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  1. The Norwegian Blue isn't dead! He's resting. Try it with "sleeper sex" .
  2. Still the old. With crashes like vanilla Oblivion, fuck Win 10 !
  3. Have you used the right door? From the readme: A) Cursed Armour 1 Follow the quest arrow to the Skingrad house. You may need to pick the lock (the rear door is easy) or console, click on the door an type unlock. 2 Take the right hand door, read the books and open the chest on the nude woman. Ignore the left hand door. Its seems to be for future development. If you can't reach to woman (a rare bug? conflict with another mod?), try jumping or open the console and type "TCL". Get the armor and type TCL again). 3 Exit the house, read the book and the quest will be update. Put the armor on. ... ...
  4. Carbon neutrality in Tamriel. No more chimneys. Use photovoltaic systems. IST Imperial Solar Technology the number one in Cyrodiil
  5. If you're not very far in the game, it is now a good time to fix the load order. DLCs are wrong. DLC patchs right after each DLC. armor-Clothes Mods up Also up Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch.esp Oblivion Citadel Door Fix.esp UOP Vampire Aging & Face Fix.esp example load order here https://www.loverslab.com/topic/36443-oblivion-install-gametoolsbodiesbbb-load-order-sorting-espesm-cleaning-cs-cse-body-stretching/ -------------------- Your load order works, and maybe it will work with 20 or 30 more Mods... but then you install one new Mod and your game crash. That happend many years ago with my game, about 50 or 60 Mod and games worked. Then I installed one new Mod (armor mod with only one chest in game) and my game crashed. I changed the load order of the new Mod, near the beginning, in the middle, at the end of the Load order .... but the game crashed. Then I read about load order and sorted my Mods. And the game worked better than ever. Just for testing I changed the position of the new armor Mod I could place it wherever I wanted in the Load order, no crashes. Of course then I placed near the top , where the other armor-clothes mods were.
  6. I am sure it is the same as https://www.loverslab.com/topic/1833-loversunicorn-02/ Same size, same date But here the ups 32871 file LoversUnicorn2 ups32871.zip EDIT: Oh you just updated the post above...
  7. If you run BOSS again it will put the Mods it does not know at the end of the load order. You have to sort the Mods manually. Don't leave all the unsorted/unknown mods at the end ! If you do not want to sort the Mods that BOSS dioesn't know again and again... -you can add the unknown Mods in the oblivion masterlist.txt file. Or -you do not run the BOSS tool if you have new Mods, you use notepad++ and open the Oblivion masterlist and search the new Mod and then sort it manually. ( seee the link I posted above )
  8. You have a messed up Load order. The last Mods should be LoversMB2.esp Lovers3dorgasmMB2.esp LoversIdleAnimsPriority.esp Lovers3dorgasm.esp LoversAnimObjectsPriority.esp No esp below !!!! especially no Lovers Mod. And a miracle that your game doesn't crash or freeze more often. Example: LoversAnimObjectsPriority.esp has the masterfiles Oblivion.esm, Lovers with PK.esm and LoversIdleAnimsPriority.esp So you can not have LoversIdleAnimsPriority.esp below LoversAnimObjectsPriority.esp ! LoversAnimObjectsPriority.esp has a missing master file. You can search for missing master files by loading all your Mods with TES4Edit. Start TES4Edit and click OK, then it will load all your active Mods.... and stops loading if there is a mod with missing masterfile, and in the right window it will tell you what's missing. Then you can move the missing files to the right position (if it is somewhere below in your load order) or you install the missing file. ----------------- And you have a lot spell-Enchantment Mods CustomSpellIcons.esm, More Effective Enchantments.esp, Complete Enchantment Overhaul.esp , ..... Check if there are conflict. ------------- Read mod discription or readme ! True Shadowmere Two .esp are included, only activate one. Activate the .esp -NoWaterWalking if you do not want that feature. You have both esp activated. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Fix your Load order, check conflicts. And then start with a new game !!!! A bug can be in your old save. If the game works with a new started character then you can test your old saves, maybe they will work . ( But often old saves does not work after strongly rearranged load order) More information about Load order, read https://www.loverslab.com/topic/36443-oblivion-install-gametoolsbodiesbbb-load-order-sorting-espesm-cleaning-cs-cse-body-stretching/
  9. When I used CSE81 and click the kf path button my CS stops working, the small menu window does not open. No reaction, no matter what I click. I can't even close the CS. The only thing I can do is TASK manager and close the CS. But it works for you... And I had some other bugs with CSE81 that cause a CTD. Shit , what's wrong with my game or windows ? But I will use CSE51 I hate that I can not compile the script. The scripts work ! A " ignore the error and compile " function in CSE81 would be good. I had the problem in a Mod. ( was not "isFemale" but another a script command name ) But the short was used in other scripts, so I should have changed the quest script and others... too much work, changing the CSE was easier. Scripts and Mods works fine. ------------------- Thanks for your condolences.
