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  1. I will probably implement some kind of leveling system eventually, but not for 0.8. But 0.8 will have a way to change how much you earn per client in a range between 10 and 150 gold. The default will still be 50. I'm also adjusting the cut so that Benjen takes 40% instead of 60%, and innkeepers take less if you're working for someone. Instead of 25% if you work for Dibella's Garden and 15% if you work for Benjen, it will be 15% for DG and 10% for Benjen.
  2. There is no way to do that in 0.7. I may provide some adjustment for how much you earn per client in 0.8, within some limits. In the meantime, "player.additem f <amount>".
  3. Not without the console right now. If you replace "xx" with the load order value for the mod, removing yourself from the factions should stop the accounts from updating, so you should never have any penalties: Dibella's Garden: player.setfactionrank xx00aa1d -2 Benjen: player.setfactionrank xx20ab22 -2 I think you can also just not pay your Dibella's Garden dues. It will calculate penalties on them, but I haven't implemented getting fired yet. Don't try that with Benjen. You will definitely get a bounty. Also, if you remove yourself from DG and then try to work in one of their brothels, you will be treated as a trespasser and get a bounty. I will definitely look at adjusting that balance, though.
  4. I've seen a few things that can cause this when working on my mod, but the most common ones are: Sometimes if you haven't given any conditions at all on the dialogue, there will be no voice type listed. This can be fixed by setting conditions on the dialogue. If the dialogue conditions include GetIsAliasRef, and the Creation Kit can't figure out what the voice types of the references that might fill the alias would be, then there will be no voice type listed. This can be fixed by filling in the Additional Valid Voice Types for Export field on the Reference Alias window. If the dialogue conditions include GetInFaction, and there are no NPCs assigned to that faction in the Creation Kit, then there will be no voice type listed. I think the only way to fix this is to create an NPC and assign them a voice type and the faction you're testing, even if you never put that NPC into the game world. Also, it seems like if there are multiple conditions on the dialogue, then it will take the most restrictive combination of all of these when determining what voice types might say the line. So, if you set Additional Valid Voice Types for an alias, but you also have a GetInFaction check where there are no NPCs assigned to the faction, you'll still have no voice types listed. I don't think it is possible to fix it without editing the mod, even if only temporarily. The game itself will be fine if the voice files are just in the right place with the right name.
  5. OK, yeah, anything that makes normally essential NPCs killable is pretty much off the table for support. Use at your own risk and all that. If you're going to try to go to an old save and resurrect NPCs and you still can't get the Whiterun quest to start with dialogue, then setstage tapqwhiterunlicense 10 should tell you whether it's good or not. It would probably work without having to use the console, but it depends on whether there's anything that will trigger the script to start the quest that will still run again in whatever state you're in.
  6. I don't want my mod to break in those situations, though lol. Do you by chance have the unofficial patches installed for LE? I think I didn't really handle him being dead because he's supposed to be essential with the unofficial patch installed. Killing off Jod is a feat, because I think he's essential in vanilla lol, but yeah I think him being dead would break anything in Dawnstar.
  7. I'm not officially supporting LE, but it's also possible you're seeing a bug that the supported version would have, too. That actually sounds like the quest can't start for some reason. You can check whether it is even running with: sqv tapqwhiterunlicense I assume Proventus is still living, since you're trying to talk to him, but do you happen to know if Brill has been killed in your save? Looking at the quest, I think if either Proventus or Brill is dead then the quest will not be able to start. If you're not sure, you can check with: prid 1a6a3 getdead If you find that Brill is in fact dead in your save, I would appreciate letting me know. If he is, and you want to test if that's where the problem is, then you could try doing this and letting me know if it works: prid 1a6a3 resurrect setstage tapqwhiterunlicense 10 If that works, you could either leave Brill resurrected and proceed with the quest, or you can reload a save and may still be able to cheat a little bit to get the license. Replacing xx with the load order value for The Ancient Profession in your game, you can do this: prid xx3ec1ed additem xx093ba4 1 This will put a copy of the license into a hidden storage chest that the mod uses so that it knows when you have the license even if you don't carry it around with you.
  8. I actually couldn't reproduce that. I just tried it and it worked fine for me. Do you have a quest marker pointing to him? If not, the quest TAPQGetLicenseMisc may not be running or may not be at stage 5 like it needs to be. If nothing else, you could try: setstage tapqwhiterunlicense 1000 The only major problem I encountered last time I tried this out more fully was that scenes where characters aren't supposed to strip don't work. My guess is that the newer versions of SexLab support a way of telling them not to strip that the latest LE version doesn't.
  9. On the contrary, suggestions are quite welcome! I just can't promise that they will all align with what I want the mod to be or that I will have time to do them all. That said, I think your idea is very interesting. It is already my intention to allow speechcraft leveling through some types of dialogue. For example, you don't have to go through an exchange of pleasantries with Vanikseth in Winterhold, but if you do then you get small amounts of speechcraft experience. Along the same lines, if you follow conversation paths through with Janilla in Solitude, an option to express sympathy for a sad event in her life is available, and you also get a small amount of speechcraft experience for that. I will add it to my list of ideas to consider.
  10. If you join the brothel, then you will eventually (after about 20 clients) unlock higher-paying jobs. I do have some balance work I want to do on the mod, but just so you know I don't really intend for prostitution to be a way to make great riches. You can suppress animations in the MCM menu. I did not provide a way to suppress vaginal animations by default, because there are lot of scenes in the mod where vaginal is required. However, if you don't mind a little light editing of a JSON file, you can change which tags can be suppressed in the file: Data\SKSE\Plugins\The Ancient Profession\suppressable tags.json You would then need to go into the MCM menu and select the option to refresh the list of suppressable tags. You should then see the additional suppression options you added appear in the menu. One point I should make clear: you won't break anything by suppressing vaginal animations, but you may still see the types of animations you were trying to suppress if the scene requires it.
  11. There are some lines that Ulfric says, yes. I think there might be some for Tullius, too. Any particular reason?
  12. No, one of them said it "KELL-ay" and I want it to be "KELL-uh". It wasn't consistent, though. Going by the line I quoted I'd say it's FemaleYoungEager that did it that way.
  13. I understand some of the difficulty on some of these and I figured some of them might be hard to fix. Let me see if I can get you info about these other ones...
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