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  1. You have to choose: A) Use the 43 header or B) let me resave the ESM and the ESP and test it for 3 or 4 weeks to see if the CK broke something...It might take a bit longer, I'm short on time.
  2. Not so large? Well there are not so many clothes, but it has a lot of furniture... I didn't count but i think there are more items in it than there are in DD. And I'm only the caretaker. So I will not do any changes to the .esm without being sure, that they will not break other mods, that depend on it.
  3. Fot the dining table, turn left and take a look at one of the shelves... there youz an activate it... or furs to sleep on... or soem other stuff, I have forgotten. For the idles: redownload ZAZ, the markers are only visible if you have run nifopt on the idles.
  4. And where are Nocturnal, Mara, Dibella, Kynareth,... ? BTW: I hope you also make a Daedra version... just for the lorefrindlyness..... Boethia, Azura, Namira, Vaermina... and maybe Mephala...
  5. The weapon errors are easy to fix, simply open the weapons in the ck and click into the critical data entries, close and save The QUST entries will for sure be scripts You will have to check if it just filling in the script properties, or if you have to do a bit more.
  6. If it only appears as soon as you get colser to specific NPC it is usually a bad nif or texture in a clothing/armor replacer.
  7. Well, I didn't do so much... I just collected all the pieces that others have done, put them together and asked for permission to release them. There are people on LL that call this 'doing shitty ports' or even 'stealing'
  8. Just to blame myself: On the SSE side there are for sure some things in DD that I have missed to correct.....
  9. And with the crash limit fix you will not run into that problem again. To stop this discussion here you should all move over to the DD LE development thread and discuss this with Kimy and the other happy customers, that made DD that big. BTW: There are ppl who want that DD also covers the furniture part. I fear that this will not make it smaller.
  10. When installer asks for an .dll select 'none'
  11. This sounds interesting: Someone with scriptigs skills should take a look at it and check if the patch could also solve some other loading problems in the MCM. Like the 2-5 minutes it takes to open the Menu for registering the ZAZ anims to SL...
  12. Not the horses again.... First: Make sure that the skeleton will not get overwritten by XPMS.
  13. Well if you want to do a framework like DD from scratch, you need a team of ppl working concentrated for 2 or 3 years and you also need a lot of other developers to make those nice little additional mods around it, because then all the old mods will not be compatible with the new version. Without ports we would be far away from what we have now. It doesn't matter, who does the conversion: they all have to cope with a new body, a new skeleton and a new physics engine, some other minor changes and the regular Beth updates. If you look at the SE Download section, you will see that most of the downloads are not made by the original authors. Most of them would not be able to do the support for SE specific problems...
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