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  1. dborg2

    List of Sexout Mods

    Added Immersive Lactation and updated the DocX-download (Which basically has the exact same information).
  2. dborg2


    It's been a long while since I played with this mod, but I recall he's close to the entrance, near the hotel.
  3. dborg2

    Maternity Clothes

    I've made sure and verified that every version of the same outfit-range has the same exact value, weight, scripts, repair-lists etc. So if you have a non-pregnancy version and it goes to a pregnancy version, you will not gain or lose carryweight. (and all other stuff)
  4. dborg2

    Maternity Clothes

    Ah I see what I did wrong. You were supposed to put xx0 in front of it, not xx00.. Codes are always 8 characters long (though you can skip leading zero's)
  5. Sometimes this can accure after sex, with an error in the ragdoll section, If it's the case, you might be able to fix it by restarting the game, going to a save game with this issue, and f* the nearest person/creature you can find. You might have to repeat it several times though. if you didn't have sex at that time, I don't know. Perhaps if you share your loadorder, I (or somebody else) can see what this would cause.
  6. dborg2

    Maternity Clothes

    These are the codes (from not-pregnant to P3) just add xx00 in front of the code (where xx=loadorder of SCR)
  7. Crashes on loading of the game, or loading a savegame. If it's while loading the game, you probably have a missing plugin, or an incorrect load order. You can use LOOT to verify this. If it's loading a game, it could be a corrupt savegame.
  8. dborg2


    Never played Fallout Who Vegas, but does it really need THAT MANU PLUGINS. And aren't some of those plugins incompatible with eachother. (For instance I saw 2 'gamepad' plugins, but I couldn't see the full names of the pluginfiles.) Also do you see stuff from mods near where we said the Store is? If you see a weird item added near where the store should be, and you click on the console on it, the first 2 values will tell you from which mod it is.
  9. dborg2

    Fertile Breeder - TTW Addons

    My apolagies. I didn't relealize it was also a feature in this mod. Please ignore my stupid comment.
  10. dborg2

    Fertile Breeder - TTW Addons

    'Immersive Creatures' is a Skyrim mod (Might also be for Fallout 4). And I believe there is a mod on the Skyrim-section to extends creature pregnancy to the added creatures from that mod. What it has to do with Fertile Breeder TTW, I don't know. It's not even the correct game.
  11. You also don't seem to have weird mods running (some I don't know, but the name implies that they are harmless). It sounds like your fancy toaster of a machine can't handle a 10 year old game. With my little understanding of computer-hardware, I'm guessing the CPU goes into rampage mode, and locks up the entire PC. I don't know if there are tools to actually check your hardware, but I'm guessing you may have made mistakes with overclocking your machine.
  12. dborg2


    Sorry I'm a bit lazy. It should be next to the road between GoodSprings and Primm in a bunker. x
  13. dborg2

    ragdoll bug

    SexoutYield is ancient, and doesn't work with the newer version of SexoutNG/SexoutCommonResources.
  14. dborg2

    SMMP (Sexout Maternity Mega Pack)

    Wow.. Those issues are weird, never had those before.. If you don't want to use TTWFFixes, you can disable MPOScriptAddonTTW and continue playing. You will however need to make sure you aren't pregnant when trying to enter Tranquility Lane or Operation Anchorage. (Or you could enable TTWFixes+MPOScriptAddonTTW when you are about to enter those) ps @RitualClarity From the download page... This is a spreadsheet with all the code (refID) of all outfits added by SCR+MPO. It also contains several armors that aren't supposed to be worn (or even have in your possession), like children outfits/Unique outfits/Companion outfits, and 1 or 2 might cause CTD's. Also some have Graphical glitches. For anybody that wants a quick laugh at a graphical glitch
  15. dborg2

    Missing Entrance to Room

    While the door might be missing. It couldbe possible you can still 'e' on it, btw. Have you tried that? To others: If somebody else can help this user....