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  1. You can recruit them with EFF via the MCM. It worked for me on the few ones I have tested so far.
  2. Well first thing I stumble over is you don't check for gender specific anims... Test it 'just in case'. Do you have the same problem if you start without LAL? Have you already run Nif scan? (choose the -fix dds option. It might mess up some anim objects, but at least it will make all nifs some sort of 'fail-safe' There are still a lot of problems with defeat... another candidate for 'try without' Well, I usually forget it, because it does no harm.....
  3. I found two things, you might take a look at: Nifskope complains about a wron texture size in the RavenDeer outfit: one of the Tattoos. The textures of the Rocker outfit are very big. with 4096x4096 uncompressed I was not able to load them in Nifscope and whenever they appear in game it it a massive loading orgy. I also found a Teendoll wearing the vanilla bandit armor. This wrecked the body texture. But makes me think about replacing the teen Body with the default Body I use ingame (UUNP)
  4. I just wonder: Will this change the Body to the default female body ingame?
  5. Pfiffy

    HDT SMP for SSE?

    In some cases you need to edit the nifs BEFORE you run NO on them. The Vertex colour settings have to be set up correctly in order to be converted correctly. If you skip that step, you can never know what comes out.....
  6. Well, I guess that this part of the mod has to be rewritten for using Body morphs instead of the node scaling. This is something I can't do atm, because I don't have the abillities to do that. So right now I can't offer a Solution.
  7. Well, as fa as I remember both work out of the box as long as you extract the bsa's (if they come with one....)
  8. sorry... it is close to the '0'.... but it worked about 20 Minutes before my last post and it also worked about 5 Minutes ago.... So I guess it will also work if start playing again....
  9. it was.... about 2ß minutes ago...
  10. This is somethig that Kimy has to decide. I just ported everything and tried to make it as stable without making chnges to the content. As long as the status of HDT SMP is uncertain and noone does a conversion of the HDT stuff to SMP it will stay in this way. Did you grab the new .dll ?
  11. One more pearl in the list of mods: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/1826/? This finally fixed a lot of problems with trading for me even the gold bug.... And I need some testers for a little add on to TDF. I finally made it legendary..
  12. It will be much better if your personal problems are solved. So set priorities right. I'm ok with your betas....
  13. At least the header didn't make any problems for me until now.
  14. They will work on all SL SE versions as long as you have the SL Animation Loader (SLAL) installed and working properly.