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    All my mods are released under this license:

    BSD / public domain. Do whatever the hell you want to do with it. You can even upload it to some other site and claim to be the creator, but that's bad karma, and when it comes back 'round you'll regret the decision.

    However, this may not cover bundled assets created by other people. See the credits of specific mods for more.

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  1. Yes, it is- or at least they worked fine together when I tried 🤷‍♀️
  2. @dongding Yes, they should be. As I recall, strapons just make females count as males when it comes to random picker animations.
  3. The Sexout - Bodies package contains a Breeze male body and T6 female, but no outfits. Its an easy option for new users. I would suggest advanced users skip it and install their own, it needs a little more setup (read the OP ;)) but worth it.
  4. @Svartr564 Sexout automatically rescales actors to 1.0 before an animation, and then changes them back. Currently you can not disable this, although I suppose it ought to be an option. I could add it, but I guess you already solved it with custom race. The reason it does it, is because that is what all the animations were created for, so it improves proper alignment, but hey YMMV. Most the animations were made for Breezes, but Amra's were made for Roberts. Factors like terrain and who knows what in the engine affect alignment too. In summary- alignment will never be perfect whatever you do. 🤷‍♀️
  5. @DamianCross: Resources and permissions are a PITA. I've released all my mods under public domain (sexout always was), so anyone can do whatever they want with them. I wish more people would do the same- Personally I would be really happy if someone took my work and built on it, but evidently not everyone feels this way and you've got to respect their wishes :(. The kidnapped by fiends mod is still on nexus. All the genuine requirements for SCR are still available, its just some of the outfits which you don't need unless you want to wear them that aren't. All outfit requirements are 'optional' - it will not crash your game if you don't have them, you'll just see a bug ugly red cross if you try to wear the outfit. If it is crashing, you probably have a missing master- if you have the latest FOMM, look for plugins highlighted red. Or else you have a corrupted plugin; try downloading again.
  6. @Moma743: This mod doesn't add any quests to Primm, it just lets you solicit the locals (although one of them leads a to a little surprise). Sexout Tryout adds more content to Primm, and you can run both together. @ecobotstar : Might be a bit late now, but in case someone else has the same problem- The door to the Bathhouse ('Novac Motel') has a script attached, which you'll bypass if you teleport inside instead, probably leading to problems 🤷‍♀️. For compatability you could create a plugin for soliciting in the geck, which just moves the door somewhere else (anywhere you like).
  7. Just want to correct a little misinformation: if you're using a current sexout version, then stuck tokens are not a problem. Sexout has actually ignored those tokens since the switch to NX (about version '75, which was maybe 2012?). The tokens are only given out to maintain backward compatability with any old mods that expect them. If animations get interrupted by a cell change, it can cause problems but in the current version, the scanner should detect broken actors and fix them after a little while. If you enable sexout debug and make a log whilst trying to inititiate sex with a broken actor, it should say why it isn't working, if sexout is the problem. If it doesn't say anything, it is probably a problem with your animations- either sexout-data did not install properly, or you have some mod interfering somehow- try disabling everything except sexout and sex-key and see if it works.
  8. @aghjax Thats correct- animations will only work with the skeleton they were designed for, and this is what sexout uses to decide what animation options to use. If there are none for the skeleton then it won't play. (Factions and race are not significant, just skeleton). Sexout is backward compatible, and I am not aware of any old mods that don't work with current version. Lots of old mods are and were always buggy though ;). Old sexout versions were a lot buggier too, I added loads of error recovery stuff in later versions. If you prefer to verify this yourself, then try using an old version- they're in your data folder under SexoutNGBackups. All the mods I was involved in make use of newer APIs: soliciting, assault, and updates for resolutions, fadetoblack.. @Soulbringer1 This beta should have been made stable years ago; there aren't any problems as far as I recall, I just stopped finding time for active modding, unintentionally. @johannshah To use roberts (I am and have just done it), do not install 'Sexout - Bodies', and install the optional roberts bodysuit that is beside the sexout beta. If you have problems, try retoggling archive invalidation or reinstalling your roberts body/textures.
  9. casting FinishNow is the right thing to try first, if its not working then it might be an engine issue. You could try: Clicking on them in console and entering 'playidle SexoutNGReset' might work Otherwise you could try ragdolling them with something like 'pushactoraway THEIRFORMID 500'.
  10. One simple way would be to edit the dialog where he kills her; look in quest VMS29a, conversation section, its 'VFSJeanBaptisteGreetsCass' Change the result script end from the vanilla: ; Make Jean-Baptiste shoot Cass VFSJeanBaptisteCuttingREF.AddScriptPackage VFSJeanBaptisteShootsCassPackage To something like: call fnSexoutActRunFull (Ar_Map "ActorA"::VFSJeanBaptisteCuttingREF, "ActorB"::RoseOfSharonCassidyREF, "Flags"::(Ar_List "vaginal", "doggy")) Only caveat is that dialog scripts can be a bit flunky (try and see 🤷‍♀️). If you want to do something more complicated, I'd suggest creating a quest, which you start in the dialog result with 'StartQuest MySexyQuest', it would have a script something like: scn MySexyQuestScript int iStage begin GameMode if iStage == 0 call fnSexoutActRunFull (Ar_Map "ActorA"::VFSJeanBaptisteCuttingREF, "ActorB"::RoseOfSharonCassidyREF, "Flags"::(Ar_List "vaginal", "doggy")) let iStage := 1 StopQuest MySexyQuest endif end Have fun.
  11. Odessa

    Sexout classic

    Yes, sexout comes with old versions out-the-box, back to '90; look in data/SexoutNGBackups and pick the version you want, then rename it to 'sexout.esm' and put it in data. If you want a specific older version than that, I might be able to find it. Not sure why you want an old version though- sexout is backward compatible bar a few fairly obscure exceptions.
  12. They are, characters will just change to being vanilla body if they wear new FNC clothing. I've been playing with Type6M, roberts, and mostly my usual load order fine. Soliciting even works with some of the merchants ;). Had to repackage the mod to put the videos in a separate archive before FOMM would install it, and its somewhat unstable for everyone (beta! ;)), but otherwise no problems.
  13. Issues with crashing after the nightstalker animation have been reported several times. It is most likely a sexout issue, not tryouts. I think the animation files have some bugs which cause this, but I do not know much about FNV animation (I did mostly scripting for sexout). Try installing NVAC; I have found it stops these crashes: https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/53635 If anyone knows more about animations and is able to take a look and fix them, they are attached :). 1931a.kf 1932a.kf
  14. There are a few skeletons that work, and a few more that don't. If you're seeing infinity tits or infinity dicks you have one that doesn't. AJ's bodymorph skeleton is the default bundled option. Astymma's compatibility skeleton was the 'traditional' option. Deede's 'The Skeleton' works too, iirc. There may be others that work.
  15. Never say never... I have returned to FNV for New California, although I have rather less spare time than I used to. I'll try to at least promote this beta to release (just need to remember the packaging details ;)). If anyone has new animations they would like included, PM them to me and I will add them. Sexout is released under 'BSD license'; so anyone is free to release their own updates (this applies to all the mods I created, too).
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