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  1. The Goth is strong in that one. Your best bet is to merge the changes from your preferred mod into mine. You could also try loading the cosmetic mod after mine. But I can't recall if that will screw up her follower status. (It's been some time since I've looked at this!) To merge you'd make use of FONV Edit, and just move over the cosmetic changes. (Tinting, facemorphs, etc.) *** As for when I'm getting back to this, who knows? I'm quite happy being a shipbuilder (Stellaris) these days. It may be that I never actually return to FONV. Especially since I've basically given up on Bethsoft totally at this point. That said, there is a small chance I'll return to wrap both this and 2 other FONV mods at some point. So it's not totally dead for sure. Oh and if somebody wants to take over, I'm open to that too. This mod is... mostly finished. Bittercup just needs Dead Money and the Pitt handling now if I remember correctly. And some tweaks to the Big Mountain content. Seems things aren't quite working as intended there yet.
  2. CANNOT UNSEE. So this is a bug that's been around for awhile? I feel cheated I've only just now encountered it. It's so fun!
  3. UPDATE: Well that was quick. I figured out a way to restore operation. Turns out, it's most likely NOT Sexlab at all. Here was what I did: Warped to an interior. Initiate a new anim. (It goes a bit wonky.) You will probably "die" for some reason. Wake up. Clean Defeat. (Using the 0 key and clean all.) Reset Death Alternative (Utilities panel of DA.) Functionality was returned after that. Probably you don't need to warp into an interior, and I'm feeling dubious as to whether or not Death Alternative is involved either. My guess is Defeat got messed up somehow but I'm not even sure if Defeat is the real culprit. I had a companion with me and noticed after warping that her dialog was "...". That's a Defeat + Sanguine's issue that crops up from time to time. The fix there is cleaning up Defeat. So there's a good chance cleaning up Defeat will fix this for those with Sanguine's+Defeat+DA. EDIT: OK, went back and repeated it mulitiple times. It appears, possibly Death Alternative is somehow involved. In my tests, I had to initiate an anim (which borks even in an interior), after which you get knocked out (depending on DA settings you may black out or just get up again) and THEN everything is back to normal. The good news is that anims seem to work as expected after this strange procedure.
  4. Turns out it happened to me the first time! At first I thought it was part of a new mod I was testing. But then it turns out any anim initiated outside does this suddenly. Defeat, Matchmaker, anything. Some things I noticed though: Most humorously, it warps my character (or any other NPC if it's a more than one person anim) to Bleakwind Basin, then we fly waaaay up. And the anim proceeds as normal. Then after the anim is over, everybody falls to their doom. So it doesn't appear that it's due to a missing anim. I have some earlier saves, where it seems to work as expected. But the only thing that happened script-wise between those saves (that I've been able to find) was a Death Alternative thing. Got knocked down and got up again. That was it. Dumb thing is, I'd been knocked down -prior- and the anims still worked. Not sure that's really the issue. Resetting the anim registry does nothing. Resetting Sexlab totally does nothing. I've yet to be able to figure out a way to restore Sexlab anim functionality once the bug hits. Kind of exciting really. (For me that is.) Without bugs and crashing Skyrim can be really boring.
  5. Chest problems? Unclothed?? If you've got some black bands across the chest and nether regions it's absolutely an archive invalidation problem. Just toggle archive invalidation (the checkbox) again -after- installation. That should clear it up.
  6. There's bash patches for FONV now? THAT would have been nice.
  7. One of things I hated about FONV was the stupid glove setup. Clothes can be assigned gloves and it's not necessarily immediately apparent. Anyway, I digress. These are actual TypeN gloves, but the colors clearly are meant to match something else. Left one should be darker and the right one... probably should have no gloves at all. Raiders. They don't need no stinking gloves! Turns out I think I can fix these in the main TypeN mod because the clothing entries are "injected" when the pre-order esm's are active. (Note in FONVEdit all the entries are italicized and their FormID's start with 00. This means they're injected into the FalloutNV.esm. It's an old trick that I've encountered more in Oblivion.) Given that I still haven't fixed the Metal MKII armor yet however, I have no idea when I'll actually get around to updating this. If ever. So I've attached a quick mod that -should- remove the gloves totally from the 2 pre-order armors above. NoPreGloves.esp
  8. Might want to get a screenshot of that. Could be the gloves being added are assigned the wrong texture or something. I'm not even sure if the pre-order stuff was ever tested. I never used them for my games, I only threw them in for total compatibility.
  9. You'll need FOMM to handle the scripts. And you've got to use Archive Invalidation. I think there are some new mod organizers now but I have no idea about those.
  10. I won't be playing until all the avian stuff is purged myself. Good thing as they usually have several bug hot fixes by the time I get around to playing.
  11. Also going to expand their hair choices to more colorful options. Might even do some custom portraits specific to Sidh. Like eye colors and the like. Just depends on the mood when I get there. The first major clothing/hair update will be the Lhuren which will come out shortly after I'm done with starbases. They're all... ancient Chinese style clothing.
  12. Just activating this patch makes the Sidh have their original clothing which is... definitely without apparel. When things are calm again (after the ships), I'm going to expand the Sidh clothing to be a bit more sci-fi but also "breezy". Transparent plastic alla Blade Runner and that kind of thing. Maybe neon too. The Steam version of course will be family-safe...ish. I admit I do have plunging necklines.
  13. Only the Sidh at present. (They're the 3rd race under elves now.) When things settle down I may do a few events/edicts for Drow that may involve shedding some clothes. Though the clothes would be of secondary importance to whatever the thing is. I was thinking the ritual of the hunt for the Eilistraeens for instance. That's a bit off though, got to wrap up the Drow ship style first!
  14. Yes, but you need the humanoid and human slave mods for that. Keep intending to do a WA patch for that Human Revolutions (or whatever that human mod with all the clothes is called) mod but currently don't have the time.
  15. Actually that's not required anymore. The Sidh are no longer trait reliant. You can just pick the 3rd subrace in the Elven species to access Sidh clothes. Speaking of Sidh, I will be expanding their hippy clothes and hippy hairstyles when I get a moment. Have some plans to make them a little more sci-fi-ish. Transparent rejects-from-a-bad-50's-film type stuff. Well, transparent if you use the WA patch anyway. The main mod will be censored.