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  1. No idea as I've never had that issue and this mod contains no actual animations, just the tags for them.
  2. Update 210326.0: Fixed incorrect update dates Thanks for spotting that Vaultbait, sorry I'm not really active in FO4 much nowdays got deep into other projects elsewhere
  3. Honestly, I used to be a NMM fan but it got so cantankerous it eventually completely broke my entire FO installation and I had to delete everything to reinstall with MO2 because everytime I tried a NMM re installation it failed. it's a bit of a learning curve but no I wouldn't go back to cassette tapes
  4. Yeah a lot of the debugging system was for a lot of early issues that probably never occur and because we didn't have pregnant versions of more than 20 outfits initially in V2. The AppearPregnant formlist was mainly so people could use it in dialogue checks etc too without needing to script. I think when I started PregnancyV1 we just the vaultsuit and it was using original Sexout
  5. Nice work tracking it down, I've never been a professional programmer and pretty sure that's some of my original code, probably wrote that near 10years ago I had to do all sorts of bodgy stuff to work around functions we didn't have or quirks with the NV engine. I haven't played NV for years, Dborg2 can probably slip that into the next update I suspect. I have no idea whether there was a good reason for this bit: Set fClothingTightness to fCurrBellySize Maybe the rest could be changed to: if iDebug == 5 && fCurrBellySize >= 1 if (NX_IsInList SexoutSLClothAp
  6. They are now in Savage Cabbages Animation Pack. It is actually the better way to do them as Themes was getting to large installing XML data for every one of the 3000 odd animations whether they were installed or not Eventually I should do the same for the other major animation Packs too but taking a bit of a hiatus from FO4 at moment.
  7. Update 201014.0: (Yes it's old, I thought I had uploaded it already) -Fix XML's for Vulpine -Other various minor fixes
  8. Silly question what is the difference between Classic and DF animations, do we install both?
  9. AJ's stuff is way outdated half of the animation references have changed so I've gradually been commenting support out for it with the <!-- and --> (you need to use them in pairs).
  10. Yes no problems with uploading it here, if you get really stuck into it later you can even take over it and start your own download
  11. Not really, it's been a while since I worked on it, had way too much other code through my head since then
  12. Umm, as the author who created the files with the "odd dating convention" I can say it makes a lot of sense for me when looking at a list of files its easy to see and sort alphabetically which ones are in what order and tell instantly how old any version is. V2.4 etc is confusing to me as it has no link to reliant or required mods versions. 13.100218 makes even less sense as the 13th version released on the 10th of February in 1918, computers don't add and subtract dates easily like that to workout how much time has passed. A stopwatch does not show 10ths of seconds then seconds then minutes.
  13. Ok, I have no idea which is the last working version or their requirements. The 200210 is for the latest STATs and won't require that swf meter HUD program and probably similar for the 2019 versions. SynthPlayer_200210.1.7z SynthPlayer-180907.0.zip SynthPlayer-180925.0.zip SynthPlayer-190109.0.zip SynthPlayer-190114.0.zip
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