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  1. The base Mods you need if you want to play Lovers ( Oblivion Sex System) And how to install Oblivion ( NOT IN C : Program files ! ) Read my yellow Link below.
  2. fejeena

    Need some help with OCOv2

    There is nothing to explain. You can copy the folders and esp in your data folder or you use a Modmanager. You say " i still cant get my god damn characters to look good" . MY ? the player ? That's your problem with the creation menu. Does the mod works? Are the NPCs ok? See Nexus , there are screenshots how some NPCs should look like. Select one you know and start the game with an ugly player and check if the NPC looks right. ----------------------------------- Do you have all you need? OBSE 21 Blockhead archive invalidate via Bsa Redirection ( set in OBMM) And right Load order ( no other vanilla race Mod lower in load order, best you have no other vanilla race Mod installed) And if the NPCs are wrong... Have you started a new game? With an old save all NPCs will look like shit. ------------ See/read my yellow Link below, about load order and archive invalidate
  3. fejeena

    Centaur problems

    If you read the comments at the download page many people have problems ( not your problem) It is alpha version of 2011 and no update since then, think the Mod is dead. I can't download the Mod, ( I don't create a account for one Mod)
  4. fejeena

    LAPF Enhanced 1st Person Skeleton

    DragonGT sort your load order! Have you set archive invalidate via Bsa Redirection ? Read my yellow Link below. Load order and archive invalidate .....
  5. fejeena

    Centaur problems

    Breast stretching: do you have a BBB skeleton? Have the Centaur a owne skeleton? Does the skeleton have Breast bones? Have you set archive invalidate via Bsa Redirection with either Wrye or OBMM or TESMM ? ( Or the game will use the original skeleton from the Oblivion meshes bsa ) Invisible Body: Wrong body meshes path or wrong textures path. I think the human half is the race texture, you must set it in the race data in the esm/esp. The lower half = the horse texture path , you must set in the horse bottom nif with NIFSkope.
  6. Triratna ( later Emily) is no longer here at Loverslab ( since several years). So he can not upload the files again. His last Mod was Monstergirls, a mix/merge of all his previous Mods. And all his Mods had many bugs. A new Monstergirl Version you can find here : https://www.loverslab.com/topic/62141-monster-girl-blockhead-edition/
  7. fejeena

    Oblivion on PC, worth it or nah?

    Have you still not read my yellow Link below? This http://www.loverslab.com/topic/36443-oblivion-install-gametoolsbodiesbbbmod-sorting-and-cleaningcs-cse-body-stretching/?do=findComment&comment=915257
  8. Why? Please send a detailed justification. Are you older than 18 ? Can you prove it?
  9. fejeena

    Cells losing height data

    If you create mods use the CSE (Construction set extender). The base CS add too many bugs in your created Mod (esp/esm) Typical bugs with only the CS: you only watch the races and have the argonian in your esp. You edit or create a interior cell and you have the Abandoned Mine in your esp. And if you work with world cell the CS often add the 0,0 cell in your esp. I don't know how many argonians, Abandoned Mines and 0,0 cells I delete in my life during Mod cleaning. Best use CSE 51. It can do all you need and it have less requirements than the newer versions. Read my yellow Link below how you use CSE 51 with OBSE 21.
  10. fejeena

