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  1. fejeena

    General Discussion

    Normally archive invalidate does not change that. Maybe a Mod in a other language, that can change class, race discriptions.... But Exit and new Game ??? No. Don't know what's wrong in your game.
  2. fejeena

    General Discussion

    Yes LAPF skeleton. And also archive invalidate via Bsa Redirection, or the game still use the vanilla skeleton. ( if you don't know what archive invalidate is, see my yellow Link below)
  3. fejeena

    LoversBitch Gone Wild 1.51 BB fix

    I have no crashes in the room. CTD = Crazy Tamriel Disco
  4. fejeena

    LoversBitch Gone Wild 1.51 BB fix

    Latest version All you need: meshes and sound-all-Versions.7z and textures-all-Versions.7z and LBGW 1.51a BB LC3 esp and readme.7z First install Meshes and textures Then install LBGW 1.51a BB LC3, ( esp and folders ) and let overwrite all.
  5. OBMM you need if you want to unpack a OMod. Not fake folders needed. You put the OMod in your OMod folder ( default Oblivion\obmm\mods ) You start OBMM and in the big right window you right click on the OMod and select "extract to folder" You extract the OMod in a empty folder. ................... And if the Mod have a bsa files ( meshes and textures packed in a bsa file) you put the bsa file in your game data folder. Start OBMM and cklick "Utilities" Then click "BSA Browser" in the new window click "Open" and go to your Oblivion folder and select the bsa you want. Now you see all the files, you click the button "Extract All" And you select a empty folder and all files from the bsa will be unpacked in that folder. --------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------- And now; when you need a fake game folder: But some Mods are not loose folders in zip, rar, 7z,. and also not a OMod. There are some Mods with installer, all you have is a XMod NameX.exe You can not install it with OBMM. You start the exe and you get a install menu like a game installation. When you start the exe you must select your Oblivion install folder.... But you want to unpack and check the Mod before you install it. If you start the exe and select a empty folder you get a error message and installation stops. You create a new folder and name it Bethesda Softworks in the folder you create a folder with name Oblivion In the new Oblivion folder you copy from your real game Oblivion folder the oblivion.exe And in the new fake Oblivion folder you create a folder with name data -------------------------------------- The new Oblivion Folder: with Oblivion exe and data folder. Now you can start the Mod exe and select the new Oblivion folder for the installation.
  6. ??? Have you read my post? All the files that are not in the Mod and you must get from other Mods. In the download are no body and head textures! No male and no female! The trap body meshes in the download need HGEC textures !!! And if you install the meshes in data\meshes\Characters\_male all the females in game will use the trap body. If you want player-only-body you should use Blockhead and the Blockhead overwrite folder.
  7. fejeena

    General Discussion

    Can't you block whole Mods? In the Lovers menu you can block Mods to use the Lovers. If you block LST and Bravilaunderground and addon.... ( all creatures are male, or at least Futa to fuck the player) There is only one female mushroom in my addon, but it is not set as trainer. ---------------- Or only change gender of "respawn" creatures. All Trainer do not respawn. --------------- OH there ia a problem. You can "enslave" creatures and use them as trainer. I am not sure if they are in the LSTSlaveTrainerFaction and LSTSlaveFaction. All Trainer creatures are in the LSTSlaveTrainerFaction . So check factions
  8. fejeena

    General Discussion

    No simple patch available . See PM.
  9. First sort your load order. Then start a new game, the bug can be in your save , and after a extensive change of the load order it's always better to start a new game. And you can install LAPF again, let if overwrite all files. ------------------------- More about Load order: read my yellow Link below.
  10. fejeena


