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The Ancient Profession is a prostitution and quest mod.


It aims to make prostitution feel as natural in the game's world as joining the College of Winterhold or the Thieves Guild, and to help you role-play a prostitute character who isn't a combat bad-ass at the start of the game. The mod adds the following:

  • Quests. Many of the quests are designed around role-playing, not combat.
    • Low-level characters can do most of the quests. High-level characters just have more options.
    • The quests are meant to feel like they belong in the game's world, not like a separate sex game sitting on top of Skyrim.
    • Even when they expand on lore, the quests are intended to stay lore-friendly.
    • This is a SexLab mod, so the quests will usually somehow involve sex.
  • Prostitution. Entertain clients and do special jobs to earn money. There are several different prostitution factions that you can join, with their own benefits and drawbacks.
  • Becoming a succubus. One of the quest lines will allow you to become a succubus, which grants you new perks and abilities. This system is completely optional and should not interfere with any other succubus mod, if you prefer a different one. 
  • Public sex and unlicensed prostitution as crimes. Complete quests to get a license to work in each of Skyrim's holds so that you don't receive a bounty for illegal prostitution. Have sex in private so that you don't get reported for having sex in public, or turn that option off if you want to have sex wherever you want (or let another mod handle making public sex illegal).


I hope that players enjoy getting to know the characters in the mod and find the quest lines interesting to play.


This mod is intended for female player characters. A future version may have things for male player characters to do, but this probably won't happen in the near future.


Content warning. The Ancient Profession deals mostly with consensual sex. However, some of the paths through a few of the quests can have rape scenes. These are always avoidable in some way. Some optional quest content requires creature animations.


Note about LE compatibility:


@killer905 has created an LE port of The Ancient Profession.


Please note that this remains officially unsupported by me. I may or may not address bugs that exist in the LE version. It depends heavily on whether those same bugs exist in the SE version or are caused by using the mod with LE, and it depends if the bugs are easy to fix.


How to start the quests


Option 1: Go to a Dibella's Garden brothel and speak to the madam. There are locations near Solitude, Whiterun, and Windhelm.


Option 2: Go to any innkeeper and ask, "Do you have any work that doesn't involve risking my life?". Then ask "May I sell my company in your inn?". If you are in a hold in Skyrim, it will start a quest to get a license in that hold. If you are outside of Skyrim, such as in Raven Rock or in a location added by a mod, you will not need a license, but you will still get an objective to get one in Skyrim before working there.


Option 3: Speak to a prostitute.


Option 4: Speak to Benjen Black-Briar in Riften.


How the freelance prostitution system works


You can solicit NPCs on the streets and in the wilderness. Full details are in the spoiler section.



How to start soliciting


You just need to start up the prostitution system the normal way for the mod, and then a dialogue option "Interested in a good time with me?" will appear.




  • By default, you will get in trouble for having sex in public, so you must find a hidden place, work in an inn, or take someone inside. See the section on how crime works for more details.
  • You must still get permission to entertain clients in an inn. However, you can solicit someone on the streets and then go get permission to entertain them in the inn.
  • Not all NPCs can be solicited. Excluded NPCs are:
    • Jarls, Stewards, and Housecarls (though it may be possible to solicit these NPCs in inns)
    • Priests
    • Soldiers at camps and forts
    • Orc wise women
    • Beggars
    • Your spouse and followers
    • Dawnguard if you have joined the Dawnguard
    • Volkihar vampires unless you have joined the vampires
    • Anyone in the FavorExcludedFaction
    • Various specific NPCs that it just feels wrong to me to have the freelance dialogue


As I playtest this myself, I will probably adjust who can be solicited based on what I think makes sense. Just because an NPC can't be freelance solicited doesn't necessarily mean I will never provide a way to have them pay you for sex. I just don't think the generic dialogue works for them.


How the crime system works


The Ancient Profession enforces that you cannot have sex in public by default. This is optional and can be turned off entirely if you don't want public sex to be illegal or if you have a different mod that you prefer to use for this. More details in the spoiler section.