  10. That's the shit CSE 81 You can not compile the script with the short : isFemale But the script works with set isFemale to me.GetIsSex Female No change needed Only change the CS Use CSE 51 and you can compile scripts again. And you get rid of many other bugs. Also with vanilla SC you can compile the script. ------------------------------------------------------------- You use CSE 81. Have you ever tried adding new animations in a Mod? Maybe new ani in the LoversIdleAnimsPriority.esp ? When you add the path of the kf you click here Do it and tell me what happens. Maybe something is wrong with my Windows or game installation... because I have not seen a post with "This function is broken" !!! If you try it with a mod that you are working on save before you click !!! The " can not compile scripts" and the "kf file add bug" (and other bugs) made me use CSE 51 again.
  11. SCN and Scriptname is the same. SCN is a short form. In most vanilla script you will see Scriptname. Its like evp and EvaluatePackage, you can use both in a script. Was there anything untranslated in the scripts that you see in game ?
  12. You must have the Torn Out Diary Page. See first picture at the download page , this picture In the boat when you leave the start dungeon (north-east of the Imperial city) When you activate the diary in the sanctuary , with the missing page in your inventory, the diary will be fixed. You can cheat if you can't not find the torn Out Diary Page. open the console, and add Player.additem xx018AD8 1 xx is the Loadorder Number, check your Modmanager to find the right number. Or just open the console and click on the statue or the book in the treasure chamber, the FIRST TWO numbers is the Loadorder number of the secret sanctuary esp. If you see C701D5B3 you use the C7 So you add in the console Player.additem C7018AD8 1 EDIT: also see post 29
  13. See kingkongs Mod. https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1464-cobra-crotal-python-suit-living/ And he made some animated bodies. Moving belly, moving nipple and jiggling penis meshes. Sorry no time to search the links, those were in some threads about creating bodies.
  14. I postet all Mods you need with Links and the Load order you will have in the Modmanger. Your load order is a mess ! The right Load order again Oblivion-esm Lovers with PK.esm TamagoClub.esm HiyokoClub.esm missing in your game ! ... .... LoversTamagoClub.esp HiyokoGenerator.esp missing in your game TamagoSetBody.esp LoversAdultPlayPlusforSSP.esp missing in your game ! You have no Mod to start sex. This is for "start sex with dialogs. You can also install Mods for rape, stalkers, prostitution, ) Lovers with PK.esp SetBody.esp ... ... And alwayy the last esp in your load order are LoversMB2.esp ( it is part of the LAPF pack, but you do not need it, its Masturbation) LoversIdleAnimsPriority.esp LoversAnimObjectsPriority.esp Why you have so many Hiyoko addons ? Future Dream, FertilityClinic, Utility spells,Tamago Discharge You can install addon when you have a working Se and pregnancy System And why Broad mother ??? It is for creature children . When human have sex with creatures the hunan can get creatres children. But you need Lovers creatures to have sex with children. You only talked about sex with humans, so I didn't mention LoversCreatures, just the absolutely necessary mods. Install Lovers Creatures if you want sex with creatues. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/6799-lovers-plugin-index-with-direct-links/ Install tips. First install LAPF and a Mod to start sex. Then test and play and set the settings you want. Then you can install more LOVERS mods... only one or two and then test. If you install all at once you do not know which Mod added a spell or changed something you liked. Install all Sex Mods you want. If everything works you install Tamago and Hiyoko. ! only the base Mods I mentioned above.. Then you test it. If everything works you can all addons. !!! Everytime you change your load order you have to reset Hiyoko ( you have to remove all children in game ) So if you add Mods , addons or delete/deactivate esp/esm or move esp/esm in the Loadorder you have to do it. So you should have all Mods you want ( Quest, armors,gameplay, landscape ,... Mods ) and all Lovers Mods you want. Then you start with Tamago/Hiyoko. EDIT: And do not ignore the first Link in my old post above. Read it !
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