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  1. Ask 10 people and you get 10 different packages of "must have Mods" Clothes-armor Mods ? lore friendly? modern? anime? And the body you use/ breast size ? Race Mods: lore friendly? anime? demons, dryads and other exotic races? Landscape Mods: some people want better textures but use the default boring landscape. Other people use UniqueLandscape but without patches it will conflict with other Mods in the the same area. Sex Mods ( Lovers): Creatures Sex? rape? prostitution? ... ... .. We don't know what you like. Maybe you love anime but vomit when you hear creatures sex. Only the base Mods and tools you need to play Oblivion with Mods, or you need before you install Lovers... you can read my yellow Link below.
  2. I do not use Lovers Satisfaction + LS Extender, or any other Mod that changed orgasms. If you only use Lovers you and NPCs get 2-3 orgasms (max 5), if you do not change the length of the 4th ( last ) sex stage. There is a chance that you get every xx seconds an orgasm. If you shorten or lengthen the final stage, you get less or more orgasms. And the time of a sex stage you set in the Setting Spell is the average time. Every sex the time can be a little more or less. During a sex act, the player and NPC can have different numbers of orgasms. Think Lovers Satisfaction and Extender change the time of the last sex stage.
  3. Some women do strange things when they have their period. Why not swallow watermelons?
  4. Divorce? Only one Sintav is married. Cyronin Sintav with Carmana. And it is a happy family, they all meet every sunday in the house of Iniel Sintav . Still 4 Sintavs without wives... and 3 in one house. Why not all 3 ? Quest name: the Sintav's plaything
  5. If the "can't save the script" is a OBSE problem you can use CS with OBSE or CSE. If it still says there is error then post the script. Copy everything in the script and post it here ( in a spoiler ) I do not have furo trap installed.
  6. Sorry I don't know, I never used Wyre bash and never created a BashedPatch ( and never used MBP ) I only know which Wrye Bash version you shoud use with Oblivion and never Lovers Mods in the BashedPatch. ( Tips from other Modders / players ) All this informations I add in my yellow Link below. But I think you add the esm. The patch must know what is in the ESM ( Oblivion.esm and Mod esm ) to create a working Patch.
  7. You don't like a message box text? You have to find the text in one of the exe and replace the text. Do not forget the " at beginning and end MessageBoxEx " The text " Compile the script, save the esp, done. And have you started the CS with OBSE ? In Lovers Mods are OBSE scripts and you can not compile a Script with OBSE commands if the CS does not use OBSE. You have OBSE 21. You need the obse_loader.exe ( Yes also with a steam Oblivion version ) Create a Desktop shortcut of the obse_loader.exe , right click the shortcut and click properties and rename the desktop Icon path to .....\Oblivion\obse_loader.exe" -Editor -oldinject ! note the spaces ! ... " here -Editor here -oldinject If you use CSE 81 ( construction set extender ) you don't need the above stuff. The extender starts with OBSE. ( Think you need the obse_loader.exe in your Oblivion folder ) CSE download https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/36370/
  8. I never used WryeBash but I can tell you that don't need Vortex. And you never use Vortex!!!! And the bashed Patch you create when you have all Mods you want. And if you delete or install Mods you have to create a new BashPatch. And if you use Lovers Mods you create the BashPatch without the Lovers Mods. NEVER Lovers Mods in the BashPatch. And WyreBash version 295 for Oblivion !!! https://sourceforge.net/projects/oblivionworks/files/Wrye Bash/Wrye Bash 295/
  9. Face Exchange Lite I have and use. But it can not change a face in game. I thought the Mod I posted was able to do it... but my memory was wrong. ( I was really annoyed, when I finally found the mod, that he couldn't )
  10. No, sorry. I thought there was a Mod that was able to change NPC faces and searched it some days ( I didn't remember the name. I never downloaded It ) I'm sure it was this mod, but my memory was wrong, it can't change faces, only hair, hair color, eyes, race, It seems that it can't even change gender. https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/41705
