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  1. Just a random thought.. Since the Bimbo Collar alters the mind & body.... It would be interesting if it was addictive. After the ? times "agreeing" to be collared, your PC would become addicted to it. Removing it would debuff strength & endurance by some large amount. And maybe a certain "unused" asset could be used as an extended "fix". for those times you don't have a mistress/collar.
  2. Of course it didn't. Bimbos NEVER GIVE UP!! 🥳 🤠 🤤🥳
  3. Remove the gag dialogue with xEdit. It is really forking annoying!
  4. Sometimes you have to talk to the Raider/s. There's also a cool down timer between scenes. I think it's 60 seconds... maybe a bit more.
  5. That right there is the key. I "talked" to her before the BDH notification, which put me into the current vanilla quest dialogue. No my PC didn't have DD equipped at the time. I fixed it by disabling Ingram (was done with her anyway) and kept playing. The game finally cleared her data and I could then ask normal NPC for DD removal.
  6. LOL! That's what I did a long time ago. I even changed a few of the "moans".
  7. @Akor Ya know the rare occasion when the dialogue gets blocked to remove DD items? Weeelll.... I replicated it. LOL I was supposed to talk to Ingram and the Slut Walk dialogue popped up first, so the scene played out fine and everyone teleported back home. But, I tried to talk to Ingram to soon after the fade in which triggered her vanilla quest dialogue, minus the voice. After it finally ended, it was a long one, the Slut Walk finish dialogue was borked. So now I have a "follower" not a companion with no voice and asking for help with DD items is also blocked for all NPC's.
  8. Suspended Stacks on a small scale go away very quickly. Dump 10 of every shipment into the workshop, SSD are gone in a few seconds. Dump 100 and, not running Workshop Framework, it'll very likely crash the game. DD & DCW needs some TLC! LOL They also lead to Unattached Instances. Which in some cases, as long as a script hasn't went into an infinite loop, can be cleared by opening the Pip-Boy to the radio tab, or entering the lock pick mini game, and letting the game run for 10+ minutes. Because the script processing is tied to frame rates, actually frames, folks who push things to hard are more susceptible to SSD, UI and corrupted save files.
  9. Run the console cmmd.. sqv RaiderPetDialogueQuest It should return this: If it doesn't then run startquest RaiderPetDialogueQuest and then check the sqv again. If the quest is running, scroll up an look for isUnarmed = Ture And remember, your weapon tab has to be empty.
  10. Replicate it and post your papyrus log. Akor went bat shit crazy with the log comments. (which is really nice) LOL
  11. I wasn't getting events that included the Bimbos. All the others were working fine. 913 "appeared" to do nothing. Buuut after a few collar events (no bimbos) the milk contest triggered with Vicki and played out fine. When Vicki teleported out, Cara stopped following and then later she was back for a squirt contest. I dunno IF 913 fixed it... but at least the Bimbo events seem to be working. I mean Cara followed me for a good 7hrs. RT and at least 1hr RT after.
  12. It was the Milking Contest with 1 Bimbo & 2 Guests. I used 911 and Cara disappeared, but showed back up (permanently) after a fast travel and had the finish (Good Fuck you won) dialogue. After that, no further dialogue and she just likes to watch and shoot at the Brotherhood, (I'am enemies with). Oh, I think she's a little jealous of Piper... keeps pushing her out of the way. LOL I'll give the patch a shot & see what happens. Edit: That didn't work, so apparently the quest is still running.
  13. @Akor Had a game glitch, and now Cara Jizz is a follower. Is there a console command to remove her follow package/keyword? I was hoping the Party Time would trigger and maybe reset her.. but none of the events with Bimbos trigger now.
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