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  1. fejeena

    Bravil Underground v0.96

    Yes, the animated penis animations are made for that position. The original LoversCreatures animations are for the straight forward position you have. in my game I am currently using a version of the animated penis ogre.nif with a bigger penis. Before that I used a sexualized monsters Ogre.nif with added penis bones, but the bigger dick and the wrong position .... was not good. The dick is a little bit too big, also for the original animations. ( but I like the big dick )
  2. fejeena

    Bravil Underground v0.96

    You better upload it to my addon. The Ogre trainer is not in the base Mod , only in my addon. And the original nif I used is from Rebel O'Conner sexualized monsters. I have no problems in NifSkope, loads fast and no stuttering or stoppage. But I still use a old NifSkope version ( no "Skyrim" version ) But the nif was big , about 2MB. Thanks. Upload it in my addon and I put a link in the first page. EDIT: can you change the penis position? and add penis bones? The animated penis Ogre nif is from https://www.loverslab.com/topic/21315-creatures-overhaul-workshop-on-indefinite-hold/ For the original LoversCreatures mesh and animations the sexualized monsters Ogre.nif is fine, no changes needed. A changed version would be only for people how use the animated penis version. So do it you have time and want it. I can add penis bones.
  3. Rename the nif Open your game folder data\meshes\Armor\Muscle Girl\Tera\Tera_Heavy_1\DMRA-GUTS\ There you see ciurass.nif But in the esp the name is cuirass.nif Rename the nif to CUIRASS and it will work.
  4. You have Curse of Hircine Resurrected ? Unpack the file Read the readme: 4. Optional Addons CoH No Female Model.esp Makes female werewolves use the male model. Open the folder "01 Addons" copy the "CoH No Female Model.esp" in your game folder, load order after CurseOfHircine.esp. ------------------- Or if you do not want another esp in you game folder you can replace the nif files in data\meshes\Armor\CurseOfHircine\Werewolf\F\ with copies from the nif files in data\meshes\Armor\CurseOfHircine\Werewolf\M\ You can copy all files in folder M and paste in folder F, let overwrite. --------------- I have not played the Mod , are you sure male and female use different animations? If yes you should use the "CoH No Female Model.esp"
  5. fejeena

    tera armors

    See PM. All 5 armors in one esp.
  6. fejeena

    tera armors

    Merged ? Merged esp , all 5 amors in one esp ? and with DMRA meshes?
  7. fejeena

