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  1. Speedbuster's Curvaceous Body Modified

    Speedbuster's Curvaceous body with vagina and anus added. Optional 'squirting milk' upper body included.
    Amber's chipped red fingernails are also included.
    Install as with any Oblivion body mesh...
    Ideal for replacing the old Speedbuster Curvaceous in your install of Set Body. 
    You can also put them in the meshes->character->_male folder, but EVERY female with be a BBW...so...beware.
    Back-up your files before overwriting...blah, blah, blah.
    Credit: None of these resources are mine...all credit to the original designers. I just brought them together.
    Issues...the anus and vagina are not always visible when the body is in some positions...otherwise...pretty good results for a hack.
    The model itself uses a different foot & hands than HGEC (etc)...so they are incompatible clothing-wise and such.
    But the girl could probably use some clothes...right?
    Here's a collection....
    Here's another...




  2. HGEC Skinny Girl

    HGEC Skinny Girl
    Compiled by DogOnPorch
    This is a mash-up of several bodies...
    Luna's AA-cup upper body
    Hepsy's S-tiny lower body (extracted from clothes mods)
    HGEC hands and feet with Amber's palms and TDS's feet added.
    Fejeena's waist seem fix included.
    Requires Set Body...
    We use this particular body for those PCs & NPCs that we actually want to fit into Hepsy's, Betty's & Fly's tiny little outfits. The regular HGEC AA S body doesn't quite do it... Since it was never part of any particular version of Set Body I'm aware of...here you go.
    Install...replace one of your Set Body bodies that you don't use. The hands and feet can be used to replace whatever common HGEC hands & feet you're already using...as these are probably the best you can get. They work ESPECIALLY well with Ave Brave's Redguard replacer...available at here LoversLab. Includes red nails. Also includes vagina and anus...and a lower body version without the vagina.
    Small imperfections are hidden as best possible by various jewelry built into the body. 
    Issues...vagina and anus can vanish in certain positions...minor. Vagina can appear to leave the body in some other positions. If this becomes annoying, replace with the no fancy vagina version.
    Jewels...same deal. Don't want them? Use the no jewel version.
    Luckily, there's already a ton of clothing for this body....here's a few.




  3. Lovers Kinky Stalker BETA

    I made this mod long time ago, never released it back then because my oblivion installation got borked at some point and I kind of lost interest.
    So this hasn't been worked on for quite some time, but I recently got Oblivion running again, played around a bit and thought I might as well release it now or never.
    It was my first try at modding, it is in a beta state and has probably plenty of bugs, but at least the early game stuff should be somewhat playable.
    It is a stalker mod intended for a female player character.
    It features humiliation, blackmail, bdsm, unconsensual scenes, futa scenes, bestiality...
    WARNING: English is not my first language so the dialog in the mod is super bad
    Take away the heroines clothes, forcing her to run around naked. Put the heroine in all kinds of slutty outfits to humiliate her. Force the heroine to have sex with them. Abduct the heroine to some place where she will be held as a sex slave for some time. Put the heroine into bondage gear, forcing her to run around helpless. Cast mind control spells on the heroine. Slap magic collars on the heroine. Guards…
    Help the heroine against stalkers. Help the heroine getting stolen stuff back. Punish the heroine for running around naked | doing slutty stuff all the time. Blackmail the heroine for sex. NPCs…
    Comment about the heroine running around naked or in slutty outfits. Help the heroine against stalkers. Offer some clothes to the heroine if she is naked. Help the heroine if she is trapped in bondage gear. OR take advantage of the heroine being trapped in bondage gear. Female NPCs…
    will be trapped in magic bondage gear from time to time. The heroine can try to help them, which occasionally might end up with her being trapped instead. Installation
    You need the base mod packs
    Lovers Kinky Stalker v0.9.5-DATA.7z Lovers Kinky Stalker v0.9.8-ESP.7z  
    And meshes for your preferred body type (DMRA or HGEC).
    (Meshes where not made by me, see credits)
    Lovers Kinky Stalker v0.9.1-DMRA.7z HGEC
    Lovers Kinky Stalker v0.9.0-HGEC.7z       -OR- 
    Lovers Kinky Stalker v0.9.0-HGEC-OilySkin.7z Notes
    First time you start a new game or load a game after installing the mod the game might freeze a couple of seconds The mod will overwrite Animations #133-141 Requirements
    OBSE v0021
    LAPF version 1.6a1
    LoversCreatures 2.0
    Enhanced Music and Control 2
    If you want music during dance/sex scenes.
    Special thanks to Memrosh for his orignal stalker mod and support during development!
    Scripts: Ashal, Gregathit, Ichabod, galgat
    Meshes and Textures: galgat, ZAZ, fejeena, Nephenee13, Thorazine, patzy, 2pac4eva7, KURESE, Ren, Speed Buster,...
    Images: hentai-foundry.com



  4. SPD Curvaceous Chubby Wolfcry Armor

    BBW Wolfcry Armor
    For the SPD Curvaceous Chubby body.
    June 16, 2020
    If you play with Vilja enough, she'll eventually make a  suit of fur armor for you that is pretty much standard size...for Oblivion...C-cup & medium lower body.
    This fixes that if your PC is playing as the SPD Curvaceous Chubby girl...etc.
    This is a mix of Trashdog's and Ave Brave's meshes. Apachii textures were used for the re-texture. The result is a generally black arrangement.  It's a bit of a hack...but what do yah do?
    No esp needed...nor any changes to Vilja's esp. Just put the meshes and texture folders into your Oblivion Data folder. Done!




