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  1. Themes has nothing to do with Penis's or Cum Overlays. AJ's is pretty outdated nowdays, I'm dropping support for it soon because it causes so many issues and is so out of date.
  2. As far as I can tell all I do is add these tags to them, I can't see why any of them would make them a non-furniture animation I think that's all handled in the FunritureData and animationData by SC. I'm not sure how that part works. <tag position="SC-FM-Human-Couch01-01Tease" tags="SavageCabbage,F_M,Couch,FromBehind,Neutral,Tease,Held1,Love5,Stim3,Dom-5,NullToSelf,HandToNipples"/> <tag position="SC-FM-Human-Couch01-03Spoon" tags="SavageCabbage,F_M,Couch,FromBehind,Neutral,Held1,Love5,Stim5,Dom-5,NullToSelf,PenisToVagina"/> <tag position="SC-FM-Human-Couch01-04Spoon" tags="SavageCabbage,F_M,Couch,FromBehind,Neutral,Held1,Love5,Stim5,Dom-5,NullToSelf,PenisToVagina"/> <tag position="SC-FM-Human-Couch01-05Spoon" tags="SavageCabbage,F_M,Couch,FromBehind,Neutral,Held1,Love5,Stim5,Dom-5,NullToSelf,PenisToVagina"/> <tag position="SC-FM-Human-Couch02-01Tease" tags="SavageCabbage,F_M,Couch,Neutral,Tease,Held1,Love5,Stim3,Dom-5,NullToSelf,HandToNipples"/> <tag position="SC-FM-Human-Couch02-03Handjob" tags="SavageCabbage,F_M,Couch,Handjob,FromFront,Neutral,Held1,Love3,Stim1,Dom-3,NullToSelf,PenisToHand"/> <tag position="SC-FM-Human-Couch02-04Handjob" tags="SavageCabbage,F_M,Couch,Handjob,FromFront,Neutral,Held1,Love3,Stim1,Dom-3,NullToSelf,PenisToHand"/> <tag position="SC-FM-Human-Couch02-05Blowjob" tags="SavageCabbage,F_M,Couch,Blowjob,FromFront,Neutral,Held1,Love3,Stim1,Dom-5,NullToSelf,PenisToMouth"/> <tag position="SC-FM-Human-Couch02-06Blowjob" tags="SavageCabbage,F_M,Couch,Blowjob,FromFront,Neutral,ClimaxM,Held1,Love3,Stim1,Dom-5,NullToSelf,PenisToMouth"/> <tag position="SC-FM-Human-Couch_PlayerHouse01-03Facefuck" tags="SavageCabbage,F_M,Couch,Blowjob,FromFront,Neutral,ClimaxM,Held1,Love3,Stim1,Dom-5,NullToSelf,PenisToMouth"/> <tag position="SC-FM-Human-Crane01-03Carry" tags="SavageCabbage,F_M,Crane,Carry,FromFront,Neutral,Held1,Stim7,Love5,Dom-1,NullToSelf,PenisToVagina"/>
  3. Well the file name tells you the date I uploaded it (in Australian time so it might be a day in the future at times :)) that's why I do it that way and if you look at the download page in the title it has the latest version uploaded too
  4. Hmm it's been years since I had anything to do with the code, feel free to take it over if you like to redo it or make changes
  5. Nope, bogged down in Themes and STATs updates at the moment and got a house full of people sucking up any time to do non-PG stuff
  6. The latest one is 20-05-12.0 It's the date written backwards so it sorts properly. The .1 was only because the .0 that day had a bug in it so I had to upload a fixed version. I would uninstall everything and reinstall just F4SE, AAF, Themes and SavageCabbage Animations and get them working first before adding anything else one by one till you find what breaks it.
  7. You can ignore those ewrrors they are only warning messages that the Animation pack Author has used too low values.
  8. Hmm well if you didn't exclude you should just install "My Animation Pack" by Savage cabbage, it was only updated last week, so make sur e you have the latest.
