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  1. It just struck me as very very weird. Most of the mages tend to be rather dismissive of swordplay in the show. Even to that one mage that learned how to fight. (Watched it twice and I still don't know his name!) And here she is picking up a... common sword? Like some ... dirty non-magical commoner!? 😀 I'd have expected her to turn up her nose at such a vulgar idea. And then mind control whomever was dumb enough to suggest it. 🤣 Earlier in the show she had a mind control thing going on for a whole town! (That was also rather silly but I digress.) So, she's got super magic mind control, she can time stop people with little to no effort and she can even burn up a whole army if she's annoyed enough. I can buy all of those things. But it falls apart when she's weirdly doing the Witcher/Matrix fight stuff without using magic. How? Why? If she magicked herself into a fantastic warrior why not just fry them all and be done with it? Of course right after that episode she goes back to being Ms. Sorceress Superpower. Again fine, but that whole sword scene was just dumb.
  2. You forgot the mid-fight kiss!? 🤣 That episode only got worse on the second viewing. I can understand tuning out at that point. 😀
  3. Actually, while I'm here I might as well announce: Yep, it's dead. 🤣 There is a small chance it needs updating to the latest TTW, assuming there were any new versions since the one this was based on. Voice -should- be working unless they've done something weird. But most of the voice is self contained anyway and not dependent on TTW. (I mean really, the voice files are right in the download. You can even listen to them! 🤦‍♀️) With needing (kind of) to update to a stripped down Win10 at some point this year (because no way in hell will I move to full Win10Bugathon), that will officially end any chance of me ever returning. Of course anyone is free to pick up where I left off and wrap it up. It is a bit of a shame she was soooo close to being done. But that's how it is sometimes.
  4. Well yes it was. But then again as the author isn't modding FONV anymore.... I guess it's not really important is it? 🤣
  5. I thought it was particularly weird given she just time stopped a bunch of dwarves with a flick of the wrist just before the fight. I was fully expecting Geralt to get ready to kill stuff and then she goes and magics them all. That would have been funny and less work for the show even. But nooo... suddenly Yen is a warrioress and we get a cringy mid swing kiss. 🤦‍♀️ (And naturally a scene later she's mad at him. 🤣 ) Really that whole episode was bad. It stands out as the worst to me. There are issues in other episodes but never were so many concentrated into one spot. I wonder if the writer on that one was different?
  6. I watched the whole thing twice. Can't help but compare to the game on some level. Game: everyone is gorgeous except Geralt. Show: everyone is ugly but Geralt. 🤣 🤣 OK OK, it's not quite like that. 🤣 My (mostly negative) impressions (beware ye who enter ) With that out of the way, I managed to get through the whole thing. Twice. (Meaning it's not terrible. 🤣) It kept me interested the whole time. Even on the chicken dragon episode I was interested (quite liked the gold chicken dragon actor in fact). Acting, with only a few exceptions, ranged from passable to great. (A huge feat these days!) Overall reaction: Great! Provided: you can handle sometimes asinine casting, some cringe here and there, and the odd FX mega-fail. What the show really did for me was just encourage another run through Witcher 3. Apparently I'm not alone there given the surge in players. 😀
  7. Wait, how did you get the Realslave mods to work? Those have been dead since..... apparently 2.2. Unless...... Maybe they still work because they just overwrite the clothes on the current version to their 2.1 version? 🤣 I bet that's what happens! Well that's a solution I didn't consider!! 🤣 As for these, you'll know it works if the Sidh are a bit breezy. It's a simple texture replacer so the stellaris version isn't important in this case. (Not so for the realslave mods however!) The other nations don't have "breezy" clothing selections by default. The issue now however.... is whether or not your mod is overriding EoS. Before our "lovely" new launcher you didn't have to think about it. Now you have to make sure this patch is -below- EoS. (I think. Or is it above still? I only do testing these days. Until they get a decent launcher I'm not playing. 🤡 The good news is, they are working on it. But it's still pretty messy at present.) When the portrait 3.0 rework is done, I'll update this again of course.
