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  1. Through some random testing I have found that the following mods are incompatible with Lustier Lair. The load order doesn't seem to matter and if they are activated most of the custom text for LL simply doesn't display (other than character speech); the other mechanics all seem to work but the language does not (it all displays as the default). I was wondering if anyone might know how to patch/modify these mods to fix them? Black Mage: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=847481187&searchtext=mage Mimics: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails
  2. It looks good to me for the most part but I would lose the chains on the second one. Considering its a shapeshifting mass of flesh having it wear anything just doesn't seem to fit, at least for the NSFW version. Also Since all the warrens creatures are supposed to be made mostly from pigs I would add a few pig like features to them such as more prominent snouts or pig ears. Oh and while I have the opportunity I just want to say, I love you work. It's a lot of good stuff.
  3. Here are a few minor monster patches/modification I've made. The first is a body image for a female Madman skin. I unfortunately don't remember the name of the original mod I made this for, but thought someone might be able to fill in the blank for the original file. The other images are zipped together and are a small patch to make the axolotl snail skin into a futa version. Futa Axolotl.zip
  4. Just made a small edit to Niur's arbalest skin to fit it to the Templar Arbalest class. I set up the quick silver attack with two versions, just take your pick and adjust the names to use the alternate. Templar Arbalest Niur Resin.zip
  5. Yea they were manual, but that doesn't matter because I found the problem!... Finally! I've been poking it a bunch to see what I could figure out about it when I suddenly remembered coming across that d3d9.dll file more than once during setup. So I took a shot in the dark and reinstalled that file from the ENBoost just to see. Apparently at some point it had been overwritten because reinstalling the wrapper version finally got the thing to show me the red text. Getting this setup even fixed the original water issue so I don't need the realistic water and green water fix mod anymore
  6. Double checked just to be sure but yep.
  7. They are in that folder, they are in C:/Steam/Steamapps/common/skyrim. This is one of the few points I know I got right. Its everything else that leaves me confused. But I did make the corrections (my "VideoMemorySizeMb" is now 13794) and I did use the Wrapper Version.
  8. Well I'm still not getting the red text but so far the game is running a little smoother, no crashes of freezes yet. Not sure if that's a fluke or if the game is starting to stabilize (hopefully the later).
  9. Oh that's where you meant the red text would be. I totally misunderstood, in that case no my ENBoost is definitely not setup properly. So that's probably the big problem here. My SKSE.ini does not look like that, it looks like this: [Display] iTintTextureResolution=2048 [General] ClearInvalidRegistrations=1 EnableDiagnostics=1 [Memory] DefaultHeapInitialAllocMB=768 ScrapHeapSizeMB=256 [Debug] WriteMiniDumps=1 I just copy and pasted it from that blog link you gave. I see that some things are the same but others aren't. Should I merge the two
  10. Quick question, Is the Special Edition any easier to work with?
  11. >That's a vanilla issue as far as I know. I never use the vanilla start so I don't see it. There was a post about it in the last week or two. Yea I know its a vanilla thing, I've seen it in a few blooper videos, that's why I figured it wasn't that big a deal but its strange that I never had it before this and now it happens every time. No the green water fix doesn't work without the other mod. The green fix patch was actually one of the first things I tried even before posting any of this. >It is but once it is all set up correctly it is stable.
  12. Okay I set up the ENBoost stuff and adjusted all the involved ini files as your link said and then my game became buggier than ever. Headless guards, cart flipping, saves not loading, and many more. I fixed most of them with some further fiddling and patches, even fixed the water issue by installing another water overhaul and placing it after tropical Skyrim which allowed the Green water fix patch to work. Not my preferred method for the water but I'll take it. There is one new bug however that I can't seem to fix. The cart flipping over when you enter the town at the start of the game. Someti
  13. OMG I just found it. Now I feel like an idiot.
  14. Okay you don't need to be so rude about it, I'm new to modding Skyrim. I only tried one other time and it didn't go well because I had no idea what the guide was talking about. It was my hope that reinstalling with my little better understanding of some of what it was talking about would help but I'm still running into problems. So, how does LOOT or MO do that? Its the first I've herd about it. Sorry for not looking up the Tropical skyrim water thing It didn't occur to me in that moment to check the page and it had been a while since I looked at it the first time.
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