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  1. View File Tau Ceti Combat Armor See original post here. AWP3RATOR has created Bodyslide files for this set, see here This mod adds a high quality (4k textures only), fully modular armor set to Fallout 4. I got the idea for a fully modular armor set while playing with Fallout 4's weapon/armor modification system, and I thought it would be cool to have a set of armor that can be fully customized in game, with each piece of the armor conferring unique and interesting gameplay effects. The outer set is Aeon Soul's Tau Ceti, hence the name of this armor set. The inner layers consist of a bunch of random stuff I myself and others have made over the years, and re-purposed for Fallout. - Currently, the armor is divided into 11 sections, each consisting a set of modules. Each module will confer unique gameplay effects, as well as altering both the name and the appearance of the outfit. Naturally, the modules can be mixed and matched to suit the player's preference and play style: List of the current modules: Installation: Use mod manager of your choice, or drag n drop into Fallout 4's data folder. In game: Craft at chem station. Upgrade at armor workbench. A few sample combinations: Additional shots: Permissions: I grant any/all users explicit permission to create/share any/all derivative work(s) based on this mod. However, please do not share/upload any portion(s) of this mod without my express consent. I stopped releasing my Skyrim mods to the public because of this; here's hoping that the Fallout 4 community is better... /Nomnomnom Submitter Aegis Submitted 07/21/2018 Category Armor & Clothing Requires View File
  2. View File Update - 04/15/18 - v1.4b -Updated Advanced Animation Framework compatibility files to support Dongs of Fallout. (Thanks dagobaking for the xmls) Description This mod allows you to craft a gun that allows you to tag actors to play sex animations. This is a stand-alone mod but it can be used with Four-Play and Advance Animation Framework. Just be sure to read the installation guide if you are going to be using this mod with it. This mod is based off the gun version of Crazy6987's Sex Animation mod (big thanks!). To use the mod in-game, go to a chem station and craft either Leito's Animation Gun and/or Leito's Two Target Animation Gun. Leito's Animation Gun - Allows you to tag a NPC to have sex with yourself. Leito's Two Target Animation Gun - Allows you to pick two NPCs to have sex. It's best to use the guns on perfectly flat, open areas. As of v1.3 you can change the length of time for each stage through the Mod Configuration Menu. Animation List (Click on links for previews) Vanilla Blowjob Carry Carry 2 Cowgirl Cowgirl 2 Cowgirl 3 Cowgirl 4 Doggy Doggy 2 Missionary Missionary 2 Powerbomb Reverse Carry Reverse Cowgirl Reverse Cowgirl 2 Spoon Standing Doggy Standing Doggy 2 Aggressive Aggressive Blowjob Aggressive Carry Aggressive Cowgirl Aggressive Doggy Aggressive Missionary Aggressive Powerbomb ---Creatures--- Canine Doggy Doggy 2 Missionary Supermutant Carry Doggy Powerbomb Reverse Carry Standing Doggy Standing Sideways Requirements F4SE Mod Configuration Menu Installation Use a mod manager like Nexus Mod Manager. Make sure you have the latest version. -Make sure you have the latest version of F4SE and MCM Optional: If you want to use this mod with Four-Play, please read the guide. Bodies Used CBBE - FSM Beautiful Bodies Collection - Runner Preset | Alternate Hands and Feet - CBBE Enhanced Vanilla Bodies Disclaimer I don't condone having fun with critters or participating in non-consensual acts in real life. This is purely fantasy shenanigans. Bugs -Alignments are sometimes off... -Sound FX/Voices will sometimes play after the animations have already finished. -Ghoul textures sometimes don't appear correctly. -Black raider/junkyard dog uses the incorrect texture when tagged. -Canine animations are extremely buggy, cross your fingers. -Guards are buggy -Fourplay currently only uses a few of the animations Credits Leito86 - author Crazy6987 - Crazy6987 - Sex Animation dagobaking - Advanced Animation Framework DocClox - Four-Play vinfamy - For the various Four-Play mods ShadeAnimator, DexesTPP and whoever else for their work on deciphering FO4's animation. Ashal and Loverlab Skbs - gun fix dragonborn_s20 - alternate female voices Bethesda Permissions I don't want this or any parts of this mod Bethesda.net. Obvious Reasons. Don't be that guy. You may not use/include any of the content in this mod in any commercial or donation taking mods/projects. Submitter Leito86 Submitted 04/02/2017 Category Animation Requires F4SE, Mod Configuration Menu  
  3. View File It's Finally Here Hello everyone! It has been a while since I last uploaded a mod for either Skyrim or Fallout 4. I took a pretty much permanent break from Skyrim SE and started to once against shift focus to Fallout 4. I am here introducing the big mod pack where I experimented with different things and added unique assets to create something more personal. Of course, there are outfits here that are from Skyrim and extracted from other games! I have always been focused on outfits and such because that was where the fun is when playing Bethesda games. Anyway, I have a few announcements to make as well as break down the contents of this mod pack. Everything will be neatly organized using spoilers. If you don't care for my story or what I have to say, just skip the announcement and go ahead and read through the other spoilers that talks about the mod. My Announcement About this Mod How to Install BodySlide Location Picture of Load Screen Pictures of Room and Beach Pictures of Clothing Ground Meshes and Boxes of Clothing Pictures of Outfits Credits And that's that. I think this is all the information you guys need to enjoy this mod. I was going to type up an F.A.Q. section regarding any questions you guys may have but I'm too lazy at the moment and you guys can go ahead and ask me anything either related to this mod or my announcement. Submitter SunJeong Submitted 08/13/2018 Category Armor & Clothing Requires Fallout 4 CBBE, Fallout 4 Bodyslide View File
  4. Need help finding a mod? There are a few things you need to remember before posting in this topic. Describe the mod your looking for in detail or provide a screenshot example of what you are looking for Use Spoiler tags when posting large images We will not help with pirated games This is the Non-adult or SFW ("Safe for Work") edition. Please use this thread by CPU in the adult section for your naughty requests. Some etiquette guidelines: Please refrain from excessive bumping. If your request hasn't been answered after a week, repeat your request. Use .jpg for pictures. You can convert .bmp into .jpg with almost every program that lets you view them. Use spoilers for large pictures or lengthy requests: If you quote someone else, who quoted someone quoting someone else, remove the contents of the quotes, but leave the "xy said" part. That way they get notified, if they turned that on. It helps tremendously to read threads like this if not every other post contains all the other posts of the page. If someone is breaking forum rules or constantly and repeatedly ignoring these guidelines, report them and let us deal with it.
