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  1. Offering mesh work.

    (I had a thing for Galadriel ever since the Brothers Hildebrandt did her in a gauzy see-thru thing for a LOTR calandar)
  2. Offering mesh work.

    Or perhaps.... Don't want her goin' evil... (I know, I know...no horns.)
  3. Offering mesh work.

    Astrid won me over when she busted wannabe King Harald's nose with a solid punch. Tough chick.
  4. Offering mesh work.

    She was pretty mad when he killed Glenn. I'm more of a Vikings fan. Astrid and Lagertha....mmmmm.
  5. Offering mesh work.

    My wife likes him as well. Must be the big bat.
  6. Perhaps already covered: Any Windows Updates in the past week that could be affecting things?
  7. Offering mesh work.

    Awesome. :D Is it...errrr...ready? Looks ready...LOL.
  8. Offering mesh work.

    Could you fire over a copy of those to me when you have a moment, Fejeena? I could use some bruise tattoos. :) Ah, cool. I'm interested in a copy of EVERYTHING when ready.
  9. I ordered a used Oblivion game from Amazon...

    There are copies of the GOTY Edition w/o Steam...you actually own the game on disc. Getting rarer...
  10. Offering mesh work.

    Going to have a doubled-up version? Looks....Amberish. :)
  11. Hmmmmmm...they're hosted on imgur...I'm using image tags. (fixed, I hope?)