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  1. The panties of the Lowerbody nif and the dress of the upperbody nif have NiAlphaProperty and one part with NiAlphaProperty will be invisible. Same happens when you stand in a waterfall with the player hair. Most hair have NiAlphaProperty and the waterfall has NiAlphaProperty. So the player hair is invisible. And if you copy the KyamitateRedB.nif in the SexyRobeRed.nif you even see it in NifSkope. No pants. You can fix it by changing the setting of the NiAlphaProperty. Use NifSkope. To make both visible: Open one nif and the NiAlphaProperty SetFlags : 4845 set Threshold: 45 Then open the other Nif and change the NiAlphaProperty SetFlags : 4846 ( yes 6 at the end ) set Threshold: 200 ( or lower / higher 128+ Too high numbers make the part invisible ) That works when both layers with alpha are in the same nif, I hope it works also it they are in different nif. ------ Test this I used 4845 / 45 and 4846/180 . In NifSkope it works. But backup the original files!!! Maybe it does not work in game. Kinky Alpha fix.7z You know where you have to copy the files.
  2. Don't know. It is the Mod from the Link you posted. Post 68 There is no readme. I think the addon from post 11 is in the file, the deadlyCut01.esp. It adds weapons in the IC Waterfront. (In the lighthouse, in two cells. ) So maybe the english esp is the bokko version from post 7. Try it and you will see it in game. Or maybe it is the second esp in post 68 This. Renamed and cleaned. DeadlyReflex 5 - Combat Moves (Ryona, Expanded Experimental).7z The esp name must be DeadlyReflex 5 - Combat Moves.esp , it is the masterfile of deadlyCut01.esp , wrong name and deadlyCut01.esp will not work. Or the chinese OMod version is the right one.... then you have to translate it. But first test the two english versions.
  3. There is a screenshot, you look like a howling wolf in front of the moon. Sorry, stupid post.
  4. In the Ryona Link you posted https://www.loverslab.com/topic/1239-deadly-reflex-5-ryona-add-on/ Download in post 61 the OMod And in post 68 the english esp Best unpack the OMod, replace the esp and install. EDIT: rename the english esp to DeadlyReflex 5 - Combat Moves.esp EDIT2 : In the deadlyCut01.esp are some weapon names and 2 vanilla cell. I changed it from chinese to english. And renamed the english DeadlyReflex 5 - Combat Moves (Ryona).esp to DeadlyReflex 5 - Combat Moves.esp and cleaned it. Here the full Mod in english. No Omod. It's the full Dealy Reflex Mod Deadly Reflex v5 Ryona english.7z --------------------- Remember you can not use the Ryona Mod with deadly reflex 6. (should be clear, as the esp name is DeadlyReflex 5 - Combat Moves.esp ) The Ryona Mod "patched" version 5 to version "5.5" If you want the new features and functions use deadly reflex 6.
  5. Yes AUtoSetBody give every npc different body .... but you onlyhave one armor-clothes replacer. If your armor clothes replacer for female is HGEC E cup you will see all female NPC in game with E cup armor and clothes. Only nude, during sex, you will see the different nude bodies add by AutoSetBody. So It can be you see a clothed E cup girl and during Sex she has A cup or J cup tits. I don't use it. But if I remember right there are Mods that can add the right clothes to the NPCs. But you have to install for every body you use a armor-clothes replacer. And you have read my Link, so you know there are not many armor-clothes replacer. But in the AutoSetBody ini you can set which bodies should be used. The "add clothes Mod" checks the SetBody Body and add the right clothes ( You have to set it in a ini ) As I said I do not use it. My NPCs all use E cup body and I have a E cup armor-clothes replacer. Some Mod NPCs I have changed. I added nude bodies ( no E cup ) with Blockhead and put matching armor/clothes in the NPC inventory ( also part of the Mod ) And My female Player use a H cup body ( add with Blockhead) and only use Mod H cup armor/clother . So Player and all NPC have matching nude body and armor/clothes.
  6. Nexus mod manager and Oblivion ? NEVER ! ! ! especially no LoversMods. Lovers will not work right ! SetBody only have body meshes, no textures. So you have to install Roberts male and HGEC female to get the textures. Read my Link https://www.loverslab.com/topic/36443-oblivion-install-gametoolsbodiesbbb-load-order-sorting-espesm-cleaning-cs-cse-body-stretching/All you need before you imstall Lovers. Nude bodies, armor-clothes replacer, BBB animation, tools,... If you have your game in C : / program files it will not work If you have installed Lovers Mods with Nexus/Vortex Modmanager Lovers will not work .... Read it from the beginning !!! ------------------------------- Once there was a AutoSetBody esp but now it is only a ini. ( If you have a old esp, delete it ) In the SetBody ini you enable AutoSetBody And in the AutoSetBody ini you can change settings.