  5. View File VotW Plugin - Vintage Nudie Films (VNF) Updates: **This is not currently working with VotW 2.0 - To save you the trouble of downloading these files, please know they are no longer supported. If you still have VotW version 1, you should be fine to use this plugin. Also I don't intend to update these files to work with 2.0, but anyone who would like, feel free to change the files. I don't require credit any longer.** Each VNFRelease file is a little over 600mb compressed. In total, all files extracted are roughly 15gb. If you already have an older VNFRelease installed, just download the new release and install it. Nothing needs to be overwritten or removed. *Note: Each VNFRelease is standalone. You can download whichever one you want and it will work fine. I just want to clarify that each release is different footage so all VNFReleases should be downloaded to acquire all of the footage available. Description: Each VNFRelease plugin adds 8 holotapes that contain an accumulated 54 minutes and 32 seconds of vintage erotic footage. Each holotape contains 6 minutes and 49 seconds of content. The footage is actually quite tasteful since there is no real pornographic material, however, there is full nudity. Requirements: The only requirement to make this plugin work is RazorWires - Videos of the Wasteland. http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/24435/? How to install: Simply install the .7z file with Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) or Manually install the contents of the .7z file accordingly to the Fallout 4 directory. You should be able to copy the Data folder in the .7z file and paste it directly over the Data folder in the Fallout 4 directory and overwrite when prompted without any problems. Do so at your own risk. How to use: Currently I do not have the holotapes placed anywhere. The only way to acquire the holotapes is through the console where you can use "help VNF 4" then use player.additem XXXXXXXX to add the holotapes to your inventory. Replace the X's with the ID's of the holotapes. Credits: RazorWire for Videos of the Wasteland Submitter oddrobert Submitted 08/01/2017 Category Sexual Content Requires Videos of the Wasteland
  6. Patreon Tumblr News and Updates 13.08.2018 Release of Mercenary Girl female outfit 25.05.2018 Release of Dreamer female outfit 07.04.2018 Release of CatGirl female outfit 06.03.2018 Release of Dokkaebi female outfit 15.01.2018 Fixed Ela, Lydia Jorjadze and Velvet Assasin 1st person mesh bug in sneak mode 06.01.2018 Release of patreon request - Ela outfit from Rainbow Six 03.01.2018 Release of patreon request - Lydia Jorjadze 27.12.2017 Release of Combat Girl 26.12.2017 Release of patreon request - Velvet Assassin 07.12.2017 Release of patreon request - Sweet Rebel 29.09.2017 Release of patreon request - Autumn Girl 29.07.2017 Release of patreon request - HoloSuit 10.06.2017 Release of patreon request - Hyper Suit 28.05.2017 Release of Virgin Killer 12.04.2017 Started April Public Voting #4 (12.04.2017 - 12.05.2017) 08.04.2017 Release of March patreon voting winner - Cyber Suit 23.03.2017 Release of Killer Catsuit 09.03.2017 Release of February patreon voting winner - Foxy Girl 01.03.2017 Release of January Public voting #3 - The Scissor Girl 12.02.2017 Release Extravaganza (40 in 1) - BZW birthday edition. 26.01.2017 Release Cosmo Girl FishNet version v1_5 Some fixes + vault suit upgrade + decent defense stats 25.01.2017 Fix Wayfaring Stranger TankTop (looks more natural) (v1_4) Full version no longer supported. 23.01.2017 Release Wayfaring Stranger v1_3 - requested by Mr. Evile 19.01.2017 Release Cosmo Girl v1_2 (Texture and Neck Fix) 18.01.2017 Release of patreon pick - Cosmo Girl 07.01.2017 Started January Public voting #3 (07.01.2017 - 07.02.2017) 06.01.2017 Release of Janyary patreon voting winner - Anarchy Girl. Starting from today, every new outfit would have separate .esp file. 19.12.2016 Release of patreon request - Action Girl. Add ballistic wave support to Ninja Outfit 13.12.2016 Release of community Christmas present - Santa Baby 04.12.2016 Release of November patreon voting winner - Bullet Girl 27.11.2016 Release of public vote winner - Rough Night 04.11.2016 Finished winner of patreon voting - Street Fox. Fixed stockings in Goth Girl. 01.11.2016 Changes in policy. Thanks to Mr. Evile support, all the new armors and some of old ones have ballistic wave support. 27.10.2016 Western Swing Release and starting November Public Open voting. Workshop Policy 1. All armors are free and available for everyone. No pay-wall. 2. Community decides what armor will be next and what features it support. 3. New armor mods are chosen by Open public voting Monthly patreon-only voting Personal request (More info) "I have a Great Idea" request (More info) General Info about armor mods 1. All armor mods can be crafted at chem lab. 2. All armor mods have CBBE Bodyslide support 3. Most of the armors have few color themes 4. Some of the latest amor mods have ballistic weave support 5. Some armor mods change it's color at armor workbench. Support me 1. Support me on patreon 2. Create a beautiful screen-shot 3. Create youtube video 4. Use salesfiles download links Media
