didn't have an effect on my first test. But there's an .ini with some settings, I'll play around with them later and see if anything changes.
  12. Nessa

    Skyrim Unhinged

    Oh so my vague memories were .. sort of accurate-ish. ? I'll see if I can track down a link. Thanks for the info.
  13. Nessa

    Skyrim Unhinged

    OK had to dust off Skyrim to try this just for the doppleganger business alone. Ran into a hilarious "issue"! ? The doppleganger does indeed copy my PC buuut.... vanishes shortly after appearing. At first I thought this was by design making the fight that much more crazy. But it turns out it's due to hair. I use moving hair (HDT or... whatever the physics hair thingy is called) and THAT is what causes the vanishing. I gave my PC some non-moving hair and everything worked as expected. (After resetting the doppleganger that is.) I don't think this is anything necessarily you can (or should) fix, at least not without annoyances. (You could change the doppleganger's hair but that's stupid. Ruins the shock factor. ?) But thought you should know. I vaguely remember some issues with moving hair for NPCs but haven't looked it up. At any rate, it was hilarious! ? Sure beats the usual encounter in that place.
  14. Nessa

    Skyrim Unhinged

    Saw this and I just -had- to comment.... Normal kids? Sure. The brats in Skyrim? Do werewolves and hagravens need any help collecting specimens? Maybe bonuses for bringing their stupid parents as well? There's a fetch quest that might actually be worth doing! ? ??
  15. And of course, the recent dev diary makes things even more clear. I'm pretty close to being ecstatic over it. As much as I can get anyway. ? Many of the types of worlds I wanted to create will now be possible. Seems next week's diary will be centered around pop jobs, which is what's most important to outfit makers. I'm sure someone will ask Wiz about the possibility of asset selectors being able to figure out what sort of job a pop has. ?