  5. LoversGGBlackmail

    Author: Galgat version 1.00
    requires : LoversPK REV 89 or Higher for sure, I am using 94
    [i have been playing it with REV 96 and found no problems.]
    Requires :
    Requires : OBSE 20 ;19 might be enough, but I am using ver 20
    Requires : shivering isle
    Requires : HGEC Body mod
    Requires : Or should have Elys universal silent voice
    Requires : Pluggy 125 or better I would think, I am running 132
    Requires : New and improved animation project version 2.4 -By Donkey Get it Here : May not be needed (questionable with LAPF and other changes)
    Another thing you May wish to get :: FastTravelDoubleFaceFix.esp
    If you have ever seen the NPC or companian come to you and have like 2 faces on them. This is a fast travel bug, and Update3D is needed to fix
    this little mod takes care of that for you.
    It can be placed most anywhere in your load order, and functions just fine.
    NOTE::: I have never bridged the gap, adding story from tamriel to Shivering Isle's so some things may screw up. Is a new
    thing for me. One thing I noticed was MentalElfs packager added and insert to the "distantlod folder" I believe this has to
    be installed, but you may wish to back up the file it adds to your "distantlod folder" if it is already there the file name
    is "tamriel_21_-9.lod".
    Recommended :: Nusbie Refining existing lovers animations ::Not required, but needed, as I use many animation from his
    pack's, and the ones you have may not look right or fit the plot if you do not have these.
    [ for the most part anything you need to play LoversPK you need here ]
    Requires : Must be playing a FEMALE CHARACTER
    This is something I have started, and sense I have not seen anything new pop up in awhile, even though it is not finished, it is playable to a point.
    Your hero is about to be subject to Shame and humiliation. That is the theme of this mod, Blackmailed into preforming for a Group of people that have no real interest other than profit for shaming you to the public in Tamrial. They have a contract to sully your name, and reputation through out the realm.
    At certain points in the game you will have to check the local rumors, until you get and update in your quest log. also waiting a few days between meetings with the Kovak guild, until they call you to come to them again.
    It is just a start of I hope I have time to make, A much bigger quest. You should get plenty of Quest markers early on to get you where you need to go. To get the Ball rolling so to speak.
    Bugs, its beta, sure may be many, One of the worst is that sometimes my NPC to NPC dialog is not visible, and that is pissing me off. I can not yet figure out why this is. when this happens like the 2 NPC will meet, and talk, but you won't see it. It sucks. I have placed Messages at certain time to allow you to know what is going on "Sort of", even if this is happening, but it is not what I want. I am still tweaking it.
    there are many NPC Dialogs that I have set up that sometimes the text is visible, and sometimes it is not. The drunks that talk to Buckman first at each bar. When buckman returns to base, he has a chat with the boss, Mrs. Caro talks to her Husband. after the Bloodwine is made, and many more. These would help your story line if they appear consistently.
    Only way I know to make them show if they do not, is to save shortly before these events. and the quit the game, and restart at that save.
    If you save while you are enslaved, be sure to do it after the master person has taken off and is well under way to where ever they are going. [this because I move markers around a lot, and if you save to soon the marker may not get moved, and your screwed]
    Be sure to have. subtitles set in your Oblivion.ini
    After each humiliation act's happen, each with a few days between them, remember after the Humiliations are over to talk with people about rumors, until you get and update, then you may have to wait a few days. You will find that people are talking about you a lot. And it is not nice sometimes what they say.
    thats about it. Let me know if I should even continue with it. Please don't bash me to much, it is just something I have been testing, and as I have not seen any new LoversPK stuff out in awhile I thought I might release what I have done so Far.
    **********additions of ver 0.09*************************
    You only need the LoversGalgatBlackmail_.09.7z folder and everything in it, I have added some textures, and .nif files so you will have to install the full package and loversGGBlackmail.esp from that .7z files folder. Every thing else I only left encase you have a problem, but will be removing the other files soon for space.
    ADDED: fejeena helped me out by running through my ESP again looking for dirty edits I made, so the timer tweaked, and regular ESP are in the "ESP_fejeena_Cleaned_For_MeVer9.7z" file. you will still need everything from the main Ver9.7z file, but use one of those ESP would be best.
    ADDED: TimerTweakedESP_.09ver.7z is just ESP but timer is tweaked a little on the stock quest in IC, and Buckman Quest. May help some with older slower Machines, but have tested only once through those Quests If causes Problem revert to ESP in LoversGalgatBlackmail_.09.7z file.
    You still need all Meshes, textures, sounds, what ever from the LoversGalgatBlackmail_.09.7z file folder.
    1. Adds another quest that will move your heroine out of the shivering Isle's. I did shorten many things I wanted to do there, but such options can always be re opened at a latter date, if I decided that I want them. I just had to many quests opened there, and needed to conclude them for now.
    Hopefully this will allow me to move on with the Tamrial part of the quest line.
    2. Many have said that wearing clothing when accepting the Buckman quest. has caused them trouble. I personally have never had a problem with this, I allowed you to wear what ever clothing you wished on this one because the acts that you were forced to do, it did not matter if you wore clothing or not. [unless you had motion 112 changed to some other motion. from its original]
    There may be many reasons for the problem, (there are several versions of setbody floating around, some of them are not real stable) (some do not set there bodies to 0 weight, some just do odd stuff) this could be why some have the problem, and some do not. I use a very personal version of set Body that I have modified the .nif files to, ( adjusting the color balance, and setting for oily skin, and taking into blender all the lower body parts and improving them, adding B_hole, and re shaping the Vagina, and changing the textures to match, and such) It was a Set body mod that was made by a person that did not wish it to be shared with the general public, so I can not share it. Sorry.
    The other reasons I can think of are the normal ones, load order, mod conflict, trying to move ahead in the story by using Setstage, installing something wrong, and so on.
    [Fix for some I hope:] I have re done the dialog with Buckman, and if you are wearing clothing, he will ask you to remove it all, this includes rings, necklaces, and shield, It would be best to remove your weapon as well. I hope this helps a lot of you that have had trouble with this part of the mod. Not being able to re create this problem on my system, makes it just impossible for me to understand the problem, and fix it for sure.
    3. Many text edit's and probably some created
    **********additions of ver 0.08*************************
    1.This Only adds a short introduction to Welcher trade me, and his Mother, and the first quest you do for him. "I'm a Black Widow" I will probably be tweaking this some more, but I think is playable.
    2.I also added a spell that will toggle the Rumors about you off or on. Cast it once will turn off the rumor's and cast it again to turn them back on.
    REASON FOR SPELL::: Some mods do stuff with the Hello topic, and because of this My mod's use of it also could cause conflicts, so if you are not actively playing Blackmail, cast the "Action No Gossip" spell once to turn off the Gossip about you, and if you begin to actively play BlackMail again then just cast it again to turn them back on.
    One mod I know that does not like them on is BravilUnderground, so use the spell if your actively playing BravilUnderground.
    3. IMPORTANT:: I May have the ESP name different than the one you have been playing, so you might have to rename the ESP if this is the case, so your save games will work right with it.
    **********additions of ver 0.07 fixes & problems*************************
    1. Extended the foolorn quest a little farther, not much, you will have a mission for the Wetlord that leds to some rather
    abusive treatment.
    2. I was the one who originally set up the crawling animations for slave bondage, and I tweaked the models a lot in
    Nifskope to get speeds, and what not reasonable, but this special animation is very hard to drop out of sometime's, and you may be stuck crawling on your hands and knees even after being released.
    If this happens, just quicksave game, exit game To the Main Oblivion Screen, and reload your quicksave game. this has always fixed the hanging when it does happen, I am sorry, I have tried many thing's to try and stop this from happening, but nothing I have tried has ever been foolproof.
    this will also fix If on exiting slavery your hands are staying behind your back, which sometimes Happens.
    One of the oddities of this is, if you save before release, and then restart OB, and load that save, it seems to work flawlessly.. I wish I could understand what is happening with this, I think it is also the reason why sometimes forced conversation dialog is not seen sometimes.
    **********additions of ver 0.06 fixes & problems*************************
    1.Mainly extended the Shivering Isles part with more quest's.
    2.Added some dialog from onlookers are Gawk-er's, During sex act's. This is still in testing, but seems okay for now.
    3. been picking at it off and on long period, I know have done some text editing, many minor bug tweaking. little motion changes and such.
    4. truthfully I can not remember all the changes I may have made. I have been tied up with family problems for some time, and could only aply a limited amount of time to this.
    5. The quests extend a little ways into Foolorn, and area I created in the shivering isle's. I have a lot I wish to do there, and this just scratches the surface of that.
    6. I wish had more time, would have extended it a lot more. But I will be working on it.
    Install just place all the files in the Blackmail folder into your Oblivion\Data folder.
    If you have been playing LoversCrowning Isle or and earlier version of Blackmail, it will re write the special animations of that mod into the same place, but they are no different than the ones I use in Crowning isle, so its no big deal. I may latter rename, and re work them some anyway, so there will never be any conflict. And at this time there won't be anyway because there the same files..LOL.
    *****Things to think about************
    I never put anything below these
    3E Lovers with PK.esp [Version 93]
    3F LoversCreature.esp
    40 LoversIdleAnimsPriority.esp
    41 LoversAnimObjectsPriority.esp
    42 Lovers3dorgasm.esp
    those mods are always at the bottom of my load order. some people don't do this, and for a time they will get away with it. but it will get them eventually. In loversPK mods.
    at the top of load order
    00 Oblivion.esm << This one always top
    01 Beautiful People 2ch-Ed.esm << this one above the other 4
    02 x117race.esm <<This one above the other 3
    03 Lovers with PK.esm << above the other 2
    04 LoversCreature.esm << above the other 1
    05 BreakUndies.esm
    this area below here is where your lovers PK Mods will go
    and for the most part all your other mods
    New mods like mine go right above setbody Or most any new mod your are testing
    for the first time, latter you may move it up, and also check if doc file informs you of
    any Mod it should be above or below, but be aware that many modders because they aways want
    there mod to work will tell you place it at bottom, its a cheap shot, but a lot do it
    I don't know how many times i have seen that I suppose every mod ever made for Oblivion
    has to be Placed at the bottom of your load order, "" Now how is that going to work ??""
    Please understand LoversPK, and it's components are not a mod, they are a Game
    Engine with functions { A child Engine of the Master Oblivion Engine}, just like UDK or dooms engine
    you can not put your Engine in the back seat, and expect to drive off with out a lot of Bailing wire.
    32 SetBody.esp
    [these are all MBP Not needed in this mod, but this is where they would be]
    33 Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Merged Hair Modules.esp
    34 Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Merged Eye Modules.esp
    35 Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Chocolate Elves.esp
    36 Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Vanilla Race.esp
    37 Beautiful People 2ch-Ed MS Elves - NoSc.esp
    38 Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Cute Elves.esp
    39 Beautiful People 2ch-Ed CustomRace.esp
    3A Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Disable BandBlindMask.esp
    3B Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Nec Mystic High Elf Remake.esp
    3C Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Merged SKSRENs Hair Modules.esp
    3D x117 Merged SKSRENs Hair Modules.esp
    3E Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Sheogorath Eye.esp
    3F Real_Mannequin.esp << this not actually MBP, but normally comes with the OMOD
    [i very, very seldom ever place any mod of any kind here]
    [it defeat's MBP's ability to fix the Look of the People in that mod]
    40 Lovers with PK.esp [Version 96]
    41 LoversCreature.esp
    42 LoversMB2.esp
    43 Lovers3dorgasmMB2.esp
    44 LoversIdleAnimsPriority.esp
    45 LoversAnimObjectsPriority.esp
    46 Lovers3dorgasm.esp
    nothing below here these 7 ESP always at bottom
    That pretty much goes for any new to you lovers mod you are trying out. Putting a new mod up high in your load order is just asking for it to fuck up, putting it below the ones i told you to keep at the bottom is doing the same thing.
    LoversPK extender is bad new's in my Mod, but try it if you want, but Don't say I did not warn you.
    Joburg, LandE, are probably very bad too. Any mod that constantly looks for something that can rape you is likely to cause trouble.
    Mods that damage you when having sex, probably very bad, as this is forced RPG action, I have the rape flag set on most everything to do with sex.
    Rape flagged Motions the Jump button will not change, this is RPG I have to have motions in the right place.
    Is why when Motion numbers are changed it makes thing seem screwy, like My dialog says your doing s BJ, and the Motion instead is missionary.
    If you have Conservative setting on those Mods I mentioned you may be Okay. I never shut down My version of LoversRapeSGalgat.esp, but I keep the setting very Conservative. But some of the newer versions are taking some liberties that I have not looked at, I just don't know about them.
    I never use Bash Patches, and I for sure do not use Boss. Those tool's and there use are up to you, but if you use them, and have trouble. I probably can not help you much. I prefer to make My own CTD, I don't need any help.
    1. Laboratory experiment.
    After the experiment you will get a chance to look around, before being taken back to Kovak. You might for story line reasons want to check out Monroes Log.
    2. after returning to Kovak base from laboratory experiment, The boss seems to have troubles, and has little time to fool with you. Looks around the base, for some sort of document, paper work, your looking for a clue that will led you to the finishing part of what I have done so far in 0.03 ver.
    Hopefully this update will give you and Idea of the direction the story is to take.
    Much thanks to the people that made LoversPK
    to Makers of Nifskope, Blender, and Gimp2, and OBMM, Wrye Bash these are wonderful tools, and not much would have ever happened with out them.
    to thomthom for allowing me to take and abuse his Following scripts.
    to Donkey for his wonderful additions to LoversPK animations, and Nusbie for his refining of many of them.
    to Slof for her wonderful depictions of the male Genitilia.
    for HGEC, the hands down best body for Oblivion, and now it appears ported to Skyrim.
    GSBmodders; for giving me a template to use for the Black Horse Courier News paper.
    MentleElf; for his Packaging program, I have grown so use to using it, I don't know what I would do with out it. It misses some thing's but if very good.
    fejeena; Always a big help, spots my fat finger dirty edits all the time.
    Great Big Thank you to Ashal. for giving us this location and ability to upload our fantasy's, for others to play.
    Many others I will try and add latter, this is a very new mod.
    If you use something here or I give you and Idea, a little credit to me would be nice, I get I think more cursing sometimes it seems that thumbs up.
    But that is up to you.



