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  1. dborg2

    Sexout New Vegas Pregnancy

    Ah. playing as a male. I didn;t conside that. I *think* you should decrease the "Player Female Fertilty Cycle days' to a few days. If you also enabled male pregnancies on 'pregnancy' settings, that should start the generation of OVAs, but, I've never played as a male character, so I wouldn't know. (Make sure 'Ova Life Length in days' is at least 1 day less then the 'Cycle days'). Cumbloating, or visible pregnancies might not work for male characters, as there are no meshes for pregnant males. ----------------- If I'm completely mistaking you, and you just want female pregnancies for NPC/Followers, you should change the 'NPC Female Fertilty Cycle days' to a few days. Cumbloating has nothing to do with actual pregnancies. If the amount of cum in vagina exceeds a treshhold the belly will become bigger. (Cumbloating and an already running pregnancy increment eachother).
  2. dborg2

    fnv chrashes every time i launch

    !!!Edit: You are missing "The mod configuration Menu" (MCM) !!! Do you have NVAC (NewVegasAntiCrash) installed? Do you have NVSE and NVSE Extender(NX) installed? Do you start the game through NVSE_Loader? Also what does LOOT say? --Edit-- Not related to your issues, but a mod that is highly recommended when playing Fertile Breeder or Sexout Breeder is the mod called "CASM". It does autosaving. ----(If still issues)---- Have you followed the Sexout Common Resources installation guide? I've noticed people using Maternity Pack Overkill, with too many missing steps from the installation guide, have issues like you described.
  3. dborg2

    Sexout New Vegas Pregnancy

    Cumbloating works very well, but reading your other issues, it might be related to something else. Set it to max and try 1 or more times with a bighorner as experiment. (Make sure you also have animal pregnancies enabled in MCM) There are no 'best settings', as it depends on preferences. Usually I reduce the menstruation/ova cycle to a few days for player and double the few days for NPC. I also increase the fertility chance to 75% or so for player and 50-60% for NPC. Thirdly I increase the ova-life for "Few days"-1. (always needs to be less then menstruation cycle). If you really want to, you can increase the male-semen strength from 70% to 100%, but I leave that up to you. There are also settings in SexoutSpunk, but I usually don't mess with those. (Except the 'always clean yourself at water source', because I hate clicking away pop-ups)
  4. dborg2

    fnv chrashes every time i launch

    You only need one of these: And follow the rest of the advise that people say above and/or below me..
  5. You can use https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/45604 You can completely ignore all features (I personally do), but it also has a 'perk every level'. And that perk-every-level can be set up to have multiple perks per level.
  6. Thank you. It's only a bit annoying, but I can live with it. I'll just provide a 0 everytime it should be 'ommited'. (In my case it's basically a boolean. "Does outfit tear" yes or no)
  7. I want to create a function with an optional value. When omissioned it's 0, otherwise it's what's provided. How do I do that in a script?
  8. dborg2

    Problems with graphics?

    Sexout Store requires and only uses assets from Sexout Common Resources and the stuff I posted above. You are clearly missing 1 or more of the required files from that set. I know it's really annoying to make the folders and then install it.
  9. dborg2

    Fertile Breeder

    Maternity Pack Overkill doesn't check versions, so these errors can't be from MPO. Most likely you installed the SMMP-big installation with everything in it, but failed to read that it says it might be outdated a bit, and that you should check for updates of the mods it contains. The big installation is there to save time downloading all the loose files, so that updating is much easier.
  10. dborg2

    [Tutorial] SCR Resources Folder Creation

    Yes. NVSE = New Vegas Script Extender http://nvse.silverlock.org/ NX = NVSE Extender = New Vegas Script Extender Extender
  11. dborg2

    Sexout Body Issues

    Your character disappearing might happen when you are too close zoomed in to your character when you initiate sex. If you normally played over-the-shoulder. Try to either zoom out before a scene starts, not be with your back against the wall, or first person. Some questions. wsex.esm=1 --> Are you using the patched version of this? The one that is made compatible with Sexout. You can find it in my 'list of sexout mods' Just from the name, I would guess you don't need both: tkEyelashesFNV.esp=1 tkEyelashesFNV_FemalesOnly.esp=1 CAGE --> I'd disable this until you are right at the end. Because it breaks some mods. Unofficial Patch NVSE.esp=1 --> Load this right after the esm's You have quite a lot of scriptheavy mods. Do you have NVAC and 4GB fixes? Also the latest NVSE Extender(NX)?
  12. dborg2

    Stopped Working

    I use a mod called CASM (over at Nexus) that auto-saves for me. I highly recommend it.
  13. dborg2

    Vault Girl Nude & Sexy

    Very, very nice. I especially like the Medicine one. Will you also touch up the few Sexout-perks?
  14. dborg2

    Problems with graphics?

    The reason I asked is because all clothes should be coming from the installation guide needed by SCR. I don't know which outfits you are missing specifically, but you could try looking at these.
  15. dborg2

    Stopped Working

    Sexout Animations stopping to work are usually stuck tokens. The best solution is to go back to a savegame just before the last time you had working sex. Probably that sex-action broke it.