  7. So, it's been a while. Here's a sneak peek of my upcoming mod. Not much to say at this point, just some rough WIP stuff. If you have used my previous Tau Ceti mod, you should have a pretty good idea as to what to expect here. I'll try to keep this thread updated as I go. Suggestions are very much welcome at this stage. Everything shown here is subject to change... 8/21/18 - On Hold, see here The set currently has 14 main modules, with ~8 more in the pipeline. Probably some additional accessories as well... /Nom
  8. Diaper Lovers' Skyrim View File Diaper Lovers' Skyrim Mod Family This page hosts a growing family of mods centered on the theme of adult diapers. It grew from Lucia1's Diaper Lovers' Skyrim diaper model, and it now comprises more fully featured mods which integrate the models into a needs mods (Private Needs Discreet), as well as Devious Devices, as well as additional clothing, from my own ABDL Suite to Helios' cloth diaper. Take a look at the files and the description for an account of the variety you'll find here. This description mostly serves the base mod, DLSkyrim. Diaper Lovers' Skyrim Features: - 4 Diapers: 3 Diaper models with 22 textures each, and a "huge" diaper model with 12 textures. 78 textures total. - Used a photo technique to capture realistic diapers as well as Substance Painter for more materials-based styles. - All diapers work for adult men and women and beast races. - Diapers have crinkling sounds when you walk. - 7 pacifiers, by request - Some of the "huge" diapers have modeled chains for "forced" wearing. - Everything is fully craftable. - A host of supporting mods for 1) using diapers, 2) bondage and diapers, and 3) cloth diapers. Keep reading for more. Whaa? DLSkyrim is a big clothing mod, essentially. It adds four different models of quite lore unfriendly wearable adult diapers for the people of Skyrim, for the UNP HDT and SOS bodies (And CBBE (Curvy) HDT), ladies and gentlemen alike. You can either simply type "help diaper" (lol) to get a code to console them in, or you can make your own with some linen wraps and a bit of tundra cotton at a skinning rack*. So realistic. They use the "52" slot like some other underwear mods do, such that you may mix and match with outfits. Er, outfits with no pants and only very poofy skirts, otherwise the diaper will peek through. That's good advice for actual diapers. As of 1.4, it added pacifiers, by request. Go butterfly hunting to craft them (also at a skinning rack). * The white diapers are the bases from which all others may be crafted, using ingredients like mountain flowers, hanging moss, and creep clusters. Clipping: Any dictionary will tell you, perhaps in not these words exactly, that a diaper is a fluffy thing on your butt. It's going to clip a lot with clothing, including with the body in various poses. No sneaking! Swimming is permissible. Correcting clipping with such an item is beyond my skill and time. Poofy skirts, right? Right. The style was made for UNP first, and while I like it on the skinny and medium areas of the SOS spectrum, the bodybuilder...lol I diapered that bear anyway. I made some dresses to work with these, the "Sissy Suite." if you're interested. Whyy? I offer these as niche but no less earnest fetish fuel to the game that has mod-love for a great variety of kinks. After doing searches for "skyrim diaper" every few months for a couple of years, I decided to just learn how to do it from scratch. If there is any interest, I plan to eventually make additional styles. Many people have asked for these on various forums, including this one, so perhaps these will meet some of those desires as well. Those interested in exploring RP around omorashi/desperation, ab/dl/ageplay, and long term bondage scenarios get a little love in this mod. I'm aware that this kink has a potentially high comedic value, so, if this isn't for you, and you're about to tell me so, at least be funny. These could be shinier/less shiny - Yes, YMMV. Some shine is by design - these aren't cloth diapers, and I'm not giving up the pastels just so that they won't look nuclear in Skyrim's surprisingly direct sun. YMMV. To be able to adjust these things in nifskope is a worthy skill of any Bethesda mod user. My recommendation would be to enter the BSLightingShaderProperty to reduce the glossiness by half or more and move the specularity toward the black if it's the shine itself that has you down. If they're still blindingly bright in your setup, use a photo program to reduce the light levels of the worst offenders. There's probably some magic that could be done with the unusual way Skyrim handles normals that could further reduce the brightness. Will you port/convert DLSkyrim for... - No, sorry. I did so much of this that I ported this mod for a game I don't even play (Fallout 4). I don't use bodyslide, and I'm no good making Outfit Studio look anything like even my amateurish work in Blender. Please don't ask me to. I mod for fun, and I find that this goes against my goals here. The Mod Family - A number of awesome people in the community have made other versions of this mod, with support for NakedMage, Private Needs Discreet, and Devious Devices. I'll list the current versions here as a guide to the downloads. Each has its own requirements, and I'm sorry, but I can only support my version as well as I can. They're all active in the thread though, so post there if you have a problem. Fallout 4 Port: Exugen made this port, which I know nothing about yet, since I don't own FO4. As is for now. I think it uses CBBE. Check out Diaper Lovers' Fallout 4 , my rather