What is illegal?


Unlicensed prostitution and public sex are illegal. You will receive a bounty for doing either. The gold amounts are configurable.


What is considered "public" sex?


Basically, sex is public if you're in a city or town, and you're not in a private place or somewhere that you would reasonably expect that you could have sex without anyone complaining. 


  • Sex in the wilderness, in dungeons, and on the roads between cities is not public sex.
  • Sex in a brothel is obviously not public sex.
  • Sex in public in an Orc stronghold may optionally be considered illegal (this can be configured in the MCM).
  • For now, sex in a temple is also OK, although I may change this for a future release to allow only specific temples.
  • Sex in an inn is OK if you've rented a bed and are having sex near that bed
  • If you are in an inn, sex is considered to be public if you are not near the bed that you've rented
    • Optionally, sex anywhere in an inn can always be non-public as long as you've rented a room
  • If you're in a cell you own (a player home), it's not public sex
  • If you're in a house that's owned by a sex partner or a faction that at least one sex partner belongs to, it's not public sex
  • If you're in a location that is not a house, but it is owned by a faction that at least one sex partner belongs to AND you are having sex near any bed, it is not public sex. 


How is public sex reported?


Someone has to see you having public sex. The mod checks whether anyone can see you periodically while you are having sex, if you are in a location that would be considered public sex if anyone saw you.


Who will report public sex?


  • Guards
  • NPCs with high morality
  • Creatures will NOT report you (no chickens complaining about you having public sex)
  • Anyone who is currently having sex themselves will not report you
  • Your client will not report you
  • Your followers will not report you
  • Khajiit caravans will not report you
  • Certain specific NPCs are forbidden from reporting you


How the succubus system works


You can become a succubus after completing a quest line in Winterhold. Full details are in the spoiler section.



How to become a succubus


You become a succubus by completing all of the quests in the Vanikseth quest line and asking to learn the soul absorption spell you used during that quest line as part of your reward. If you then absorb 5 souls within 5 days, you will become a succubus.


How does absorbing souls work?


There are two ways to absorb souls. The first is a lesser power that will make you absorb the soul of your next eligible sex partner. You cast this spell before you have sex with them, and then you will absorb their soul if they have an orgasm. Once you become a succubus, you will also have a lesser power named Succubus Deadly Seduce that will make the target have sex with you if they are eligible to have their soul absorbed.


You can't absorb all NPCs, and some things may interfere with feeding:


  • Essential NPCs won't be absorbed
  • Dragons can't be absorbed
  • NPCs with the NoSoulTrap keyword can't be absorbed
  • You must have a special perk to absorb the souls of females
  • You must have a special perk to absorb souls if you have non-vaginal sex
  • The Succubus Deadly Seduce spell initially works on sleeping and bleeding-out NPCs or level 1 males only, but it becomes more powerful as you absorb more souls
  • Succubus Deadly Seduce doesn't work on NPCs who are in combat
  • Succubus Deadly Seduce cannot be used on the boss of a dungeon, regardless of its level
  • Certain NPCs were specially forbidden from Succubus Deadly Seduce because they are too heavily scripted
  • Succubus Deadly Seduce calms the target NPC but not that NPC's allies
  • If you are attacked during a scene started by Succubus Deadly Seduce, the scene will end immediately, and if your victim didn't have an orgasm, they won't be absorbed


Succubus stages


There are 5 stages of being a succubus:


  • Well-Fed: You have fed recently and suffer no penalties
  • Hungry: You need to feed and suffer 10% health damage
  • Starving: Same as Hungry but you suffer 20% health damage
  • Ravenous: You suffer 30% health damage, and you will automatically feed on your next eligible sex partner unless you have the Ravenous Resistance perk and activate the lesser power that it gives you
  • Dying: You suffer 60% health damage; you cannot resist automatic feeding; (optional) you will die if you don't feed within 12 hours


The amount of time it takes to get to each stage changes depending on your level. When you first become a succubus, it takes 2 days to become hungry, 2 to become starving, 2 to become ravenous, and 7 to start dying. By the maximum succubus level, it takes 1 day to become hungry, 1 to become starving, 1 to become ravenous, and 10 to start dying.


