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  1. XDI is a mandatory requirement for the mod to work correctly. FDI - not suitable. FDI-changes the appearance of the dialog box. XDI-in addition to this, removes the engine's four-line dialog limit.
  2. You can rename the victim via the console, but this victim is not yet the slave you will have. After enslavement, a clone is created (All slaves are copies of the same BaseActor), which copies the victim's name and saves it to the script. You can rename the slave itself only if there is a TextInputMenu. f4se plugin can cause the game to crash if the plugin version does not match the f4se version.
  3. You can't make them hostile. You can reset it via the info menu. You can rename the slave only through the info menu, but you can't use the console, because the name is written to a variable in the script. Naturally you should have-TextInputMenu
  4. Do not use JB Fair and Square, with the latest versions JB.
  5. Changed the script in the quest "JBAdditionalDialogsQuest", Auction House is loaded after JB and overwrites the script properties.
  6. You'd better address this question to the author of AuctionHouse... Try to do as in the screenshots should help, I did not check.
  7. Hello. I have some little Problem with your Mod. I installed everything i needed and I can enslave people, but the sex with slaves does not work. I tried reinstalling 4 times. Can you help me? Sry for the bad English.

    1. ignotum_virum


      If all the requirements for the mod work are met, everything should work. There is little information about the problem to make any assumptions.

      My English is no better. My native language is Russian.

  8. With the bosses you need to talk through "Additional Dialogs Mode (ADM)" (using a hot key). I don't know anything about these mods.
  9. Press "Talk" and you will see all options of dialogue with the slave.
  10. Before appointing a slave to work, you need to settle in the settlement through the dialogue "Go home".
  11. I don't fully understand what you're talking about. You can settle slaves in any settlement, leave them anywhere, assign them to work in the settlement, you can sell them. All this is available through dialogues.
  12. It is better not to use such console commands. The script will not receive the event of the slave's death and will not remove the link to it from the collection. You can kill him with a holotape if you don't want to kill him yourself.
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