  6. LoversCrowningIsle

    Author: Galgat version 1.04.00
    requires : LoversPK REV 89 or 90, 91,94,96
    [i have been playing it with REV 96 and found no problems.]
    Requires : Beautiful people 2ch-Ed.esm > I used [ MBP1.4aFull&MBP++0.90&x117++0.76a (Japanese Text was here) 1.0 ] I used OMOD Version
    Requires : The chocoloate elf addon for MBP
    Requires : shivering isle
    Requires : HGEC Body mod
    Requires : OBSE latest stable version
    Requires : Or should have Elys universal silent voice
    Requires : Pluggy 125 or better I would think, I am running 132
    Requires : New and improved animation project version 2.4 -By Donkey Get it Here : http://www.loverslab...ead.php?tid=184
    ( Removed Motions 1-195 from Donkey pack so will not conflict with LAPF) for version Crowning Isle 1.04.00
    This is a must have, many creature animations will not work with out. Mainly needed in {id}'s Domain. I have been told that this is no longer available there, so I have Uploaded it to the downloads area. I think it is all there. I unpacked it, and re packed it, and it went from 130 Meg to just a little over 12 meg. I hope this was just the newer 7z compression algorithm doing a better job of compression.
    [ for the most part anything you need to play LoversPK you need here ]
    Requires : Must be playing a FEMALE CHARACTER
    Recommend:: Loverslight, not needed though.
    fejeena :: Has some things she has Made useable in LoversCrowningIsle. You might want to check them out Here>> http://www.loverslab.com/topic/14613-fejeenas-stuff/?do=findComment&comment=322908
    I have not personally tried them, [ I have to avoid dependency in my Mod as much as possible ] but many of them look very nice. I think she has some items fixed up for the mermaid as well as for the school dresses, and other items, that should be useable with this mod.
    Another thing you My wish to get :: FastTravelDoubleFaceFix.esp
    If you have ever seen the NPC or companian come to you and have like 2 faces on them. This is a fast travel bug, and Update3D is needed to fix
    this little mod takes care of that for you.
    It can be placed most anywhere in your load order, and functions just fine.
    *****************THINGS TO CONSIDER******************
    Avoid playing if you just have to have mods like Joburg, landE, running
    they will probably muck up the quests big time.( Or don't have them on if your doing and Island Quest )when your away from the Island quest line, should be no problem.( but avoid getting NPC killed with these mod's..Might mess up a quest line.)Those mods can mess up anyone's quest mod including Bethesda s.
    LoversRapeSGalgat, or LoversRapeS do not cause any problems,( if not in
    chaos mode or set for extremely high aggression ) I keep LoversRapeSGalgat running all the time.
    avoid having LoversMagic type mods running, they might get you killed,
    and I don't run lovers extended..I can get My exp the old fashion way. if
    your Character is tough enough these will not be a problem, I had lovers
    magic running through large parts of this mod. but it was nip, and tuck
    sometimes during testing.
    INSTALLATION : Just drop the files in the package folder into you Data folder inside your Oblivion Folder.
    [ Oblivion\Data ] let it write its self in, this mod should not over write any main game files.
    THESE IN OBLIVION/DATA FOLDER: Meshes,Sound,Textures,LoversCrowningIsle.esp.
    and the CrowningIsleDoc1.04.00.txt or PatchDoc where ever you want to read it.
    Maybe this will help you with the load Order, It is generalized, Not set in stone.
    But very close to always being right for LoversPK mods
    at the top of load order
    00 Oblivion.esm << This one always top
    01 Beautiful People 2ch-Ed.esm << this one above the other 4
    02 x117race.esm <<This one above the other 3
    03 Lovers with PK.esm << above the other 2
    04 LoversCreature.esm << above the other 1
    05 BreakUndies.esm
    this area below here is where your lovers PK Mods will go
    and for the most part all your other mods
    New mods like mine go right above setbody Or most any new mod your are testing
    for the first time, latter you may move it up, and also check if doc file informs you of
    any Mod it should be above or below, but be aware that many modders because they aways want
    there mod to work will tell you place it at bottom, its a cheap shot, but a lot do it
    I don't know how many times i have seen that I suppose every mod ever made for Oblivion
    has to be Placed at the bottom of your load order, "" Now how it that going to work ??""
    Please understand LoversPK, and it's components are not a mod, they are a Game
    Engine with functions { A child Engine of the Master Oblivion Engine}, just like UDK or dooms engine
    you can not put your Engine in the back seat, and expect to drive off with out a lot of Bailing wire,
    The load order is extremely important.
    32 SetBody.esp
    [these are all MBP]
    33 Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Merged Hair Modules.esp
    34 Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Merged Eye Modules.esp
    35 Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Chocolate Elves.esp
    36 Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Vanilla Race.esp
    37 Beautiful People 2ch-Ed MS Elves - NoSc.esp
    38 Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Cute Elves.esp
    39 Beautiful People 2ch-Ed CustomRace.esp
    3A Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Disable BandBlindMask.esp
    3B Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Nec Mystic High Elf Remake.esp
    3C Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Merged SKSRENs Hair Modules.esp
    3D x117 Merged SKSRENs Hair Modules.esp
    3E Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Sheogorath Eye.esp
    3F Real_Mannequin.esp << this not actually MBP, but normally comes with the OMOD
    [i very, very seldom ever place any mod of any kind here]
    [it defeat's MBP's ability to fix the Look of the People in that mod]
    40 Lovers with PK.esp [Version 96]
    41 LoversCreature.esp
    42 LoversMB2.esp
    43 Lovers3dorgasmMB2.esp
    44 LoversIdleAnimsPriority.esp
    45 LoversAnimObjectsPriority.esp
    46 Lovers3dorgasm.esp
    nothing below here these 7 ESP always at bottom
    Then Activate the .ESP
    For the most part this is pretty much always right, but there are exceptions,
    And for those you will have a lot of trial and error.
    to start the quest, and get moving, talk with someone other than a Guard,
    you should get a quest update, might have to talk to more than one, but
    anyway they will tell you how you ought to be a SOAP Girl ( School of advanced
    Prostitution ) go to Anvil, The dock or Boardwalk of the little pond in the city you
    will find and emissary, who can transport you to Crowning Island.
    It is to be and Island Mod, I will be adding Much more to it, At least
    this Lovers Mod will not have to be Translated to English, as all was
    done in English, however I know very bad English, but English none the
    It is early in development, but I think if any of you would care to try
    it, I would like a little Beta testing... At the very least it adds more
    land to Oblivion, and I think it is a very UN-obtrusive mod, adding only
    the emissary to the Tamriel area of the game, everything else I have built
    and added. And is outside the normal playing area of the game.
    Let me know what ya think...Flamers just make me give up though, so if
    you have nothing good to say..Don't..LOL
    I mean it is free, and it is a Mod.. It may break your system.. Don't blame me..

    **********Patch ESP>> 1.03.06D fixes, and additions************
    0. Some of this fixed in other 2 patches, but felt I would group them all here
    1.Fixed crawling animation problem
    2.fixed taboo sex problem with Classmates and siren if used "A make Me Slave spell" I think
    3. fixed key disabled bindings on reload I think
    4. added ability to hold "V" key for a moment if used "A make Me Slave spell" to free self.
    5. this adds some options the owner may randomly do when you use the "a Make me a slave spell"
    6. added re worked Motion 64, INI, and .Ks files. You must manually install them. I did not wish to force them on you. but if not used, the dialog will be stupid.{{{ This is not Applicable Now}}} Check farther down for way not to install them. Also a read me comes with the Download telling you how not to install them if you do not want them.
    7. also during slave sale Gag is removed for sex now, or should be."A make me a slave spell"
    8. added another abuse that your owner may place on you while you are enslaved by the "A make me a slave spell"
    9. Tried to streamline, and shorten some of the sale's Pitch for "A make me a slave spell".
    10. Found some holes I had to plug in some area's to keep Script from crashing, I will try to catch them as I find them.
    11. Fix some errors in the creature is your master if used the "A make me a slave spell", forgot to Stop loop action while LoversPK action was going. Which would led to script shut down. Seems more stable now.
    12. Many dialog changes
    13."A make me a slave spell"::if you get stuck, as in spinning around, because master is on the next level up or down from you. Holding "NumPad 9" for a moment will take you to your master. I would use this sparingly though.
    14."A make me a slave spell"::If you master drops your lease or die's, My scripts will attempt to find you a new master, failing this you should be released in approx 3 min.
    15. "A make me a slave spell":: Made some script adjustments that should keep things from trying to kill your PC are from calling Guards if you are trespassing.
    Keep in mind Many Radiant AI Packages have "Must complete", and "Continue if player Present", and even though I have stopped them from sounding alarms for the most part, or attacking you. They still may do unusual, or repetitive things because of there AI package.
    I am testing some stuff to stop this, but for now it is just a problems that you have to deal with either by 1. Holding the "V" key for a moment to release your self, and exiting the area fast because once free all alarms will once again be available for activation. OR 2. exiting the game, and reloading a save prior to your enslavement. OR 3. waiting, sometimes a long time for there package to finally clear, and for some packages this is never.
    16. "A make me a slave spell":: I have had pretty good luck with [ Crowned Bruma, Crowned Cheydinhal, Crowded Skingrad, and Crowded Chorrel .esp's ] These are Plugin's that add more people to those cities, but these programs have some very buggy AI packages, and there not mine, so I don't mod them for public use.]
    [ Crowded Roads.esp's ] I tried very hard to make it compatible with these, but the makers scripted NPC's make really strange things happen. I wish they had used stable NPC's and gave them a bed roll, to drop at night, and sleep instead of (disabling them and killing) them, and just made them re-spawn if they died. Which is what screws everything up.
    So [ Crowded Roads.esp's ] do not play well at all with My "A make me a slave spell". Any Mod that scripts disable, and kill, or strangely scripts there added NPC's will not function well with mine.
    Mods with stable, never disabled NPC's that remain in the game full time should for the most part do alright, but some of them have very odd scripting, and will fail as well.
    For the most part when they fail with my mod, as in drop your lease even if another NPC picks it up, it may not re attach it's self to them, leaving you still wandering free. or culling the follow routine's, and just teleporting you from spot to spot as they move. Is best to quit, and restart an old save then, sometimes it will finally re attach it's self, but it is not trustworthy.
    17. "A make me a slave spell"::If your Owner dies, you will still be stuck to there dead body, but if no one else picks up your lease in approx 3 Min's you should be released.
    18."A make me a slave spell":: if the "V" key fails to release you after holding it for a little while, my script may have failed, and shut down. This "V" key release only works for the "A make me a slave spell", it does not work for the other enslavement's that may happen in My Mod, they are quest oriented, and have nothing to do with voluntary enslavement, and there is no built in release for them.
    19. I have added the 5 motions [there are others, but I don't have time to chase them all down] I use regularly in the mod [because there is a lot of Motion changing Modding being done]. There is a Note [Motion Note Read This] in the Package explaining how not to use them if you do not wish to change your motions.
    But they are really needed to make the Dialog, and actions during the mod make sense. I use these same Motions at there original Location in LoversBlackmail too, so having them will help there as well.
    20. fejeena:: helped me to find some dirty edit's I had left in, and I really appreciate that. I tend to miss these quite often.
    21. There are other things I have added, or changed but you probably won't notice them.
    This has been, because of personal Problems testy to work on, I wish I could spend more time on it, It has become very large for me alone to test, and I am sure I missed many things that could happen. I count on much help from all the other good people here to help, and they have been many that have.
    Because many things you may have happen, I am unable to repeat, and so fixing them is sometimes just not possible.
    I run mod's I like, and you run mods you like, and there will always be problems with other mods, and mine. I just don't have time to adjust my mod to be compatible with everyone Else's.
    It is mostly little distance checks, and reset options if Customer is dead, disabled, to far, sitting, sleeping what ever I keep having to stumble onto in order to fix, I have to get this solid before I can move on with main stream Quests. Because these spells [Or rather there functions] are planed for use with other Missions I have in mind.