  7. Yes. There is the "create copy" function in the setting spell. This makes it possible to enslave all NPCs. But if you enslave quest NPCs or shop keepers and you release them you do not get back the original NPCs. So in a shop is a shop keeper without a vendor chest. He will buy items but has almost nothing he sells. And a quest NPC-copy can mess up the quest if a dialog or script checks the Ref ID. You don't talk to the original/real quest NPC. And the main problem is not the "respawn" , it is the no "persistent " and the "No low level processing". The enslave script checks if there is a Respawn flag and set it to 0. So you can enslave respawn NPCs. But the No-name NPCs are no real NPCs, they are created by a level list. ( if you open the consoloe and click on a no-name NPC the ID starts with FF ( e.g. FF00 2A73 ) All in game created NPC and objects starts with FF. When you enchant an item or create your own spell they will have a FF ID. They are only in your game save, not in the esm/esp ) Many guards are real NPC. Yes they have no name but they are no Levellist NPCs. No "No low level processing" because they have to use doors, go to sleep in the guards tower/barracks,... So you can ensalve (most) guards. But all Enemies without a names are bad.
  8. ??? I do not understand your question. I is like the original LoverRapeSlave. Player rape NPC. Not NPC attacker rape player. When you rape a NPC xx times he/she becomes your slave. And the same Requirements. -you need a Mod to rape NPC. LoversRapers -you need LoversSlaveTrader -you use the LoversRapers rape spell "Rape (Contact)" -in the RapeSlave ini you can set how many rapes you need to ensalve a NPC ( with a little random chance of more or less rapes. And if the NPC fears you the ensalve chance is higher (Player with higher infamy ) -Then the NPC is your slave, but LoversSlaveTrader slave. You have to train the NPC to break him/her. You get the LoversSlaveTrader dialog commands. ( With the original RapeSlave version the NPC got the Lovers slave token ( so he/she was broken ) but no dialog options. There was the LoversPlaySlave Mod , but the dialog commands wasn't good, no sex, only wait and follow. And the follow AI was shit. If the distance to the slave was too great, he just went home. And it is not possible to enslave a slave with LoversSlaveTrader ) That's all. I just changed the enslave function to LoversSlaveTrader version.
  9. ???? AutoSetdody add nude bodies to NPCs. Depends on your setting, maybe nude Nord with big tits and elves with slim bodies with small tits. If I remember rigth NudeShy does not add Bodies, no nude and no underwear. It use the nude body replacer you have installed. It only add shy animations. But you use underwear mods: Anufis' Underwear.esp and Nudeshy Undergarments.esp ( a addon that nobody uses. Why shy animations if you are not ude ? ) Now you have two (3) Mods that change the nude body of all NPCs .... and one Mod wins. And I am not sure if Nude Shy Undergarments works with all bodies ( A cup to J cup. Muscular GUTS or Teen body. Simple solution if you don't want nude bodies in your game, disable AutoSetBody in the SetBody ini.
  10. Yes with my fix you don't need the addon. In the addon are only 50+ new eyes. But the race already has 40+ eyes. And I fixed the teeth textures bug. So everything is fixed and cleaned.
  11. LAPF is the framework. ( like Sexlab for Skyrim ) Only the SexSystem. You need Mods. Here most of the Lovers Mods https://www.loverslab.com/topic/6799-lovers-plugin-index-with-direct-links/ And the download section https://www.loverslab.com/files/category/5-lovers-with-pk/ In the https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/355-lovers-supplemental-plugin-pack/ you have Lovers Adult Play Plus for SSP with addon Lovers Voice SSP Plus. With that Mod you can start Sex with dialogs ( ! The NPC must like you, or he/she will say no ) Only install 1-2 new Mods then test your game. Check the new spells you got, setting spells . And the ini settings. Set/change everything untill you like it. If you install many Mods at once and you don't like the changes in the sex system you don't know which ini or setting spell you have to change, or which Mod you have to delete.
  12. Too bad I was hoping that the code would be copied. Then you have no choice but to do it manually.
  13. I checked the addon and found a fix that is needed in the original version esp I uploaded above. The teeth have a wrong textures path in the esp. And there is no texture for the teeth. They vampire teeth ( fangshuman nif ) need upper and lower teeth in one textures. Here the original esp with fixed teeth textures path and the teeth texture. ( Not the addon esp ) Vampire Race Reloaded clean.7z
  14. You use SetBody reloaded. It does not add clothes items like the classic SetBody Mods. When you create a cody you get a new NPCs with all item the original NPC had. With the classic SetBody you will also get the body code token and the body-clothes. But SetBody reloaded with blockhead does not add clothes bodies. I tested it in my game with the classic SetBody Added a Body to a NPC Created a copy with CreateFullActorCopy And the copy-NPC has the same body as the original NPC --------------------------- But if you can check the body code , doesn't the copy-NPC have the same code? Then the copy-NPC should get the body after a new game start. ( I hope )
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