  11. First and second question are the same, but I don't know. You want different bodies for def and off NPC/Player. One of the scripts wit "body" and "Chin" in name, like xLoversCmnIsBodySizeEquip xLoversCmnGetChinupoItem xLoversCmnDeleteAllChinupoItem xLoversMainScriptModuleGetChinupo xLoversMainScriptModuleGetFutanari xLoversPkrSettingNudeSpellScript xLoversMainScriptModuleGetSetChinFuta Or you add a script to the NPC ( a item with script ) If NPCref.GetitemCount xLoversDef >= 1 && NPCref.GetitemCount xLoversPkrEquipFuncItem >= 1 && NPCref.GetitemCount Your gaping Nude body == 0 NPCref.additem Your gaping Nude body 1 endif ;;;;; this should add the body after the Lovers undressing. If it does not work use xLoversStageM instead of xLoversPkrEquipFuncItem : NPCref.GetitemCount xLoversStageM >= 2 If NPCref.GetitemCount xLoversPkrEquipFuncItem == 0 && NPCref.GetitemCount Your gaping Nude body >= 1 NPCref.removeItem Your gaping Nude body 1 endif .......................... xLoversDef "Lovers Reciever" [CLOT:0103D454] xLoversPkrEquipFuncItem "Lovers Equipment" [CLOT:01000813] xLoversStageM "Lovers Stage" [CLOT:01002A2E] --------------------- In my game all NPC females have no dicks. I replaced the default Lovers female lowerbody with a female lowerbody without dick. So my player is the only futa in game ( and some selected NPCs). With blockhaed I add the futa body ( the no-sex-body) and with the Lovers setting spell I add the bodies during sex. Yes this way they use a futa body with erect penis during off and def sex.
  12. LoversSituation ? female only blackmail and Humiliation ? There are only a few quests/dialogues with gender check. Think you talk about LoversGGBlackmail ? But LoversSituation conflict with many Mods because it use many vanilla NPCs. Galga's Mods always use own folders, so no animations will be overwritten. But of course every animation Mods will conflict. If you shackled, dance, or pose the amimation will be overwritten when Darkbloodlines shackle you. But that's a "problem/conflict" all Mods have. Darkbloodlines does not detect LoversGGBlackmail enslave, so it will enslave the player and overwrite the animations.. Two different systems. Like Sexlivion and Lovers, both mods does not detect sex from the other mod. .................... Yes LoversTrueCrime does not add prostitutes. And True crime is the older Mod. Started with TrueCrime, then TrueCrimeEX and then DarkBloodlines, all by Odem.
  13. In LoversTrueCrimeEX you can chop off bandits heads and collect the bounty. That's why you should not use the Mod when you play DarkBloodlines. DarkBloodlines is a extended version of TrueCrimeEX. TrueCrime only add new Bandits on roads, Prisoners in all prisons who rape the player when in prison and the ability to collect heads. DarkBloodline adds a Quest and a guild to hunt bandits. ( Not sure if there is also prison sex, I played DarkBloodlines only an hour, too much conflicts with the Mods I use )
  14. OK, 11 is really little. Only in Order of the Dragon I have 10 FPS in some areas, world space but with about 50 spiders in the cell and the adjacent.
  15. first: don't know Second: what normal map tools do you use in paint.net ? The two I use are not perfect but ok. third: Blender stuff, I totally do not know. Fourth; I use Win10 only a tow weaks, not so many problems now. ( except... CSE51 didn't work anymore , I had to use 81. NifSkope menus are all twitching when I click them. ENB boost the wrapper version crashed my game at start, but injector version works. Extended Topic Length does not work. ... ) But Gecko still works and the old TES4Edit version ( I hate the new versions ) Stutter remover, 4GB patcher, All exe set to compatibility mode windows xp service pack 3 I use a tool that let Oblivion use 2 cores. ( Add_Run_with_CPU-1_Affinity_to_Context_Menu ) I found this about Win10 month ago, most things I knew, but a few new things. Oblivion with Win10.txt I copied the page. But like with WIN7 I often get frame drops at different places. And I use my old Win7 Oblivion. I installed Oblivion and ShiveringIsle and patched it. Then I installed the CS and OBMM. Tested if it works, And then I copied my old Oblivion in the new folder. Copied the old plugins.txt ( Mod list) in the new one, stared the OBMM and had my old game back. Works fine my old save.
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