    I long ago finished all the main quest's in Oblivion, so I can not
    mess up My game, It would have been finished long ago if not for all the
    many modder, helping me to find new places to explore, and new ways to
    enhance the game play.
    Most of my stuff is modded differently than the original modders
    Idea anyway. If I like a mod, I try very hard to make it more likable for
    me. you should see the joburg ( or the landE, I went wild on it.. ) I
    play...LOL, or my Loversadultplay or paybandit...I have tweaked so many
    Oblivion mods to my own taste's.
    Sometimes it's not really my taste's but more of how much I can piss
    off the Prude's out there that think every mod should be save the
    princess, and ride off into the sunset with the comic relief following
    close behind.
    Every one speaks proper, and no one ever say's fuck, or shit, or
    Bitch or bastard, or picks there nose, or farts or cleans the wax from
    there ears with there finger. That would not be right..LOL
    They are the book burner's, the censor's with all the right ways for
    you to think, and act. As long as you think like they do, and act in
    there appointed way's.
    That is what I like about Bethesda Game's, if you do not like them,
    make them in a way that you do... I am sure others do this too.
    Why did the Oblivion modder's make a man with a penis, and a fully
    anatomically correct female body, shackle's, and hand cuff's galore, and
    skimpy out fits, and Sex animations for every character, and creature in
    the game, and oodles and gob's of Cum shot's, urine stream's, and torture
    We all want our fantasy's...our escape,
    ********************************A little Help **************************
    [i use timers a lot to start things happening, sometimes the timer's
    don't kick in at the exact time I wish them too. this can be caused by
    some ones system being a little slow to update, it can be by design, I
    wanted the player to wonder what the heck is going on, nothing is
    happening. And some is just my being clumsy with the scripting... wait a
    bit, see if time helps, don't be so fast to suddenly say...Crap it is a
    bug... it may just take a little bit for the script to kick in ]
    SOME HELP : After you are enrolled in the school, get your uniform ( I
    made the uniforms required for Prostitution, so you could take it off,
    and get rid of the extra dialog ), go free love for awhile, you should
    get and update that school has started soon...
    go to class, I plan the schedule to be correct latter, you can actually
    right now go to class at almost any time.
    Warning: Once you finally reach the quest to board the Pirate ship.. stay
    on board until you finally finish the job with the pirates..if you use a
    devise that Booty makes for you to leave... you will never finish that
    one, as returning to the ship at that time would not be possible.
    [i could have made Bootys devise not usable there, but I wanted to save
    some people a step latter when they needed to return to the Pirate ship.]
    So save before entering the Pirate ship on the right Island. the person
    near that ship you have to talk to is Narwal. but no reason to talk to
    them until you get the quest.
    After you finish the Pirate Courtesan job you can go back most
    anytime. But you must finish the laborious task there.. I might shorten
    that one latter..
    I have not added much graphics as I am trying to keep the mods size very
    small. By using mostly just default game graphics.
    this is and ongoing thing, I will be working on for some time, as I have
    said at least for now it gives you some extra area to explore.
    One bug I know of, sometimes there is a token (Grrr. this Bitch is mine)I
    place on the Player during sex acts that can get stuck there..
    if that happens you could just throw it away, but that tends to make a
    lot of clutter in your game.
    I set up a fail safe, just go swimming until you see Grrr this bitch
    is mine removed.
    this is also the way you will remove some of the pheromone creams you
    might get from your body as well.But they are intended to be removed this
    explore, do quests let me know what your think.
    To the people who made OBLIVION
    to the many great Scriptwriters that made LoversPK such a mostly great and
    functional way to place sex animations in Oblivion...Really Super Work.
    to the makers of OBMM, and Wrye Bash, both are like impossible to be with
    to all the great animators who did those wonderful animations..
    Ode to HGEC Body maker...
    to Slof who has always be a good friend, and does such beautiful work
    with male character....!, though I have not been able to chat with her
    sense way back at the original funky's Forum.
    to the people who have made OBSE a Must have addition to Oblivion Plug
    in's..Yes, Yes, Yes, !
    to Nifskope maker, maker's..it is a main stay of all modders, and the
    Nice people that put together Blender, and gave the poor people a chance
    to do some really good stuff with models.
    I almost forgot Gimp 2, yes I have photo shop, but for many thing's I
    much prefer Gimp 2.
    Cha0s_lord for his excellent "Chainit" mod, I have used one of his
    shackles in this mod, and may use more as I continue to work on this. In
    his doc all he asked was a little credit..and it is and excellent
    resource for good bondage type items.
    To thomthom for allowing me to play with his scripts and .nif files I
    just love this stuff..and every one should stay up on his progress with
    his Mod ZMCPlayerSlave.. It's going to be Great.
    I have taken a creature from the creatures Mod...Textured it, and modified its original usage, so it should not conflict.. Credit for it goes to the wonderful Creatures mod maker, Makers.
    Credit to Growlf for his Mermaid Tail which I have re shaped, and re Textured for my Needs. He does some very Wonderful stuff. He use to come into Funkies Old Web sight long ago, and chat some. I always loved his Morrowind stuff, it was very good, and what he does now is even better.
    And Donkey's New and improved animation project version 2.4 -By Donkey Get it Here : http://www.loverslab...ead.php?tid=184
    This is some really good work..You should all be proud of the things that Donkey has accomplished with these animations... I am..
    And a Very Big Thank You to Ashal for giving us a place to share Our fantasy's with others.
    so Many others, I probably missed...Thank you all.
    This is a Quest story, I have written it, and attempted to make it as such.
    Because it is a story I would not want anyone re writing it because some of the
    text in it offended them, get another mod..
    Please H. G. Wells would not want you re writing war of the worlds, Tom sawyer
    would hardly be the same if someone else decided to re write it because of the use
    of Ethnic Slang, Mary Shelley would not want someone re writting Frankenstein
    because they cut up dead people to make him, and that was gross...
    Point is Books are written in a certain way, I like to think Quests are that way
    as well.
    As far as translating it, or removing dependency's I have no problems
    with that. but the story or stories are as is, and I would prefer that to
    be left alone.
    if you find something useful in here for your mod, use it..just make
    sure you make it so there is no conflict between my mod and yours. that's
    just good practice. [With the exception to ThomThoms scripts, I have edited them a lot, but they are his Idea, and his work. I have commented at the top of these so you will know which ones have his stuff in them, even though I have modded them a lot for my needs]
    A little credit if you feel like it would be nice.



  7. SPD Curvaceous Bikinis For Vilja

    Trashdog's Curvaceous Chubby Bikinis For Vilja
    compiled by DogOnPorch
    May 23, 2020
    "Oh, you want to go swimming! Awwww. Sometimes you're a real sweetheart. Let's go."
    So you've got all the mods to make Vilja a BBW and are ready for a relaxing afternoon of swimming with your favorite companion...and horrors! Vilja is a skinny chick all of a sudden. Bummer....
    This fixes that with a wide selection of various Trashdog Curvaceous bikinis for Vilja to choose from.
    BABS_Black is for skinny dipping with Vilja...no suit with that one. The rest are a variety of colours that have no relationship to the colour listed. Take a pick...see what you get.

    Install...no esp needed...just put it all in your Oblivion data folder. 
    Emma's Vilja is avaiable at...
    Clothes for the SPD Cuvaceous Chubby body... 
    The updated SPD body itself. 
    To make Vilja a bigger girl in the first place, you'll need to install Set Body that comes in several versions. Available at Nexus & LoversLab. You'd then relace the old SPD Curvaceous body with the new one in the folders...or if no folder exists for the body in that version, find the Speedbuster MukiMuki folder with all four meshes in it and use that. (Hands, Feet, Femaleupperbody, Femalelowerbody)
    meshes--->characters--->bombshell--->one of these folders
    Then you can fire-up Oblivion and check it out. If you'd like Vilja to be truly a bigger lass, hit the ~ key to open the console...click on Vilja and then type...
    setscale 1.1 then hit Enter...close the console. Vilja starts as a Scale 1.0 Imperial rather than Nord size...now she's about 6 foot or a little taller. Lots to love. If that's too tall for you...smaller number...1.05. Lore does says those Nord chicks are BIG...

    BTW, see the support thread for various extra Vilja mods that might or might not be to your liking. 



  8. Natural Woman Skin

    Natural Woman Repaint ver 1.01
    May 24, 2020
    A detailed hand repaint of...I'm not sure who the original artist was...but all credit to that person. I merely added to what was already there. This version was originally only in the Club section and I've decided to post it to the regular downloads.
    A new version is in the works that will include this skin plus numerous variations of it...bigger nipples...brown nipples...lots of stretch marks...etc. But why wait? Try out the basic skin...
    Includes...some blue veins/stretch marks/Montgomery glands...etc. Looks fairly normal on smaller girls but when stretched over a pair of big breasts...voila. Ideal for use with the SPD Curvaceous Chubby body.
    Also included...Amber's HGEC pussy textures (built-in). Due to the texture's location on the bigger texture, you might get red splotches on your female lowerclass sandals. Thus some (better) replacements for the sandals are included.
    Install like you would install any skin texture.
    Data--->Textures--->Characters--->Imperial--->Female (in here)
    Back-up your old skin. Just in case...

    If you're interested in what upper body this young lady is hauling around...it's (I understand) a rare HGEC upper that might be a bit of a search to find. I forget WHERE I got it...
    So here it is...
    Put it in one of the HGEC upper body folders  with Set Body installed.
    Data--->Meshes--->Characters--->Bombshell--->HGEC--->HGEC Normal Top--->K Cup (for example...whatever one you rarely if ever use)



  9. Tags Yinyang

    ADULT MOD***********************************ADULT MOD
    Author; Galgat
     OK, This was my test area, for trying new Idea's
       I have not modded or released a mod some time. I had this
    laying around, and though maybe some of you might get a kick
    out of it.( My testing area mostly, and a place to relax and
    dance )

      There is a spell that lets you do some various sex act's, but
    it is far from finished. right now it has a long range, that
    will change latter, also be careful with it, if the NPC is
    talking it will act funny ( i know how to fix this, but for
    testing reasons, it is not fixed yet). it does not position the
    Player in the right place, you have to spin around and move
    your player into position, it was a crazy Idea I had, and never
       but it does work sort of.
    You will receive a One time teleport item ( Ring I think ) in
    your inventory, use it, and you will be teleported to Tags Yin
    Yang the first time Only.
     It is as of this version a one time use only item.
    from there just explore, see what you think.
    I think I posted it once on old wolflore sight, but back then
    the size was a problem, and I used some sort of temp upload are
    only allowed like 10 down loads, and then dropped the file.
    RECOMMENDED:77_Umpa_Animation.... for dancing in the club
    INSTALLATION : just drop the data folder into your Oblivion
    folder, and let it copy it's self into place. Or create and
    Put a check in tagsyinyang.esp and fire up the game.
    MUST HAVE:BE sure you have these Mods installed.
    1. OBSE 16 or higher, but I have been using 17. anyway must
    have this installed.
    2. Female Eye Candy - Body Re-placer 1.0,
     and Full_Omod_Fixed-15802
    3.Shivering isles, knights of the nine expansions ( afraid I
    let a few items from them slip into my mod)
    4. LoverPK

    Problems: it would not be Beta if it were perfect, but I have
    tried to optimize all the nif files, and spent much time
    testing, other than the sex spell not being totally finished, I
    think it is all okay.
    Mainly I was always testing things I could do with .nif files
    here, everything from re texturing wall, sand floors to making
    video's play on picture frames, and a flashing dance floor, and
    animated Speakers. Just stupid stuff.
    But you all might find something of use in there. Maybe some
    credit if you use any of it.

        Colourwheel Gifted me with 3 nif files which I modified
    extensively with My own textures.and moved, copied, and deleted
    Branches from till they may not look it, but are quite
    different now.She does a really great job, and I was very proud
    to get to use some of her nif files, it saved me a lot of time.
    a couple of her panties have managed to sneak into my mod, they
    are not worn or sold anywhere, but one of her mods seems to
    replace something in my textures, and they have managed to get
    into this version. I will try to weed them out in latter
        Much, Much credit to all those wonderful animators, that
    have contributed to the Oblivion community, with out those I
    would have never tried to mod in OB again.
    NIFSKOPE....Nothing better, such a wonderfully amazing Program.
    OBLIVION MOD Manager: super, super helpful tool, I know now
    there are better, but I still find it handy.
    OBSE: making Oblivion almost easy to Mod.
    and as much as I hate it, I have to give Credit to the Oblivion
    Wiki..it is helpful, though rather confusing as well.
    Slof: makes all this worth it, her wonderful mods Fill a nitch
    that no one else can, or I think could do as well. I just love
    her stuff.
    Thanks to whom ever Strap-on I have used, downloaded so many from
    so many mods, I'm not exactly sure which one this on came
    from, I have re-textured it, and Nifskoped it a little, but I
    did not make it.
    I do not want Those that are under age to have this. I made it
    for myself, and for learning reasons.
    :::ANOTHER WARNING:::   if sexually explicit digital
    characters, nude-ness, or having them copulate in front of you
    is troubling, get rid of this mod...delete it, and forget that
    it exists. :::warning:::

       I left the tesfile packer log in here for any that want to
    know what went where. Another wonderful tool made By mental
    elf...much credit to Him and others that make the unsung hero
    Mods, like OBMM, Tes File Packer, OBSM, NifSkope. they are what
    make the mods possible.
        I( have done a lot of texturing, and some of the clothing I
    am sort of proud of, But some...well they filled the gap's.
    Please if you use any of this stuff, give a little credit, and
    always remember the others that made stuff like this Possible.
       Remember all the mods you Download, many have slaved over
    some part of for untold hours.
      I just hope it is all there. I know is all there in my game
    as I keep it in there all the time. For me it is rather
    unobtrusive, and I find some times fun to go there and dance.
    Not planing on adding to or supporting much
    was just something I had laying around, and thought some of you
    might have a use for it or get ideas from.
    May not even be worth your time to look at



  10. Ring of Mara (LAPF)

    Ring of Mara
    Updated to LAPF sex animations.
    Updated to the LAPF animation numbers ( old version used the Lovers with PK ani numbers )
    Add random dialogues and some male and female dialogues. ( if NPC is male/female or Player is male/female)
    You can not ask for sex when you sit. And NPC will stand up if he/she sits.
    Follow AI Package with sneak when player sneaks.
    Not changed:
    You still have to buy a new ring for each marriage from Tandilwe in the temple in the Imperial City Temple District. In a divorce you won't get the ring back! Yes, marriage is expensive.



