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  1. Unpack OMod. Put the OMod in your OMod folder. Start OblivionModmanager or TES Modmanager. Right click the OMod and select "Extract to folder" Select a empty folder Wait ... ( Then you can close the Modmanger and if you don't need the OMod delete it ) Open the folder, copy the files you need in your game folder. (I think it was just a missing texture) ____________________________ And the wrong Khajiit foot texture is a Oblivion.esm bug ! Don't know how people play some weeks or month the game and after they have installed Monstergirls they notice that the khajiit foot texture is wrong.
  2. Rape and creature animations misalligned

    The human-human animations are Ok. You know the animations are made for scale 1 humans. Imperial and darkelf are scale 1. But if a scale 1.06 Nord fucks a scale 0.95 Breton it can look like your pictures. Use the adjustments keys . But your creatres animations are wrong. The animations are also made for scale 1 ( humans and creatures ) and some creatures exist in different sizes. If sex with minotaur is OK, it can be out of position with a Minitaur Lord. Or if your character is not scale 1. And if you have sex near objects ( a wall or rock ) the the creature can be out of postions ( usually too high ) But never are animations so out of position as in your screenshots. Looks like wrong animation ini files. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Have you sorted your Mods???? Lovers Mods and also other Mods , even the dlcs are in wrong order. Your load order is NOT sorted with BOSS ! And then start a new game !!! ( Old animation positions are in your save ! For testing always start a new game ! )
  3. Editing Existing Mod in Creating Kit

    If you want to use vanilla clothes and armors: You remove the robes form inventory of the mages guild NPCs. Add the clothes armors you want in the invertory. Save it in a new esp. Problem: If you don't start a new game the NPCs still have the old robes and mybe use it. If you have add armor they should use the armor. But if you start a new game everything is OK. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You want to use Mod clothes armors: Best is you first create a esp with all armors you want to use ( And folders with meshes and textures) In this way you only have one esp with Oblivion.esm masterfile. Reason: If you want clothes from different Mods you must load all in CS , add the clothes in the inventories.... And when you save it in a new esp the new esp will have many masterfiles. ! You must always use all the Mods and in the right Load order. Example: You use 4 clothes Mods, the masterfiles in your new esp Oblivion.esm Mod1.esp Mod2.esp Mod3.esp Mod4.esp If you delete one of the Mods or change the load order it can crash your game. That's why I said create a esp with all armors and clothes you want to use. You can merge the armor-clothes Mods you want in one new esp ( Use TES4Edit or Gecko) and change the ID names ( use Tes4Edit). Delete what you don't need (If the Mods have clothes shops or add chests you don't need it, you only want the clothes for the NPCs. Then you load your new esp in CS and remove the robes form inventory of the mages guild NPCs. Add the clothes armors you want in the invertory. And save your esp. Same problem as above, without starting a new game the NPCs still have the old ropes . ------------------------------------------- And if you don't like ropes at all you can make meshes replacer. Like armor-clothes replacer for your body. Example: The achmage robe Is in folder meshes\clothes\robemagearch The hood mesh meshes\clothes\robemagearch\f the female robe meshes\clothes\robemagearch\m the male robe The robe mesh is upper and lowerbody in one . You need a armor and clothes mesh with also upper and lower body in one. ( You can combine a two parts armor/clothes with NifSkope: A Cuirass and Greaves or a Shirt and skirt ) The female mesh you name: robemagearchf.nif The male mesh name: robemagearch.nif Put them in the right folders. ( create the folders if you don't have them) Now in game all NPCs that use the achmage robe nif will have your new nif. If you have a armor-clothes replacer ( HGEC female and Roberts male ) you have all folders you need.
  4. Rape and creature animations misalligned

    Sort your Mods. NEVER use LOOT ! Use BOSS or sort manually. ? Hope Mods not installed with Nexus Modmanager, it can not install Lovers Mods. Best install manually. Lovers Creatures installed after LAPF?! and it must overwrite some LAPF files. Dialogues: sometimes the dialogues do not match the animations. Read my yellow Link below.
  5. LAPF Extended Patch

    Katsuni Did you use the new version? After the release of LAPF, the Extender was unusable for a long time, until gregathit mad a LAPF version. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/218-lovers-with-pk-extender-243-re-up/
  6. Matching Head Colors to Body Colors

    Yes, I use the skeleton nif and add all body parts, so I can also test animations (kf files) with the body. I use it to test clothes after I used MeshRigger or clothes converter and check if the BBB is OK or the body clips though clothes or armor during animatuions. And of course for textures changes ( recoloring or add tattoos ) This is faster than starting the game, and you can turn it, stop it, zoom in and out,... ------------------------- If the color of my textures OK ? or at least a little better ?
  7. Thicc Body Mods?