minimal port of this mod. Diaper Lovers' Skyrim 1.0 - This is the original, which requires SOS and either UNP or CBBE, depending on the version. Diaper Lovers' Skyrim 1.2 - This second round included thick diapers, and only half of them are HDT. Diaper Lovers' Skyrim 1.3 - The third round was a major update, adding slim diapers and reworking all of the previous models in addition to adding crinkling sounds. Diaper Lovers' Skyrim 1.4 - Added seven varieties of pacifier. Go butterfly hunting to craft! Diaper Lovers' Skyrim 1.5 - This is the current version, which this description serves. Requires SOS body and either UNP HDT OR CBBE HDT. The less jiggly the better for fighting clipping. You can get this split in two parts (because of the 100 MB limit on LL), or you can click on the MEGA links. The top one is UNP, the second one CBBE. DLSecureSkyrim 1.5 (Original by Veladarius) - I have updated Veladarius' 1.0 original, which incorporates this mod into the Devious Devices framework. DLSecure 1.5 is a little bit different philosophy from the earlier version. In order to limit the metric ton of entries on top of DLSkyrim, DLSecure only makes the lockable diapers lockable. Crazy, right? You can still use the old one along side the new one if you want the ridiculous numbers - just change the name of the .esp of one and run them both. You only need the .esp to use Secure if you use DLSkyrim, but it's standalone as packaged. It requires Devious Devices and all of DD's requirements. Requirements and function: To quote Veladarius: "This requires DD Integration along with its requirements," so that means Sexlab framework, Devious Devices - Assets, Sexlab - Aroused, and the ZaZ Animation Pack, all up to date. More from the author: "The devices work as chastity belts, and they use standard keys. Any mods that grab items by keywords will have a chance to use one of these since it is technically a belt. Since it is a belt it will hold plugs and do the other things the belts do." PND Diaper 1.4.1 (By Nerfbrony)- nerfbrony has integrated diaper functionality with Private Needs Discreet. You can actually use these diapers now! Check it out! Use the spells that you start with to start the process and avoid having an accident once you start the game. It's got MCM support, skill penalties and everything. It requires Private Needs Discrete and any dependencies of that. Run FNIS first. See the forum for MUCH more updated work on PND Diaper. Cloth Diaper (by helios) Add 11 Cloth diapers for CBBE or CBBE HDT body. Bodyslide file available. how to get: type [diaper] in console and type [player.additem xx00yyyy 1] or simply use AddItemMenu - Ultimate Mod Explorer MOD Pre-built body type : CBBE curby or CBBE HDT CBBE HDT is WIP. Thigh weights are something strange. about Diaper script: add spell for "Diapering" target NPC. Target NPC will wear random Cloth Diaper.But I don't make unequip script yet.Be careful. how to get:type [player.addspell xx002dde] (xx is load order) ABDL Suite I've gotten a TON of requests for this, so I wanted to release this as soon as I could. This is a set of two constructable ABDL-inspired pieces of clothing, each in twelve shared textures. You get a super warm sleeper with open legs and a onesie (a sleeveless sleeper, really). This is a 'light' mod, in which I didn't have time to create a bunch of world objects or to obsess over weighting overly much, but if you're still reading, give 'em a look below and download! They're the perfect companion to DLSkyrim's pacifiers and diapers (though they have a built-in diaper already). Probably goes without saying, but the A in ABDL is adult. So that's who it's for. Also check out anarky98's modification of this mod for NakedMage. Changelog: 3/26/16 - I've adapted the female diaper to the CBBE Curvy body as an alternative, due to many requests. This puts it in bodyslide territory, so perhaps people can further adapt it to their own specifications. 4/20/16 - Exugen made a port of one of the diapers for Fallout 4. I don't own FO4, so I can't really tell you any more than that, but give it a shot! I think s/he used the CBBE body for Fallout. 5/30/16 - 1.2 Released. I've redone the basic mesh into a cleaner, thicker version. I've kept both, for legacy support and stylistic variety. I've also added four base textures from requests, bringing that total to 8, with 13 texture variants. I've also renamed a few diapers. If you'd like to buy them IRL, simply google the their in-game titles and go nuts. Finally, the female version of the new mesh has HDT support. As always, you'll have better luck with the old "Mediums" if you have an HDT supported top. For some reason, your HDT bra will support your behind . The whole thing still works, and probably better, without HDT jiggling. 6/7/16 - Updated DLSecureSkyrim to 1.2. 6/9/16 - Uploaded CBBE HDT (Curvy) options for the main 1.2 mod as well as DLSecureSkyrim 1.2. 6/21/16 - Uploaded nerfbrony's PND Diaper mod, which lets you use the diapers as diapers should be used. 6/24/16 - Updated PND to 1.4.1, which provides increased stability and the speed of the scripts. 6/28/16 - Uploaded helios' Cloth Diaper mod. 8/1/16 - Updated DLSkyrim to 1.3, providing a better set of three sizes of diaper with 21 textures each, now with crinkling sounds. 8/14/16 - Updated DLSkyrim to 1.4, adding pacifiers in seven varieties and one extra diaper texture, each by request. 