Succubus levels


There are 12 succubus levels, and each will provide a boost to stamina and magic regeneration, health, and damage resistance. You will also have the option to choose a succubus perk at each level.


Succubus perks


  • Nourishing Small Souls: You can reduce your stage from Starving to Hungry with Petty and Lesser souls
  • Satisfying Medium Souls: You can reduce your stage from Hungry or Starving to Well-Fed with Common and Greater souls
  • Satisfying Small Souls: You can reduce your stage from Hungry to Well-Fed with Petty and Lesser souls
  • Souls for Magic: You can trade 5 soul points for a 5-minute 100% boost to magic regeneration
  • Souls for Health: You can trade 5 soul points for a 5-minute 100-point boost to health
  • Souls for Durability: You can trade 5 soul points for a 5-minute +35 damage resistance
  • Ravenous Resistance: You gain a power that lets you resist automatic feeding at the Ravenous stage. It must be cast every time you have sex if you want to resist and does not work at the Dying stage.
  • Upgrade Souls: If you have discovered that you are the Dragonborn, you can trade 50 soul points for 1 dragon soul point
  • Non-Vaginal Feeding: You can feed even if you didn't have vaginal sex
  • Absorb Females: Your succubus powers work on females
  • Group Absorb: If you have group sex, everyone you have sex with will be absorbed; without it, only one partner will be absorbed
  • Feeding Orgy: NPCs who come within range of you while feeding will be calmed and overcome with lust


Some of these perks have a minimum succubus level before they are available. For example, Feeding Orgy is only available to a level 12 succubus. Some of them also have prerequisites. For example, you cannot gain the Absorb Females perk without having Non-Vaginal feeding.


Succubus cure


If you decide the life of a succubus isn't for you, there is an option for a cure quest that starts immediately when you become a succubus. Just follow what the quest objectives tell you to do.




Information for modders


The Ancient Profession provides options for integrating with the mod, and I will be adding more in future versions. Right now, using mod events, you can:


  • Exempt scenes in your mod from public sex penalties.
  • Find out about succubus events, like feeding, leveling up, and more.
  • Learn when the player starts and stops working as a prostitute in an inn.


The documentation for these integration options is in the mod download in a markdown file at Docs/The Ancient Profession Modder's Guide.md.


Bugs and known issues


  • This mod isn't finished, and most of the quest lines are works in progress.
  • Vanikseth gets stuck multiple times on the way to his workroom. This is an issue with the vanilla navmesh between where he starts and where he's going. I will address it at some point, but he should automatically "jump" past the parts where he's stuck.
  • Prostitution in inns added by mods doesn't always work correctly, for a variety of reasons that depend on the mod.
  • After the special Dibella's Garden CMNF party job, if you do the job again, the cell may not reset properly unless you leave the brothel first.


This is not the complete list of known issues. These are just the ones I think are likely to confuse people.




Just extract the archive into your Skyrim SE Data folder or use a mod manager to install it.


Upgrading from version 0.10 or later to release 15 on a game in progress is safe. You should end any repeatable quests or inn prostitution sessions first just to be safe.


Upgrading from a version before 0.10 without starting a new game is not supported.


Hard Requirements (install them or it won't work)


  • SexLab SE and any of its dependencies
    • Some of the quests do require creature animations. I intend to always keep creature-related content optional. If you start going down a quest path that won't work without creature animations enabled, the mod will tell you.
  • PapyrusUtil
    • This is installed with SexLab, and it's fine to use that version, but this mod directly uses it now.
  • Fuz Ro D'oh for Skyrim SE (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/15109)
    • Dialogue will go by too fast without it
  • Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch 
    • The mod will load without this at the moment, but I think some of the quest conditions rely on bug fixes from the patch.


