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  1. SexLab Light SE Development Thread

    It is an incompatible texture file with the size 512x513. All 3 DD files made less trouble then Creature framework. Take a look at SE Conversion tracking...
  2. Noneed to be rude... and thank you for reminding me about posting a link to JC... I hope that github has no traffic limit...
  3. Maybe the link is not working this way, but it is on the Download page from Aroused Redux. Last file... SexLab Aroused Redux SSE.7z
  4. Nothing at all in the load order? Interesting...
  5. https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1421-sexlab-aroused-redux-december-05-2016/?do=download&r=657884&confirm=1&t=1&csrfKey=949a373fab0df3f2a92bd93737635432 try this one...
  6. Look into Loverslab - Downloads - Skyrim SE - Adult mods.
  7. Anyone her talking spanish? CapitanoHook seems to have problems with MNC....
  8. You need to have Aroused redoux installed. Open Creature Framework, set Arousal threashold to 0 and all will permanetly show what they have..
  9. I think that MNC comes with everything you are looking for. If you want the creatures to show what they have all the time, set the arousal threashold in CF to 0. BTW: I did not make this... I have just converted it...
  10. Look into the download section here. I posted it ther about 20 minutes before I posted this one.
  11. Mods have a Header and that from oldrim is 43 and that from SE is 44. To change the Header you have to open the mod in the new ck make and undo a change and save it again. I usually skip that step.
  12. Looking at the picture it seems like they found a way to make it possible to install more than the 255 Mods. Would be interesting to see the changes if more CC mods were added. It would also be interesting how the mods behave if you change the loadorder in the Skyrimlaucher or add them manually. Keep in mind, that MO and NMM are no bethesda tools. They don't care about them. In fact, they integrated a modmanager into SE.
  13. OK... If CF is still working after CC mods come in, the next question is if it could be updated. Can you reregister mods to CF?
  14. Ok.. I will try it with placing the DLL in as dummy and check for the xp .pex Edit... The pex did the trick. the DLL had no effect.