    That's a matter of perception. For the man it was endless... For the woman only a few seconds.
  11. fejeena

    control subs speed

    Elys Universal Silent Voice https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/16622/ It is a OBSE plugin. If the game does not find a sound file it displays the dialogue only 1-2 seconds. "Elys Universal Silent Voice"add a empty sound file to dialogues without sound, (the "only subtite Mod dialogues"). The file is 8 seconds. You can create a own file with more seconds. In game you can not change the speed. -------------------- If you create a Mod you can add empty sound files to the dialogues with different durations. ( so you must not read 8 seconds "Hello adventurer." And for a for a long sentence you have more time.) Or you repeat/duplicate the same dialogue line, so with "Elys Universal Silent Voice" you have 16 seconds to read it. .................... In very old mods, before "Elys Universal Silent Voice", modders repeated a dialogue more often. In Sexlivion every dialogue line is repeated 3 times, so you have a few seconds to read. But with if you have "Elys Universal Silent Voice" it is very annoying to read the short dialogues for 24 seconds.
  12. fejeena


    Why do you have Tamago? Ok you can get pregnant ... but no children and no preg body. Why you have it if you don't see anything? Pregnant body: Set Body and Tamago Set Body. Children: You don't have HiyokoClub.esm, HiyokoGenerator.esp ( and if you want creatures children: HiyokoGeneratorBroodMother.esp ) ######################## After you have sorted your mods, start a new game! Bugs can be in your old save. And a drastically changed load order can course bugs in a existing game.
  13. fejeena

    General Discussion

    I installed TachiCat2 again. And Sperm is add to a creature with womb. ( My creatures are all male , so I had a "steal" a womb from a female NPC. MCS order spell works also for creatures and I could put the womb in the Creature inventory ) Here some creatures in def position with TachiCat spell. The female mushrooms have two animations. Bravil underground is very dark. The goblin deff aniamtion is messed up ( no screenshot), all 4 stages the goblin in wrong angle, maybe fixable in the ini ) EDIT: shit, forgot to make hitode screenshots. EDIT2: By the way the Molag Bal ESO-style model is shit. In the lore descriptions is much unclear. For example, how are feet look, human with claws or like an animal. (Oblivion Molag Bal statue ). Or his head. But in all descriptions his "hands" are THREE claws !!! Not 5 fingers as the ESO model ! It is only unclear if one claw is a thumb or if the 3 claws are side by side. Bethesda should read their own background description. Why do you release the background? (not for the Model-designer )
  14. fejeena


    That is not your load order ( you don't have Oblivion esm And no Lovers with PK esm , LoversCreatures esm, ...) And SORT YOUR MODS Always at the end of your load order. LoversMB2.esp LoversIdleAnimsPriority.esp LoversAnimObjectsPriority.esp LoversAnimObjectsPriority.esp have Masterfiles : LoversIdleAnimsPriority.esp, Lovers with PK.esm, Oblivion.esm And they must be in that order!!! Oblivion.esm Lovers with PK.esm LoversIdleAnimsPriority.esp You can not put LoversIdleAnimsPriority.esp below LoversAnimObjectsPriority.esp -------------- LoversAdultPlayPlusforSSP.esp ... LoversHooker.esp LoversAdultPlayPlusforSSP_HookerPatch.esp !!! Master file LoversHooker.esp! So it must be below LoversHooker.esp --------------- Lovers with PK extender ?? the LAPF version ???? ----------------- Your dlc are in wrong order. ------------ Race mods and Special anims esp after Lovers ( but not after the last 3 Lovers Mod at the end ) Tamago above Lovers. ----------------------- SORT your Mods. Never use LOOT. Use BOSS or sort manually Example load order and how to sort : read my yellow Link below
  15. fejeena


    stages duration ...ok but have you set the sex progression to Automatic? If not you must use the key ( Jumpkey ) to get to the next sex stage ( there are 4 ) During stage 2 and 3 you can use Shift + Jumpkey to get one stage back. If you reach stage 4 you can not go back. If you have set Automatic, then the stages use the time you have set in "stages duration". You do not use keys, you just watch. ( But you can use Grap key (z) to switch to the next animation ( or back with Shift + grab key ) ---------------------- If that was not your porblem please post your load order.