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  1. DogOnPorch

    Oblivion | YouTube 2018

    No worries...I think I have it covered.
  2. DogOnPorch

    Oblivion | YouTube 2018

    My fat bloated Oblivion is soooo modded that I wonder how it takes-off at all. Same build since....hmmmm...2011. Doubt I could repeat it if I tried. I subscribed to assist your channel.
  3. DogOnPorch

    Smaller Breast addon Does not Seems to Work

    Why not just install SetBody and be done with? The HGEC body comes with breasts from AA--->K...pick the size that best suits your taste in women.
  4. DogOnPorch

    I ordered a used Oblivion game from Amazon...

    Yes...DVD in the drive.
  5. DogOnPorch

    colourwheels sexy bank

    You're welcome.
  6. DogOnPorch

    Screen Shots

    I like that first one. I have one by Fly that is similar.
  7. DogOnPorch

    colourwheels sexy bank

    Take your pick.
  8. DogOnPorch

    LoversBitch Gone Wild 1.51 BB fix

    There is no pregnancy in Lovers Bitch...K9 or otherwise. There is a 'puppy mill' add-on for LB...separate critter. Glad you solved the other issue.
  9. DogOnPorch

    Need some good Mods

    This is pretty much the standard for skin textures although there are many specialized ones like tattoos, photo-realistic, etc. https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/20022 Skimpy armor: depends on the body your PC uses. Main variations include HGEC, DMRA, TGND and such. HGEC is probably the most numerous in terms of variety of armor & clothes. The Apachii Goddess Store at Nexus has a ton of skimpy stuff for HGEC (Hentai Gentleman's Eye Candy). DMRA (Double Melon Round Ass) is another with LOTS of resources (many available here at LL). If you want better looking female human PCs without a ton of hassle...defaults to Brittany Spears or some chick like that. You have to TRY to make them ugly. https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/25524 The majority of my PCs are Abriael variations. As for quests: many Lovers mods have quests included that more often than not mesh with some other Lovers mod. Usually diabolically...
  10. DogOnPorch


    I used three existing mods (Mage's Cross, Bravil Docks and Region Revive - Lake Rumare) to repave and add detail across the entire map. South, Center and North... You'd be amazed at how many resources are unused in terms of terrain types. I taught myself quadrant terrain painting in order to maximize the different sorts of terrain found in a typical exterior cell. Cattails...can't get enough. One mod I reworked called The Loo adds over 2000 NPCs with full AI that live in a seedy underground world that also spans the map. Same build since 2011...so 7+ years of modding this one-up. It's sort of like one of those giant model train sets some hobby types build...and just keep adding to.
  11. They do get around. I stuck a Rune Skull in her Teddy Bear...so it's magic.
  12. Lovers Bitch...fejeena's version.