  8. Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!!! 🤣
  9. That's another thing. If you have an account with no personal information, who cares if it gets breached? The thing that always gets me with a lot of smaller websites (and even Big Tech) is that very often the breaches are their own fault and have nothing to do with users being stupid. Sure there are stupid users like the thing with the celebrity phones, but the usual situation is a site with weak to plain idiotic security. Case in point, Amazon was breached awhile back. It was their own fault. And my giant nonsensical password compromised. But I didn't store any credit cards and all the hackers got is where I send my packages which is a company. 🐲 For the freebie stuff I do use Yandex actually. Pretty decent image search! The Ducky has similar issues to Google image search. Maybe not quite as bad, but I just did another test and it's showing similar problems. Just for completeness I tested Yandex and got expected results. Now of course you can kind of bypass Google entirely by using stuff like StartPage. (Which is actually the way I used Googe image search.) But that is still a Google search, just behind another site. You can find the same biased search results through that as you can get via Google directly. Since really looking into this, I see the Google bias is actually quite dreadful and certainly not limited to images. (And why would it be?) There are some funny at best and at worst horrifying auto-completes and the top results for some search queries are ... disturbing. (Or hilarious depending on viewpoint!) 🤣 As for Google mail.... yeah... no real point in using that now unless you have no issues with every single one of your messages being read, stored, and probably checked for wrong-think. 🤡
  10. What is so great about that article is how they package their argument. It's for your own safety of course. Just give them your phone number. Is that so hard for a little security?? 🤣 The clue of course is the penalty for not giving them a number. They don't give a rip whether or not your stuff is stolen in case of a breach. They want that number dammit. 🤣 But yeah it seems I'm stuck as well. But I wouldn't ever use the market anyway. The tone reminds of the time I needed to buy something via steam. They had a rule that you can only upload a mod publicly if you've bought something once. (Convenient rule! 🙃) So I found a 5€ game and thought that was the end of it. Only I wasn't in the country where I started the Steam account. Steam's response was basically: "Screw you, keep your money, and also we're incompetent." A VPN magically transported me back to the original country and it was solved that way. That said, I was reticent to buy through Steam before that experience. After, I plain refuse to buy anything at all through the Steam store. I find gaming is significantly cheaper and more satisfying when done via sales only. And for some reason I have better luck with sales not on Steam. Also avoids the rage I'd feel plopping down 60 or more for an unfinished game. Which is most of the AAA titles lately. Steam probably still get their 30 pieces of silver but it's at a greatly reduced rate. 🤣
  11. I just doubled checked what I did with Steam. I used their email authentication nonsense instead of the phone app. If I recall, Steam Guard (the 2-factor whatsit) is required to be able to upload public mods and comment. But I don't use the market at all and in fact generally don't buy games through steam ever. So perhaps that market thing is in effect for me and I'd just never know about it. I didn't read it all (because really, Google) but what I did... WOW. Very interesting. No wonder their searches are skewed to hell. Also I felt like being a Wiki nutter and slapping "citation needed" on several of their assumptions. 🤣 🤣
  12. Wasn't that the thing where they got audio of Google employees saying they did what we all knew they do anyway? 🤣 I mean really, did we need audio proof? 🙃 I'd Google it but.... 🤣 Actually I was just looking into my issues with Google image search. I guess I'm not the only one to have noticed. I regularly need to get face profiles of real people in order to well... avoid making potato heads. (I leave that to Bethsoft. 🐲) Usually I'll compile a set of profile images of real people, then combine features I want into a new character that can't be hunted down for copyright. (I'm speaking commercially here, modding is much easier.) As such, I regularly need to search for photos of various genders and races. Outside of professional sites, Google was initially a good free alternative. Thing is, some races and genders return the opposite of what you ask for. Very frustrating until I realized some other image searches didn't have this peculiarity. Apparently it's not just racial. I just read about this and tried it. Head to google image search. (And if you're logged in, first slap yourself for having a Google account still, then logout! 🤣) Search for "lesbian couples". Expected results right? Now try "straight couples". No way is that simply an algorithm error. Particularly since I can do the very same query in some other sites and have expected results for both. So either Google's algorithm is crap or they're doing it on purpose. Whoa now. I draw the line on anything asking for a phone period. Fortunately there are quite a few 2-factor security setups where the phone bit is optional. (For instance I didn't give Steam a number for their version of 2-factor.) If a site goes the phone number route only that is actually a major security concern. Because then when they get breached, either by real hackers or (more likely) their own incompetence, then there is actually some data worth stealing. That's game over. (Of course there are ways to get a temporary phone number just for that purpose but still....) Of course all this said, doesn't appear the Nexus is actually making 2-factor, whatever form they chose, mandatory. So far anyway. I just managed to login to their new portal without a 503. 2-factor appears to still be optional.
  13. First off, I love that your only post is on security. It's the little things that go a long way! 🤣 🤣 Well OK but having an Epic account at all is pretty.... Erm... Ahem, right. I've already gone over my one rant per thread limit. 🤣 You can have the best passwords on the planet and won't matter worth a damn if the site gets breached. So all my 40+ character unreadable nonsense passwords feel good but they'll still get found when the site in question has crap security. Too many cases of certain companies storing those 40+ character passes in plaintext. On public servers. Without any security at all. 🤦‍♀️ Speaking of which, it's 20XX! Why does the above STILL happen??? Companies should at least have the decency to get actually breached by a professional crooks! Not leave things right in the open where any fool can just pick it up! It's embarrassing really. 🙃 But yeah, if your password is 123456 and you've got a bunch of nude photos of yourself on your phone/computer, you both need serious mental help and a better password. 🤣 Perhaps the latter before the former. 🤣 Yeah, state actors are messy. 4096-bit whatever protected password list? Result: they smack you around till you tell them. Hid your black book somewhere? Result: they smack you around till you tell them. Plausible deniability? You've hidden your passwords but it doesn't -look- like you hid them. Even data experts can't find a thing on your hard drive? Result: they make up charges, probably smack you around anyway, and you still get arrested and promptly jailed after a show trial. 🤣 Moral is: don't mess with state actors. 🙃
  14. I think it was already derailed when it started. Besides I think this is the most posts I've done in a single thread here in ages. 🤣 I'm actually a rather big fan of MO2. Only used it during my brief FO4 stint but it's really useful. If I were to ever redo my Skyrim install (unlikely as the mere thought gives me a migraine) I'd definitely prefer that. Best thing too is when you rage against some bug and delete the whole game just to spite Todd (that will show HIM 🤣), just reinstall and MO has all your mods waiting for you. (What? Am I the only one that does that? haha 🤣)
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