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  1. Wow. That's something even I don't know how to fix. The FOMM script wasn't anything fancy. And I just checked and it still works here. Unless there's some new version of FOMM that changes things...
  2. Oh my. Drow have been merged with elves for quite awhile now.
  3. Great work! I particularly like the coconut outfit and the flower hair.
  4. ... If they get any bigger they'll be competing with planets.
  5. OK, some knucklehead thought it was a good idea to up this on Steam. Again. It's not that I mind people grabbing it or even upping it to Steam for friends but for the love of everything KEEP IT BLOODY PRIVATE. Steam is already trigger happy enough as it is. Let's not give them reasons to take out the primary mod!
  6. Well, no. The Without Apparel patch is only a graphical replacement mod. The asset selectors are all in EoS. This just makes some of the outfits As Originally Intended™.
  7. They're in the same place as vanilla: gfx/portraits/asset_selectors. Unless you mean how do you unpack it? You have to find it in your steam workshop folder and unzip it it your mod folder. Just be aware anything in your mod folder will override what you've got in your steam workshop folder. Whoops! This is Real Humanoid Slaves! Not something on Steam!!!
  8. Glad it's working out! But those are the best .... er... OK. Maybe this isn't a good conversation to have. HAHAHA! Yeah I've moved over to Stellaris ... essentially all the time now. Life is a lot easier and I'm not having to wrestle with the game to get anything done. Either by making ships or via scripting. And PDX (the devs) support their games for years after release. Good incentive for modders. There aren't a whole lot of textures. .... Right? *checks* OK.. there's a few.... There's.. not a whole lot one can do to optimize DDS files. It's a fairly... well... crappy image format. The only optimization I can even think of is ensuring your DDS files don't have unnecessary alpha channels. The way FONV works, if you want some parts of clothing transparent, you'll need an alpha channel. Otherwise, no. *reads up on DDSopt* .......................... Haha! So it gets rid of unnecessary alpha channels!! There is one problem with this that I can think of and that is, DDS is a lossy format. A bad one at that. You don't want to open a DDS and save it as another DDS multiple times as it will turn into a mess. Especially the mip maps. Those really go to hell. That's why we always have a lossless format like PNG or TGA for the source files. Anyway, that's a wordy way of saying: you're fine. The only textures here are few clothing textures and the main body textures. (Non of which have alpha channels where they shouldn't.) Everything else is pulled from vanilla. So this won't overwrite any Obsidian screw ups that DDSopt fixes.
  9. I think your best bet would be to load ragdolls after this. Then maybe make use of a universal skeleton like the one you listed. That way ragdolls overrides the anims from TypeN, and the skeleton makes sure the body doesn't freak out. OK, that's a double dragon ban!!! I can see Breeze's being covered up. But ROBERTS!??? This is probably appropriate here: Raider stuff was always raunchy. That and the vanilla ridiculousness of adding pasties to that one Raider outfit was just beyond silly. Yeah she doesn't bother bathing, I'm sure she's going to waste time slapping pasties on. That and how do they stick? Raiders would be using glue all over the place. There would be little point in going to the trouble of a fully modelled body only to hide it -all- the time. I just decided to go ... somewhat... sort of... kind of approaching... "tastefully" on the skimpy outfits. (HAHA!) If you're really concerned about it (I'd say if kids are playing it but kids should be nowhere near FONV anyway), you can in fact replace the few "pokey" outfits with duplicates of other outfits that are totally covered up. Alternatively you can copy and paste individual elements in some cases via nifskope. But that's an acquired skill. And one I don't recommend picking up!! There's actually 2 known bugs that have -still- yet to get fixed with TypeN. It's highly likely they never will be. I'm a lot happier in non-Bethsoft related modding these days. That and every time I open up archaic Blender to fix TypeN stuff, I end up in Maya doing something else entirely!
