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  1. Maybe your unpacker is shit. Use Oblivion Modmanger ( or TES modmanger ) The nif works fine in NifSkope.
  2. A mod that does not open in NifSkope will crash the game. If it is a working nif it opens in NifSkope. And what you want to do ? Change the textures path? And do you have the path of the nif so I can find it in my bsa.
  3. Have you tried the vanilla textures ? Or textures from other Mods ? Just copy the textures in the right folder ( OCR\Body Parts\ ), rename the textures if needed. Here some textures, ( also some upper teeth and upper and lower in one texture. Mouth and teeth textures.7z
  4. What you googled ???? Have you never clicked my yellow Link below ? There you can read that you do not install the game in program filesx86 and how to move steam and the game out of that folder and how you start OBSE with steam. And OblivionLauncher ?? The OblivionLauncher exe ?? YOU NEVER USE THIS SHIT THING. Your stettings you can change in game. Start your game with the Oblivion.exe or with steam
  5. It must a conflict with the Oblivion game, the siren quest. Faustina is a quest NPC and you enslaved her at the end of the quest when she attacks you ? Seems that the Oblivion quest script update her aggression when the siren quest have reached or is higher as the "fight with player" quest-stage . The LST script set the aggression to 5 so she should not attack other NPCs. What happens when you use the console and set her aggression to 5 or 0 ? Is she aggressive again after some seconds ? Then it is the Oblivion siren script.
  6. It is not in SetBody because it is no HGEC body. SetBody and Lovers use HGEC bodies ( the bodies use HGEC textures ) Fem Boy use Roberts body textures. And if you have the body in Set body and you have all races in your game with HGEC it looks like shit, the pussy texture is on the right thigh, the tits are at the level of the belly button on the right side of the body.
  7. My new fairy companion is crazy, I thought she use the umbrella only when it rains, but no . . .
  8. Seems she does the "flying in circles" after every change: summon , new AI pack, go to doors, .... yes and about every real time minute. And I thought she use the umbrella only if it rains, no . . .
  9. Do you have a HGEC texture with gey texture above the body ? Open your texture and check it. A missing texture would be purple in game. There are texture that do not have the body color where no body is Like this Would be look very bad with the SetBody futa meshes.
  10. You need OBSE21 . And the new OBSE versions work with steam. You start the game with Steam or the Oblivion exe ( Not with the OBSE loader exe !!!! And never with the Oblivion launcher exe ) Yes without the right OBSE version SetBody will never work.
  11. There is also somewhere a Legend of the North version I made without a patch. ------------------- The the Werewolf_The_Awakening female meshes F.7z But think the best meshes are here, also with new female textures AND nipples. ( the above meshe use the LoversBitch/werewolvs of the north textures = male ) https://www.loverslab.com/topic/109110-sexualized-werewolves-for-cohr/ For the right male penis position see post 12. The "up" postion is wrong for lovers. Shit, have I ever updated my lovers Bitch werewolves? the new meshes and the right penis position ???? Don't know. . . And here some othe meshes https://www.loverslab.com/topic/2791-huge-bbb-female-werewolf-project/
  12. See my post above how to do it. Post 120 You can do it with SetBody or with blockhead. But remember the race does not use a HGEC texture and it replace the Imperial texture. If you use a HGEC body replacer for all your NPCs it will messup all NPC. You can change your body replacer to Roberts female, but then the Lovers futa meshes have the wrong texture ( they need HGEC) And of course all Armor nad clothes replacer must be Roberts female.. If you want to keep HGEC for your NPCs What you can do is , you use the trap race only for the player and you change the esp and add a new race textures folder so that the Mod does not overwrite the imperial textures. You add the body with SetBody or Blockhead to the player. You only wear armor clothes from the trap mod ( or armors that do not show any skin, because HGEC armor clothes with visible skin will look bad )
  13. The No-LAPF meshes ? the meshes without penis bones? (Ok the flaccid versions does not have penis bones ) The flaccid and erect version use the footfemale texture. So they have a texture even if you have not install a HGEC textures replacer the game will use the vanilla foot textures. flaccid and erect mesh
  14. In my game I never saw any transparent parts. Sometimes she act a little strange and disappear, hunting mudcrabs, does not start to follow, follows through doors half an hour later. . . Often it helps when you change her AI, if you go into sneek mode she must no the same and game update her and suddenly she is next to you.
  15. There are female werewolf meshes. In Werewolf_The_Awakening are female "clothes" meshes. So they are made for the human skeleton. Think someone can change the body and head mesh to Xivilai. And maybe add the hand/finger bones. ( the male Xivilai werewolves have finger bones )
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