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Fertile Breeder - Captured 1.0.2

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Wiki Editors wanted. Here's the wiki. PM me for questions.


This module for Fertile Breeder takes you through the darker sides of the Mojave. Rather than being paid for your services and doing it at your leisure, you are about to find out that some people aren't as forthcoming as the people you've dealt with so far.


You will be imprisoned and forced to breed for your captors. It will not be a Sunday trip, so be warned.




Talk to SSgt. Mason after turning in an egg to him. He will ask you to seek out a faction of Rogue Rangers. Meet up with a fellow ranger near Nipton and be stunned as there is nothing you can do once you reach the Rogues' hideout.



The Garden


Talk to Clover in Westside, near the Casa Madrid, she will take you to the fabled Garden of Babylon, where you will discover the fates of unlucky adventurers entering the same cave.



The Call of Callville


Head to the newly added town of Callville near Bittersprings and unveil the mystery surrounding the town.
This is an episode with multiple quests and a branching path, diverging at several points in the main story line. The primary choices you'll be given... do you resist or join the coming darkness?



The Remnant


Talk to a group of Brotherhood of Steel soldiers near the Devil's Throat. Together with them, you must deal with a new Super Mutant threat rising from a previously undiscovered Vault.



Quest ID's (in case you have to force a stage)




The first group of symbols are the EditorID's. You won't have to use those.
The second group (e.g.: XX000ADD) is the ID you'll have to use in console. Replace the "XX" with the load order of FBCaptured.
Example: SetStage "12000ADD 20"
FBC2 XX000ADD: The Seeds of Treason


FBC3 XX001D1D: The Garden of Babylon


FBC4M1 XX007381: Dark Waters
FBC4M2 XX007380: Dark Times
FBC4M3 XX007382: Desperate Measures
FBC4M4 XX007383: Locks and Monsters
FBC4C1 XX007384: The Black Veil
FBC4C2 XX007385: Black Dawn
FBC4N1 XX007386: A New Dawn
FBC4N2 XX007E57: Eyes in the Dark
FBC4N3 XX007E58: Blade in the Darkness
FBC4N4 XX007E59: Light in the Darkness


FBC5 XX003FEB: The Remnant



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What's New in Version 1.0.2


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