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  1. Handwear is always managed but for helmets anything with the keyword "ClothingBody" is ignored unless the override option is enabled.
  2. There's a blacklist function that allows you to add items that will be ignored - never equipped or unequipped. If you have a whole bunch you can open up the mod in the CK or SSEEdit and add the items to the "_MODLazyItemHiderBlacklist" FormList. Currently this only works for the player but it should be possible to make NPCs adhere to the blacklist as well if it functions as intended. I never use the blacklist myself or Wet or Cold so I haven't tested it much.
  3. It's a known game bug and not related to this mod, there are no sounds or sound-related functions in it.
  4. Thank you for your wonderful mod. Dowloaded your Lazy tool and love it. 

  5. There are no commands to add or remove pieces to an existing outfit. You can just equip a new piece but since it doesn't match the outfit the NPC will remove it more or less immediately. In order to make the bikini stick this mod creates a new outfit and replaces the one currently active. So unfortunately it's not possible to just skip a slot. If you want to add panties to bikini armor wearers managed by this mod it's fairly simple though. Open up this and the panty mod in CK. Then empty the LeveledItem list slot 32 for each of the armor types and drag-drop the panty there instead.
  6. While the scripts can't target containers it's possible to hook into the OnItemAdded event and check what type of item the player picks up. Then if it's a non-bikini armor piece match it against the list of the corresponding bikini piece or pieces. To keep some semblance of immersion you could frame it as a "curse", the player finds normal armor but whenever they pick it up it's transformed into something skimpy. Biggest problem is how to match the pieces. Where standard game body armor is one piece the bikini version might have four or even more to cover the same slots. So should
  7. At the time Abduction was meant as a hold-over for Defeat which wasn't ported at the time. So if you haven't already check it out. Beyond that I haven't really tried any of the mods myself so can't say which ones is the best. This thread/list is a good place to start looking though. Anything that someone considered good enough to spend time porting from LE->SE is usually worth a look!
  8. Thanks, I took a look and without exporting the heads they work fine. Going to take another look using exports once I get some free time to dig deeper. General info JContainers might possibly interfere with RaceMenu functionality - JContainers post, RaceMenu post ColorForm managing hair color might possibly report incorrect values - post So there might be something strange going on as I suspect from the label "leak" disabling the headmesh preview in RaceMenu. Not necessarily with RaceMenu or JContainers - could be anything in between. Most likely some not-so-common
  9. Interesting. Thanks for the detailed feedback. The reason I suggested swapping the names is because there seems to be a very tricky bug hiding somewhere between SkyUI and RaceMenu. Certain text in the menus break RaceMenu functionality. This shouldn't happen, the text should only be read by the user. Not interpreted as code or whatever it is that's happening. If you have time put together two or so presets using only vanilla, if possible, assets that has the bug and attach them to a post here. I can try exporting the heads and see if I get the same problem. I don't use LE s
  10. New game is fine. No, Skyrim doesn't replace a script if it finds a new version. First version it loads that's what it sticks to. You probably seen a few mods mentioning it's "safe to update", that usually means the scripts used hasn't changed enough for the users to have to force a reload. It's not really hard to do but there can be more or less severe problems if messed up so a new game is always the safest bet
  11. OK, try this - save your config then open it (located in SKSE\Plugins\LazyFollowers\LazyFollowersConfig.json). Make a backup of the file first just in case. Find the "FemaleVoiceNames" and "MaleVoiceNames" and change their names. Could try the same number as the slot first, e.g "10": "DarkElfCommoner" -> "10": "10", Finally, fire up a new game and load that config. Make sure the voice type names in MCM has changed to the numbers. Save. Exit out of game (just to make sure nothing is cached in memory). Load save. Then remake the followers and see if the voices still interfere wit
  12. The problem is likely the previous version menu script is baked into your save. The menu options in that doesn't match the ones in this version so it can't find anything to show. You have to either clean it out using FallrimTools or reset the quest that has it attached. That's what the "resetquest" guide posted earlier does. The name of the quest controlling the menu is "fgtmcmquest" so type the three commands exactly as written. Another option you can try is to load the save, then run "reloadscript fgtconfigure" in console (do NOT save after this) and then load the save a
  13. Yes there's only a LE version but it's fine to use. It's included in many SE mods so you might even have it already. Just remember if you do so you don't uninstall the mod and wonder why UIlib functions stop working.
  14. Interesting, are these all custom headmesh NPCs?
  15. I just took a quick look, there's probably other ways to get wilderness locations. As for the travelers, yes they use packages with points set to the settlements as targets I believe. Thinking about it it might be possible to re-use those as traveling points. Then add the NPC to the hunter faction, should make them hostile towards wildlife. The follower would then travel between settlements hunting anything they come across. Again just theories. The alias system is pretty powerful, especially since it does it all script free, but not entirely intuitive to learn so I n
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