  11. Genderbender

    v 3.9
    Dear friends, I hope you find this an entertaining mod. It allows you to change the gender of any NPC-based character in the game.
    Yes! This is a Sex Changing Spell Mod!!!
    You can find a very special book for sale, though it is not available in any book stores.  And be forewarned, the book's price is costly.  It allows you to change the gender of anyone or anything.  You're only limited by the mystical forces governing it (the configuration) and how much power you can control.
    You can throw targeted spells at an individual, or throw out an area-of-effect spell.  Are you immune to the effect?  Are you casting it upon yourself?  Will your targets be shocked by the change?  And how will they react?  Will they accept the change?  Will they love their new form?  Loathe it and want to be changed back?  All that and more is up to you.
    Please note that this system has some limitations.  Under normal circumstances, it will not change creature gender. However this can be performed on a rudimentary basis with the LAPF TamagoClub mod in use and can perform actual model-based changes if the LAPF LoversCretures version 2.5+ or greater is used.
    And while it can change the physical body of NPCs, it will not affect the faces of those changed. While face data is subject to the character's gender when being developed, I have yet to discern the command which updates the character's face as I had the character's body.
    While the OSBE plugin for Oblivion contains a command which lets you change the gender of an NPC, the command itself was buggy. Because of that, you will also need the EngineBugFixes package by Tiawar, also included in this set. Please, install it lest you find yourself 'CRASHING' each time you try to cast a spell.
    And if you wish to know the url for the EngineBugFixes package (v 1.9 being included in the download), it is http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/47085/?
    The original version of Genderbender was developed mainly for the Lovers with PK system in mind,  And because of that, three distinct .esps were initially packaged for you to choose.  But no more.  The current version of Genderbender comes with only one .esp within the package.
    Oh.  I recommend Elys Universal Silent Voice so shocked reactions play through for a bit.
    Compatible with the following:
    Oblivion Shivering Isles Knights of the Nine Setbody Lovers with PK              (to take advantage of certain flags) LoversChorus               (changing voices used during LAPF Sex) TamagoClub                 (actual inclusion/removal of gender content - LAPF required) LoversCreatures 2.5+   (allows changing of creature model - LAPF required) LoversCrowningIsles LoversSlaveTrader LSTBravilUnderground  
    Special Note:
    For anyone using Setbody, the body is physically reset to its default form when the spell effect strikes.
    * * *



  12. Allnarta's Draenei race

    Simple race mod, that adds male Draenei as playable race to the game. Race uses Blockhead as base for unique assets, uses ported from WoW by me assets, has MeshSwap-ready replacements for few vanilla armours and Lovers Lowerbody mesh.
    There are 40 exclusive eye colours and bunch of new haistyles provided in V. 2.0.
    -Lowerbody is based on geechan's hooves mod, with fixed UV issues (not perfect, but cannot be done better with existing mesh and I refuse to recreate hooves from scratch, issues are not so exposed on existing one). Also I added correct butthole anatomy from Anatomic Anobolies and fixed it to look subtile and natural.
    -Body mesh is BBB and Buttock-BB enabled.
    -Race uses BlockHead for unique assets (i.e. hooves).
    -Horns, ears, tentacles and hooves are straight port from WoW.
    -Improved tail mesh. Now gold accessories are volumetric, not just painted on texture.
    -New character animations with full butt and chest bounce.
    -Many new hairstyles and 40 eye colours.
    -Vanilla armor refits, usable via MeshSwap mod (either raceMess or Unique Player Equipment). There are three vanilla refits avaible in V. 2.0, more to come in future updates. Mod already contains ready-to-use .ini for both UPE and RaceMess.
    -BreakArmor support for all refits.
    -LAPF Unique Lowerbody usable via MeshSwap mod, overhauled to have more realistic size of penis and with improved weights.

    -Seven skin colour options to choose from.
    -Six horn style options to choose from.
    -Race uses Head06 as base headmesh (so leave your complains about "demo" character for yourself, you can create any type of character because race facegen is set to zero by default).
    -Race is male only. Don't ask for female version, go and get already avaible ones.
    Known issues:
    -Any armor or clothing will make legs human. MeshSwap-ready meshes are provided for few armors in V. 2.0. 
    -Not all character animations are covered yet.
    -[HARD] OBSE. Race need Blockhead to work, and BlockHead need OBSE to work respectively.
    -[HARD] BlockHead - race uses Blockhead-based unique meshes for body, so will not work wothout it.
    -[HARD] LAPF or Maximum Compatibility skeleton. Without it body parts will stretch to infinity.
    -[SOFT] Robert Male Body - race uses it's own body and textures, but they are based on Robert's.
    -[SOFT] Mesh Extended Swap System for armor and LAPF unique replacers - either Unique Player Equipment or RaceMess option. I reccomend UPE because RaceMess refuse to update race-unique equipment after loading savegame.
    -[SOFT] BreakArmor MESS version for proper BreakArmor support.
    -Mod is OMOD-ready. Just run it with OBMM and choose your options.



  13. Fem Boy Race

    Fem Boy Race

    FemBoy Body 3.3   https://www.loverslab.com/topic/43748-gigabite-femboy-body/
    FluffSkelly's Femboy Body Clothing Vol.1 https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/7730-fluffskellys-gigabite-femboy-body-armor-and-clothing-vol1/
    You need for the custom body
    -the ability to read. -SetBody
    -Blockhead(OBSE Plugin) https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/43752
    -All other files are in the download file, you do not need any original files.
    Custom Fem Boy race
    GIGABITE's FemBoy Body resources with his FemBoy Armor and FluffSkelly's Femboy Clothing , all in one esp. 
    With Blockhead BodyAssetOverrides folder and Setbody override folder for the Fem body.
    With Lovers lowerbody during sex.
    11 custom eye colors
    27 custom hairs + the vanilla hairs
    39 armor and 31 clothes pieces ( some are only different colors or shoes )
    Race pictures see GIGABITE's FemBoy Body.
    The race use own eyes meshes and textures , head and ear mesh.
    So there should be no conflicts with other Mods.
    Only if you use a vanilla hair replacer for a special head the vanilla hair may not match the head I use in the FemBoy Mod, but you have the 27 custom hairs.
    Installation :
    Unpack the file.
    Read the readme. Yes read it, the whole readme.
    Then copy what you like in your game or in a folder to create a OMod.
    Fem Boy voice addon.
    Male and female Fem boy will use female voice.  Player only has Hit/injury and Power-Attack voice.
    Of course you need the main Mod.
    Like the main Mod you have two esp.
    One with human ears and one with Woodelf ears.  Copy one in your data folder.
    You have 6 voice file folders with vanilla  voices:
    Imperial, Highelf and Redguard voice from the german bsa file. All 3  voices seems to be the same voice actor only with a little bit of variable pitch.
    Imperial, Nord and Redguard voice from the english bsa file.
    Open the folder you want and copy the  folder "sound" in you game data folder.
    I only made the esp, all credits to GIGABITE
    Ren for Ren_BeautyPack



  14. Bravil Underground v0.96

    Well without further ado here is:
    Bravil Underground v0.96v2
    Made by VICN
    Original Japanese Untranslated version availible here: http://www.4shared.com/folder/RSdj43o8/ForGentleman.html
    Previously known as Lovers Victims.
    A HUGE THANKS to TheFlex for rewriting all the books, handbills and notes for the plugin.
    You should not have any issues upgrading to this new version. It should not need a clean save or any other jiggery pokey. Just drop it in to the data folder and say yes to the overwrite prompt.
    PLEASE NOTE: I think I now have taken all of the machine translations that still remained and turned them into plain English.....
    · OBSE 20 or higher
    · Oblivion.esm
    · Shivering Isles.esp
    · Lovers with PK v1.4.1-6 rev91 or higher
    · LoversSlaveTrade 1.0
    · MBP 1.4a and MBP++ v98
    · Lovers Creatures 2.0
    · Lovers bitch meshes\textures - the esp file is not needed.
    Highly recommended but not required:
    Budongs Narcolepsy Spell: https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/9983
    This spell will enable you to knockout any NPC, at any time, without incurring a bounty or pissing anyone off. It does present a bit of a cheat, but honestly you can head cannon that to you as a slaver being prepared. Once the NPC is knocked out just cast the enslavement spell on them and BANG you have a new slave.
    A huge credit to HanPL!! I could not have done anything on this without his massive contribution!!
    Ok, now to the nuts and bolts: Yes, you get a hand bill to start the ball rolling just read it. Then after entering the "city" go straight to the arena. Once you go past the two Khajit guards turn right and go through the door. I shall leave the rest for you to figure out.........
    This mod is basically a "wet dream" for slavers. There are numerous quest lines for you to enslave and train others (some "with" beasts and some without). There is also a skooma delivery feature for those who need to earn some quick cash and don't mind a little bit of risk. There are MANY other small tasks/quests that you can discover by talking to the residents of the city. There literally is hours worth of content in this mod so quit reading and download/install/play this sucker!!!!
    Latest Update: At this point all dialogue and quest updates should be in plain English. I have tweaked some of the dialogue and quest updates to give the player more clues on what to do and where to go so things are not quite so frustrating.
    At this time all the AI packages should be functioning correctly. and I am hoping Uriel now has a working premium club
    I want to give a huge shout out to all those who have stepped up to aid me in the massive translation effort. I could not have completed this without your help and support! Those who aided me in this quest were: HanPL, fejeena (what a great help you have been!), Donkey, Justinof, GSBmodders, Sparlimb, WindShadow75 and icecold29. If I missed anyone I apologize! Just holler and I will add you to the list!
    Quest Spoiler: Help for the hiding in Madam Simza's attic:
    Holler if you find anything broken and I will try to get it fixed.
    Full Quest list and some tips - made by Fejeena is available here: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/16354-bravilunderground-add-on/



