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  1. No new version. I just put the esp and esms together and turned it into a zip file.
  2. With jayce113 testing, Neutron found 2 more bugs to fix. Released a new minor update
  3. I don't believe there is any mutation taking place in Fertile Breeder. If you mean 'removal of pregnant belly during sex', that's the default setting. Bellies are treated like outfits and therefor 'stripped' for the animation.
  4. Did you install all external resources from Sexout Common Resources?
  5. I'm afraid that Maternity Pack Overkill is too big for FOMM and NMM. NexusModManager is really antiquated and it also can't handle *.dll You might be able to extract Maternity Pack Overkill in a extract-tool like Winzip, Winrar or 7zip. Then perhaps zip the meshes folder, or textures folder, rezip the rest and try to load it. This will break the FOMOD-installation, so it will install too many or the wrong Scriptaddon, so you will need to lookup which one to enable and which one to disable.
  6. Uploaded the new version. Thank you Neutron for the fix.
  7. Sexout Pregnancy needs to be above Maternity Pack Overkill and Sexout Offspring Other then that, I had the same error while testing. I don't know which NVSE version and JIP-NVSE you are using, but some don't like eachother.
  8. No it wasn't. The 'This is a april fools joke' comment is the april fools joke.
  9. Going to respond on the specific MPO questions. Almost all outfits from base games, DLCs, TaleOfTwoWastelands (2 and 3) and Sexout Common Resources are covered. I'm currently finishing the lasts missing ones for version 2.8. Follow up release will make the remainder of the outfits that have pregnancy outfits but no maximum, to go to max. (as well as covering most or all outfits of Tryout and evenm ore of the Kristina's Closet outfits.
  10. Both NMM and FOMM are outdated and should no longer be used in my opinion. Try Mod Organizer or Vortex instead.
  11. I just happen to have released a new update of SOB that also fixes a lot of the NavMesh issues. As for ideas. Feel free to PM spam me. More ideas isn't bad. Note that a lot of animals don't have any animations, so we can't really use them.
  12. I created better installation instructions for you on the main page. Sexout Common Resources consists of 2 parts. A collection of resources where the copyright holders gave us permissing to include their files and folders into the main install and a section where copyright holders give permission to use their resources, but only if they are downloaded from their download pages/websites. See the guide made by RitualClarity for the second part. If you want to have all files in a single file and no additional downloads, you may petition to all western nations to change their copy
  13. Hello all, Finally. After years of struggles, we can release a new version with loads of bug fixes and a big new quest in the Deathclaw episode.
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