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Tales From Elsweyr Anequina, Rev's Redo 1.0.0

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About This File

For the love of cats! 


I really wanted to use this awesome addon for "Elsweyr Deserts of Anequina". Unfortunately it was broken due to having it's editor id's begin with numbers. Never never ever ever NEVER, do that. What I did was change all instances of the edid's that began with 001 to rev. I also took the time to attempt to repair three scripts that weren't compiled. As it stands, with the brilliant help of Oblivionaddicted on Nexus forums, two of them work. The third isn't firing but, won't break your game save though. Also, I included the "Sound" folder even though those files are irrelevant. They are nothing but silent voice files and lip files to match. However that works... Unless someone can convince me otherwise, I will not be changing the instances of 001 regarding these files. There are 3,088 of them that would have to be changed manually! I suggest not installing them and instead install OBSE if you somehow managed to not by now, along with the well known Elys silent voice mod. Enabling dialogue subtitles can help too.

Edited June 30 2019;

Testing is done, and only the one previously mentioned script is not functional. It is not critical though, so don't worry. Just know the spot with the ogres in it is quite a fight.  I have had no error feedback regarding anything I have done here, so I declare the mod Alpha state.  Any serious bugs found are probably not because of this redo. All in all, it is safe to use at this point. If you choose to use it, report anything you think relevant to the posts section of this page. I will continue to fix anything I can within reason if problems arise. I also included the requisite "Unique Landscapes" patch for people that use UL, with corresponding record changes.

Elsweyr Deserts of Anequina (preferably '14 re-release) and all it requires.

Get it here; 


Permissions and Credits;
The original Readme files included in this mod show full permissions to modify, repair, or include if credit is given. All of this mods content is credited to the original authors, save for my repair to it.

Special credits;
Obilivionaddicted... Without whom I was stuck. Thanx!

My amazing wife for her patience with me and modding. Love you

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