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  1. I honestly can't remember, but probably you need to give birth to some normal eggs.
  2. There is much more content after that. You might be missing a trigger. Development is still ongoing. We are currently redesigning some of the locations.
  3. The reason we suggest 'start over', is because it is really difficult to fix it. At start of loading a save you see some cios commands you might be able to try. One tells about ending an animation. You could try that, but I doubt that it will help.
  4. I don't understand why FOMM would make a difference. It's a mod manager. Any will do, and there are many that are better
  5. near the exit of the cave outside there are several eggsacks.. One of them has all your loot.
  6. I didn't know sexout Lite even existed... on you can find version 16 in the downloads-section.
  7. Did you follow the installation guide in my 'List of Mods'?
  8. Either works, but the first option is 'cleaner'
  9. I assume it works, as there are many people that use it. I never used it, so I can't judge. Perhaps post the bugreport in that thread.
  10. Sounds like you installed FNV Stutter Remover... Don't use that mod, it doesn't play nice with Windows 10 Or you might have installed the wrong version of NVSE Extender. You should have version 19.
  11. The NVSE Extender in this mod is the latest version, which works with NVSE and xNVSE.
  12. – – Suggested for male are Breezes or Robert’s
  13. This can either be because you missed the installation of the male nude body, or you changed the settings of body swapping for males.
  14. With Mod organize 2 it is much easier. Install 1608064580_SexoutCommonResourcesData.7z like a normal mod. then installSexoutCommonResources 20210623.rar but merge it with the previous install.
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