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  1. dborg2

    Fertile Breeder

    Usually you get unending load screen, when you miss a requirements. Can you pm me your load order (and if possibe, your installation order too)
  2. The New SexoutCommonResources and SexoutPregnancy aren't compatible with the MPO 2.4. I'm currently testing MPO 2.5 which should be compatible with the newest SCR/SOPreg. (And also contains a ton of new outfits), and I hope I can release it soon. Please be patient.
  3. dborg2

    Sexout New Vegas Pregnancy

    FYI. MPO 2.4 is not yet compatible with the newest version of Sexout Pregnancy. I'm still busy testing it, but it will take me (hopefully) less than a week.
  4. dborg2

    Sexout Spunk

    Do you have UIO installed?
  5. dborg2

    Sexout Breeder

    Just added a small addon package for SOB. This if for the new version of SCR/SO-Pregnancy (which hasn't been released yet at moment of writing) It also allows you to wear clothing with mutations. (just don't complain about clipping issues)
  6. Update... I changed all the global-formidlists to contain the same amount of outfits, rewrote my swapping script SexoutP5SBodySwapOutfit and removed the 'Ar_size' check from SexoutP5SBodySwapSub. Now it seems to work fine.
  7. dborg2

    Fertile Breeder - TTW Addons

    The mod " A Soul of Fallen Worlds " is illegal to be used in some countries. (Violations of UELA and Bethesda's copyright) It merges Fallout3.ESM into FalloutNV.esm, and also removes copyright protection. It also removes other 'unused' items, and translates everything to Russian. This is mostly, why it has compatibility issues with TTW-specific mods.
  8. I'm back again. This time running into the next scripting issue. When wearing an outfit and P2 script SexoutP5SBodySwapOutfit.txt is called with 'actor' and '2' and it will call SexoutP5SBodySwapSub.txt to find the P2-version of the outfit that 'actor' is wearing, and return it. The same scripts are called by P3, but then with the 'CurrentOutfit' + '3'. However, for all outfits, P2 is returned and I just can't find out why. ---(Edit from here) I've managed to track down the issue to the SwapSub script. Full ("edited for testing"-subscript) For some reason iArrayLength becomes 2, and I can't figure out why. Explanation of variables: Am I using the 'Ar_size' incorrectly? Or am I required to have all entries with the same array length?
  9. Unfortunately I'm currently in a state, where I need to test my next release (for TTW 2.9), so I can't load in TTW 3.2 and see what changed. After releasing 2.5 of MPO I hope I can easily fix it for TTW-3.2 too.
  10. That's probably because TTW changed the id's of the outfits. So the SCR-->MCM-->Extra clothes and companions --> Fallout 3 button doesn't work correctly (I assume).
  11. dborg2

    nvse pink start up

    Can you post your load and install order for me? I might be able to pick out, what's going wrong.
  12. dborg2

    nvse pink start up

    Something removed/deleted the mainscreen. Did you verify game integrity in Steam?
  13. dborg2

    Fertile Breeder - Captured

    That's correct. However. Some of the mods have had updates since that time.
  14. dborg2

    MCM errors

    Did you install your mods with a mod manager.. If so, it might not have installed the mod files correctly. Also you might have to check if NVSE is still installed correctly.
  15. dborg2

    Sexout Tryout

    Why do you have 9 versions of Sexist dialogs.. Also I think at least one of the versions had issues with dialogs.