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  1. Did you install Fallout New Vegas or your mod manager in Program Files?
  2. It might take you some effort to get it working, but below might be something you might like.
  3. You PMéd me, so I suggest we will continue conversation there. LOOT sorts mods in the right order, and sometimes gives usefull warnings when missing mods, but it only checks direct dependencies and special cases (if mod authors informed the LOOT team)
  4. You need "The Mod Configuration Menu" Mod, and "JIP NVSE" over at the Nexusmods-site
  5. sorry for not responding sooner, but I think that at this case it is probably better if you contact me in Discord, and I can help you.
  6. Yes. It works. You can see List of mods (Made by me) for all compatible mods and suggestions.
  7. If you have a Type N-Body as a body-replacer, you can use the patch to fix the links to the type-n versions of the outfit.
  8. On the first post youy have multiple 'hidden' things click on Sexout Clothing Damage Updated with Combat Armour! and download the link in there
  9. You only need the 'Updated with combat armour' download from the link
  10. You do need all requirements properly installed too...
  11. Pluginwise is looks fine for a SexoutNG only load order. Do you have NVSE and NVSE Extender? Do you have JIP NVSE too?
  12. You have no Sexout or Sexout Common Resource plugins please follow, section Requirements/Frameworks and Other Framework mods (With the exception of installing new vegas Stutter Remover)
  13. did you download the files on Afterwards. did you follow the guide
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