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  1. If it is solved, it is solved. While it looks like missing textures, it would probably be too difficult to find the root cause for the issues.
  2. Which outfit is this, I might be able to find out why.
  3. What vesions of NVSE and NVSE Extender are you using?
  4. If your character can't use Sexout scenes anymore it might be related to stuck Sexout tokens. The best solution is to go back to a savegame BEFORE the last scene that did work (as that is the one that likely gets stuck)
  5. Instant is impossible. But you can set it to 3% or 7%... One warning though. Almost all Fertile Pregnancies are 'fake' and don't use SexoutPregnancy. You just get a pregnancy outfit assigned. ps. The esp warning can be ignored. Due to the way it is build, GECK (the modding tool from Bethesda) couldn't create esm files, however people discovered a trick in Fallout 3 and Oblivion still works.. Enable an ESM-flag.. So the ESP is treated as an ESM.. Lastly.. FOMM and Maternity Pack Overkill can cause issues, becuase FOMM can't handle big installs
  6. first of all.. You images aren't working (for me) I don't really understand the zip question. Ritual Clarity's SCR guide also has a download with a more detailed description. I prefer using Mod Organizer2, and I think Vortex is better now too. I don't really like FOMM as it has issues with bigger mods. If you use Tryout you can safely install the data package. At worse it will overwrite the other one. Before I forget, your load order looks fine. SexoutPosNew.esp and SexoutAnimManagement.esp are optional.
  7. probably want to go back to a previous save. I haven't seen this bug in a long time, so I guess you have an incompatible skeleton or something
  8. with permission, I copied all assets from Wasteland Warrior into MPO. If you want swapping, you should use the Wasteland Warrior that my mod provides (version 2.8). See "Mod Resources.xlsx" to find the corresponding ID's Edit. I realize I called it Warriors Armor (row 618 in excel sheet)
  9. oh.. Then I haven't played Fallout New Vegas in a long time. I completely forgot about that.
  10. You don't need to keep them in the inventory, but if you keep them in the container you'll randomly get messages in the top left, that they have grown to the next stage, and then they will try to reach you and become a follower. The follower mechanics are really bare bones. You can't really communicate with them, or give them orders, they will just follow you and join into fights until they get killed. They aren't protected in any way.
  11. The problem would be, that there are (as far as I know) no type-4 nude body meshes I could use. If you have them, I might be able to look at them, but do know it's 5775 'outfits', so that's not something I'm planning to complete quickly.
  12. Unfortunately this "Other user's assets Some assets in this file belong to other authors. You will need to seek permission from these authors before you can use their assets " and "File credits EvTital - Fallout 4 Version of the mod AlpenWolf - GO Assets Deep 3D Studio - Mechanix Gloves EvTital - Balaclava/Vest/Sleeves/Legging meshes and textures FX0x01 and DonJunk - Some of the Assets Oh Deer - Textures 7thNighthawk - Screenshots and testing" worry me Because I'd need to get permissions from 6 people and the mod owner.
  13. Maternity Pack Overkill 2.8 is released If you already have 2.7 installed, you can download the 350MB fomod, or download the 4 parts unpack and merge them to fomod and then install it with a mod manager. If you don't have Maternity Pack Overkill 2.7 installed, you can either download the 20-ish parts, unpack and zip them to a Fomod file, or just download the 2.1GB fomod file (note. Fomod files are Winrar files where the extension .rar was changed to .fomod)
  14. SFW related I'd look into new vegas bounties and the 'cut content' stuff.. for NSFW I'd advise you to look into the 'list of mods' page I made (shameless plugs) You can make Willow more NSFW for instance.
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