7/25/17 - Updated DLSkyrim to 1.5, adding the "huge" diaper style in 12 varities, with realistic chain. Also fixed lack of working specularity (shine, more or less) in the mod. 8/14/17 - Updated DLSecure to DLSkyrim 1.5's models, and released the ABDL Suite, a clothing set with a onesie and sleeper. Permissions: Re-makes, touch-ups, fixes, expansions, new body mods, and the like are permitted (and encouraged) without attribution or notice so long as you aren't profiting financially from them. You can even port them to other games. This is a (particular) community service. Caveat: You may not port them for underage individuals. While these could be seen as innocuous, it's a fine line, and there are enough idiots who think that this fetish has anything to do with that. Credits: ABUniverse for their many great designs (This mod's fanciest prints: Lavender, Cushies, Paws can be found with a quick google) Rearz makes the Seduction model Abena makes the Abri-Form DC Amor makes the very elaborate prints in pink. dimon99 for his lovely UNP body. VectorPlexus and Smurf for their mighty SOS body. Caliente for the CBBE body, which with these is now extra curvy. Exugen for working on a FO4 port, who gives special credit to zenna11 for help. Cryptghost for making a CBBE Bodyslide version. Veladarius for creating DLSecureSkyrim and for generous tech support nerfbrony for creating and recreating PND Diaper Ihallrellon for creating Private Needs Discreet (and please see his page for the giants upon whose back s/he stood). anarky98 for making a version of this mod for NakedMage functionality and for testing. helios for allowing me to host Cloth Diaper here. Smithnikov for sharing screens of his enjoyment of the mod, two of which can be found in the pics below. Agent577 for technical support, ideas, and plentiful engagement. Dentelle for her lovely textures used in the printed huge diapers. KameleonKlik's lovely lace photo resource on DeviantArt in the ruffled diaper (I made it pink). Foxes texture adapted from work by AnimeCat198. Submitter Lucia1 Submitted 03/12/2016 Category Armor & Clothing Requires DLSKyrim requires the SOS Body and UNP HDT or CBBE (Curvy) HDT (Plus their requirements). The less jiggly the HDT the better. Special Edition Compatible  
  9. Girls Girls Girls ... FO4 Paintings + Posters + Billboards View File This is "yet another painting replacer". It replaces Fallout 4 paintings / posters / adverts / billboards with naked human females. It's very high-res, but I don't experience any frame-rate drop on a mid-range setup. There are over 150 assets replaced ... about 90% softcore imagery, 10% hardcore. 2018-07-22: Noticed that LL updated my mod, removing the link. Looks like LL no longer supports MEGA.NZ links. 2018-07-23: Added a BILLBOARDS replacer. It's a bit ... insane. Way over the top, obliterates immersion, kind of disturbing. I love it. Here are the mirror links, if anyone wants them (and please let me know if and why I should take these down): GGG (Original): https://mega.nz/#!AJl3yIKY!iX3DuhmLGd8rSrYJp3S6Ff8mt-P2dCyX0dqYtdCEzCk GGG Billboards: https://mega.nz/#!0IkXFKKB!x5kuu0Ut1JK88hRZxmyWugpKp0bmLfH5y1vXDc0jUOI WHY? Because none of the other painting replacers on Lovers Lab suit my particular tastes. I made Pinups of the Wasteland long ago, and thought I'd have a go using live photography. After a few months, I still get a kick out of it, so I thought I'd post this here as thanks for all you awesome LL modders. FAQ Q: These files are HUGE, all either 2k or 4k! Can you make a low-res version for my Commodore 64? A: If enough people report FPS loss, definitely. Q: Will it work with blah? A: Definitely. It's a texture replacer, no .esp or scripts are used. Q: Is this lore friendly? A: Lol probably not. Though given the rapid decline of bodily shame in our own civilization, who's to say. Q: They're all burned and cracked, can you please make a clean version? A: Nope, this is how I like 'em. Burned + cracked. Q: I demand hairy ginormous distended gazongas and chix with dix, where are they??1!? A: You're drunk, or 12, or both. Go away. Q: Who is the lovely model in picture blah? A: Dunno! Use tineye.com or yandex.com for image search. Q: Aren't you objectifying blah blah blah? A: Whatevs. Get thee to a nunnery. Submitter sardonumspa Submitted 06/27/2017 Category Models & Textures Requires an addiction to pornography  
  10. Need help finding a mod? There are a few things you need to remember before posting in this topic. Describe the mod your looking for in detail or provide a screenshot example of what you are looking for Use Spoiler tags when posting large images No Lolicon requests We will not help with pirated games Some etiquette guidelines: Please refrain from excessive bumping. If your request hasn't been answered after a week, repeat your request. Use .jpg for pictures. You can convert .bmp into .jpg with almost every program that lets you view them. Use spoilers for large pictures or lengthy requests: If you quote someone else, who quoted someone quoting someone else, remove the contents of the quotes, but leave the "xy said" part. That way they get notified, if they turned that on. It helps tremendously to read threads like this if not every other post contains all the other posts of the page. If someone is breaking forum rules or constantly and repeatedly ignoring these guidelines, report them and let the moderators deal with it.
