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  1. Oh what the heck, send them to me. I'll have a look. 😁 Also have a minor suggestion (that may or may not be relevant considering your new version). For the NPCs you use in some of your events like the prisoners and such: consider making them all use appearance templates. Point them to bandits or other vanilla NPCs. That way people with generic NPC makeovers (such as Fresh Women, NPC Overhaul, Kallilies, etc.) will automatically get great looking NPCs.
  2. FONV was explicit too. You've got straight and gay sex slaves, one woman raped the hell out of then burned nearly to death, a mom forced into sex so her kid won't get killed, actual sex bots, and on and on. FONV was a lot messier on the "dreaded" SEX issue than even FO3 at least overtly. FO3 was very messy too if you thought about it at all. (Which is more than Bethsoft did of course. Not sure "thinking" is something they do. 🤣) Little Lamplight alone is far worse from a pearl clutching standpoint. I mean come on, a normal group of devs capable of thought would stop at some point and think "H
  3. Here's what I find astounding: all the NPCs are FREAKING UGLY. Give me a break, even when I was modding FONV we were able to spruce up the NPCs. This is a "modern" mod and everyone is a potato head!? 😅
  4. Did a quickie 5.71 conversion here. It has everything except the obsolete anims converted. I simply copied the new animobjects into the esp from here (form 44) from the LE version (form 43).
  5. Just noticed the SE port was out of date so I did an SE conversion of the latest 5.71 SLAL NibblesAnims 5.71 SE Converted -- SE ONLY.7z. Note: this is everything -except- the obsolete anims. I should have done it on the packaged mod with the fomod but... I didn't. It is what it is. So if someone wants specifics they'll have to handle that manually. (Or do a proper conversion! 😅) Converting it is a simple affair. Just run it through CAO (MMG linked to it) and then make sure the esp is alright. In my case I just copied over the new animobject references into the SE port's esp. Just
  6. Just happened to be sailing by here.... I use this, and yes female NPCs use the idles as well, -provided- you've set everything up properly. 🙂
  7. Figured out the "no menu wheel" issue! Turns out I'd missed installing UIExtensions somehow. (Could have sworn I did but that's how it goes! 😅) Wheel is now up and running as expected. (Which is nice, I missed it! 😅) The only one I've got is to narrow down which inequality setting it is or if it's the whole thing. Have you tried turning off the health boost? Could be some other mod reacting oddly to something inequality does. Though why only in Whiterun? 🙀
  8. Yeah about that, anybody else in SE not have the wheel show up? G just triggers the "cover thyself" animation. So far I was just thinking it was a feature that didn't make it to SE. Apparently it did and just doesn't work on my setup. 😅 .... Did a search, there was a comment about needing some EasyWheel mod. But that was for LE and my LE setup does -not- have this mod and the wheel works there. There is an SE conversion, but that doesn't affect things either. Looks like I've got to do some digging! 😅 EDIT: Had a look at the settings json. The "c
  9. Well.... you were sure right about this making things seem more alive!! (Well for Skyrim anyway, the bar is low. 😅) I've recently switched to SE and have been doing a bunch of testing. (Because that's apparently all I do, test. 🙀) Sent 2 "freebie" followers on their own trips. Didn't think a thing about it after that. Was in the Rift and was losing badly to some idiot Nords when out of nowhere, one of the followers happened to be in the area and saved the day! Said Hi and went back on his way! Later was randomly in Whiterun when the other just happens to walk by on her way ou
  10. Whew. Been a long time. When I'm able, I'll double check the hands aren't being told to vanish. 😅
  11. One of the best modders, if not the best, for FO4. All of Ego's work was top notch and well thought out. And to top it off he was a polite person! Well, I was looking for a reason to end my FO4 installation for good. This is it. 🤣 Farewell to Bethsoft forever! Regarding Captives, in the short time it has been out it ended up being an essential mod. That one is a particularly huge loss. Other mods tried, Ego's succeeded.
  12. Well... just found out about this when all my conversions suddenly stopped working with the new version. (Just updated today. Oops.) I've already reverted to 1.45 for my current setup for now. Oh dear. That means I'd have to handle my 300+ conversions by hand as most of them have a reference body. 🤦‍♀️ And to make matters worse I make extensive use of complicated Zaps. 🤣 Thank goodness I didn't release! 🤣 🤣 And of course in keeping with my usual luck, I find out about this right as I was about to start a new game. 🤣 🤣 (I'm always lucky like that! )
  13. If there's a bizarre thing that can happen, it happens to me! 🥴 All the files were present but my AAF_Violate.ini only had a few settings in it. (Old file from a previous install maybe?) I managed to solve the problem by copying the contents of settings.ini in the Config folder, to a new AAF_Violate.ini and placed that directly in the FO4 MCM Settings folder. (Not the MO2 virtual folder.) Surrender now works as well as everything else. I figure whatever is causing the weirdness in MO2 for me is also preventing MCM mods from handling their settings unless the .ini's are
  14. OK, I've got an odd problem. (What other sorts do I ever have? 🤣) I'm certain it's on my end and not yours however. (Entering the Twilight Zone here 🥴😞
  15. Oh yes, when the rumored Portraits 2.0 hits, this will get updated as well. This is actually safe to use in both the current and soon to be released EoS versions. Just ignore the warning.
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