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  1. So you really have to check all of your mods one-by-one. You can skip the Follower mods, the Sexlab related Stuff, Clothes. I would start with the mods, that deal with all kinds of lights and you have plenty of them...
  2. Well, I'm famous for having strange ideas... And this time the Idea was, that you maybe don't freeze, but that it is just too dark....(or the lights are just turned off completely) If you don't have any problems with the vanilla caves without Lux, but the problem persists with LOD there still must be something else messing with the lightning of the caves in your game. hm.... Since the vanilla caves are accessible without Lux, but you still have problems with LOD, it seems like it doesn't mess with the cells, but with the lightning setting itself. so you have to check your other mods against LOD and lux in xedit. Concentrate on these entries: The other option is to remove all mods, reinstall them one by one and see at which point the trouble begins...
  3. So if it is really 'your' lightning mod, you will have to go back to the drawing board.... But in this case you know the internals and can compare them with the other mods to see whats going wrong. If it is the lightning mod you prefer, check if there are any updates or patches or if the problem is already addressed in the forums. For the Windcaller pass, check again if the save is really clean... It might not be clean enough. Or (This sometimes happens) you might need a patch for the USSEP (Modders should add it as a dependency or write a patch for it if they are dealing with the included stuff) Since the problem seems to come from Lightning, it is also a good idea to check conflicts with the lantern and/or lightning mods you have installed. It might be dark, because they turn off the light as soon as you enter a dark place. Have you ever tried to equip a torch?
  4. For a clean version you have to uninstall them and then clean the save. Look for Fallrim tools. Make two saves, so you have one to work with and one as back up. For a real test you have to start a new game.
  5. It will not be the USSEP... Try it with different combinations of the other 3 mods and see what happens... there and in the other caves where you freeze...
  6. Well, one more thing you could try is checking which mods have an impact on the troublemakers by checking your mods in TESEdit and see which one has an effect on the cells. but that a lot of work.
  7. good question... The only thing that I can exclude is a defective mesh... It might be a lightning effect... It might be a script loop... You have so many mods installed, that it is hard to tell.
  8. Usually not, they cause crashes if something is wrong. But they might be conflicts with one of the add-on's you have installed. Since you have a lot of mods installed, that change the cells, it could also be, that one of them causes this.
  9. And those you can get into? I didn't find infos on the wind caller pass, but one is with trolls the other with falmers and Dwemer machines. Do you have mods that alter the ore mines?
  10. The meshes don't seem to be the problem. If there is something wrong with them you usually CTD and don't freeze. That's why I am asking for the kind of cave you can't enter. you have to look what is in there and check which mods might have an influence on that. If there are bandits, check the bandits. If it is falmers, check the falmers. This is better than removing all mods, go to one cave and reinstall them one-by-one to see where the trouble begins.... It might be a simple load order problem or two mod doing opposite things at the same time (like adding and removing the same things)
  11. With this load order it hard to tell. A good start is to look which caves are freezing and what is in them. This might reduce the mods you have to look at.
  12. I'm just the cartaker for Yinkles mods, but if works, I might add it to the list. I just need more than 1 feed back...
  13. Anything overwriting the Chauruses? Did you test that on both genders?
  14. They will not appear in SLAL because they are not SLAL anims. (Same the anims that are integrated in SL) first thing to check is if the anims play at all. Use the Estrus spells to trigger them.
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