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  1. After some years, i am back to modding, and i start making a Skyrim mod that will add panties to the armored NPC´s. The mod is online on nexus, version 0.91. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/47574 I create a patreon, all links are public, there i have a updated version with more panties, and BS files for 3BA. https://www.patreon.com/ralfetas I will use the patreon for beta versions and update on stuff that i am making, but eventually all files will go to nexus.
  2. This is happening without any mods?? Without anything in data folder besides the original files? If this is the case, try to check the integrity of the game in steam, they will repair any damaged files.
  3. Can i get in the middle of this? To be honest, i don't think money is a problem, like the saying, what changes the medicine to a poison is the dosage, or something like this, too much money and you get problems, too little you get problems too, i think too much or too little is like alcohol, will bring out what you have kept inside you, the good and the bad, same goes for everything, like politicians you mention... i know, i live in Brasil LOL! But putting this on the modding scene, money cannot change the modding scene, there is just no way too... If nexus start to ch
  4. But you the game freeze or you get stuck? Can you use console?
  5. To be honest i don't remember... I remember buying a CD with c&c1 mods, took 1 month to arrive, at the time i don't understand that was others work, but i pay 20 dollars for that CD... Don't worry, this kind of stuff always happens from time to time, and modders will continue to make stuff, money will not change that...
  6. Like Di3slrae said, a fresh new game is good to see if the problem is in your save file. I see you use a lot of FX mods, this can cause this too depending of your hardware. Another point, use a monitor software to check the status of your GPU while in game, in special VRAM, FO4 is not very friendly to loading stuff into the GPU. I play with a 1080ti, with a i7 6900k OC to 4.2ghz and 32gb running in 3400mhz and a SSD m.2 960pro, and i get some slow times too, in special when i arrive in a big settlement, in skyrim even with my gpu eating more VRAM i do not have this slow
  7. Substance Painter, i think there is a 10 dollars subscription today, or even a trial, all your texturing skills will improve 400% with it. To avoid this seam problem, the best is to make the padding, is when the texture bleed outside the UV.
  8. This is created in ENB, you have to disable on ENB config. **Edit** Forgot to say, is in the ENB Lens.
  9. To tell my motivation i have one nice example, Ashley in ME3, first time i saw their clothes/armor, i thought, she could have their legs out like a mini skirt, so i edit their textures and she was ready to fight the reapers in a much better sexy way I don't know were this mod goes, i see it around sometimes. But the first time i really made something big was in FO4, because i don't see how skyrim ports could fit the world of FO4, and no one was doing new stuff for it, so i decided to give a try and made one armor, this armor become 5 sets and them a lot of other stuff...
  10. I just don't see how a world with just monsters and real people running around can be fun, without NPC's all missions will be or fetch or kill something, this will get bored soon, then i think it will be like gta online, a huge mess of people killing each other without any good reason, hacker/cheaters everywhere and people yelling at the mic and asking why you are a guy playing with a female character, after sometime bethesda will release vault-tec cards so you can build a nice city of dreams and a lot of CC crap. They will have to accept mods eventually yes, but i don't know how t
  11. People are a little crazy with this modding stuff... Some journalist talk to me last month about money x mods and if i think modders need more money etc... I told them what i think, if someone wants a job in gaming and make a mod, is portfolio, so no, they don't need the money, if someone makes because think is cool, they don't need the money, simple as that, but the journalist continue to insist saying that people playing games on youtube etc are making huge cash etc... I try to explain the difference, a modder is a nickname without face that make something with a time limit, a youtubers or w
  12. This makes sense indeed... This makes the work even harder them.
  13. In the havok file there is info about all the bones, for what i understand, we could add havok to any bone we want, including the "fat..." bones, but i could be wrong, that is not my thing... my brain collapse every time i see code
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