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  1. For the headparts: You can still use the old ones instead of converting them. They usually work fine. For the CK: For me It crashes usually as soon as I try to edit and save Hearthfire related content.
  2. Pfiffy

    Scent of Sex

    Well, I have done a port, but it is buggy due to missing stuff in the dependecies. Haven't tested it with the new versions of SKSE/SL. Give me a day and I tell you how it behaves right now.
  3. Well, after upgrading I don't have problems with DD and Estrud. Both are not compatible with the new runtime, but I can still play my game and the fuktions of both programs are still intact. I have at least one report about one other working DD install with the new SKSE version. So it is a bit plug and pray.
  4. Pfiffy

    Scent of Sex

    SKSE 1.5.39 is for SE SL1.62 and SKSE 1.7.3 is for Oldrim, And SkyUI 5.2 is for SE again... This is a very interesting combination....
  5. It sounds to me like SE and oldrim Installations got mixed up. Its from the original author.
  6. So you are reading the old LE logs? It looks a bit like there is something terribly mixed up....
  7. Pfiffy


    hm.... maybe a problem with RM and/or ECE?
  8. Pfiffy

    My saved games have a quirk

    Seems like I missed that one. As it first appeared I looked for infos but didn't found a solution and then I didn't play LE for a while, so I no longer care. But now I got myself back to modelling and have to swithch more often...
  9. Pfiffy

    My saved games have a quirk

    This sounds a bit familiar to me. I have that every time I switch betweesn Skyrim SE and oldrim. If I start SE (Even if I don't play it) and try to start LE afterwards the game does no longer respond to the keybord. The only way out is to end the game with ctrl-alt-del and reboot the computer. SE does not make any problems and as long as I don't start SE LE works without any problems.
  10. It didn't work for me as I tried it out in LE and the same function is covered by SLEN so I skipped it.
  11. Pfiffy


    can you coc to other locations?