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  1. Still Worth Playing?

    There's currently a 50% sale for both games+DLC. For me it's 20 euro for ALL together.
  2. You probably have an MCM-conflict. Perhaps UIO https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/57174 can resolve that issue.
  3. Pregnancy 3? hmmm. What does pipboy (OR console-->inventory) say you are wearing?
  4. problem with a mod

    Don't assiciate esp's and esm's to GECK in your preferred browser.
  5. Sexout New Vegas Pregnancy

    In SexoutCommonResources.esm there are some references to condom_ico.dds For Ingestibles--> Female and Male Condom For Armor --> Vault-Tech APFI SkinSuit and BubStop Diaphram The only thing that I can think of that YATTAY is aiming at, is the Bubspot Test Kit, since it doesn't have a icon assigned to it. If you installed "Nordlands Mesh & Texture pack for the Fertility Drugs by Norland" from the SexoutCommon Resources installation guide correctly, you should have these icons in the pip-boy.
  6. Still Worth Playing?

    Most mods are still available and most bugs have been ironed out. The number of new mods is decreasing. But a lot of mods are still updated and expanded.
  7. Fnvedit and changing scripts

    As far as I know, only GECK has the possibility to compile the scripts. Just changing the readable part of the script doesn't do anything.
  8. SMMP (Sexout Maternity Mega Pack)

    MaternityPackOverkill.esp is and esp with the 'esm' flag turned on. This means that the FalloutNewVegas engine will treat it as an ESM. Which means it gets special treatment. However the name is hardcoded within the plugin, so it's not easy (perhaps impossible) to make it a full esm. Fallout getting stuck in the loading screen is a known error. It's caused by missing a requirement, or incorrect loadorder. Have you run FNVEdit to verify that you don't have mods missing their 'masters'? Have you verified that you've correctly installed Sexout and it's requirements? (NVSE Extender is usually forgotten) Have you gotten all other requirements, like JIP NVSE Plugin, ModConfigurationMenu? Have you installed SexoutCommonResources plus it's requirements from the usefull guide?
  9. Fertile Breeder - TTW Addons

    The scripts won't fix itself until a restart. Basically it's the Fallout-engine crashing, and a save/reload won't help. But the more annoying part is, that disappearing actors usually get 'stuck tokens', which means that just respawning them, won't fix the issue. The respawned NPCs (and their partners) will still have stuck tokens and be unable to have sex. This can cause stuck story progression etc. So don't make a save after an actor disappears, because it's useless, but quit and go back to a save before the sexscene. For this reason the 'CASM' mod is suggested as it makes a huge amount of auto-saves that you can return to. ps. There is a possibility that you can fix a character with stuck tokens, but that requires immmediatly going to console. Remove tokens manually from both participants... and a huge amount of luck. ps2. The last time I compared Oblivions and Fallouts stability I noticed that Fallout has less change of failing. But in a heavy-sex playthrough you probably have to restart once per hour. In a normal playthrough with some sex here and there I can usually play about 2+ hours without a restart. Skyrim has an even better engine, but Skyrim is 'vast as an ocean and deep as a puddle', so I rarely play it.
  10. Other tools that you might know from Skyrim also work on FNV, like LOOT and MergeMods. FNVEdit works just like TES5Edit. So good luck and I'm sure people can help you, if you run into any problems. Ow and sorry about the 'he'-thing. 'It' is so unpersonal, so I usually guess for 'he', as most users on this site are male.
  11. Sexout Breeder [v8.8] Riverside Beta

    Correct.. But they happen at a different farm as Sexout Breeder. So you can get captured twice..... Both stories are good.
  12. Fertile Breeder - TTW Addons

    Disappearing actors is a Sexout Bug that has happens quite alot in Fallout New Vegas. If a character disappears mid-sex or right afterwards. Restart Fallout New Vegas and go back to a save prior to the sex. Usually it's an indication that more scripts are starting to fail (including default FNV, DLC or TTW scripts). Most likely the 'Spacewalk' scripts started failing also.
  13. Sexout New Vegas Pregnancy

    I also noticed an issue with swapping to P1-nude bodies. I hope your post can help me find the issue. Edit... Could you try if it works with this version? SexoutPregnancyV3.esm Edit2. If this is indeed the fix, than that means it was a SexoutPregnancy bug. If so, could you update the download page please, Halstrom?
  14. Fertile Breeder

    On the download page it's in the lowest download. FertileBreeder1.4.2.rar (or something like that)
  15. I use Mod Organizer, and I think that, if Awkward Nymph is used to Skyrim, he'll find Mod Organizer easier to use. For FNV+DLC a lot of mods are available. If you have a strong PC, you can go the TTW route. 1 warning though.. The max number of plugins for FNV is half of what Skyrim allows.