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  1. SexoutP5SBodySwapSub is called by all swap-scripts periocally. (And gets a formidlist 'A' supplied) SexoutSCR00SAddDLCStuff will be called when the user presses the 'SCR-MCM -Extra' button. And picture is one of those FormIDLists (A) with in it a FormIDList 'B' that should work, but doesn't. (Note that I called the 'AddDLCStuff' script in the same session as the rest of the testing I did) SexoutP5SBodySwapSub.txt SexoutSCR00SAddDLCStuff.txt
  2. I'm running into a new issue. I have a formidlist(A) with multiple forrmidlists, Like "B". I have a script that browses through all formidlists within formidlist(A) to search for a form, and do stuff based, on it being found. Now in game I have a different script that adds a form to formidlist B, but it seems that it isn't updating into formislist(A)-formidlists. When my other script browses through FormIdList-A's formidlists, it doesn't find the new form, I added in 'B'. Is thas bad programming on my side, or is it a bug from Bethesda, and what would be the best workaround? Does re-adding FormidList-B to Formidlist-A fix it, or do i need to add a new formidlist-C to A?
  3. Can you post your load order, and if possible your install order?
  4. You shouldn't disable spunk tracking. As that determines pregnancies. The rest.. is mostly optional..
  5. You can change spunk to always come after certain times, and then turn of arousal tracking. Also that shouldn't involve pregnancy.
  6. dborg2

    Sexout Breeder

    To befriend Sam you need to be nice to her. Encourage her everything will be alright an act like you agree with her that the other girls are insane.. (until you corrupt her)
  7. dborg2

    Sexout Breeder

    Oh. Ok.. That seems to be an issue. I have seen occasions where he would spawn inside a building. Have you checked for that?
  8. dborg2

    Sexout Breeder

    In the caravan bit, Titan isn't supposed to spawn, but some of your otherdeathclaws. Just go to the meeting location and they *should* spawn.
  9. The 'prefer girls' etc thing is in the MCM menu, for player, female NPC and male NPC. the Submissive/Dominant perks don't do (as far as I know) nothing in game, but are unused hooks that mods could use.
  10. Did some research. Paradox removed the 'female_advisor_chance' from the nation designer, due to *undefined* bugs. To get the 'idea' back put the file below in "C ommon/custom_ideas/" For those not handy enough, DON'T OVERWRITE THE FILE DIRECTLY IN YOUR GAME DIRECTORY, but place it inside the advisors.zip, correctly. 01_new_ideas.txt ps. The change is yet untested, and I don't know which bug it was causing, according to Paradox Interactive. Edit: Tested it and while it does give an'The ducation of daughters' ideagroup, it doesn't seem to do anything.. So don't download my failed attempt at modding EU4 (unless you are the mod maker, and know what I did wrong) Edit 2. IT DOES WORK... YAY...
  11. dborg2

    Fertile Breeder

    Did you follow this guide:
  12. if the body mesh is missing, it shows as having no body at all, just floating hands and head. If that's the case, you need to download Maternity Clothes, which is a requirement for Sexout Common Resources. (which is a requirement of Maternity Pack Overkill)
  13. dborg2

    Fertile Breeder

    The esp warning is just that, a warning. A missing master is something else. Do you have Maternity Pack Overkill installed and have that *esp* above that of Fertile Breeder?
  14. dborg2

    How do I fix this?

    In below guide you can find all resources needed for Sexout Common Resources.
  15. dborg2

    F3, FNV or F4?

    If that team makes it a requirement (programmed with checks etc) to have Fallout New Vegas, it should be good. Just look at how TaleOfTwoWastelands does that with Fallout 3.