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  1. Halstrom's Tag Data is over 2 years out of date, as far as I know it's not even uploaded anywhere anymore, I don't think I even have a copy anymore. It was the beta for Themes.
  2. As Fourplay hasn't been worked on for a long time I would go with the AAF version if there even is any actual differences. @Operand, are you in the AAF Discord, there are heaps of people there that know more about that stuff than I do. Ping dagoba_king there with an IM explaining you are making AAF mods and he will put you into the aaf-author-support channel.
  3. Update 200623.0: Some minor fixes Updates for latest SavageCabbage 1.2.2 animations Updates for latest BP70 animations
  4. No but the Basic Theme set doesn't have much in it anyway, it's only for pose mods.
  5. STAT's doesn't have anything to do with Penis morphing :)
  6. Update 200605.0: Updates for SavageCabbage 1.2.1 Fixes for BP60 Femdom animation tags and added tag FemDom
  7. yeah that sounds way more complex, I would just limit it to facecial attractiveness and go by formlists like "HasBigButt" and "LikesSmallBoobs". Just give outfits a Sexy or Slutty rating with possible negatives for stuff that is ugly.
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