  11. ZarthonTheVanquished

    Creature Penises

    Creature Penises View File Just simple mesh replacer for a few of the creatures with models that have a penis mesh grafted onto em. Currently Includes: - Deathclaws (two versions - erect and flaccid). - Mirelurk Kings (both normal and glowing variants). NOTE: The Deathclaw files here are set up to replace all the deathclaw meshes EXCEPT for the Deathclaw Matriarch, since I mean, cmon: that word literally ONLY refers to females. I'd highly recommend you use the female deathclaw model from this mod for the Matriarchs. No other files are required, however I DID design the penis texture for the Deathclaws to match this deathclaw retexture mod, so you may get some penis color mismatching if you use any other deathclaw retextures. ALSO: This file should be treated as an open-ended modder's resource, meaning anyone can use these assets in any way they'd like. Although it would be nice if you'd list me under your credits section, and I DO like seeing how my creations get used so you could also send me a PM with a link to your mod that uses these models! :3 Credits: - dentarr for the dragon penis mesh I converted and used. Submitter ZarthonTheVanquished Submitted 02/14/2017 Category Races/Creatures Requires  
  12. SunJeong

    Sun's Final Project

    Version 1.2


    It's Finally Here Hello everyone! It has been a while since I last uploaded a mod for either Skyrim or Fallout 4. I took a pretty much permanent break from Skyrim SE and started to once against shift focus to Fallout 4. I am here introducing the big mod pack where I experimented with different things and added unique assets to create something more personal. Of course, there are outfits here that are from Skyrim and extracted from other games! I have always been focused on outfits and such because that was where the fun is when playing Bethesda games. Anyway, I have a few announcements to make as well as break down the contents of this mod pack. Everything will be neatly organized using spoilers. If you don't care for my story or what I have to say, just skip the announcement and go ahead and read through the other spoilers that talks about the mod. My Announcement About this Mod How to Install BodySlide Location Picture of Load Screen Pictures of Room and Beach Pictures of Clothing Ground Meshes and Boxes of Clothing Pictures of Outfits Credits And that's that. I think this is all the information you guys need to enjoy this mod. I was going to type up an F.A.Q. section regarding any questions you guys may have but I'm too lazy at the moment and you guys can go ahead and ask me anything either related to this mod or my announcement.
  13. 252 Active Plugins + 347 Installed Mods + Horizon + AAF + RSE Full Load Order in Spoiler If anyone is familiar with me from Skyrim you're probably well aware I've never physically finished Skyrim due to being constantly hauled into game restarts cause of my constantly changing mod list. Thankfully I finished Fallout 4 back about a month or so after its original release but with 76 on its way I'm getting back into Fallout 4 specifically mostly for building because being able to create swank crash pads in the new game is gonna be lit obvi so.....I wanted to get stronger on that end of things. That aside I can never play a game without modding the living crap out of it. I remember when I stole my brothers Fallout 2 disc and played it like crazy and the best parts about it were the more adult situations the game presented, I'd never played a game like that in my entire life and it set my expectations for what I expect from an immersive roleplay experience....so here I am, weirdest weirdo on the internet....or so I thought til I found you people. That aside, I've been watching the RSE thread and seeing a lot of confusion about how load order works to make everything work together and even had an immense amount of trouble myself and it all comes down to an automatic assumption many of us will make if we're familiar with NMM and LOOT from Skyrim and that assumption is simple. "The software understands how to create a proper load order." and unfortunately in the case of Fallout 4 that is entirely incorrect. I was consistently having mod failures and issues with Horizon and AAF/RSE based integrations and it all stems from having faith in the LOOT system to be able to coherently understand how Fallout 4 formid's work and what has the greatest potential to override what and it appears to have no bloody idea how to deal with any of it. I'm sharing my load order to give people help with understanding the right way to get all of this stuff to function with the maximum amount of stability....and since I tend to run the most ridiculous installs ever, hopefully it will help people that are running much smaller installations that are