  15. BravilUnderground Add-on V2.3

    Bravil Underground add-on
    A horse stable and second stable with sheeps, pigs(boars) and a cavern with ????
    NO QUEST! Only "new" animals to train your slaves.
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The doors are locked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    !!!!!You must join the slave-trainer's-guild to get the key!!!!!!
    4 different Versions / esp (see readme) !!!! only install one version/esp !!!!
    1: Stables behind "Silver Home on the water", with vanilla horses.
    2: Stables behind "Silver Home on the water", with horses with dicks.
    3: Stables inside the Underground city, with vanilla horses.
    4: Stables inside the Underground city, with horses with dicks.
    !!!! only install one version/esp !!!!
    If you have Better- or Open- cities Bravil use a "inside version".
    You need
    Lovers Slave Trader 1.0 Final: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/24-lovers-slave-trade-10-english-final/
    BravilUnderground v0.96 Final Edition http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/23-bravil-underground-v096-final-edition/
    or the "No MBP BravilUnderground v0.96 Final Edition" http://www.loverslab.com/topic/19842-no-mbp-bravil-underground-v096-final-edition/
    Version 1.1
    A horse stable and second stable with sheeps, pigs(boars) and a cavern with ????
    new slave trainer wanted poster
    Pictures: see below in the Download thread, the first 7 http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/146-bravilunderground-add-on/
    Download: You need only the 1.1 file
    Version 1.1 Faction icon change
    The same as above with unique trainer and trader Faction icons.
    Pictures: see below in the Download thread, the first 8 http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/146-bravilunderground-add-on/
    Download: You need only the 1.1 Faction Icon change file
    !The only change to the original mod: it replaced the "Are you interested in training?" poster.(no more grey fox wanted Posters) and add 2 doors.
    And the "Faction Icon Change Version" Change the Icons.
    VERSION 2.3.2016
    4 versions 2 indoor 2 outdoor, with and without my horses with dicks.(the esp with H at the end are with my horses) !!! only install one version/esp !!!
    You need meshes V2.7z and textures V2.7z inastall these first.
    Then install ONE esp and textures, meshes and sound folder from esp sound readme V2.3.2016.7z
    in Version 2.3
    2 stables with horse, pigs and sheeps, cavern with ????
    unique trainer and trader Faction Icons.
    A lot of pictures in the houses
    "Silver Vine" Tavern: milk bottle and glass of milk, bar owner HanPL sells milk (bottle and glass), Milk Server(bottle 300 Septim)
    Medical Clinic: sells milk bottles
    Tavern "Party of the Beast": Beer Server (bottle 2 Septim) !!!Beer Server see Credits!!!
    Dog sperm server (bottle 250 Septim) in Breeder's Guild
    Human sperm server (bottle 200 Septim) in Breeder's Guild
    new MolagBal statue in Underground Slave Port(and Fiery Underground Slave Port)
    bigger stable cavern with statue
    1 secret ( with 13 new creature trainers, 1 treasure, some jokes, player bed and chest )
    A Werewolf cave (accessible from the secret-cave).
    A laboratory (destroyed) in the Medical Clinic. (the door is locked, the key is in the Medical Clinic). 2 new trainer.
    public loo at the port.
    dead slaves at the port.
    Trainer Shop (with pictures, dildos,...) A Trainer who can train your slaves (The player must not be present(As with the other trainers). Script by JSmith20142.
    I know in the LST INI is the option "Automatic training (training while Player is not there) permission setting" and by default it is on, but it works not right.
    TargetHay with target pictures.
    New NPCs (also a new dead spy, well hidden)
    New/better dead NPCs and corpse
    Torture Chamber: iron maiden, torture rack, better corpse
    Auction hall(Slave Auction Room): sign, slaves, Tapestries, statue
    Version 2.1 fixes
    I used 3 doors with script ( stupid mistake ) I change the doors to "no script" doors.
    First I thought the script doors are the reason why the stupit boars don't leave the Pigsty ( orders - follow me), but with the new doors they also did not follow me. The reason was they were too stupid. Intelligence 20. Yes creatures with low intelligence can not open/use doors. I only changed the intelligence and now the boars can follow the Player through doors. I also changed the intelligence of Fuckworm, Hitode, Slime Mushroom, Whorewolf and Lab Pig so they can follow the Player.
    And one texture (normal map) of the dead NPCs was shit, spots on the Body ( With all the blood almost invisible )
    Version 2.3 fixes
    Boars: changed the Body mesh, boars now use the LoversCreatures boararmor.nif so they have a dick.
    Added missing Khajiit upper Body and claws
    Version 2.3.2016 fixes
    Dialog conditions fixed in the slave trainer shop dialogs ( Male player were not able asked for training )
    And "Slave Auction Room" sign placement correction.
    The secret

    Pictures: see below in the Download thread http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/146-bravilunderground-add-on/
    And some more Version 2 Pictures in post 213 http://www.loverslab.com/topic/16354-bravilunderground-add-on-v23/page-11?do=findComment&comment=773968
    Download: You need meshes V2.7z and textures V2.7z inastall these first.
    Then install ONE esp and textures, meshes and sound folder from esp sound readme V2.3.2016.7z
    I hope everything works.
    load order, of course after
    LSTaddon(one of the 4 versions).esp ) !!!! only install one version/esp !!!!
    The maker of LST and BravilUnderground
    mr_siika for boxes with market-products
    wolfzq for gangchong nif and texture
    ???? for worm nif and texture
    The Beer Server is up003111.7z (download at up.mnty.net ) The Milk Server is my modification.
    The cavern statue mesh(without the needles and different texture)is from Tafa100 "Dominatrix Expansion Five Fingers Of Sin"
    Ls More Butterflies and Fireflies by Leemonski
    20 Creatures by CGChaos & Infiniti
    galgat for the toilet paper mesh
    The makers of The Lost Spires Mod (meshes and textures)
    Edhildil for skeletonarmor body
    and all which I forgot
    monobongo (mongobongoart.blogspot.com)
    picture on milk poster is from GSBmodders milkslave mod
    different artists found at Hentai-Foundry.com
    Ok also Bethesda
    JSmith20142 for the trainer script
    Blondebimbobikinibabe for help with a new scroll
    Lovers Lab
    gregathit for translating last version of LST and BravilUnderground
    All quests and quest givers and Tips update 8.February.2014
    My other stuff
    LoversBitch Gone Wild http://www.loverslab.com/topic/15876-loversbitch-gone-wild/?do=findComment&comment=292589
    different stuff http://www.loverslab.com/topic/14613-fejeenas-stuff/?do=findComment&comment=322907



  16. DerkBloodlines Fix

    Dark Bloodlines Fix
    V 1.2
     by LongDukDong
    thanks to Odema, Vorpal and Galgat for the initial mod
    This mod is an add-on  to Dark Bloodlines originally by Odema  (translated by Vorpal, and tweaked by Galgat if you're lucky).   The purpose for this mod is to take care of a few issues, including some that relates to its use with the current version of the LAPF package.
    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    Fixes issue that occurs if/when the player chooses two hookers Ports all sex animation poses into an INI file Adaptive Token for use with LAPF Extended Patch   
    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    Mod Order:
    This mod must be placed after DarkBloodline...  duh.  
    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    As this is a patch for DarkBloodline, , it would not do any good to use this mod without the mod.  You can find this entertaining mod  at the link:  https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/423-darkbloodline-galgattweaked/
    (which is the original link requiring a link to outside graphics)
    (A re-uploaded download pack that has all the necessary resources)
    *    *    *    *    *    *    *
    Version History:
    Version 1.0   - Original Version
    Version 1.1   - Fixed Issues with Dryad actions
    Version 1.2   - Corrects dialog mis-naming a character.  Applies flag application to certain rapes.  Permits an already existing topic to function.
    OBSE 20 better Oblivion.esm Lovers with PK v1.4.1 - 6 better Dark Bloodline  
    LAPF Extended Patch (if LAPF Extended is used)  



  17. Lovers Rape Slave LST

    Lovers Rape Slave LST
    v 1.2                                                                                 
    !!!  Anyone who downloaded this mod before Dec 22 2019 please download the new version  !!!
    Like the other Rape Slave version you enslave a NPC by rape. But this version use the LoversSlaveTrade script.
    So first the slave obeys you reluctantly until you break the salve.
    You have all the LST dialogs for training, inventory, wait, follow,...
    So after you rape-ensalved a NPC it is a LST slave, and LoversRapeSlave is not used anymore. ( there are not dialogs or spell in the Mod that you can use
    ini settings:
    set xLoversRapeSlaveQuest.SlaveAverageCount to 10
    higher number = you need more rapes to enslave a NPC
    set xLoversRapeSlaveQuest.AftermathEnabled to 0
    set to 1 to enable a temporary attribute malus the NPC have after enslavement.
    set xLoversRapeSlaveQuest.InfamyDisabled to 0
    set to I if the player should not get +1 infamy after a enslavement.
    How the rape ensalve works.
    There is no fixed number of rapes, the enslave chance is a bit flexible and variable.
    A brave NPC is harder to enslave. ( the NPC Confidence, which determines when he/she flees )
    And if you have a bad guy player ( hight infamy ) a NPC is afraid and surrender earlier.
    The calculation ( if you want to know it )
    Required Mods:
    Lovers with PK.esm   (LAPF)
    LoversSlaveTrader.esp    https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/24-lovers-slave-trade-10-english-final/
    And a Mod to rape a NPC: LoversRapers  e.g. https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/101-lovers-rapers-wappyones-edition-180/
    Copy the LoversRapeSlave.esp and the ini folder in your game data folder.
    After LoversSlaveTrader.esp
    can be
    I have stolen the Confidence idea from Satyrist's version. My computer, thanks that you still work.



  18. LoversRapemanXL

    Lovers Rapeman XL
    Mod does not work with Open city (Cheydinhal).
    If Mods change interior cells some of the "Black Horse Courier" Broadsheets can be placed incorrectly.
    the esp in you data folder and activate it in OBMM.
    You must have:
    A Rape Mod: LoversRaperS  e.g.  https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/101-lovers-rapers-wappyones-edition-180/
    Recommended Mods: really not needed and only usable after the last quest.
    LoversSlaveTrade   https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/24-lovers-slave-trade-10-english-final/
    LoversRapeSlaveLST    https://www.loverslab.com/topic/126226-lovers-rape-slave-lst/
    Mod description
    Old Rapeman Mod has only 5 jobs/rapes.
    New RapemanXL with 17(18) jobs. And you can play it with male and female Player.
    During the last quest you get a letter and have to read it ( not only a quest entry "I got a letter and the rape target is xxx " )
    After the last job, the quest giver doesn't just pay you as if nothing had happened.
    Reduced reward gold. In the original mod the reward was so high that you didn't care about the rape bounty. Now you should sneak or bribe the guards before you rape the NPC (You know if a Guard likes you he with ignore the rape or pay the bounty for you)
    After the last quest, if you ever meet the quest giver again she has greetings and dialogs (she didn't ignore you like in the original Mod)

    Quest starts in Cheydinhal you find the female NPC "Ray Puman" next to the chapel when you walk from the main gate over the bridge to the chapel. ( Works with Better City )
    You have to be a rapist or she has no job for you ( You must have raped 5 people already )
    If you are a female she treats you as futa during the first greeting.
    She runs away after the last job like in the original Mod. No quest marker! But you can meet her again by accident and talk to her. She runs away again, but this time she tells you where she is going. That's the end of the quest, know she only have a Greeting.
    After 10 rape jobs you can find the first "Black Horse Courier" Broadsheets  and afer 15 jobs you can find the new "Black Horse Courier" Broadsheets in inns and taverns.
    Rape targets:
    The quest name: One Seven Seven
    EDIT: No pictures or teddies in this mod.



  19. Lovers Voice SSP plus for Creatures

    for Creatures
    Version 0.83 beta
    Just as LoversVoiceSSPplus adds dialog during sex sessions by way of the use of standard subtitles, so now does this mod add dialog when an NPC has sex with a creature. You can now complain if a dog takes your ass, or taunt a spriggan when taking its ass.
    Okay, this is a beta version... not a full version.  I barely have everything worked out, and I know I want more included.
    There is 'some' dialog for nearly every instance where the NPC is the submissive.  AND some dialog for when the CREATURE is submissive too. Unfortunately, I haven't taken NPC genders into account in all cases.  Some NPC dialog does have gender content set up, but not all.  
    Some dialog takes TamagoClub cycles into question. So dialog changes based on its cycle.  But it isn't set to use the latest TamagoClub that has feminine drives established.  That'll be fun.

    There are two spells that may interest you. One changes your character's preferences towards animal sex, and the other to change that of an NPC's
    Some characters should have special preferences already set.  Hey, just look at some characters from Lovers Bitch, right???  And then there are some in the Isles that might NOT object too much about Grummites or Scalons.  But hey, they're insane anyway.
    More dialog (duh) Limited Range.  It should have a range for regular sex dialog anyway. Dialog if Creature is a slave or if NPC is a sex slave. Dialog based on Maternal instincts if NPC is ripe (requires latest TamagoClub) Ability to handle exterior mod creatures like LST BravilUnderground, the 'Soul of a Whore' from Crowning Isles, and more  
    Yes, this actively changes one of the scripts within the Lovers ESP files, the one that actually handles the selection and display of dialog during sex. The system apparently did have the capability for creature dialog but was later written out.  I re-introduced the feature, though I placed more routines within to account for certain mods like LoversSlaveTrader, LoversCreatures 2.5+ and more.
    This should be placed after Lovers with PK.esp at the very least.