Soft Requirements (install them if you want to)


The mod will load the following to provide the prostitutes more outfit variety than the dull vanilla tavern clothes:



You can add or remove outfits from other mods for the characters in this mod to use. Instructions for doing this will appear in the second post of the support thread. You can add or remove these outfits at any time (but note that removing an outfit that someone is currently wearing will cause them to be naked temporarily).


Animation packs recommended:


  • For best results, install an animation pack that has a lesbian double-dildo animation. Some quests will use these if available because they fit better with what's happening.


Mods that may enhance your experience


Keep in mind that these are not made by me and may lag behind releases a bit in updating. I also cannot provide support for them.





I have not tested this mod extensively for compatibility, but I do usually play with plenty of mods. I have seen no conflicts in the ones I use, and in general I try not to modify vanilla assets more than absolutely necessary. That said, there are certain planned features that will introduce the possibility for compatibility issue. The biggest of these is brothel locations, as this will require me to edit the Tamriel worldspace. I may also be forced to modify a few vanilla scripts to integrate the mod better.


Some compatibility issues


  • Anub's Animations. This animation pack works fine and has some nice animations, but the animation tags in it are a hot mess, so you may see some scenes using animation types that you asked The Ancient Profession to suppress. Turning them off by hand or fixing the tags is the only solution.
  • The Sisterhood of Dibella. This mod can be used together with The Ancient Profession, but the Temple of Dibella quests are not compatible with it. As of version 0.12, The Ancient Profession will automatically disable its Temple of Dibella quests if it detects that The Sisterhood of Dibella is installed and it's not too late to prevent incompatibilities between the two. If it's too late, The Ancient Profession will instead display a warning that The Sisterhood of Dibella is not compatible with your saved game.


Not recommended 


  • Any other prostitution mod. Other prostitution mods will be unaware of the licensing and employment systems in The Ancient Profession and will provide a way to sidestep its game mechanics. If they implement player approaches, you may also get weird interactions. And if they provide solicitation dialogue, you may have to remember which mod does which thing.


Not compatible


  • If there's a mod out there that changes the rental bed at the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood to a different bed, this mod won't be compatible with it. There are technical reasons for this that you probably don't care about.
  • Radiant Prostitution if you have the "NPC Scene" options turned on. Some of the characters in The Ancient Profession wear the tavern clothes outfit, and this can cause quest-breaking interruptions.
  • Mods that make extensive changes to exterior worldspaces, such as Open Cities. These may put objects or buildings in the way of places where NPCs from this mod are supposed to stand. For mods like Open Cities, they will make the cells that The Ancient Profession needs inaccessible to you without console commands.




The Dibella's Garden sign is based on resources from Jokerine's Misc Resources, https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/801

