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This mod allows you to enslave NPCs. Enslaved NPCs can be sent to settlements to work there or can be used as companions.











To install simply extract all files into Fallout 4 folder and enable "Just Business.esp" in any plugin manager.

To update just extract all files to Fallout 4 folder and allow newer files to replace old ones.

If you are updating from version 0.3.2 or higher use "Update" option in MCM-menu.

Warning: Clean save is strongly recommended if you are updating from versions lower than 0.3.0.


For version 0.6.7, a clean save is recommended. Upgrade is possible only from version 0.5.8.

Attention: If you decide to update the mod, you need to, before installing the update, to dismiss slaves from any work and from the followers and just settle them in the settlement.

Be sure to wait for the message about the end of the update!




This mod adds new "Hunter mode", in which you can mark victims. While marked, NPCs will become essential and once their health reaches "0" they will enter "bleedout state".  When NPCs is in "bleedout state" player can talk to them and decide their fate (kill, enslave or let go) .


To enter "Hunter mode" you need to press "H" (can be reassigned in MCM). To mark NPC press "R".


Enslaved NPCs can be used as companions (you can have more than one companion slave at once) or sent to any player settlement.


All enslaved NPCs have "submission level"  which represents their escape chance. "Submission" is being increased automatically while slave wears "Shock collar" or works in your settlement. You can see slave's "submission"  in information option in dialogue. There you can also change NPC's name and appearance.


If NPC's "submission" reached 100 you can assign this NPC to be a "Quartermaster".  This allows NPC to have "Pack Brahmin" in which you can store your items.


Companion slaves can take orders in command mode(same as vanilla game companions), you can ask them to relax, show their inventory, use power armor and instantly unequip all their clothes.


In settlements NPCs can be assigned to any settler activities except some, that have slave "submission" level requirement. These activities are: stay on guard post (requires at least 80 "submission"), use trading post (50 "submission") or use trade caravan post (100 "submission").


If you leave slave with "submission" lower than 100, then this slave will have a chance to escape depending on his "submission" value i.e. the lower "submission level", the more chances are that slave will escape. When slave escapes, player will receive "Escaped slave" quest ,which will show runaway slave location.


To prevent slaves from escaping - assign them to pillory in settlement (DLC "ContraptionsWorkshop").




Slave capture by SlaveHunter311




You can toggle:

  • slave tracking
  • unlimited ammo for slaves
  • ability to rename settlers (not slaves)
  • reassign "Hunter mode" button
  • allow teleport to Institute (and not only)
  • allow management of vassal settlements
  • switch the quest "Runaway slave"
  • Enables and assigns a hotkey to "Additional Dialogs Mode"
  • Settings sex scenes with slaves.





Edited by ignotum_virum

What's New in Version 0.7.6


*MCM: the ability to update the bodies of slaves when moving to another cell (if you have a problem with invisible bodies when moving between cells)
*MCM: setting submission
*MCM: setting up sex and prostitution skills
*MCM: setting up a prostitute's payment
*MCM: calling additional dialogs via a hotkey
*MCM: getting information about a slave at gunpoint, setting up a way to search for a slave for information
*MCM: setting up for assigning a rename plugin (with RenameAnything, I sometimes had problems)
*added new objects from Torture device 2.2 (F-Frame)
*renaming via a hotkey
*MCM: slave mortality settings
*MCM: setting the level of subordination to disable the auto-equipment of the collar

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