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  1. Found a significant issue with the heels only. They look nice, but they make aiming or using the pipboy impossible. Maybe it's just the fact that I gave my female character gigantic tits in looksmenu, but the view of the pipboy and of the aiming scope, whether third or first person, is obscured by chest. It's possible to use the pipboy while not sneaking though.
  2. Downloaded. I like it. Confirmed that the lace stockings don't work in the bodyslide program. No preview and no build. Probably just a pathing error that should be easy to fix.
  3. That's really random. You must be new to modding Bethesda games. If you are making it to the main menu and are able to try and load a game or start a new one, then it's not a missing master file for a mod. You will want to check your load order. There is a good tool for that called LOOT https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/Videos/5129/?. Run it. It's safe. A lot of people use it for modding Skyrim and Fallout. I use it. After checking your load order, be sure that you have ALL of the required mods for all of the mods that you have loaded. What you are describing may be a skeleton problem, meaning that you don't have a good skeleton for some actor body for some mod that you downloaded. This can lead to Havok engine errors, which will result in a CTD. If you are using CBBE or something like it, make sure that you followed all of the installation instructions exactly. Lastly, it's a good idea to use a mod installer and organizer tool. Nexus Mod Manager (NMM), available from nexusmods.com, is a good tool. I use it. Some people prefer Mod Organizer (MO), which is also a good tool. MO is available as a mod download from nexusmods, while NMM is a download from nexusmods directly that their staff has developed, links for it are on the top banner of their site. There are more guides available for MO than NMM. NMM is meant to be an easy to use solution, while MO allows more customization and control of what is loaded and how it gets loaded. If none of that works, or you just don't fee like trying it, then start removing mods until your game works so that you can figure out which one is breaking it. Trial and error will help you to find out what is breaking your game, but not necessarily why. A missing other mod dependency or a bad load order can easily make your game crash, so changing the load order of a mod that is crashing your game can sometimes make it stop crashing most of the time or even make it stop crashing completely.
  4. Is there an easy way to dump the quest data to a text file so that I can update your wiki, or do I need to make a Bethesda.net account to run the creation kit?
  5. Any chance you have the quest "Double Trouble" running? No, it isn't running. Hmmm... odd, those 2 Jades in Lexington aren't supposed to appear until you're running the quest "Double Trouble". For now, use "player.moveto XX01aa5a" (Replace the "XX" with the load index for Boston Breeder) to find out where she is. Use "enable" on the same RefID for good measure. Yeah, I did have to do something like that. I'm going to help update your wiki for some little things I have found and tricks to get past them. More detail on the issue with finding Jade: Her location appears to be inaccessible. When using the console command "player.movetoqt bbm14", with speaking to her or taking Strong to her being the current quest objective, I was taken to a building in Diamond City. Upon exiting the building, I found myself outside of a door labeled "GREENHOUSE", however upon entering said door, it was not the cell I was looking for. Not sure... maybe the door to her cell instance needs to be placed differently or something?
  6. Any chance you have the quest "Double Trouble" running? No, it isn't running.
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