  20. LoversDRadar

    (or Demeaning Acts Radar)
    Version 1.03b
    This add-on displays the locations  of NPCs engaged in demeaning acts of sex on your maps.  These acts of sex are ones initiated by  the Lovers with PK system. However, the Lovers Demeaning Acts Radar quest must be your active quest if you want the markers to appear on the map.
    Version 1.0 was reuploaded by Donkey, and can be found here:
    It displays a triangular green marker on the map when NPCs are engaged in sex The marker is removed when the NPCs finished having sex or were interrupted Only when the "Lovers Demeaning Acts Radar" quest will the markers show. Up to 10 markers may be displayed displayed at any one time Re-Translated into English  
    If markers don't vanish,  you may use the "Lovers Demeaning Reset" lesser power spell to correct the issue.
    What remained of the Japanese text was re-translated into English before being replaced in the mod. So the text wasn't replaced by what existed in earlier translated versions. As such, I took a look at the title itself.  Using Google Translate, it appeared to read/translate as Lovers Bullshit Radar.  I knew an error in translation appeared, so I took some of the Kanji out, entering spaces within.  It turns out that the beginning of the title actually read as 'Desmeaning'... This, made sense as some of the initial Debug messages read with 'DeGame' or the like.
    Lovers with PK



  21. Classic Quest Books

    Herein, you will now find available books and tomes that can and will assist you in finishing the multitude of tasks that appear within Tamriel.
    Not every book may be as complete as others.  Not every book is listed in an entertaining prose style.   But every book should give you  a heads-up on what to expect in both Nirn and beyond.
    Most books have anywhere between 40 to 100 pages, only a couple with page count less than 10. And one book has a massive 150 page first-person perspective. Roughly have include extra graphics, though the content of the Daedra book includes required location graphics.

    This package requires a mere two files:
    Both of these go within your Data Folder.  Activate and it will run no problem.




  22. DarkBloodine (Complete) Galgat-Tweaked

    Extract ALL files from the Downloads Page.
    Resources were compressed using .7z archiving. Due to the 250mb size cap, some resource archives were saved as spanned archive files.  What this means it that to extract from an archive split among two, three or more files, you merely extract from the first in the chain.  As an example, to extract all the contents of DarkBloodline - Textures, you run the extraction from DarkBloodline- Textures.7z.001. By itself, it will extract the remaining content from .002.  
    The original thread with all the discussions since 2013 can be found here:
      From the original upload

    LoversPK REV 96 would be best
    The Shivering Isle
    HGEC Body mod
    OBSE latest stable version
    Elys Universal Silent Voice
    Pluggy 125 or better. Galgat was running 132
    The system utilized the Daedra Sutra animations by Donkey
    Alternatively, you can use the DarkBloodlines fix by LongDukDong



  23. Player Slaver Additions

    REQUIRES: OBSE, BLOCKHEAD, PlayerSlaveEncounters meshes (just ZMC's animation and meshes folder)
    This mod is aimed at players who play as slavers, it adds ability (special spell) to bind/unbind your slaves (or any NPC) with special wrist irons. These spells just enable ZMC's cuff animations to be used by NPC, they don't change any AI or packages, so it's purely visual. Also this mod adds iron collar, ankle irons and gag (which has silence effect) as normal equipable items, so they can be used by both NPCs and player. 
    Just copy esp file into data directory and enable it.
    I don't think that load order matters cause it doesn't change any vanilla records.
    How to get it:
    Content of this mod is available through little quest, that'll show just after you start game.



  24. Lovers Slave Trade Extensions

    REQUIRES: OBSE, Lovers PK, Lovers Slave Trade 1.0 English Final
    I wrote this mod cause i was tired of pressing dialogue buttons each time i wanted to check slave's inventory.
    All it does is add option to quickly interact with slave by pressing button (by default it's I). If you set FullMenu in ini file to 0 (more about that later). 
    After pressing button and holding about 1 second (can be customised, it's done for performance) you'll instantly get control of slave's quick functions (or inventory) you are currently looking at.
    Copy esp file and ini folder into your data directory.
    Since this mod is addon to LST you need to put it lower than LST in your load order.
    How to use:
    After first mod installation wait a few secs for mod to activate.
    Look at any LST slave and press mod activation button (i by default) for one second and you'll be prompted with slave menu or inventory (depends of settings).
    Slave summoning (recall):
    Tired of slaves not following you to the city or getting lost? Then this function is for you. This function allows you to have list of 6 slaves which you can instantly teleport to your location (one at a time) by simply casting spell.
    How to use slave recalling:
    After mod installation you'll recieve "[LSTE] Recal" spell (if you are not using context menu then you'll recieve additionally mark and unmark spells)
    Casting this spell allows you to see marked slaves list (currently this mod supports up to 6 slaves in list) and choose which slave to "summon" (actually it teleports selected slave to you).
    If you have FullMenu option enabled than:
    To mark (add to he list) slave just choose "mark" option in context menu, but keep in mind that you can't mark slaves that were sold or being trained.
    Select "unmark" if you want to remove slave from recall list.
    If not then just use [LSTE]Mark and [LSTE]Unmark spells accordingly.
    (yeah, i know that you can summon dead or even sold slaves, i'll fix it)

    Mod settings:
    Mod settings are stored at "Data\ini\KLB\KLBLSTExt.ini".
    At this moment mod has next settings:
    set KLBLSTINV.fQuestDelayTime to 1 - This setting is responsible for overall speed of this mod processing, for example if you set to 0.1 button press will be registered immediately.
    set KLBLSTINV.downdkey to 23 - This is activation key stored as number, if you want to change it consider using scancodes table from this article: https://cs.elderscrolls.com/index.php?title=IsKeyPressed2
    set KLBLSTINV.FullMenu to 1 - This option is responsible for menu showing, set this to 1 if you want to see commands menu instead of inventory screen.
    set KLBLSTINV.DoOnce to 1 - This is required for optimisation (don't change this).



  25. Lovers Plunder

    Plunder is an adult mod mixing sexual life and followers.
    It is also called "Blunder", alias Plunder for Oblivion.
    It's a kind of complete mod for gamers wanting a sexual canvas behind the game world.
    If you were looking for mere sex opportunities for your character, you may have found what you seek.
    If you want an Oblivion game with full adult content support, then you have it.
    Blunder must be downloaded from loverslab.com and from nowhere else, because:
      > it contains dirty small talks
      > some dialogues (Pirvov's, Mysti's) contains racism, cruelty and perversion
      > many situations involve violent sex
      > it is dependent of Lovers With PK: Blunder's a Lovers mod
    Uninstalling Plunder will not undo things made with it.
      > actors can be heavily altered, even killed outside your decision
      > to uninstall, just track down anything named "plunder" in your data dir and delete it
    Plunder 0.6 is not Work-in-progress, neither Alpha, but Beta (until version 1.0):
      > Plunder's fully playable and robust
      > your suggestions are welcome, especially when you detect a "lost case" or a bug or a compatibility problem
         > my english is horrid, but I promise to make efforts

    General Direction
    Plunder gives to your game world sexual activites between NPCs.
    It also manages the resulting sexual acts and all the moves prior to sex.
    Therefore, you'll hear a woman rejecting the advance of a courtisan, or welcoming him.
    You'll see people returning to home to have sex.
    You'll see a shamelessly masturbator fapping before a couple making love (with good chances to interrupt them).
    You'll see a bandit forcing one of his female mate to sex.
    The sex life brought by Plunder is thick, with quantity of data: privacy, decency, responsibility, shyness.
    And logically, this is what you want when you download Plunder.
    But a gamer will want an interface to this sexual life, usable by followers, with all constraints (and there are many).
    Therefore, Plunder brings you a followers system and a faction firmly tied to this sexual life.
    You can ignore some parts in Plunder, it's fine and the mod will adapt.
    Mainly, you can only use the sex life, but not the faction, neither the follower system.
    I'd be a good idea to check the ini file of Plunder, located at Data/Ini/, to start adjusting things as you want them.
    Some options are accessible by the lever beside the "Plunder Chest" at Sinkhole (see below).
    What requires Plunder?
    OBSE 2.1 is required first.
    If you use Blockhead, Plunder will be able to identify children and elders against their Age Face Gen, beyond its normal scrutinity.
    If you want to review your travel log after game, showing everything happening around you, install ConScribe, which is also a plugin for OBSE.
    Plunder requires then Lovers w/ PK 1.41.
    You'd better download LAPF 1.62, which contains everything you want.
      > You should add Lovers Creatures
      > You need MB2 animation files if you want to see masturbation. MB2's esp is not required
        > stage times for masturbation are the ones you set in Lovers for normal sex progression
        > without MB2 esp, Plunder gives you no way to masturbate
    For load order, place Plunder.esp among the Lovers family, not before Lovers with PK.esp.
      > do not include Plunder.esp in Wrye's bashed patch if you use the tweak: all armors/clothing playable
    Better Cities - Imperial City Island is incompatible because it modifies Sinkhole Cave.
      > same for mods moving the location of Sinkhole Cave (or editing the terrain around), like Unique Landscapes - Imperial Isle.
    You need Lovers Slave Trader, if you want to use LST slaves along Plunder's. Otherwise, it's optional.
      > I recommend installing the complete Bravil Underground
    About conflicts, use your brain: if you install mods doing the same things, you're on your own.
    From the moment sex starts, Plunder excludes from Sex AI people doing sex.
      > this guarantees a certain compatibility with many Lovers mods
      > Plunder is forbidden to interfere in sexual acts it has not started itself
      > however, Plunder will (by default) use these sexual acts to update: love/rape story, fatigue after sex
    A following system mod (allowing you to hire people) is compatible, if really you want to keep it. You should try Plunder's first.
      > if you keep your follower system, then never use Plunder's
      > anyone following you is recognized by Plunder in any case (your followers won't go courting, for example)
    For a companion mod (NPCs designed to follow you):
      > do not hire these companions, do not convert them, never
      > use their own system to command them, Plunder will recognize them as mere follower
    Plunder manages after-sex fatigue, depending of the sexual act performed, Glow should be in conflict.
    Any affective system making people moving around is completely incompatible.
    When you don't know: test.

