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  1. Hint #1...make a back-up of your Steam install. Use it as your master to go from. Make copies from that to experiment with installing various mods. Broke the game?? No problem...start fresh with a fresh install.
  2. Anna's NPCs...nice. Interact with each other. Some come with quest-lines. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/58357
  3. Fejenna texted me yesterday that his computer was near death...now I've not heard from him in over 12 hours. Fejeena is essential for many...his tireless help getting people sorted-out and getting the old game going is legendary. If he has helped you in the past, consider helping him now if able. I'm not sure how...or if he even needs it....but this guy sure deserves our support.
  4. Be sure to actually enable the animations by checking each new animation's box. ---> Sex Lab MCM--->Toggle Animations---->Foreplay/Aggressive/etc (lots of animations...more than one page) Some other MCM's have toggles as well.
  5. The Steam version should be GOTY (patched) and will include Shivering Isles and Knights...perhaps a few other DLCs. Follow the yellow link in fejeena's link for Oblivion install w/ Lovers. Don't miss a step. If you did follow...good! There is a rare condition with certain vid cards... Try turning off both Bloom and HDR lighting...see if that fixes it. If not...just use Bloom...check results.
  6. As mentioned, someone else has the skill set to create new clothes for this body. I'm just making sure Ave's great mesh conversions are available to those in need. Plus, my recent hard-drive meltdown has made getting Oblivion back to the state I had it a bit of a task.
  7. At the moment, manually. If you choose the regular version, the ZAZ skins can appear in crates, barrels etc. In the d/l 'Natural Woman 2" there's a set of bruised textures for swap-out purposes...from light to heavy. Ultimately, we'd like to be able to take this mod in that sort of direction. Where the token gets applied automatically with rape (and removed after)...perhaps in connection with the hidden stat 'Responsibility' which all NPCs have (0-100) I can make a version that removes the red glow on drain effects if you'd like. I always find it annoying.
  8. Alright...moving along. I'm now working on bodies & clothes and am looking for the DMRA-ish pregnancy stock clothes replacer. Damned if I can find it...and I didn't appear to have backed-it up. They were lore friendly as opposed to modern, etc. Anybody have them in their collection? Nevermind...found them buried in the Tamago D/L Vanilla Maternity Clothes 0.3.7z
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