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  1. Textures in 3D ?? I do not understand what you are talking about. DDS files : PhotoShop, Gimp, Paint.net All can handle dds files ( some need a plugin for dds and/or normal maps ( _n.dds ) ) The normal map does the Oblivion 3D effect. A flat wall nif looks in game like it has deep joints between the stones. A body _n.dds can simulate muscles, sixpack, wrinkles or raised areolas. And when you have scratches on the dds you can make them look deep with the _n.dds ( not like painted on the skin ) With Blender or 3Dmax you change the nif but not the texture. You can open the nif with NifSkope and the textures with PhotoShop, Gimp, Paint.net and when you save your texture you can see the results immediately in NifSkope. You can change the placement of the texture ( the UV map) , In NifSkope you can move and scale it. Or you change it with Blender or 3Dmax . You can export the UV map with NifSkope so you can use it as layer with PhotoShop, Gimp, Paint.net when you work on the texture, this way you see exactly what parts of the texture are used or where the UV map ends.
  2. Cheydinhal Oblivion gate: LOL, yes Farwil Indarys seems to be constantly trying to kill himself. Without console ( make him essential ) it is really difficult to keep him alive.
  3. I think the steam "move" function only moves the game . But I do not use Steam, I didn't even know that Steam has such a function.
  4. Yes skeletons never have textures. The body parts ( Upper, lower, hand foot, head ) need the skeleton to be animated and they have the textures ( NiSourceTexture ) And to make a nif move with the skeleton the body-parts have NiSkinInstance and the bones ( NiNode ) the nif use
  5. That's what my Link describes Moving a Steam Installation and Games Yes both not in C program files.
  6. The Namira quest: drink Cheap wine. 4 wine = - 40 ( or you magic items ) You only need <=20 Personality to start the quest.
  7. position depth ? You can use the numder keys 1 to 0 to change the position NPC or Creature 1 = forwards, 2 = back, 3 = down, 4 = up player 9 = down, 0 = up
  8. You can play all guilds. Fighters , mages, thieves, Dark Brotherhood So you can be good and bad at the same time.
  9. Why should he cast spells ? Or have you changed/disabled the "stop combat during sex " setting ? With Sexlivion the enemies cast spells. But mostly restore fatigue and health.
  10. Sure that no other Mod change the same cell ? When I change the landscape in CS it looks the same in game. ! If you change persistent items and you already was at the place the items are still in the old position. Doors are persistent . You can move the house, barrels and rocks. But when you move the door or a persistent bench they are in agme still at the old position because the position is in your save. If you start a new game or you never was at the place the door and bench will be in the new position. With landscape and no-persistent items it doesn't matter if you was at the place, old save, new game,... it will work. Item on tables and boards can be "moved up " in game when the collision of table and object collide --------------------- The Weisswurst Mod is on a small new isle in the Niben between Imperial city and Bravil --------------------- extended dialogs No the player dialogs, the things you can click. Hello. Wanna fuck. Tell me. The player can not say much. Max 37 Letters including spaces. In Windows 7 you changed the CS ini iExtendedResponseLength=255 iExtendedTopicLength=50 bAllowExtendedText=1 Now it is possible to have 50 letters and the game used the extended dialog options. But with Windows 10 the game only use the default 37 letters. I have many Mods with extended dialogs and they all have cut dialogs now, some I don't even understand because the important part is cut off. I don't want to reworks 10+ Mods and search all too long dialogs and relace the dialogs with studid short sentences. "Tell me the direction to the Bluestone Cave." will be "Tell direction to Bluestone Cave." iExtendedResponseLength=255 is the NPC Response dialog. I do not need longer NPC dialogs. I always use short dialogs. without voice files you have not much time to read ( even with OBSE silent voice plugin )
  11. Have you read my Link? One of the first things is how to move the game and there is a Link. https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=7418-YUBN-8129 I hope it is not outdated.
  12. The fence only reaches right below my tits. Yes most modder do not scale the fences in Oblivion, they are really huge. OK for Horses. But for sheep or Field fence it's too big.
  13. The Post is old ( 2019 ) With Windows 7 the CSE 51 was great, but now I use Win 10 and v51 cashs klike the vanilla CS. Win 10 with CS8... is better but some functions crash the CS. I use TES4Edit for the "CTD functions" Win 10 is shit, many Oblivion things doesn't work right. CSE, more game crashes, NifSkope with "operating errors" , No extended dialogs possible,... I will install Win 7 again With Win 10 you have to use the CSE 8... --------------------------- Selling sausage and beer here at LL ? We have the Internet you can buy everything. OK maybe not 1-2 bottles or sausages , you ghave to buy a Pallet or box. sausages.... You know Bavaria/Munich and the Oktoberfest. And the bavarian Weisswurst ( white sausages ). Not my taste... But I have a Oblivion Weisswurst Mod. Bavaria Inn. With voice (Bavarian dialect). Totally useless, no quest, but fun.
  14. I don't know what happens. But if a slave (LST) or companion ( MCS) is still in your slave/companin book but was removed/deleted and you get near the place where you told your slave/companion to wait the game crash. Maybe the same happens when a buyer is removed from game but still in the list in your slave book. And I will not test it
  15. And if you ever wants to player Lovers/LAPF ( the Oblivion sex Mod ) and want nude bodies, bouncing breasts, . . . Want to use a Modmanager ( never use NexusMM or Vortex for Oblivion ) And want the right Load order for your Mods ( and maybe think you can use LOOT for Oblivion ) read https://www.loverslab.com/topic/36443-oblivion-install-gametoolsbodiesbbb-load-order-sorting-espesm-cleaning-cs-cse-body-stretching/
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