    Cells losing height data

    I don't know what can cause such an bug, but not TES4LODGen . TES4LODGen writes the LOD files in Oblivion\data\distantlod It does not change meshes and textures and have no effect to the ground in game. It change things you see from distance ( city walls, houses, trees... ). In the world cell you are at the moment you can not see any of the changes, only in cells far away. So TES4LODGen can not cause such bugs. With Landscape LOD generator TES4ll you write new meshes for ground you see from distance ( in folder data\meshes\landscape\lod ) These ground meshes you see only far away, not in the cell you are. And this ground does not have collision, you can not walk on it. And it have very washed out, blurry textures. LOD objects can disappear if you have a esm and a esp for a Mod and in a world cell in the esp you add a new "Visible when distant" object. Then the game shows only the "Visible when distant" objects from the esp but not the ones from the esm. And you will not see the far-object and the "real" object. Yes you stand in front of a city wall and there is no wall. You can fix it by copy all "Visible when distant" objects in the esp. And missing ground in the world cell you are and from distance, you can only have with Mods with esm. And ONLY in new world spaces ! Not in changed Tamriel world cells. Some Mod readmes tell you the Mod esm must be the first after the Oblivion.esm. Then all is fine, you see the Mod world ground. But if you load the Mod lower in Load order you will have no ground in the Mod World ( only trees, rocks, bushes, buildings,...) You can fix it by changing the Mod esm to a esp , OR you use TES4Gecko and change the world space in the Mod esm, it will get a Oblivion esm ID and is treated like a esp world. ----------------- But in your game you have none of the above bugs. You still have land but it is below water level. Something was wrong with the Mod you created, but I don't know why the changes/bugs are still there after you delete the Mod. And you say " I could not remove all mods - Oblivion refused to load when all were removed. " Are you sure? You can lod START your game? Then something is reallly bad in your game. Of course you can not load an old save, you start a new game. ( You should always start a new game after you made "drastic" changes in game, add 1-2 Mods is ok. Removing a Mod can often cause problems, but you can load the save before you used the removed Mod. ) I would say; yes you should install the game again. But maybe someone else have a solution for your problem.
  11. fejeena

    [ Block Head] On Going Tutorial

    I never noticed it , so I tested it. With per NPC and per race. You are right it does not work. And I am sure it can never work. The problem are the two _ in the name. Like textures with name like shirt_blue.dds can not have a normal map with name shirt_blue_n.dds . The game can not read it. after the _ must be a n (normal map) or a g (glow map), so the name must be shirt_n.dds OR you rename the textures to shirtBlue.dds then the normal map can be shirtBlue_n.dds. That's why in Blockhead the texture 00005510_foot.dds works, only one _ in the name. But the 00005510_foot_n.dds the game can not read. Conclusion: Blockhead can not change Normal maps. Surprising that this error nobody noticed in all the years. The people install high resolution textures and seamless fix.... but in OCO2 they have wrong normal maps for the new head textures. ( I don't use OCO2 but I am sure the normal maps will not work if OCO use the same system to add textures )
  12. It can be your messed up load order. Even your DLCs are in wrong order. Use BOSS, sort your Mods. But that will not fix your bug. The bug is now in your save. But with the right Load order it will not happen again with a new game. Yes, after reorder your mods you should start a new game. And sort all Mods!!! Also the Mods BOSS does not sort !!! Read more in my yellow Link below. ------------------------- I don't undrstand the thing with the arrows. ID with FFxxxxxx are in game created items. Yes if you drop a arrow. A single arrow does not exist in game, only with quiver. So if you drop a arrow the game creates a new item. But that ( normally )can not crash the game...but with your load order it can be the straw that breaks the camel's back ( The last arrow that causes the game to crash ) But what happens if you use a save before you have dropped the arrows?
  13. fejeena

    Setbody Reloaded

    New version is the Blockhead version https://www.loverslab.com/topic/13908-setbody-reloaded/?page=18&tab=comments#comment-491779 Post 428 ---------------- I don't know any Set Body version that works only for the player. All versions have a self and a target spell.
  14. fejeena

    Lovers Creatures 2.0

    It works also with Steam. But I am glad that I still have my disc Version of Oblivion, No Steam on my Comp. But if you have a no Steam version why don't you use it ? If you had Lovers creatures installed you have Oblivion with Shivering Isle. That's all you need. If you don't have the other DLCs as disc version you can copy them from your Steam installation. They are only esp and some have a bsa file. I have the DLCs as disc version , but I don't use the disc. I once copied all esp and bsa files in a folder and create a OMod. When I install Oblivion again I install Oblivion, SI and the 1.2.0416 Patch, and I am done. Then I install OBMM , OBSE ,.... and copy my DLC OMod in the OBMM folder. So use your old Oblivion from 2015.