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  1. In the pack "The Daedra Sutra - Lovers with PK Animation Collection" are the LAPF animations. And in the LAPF download file is a jpg ( Animations in LAPF .... .jpg ) with all the numbers and discription. If you always unpack your mods and check what's inside, you should have already seen the jpg picture. And have you tried LoversAdultPlayPlusforSSP ? To check if you oral amimations work ? Start oral sex with dialog ( you need a high disposition. NPC must likec you ) . With tha grap key ( normally the z key ) you can switch the oral animations. If oral ani work then you can change the ini of the other mods to get more oral animations. And in most ini is a discription above or behind the setting. Open the ini and read.
  2. But in some Mods are textures saved without Mip maps. I just had that problem , a race, body fine in CS but the tail was not visible . First I though the path was wrong or the nif. Then I remember the texture problem I had some years ago and I checked the tail texture. Yes was with Mip map. I saved the _n.dds again with Mip map and the tail was visible in CS. EDIT: But you do not have to change the _n.dds because in game the texture without Mip map works. But it is confusing if you do not see something in CS.
  3. One more comment on about textures. If the normal map ( _n.dds ) has no Mip map the mesh or the part of the mesh with the "wrong" texture is invisble in the CS. I remember some creatures, only the eyes were visible, but no body. In game the mesh is visible. Save dds files always with Mip map.
  4. Load the esp in CS Go to Charater- race. Click the race, click "Body data" click on the hair /eye that you want to delete and use the Delete key on your keybord. Or if you want to delete the hair and eyes ( not only in the race ) go to Character- hair or Character- eyes Right click on the hair/eye you do not want and select delete. You get a message that the eye/hair is used in the race .... click yes and hair/eye is delete, also in the race. ---------------------------------- Or use TES4Edit
  5. Excitement: To be excited, tension, you are waiting ( nervous ) for something to happen Excitation: thrill, arousal, agitation, stimulation, and also sexually exciting I would use : sexually arousing I am aroused --------------- But I am german. Better wait what English speaking person says.
  6. Are you sure you have a slave? A active slave? Tell the slave "follow me" If you have two slaves and you tell the active slave "Wait here" or you sell the slave you have no active slave. The second slave does not automatically become yours active slave. And there is no console command to get the dialog, because you still have the dialog. You can not remove a dialog. You can add a NEW dialog. You have the dialog but some of the conditions are not met. The NPC you talk to: No guard no slave not in slave trainer faction no item: xLSTInviolableToken "[Inviolable]Actor" ( it blocks enslave and also buy and sell slaver. You can add it to Quest NPCs so you can not ensalve the NPC) GetQuestVariable "Tradable" Quest: xLSTMain Have item xLSTBuyerToken "[Buyer]owner.trainer" ( ID XX03823D )
  7. LAPF page, post 1 the first spoiler. Number keys 1 to 0: - It is now possible to make position adjustments & change animations for NPC/NPC sex. First move the crosshair close enough to display the name of either actor of the pair involved to lock adjustments keys to that sex act, and then use the 0-9/arrow keys as you would for player sex, or grab key for animation change. - Since the number keys 1-8 bring up the quickbar when the player is not involved in sex, the number pad numbers can also now be used for position adjustments. - Holding down Shift while making position adjustments makes them at quadruple speed. Holding down Ctrl makes them at half speed. The same with player-NPC. Use 1 to 0 and with holding shift it is faster with holdingCtrl it is slower. Keys:NPC or Creature 1 = forwards, 2 = back, 3 = down, 4 = up; player 9 = down, 0 = up
  8. Both nif works in game. I replaced the textures with a dark grey one, because I do not have the textures. If is not working in your game your trxtures are wrong or textures path. It can cause invisible nif , or the wrong part is invisible. if I remember correctly: No texture is pink Texure but no normal map can crash the game only normal map is black ( or was it invisible ? or floating nif part ? ) No nif / wrong mesh path is invisible.
  9. ???? I do not know what you want. And I don't know what you have done and created. You can upload your nifs and I can check and test. Best you upload your new nif and the original hooves nif and the armor nif. You can add a nif to any slot you want. If there is a body in the armor you can delete the body, set the nif to amulet slot. But when you equip it , it will not remove the armor-clothes you wear, you must unequip other armor manually. And some armor nif do not have a body in the armor. Only the visible body parts exist. When you copy a body in the armor nif it will clip through the armor ( as too fat, tits too big, waists not slim enough ) Invisible nif: have you renamed it?
  10. Which situation? Player-NPC or NPC-NPC? I never had a bug in this Mod. Maybe another Mod or wrong loadorder or Mod conflict.
  11. Have you read the LAPF install instructions????????? https://www.loverslab.com/topic/21241-lapf/ Open the spoiler: Install Instrctions And read: Recommended Tools: You miss one of the OBSE plugins,... The plugin is also mentioned in my yellow Link below as one of the "must have" tools.
  12. What do you want with the equipable dicks or the hoove loverbody. I thought you want to replace your lowerbody with a hooves howerbody ( the nude lowerbody) Yes then you need armor and clothes for hooves. ( there was a hooves armr-clothes replacer at nexus... but not for all vanilla armor and clothes ) Normally you can only have one armor and clothes replacer, all NPCs and player will use it. But there are Mods that let you use different replacers. ( So you can have NPC with E cup tits and Player with DMRA body and a race with hooves and all will use the right armor/clothes replacer. I only have one armor - clothes replacer ( two. Male Roberts and female HGEC Ecup) But My player use H cup and I have some H cup armor.clothes mods installed and I do not wear vanilla armor-clothes. And I have a futa player, so I add a penis to the armors with visible ass. And I never had problems with added body "decoration" Some Modders do their armor and clothes all in one part (So you have 2 pieces in the nif: body and armor) and others use many separate pieces. Every button, belt and ribbon is a separate piece. I saw Mod Meshes with more than 20 pieces ( and parts of the body were visible) If you add armor-clothes parts or piercings ... does not matter, all the same, Do not know if there is a limitation how many pieces can be in one nif?
  13. Change the lowerbody ----------- How you do it with SetBody ( replace a setBody body you do not need ) read my yellow Link below. Page 5. ------------- And you can use Blockhead NPC/Player or race overwrite. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/96732-cant-figure-out-this-skeleton-issue/ read post 6 ------------------------------ My player body with fingernails and piercings I add with Blockhead. I use race overwrite because only the player use the race. I have some NPC with hooves ( lowerbody and foot are one nif. ) I add a empty nif to "replace" the foot. You do not see it. The Loverbody is set to the lowerbody slot and in game you see lowerbody and foot. The empty foot nif is set to foot slot and you do not see it in game.
  14. No! The ID is in the esm or esp Player is 00000007 and no Mod can change it. You check the IDs in CS or TES4Edit Here TES4Edit
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