Edited by ruddycray
New version

What's New in Version Release 15




  • New Dibella's Garden quest: Who Sows Discord
    • Receive a letter from a courier after completing One Bad Apple
  • Audacity Killed the Cat is now available even if you turn Rudhiir in during Restraint of Trade 
    • Rudhiir must still be alive in your saved game
  • New MCM option to disable autonomous prostitute sex in brothels
  • You can now ask clients to go to your bed when working in an inn, just as you can in the brothels
  • Tlatha Alvaalu's dialogue has been revised to significantly reduce the amount of self-objectification she does, which doesn't really fit with the direction the character has evolved
  • The speech bonus for going through all of the dialogue options at the part during Solitude Prostitution License has been reduced a great deal, because with all the persuasion opportunities in the quest you could gain too many speechcraft levels all at once
  • The instructions for how to use the scroll in Where Spirits Have Sex have been updated to be clearer that you use the scroll after the ghosts have sex
  • Mages in Dibella's Garden brothels will now only send you to the Whiterun brothel at appropriate times in One Bad Apple
  • Discerning Taste will now end when all of the guests leave the brothel instead of requiring you to leave and come back
  • The Ancient Profession now sends mod events when an inn prostitution stops and starts
  • Bug fix: Fixed a lot of typos that I discovered after testing out the DBVO mods
  • Bug fix: Vanikseth missing his spells should no longer break his quests
  • Bug fix: There should no longer be a warning message that appears about your accounts when you join up with Benjen or Dibella's Garden
  • Bug fix: Persuasion dialogue options in One Bad Apple should now correctly give a speech bonus
  • Bug fix: Teleporting to Dibella's Garden and speed-running what you need to do there during One Bad Apple should no longer leave an objective incomplete
  • Bug fix: It should no longer be possible to solicit Madam Jerna for sex when she's away from the brothel during One Bad Apple
  • Bug fix: Dibella Sisters should no longer return to their normal dialogue until after the ceremony is over in Ordination
  • Bug fix: The final objective in One Bad Apple should now correctly display and complete
  • Bug fix: The Sybil's Homecoming will no longer say that Fjotra is being raped when she isn't
  • Bug fix: Getting fired from Dibella's Garden will now update everything it's supposed to about your status
  • Bug fix: You should no longer get messages about trespassing if you try to wait in the Inner Sanctum during Ordination
  • Bug fix: If Kleppr is dead, Frabbi should now correctly give you the letter he wrote during Restoring Faith, allowing the quest to proceed
  • Bug fix: If you are not currently working at Dibella's Garden during One Bad Apple, the dialogue prompt is now "But I used to work here" instead of "But I work here"
  • Bug fix: Gwynona will no longer report you for having sex in public if she witnesses you doing it
  • Bug fix: If you give a judgmental response to Janilla during her vision in The Sign from Dibella it will no longer fail and then display objectives that say the same thing
  • Bug fix: Audhild should no longer be selected as one of the girls for Dibella's Garden special jobs while she is in jail
  • Bug fix: Discerning Taste could not start if The Price of Love was running at all, but now it will only be blocked during a part of The Price of Love where the downstairs room in Benjen's brothel will be needed for something else
  • Bug fix: Windhelm Prostitution License as a Stormcloak will now correctly detect that you have rented a room after Julius asks you to
  • Bug fix: Corrected more floor gaps in Vanikseth's workroom
  • Bug fix: The Price of Love should no longer break if there are no FMM or FMMM animations available
  • Bug fix: Certain scenes, like the one between Calia and Kaladalf, should no longer break the quest if interrupted
  • Bug fix: The Defiler should now correctly skip over the scene if it can't start the animation for Corvus masturbating
  • Bug fix: You can no longer solicit Corvus during The Defiler
  • Bug fix: The Defiler now uses a method of detecting that the player is approaching that should be much less prone to mod conflicts
  • Bug fix: Only the hosting girl should now be able to stand behind the bar during Discerning Taste
  • Bug fix: Lesbian scenes would sometimes not use beds when an equivalent MF scene would
  • Bug fix: Senna no longer has dialogue to ask about what happened to Gwynona before the player knows that anything did after Ordination


