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  1. OBSE + CSE issue. I need pro advice.

    Try CSE 51 requirements version 51 : OBSE20 or higher and .NET Framework CSE Version 63 and higher needs Oblivion Script Extender 21 Beta+, .NET Framework 4.0+, Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redist., DirectX 9.0c Runtime. Install CSE51 1. Extract this archive to any folder and then copy the contents to Oblivion's folder. 2. create a OBSEloder.exe shortcut and rename the path. \Oblivion\obse_loader.exe" -Editor -oldinject ( After the " must be a space then -Editor , again a space then -oldinject ) 3. Start CS with the new shortcut. ----------------- Sure you don't have a anti virus program? Your comp is unprotected?
  2. I checked your new esp... No without SI you can not save the esp. Its not only the dialogs , also the level list are messed up. You don't have SI races and creatures in your Oblivion esm so in your esp all those entries are missing. .......... Other errors: Magic effects ( but I don't know why, no SI . But there are "<Unknown: 255>" entries in the magic effects. ......................... Good: no OBME entries in your esp !. -------------------------------- Conclusion: You can not save MG esp if you don't have the requirements installed. Oblivion SI version 1.2.0416 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ puddles. Here more bug report. Have you ever checked your esp with TES4Edit? The "check for errors" function? Here your esp ( not TheRealMissAmber esp )
  3. Yes without SI you can not save the MG esp. YOU HAVE A MISSING MASTER FILE. Or you have the wrong game. You have Oblivion without SI but MG is for Oblivion with SI. If you install SI the Oblivion esm is changed ( the SI esp is only a empty dummy file to tell the game you have SI ). So you have the wrong Oblivion esm. ( no SI objects, spells, races, ingredient, enchantment, magic effects, dialogs, quests,..... ) The Oblivion esm with SI is much bigger. ................ If you have Oblivion SI version and you load a Mod esp without SI in TES4Edit , you can drag drop the quest entries from the Oblivion esm in the Mod esp .
  4. You should install SI and the Oblivion SI patch Oblivion_v1.2.0416 ( you must not play SI, but many Mods use the resources ( Loves creatures, LoversBitch,.... ) Without Si you can not save the MG esp in CS, you will always mess it up. There are SI spell and sript changes in the MG esp...how can you save it if you don't have SI ???? And OBME: Yes copy OBME in a folder and delete it in the OBSE plugins folder ( the two dll files). Do the CS work. And before you play Oblivion copy OBME back in the OBSE plugins folder
  5. TheRealMissAmber I checked your new esp....BAD ! The OBME entries are in spells , ingredient, enchantment and magic effects. You must delete the OBME plugin before you use the CS . Back up the plugin, you can add it again later. .................................. And in the dialogs the SI quests are delete. ( do you really play Oblivion without SI ? ) the OBME entries in spells , ingredient, enchantment and magic effects.
  6. I think only the OBME entries are added in your esp. All the others "bugs or dirty edits" are in the original esp. It was the first time I checked the esp, I don't use the Mod. EDIT: I have downloaded the original core file ( esp and sound) and checked the original esp The dialogs are fine in the original esp, they have the SI entries. TheRealMissAmber: do you play Oblivion without SI ? You need Shivering isle for many Mods ( also MG , and Lovers) Your CS save has delete all the SI quest dialog entries in your esp.
  7. Here a small bug / cleaning report. ( I don't use the Mod , I only checked a esp TheRealMissAmber had uploaded. Think I must download the core file and check the esp with TES4Edit )
  8. If you have OBME loaded/active and you load and save a esp with CS you get a OBME entry in all spells and Enchantments. ( OBME is now a "masterfile" ) You don't see it in CS but in TES4Edit you have the OBME section in spells and Enchantments. here a spell with out OBME entry ( I don't use OBME, it makes my game unstable and it does not run smoothly ) If you save the esp with OBME active you will get a entry here ( at least a empty entry ) Not sure if you can remove all the OBME entries with cleaning the esp. EDIT: no cleaning does not work. But with TES4Edit you can remove the entries.
  9. TheRealMissAmber: If you use the CS it always do shit with the esp. With CSE the shit is minimized. But you should still clean the esp after you finished your CSE work. I learned to use TES4Edit years before I start using the CS and start modding. .................. And I also don't use WryeBash. I have not installed it.
  10. OBSE + CSE issue. I need pro advice.

