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  1. I noticed problems when I tried to pick up more than 3 pieces of one clothing at a time. I finally switched to pick up a single set, that didn't make any problems so far.
  2. Does your port of Eager NPC require all the same files as the original

    1. Pfiffy
    2. StolenTube02


      Thanks for letting me know

  3. Well: It would be too much trouble for a mod manager to check if all nifs and anims are converted or if the textures are have the right format so they just check the header. If they find the old '43' they say it is incompatible and that is simply wrong in 99% of all cases. On the other hand you really mess up things by resaving an esp. I already managed to add an error to the esp of alternate start, which was made with the new CK by just opening it with the CK and saving it again. Don't listen to anybody who tells you that an esp for SE has to have the 44 header.
  4. I wonder if this 44 header thing will ever come to an end...
  5. Maybe you can find someone who is good at writing xmls and better at rebuilding the nifs. I ran out of ideas...
  6. Can you do a SE conversion of Anub's latest animation mod for Skyrim?  I'd really appreciate it!

    1. Pfiffy


      I'm working on it.

  7. This is not the whole truth.... But simply resaving the mod isn't also the whole truth. For a quick guide I would skip the step. If you keeping it in the guide, you have to explain what needs to be done there and then it is no longer a quick guide. And there is one thing you should do with the esp no matter if you resave the mod or not: Always check it for errors in TESVEdit!
  8. Well, I'm short on time and for the things I do, outfit studio does the job. (for now...) I'm missing the option to remove/seperate objects completly from a nif. Removing the verticles is a bit..... It takes several attemps until you get the _0 and _1 size cut in the same way. But OS keeps the weighting intact (for the most part...)
  9. That's my problem right now. I don't have 3DS anymore, and I don't know how to use Blender. Right now I'm cutting in Outfitstudio. It works... even if it is quite complicated. You can't merge witth it.
  10. I always have been in the phase that I give a "participation" trophy to everyone that is just NOT showing up.... Is this an 'antiparticipation' throphy in this case?
  11. So it will be a seperate part in the nif? For one of my projects I will need a full closed body.... with attached hands and feets and maybe the head, too.
  12. Looks pretty interesting... I'm working on a Armor/clothing replacer for SE and did some cutting on male clothes for it. (some sort of a Minidress Collection for males) A BS body will solve a lot of problems for me. Is it possible to close the hole in the body where the genitals are placed? I'm playing around with Bodysuits, too...
  13. Sounds a bit strange.... For me it is Download the file, Start Vortex, click on 'mods' click on 'install from file' and then wait until the fomod installer starts....
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