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  1. Hi. Thank you and CPU for this mod. I had it  working just fine, but my game got corrupted and I had to start a new game. After that, I uninstalled the mod, manually removed all the scripts and ssx files from my data folder, and reinstalled. Ran LOOT, FNIS, and sseeditquickautoclean.

    Scent of Sex shows in MCM menu, but all items below the title show as follows:  "???". I click on the top one, and it opens the main page. The rest of them do nothing.

    CPU has helped me through some problems in the past. I need help again, please. Thank you.

  2. Hey I've been trying to get the creature framework to work. The files are there but it doesn't show up on the Mod Manager Menu in skyrim se. I normally just do a manual download and use the NMM to port the files into skyrim se. It normally works. I've tried everything I can think and I'm not sure what to do can you help?

  3. And the others: Devious Devices For Him.espDevious Devices - Contraptions.esmDevious Devices - BRRF.esp
  4. I did it to see if we get errors afterwards. 'Good practice'.... Since you did the work this time, I just wanted add my share...
  5. So here are the first resaved esms: Devious Devices - Integration.esm Devious Devices - Assets.esm Devious Devices - Expansion.esm Will check the others tomorrow... They are not tested, so handle with care...
  6. You can have 3 with you and You can leave 3 of them in verey hold. The add on allows you to leave additional ones where ever you want.
  7. Is there a fix for the Nords, that have the Vampire Cattle Voice while gaged?
  8. The most important thing you wrote is: Make sure to Override everything when installing More Nasty Critters. I stopped telling this, because I always ran into discussions about 'XPMS always comes last' every time...
  9. Well, you (both) don't have to do it all alone...
  10. In the beginnig I was just one with the courage to ask for permissions. But now that things get going I see how limited my abilities are... Mods like DD or ZAZ need a team of specialized people that are much better than me.
  11. You should take over this one... You are already rocking the support.
  12. You will not get the old CF running, if the new one (included in MNC) has been installed before. You need to clean the save first.
  13. Forget about Loot in this case... MNC and everything that deals with creatures only works reliable if you let it overwrite XPMSSE. SOS also works fine if you put it after XPMSSE.
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