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  1. Maybe your wrong load order does not cause the problem you have but you should sort your Mods. Your Lovers mods are in wrong order. and I bet also the Mods above Lovers are wrong . First run BOSS ( or use the BOSS masterlist and sort manually ) then sort your Lovers Mods manually. See my yellow Link below, there is a example load order with almost all Lovers Mods. BOSS does not sort all Lovers Mods right. And an explanation of how to sort with BOSS or manually. --------------- And you tried what I told you in my post above? Maybe one more save ... Deactivated the 3 esp ( LoversAdultPlayPlusforSSP , LoversVoiceSSPplus and Lovers Purification LITE ) Load the game, Use the wait funktion and wait 3 days. Create a save. quit the game ! Then start the game again and load the save. And create a new save. Quit the game again. Activate the 3 esp Start the game and load the last save.
  2. The textures are different OCO and vanilla texture The argonian head texture is in the base OCO file. In the HGEC and Roberts addons are only body textures. If you do not have the OCO texture in your game another Mod change your argonian race. Load all Mods with TES4Edit and check the argonians. Argnian race and the "Abandoned mine" cell are in hundreds of Mods that were made with the CS without CSE. If you click race in the CS, only watch the races, the argonian race will be add to the Mod esp. And if you edit a cell, no matter which, the "Abandoned mine" cell is in the Mod esp. That's why I always say "Clean your Mod with TES4Edit before you release it ! ! " I do not know how many argonian and "Abandoned mine" I have deleted in my life. So it can be any Mod that change the argonian. Load all your Mods with TES4Edit. open the Oblivion.esm and then the races and argonian. Then you will see all esm and esp that change the agonian. And if one is lower in the load order as OCO it will conflict with OCO.
  3. The Link https://www.loverslab.com/topic/306-erotic-maid-outfit/?page=2 But the download is dead. But see post 46
  4. You have about 160 Lovers animations. And they all works with LoversBed and Tachicat . Have you checked your Lovers settings? Set the animations to random or only the first 10 animations will be used. Then NPC-NPC with Lovers bed will use different animations. Also with Tachicat. And you can use the forward and backward key to skip through the animations. See the Lovers download page for settings and keys. Default the animation forward, or next-animation key is the grap key ( Y ) and back / previous animation is shift and Y. And if you want to use it with NPC-NPC sex ( or NPC-creature) you must move the cursor / crosshair on one of the NPCs and then press the Y key ( or shift + Y ) And yes there are animations with foot job. ( e.g. ani number 175) If you want pictures of all animations see https://www.loverslab.com/topic/8232-the-daedra-sutra-lovers-with-pk-animation-collection/ Down load "Daedra Sutra Animated Penis Animations" that are the LAPF animations with pictures. If you want to add new animations ( or copies of the Lovers animations ) read my yellow Link below. In Lovers you can have 200 human-human animations , so about 40 numbers are free/unused. You can fill these numbers. In my yellow Link you will also find a download file to fill the free numbers with copies of the LAPF animations.
  5. After you run BOSS you must sort all Mods BOSS had not sorted manually !!!!! And sort your Lovers Mods manually after you run BOSS. Or use only the BOSS masterlist and sort all Mods manually. ( all in my yellow Link ) ---------------------- Or maybe you have a missing master file. Have you used TES4Edit ? Start TES4Edit , All your Mods are active, do not change it, just click OK and wait ...... If you have a wrong load order or a missing master files TES4Edit will stop loading and tell you what is wrong. Add the missing Mod or correct the load order and then start TES4Edit again until it load all your Mods without a error message. And have you tried to delete your Oblivion ini ? The Oblivion.ini in the folder with the save folder, NOT the ini in the game folder. Delete the ini ( or rename) and start the game, the game will create a new ini.
  6. You have installed Oblivion and tested it, and it worked. Then you have installed the DLCs and tested the game, and it worked. Then you have installed some Mods and tested the game .... Then ..... .... And after you have installed some some new Mods the game crashes. Now you deactiavate the last installed mods, so you only have the mods when your game was still working. Now the game should work again. Now you activate one mod after another and test. When the game crash you have the "bad" Mod. ------------------------------------------------------------- But if you have installed all mods at once and then tested the game for the first time . . . . nobody can help you. .................... And sort your mods. Use BOSS !!!! last in the load order !!! LoversIdleAnimsPriority.esp LoversAnimObjectsPriority.esp Everything in your load order below these two esp is not sorted ! ! Clothes Mods up to the sorted clothes Mods, .... Sort it manually with your Mod manager ( Never Nexus Modmanager with Oblivion ! ) Read my yellow Link below.
  7. Sorry I do not know if it is FF race. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/940-modified-ff-race/
  8. fejeena

