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  1. After some more checking, The Resident having a blank/missing destination was a bad thing. I have nooo idea where they were teleported to. I bet the noodle lady is missing Takahashi LOL!!
  2. Well the ctest rescue worked for the most part. It ignored 1 settler and the Human Armor Rack (didn't expect the AR to work) from Starlight and Dogmeat. The settler & armor rack it teleported back to the test cell. Dogmeat it completely ignored. Named NPC's showed the location they were teleported to, "Resident" destination was blank. Except for Dogmeat.. totally acceptable tool.
  3. I've tried around 6 or so female companions, they all work fine, minus the minor issues. I noticed that when getting Pimped Up, the currently worn outfit isn't destroyed anymore,(kool!) except for the Kinky Kollars (IF one is equipped.) unequipped ones are unaffected. Anyway, gonna go save my lost perverts from ctest hell. LOL
  4. Ego may know how to get her out of the bleed out... But I've found when a companion gets to that point, it's better to load an earlier save because the game has probably stripped some, if not all of the packages from them which totally screws them up. Seems the dialogue is the first to go. LOL
  5. Hah! Good question! I was just about to try that with Thuggysmurf"s mods. Want to see if I can get 5 mistresses at once.
  6. Are the files in the Data folder? or whatever folder MO2 uses.. if you use it. Also, uninstalling a scripted mod mid run is a VERY bad idea. But I'm sure you know that. Anyway.. I've seen NMM do that and I just re-installed the mod then uninstalled it. BUT.. that was a long time ago.
  7. It's a pretty old bug. Also works if the camera gets frozen on exit. A tickle of the scroll wheel works too... only for the frozen camera.
  8. In the case of Hardship the file just contains addtofaction 17004c80 0 1700.... being my load order. bat bw is a lot faster to type. LOL Oh, the nasty bug, only happens with a gangbang (companion calls the actors) or pillory. But you prolly knew that. LOL
  9. @Akor Found a nasty bug. Everyone is getting stuck in the ctest cell. They're not returning to their original locations. Wondered where everyone was! LOL
  10. Were you begging for help? If you "Beg" for help, they might remove all of the items or just one or two or none... The dialogue is now pretty accurate as what is about to happen. The boots bug Akor tracked to a bug in Devious Devices. As for the collar, so far "for me" they've been removed every time. That's why I ask if you Begged. Question for ya! Does the Atomic Spanking S3 Spank FF loop work for you? Even calling it manually doesn't work for me. The normal Atomic Spanking works though. Never mind.. fixed it.
  11. Just a fun fact. I run Violate, Raider Pet & Hardship. IF you loose a fight at a Raider Camp, Violate binds you up & passes off to Raider Pet, a Raider "may" want to have a gangbang/public show (BDH). At that point when their friends are called to watch.. all hell breaks loose since their "friends" (who are not Raiders) are not in Hardship's White Flag faction. Really fun to watch! Now the really kool part... through all the chaos and interrupted animations, BDH never breaks and runs to the end. That is freaking awesome!! at least to me. Just never ask a Raider to remove the DD's. They remove the collar... you die. hehehehe Oh, my workaround is a bat file that adds the selected NPC to the White Flag faction.
  12. Well yeah! I was there!! LOL!! Just kidding. Yes, it was in a settlement, and it MAAAaaay have been caused by a number of shenanigans that I heard was going on. Because of that I never bothered to replicate it, and figured if it worked for NIkki1564 then I'd revisit it. or not. The code is most likely fine, but timers can get proked for a multitude of reasons... none of which are easy (for a player) to figure out. And most are one off glitches or require very unique conditions. LOL! BTW, I really like the change to the "beg" for help! "that one" really means that "one"! hehehe
  13. Make sure you have a weapon "gun/rifle" equipped, not a melee weapon. Then just draw the weapon and it will fix it.
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