    For Boobalicious land DM/DMRA you get vanilla armor-clothes replacer. Tamago: Think there are DMRA bodies and the big H cup armor-clothes are OK for DMRA. But no Boobalicious preg body and armor-clothes. .............. And Curvaceous and DMRA-GUTS ...no full vanilla armor-clothes, no preg body and clothes. Which mod is dead? Poor Mod
  8. Matching Head Colors to Body Colors

    Here changed meshes and textures . I changed: Meshes: earself.nif and Headelf_f.nif (color and/or gloss ) Textures: Footfemale.dds, earself.dds, handfemale.dds, headelf_f.dds Try this.7z Have not test it in game.
  9. Matching Head Colors to Body Colors

    I will try to change the textures and meshes . Not sure if it works. And the body does not change the head. Set all values in the meshes to same color and gloss.
  10. mentioned sound effects ??? You have sounds in LAPF ( the oblivion sex framework ) you must not download extra sounds. But there are more sound packs : https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4395-nusbie-sound-pack/ https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4387-more-realistic-rape-sounds/ See here https://www.loverslab.com/topic/6799-lovers-plugin-index-with-direct-links/ And how to install all stuff you need before you install LAPF read my yellow Link below.
  11. Missing textures can cause floating / out of place meshes/mesh parts... It s a bit out of place and stretched, (not as strong stretched as with bone weight problems ) I've had that in my game a few times. A few weeks ago I helped someone with his first Blender modified armor. All fine in Blender and NifSkope but in game the armor was stretched / deformed. The problem was the textures. (Normal maps ) But I had the stretching also with the purple missing textures. And some meshes with missing textures crashed my game. Missing textures can cause different bug. Also depending on what is missing, Texture, normal map or both.
  12. LoversBitch Gone Wild 1.51 BB fix

    I don't have the bug in my game. ----------------------- The dialogue "Put on this collar" add the 2 token. Dialogue script: PlayerRef.RemoveItem xLoversBitchCollar1 1 AddItem xLoversBitchCollar1 1 ; amulet slot EquipItem xLoversBitchCollar1 AddItem xLoversBitchRepBitchToken 1 ; tail slot set xLoversBitchQuest.rRepBitch to GetSelf --------------------------- And remove it with "Return the collar" UnEquipItem xLoversBitchCollar1 RemoveItem xLoversBitchCollar1 1 PlayerRef.AddItem xLoversBitchCollar1 1 RemoveItem xLoversBitchRepBitchToken 1 set xLoversBitchQuest.rRepBitch to 0 ---------------------------------------------- No stripping. I tried it with and without clothes. My slave had a slave collar that will be unequipped and replaced by the Bitch collar, but no clothes and body changes. When I use the mount key the slave get on all fours and all clothes are stripped. For a few seconds, the NPC loses the Setbody-body biut then SetBody restores the body. ( I don't use SetBody reloaded ) Adding and removing the collar should not have an effect on the body
  13. In your screenshot I see pubic hair without texture. Purple in game = missing texture. And missing texture can cause "floating" mesh parts. If you want to use the normal HGEC lower body open it in NifSkope and delete the pubic hair. ( Why pubic hair with underwear ? )
  14. The sreenshot looks like vanilla texture with Roberts body. it is Roberts body underwear version in the screenshot, right ? ( not the nude body) Your character is nude. Problem: archive invalidate not set . And BSA files: My a tool ? Use Oblivion Modmanager or if you use TES Modmanager, both have a BSA view and unpack funktion. You can even use the Fallout Moad manager to unpack Oblivion BSA files. But why unpack the Flan and Max BSA ? The body meshes are Roberts male in Roberts Mod. Only the Body textures are in the BSA. Roberts male body can not use two textures. So it is a esp error ( or the wrong texture in the Flan and Max Mod. Yes than you must unpack the BSA to check it ) But it looks like a archive invalidate problem...If the body use the vanilla foot texture. But that can not be it is a new race with own textures / textures path. So it can be the vanilla body meshes with the Flan and Max textures. --------------- EDIT It is the archive invalidate ! You have not set it !!!!!!! Without archive invalidate your game will use the Oblivion files in the BSA. If it search for the body meshes it first check the Oblivion meshes BSA and load the hand, foot, upper and lower body. !!!! it ignore the Roberts meshes in your folders !!!!! With archive invalidate the game first checks the folders, and if it can not find a mesh or texture it checks the BSA. Here Roberts body with your race textures and vanilla body You see the Vanilla body with your Roberts male Flan-Natural Skin textures looks exactly like your screenshot. The esp is OK, all 4 races have right textures path. Set archive invalidate and everything is fine. Why have you ignored my first post ? I told you about archive invalidate , and read my yellow Link below.
  15. Not in place ????? A screenshot or better discription please. Maybe archive invalidate not set ? And the game still use the vanilla body, or it use Roberts body but with vanilla textures. Read my yellow Link below