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  1. Screen Shots

    I've taken to just making my own races for the look I'm after in girls. Nothing too hard. But damn, Ave Brave did a good job on the Red Guards. The results are usually yummy.
  2. Screen Shots

    I personally don't use it...like fejeena. But I do know it is needed for some mods besides being one of those uber-popular million d/l files...that Nexus no doubt scores $$$ from.
  3. Screen Shots

    Ah, okay...I'll try to get some pics of what I've got. Now...where did I put them?? I KNOW they're in the game...(opens barrel #1)
  4. Screen Shots

    Are those the Spriggan Dress textures from Apachii? Or something newer? I've made a few Adam & Eve outfits with those.
  5. Screen Shots

    Probably thought it was Apu at this rate!
  6. What really pisses you off? please no posts about nexus lol

    For sure. Start with all those holy books if we're building the bonfires. Mind you, the Gita is pretty funny. Krishna was quite the scamp. These are the same sort of idiot snowflakes that wanted Lou Reed and Dire Straits banned as trans/homophobic...
  7. What really pisses you off? please no posts about nexus lol

    What pisses me off? Political Correctness setting its sight on The Simpsons. One fucking guy...a failed comedian...complains and the whole fucking planet jumps to ban Apu. Nah...Hindu 7-11 owners. It would NEVER happen. Nor would white guys be as drunk and stupid as Homer... /rant
  8. Screen Shots

    There you go. Hey...Nexus banned Modular Beautiful People. Do any club members have the file for upload here?
  9. Under moderation review? WTF?? Somebody better upload that file to LL.
  10. Screen Shots

    That hat from the Poison outfit might do the trick.
  11. Screen Shots

    The leather one is quite striking. Just needs an appropriate dominatrix hat.
  12. Die Antwoord meets Skyrim

    Recall seeing them on Letterman once...very weird. Why am I not surprised?
  13. Oblivion crashes when casting conjuration spells

    Just offhand.... Two versions of LoversIdleAnimsPriority can't be good.
  14. Luckily, now, there are a ton of mods that improve Oblivion's look. Keeping it in the loop in that respect. Plus about 99% of Oblivion's original crash bugs have been ironed out by various improvements like the Engine Bug Fix mod. This build still uses mostly stock textures...but some folks have gone completely mufti and re-textured everything with better higher resolution textures.