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  1. fejeena

    General Discussion

    In AI Packs and dialogue conditions you normally use base IDs ( GetIsID) In scripts you use ref IDs of the NPCs. But you can also use ref IDs in AI Packs and dialogue conditions ( GetIsReference ) --------------- Or in AI Packages you can use the "Object ID" if the NPC should use a chair in a cell. The NPC will use one of the chairs. Or you set one chair " Persistent" and add a ref ID name, then you can use "Near reference" in the AI pack and the PPC will use the one chair. So NPCs must have a ref ID name to check them in scripts. Not all Oblivion NPCs have ref ID names ( even if they are Persistent . And in some Mods no NPCs have ref IDs)
  2. What do you want to do with the animation? And of course in "cover your self" the Player and NPCs cover private parts only if they are nude. Why cover if not nude? In "cove your self" , "Estrus" , and "BreakUndies" the Player/NPC only covers private parts if he/she is nude. I think in "cove your self" and "BreakUndies" are the most animations. Cover upper or lower part or both part. Stand (idle) and walk and run animations. In Estrus the NPC is always full nude and covers everything(upper and lower), and there are run + cover and crouch + cover animations. ( the NPCs flee and cover) And I thought you are looking for the animations, in all 3 mods are such animations. You must not use the Mod if you don't like it. You can use the animation for a pose Mod (for screen shots) or for a AI Package...
  3. Your Load order! ! ! And you can read
  4. fejeena