still having trouble. The basic structure goes like this >MAIN GAME ESMS >MOD ESM LOAD -----AAF.ESM -----Z_Architect.esm > ESL FILES > WEAPON ESPs > ARMOR ESPs > HOMESTEAD ESPs > MINOR ADDITION ESPs > CHARACTER OVERHAUL ESPs > MAJOR SYSTEM OVERHAUL ESPs -----FP_FamilyPlanningEnhanced.esp=1 -----four_play.esp=1 <===AAF Compatibility - not FP -----AAF_RSE.esp=1 -----RSE_CWSS_patch.esp=1 -----AAF_RSE_DLCPatch.esp=1 -----AAF_Four-Play_Animations_Crazy6987.esp=1 -----SavageCabbage_Animations.esp=1 -----CumNWealth.esp=1 -----Scrap Everything - Ultimate Edition.esp=1 -----Z_Horizon.esp=1 -----Z_Horizon_DLC_Automatron.esp=1 -----Z_Horizon_DLC_FarHarbor.esp=1 -----Z_Horizon_DLC_Nuka.esp=1 -----Z_Horizon_DLC_Workshop01.esp=1 -----Z_Horizon_DLC_Workshop03.esp=1 -----Z_Horizon_DLC_Workshop02.esp=1 -----Z_Horizon_Loot_Respawn.esp=1 -----Z_Horizon_Loot_Respawn_DLC.esp=1 -----Z_Horizon_DEFUI_MenusOnly.esp=1 -----Z_Horizon_Patch_ArmorsmithExtended.esp=1 -----Z_Horizon_Patch_ArmorsmithExtendedDLC.esp=1 -----Z_Horizon_Patch_Homemaker.esp=1 -----Z_Extras.esp=1 -----Z_Horizon_Timescale.esp=1 -----Z_Horizon_Patch_ScrapEverythingFull.esp=1 -----EnhancedLightsandFX.esp=1 -----StartMeUp.esp=1 By following this structure you can very simply reorder your mod install to ensure the least amount of error my cut and pasted mod list isn't 100% optimal yet but it does all work so I'm loathe to even mess with it at this time. As far as AAF/RSE goes I am able to trigger CSA, abductions and encounters do have a potential to result in pregnancies from Family Planning and I finally got the cum layers from the AAF compatibility patches for Leito and Crazy Animations working as well. So its a 100% functional install with the highest possible load order without merged patches....which to be fair don't work well for FO4 anyways from what I can tell. But basically a lot of the problems I was having were all created by trusting LOOT to sort my load order coherently, and it didn't, it took my Horizon install and put the esp's all over the place, the AAF/RSE related stuff was all wrong, hell it couldn't even seem to put Bobblegirl in the right place and that was constantly getting overwritten by something else. TLDR: DON'T TRUST LOOT TO NOT FUCK UP YOUR MOD ORDER. CAUSE IT WILL. CONSTANTLY. YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND HOW TO BEST ORDER YOUR MOD INSTALL YOURSELF.
  14. Any mods in FO4 that'll let me control an NPC's movements like the "tc" console command? Only however unlike the command, I can control them in 3rd person like how Skyrim did & can move them in more than one direction & not just the direction they're facing?
  15. Id like to make this to help those who are not familiar with all the modding jargon or just general confusion and need help with the basic / advanced stuff. So post you problems and see if someone can help you out
  16. I'm hoping to hear some ideas from people like me who, almost always, run Paradise Halls in Skyrim. That mod, combined with Defeat, provided an easy way to knock out/pacify enemy combatants, restrain/wake them, rape them, and then choose to enslave them. I have been spoiled by the highly developed world of Skyrim Modding, and with Fallout 4 modding still being in its infancy, I was hoping someone has found a way to recreate something like this in Fallout 4. Right now I use non-lethal weapons to knock out a raider, put her in a sack, then drive her back to a settlement with that motorcycle mod, and trap her in a concrete box where I shoot her until she surrenders through the F4SS condition. I find this to be clunky and was hoping there is a better way. I know the slavery mods out right now aren't as great as PAHE, but they're a start. My question to you all is this: Do you know of a mod or a combination of mods that would allow me to capture enemies in combat, and then enslave them? Right now, knockout framework allows you to knock out and kidnap NPCs, but there exists no bridge between this framework and any slavery mod out right now. I'm hoping someone knows a way to knockout an NPC, and then somehow get them transferred over to a slavery mod. This isn't the super important part, I just want a way to seamlessly capture enemies after combat ends. So please, tell me your favorite slavery mod, and your preferred method of capture.
  17. heroscomeback

    Bodyslide issues

    Hey everyone! Has anyone else ever encountered this issue in Bodyslide? No presets are showing up. I just spent 2 hours getting my newest preset ready and when I go to apply it to an outfit, nothing appears in the presets drop down menu. I did save the preset but I didn't check off any of the outfit groups during the initial save process...though I did go back and check the boxes off and save as afterward though that didn't change anything. Any help is appreciated!
