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  1. As I have already said many times, save often, because script errors can occur in this mod. Load the last save game and try again. !!! End the game, then launch and load. Errors can still be in the memory/RAM, so never load another save game in the game! Always quit the game ! You can use the console to get the next stage. just search your last quest entry in the esp ( with CS or TES4Edit ) and set the next stage with console ingame. ! But bad idea, maybe in the dialogs you miss scripts add or remove things or set quest script values., then nothing will work. Best w
  2. With Blockhead BodyAssetOverrides\ you can change bodies of races or single NPCs, then they do not use the default body. You can change, add head and head parts. You can also change textures, if you or a NPC should have a tattoo but not the whole race should use it. In the esm/esp the race still have the original meshes and textures path, the new mesh/textures are in the Overrides folders. I do not use OCO2 but I know it use different heads for male and female, That is impossible in Oblivion in esm/esp but can be done with Blockhead overwrites. ----------
  3. ? The script that change player and NPC values ? Don't know, can not help. But if you use "setav aggression 5" the aggression is 5. It is a set command. A mod command ( like modDisposition) would increases an existing value. So you set aggression to 5 and it is 5. Then a plunder script change the 5 right after the console "setav" command. So even if you can get aggression to 5 by using the command more often or with other values, the script will change it again immediately, after some time or next game start. Sounds like an insoluble problem to me. Hope
  4. The xLoversMB2.ini is loaded on game start. Some settings and you can set the keys. Sorry I do not play the monstergirls Mod, can not help.
  5. Same ... strings nand array...
  6. 'Monster_Girl_Blockhead_Edition_2.0_BBB.part4' How ? You only unpack part 1 and all other parts will be unpacked. It's a splitted packed rar file. Of course all part must be in one folder. There are also splitted 7z files. All files with "part" always in one folder and unpack part 1.
  7. setav aggression 5 is right. Open the console, click on the NPC enter setav aggression 5 hit enter key. Or you use CS or better TES4Edit... but if you have enslaved vanilla and Mod NPCs you will change the NPC forever. Next time you play the game the NPC will have aggression 5. And very bad if you change Bandit, Necromancers, Marauders , . . . and other Level list NPCs. Each of them is used very often in the game , and if you change the base NPC all the spawn NPCs will have aggression 5. A lot of bandits will not attack you.
  8. What about Lovers rapers and the LoversRaperS_Motion.ini ? But I don't know anything about arrays.
  9. I was a little confused about the 2019 release. Because the 1st person skeleton was added a few years ago. Okay, then nothing new.
  10. Growlf's Universal skeleton: No you do not need, a first person skeleton is now in the LAPF file. But for a long time there was no first person skeleton in LAPF. steps 4a & 4b : If you have a old Lovers version you should delete the old INI , animations and idle objects. Especially the idle object. In LAPF most of them are in a bsa file and if you have old loose files they will not be overwritten by LAPF. Result is, you have animations that should not have idle objects with objects. Old anmimations: All old animations works with LAPF. You have
  11. joystick is for different bodies. The lowerbodies during sex. If you use one body for player and NPCs you use LAPF setting spell to set the lowerbody during sex you need. Even if you use different bodies for player and NPC you can use the LAPF setting spell. You can set 9 male and 9 female bodies ( + the default body) So joystick is only a must-have if you have more than 10 diffrent bodies in game . Maybe different bodies for the races, companions with different bodies ,... ! And only female in offender position during sex change the lowerbody. Futa (
  12. core 1.46c and data 1.46a In Setbody core are the meshes/nif. some minor fixes in c version. In data is the esp, no changes. And if you want joystick both 1.46a joystick files. Of course you need the OBSE plugin Blockhead. And body Tetxures for HGEC (female) and Roberts male for all races you use.
  13. Read my yellow Link ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Scroll down to 2. Problems during gameplay. Then see Missing Animations ( Lovers Sex animations) LAPF has 200 human- human animation numbers but only about 160 are in the LAPF files. You can fill the free ani numbers with copies from LAPF animations, Daedra Sutra animations or the old Lovers animations (without moving Penis) How to do it read my yellow Link. Also Links where you find animations. There is also a file with animations that fills the free animation numbers ( Some mods starts sex with a specific ani number
  14. If you have problems always check with a new character/game. If the new game works you can try to fix the old save. But if you change the load order a lot , it can happen that a save does not work anymore, Bad , but then you have to start a new game or try older saves. If you change the load order with Tamago/Hiyoko active and you load a save you get the Tamago/Hiyoko error message "Load order changed, please restore the old load order" Yes you can not change the Load order if you have Tamago/Hiyoko activated. The children will not work. The chi
  15. NEVER use LOOT with Oblivion. A LOOT load order can crash your game. Use BOSS or sort manually. More beginner tips in my yellow Link below ( in my signature ). The most important tips: Wrong game installation can cause many problems. Game NEVER in C : / program files or OBSE can not work right. Never LOOT Never Vortex or Nexus Modmanager for Oblivion. If you use WyreBash: Lovers Mods never in the Bashed Patch. Never load saves in game. First quit the game , then start and load a save.
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