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  1. New version...more full resolution skins.
  2. That's quite the load-order...seriously. You must start much smaller...get a load order like that slowly.
  3. Ver 1.04 Both this file and SPD Curvaceous Extras have been merged to ease future additions. All fixes included...hopefully no more invisible clothes. As some of you might be aware, I put these various chubby girl mods together FAST as my old computer was dying...my apologies for all the initial errors.
  4. Small patch to fix some texture path errors... Just drop into your Oblivion Data folder after install. Upgrades to ver 1.03 Includes previous patches. 1.01--->1.02--->1.03 SpeedbusterCurvaceousBBWClothes-Patch103.7z
  5. Okay...for whatever reason, the Oblivion ini had them shut-off...fixed.
  6. Okay...new rig. I'm aware that some of the clothes might be invisible to those with Oblivion not installed into C ---> Program Files... Fix soon.
  7. New install...no trees in the Distant LOD. Any thoughts? Buildings etc...yes. Trees...no.
  8. Thanks fejeena...that was the one I was thinking of. And thanks for the others, as well. Yes, I have the Blockhead plugin.
  9. Well...off to the races...new install... I'm looking for the HGEC high resolution face textures...I looked on Nexus and they seem to be missing. Anybody have them out there? Other suggestions for textures welcome...perhaps you use a sweet set...
  10. Unfortunately, my old Win7 rig JUST up & died...no kidding. I'm on a newer...better...rig...but I've yet to get Oblivion up & running. I'll be the one following fejeena's yellow install link for a change...lol.
  11. I used the conversations to further connect Lovers Blackmail, Bitch and Vilja's past job at the Dog Shop. Vilja, if unfamiliar with the quest, was fired from Rena's shop for eating the good dog food.
  12. If you mean heard by NPCs...yes. Depending on skill, spell type cast, proximity...line-of-sight, etc. Luck, too... Destruction spells are apparently invisible/inaudible to the target unless successfully hit, though. Not sure if they just forgot...but a fireball can whiz by and that bandit doesn't care. He might hear you throw it, though. Current spell effectiveness is listed on one of the menus...forget exactly which one...
  13. Has anyone had trouble getting the guard to take you back to the Wet Party with the bloodwine? I'm stuck there and can't get it to go forward...no doubt something in my load order...but I've managed to get through everything else.
  14. If you feel your girls aren't getting enough of that GGG, Max Hardcore water-sports sort of action...use this ESP + icons... ...I hope they're...errrr...thirsty.
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