Full details


  • Vanikseth quests can't be completed if Vanikseth misses his spells
  • DG and Benjen accounts display warning when joining
  • Player should get speech bonus for persuasion in TAPQDG01
  • "Gain entry" objective in TAPQDG01 doesn't complete if you teleport and speed run it
  • Jerna has freelance solicitation dialogue during TAPQDG01
  • Sisters have normal dialogue before ordination is completely over in TAPQTemple05
  • Block magic travel to Whiterun until right time in TAPQDG01
  • TAPQDG01 doesn't display or complete final objective to talk to Audhild
  • TAPQTemple06 journal entry can say Fjotra is being raped when she isn't
  • Allow Rudhiir quest even if player completed TAPQBenjen01 successfully
  • DG firing doesn't perform all necessary bookkeeping
  • Provide MCM option to disable autonomous prostitute sex
  • Player can't wait in Inner Sanctum during TAPQTemple05 because trespassing
  • Frabbi doesn't give Kleppr letter to player when Kleppr dead in TAPQRestoringFaith
  • Don't start TAPQDG01 if player just exited Whiterun brothel
  • Player says "I work here" in TAPQDG01 even if she doesn't
  • Add "let's go to my bed" option during inn sessions if player has rented room
  • Make TAPQBenjenJobs01 end without leaving brothel
  • Gwynona will report you for public sex if she's following you
  • TAPQSolitudeLicense dialogue prompt "any idea where I could girls"
  • Failed "talk to Hamal" then new "talk to Hamal" after judgy response in TAPQTemple04
  • Hamal says she had a "hard term" seeing Fjotra was an impostor
  • Erikur says "you shouldnt believe" instead of "shouldn't" in TAPQBenjen02
  • Player prompt "could you remind what" instead of "remind me" in TAPQDGJobs01
  • Audhild can be selected for CMNF party while in jail
  • Can't start Discerning Taste if The Price of Love is running
  • TAPQWindhelmLicenseSub2 says player didn't rent room when she did
  • Eliminate Tlatha's self-objectification dialogue for consistency
  • Add Dibella's Garden quest "Who Sows Discord"
  • Improve creature animation requirement message
  • Still more floor gaps in Vanikseth workroom
  • Tone down Solitude license quest speech bonus for talking to everyone
  • TAPQTythisInLove breaks if no FMM or FMMM animations available
  • Player reported Kaladalf and Calia just stand there
  • Clarify instructions for TAPQMorthalGhosts
  • TAPQTemple03 doesn't skip Corvus masturbation if the SexLab animation fails
  • Method of detecting shrine approach in TAPQTemple03 is very unreliable
  • Player should not be able to solicit Corvus in TAPQTemple03
  • Only host girl should be able to stand at bar during TAPQBenjenJobs01
  • TAPQSexUtil doesn't forward "Ex" parameters for lesbian override
  • Add mod events when inn whoring sessions start and stop
  • Senna has Sybil expulsion dialogue before player knows in TAPQTemple06


