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  1. Take your pick... Issue: single mesh for upper and lower body hands and feet. This means you need to assign the mesh to either the upper or lower body and wear clothes appropriately...that is...clothes that don't make you lose your legs or upper body when worn. Not as crazy as it sounds. If you have the PC running around mostly nude, this won't be an issue... In set body, pick a body that doesn't share hands/feet meshes to do this...look in the folder Character---> Bombshell--->Various body types. Just rename these meshes or save them elsewhere. You don't want doubles of hands/feet etc. Then rename the preg mesh of choice to either upper or lower body depending...leave everything else. Voila! With Nifskope, you might be able to delete hands and feet from the preg mesh to allow more flexibility...wearing shoes and such...but it would take Blender to do much more. Plus it might be hard to find an exact fit for hands/feet.
  2. There's always a way to bring down even the largest T-Rex trying to eat you. There are even those critters roaming in some areas...by percentage...out in the wilderness of this install. Talk about a poor disposition... That's the beauty of Oblivion...every install is different. My wife...who plays it the most...enjoys the thrill of a good chase. As for modding...take the plunge. You never quite own this game until you do...and even then...lol. "What the Hell added THAT???" "Dunno, but I'm already in full retreat!"
  3. I took Betty's Animal Planet, Little Baron's Monster packs, Fly's Creatures plus numerous others...combined them in the CS and rewrote all the leveled lists. I toned-down the strength of those Fly creatures, though...no more 10,000 hit-point stuff. Got rid of 100% spawns...nothing is for sure. Added more spawns by percentage...etc. De-leveled everything...wolves still around at 20+ level...nasty Ogres at level one...etc. Sometimes you gotta run...fast!
  4. Black Marsh Wilderness continued... 95% complete....runs from Cell Line -30 or so south to -69 and east to the map edge +69...starts at the Elsweyr border. That is...HUGE. Fixes numerous issues with the region including millions of conflict lines in the terrain. Includes Muggrug's Tropical South and a Niben River fix to connect the Niben to the sea. Fully pathed and populated with spawn etc. NPCs, player homes...and adventure. No quests. 95% stock Oblivion/Shivering Isles. Around Xmas for release. A companion to my Hammerfell Wilderness. Bound to conflict with anything that alters the same region...but I made zero elevation changes myself...so if it fit before...it will likely still fit. A bush or tree etc might need moving...
  5. Lost in the cattails. Hard to spot critters and creeps!
  6. 1. If you use the same file names for the meshes as the game originals. However, if you add the various body size replacers with unique names using the Construction Set...sky's the limit. 2. Either play around with the character sliders until you achieve 'not ugly' or you can try using an add-on like Abriael Human Races that defaults to a Brittany Spears like-face. https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/25524
  7. Set Body (several versions exist) give you many bodies to choose from...all sizes.
  8. DogOnPorch

    Pee mod

    Well, it works like a hot damn. Even with bandits and such... "Observing the bandit cave, I timed my attack for when one of the guards went to take a piss. They never knew what hit 'em."
  9. DogOnPorch

    CTD at launch (And other issues in game)

    Oh? That's too bad. It did the exact opposite over here. Improved the LOD at the same time... Figures, eh? No two Oblivions are the same...being the issue, of course.
  10. DogOnPorch

    CTD at launch (And other issues in game)

    Could have sworn it said outdated...my mistake. Either way...it's a pain.
  11. DogOnPorch

    CTD at launch (And other issues in game)

    Another suggestion... All these walk esps you are using....sexy walk of some sort? There are sexy walks in one esp out there...
  12. DogOnPorch

    CTD at launch (And other issues in game)

    Lovers MB2 is outdated and often breaks scripted quest events...jus' sayin'.
  13. DogOnPorch

    CTD at launch (And other issues in game)

    This is a must-have... Might not solve your current problem..but it will certainly prevent others! https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/47085
  14. DogOnPorch

    CTD at launch (And other issues in game)

    CTDs at launch...with things installed correctly...are often a master/load order issue. Some slave esp being loaded above the master in the load order. Some utilities like Land Magic and others will identify misplaced masters. BOSS lists aside...which I only use as a suggestion these days. You might consider rather than trying to start with all those esps active...going slow and turning them on over several saves/etc to better identify problem areas.