    Plunder has low compatibility on these levels:
    - any neutralized NPC by Plunder can be enslaved by the LST Enslave spell (and non-persistent actors are okay, see below)
    - any duplicated NPC by Plunder registers as destructible on death, entirely managed by Plunder
    - any duplicated NPC by Plunder receives their former body from SetBody (SetBody Reloaded Blockhead Edition 1.46a)
    - if you use Tamago Club, then Plunder will ask to it the fertility status of a woman and her ovulation peak
    - if you use Hiyoko Club, then Plunder should recognize one of your children (this depends, however, of their Age Face Gen)
      > if you need a mod to use kids with Plunder: see this post
    Features: on the player's side
    The Dispose Spell:
    - you choose to have a lesser power or a spell at start
    - this spell works on NPCs, mainly, and on nothing at all (empty space)
    - the first case gives you the Dispose Menu, to hire someone for example
    - the second case gives you the Order Menu, to command your team or call people
    - you can hire nearly anybody against gold
      > essential NPCs are special, Plunder tries to protect vanilla's until their quests are over
    - once hired, a NPC can receive orders, becoming a member of the Plunder Faction
    Small Talks:
    - apart a few exceptions, we don't talk in Plunder, instead we use message boxes and buttons to answer
    - it gives a Morrowind touch to Oblivion
    - you can try to neutralize any NPC with your fists
    - do not think the neutralization in combat is quick-and-go
      > pieces of equipment must be pulled out, it's violent
      > sometimes, you cannot hope to neutralize your opponent, who's too strong
      > you need a good score in Hand to Hand and in Strength, against the same skill/attribute of your opponent
    - you can be neutralized by someone using fists against you and wanting to rape you
    - if you play a woman, creatures will also try to neutralize you if they have the "bad idea"
      > you need Lovers Creatures, otherwise they won't attempt anything beside normal attacks
    - playing a woman pushes you to be cunning and alert on potential threats, giving a new touch to the game style
    - you can also attempt another style of neutralization against a non hostile NPC:
      > you must no be in combat and the target must not be hostile toward you
      > sneak, being detected has no importance, and strike with your fist
      > follow the instructions on the screen and don't let your target escape
      > you need a good Agility and a good Strength against the same attributes of your victim
    - before a neutralized target (by you or anyone else), get close to know what to do
      > you can convert (as Plunderers) or enslave (as slaves) neutralized enemies
      > if you convert quest characters (especially vanilla's) you may have to kill them after to advance the quest
    Sexual Life:
    - like anyone else in the game world, you have two indices: Excitment (which is social) and Sex Need
    - to obtain excitation: kill things, neutralize people, complete quests, discover a new location, hear an orgasm...
    - once obtained, a part of your excitation can transform itself into sex need
    - with a high excitation and a high sex need, you are a good lover at bed (ie: producing "good love" in your relation)
    - each day, your excitment cools off or restores itself a bit, your remaining sex need (depending whether you had sex) too
    - you can try to seduce someone with the Dispose spell
      > the resulting small talk is driven by the decency of your speaker, and you adapt to this decency in your answers
      > excepted the last one, marked [quit], which will certainly destroy your relation (you may have reasons to do that)
    - in high privacy area (like in town in daylight), your partner will lead you to "a quieter place", ie: their private bed
      > and sometimes, it's locked
      > your partner will try to give you the key, if one is available (you may have to do a break-in for complex situations)
      > or you can ask your lover to accompany you, looking for a quieter place when there's none
    - you can have as many partners you want, but, when you give pleasure, your other lovers deteriorate a bit their love to you
    - don't be surprised the first time you have sex with your partner, your armor is removed
      > you will reequip automatically by leaving the area or by being attacked, until then you remain as you are
      > your clothes are not concerned
    - with your Dispose spell, you can set the sexual orientation of anybody, including Essential characters
    Your Team:
    - you can order your team to assault the area with up to three assault groups
      > the attack is looking professional, but beware of traps
      > you are not supposed to assault towns with your team... be careful, especially with Plunderers
    - you can order up to 9 followers to plunder the area
      > do not worry about encumberance, surplus go to the Plunder Chest (see below)
    - you have other orders to follow, hold the position, etc.
      > "follow, engage" means: engage at will => attack on sight (dangerous in civilian areas)
      > just say "follow regroup" to keep things as normal
    - you can call for reinforcements or order the retreat
      > reinforcements appear at the entry you took if you are deep in a dungeon
    - these orders can be immediate or delayed, globally Plunder's followers aren't robots reacting at the same time
    - I advise you to practice your leaderhip around Sinkhole before going into real situations
    - any team mate doing a kill will progress by gaining health abilities and, if they are capable, a heal spell
      > Plunderers have the best progression, their second kill bring them a bonus in hand to hand
      > Companions are good, too, just remember people have to be in your team to progress
      > you surely will organize hunts (mudcrabs, deers... just say Assault!) to prepare your new recruits for real action
    Your Faction:
    - you cannot access the inventory of the Levy, you must upgrade/promote/demote your follower to another rank
      > and sometimes, you cannot: try to rise the disposition of your follower above 70 (by default) to promote them Companion
    - your members can live at Sinkhole (slaves cannot live elsewhere)
      > Sinkhole is north of the Imperial City, on the city island, the sole cave in this part
      > you can deactivate the respawning bandits at Sinkhole by using the lever beside the Plunder Chest
    - each member has a day life and, when you return there, people are busy
      > this life at Sinkhole was designed accordingly to the mod's name, it's a harsh/uncivilized life
      > mostly, your faction may look like a ring of bandits or a camp of shamelessly folks
    - you'll find a large stone chest there, it's the "Plunder Chest"
      > fill it with usable loot and cast Dispose on it: your team will reequip with the content
      > you can leave food inside, books, potions, tools, bows and weapon, anything usefull for your members in their day life
      > this is indeed where they search things
    - on the right side of the Plunder Chest, you have a lever
      > activate it to change your sexual preferences, some settings or reset certain data in Plunder
    - other things at Sinkhole date from the previous versions of Plunder:
      > some traders
      > a quest "Sinkhole Installation", which terminates once you negotiate slaves prices with Mysti
        > if you want to play "real" (with the original quest), say you want to "go to Sinkhole later" at start, then go to it
      > all these old things are discontinued but fully usable; you might find a use of these traders anyway
    - by searching the place a bit, you'll meet "Mysti", who can sell you furniture and infrastructure
      > you have to reach "mercantile trust" as she says, ie: grow the barter gold of each trader to 3000
      > she will agree to remove the annoying trap in the cave, if you have gold
    Features: NPCs' side
    - with default settings, women have not the reflex to have the "bad idea" to willing to rape an opponent in combat
      > unless they feel simultaneously Hate and Like to the targeted sex, like any NPC having "amazon" in their name
      > in intense combat, a woman can override this limitation and rape a man being just neutralized
      > any woman is perfectly able to rape a neutralized man, if she thinks the idea interesting
    - when a combattant has the "bad idea", they remove their weapon and attempt a neutralization, exactly as you do it yourself
    - the more a combattant has sex need, the more they will think about the "bad idea" (which can be a bad idea, indeed, against powerful opponents)
    - any NPC seeing, with their eyes, a neutralized target on the ground will go to them
      > their reaction depends, sometimes they walk away
      > your faction members always go, even without seeing them
    - on some occasion, you'll witness a crazed creature (even deers!) attacking people (or you)
      > they received Excitation and transformed it successfully in sex need, turning them crazy
      > only creatures natively hostile to you are concerned, not your horse
    Sexual Life:
    - I think I told you nearly everything in the General Direction section: people are moving to have sex
    - Essential NPCs from Oblivion and Knights of the Nine are restricted in their Sex AI (you can add more mods if you want)
      > they cannot decide sex, so they cannot go away for this reason
      > you always can stop someone (essential or not) on the move by chosing "Hey, come back!" with the Dispose spell
    - Plunder randomizes the Lovers' voice of women
    - Plunder also randomizes (a bit) the Personality attribute to avoid seeing the same numbers for everyone
    - when you complete a quest or discover a location, the gain of excitation propagates to nearby NPCs (and creatures)
    - children are ignored, either for deciding sex or to be a target for sex
    - any actor sneaking (you included) avoids deciding sex or be a target for sex
    - NPCs try to "marry" when you meet them, Plunder searches where they sleep and with who, mainly
      > and for those who have no love story at all, they try, each day, to find a bit of happyness with someone
    - nobility folks (counts and countesses) are married when Plunder initializes
      > you can add other couples in the file Data/Ini/PlunderMarry.ini (use the lever beside the Plunder Chest to apply)
    - Plunder keeps tracks of any love story between two people, even between bandits
      > to not pollute your cosave, obsolete stories are destroyed when you reload your game
    - NPCs are happy with a single lover normally, it depends on their Responsibility
      > the more you play, the more people "taste" others and build their lover preference
    - any guard is an ambulant love-killer and people try to remain correct when they see one (and sometimes, they don't see them)
    - rapists exist in the world and can perform sexual aggression against weak victims
    - you may see people naked, because of any reason related their sexual life, and normally:
      > they will find clothes automatically (they always prefer clothes to armor)
      > if you want to help them, drop shoes, pants, shirt (what they lack) around you
      > if they don't want what you drop, that certainly means they are "unarmored", like you are before loving sex
    - a NPC feeling desire for you (and searching for love) will certainly approach you to tell you sweet words
      > accordingly to their decency, the "sweet words" will be more or less rude or precious
      > you can shorten this approach while in the real dialogue, it damages disposition, without any other consequence
        > the real dialogue is there to allow you to see the face of your courtisan, since the small talk will be displayed after
      > beware if you choose the rude answer in the small talk and if your speaker is feeling love-at-first-sight it may happen that:
        > prude ones can become erotomanic stalker, constructing a real love story - you'd better ignore them for a long while
        > social ones are the worst, spreading gossips on your back, inflicting faction damage
        > lusty ones usually turn mad
        > you have no way to detect a love-at-first sight, so be careful
    - a partner may request more sex after sex, that means they felt at the same time the pleasure of sex and the pleasure of love
      > this is also true for your partners
    - on the contrary, a NPC may refuse sex to another (you included)
      > for you, there's two types of refusal: normal and critical
      > normal refusal is soft (you read no hostility): you can ask again with no risk
      > critical refusal sounds like your relation is over, I wouldn't set your hopes up
    - since there's no porn in Oblivion, masturbators bother couples by fapping before them
    - any victim of a rape will trigger a reaction to it once they recover their mind
      > this reaction depends, you may see anything
    Emergency Kit:
    Either click on the target or type "player." before the command (for example: player.additem xx725D1 50).
    "xx" refers to the load order number of Plunder.esp in hexadecimal.
    1. You want to remove a neutralization with the console:
    removeitem xx065203 1
    setunconscious 0
    2. You want to add 20 Excitment or Sex Need:
    additem xx725D1 20
    additem xx725D2 20
    3. You want to break/fix a masturbation:
    removeitem xx0658F3 100
    and if doesn't work:
    setunconscious 0
    4. You want to alter the decency of someone by 20:
    additem xx08E88B 20
    removeitem xx08E88B 20
    Last words:
    On a general advice, do not hire your lovers. Subordination kills desire.
    Plunder does not allow essential members/followers.
    You can bypass it with the console:
      > open the console and click on the companion
      > type: SetRefEssential 1
    If they are from Oblivion or Knights of the Nine, they'll gain the Sex AI restriction, as explained above.
    If you have Bravil Undergound, it would be a good idea to leave some slaves (LST or not) in town to avoid bad surprises.
    You can enslave a neutralized target with the LST spell, if you want. If applicable, the NPC will be duplicated.
    Or, you can "export" a Plunder slave to LST. See page 2 of the Dispose Menu, the option "I'll find you an owner".
      > the export is direct, and the slave is ready to train
    If your character bears the Lovers' flag slave, you may receive message from Plunder warning you someone wants to "use" you.
    Because Plunder recognized your character as sex slave.
    When seducing someone, open the console: you have the details of the desire of your character, it may help you.
    When trying to neutralize an opponent, open the console: your hits are displayed with their efficiency, if this efficiency is above 0%.
    To have a Favorite, you must have a relation with love above their Personality / 2.
    If this is the case, you have the option in the Dispose Menu, page 2. It results in a free new member: your favorite.
    Favorites can live at Sinkhole, with a special day life. They are also immune to jealousy.
    If you encounter CTD while converting a neutralized target:
      > it would be a good idea to quicksave before a conversion
      > in the current state of Plunder, this CTD is not frequent and it is advised to kill the target causing the CTD
      > sometimes, raping the target before converting them resolve the situation
    If you encounter CTD while sex is starting/running/ending:
      > give it another try, if it persists, warn me on the forum
    If you encounter CTD in another situation...
      > first, be sure to have the last version of Plunder
      > next, like above, try again, if it persists warn me on the forum
    Thank you and enjoy the day with Plunder.



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