    Yes the C:/program files (x86)/ ( Thought you have read my yellow Link ? ) -------------------- Do you have the obse_loader.exe ? You must have it even if you use a steam Oblivion version. Create a desktop shortcut of the obse_loader.exe and change the path. ( Read my yellow Link) You must start CSE with that desktop shortcut. ------------------------------------------------------ And do you really have all the requirements for CSE v8.0 ? There are a lot. I still use CSE 51. It does all I need. ------------------- Also your Anti virus program can cause problems. I had to set my Oblivion folder ( Bethesda softworks ) to the "ignore list", or I can not start my CSE.
  11. Seeking more diversity

    The NPC must be in the Bandit faction ( or the Bandits will attack the NPC ) OR Marauder faction ( Bandits and Marauder do not like each other, they fight against each other) And you must check the "No Low Level Processing" box !!!! Then you must add your NPCs in the Level lists Thhere are many Bandit and Marauder Level lists LL2BanditCaves25 LL2BanditCaves50 LL2BanditCaves75 LL2BanditCaves100 LL1BanditMelee25 LL1BanditMelee50 LL1BanditMelee75 LL1BanditMelee100 and Missile and Boss Lists. And the same for marauders. You know you don't place Bandits in the game (world or cells) you place the level list markers.
  12. Seeking more diversity

    Eyes: Load a save???? That can be the problem, if you have meet the NPC the eyes are "saved".. Have you tried a new game? Changes in existing game are not good. You can change static objects. But not "persistent objects" like NPCs, quest items, doors, "persistent objects" are in your save after you met them the first time. Test such objects with a new game, not a old save. ------------------------------ Your new added (not showing) NPCs: You can upload your esp with the NPC ( and the race esp ) and I see/check if I find the problem.
  13. TheRealMissAmber is right , the NPC can not vanish if the last AI pack was travel to the cell. The cell will be updated every 3 days, but the NPCs are not part of the cell, so they will stay forever in the cell. And the NPC setting: ??? non-essential and no low-level processing actors. ??? Shure you set the "No Low Level Processing" flag? If yes the NPC are not able to move to " temple of the one ", because they only use the AI if the player is near / in the same cell. So the player must follow the NPC untill she is in the " temple of the one ". ( or the next time the player is in the temple district the NPC will be able to reach the temple cell ) ........................ Only if the NPCs are set to respawn they will vanish after 3 days. And "no low-level processing" is bad for enslave the NPC. So the idea with the new cell is good. And you can remove the "no low-level processing" flag of the NPCs so it is possible to enslave them. ------------------------ EDIT: TheRealMissAmber , if you want the " really cute one " NPC, remove the "no low-level processing" flag with console and then enslave the NPC.
  14. Seeking more diversity

    1. eyes: have you changed the NPC eyes? If you create a copy of the vanilla NPC and only change the race it still use the Vanilla eyes. Open the NPC and change the eyes ( do not select one of the 3 vanilla eyes, choose one of the Draenei race eyes. The voice: Your new NPC is in the Draenei race .esp or in a new esp, but not in the Oblivion esm. The voise files are "bound" to esm or esp. So it must be in a new folder data\Sound\voice\ Now the esp name if it is a new NPC. If it is still the Vanilla captain it is the Oblivion.esm. \ Now the race name! Not the race ID ! \ now the gender Female vanilla female captain but Draenei ( I don't know the race name): data\Sound\voice\Oblivion.esm\Race name\F\ Inside the F folder you must copy the voice files (extract them from the Oblivion - Voices1.bsa or Oblivion - Voices2.bsa ) Also Greetings, Hello, Rumors,....will have no Audio , because the Draenei race has no audio files. You must copy all dialogs she can use in the new Folder....( Don't know how to find out which dialogs she can use ...Greetings, Hello, Rumors, Goodbye, Attack, Hit,.... ) And check the dialog conditions of the captain . Maybe there is a race check ( some guard dialogs have condions : must be guard, must be Imperial,... ) 2. Yes simply drag the NPC to the place you want her/him. You saved it in your esp? You load / activate the esp in the Mod manager? 3: have you set the tail in the race? In the esp or esm you open the race and add the tail nif path and the textures path. You don't need any Mod, you must have the nif and the texture in the game folders.
  15. Tamago is for "normal" male and female, and if two females have sex none of them can get pregnant ( I hope that's right,... if I remember correctly what I learned at school ) Only with KokumaroMilk to 1 females have sperm. Yes also if a no-futa girl rapes your futa-player you can get pregnant.