    Jensine shop CLOSED FOREVER ^^

    I edit my old post, you can download the fiexed esp !
  9. fejeena

    The Ultimate DMRA Clothing Store

    Cleaned esp . Jesine has the vanilla AI Pack and the Mod NPCs have new AI packs. And a lot of cleaning. removes Lovers with PK.esm and Apachii_Goddess_Store.esp Masterfiles. Both are not used in the Mod. ( You need the Apachii_Goddess_Store meshes and textures but not the esp ) Pathgrid fixed... EDIT: only thing I have not fixed is the Pathgrid in the worldspace. I forgot that. And I add one new mesh. I did not liked the Bruma house with roof with snow near. So I copied the Bruma house nif and changed the roof texture ( Bruma roof without snow. A vanilla texture) YOU MUST INSTALL THE MESHES FOLDER. DMRA Store Clean.7z
  10. fejeena

    DMRA Compilation

    Cleaned FullDMRA.esp With masterfile : VipCxj_HighHeels.esp And everything deleted from all the merged Mods. Only armor, clothes, container, one Enchantment, one Weapon and the cells ( all player houses ) Esp shrinked from 304 to 165 KB I add one new chest with the tribal clothes, there are in the esp but they were not in one of the chests. The new chest is in Benirus Manor Basement and the Testing hall. DMRA Compilation Clean.7z
  11. Your settings? Check the Lovers Sex animations they are all loop. Or upoad the ani here. priority? The nif? NifSkope: In the NiControllerSequence are all bones and the Priority. In game the ani with the highest Priority will be used. If you change a idle kf to a riding animation and the idle kf has too high Priority in the leg bones you will stand inside your horse. Then lower the leg Priority, then the legs will use the riding/sitting position and the upperbody will use the Idle kf animation. And the animation you can add with a token ( no playable clothes item ) add to player or NPC and ani starts, remove and ani ends. Or is it a animated item? Like a moving dildo, vibrator ? maybe a moving potion bottle?
  12. fejeena

    Jensine shop CLOSED FOREVER ^^

    It is not the FullDMRA.esp. No Jesine and her store in the esp, also none of her AI packages. But some dirty entries: ICWaterfrontDarelothsHouseUpstairs and ICArcaneUniversityArchMagesQuarters not translated ( still japanese ? ) but not used and can be deleted. Also 3 other unused cells can be deleted. And VipCxj_HighHeels.esp is not a masterfile , but the scripts are used in the FullDMRA.esp. TES4 Edit shows a lot of errors. So the high heels system will not work, maybe some clothes will crash the game. ------------------------- It is DMRA Store.esp !!! A changed vanilla AI pack. ! ! !!Shit never change vanilla ! Create a new AI Pack ! Jesine use that Pack, and "unlock at Location" is delete in the Pack, so she (and all Mod NPCs ) can never unlock the doors. And why is Lovers with PK.esm a masterfile????? Nothing from Lovers is used in the esp. You can fix the Bugs with TES4Edit. -------------------- Edit: see https://www.loverslab.com/topic/59780-dmra-compilation/ and https://www.loverslab.com/topic/49796-the-ultimate-dmra-clothing-store/?page=3
  13. Yes, use the settings In the invertotry a scroll/Book with name : Estrus Configuration. Click it. Then in the menu click "Estrus normal" and you see a nude setting, click it and set what you want ( upper, lower, foot ,head/helmet, .... ) The same you do with "Estrus sneak" and "Estrus Summon roper" ! Of course you must have a nude body replacer or you will see the vanilla body with underwear ! If you do not have a nude body replacer, see my yellow Link below.
  14. Lovers Blackmail : is the same galgat-dialog-style as in Lovers Crowning isle. I like it. ---------------- And if payment can be sex you can also use LoversBitch. If you do not pay your companion dogs regularly with sex they will be grumpy. Then you can not use the special abilities of the dogs. But if you often give him sex, you have a good companion. Yes only sex, they do not eat gold.
  15. LoversTrueCrimeEx: Pay Highwayman with sex or gold. In vanilla Oblivion are only 4 Highwayman . This Mod adds a lot more, also groups of Highwaymen . But you need the Lovers Sex System! And a Blackmail Mod. But no gold, only sex.