    Malware Report on Attachments

    Example: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/50052-mod-translations-help/ In this archived thread, in the last post (13) the LoversImmoralGuards v1.02a.7z With Avast you get a warning and can not download it.
  5. Invisible in game is in most times wrong textures path/no texture. Do you have the .dds and _n.dds in the right folder.
  6. Female covers breast and private parts? Yes in the Mod "cover yourself". Different animations for male and female.
  7. With Mesh Rigger it will not be possible, the end of the tail is too far away from the bones. Why don't you use the tail with the original bones? ( the leg and feet bones) Here some tails Naga.7z TSAECSI.7z
  8. puddles I did not mean you when I said " I never understood why modders do it." . Also not Emily. He copied the races in the Mod ( OK some race he created), and you copied Emilys work in new folders. I talked about the race Mod creators. But It would be very good to add own eyes to own races. ______________________ DC You want companions? If you use Lovers, use LoversSlaveTrader and enslave some girls. You get all commands you need ( Follow, wair, relax here, and you can have sex) Or you use MCS . A companion system, you can turn any NPC in a companion.
  9. FNIS ? Oblivion ? And Sexy move? There are many sexy walk Oblivion animations... but only a few running animations ( walkforward.kf) And running and sexy ? How you run sexy ? I use NoMaaM, not sexy and looks OK with male and female. In the NoMaaM file is the "Different Walks - for NPC specialanims ONLY" folder. And in the "Other Modders" folder is one walkforward.kf Some other walkforward.kf I found in my folders. walkfastforward.7z
  10. The eyes is a Mod conflict. Do you use a Vanilla NPC overhaul? like OCO. The problem is that some modders don't use new meshes and textures for new races. They create a new race with new eye colors ( new textures) but they use the vanilla eye meshes in the meshes\characters\imperial folder Then another Mod change the vanilla eye meshes and add new textures... and now all other races that use the vanilla eye mesh with new textures are messed up. The eye textures of the new races are made for vanilla eye meshes and do not work with other eye meshes. I never understood why modders do it. A new race should have new and own eye meshes! So you can use any vanilla NPC overhaul without mess up custom races. The eyes are hard to fix. Check in the esp which eye meshes the races with wrong eyes use. Option1: Now you can unpack the Monstergirl file and copy the right eye meshes in the folder.... But then another Mod will have wrong eyes ( I think your NPC overhault Mod) 2: Or you create a new folder in your game ( meshes\characters\ "the race name" ) and copy the monstergirl eyes in the folder (If they used vanilla eyes you extract the eyes from the Oblivion - Meshes.bsa ) and in the monstergirl esp you change the meshes path of the eyes. 3: Or you put the right eye meshes in the Blockhead overwrite folder and add the eyes to the race. ------------------------------------ Monstergirl monsters and girls don't have dialogues. There are no quests...so why add dialogues? And I am sure that in the esp most monsters girls are set to "No Rumors", so the NPCs have only a greeting but no dialogue options. ( If you use Lovers you will have the Sex dialogues )
  11. You use blockhead overwrite for player ? What do you overwrite? Then you overwrite the Blockhead dragon race overwrites ! Don't use any player blockhead overwrites! You can not unequip the hand part , it is the body meshes ( add with blockhead) . If you wear armor Gauntlets and unequip the Gauntlets, then you see your dragon race hands, and if the dragon race hands stretch you have the wrong skeleton ( in meshes\characters\_male ) The same with wings , if it stretch you have the wrong skeleton. Only the foot mesh use only vanilla bones and works fine with a vanilla game skeleton. And the feet in your screenshot are not the dragon race feet. The dragon race feet are without texture You can check if you have the right Skeleton ( not overwritten by another Mod) data\meshes\characters\_male\ skeleton.nif and skeletonbeast.nif must be 94KB Universal Skeleton ( or 95KB LAPF Skeletons) data\meshes\characters\_1stPerson\skeleton.nif must be 53KB Universal Skeleton ( or 58 LAPF Skeleton) If your skeletons have other sizes you have the wrong skeletons. Here the LAPF skeletons ( copy the meshes folder in your data folder, let overwrite. ) meshes.7z If it still stretch then your archive invalidate via Bsa Redirection does not work right. Your game still use the vanilla skeleton in the packed bsa archive. Maybe your game installed in C : \ programfiles (x86) That is shit !!! archive invalidate , OBSE and Pluggy will not work right. Read my yellow Link below: archive invalidate and Problems during gameplay: Penis/Breast stretching .
  12. I don't know what you like. big castle or dungeon? Or a Mod with new worl space? I would use a Mod with new World scape, a nice isle. But don't know If you want, tropical, desert, woody or snow? See Nexus New Lands https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/categories/30/ Locations - New https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/categories/89/ in both categories you will find some isles. Best use a unfinished or work in progress Mod without creatures and NPCs ( no fights between your Monsters and the creatures of the isle) Or you use a Isle you like and delte all Mod creatures in the esp ( or if it is a big isle you delete all Mod creatures in the region in which you want to settle your monsters )
  13. Maybe you have the wings ... But it is stretched. You have a skeleton problem ! And you don't have claws and feet. Maybe you also don't have the wings and the stretchings are parts of the upperbody clothes. The meshes Dragon Hybrid_Hand.nif and Dragon Hybrid_Tail.nif use special skeleton bones, only included in the special race skeleton and the LAPF skeleton ( bones linke Bip01 R DrakeArmBlades4 , Bip01 R DrakeWingFinger01, Bip01 L DrakeWingUpperArm,....) Do you have the LAPF skeletons in Meshes\characters\_male ? You use the race as Player . Do you use SetBody reloaded or a Blockhead overwrite that change the player body? ( and overwrite the drake body parts ) But I am sure with the right skeleton most or all problems wil be fixed.
  14. That's not a problem with this Mod. There is still a Mod conflict, load order problem or missing meshes/textures in your game.
  15. If you only use the armor meshes and textures and create your own esp nothing will crash your game (unless you make mistakes in the esp) EDIT: Of course you need the LAPF skeleton for the body, and never replace it with another skeleton. ______________________________ EDIT 2: DC I don't play the Mod, can not help you. But if you use the a race as player there can be problems: It's mostergirls ! so many races are only female. Seems the dragonoid-race is only female. And some body parts are added with Blockhead to the NPCs or wings can be clothes in the NPC inventory. Blockhead can add things to NPC or to a race. If the wings are clothes and you create a Player you don't have the wings in your inventory. Use the console "Player.additem xxxxxxxxx 1" replace XXX with the ID of the wings. And if Blockhead add the wings to the dragonoid-NPCs ( not to the dragonoid-race) your player will not have the wings. I think the wings are part of the foot mesh, so you don't have the right foot and you miss the wings. You can add the wings/foot with Blockhead to your Player.