  18. View File WARNING: Unattached Instances are a normal part of how Fallout 4 operates. Until I've determined how to distinguish between important unattached instances (still in active use) and the other kind (left behind by mods that were uninstalled), I recommend that you do NOT use the Remove Unattached Instances action on Fallout 4 savefiles. NOTE: If you're having a problem with a savefile, and you want my help, you'll need to post the savefile here in the support thread so that I can run tests on it. WHAT IT DOES ReSaver is a savegame editor for Skyrim Legendary, Skyrim Special Edition, and Fallout 4. It is designed to provide more information that earlier tools, and to work with savefiles that other tools wont touch. It is relatively stable and reliable. Performance has gotten pretty good! The interface is modelled after Save Game Script Cleaner; it's not quite as fast (because of Java instead of super speedy assembly language) but it is actively maintained and has a much richer feature set. Like filtering using regular expressions, and scanning your scripts and esps for context! For Skyrim Legendary, it should read and write saves that exceed the string table limit, as long as you're using Crash Fixes v10 or later. INSTALLATION Unzip the archive into a folder somewhere. Double-click on the file "ReSaver.exe". INSTRUCTIONS Unzip the FallrimTools archive somewhere. Double-click on ReSaver.exe. Choose your savegame. You should see a tree structure that has all of the save's script elements. The #1 thing that most people need is to remove script instances that are left behind when a mod is uninstalled. Go to the "Clean" menu and select "Show Unattached Instances". This will filter the list and show only the script instances that aren't attached to anything. Go to the "Clean" menu and select "Remove Unattached Instances". Save to a new file. Load your savegame in Skyrim/Fallout and make sure it's working properly. ReSaver is quite stable and I use it myself. Fallout 4 support is still new and in a beta state. I have hundreds of mods, including dozens of major quest mods. I NEED a serious save editor. That's why I wrote one. I can't promise that it's perfect. It's possible that it will ruin your savegame, hard drive, childhood, and kidneys all major organ systems. In other words, there is no guarantee of fitness for any particular purpose, etc. But it's pretty good. REQUIREMENTS Java is a requirement -- ReSaver is written entirely in Java. WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP Test the tools! Report any problems! Report any annoyances! Try cleaning a few savegames with ReSaver, see it the new tool works at all. Play with the tool, try to get it to crash in exciting ways. Let me know how you crashed it. Find problems or annoyances with the user interface. DONATIONS If you would like to donate, Steam gift cards are good, or donations through Nexus. Really, I'll accept anything. :-) Seriously, I'll take a high-five, or a photo your cats. An envelope full of your pubes? Sure! But it's not necessary. I wrote these tools because I love Skyrim and Fallout. Submitter markdf Submitted 03/12/2017 Category Other Requires Java, Skyrim (any) or Fallout 4  
  19. Bag of Dicks (Equipable penises for Fallout 4) - Fourplay Compatible View File Fallout 4 Equipable penises Description This mod adds equipable penises to fallout 4 in a similar fashion to B3lisario's equipable schlongs for Skyrim SOS. It adds 16 variants that encompass most fetishes (Micro, Macro, Multi and Mediocre). All models have a flaccid and erect version resulting in 32 objects added to the game (plus a bonus one). A version is available with fourplays no_undress keyword allowing them to remain on the character model during fourplay animations. The models can easily be scaled, stretched and tweaked in outfit studio should you desire to change the shape. Installation Manual Merge Data folders NMM Click "add mod from file" and install as you would any other mod Acquisition Craft in the chemlab under "Schlongs" for 1 plastic and 1 cloth Versions "BagOfDicksv1.5 Fourplay required.7z" This version has the No_undress keyword Requires Fourplay resources "BagOfDicksv1.5.7z" standalone version Future Plans I'd like to improve the textures on the erect models, i'd also like to have them transition through erection states once a framework exists. if you'd like to contribute feel free to create and modify this file as you'd like. Bodyslide sliders might also be useful and physics. 01/05/2018 A standalone framework now exists allowing them to transition through erections states over here, Go give DracoRaknar your thanks. 29/07/2018 It's been a while since I've had a look here, rest assured i haven't stopped modding, just been learning some new things with skyrim instead. I reinstalled fallout yesterday so maybe i'll apply some of the things I've learned on here. Submitter Mauler158 Submitted 05/28/2017 Category Sexual Content Requires  
  20. Greetings all, This thread will serve as a hub for all Fallout 4 mods that I develop much like my Skyrim Thread did. Most of these links will direct you to my own personal site where I host my mods. If you feel the need to you can also find the mods on the Nexus. I typically will be developing my mods for the Jane Bod. It's a customizable body replacer with 376 morphs that is BodySlide compatible. It is not CBBE and no, I won't be making my models CBBE compatible. You're welcome to do so, please read below for the rules of conversion. JANE BOD http://www.nexusmods...out4/mods/8288? Version 1.7.1 is live! The Jane Bod now has 376 sliders total making it the most customizable body for Fallout 4. My Video Tutorials for Fo4: FO4 Creating Custom Outfits and Armor FO4 Converting With Outfit Studio Without further ado, here are my mods: 3rd Party Mods: Texture Replacers: Female muscle normal maps for Jane Bod body replacer by Tigersan Oni face and full CBBE and JB nude re-texture by OniNigma R.F Real Female CBBE JB by Avallonkao NUCLEAR Nude by zentience NUCLEAR Lustrous by zentience Presets: JB Presets by Cranos JB Fitness Model Preset by Gam3r87 JB Warrior Woman by Vhearhok Clothes/Armors/Conversions: JB armor and cloths by cranos Commonwealth Mini Dresses by Deserter X Commonwealth Shorts by Deserter X Slooty Vault Suit and Courser X-92 Power Suit by RandomLamp Tactical Combat Armor - Bodyslide by ralfetas Conversion Rules: Any modder is permitted to convert these armor/clothing models to work with any body type they see fit. In fact, I encourage and appreciate it if you do convert my mods to work with other body types. You are allowed to upload the conversion to any site you want to provided you link back to the original mod page. You cannot however reupload the original unmodified mod to another site under any circumstances. The original mod page is the page the mod is hosted on at nightasymodding.weebly.com Furthermore, you must credit me as the original author for any armor/clothing that I am the original author of. Provided you follow those rules, you'll never hear any complaints from me. Any mods that I add to the site will be listed here. Hope you all have been enjoying them! Best Regards, Nightasy