  10. I could swear there was a "with apparel" version with those horrid undies. But maybe I'm thinking of the TGND body for Oblivion. It's actually relatively simple to do, just grab some horrid undies and paste them onto the main body using nifskope. Though there are other outfits that are... "without apparel". Mainly Raider stuff. The BnB stuff (which I probably should never have added) will be fine if you don't have it. I could swear I used to use Ragdolls myself but it's been so long maybe I'm remembering incorrectly. The main thing, is you need a skeleton that has the bnb, not necessarily animations that make use of it. For instance, you'd keep the skeleton here (which I believe is one of the universal skeletons) and simply replace the animations. What I'm not sure about is how well other animations will work out with this body. There have always been some anim anomalies with FONV (particularly aiming a gun, etc.) My suggestion is experiment with it. If you use ... uh... whatever Alternative Start for FONV was called, you can easily check if a setup will work or be all wonky. Wait a sec, SFW ROBERT'S!? WHAT THE!???? *bans* EDIT: Actually there is an underwear outfit. I forgot. It's in meshes/armor/underwear. Just use that nif file to replace meshes/characters/_male/femaleupperbody.nif. Then your nakey character will have... rather unstylish underwear. But at least it's better than the military nonsense of vanilla. ... Sort of.
  11. The Goth is strong in that one. Your best bet is to merge the changes from your preferred mod into mine. You could also try loading the cosmetic mod after mine. But I can't recall if that will screw up her follower status. (It's been some time since I've looked at this!) To merge you'd make use of FONV Edit, and just move over the cosmetic changes. (Tinting, facemorphs, etc.) *** As for when I'm getting back to this, who knows? I'm quite happy being a shipbuilder (Stellaris) these days. It may be that I never actually return to FONV. Especially since I've basically given up on Bethsoft totally at this point. That said, there is a small chance I'll return to wrap both this and 2 other FONV mods at some point. So it's not totally dead for sure. Oh and if somebody wants to take over, I'm open to that too. This mod is... mostly finished. Bittercup just needs Dead Money and the Pitt handling now if I remember correctly. And some tweaks to the Big Mountain content. Seems things aren't quite working as intended there yet.
  12. CANNOT UNSEE. So this is a bug that's been around for awhile? I feel cheated I've only just now encountered it. It's so fun!
  13. UPDATE: Well that was quick. I figured out a way to restore operation. Turns out, it's most likely NOT Sexlab at all. Here was what I did: Warped to an interior. Initiate a new anim. (It goes a bit wonky.) You will probably "die" for some reason. Wake up. Clean Defeat. (Using the 0 key and clean all.) Reset Death Alternative (Utilities panel of DA.) Functionality was returned after that. Probably you don't need to warp into an interior, and I'm feeling dubious as to whether or not Death Alternative is involved either. My guess is Defeat got messed up somehow but I'm not even sure if Defeat is the real culprit. I had a companion with me and noticed after warping that her dialog was "...". That's a Defeat + Sanguine's issue that crops up from time to time. The fix there is cleaning up Defeat. So there's a good chance cleaning up Defeat will fix this for those with Sanguine's+Defeat+DA. EDIT: OK, went back and repeated it mulitiple times. It appears, possibly Death Alternative is somehow involved. In my tests, I had to initiate an anim (which borks even in an interior), after which you get knocked out (depending on DA settings you may black out or just get up again) and THEN everything is back to normal. The good news is that anims seem to work as expected after this strange procedure.
  14. Turns out it happened to me the first time! At first I thought it was part of a new mod I was testing. But then it turns out any anim initiated outside does this suddenly. Defeat, Matchmaker, anything. Some things I noticed though: Most humorously, it warps my character (or any other NPC if it's a more than one person anim) to Bleakwind Basin, then we fly waaaay up. And the anim proceeds as normal. Then after the anim is over, everybody falls to their doom. So it doesn't appear that it's due to a missing anim. I have some earlier saves, where it seems to work as expected. But the only thing that happened script-wise between those saves (that I've been able to find) was a Death Alternative thing. Got knocked down and got up again. That was it. Dumb thing is, I'd been knocked down -prior- and the anims still worked. Not sure that's really the issue. Resetting the anim registry does nothing. Resetting Sexlab totally does nothing. I've yet to be able to figure out a way to restore Sexlab anim functionality once the bug hits. Kind of exciting really. (For me that is.) Without bugs and crashing Skyrim can be really boring.