Version 0.14


  • New Temple of Dibella quest: The Sign from Dibella
    • Speak to Mother Hamal after completing The Defiler
    • If you already completed Solitude Prostitution License and recruited Janilla in a previous release, her story is retconned:
      • She will put her clothes back on
      • She will resume praying at the shrine
      • This is expected and normal.
  • New Temple of Dibella quest: Ordination
    • Speak to Mother Hamal after completing The Sign from Dibella
  • New Temple of Dibella quest: The Sybil's Homecoming
    • Speak to Mother Hamal or Gwynona after completing Ordination
  • New Temple of Dibella quest: First Duties
    • Speak to Sassa after completing Ordination
  • New Dibella's Garden quest: One Bad Apple
    • Return to the Whiterun Dibella's Garden after earning 3000 gold in lifetime earnings with Dibella's Garden and speak to the guards
  • New side quest: Audacity Killed the Cat
    • Complete Restraint of Trade unsuccessfully by warning Rudhiir of Benjen's plans or failing the job some other way
    • Reach level 12
    • Travel to Solstheim at least once
    • Go to any hold other than Eastmarch or the Rift
  • When you lose to the Dremora after Fasta's magic training, there is now a brief lead-in scene before the sex scene begins
  • The male actors at Dibella's Garden now have their own names instead of duplicating the names of the actors in Solitude
  • After your ordination, you can have sex with the other priestesses in the Temple of Dibella without paying
  • There is new dialogue in the vanilla quest The Waking Nightmare that acknowledges your affiliation with the Temple of Dibella if you have completed Ordination
  • You will now receive a speech bonus during Solitude Prostitution License for speaking to the ambassadors and other prostitutes at the party
  • The default prostitute outfit list now includes outfits from SkyTitties standalone clothing
  • The Ancient Profession now accepts mod events to register SexLab hook names that it will exempt from public sex detection
  • The Ancient Profession now sends mod events for succubus-related events
  • Critical bug fix: The quest-breaking bug in Where Spirits Have Sex that was introduced in version 0.13 has been fixed, and you should once again be able to attempt speaking to the female ghost after she and the Argonian ghost have sex
    • You may need to wait for the ghosts to appear again. If the ghosts are already in the marsh when you load your game with 0.14 installed, they should be fixed the next time they appear
  • Bug fix: Objectives in The Fabric of Family should now all complete like they are supposed to
  • Bug fix: Mother Hamal should no longer take money from you if you didn't receive the donations from Gwynona at the shrine in The Pilgrim
  • Bug fix: The objective to "Talk to Corvus" should now complete correctly even if you've asked him about the Sybil in The Defiler
  • Bug fix: The dialogue for confronting Corvus in The Defiler now makes sense if you aren't at the shrine when you confront him
  • Bug fix: The Defiler should no longer get stuck if you beat up Corvus and then ask him about the Sybil
  • Bug fix: The dialogue to advance the Vanikseth quest Practical Applications should now always appear as the first dialogue option
  • Bug fix: The edited vanilla book Gentleman's Guide to Whiterun now correctly lists Catia, the scarred girl at Dibella's Garden, as one of the prostitutes at the brothel instead of Calia, the Altmer girl working at The Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood
  • Bug fix: The Dibella's Garden employee handbook no longer incorrectly states that you can continue working at the brothel when suspended
  • Bug fix: Brothel customers should no longer have dialogue to take stamina potions when not in the brothel
  • Bug fix: NPCs in Rorikstead will now tell you where Intius lives even if the map marker is already visible, instead of just not having any dialogue once it is
  • Bug fix: Benjen should no longer demand to fuck you when you don't work for him
  • Bug fix: The Art of Female Love would fail to start if The First Time was running in the same brothel, and now it should run successfully


Version 0.13


  • New Temple of Dibella quest: The Defiler
    • Speak to Mother Hamal after completing The Pilgrim
  • New Benjen quest: Cage Cleaning
    • Speak to Benjen about extra jobs
  • New Dibella's Garden quest: The Art of Female Love
    • Speak to a madam about special jobs
  • New Dibella's Garden quest: Martial Spice
    • This is a random quest that will happen when you enter a Dibella's Garden brothel after special jobs have unlocked
  • New quest: Entertain the Soldiers
    • Speak to the commander at any Imperial or Stormcloak military camp
  • M'aiq the Liar now has some dialogue added by The Ancient Profession
  • Benjen's welcome to the guests during Discerning Taste should take place at a predictable location instead of where he happens to be sitting
  • You can now disable Benjen having random sex with his companions
  • Benjen will now occasionally demand sex from the player like he said he would when he hired you
  • There is now a much greater chance that wounded soldiers will accept solicitations during military camp quests
  • Bug fix: Animations where characters shouldn't strip should now work correctly on Skyrim LE
  • Bug fix: Benjen and his girls should no longer start a sex scene when it is time for the final scene in The Price of Love
  • Bug fix: Fixed floating objects and wall gaps in Solitude and Whiterun
  • Bug fix: Numeeva should no longer follow you around if you use a second ghost scroll away from her house
  • Bug fix: If Elyssa is somehow still hanging around in Riften when it's time for the final scene in The Price of Love, she should now be forced to the brothel
  • Bug fix: Interaction options during Windhelm Prostitution License should no longer prevent you from riding your horse that you rode to the Stormcloak camp
  • Bug fix: Wounded soldiers will tell you to go away if they rejected a solicitation instead of allowing you to harass them until they say yes
  • Bug fix: The MCM option to put clothes on Benjen's companions will now work if any of his companions have been replaced and will no longer strip Phylawen after she has left Benjen's employment 


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