  9. These are the FMMM Animations I tag in Theme_SexVanilla_NoFurnGB_tagData.xml that are in Savage Cabbage, they show in my Wizard ok: <tag position="SC-FMMM-Human-Standing01-01Gangbang" tags="SavageCabbage,F_M_M_M,NoFurn,Standing,Neutral,Held5,Love0,Stim9,Dom-7,NullToSelf,PenisToAnus,PenisToVagina,PenisToHand"/> <tag position="SC-FMMM-Human-Standing01-02Gangbang" tags="SavageCabbage,F_M_M_M,NoFurn,Standing,Neutral,Held5,Love0,Stim9,Dom-7,NullToSelf,PenisToAnus,PenisToVagina,PenisToHand"/> And these are in Theme_SexKinky_NoFurnGB_tagData.xml : <tag position="SC-FMM-Human-Floor03-03Gangbang" tags="SavageCabbage,F_M_M,NoFurn,DoubleTeam,Aggressive,Held7,Love3,Stim7,Dom-5,NullToSelf,PenisToVagina,PenisToAnus"/> <tag position="SC-FMMM-Human-Floor01-03Gangbang" tags="SavageCabbage,F_M_M_M,NoFurn,Aggressive,Held9,Love0,Stim9,Dom-9,NullToSelf,PenisToVagina,PenisToAnus,PenisToVagina"/> <tag position="SC-FMMM-Human-Floor02-03Gangbang" tags="SavageCabbage,F_M_M_M,NoFurn,Aggressive,Held9,Love0,Stim9,Dom-9,NullToSelf,PenisToVagina,PenisToAnus,PenisToMouth"/> <tag position="SC-FMMM-Human-Floor03-03Gangbang" tags="SavageCabbage,F_M_M_M,NoFurn,Aggressive,Held9,Love0,Stim9,Dom-9,NullToSelf,PenisToVagina,PenisToAnus,PenisToNipples"/> So are you trying to say they disappear from the wizard if you add the excludes into your ini file for "Spanking" and "Gagged"? So are they visible if you take out both excludes or just one of them?
  10. in MO2 its ModOrganiser/Fallout4/Mods/AAF_VanillaKinkyCreatureAnimations_Themes/AAF There is a little tab thingy up the top of MO2 that opens MO2 folders. Take a screen shot of that folders contents. The XML for Vanilla Non-Furniture GangBang Sex animations is Theme_SexVanilla_NoFurnGB_tagData.XML It lists all the postions and the tags I attempt to add. Note if you don't have some of those installed it won't tag them of course. The XML for Kinky Non-Furniture GangBang Sex animations is Theme_SexKinky_NoFurnGB_tagData.XML Some of those may have Gagged or Spanking tags. So if you are not seeing any MMMF animations in game then you don't have them installed or another mod is overwriting my tags add spanking and gagged tags to all MMMF animations, which would by unusually crazy.
  11. The simpler way is to find such an animation in the AAF wizard and see if it works. If you can't find one in the wizard I need a list of all the Theme XML's you have installed too.. Does it find any without those 2 exclusions as they are pretty rare tags.
  12. That's actually coming from STATs not Themes and it is warning you that the animation Author of those old mods is using incorrect frame/time values and they need to adjust their XML's but those mod authors are not around anymore so they need the XML's patched. It's only a warning it shouldn't stop anything from working. Stats's injects actions into existing XML's for the meters and calculation of Arousal etc but can not alter the XML's frame settings .
  13. Basically One Patch is about 4 animation pack updates behind as it hasn't been updated since June or August 2019 I have updated Themes for the newer packs. I don't write the guide either. Last I hear An3k was going to trim back the One Patch to just be the StrapOns and Penis's but that was 3 weeks ago, that is probably the quickest simplest solution. I don't know what we can do, I am struggling with my own work and mods, I looked into taking over one patch but it's just bigger than I can handle with my current workload and Real World craziness. You are probably better discussing it in the AAF Discord channel AAF-Author-Support. I assume you have access to that? CG! has an XML generator in the works that will remove the need for a lot of patches too but it's 3-6 months away.
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