    tera armors

    All the Links of the 5 armors you want works. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/1262-patzys-dmra-lab/ Tell me if you need the original ( no DMRA ) version for textures and esp. ( But best is to merge all armors in one esp and one chest )
  8. No. Body nif files do not look for textures in folders, they use the textures path in the esm/esp ! If you install the Mod without changes: The Fembody nif files are in data\meshes\characters\_male So all races use the body, also orcs , argonian, darkelf, dremora, Golden Saint,.... and they use the race textures. The femboy textures are in data\textures\characters\imperial\female\footfemale.dds So all humans and High elf and Wood elf use the textures. All other races use their own race textures and you must install Roberts female textures for the races. In the Body nif files the textures path is textures\characters\imperial\female ( like in all female body files, HGEC, Roberts female , UFF,.... ) But the NiTriStrips/shape name is "foot" and the NiMaterialProperty is "skin", so the body nif files will use the textures path in the esp/esm ( not the one in the nif. You can add any textures path you want in the nif file it will not be used ). If the esm/esp race Foot textures path is textures\characters\dremora\female\footfemale.dds the body nif will use the dremora race textures footfemale.dds , and if the texture is a HGEC, UFF, Bab or vanilla it looks like shit with the FemBody nif. The same with armors and clothes. If they have visible skin and your race is Darkelf they will use the darkelf body texture, not the imperial/Fembody texture. ------------------------- So if you want all females be Femboys you install the Fenboy files without changes. And install Roberts female for the other races ( and you must add the penis part to all the race footfemale.dds textures, or the race have not the right penis texture ) And you must install a full Roberts female vanilla armor clothes replacer so that skin parts of the armor-clothes are right. I would install the Femboy as "Player only" ( meshes added by SetBody or Blockhead , and textures added by Blockhead) Or as new race with own textures folder and body added by SexBody or Blockhead . Then only the player is a Femboy and all other females can use a female body replacer and a matching full armor-clothes replacer.
  9. The new file is OK , can unpack it. Thanks. ................... IN OTHER WORDS, WHATEVER BODY YOUR FEMALES HAVE, THEY MUST USE THE FEMBOY BODY TEXTURES. (that means no vagina textures for females, but who cares) This confused me. If you install the Femboy files without changes all your female will use the Fem-body and all Human and high- and Wood-elfs will use the Fem-Texture. And for all other races you must install Robert female textures. So you can not use "whatever" female body. And if you install the Femboy as player-only or as own race, so that only the Femboy use the Femboy textures, you can install whatever body you want for the other females and the right textures, and they will have a vagina. Vanilla or HGEC body can not use the Femboy textures.
  10. Have you started a new game ? the bug can be in your save. I use TamagoClubV1p15r4a2.7z (post 665) and HiyokoClub V1_10a Rev 3.7z  ( Post 17 ) and LoversTamagoClub.esp ( post 1 ) Installation : I use the No MBP HiyokoGenerator.esp because I do no use Beautiful People . I also use HiyokoGeneratorBroodMother.esp I do not use TamagoPlayerHUDkil.esp LoversEncounter.esp HiyokoGenetics.esp Maybe you first try it without this Mods, get the base pregnancy system to work, then install the addon Mods. ! And always test it with a new game ! If that works you can try if a old save works . EDIT: yes see the next posts by Doodlecute and Justinof. In my game the default ini settings works, but often ovum dying , so I changed my setting, now almost no ovum/embryo dies anymore. And I am Level 1 . Some of my settings
  11. Disposition lower. But if you set the active mode to off they should not stalk each other. Don't know why that does not work in your game. The lower disposition also affects the player. With too low dispostion no one would stalk you.
  12. I can not unpack the file. ----------------- And the femboy body mesh/nif has no vagina so the body texture does not need a vagina. And the texture is only for Roberts female, you can not use HGEC or vanilla body for other NPCs . So you install the femboy as replacer for all females, then player and NPCs use the body and textures. Or you install it as "player only" , then the player use Femboy body and textures and you can use HGEC or Roberts female or vanilla for all female NPCs, ( of course with a right texture and not with the femboy texture) then you have a vagina.
  13. Are they from post 17 ? ( there is no tamago 115c rev 2 in post 17) Both files must be from post 17 ( you can use TamagoClubV1p15r4a2.7z from post 665 ) but you can not mix it with other version. TamagoClub.esm, HiyokoClub.esm and HiyokoGenerator.esp should be all from post 17 ( LoversTamagoClub.esp you can use any version) If you use files from post 1, all files should be from post 1. ----------------- Again: TamagoClub115c_Rev3.7z or TamagoClub115c_Rev4_Alpha1.7z from post 17 or better TamagoClubV1p15r4a2.7z from post 665 and HiyokoClub V1_10a Rev 3.7z from Post 17 ( that is the only version with which you do not need the hggf_hiyokoclub_fix.esp. All other versions need the hggf_hiyokoclub_fix.esp !!! ) And LoversTamagoClub.esp from post 1
  14. Yes, but which versions ? And all files ! See my posts above. post 958 and 962. Your load order is ok. Only FuroGeneratorTrap.esp between the tamago Mods is not the best place.
  15. No fight? Then no LoversRapers. Joburg stalk is : NPC is in sneak mode, sneak to another NPC or player . And he/she is in purple haze/fog ! ( yes they have a magic effect when they are stalking ) No sneak mode and purple haze = no Joburg.