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  1. I don´t think a papyrus log will give you the reason why the game crash, this is just a script log, is good to check a lot of stuff, but not this. If your game crashes even on a new game you probably have some corrupted file there, make steam check the files and start to uninstall mods, don´t need to be crazy and uninstall all mods, uninstall some and see if the game starts, but always on a new game, after the game starts on new game you try to load your save.
  2. Love the combination!!! Will copy that for Cait! Yes, i had this problem with 3BBB too... for me was the INI files that was wrong. I took sometime to understand the CBP OCBP OCBPC thing, names are too similar, what i think this error is, maybe you install CBP and are using OCBP, if i am not mistaken CBP have less breast bones, so you can have problems, and make sure you install the fixed skeleton too. When i first install 3BBB i had to install it 3 or 4 times until it all worked out, i was always missing something. After all is ready, take a look in the INI file (ocbp.ini) and mark the detectarmor and armorignore to 1, this way the mk2 that is full metal will not bounce.
  3. Looks like the chems really got her this time... 99% sure this happening because of 3BBB, did you install the 3BBB stuff? In the first release post i put the links to install 3BBB, is on the plans to make a simple CBBE, but not so soon. https://www.patreon.com/posts/fortaleza-2-test-53921856 For the enclave, i made some research, i think there is room for a theme yes, but not the red and black, i think it would be best to keep the red and black for BOS, for the enclave tan and blue could work or maybe metal and blue, because most of their visual stuff is not canon there is some room to see what can work.
  4. Sure, ideas are like that, that´s why i love suggestions! Someone say something, i understand wrong and bam! new idea rise and new something and so on LOL. I like the enclave style, but to be honest, i don´t know much about them, just that they are a faction from fo1? or all? Anyway, i like the idea to put enclave theme, most enclave themes i see are black and gray, but you say about chigado branch, i will do some research about that, i think there is something here!
  5. I like that. I try to keep lore friendly, i think trauma team can be in any world, Arasaka is more limited to CP2077, but i think this red and black theme can work for BOS, something like BOS Paladin theme, we have the basic one with orange stuff and exposed metal and we could have another one, painted black metal and some black fabric for the under armor, something more clean and more shinny, will give a try
  6. Trauma Team Theme https://www.patreon.com/posts/fortaleza2-theme-57612756 Any suggestions for new themes are welcome!
  7. Sorry, can´t help with that... But if any advice is welcome, what you want to do with AF is a very outdated thing, i think you can have a better result and learn more stuff if you use TWB with 3BBB, i say TWB because they have the AF sliders there, you can have a body that is very similar to AF.
  8. For the conform sliders. When you open bodyslide you have those morph options, breasts, legs etc... when you adjust the shape of the body, i am calling this the sliders. The reference have the morph/sliders infos, when you conform sliders in OutfitStudio, they will create this sliders in the outfit you are working, if you do not conform the sliders in the bodyslide will do nothing. You can use the naked body as a quick reference to copy the weights from it yes, for that, in bodyslide you set the sliders all to zero press build holding CRTL, that way the mesh will be created in bodyslide folder and not the game folder, after that open outfitstudio and import this mesh and set it as reference, import your outfit and copy the weights, after that load the AF body and conform the sliders. Note that when you save the project you have a option in the botton to keep the reference or not, if you keep you will have 2 bodies, because you are making a conversion, you probably have all the pieces so you can uncheck this.
  9. Ok, let me see if i can explain this, is not a linear explanation so i will try my best. CBP bones are many, 3BBB adds a lot of custom bones, butt, breast, belly, legs, the way the video show you will use the goggles bones to simulate breast, is a vanilla bone. Using the goggles bones you don´t need any plugin/mods to make it work, but the result is very limited, far from being good, using 3BBB you will need to setup all the CBP mod, but the result is amazing, very good and you can have a lot of custom options, is fun to play with it. You can have a atomic fusion body with CBBE TWB, i think they even have a slider for it, and TWB have the 3BBB weights all set, but lets see how to make the AF. I will talk about reference body, reference body is used by outfit studio to create a bodyslide from a mesh/outfit, is the source to copy stuff to your outfit. The reference body have 2 important parts, the morph sliders and the weights. As a example, let´s say you want to convert a CBBE to Atomic Fusion. First you will need to adjust the CBBE outfit to the AF shape, now you have a CBBE with the shape of a AF (the video you show have this step). Now you will take this mesh that has the AF shape and start a new project in OS, load the AF reference and copy the weights and conform the sliders, now you have a AF outfit ready with the correct weights and sliders, you made a conversion. If you want to add the bones to make the boobs bounce you will need to get a new reference, doing that you will break the sliders, so you will need to copy the weights that have this bones you want, load AF reference and just conform the sliders, now you have the outfit with the boobs weights and the FG sliders. Now, this is the long way, to understand how things work, because you will need to make this for each outfit you want to add those bones, the process can be faster doing this. Convert the body (only mesh) export as nif. Start new project, load the NIF Load AF body reference, copy the weights. Load CBBE with boobs/goggles physics reference Copy ONLY the 2 breasts bones Load AF body reference again Conform the sliders Done. To make this process even easier, you would need to make a AF reference with those weights, but i am not the best to give tips on that, i made some references but the process was a pain for me.
  10. Indeed, is how this works. I see many people with this doubt. You have the body (slot32 i think), in fo4 the main body don´t have the hands and the neck/face, everything else is there, if you wear a outfit, vaultsuit for example, this slot32 mesh will be replaced by the vaultsuit mesh, that´s why you see pieces of the body in the outfits in bodyslide. Other pieces like hats, armors, glasses are just meshes that combine with the main one (body). Well, that is the main idea at least, you can adjust this if you need.
  11. I quick check the video, i see they use a old method using the goggles bones. Why don´t you use the new 3BBB and have all the fun weights?
  12. So, i found a bug, don´t know if there is something i can do about it, but anyway, here is the problem. When you choose the type of the armor, this OMOD adds keyword that open the possibility for that type customization, for example, when you choose tech variant, this variant add a light color keyword to the armor so you can choose the light color, i made this way because if is not like that, the menu would be massive, so, where the problems show. If you equip let´s say a MK1 tech scav variant and you build another MK1 tech scav, the new one will not show all the customization options unless you unequip the one you are using, if you are not using any, no problem, still don´t see how this bug shows, what is the combination that make this happen, found this for accident when i was making a lot of armors for my provisioners and i notice i could not change the color of the bags unless i unquip me gear. Anyway, not a gamebreaking problem, but if anyone has any idea how to fix this, please share
  13. Version 0.5 is up, lots of new stuff.
  14. Wish i could help you with that... But if you need some custom textures or any mesh adjusts or even new meshes, let me know, i would be very happy to help
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