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    All my mods are released under this license:

    BSD / public domain. Do whatever the hell you want to do with it. You can even upload it to some other site and claim to be the creator, but that's bad karma, and when it comes back 'round you'll regret the decision.

    However, this may not cover bundled assets created by other people. See the credits of specific mods for more.

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  1. Odessa

    Fallout New vegas mod Project Brazil

    They are, characters will just change to being vanilla body if they wear new FNC clothing. I've been playing with Type6M, roberts, and mostly my usual load order fine. Soliciting even works with some of the merchants ;). Had to repackage the mod to put the videos in a separate archive before FOMM would install it, and its somewhat unstable for everyone (beta! ;)), but otherwise no problems.
  2. Odessa

    Sexout Tryout Nightstalker

    Issues with crashing after the nightstalker animation have been reported several times. It is most likely a sexout issue, not tryouts. I think the animation files have some bugs which cause this, but I do not know much about FNV animation (I did mostly scripting for sexout). Try installing NVAC; I have found it stops these crashes: https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/53635 If anyone knows more about animations and is able to take a look and fix them, they are attached :). 1931a.kf 1932a.kf
  3. Odessa

    SexoutNG - Stable Release '97

    There are a few skeletons that work, and a few more that don't. If you're seeing infinity tits or infinity dicks you have one that doesn't. AJ's bodymorph skeleton is the default bundled option. Astymma's compatibility skeleton was the 'traditional' option. Deede's 'The Skeleton' works too, iirc. There may be others that work.
  4. Odessa

    SexoutNG '98 BETA 2

    Never say never... I have returned to FNV for New California, although I have rather less spare time than I used to. I'll try to at least promote this beta to release (just need to remember the packaging details ;)). If anyone has new animations they would like included, PM them to me and I will add them. Sexout is released under 'BSD license'; so anyone is free to release their own updates (this applies to all the mods I created, too).
  5. Odessa

    Invisible Player Model Sex Assault Mod

    It can happen if third person toggles with your back to an obstacle, like a wall. Sometimes opening console, entering 'tfc' then re-opening console and doing it again fixes it.
  6. Odessa

    Fallout New vegas mod Project Brazil

    I'm going to be using them together. They won't be incompatible but be wary that mods that trigger random encounters (stalkers, hookups, etc) can potentially break scripted sequences
  7. It sounds like the script has failed for some reason, anything in the console? Reloading an earlier save is the best idea, because fixing via console commands is likely to leave the mod in a confused state. 'GetItemCount 00SexoutActor' is actually okay, unless you try to recompile the script cos it points to the LEGACY00SexoutActor formid, though I ought to update it.
  8. Try: PlayerREF.PushActorAway PlayerREF, 10 That will KO them, swap 10 for 1000 to fire them off into the sun :p. http://geck.bethsoft.com/index.php?title=PushActorAway
  9. Odessa

    SexoutNG '98 BETA 2

    Cool, technically sexout actually supports player A/creature B animations already, there just aren't any registered. Creature 3P and creature on creature should work too. This is what the actors key does in the anim def; for humans we use 'M' or 'F' to indicate gender, and for creatures it is the skeleton. (See scripts: fnSexoutGetSkeleton and fnSexoutGetActorsFilterKey for more). Creatures do not really have a gender as far as sexout animations are concerned, although there is a female creatures form list for dependent mods (pregnancy..) to use, and known female creatures are in the banned actors list. let MB := ar_List "MM", "MF" ; Means "maleA maleB" or "maleA femaleB" ... ; Sex let adj := ar_Map "HOffsetA"::2 let flags := ar_List "doggy" "vaginal" "anal" "stand" let Pos := ar_Map "A"::"stand" "B"::"bend" let animDef := ar_Map "idx"::601 "idle"::"SNG601" "desc"::"Standing rear entry" "actors"::MB "flags"::flags "adj"::adj "pos"::Pos call fnSexoutAddAnim animDef ... let actors := ar_List "ProtectronM", "ProtectronF" ; Means "ProtectronA maleB" or "ProtectronA femaleB" let flags := ar_List "Protectron" "oral", "kneel" let Pos := ar_Map "A"::"stand" "B"::"sit" let animDef := ar_Map "idx"::1701 "idle"::"SNG1701" "desc"::"Robotic irrumatio" "actors"::actors "flags"::flags "pos"::Pos ; "adj"::adj call fnSexoutAddAnim animDef You should be able to register new anims by calling fnSexoutAddAnim in a GetGameLoaded || GetGameRestarted block. There might be issues, cos it hasn't really been tested :o. Please don't overwrite sexout scripts if you plan on sharing the mod, because it causes version issues.
  10. I would need a full debug log to say for sure, but that probably means that the actor in question is potentially valid, but either already involved in a sex act or not in the uGrid (in a not loaded cell) . The sexout '98 beta (which I should really promote to stable!) has a fix for a possible cause of this (actors flagged in use but are not), so update to that if you're not using it already.
  11. This can happen if your back is too close to a wall or other obstacle, the engine makes the player invisible if the camera would be positioned inside or just behind you. Try to avoid starting sex scenes when this is the case, but you can sometimes fix it by entering into the console 'tfc', then toggling third person off and on which may make your body reappear, then entering 'tfc' in the console again.
  12. Odessa

    SexoutNG - Stable Release '97

    @Elconchetumare No, currently you can not save sex position adjustments. I did work on adding this at one point, but never finished it. There is some WIP code in the .esp if you want to have a go. IIRC it saves and loads the offsets, but they don't work properly because the height/heading need normalizing... or something along those lines.
  13. Odessa

    SexoutNG '98 BETA 2

    Apologies for not being around more regularly... @CGi The best place to find a list of animations is the import scripts, open sexout in the GECK/FNVEdit/TESnip and check the scripts fnSexoutAddInternalAnimsA-I and fnSexoutAmraAddAnimsA-B. If you use the animation manager plugin, you can also view them in the MCM. @Allnarta In theory, you can add new animations to sexout via a plugin by making a script similar to the ones mentioned above, although there might be some problems... If you (or anyone else interested) upload the animation files to me here or via PM, I can add them into a new sexout beta.
  14. The body you use should not make a difference. If you are standing with your back to a wall when the third person view toggles it can make you invisible. Try to avoid this, although you can sometimes fix it by toggling 'TFC' off via console, going into third person view, then toggling 'TFC' back on. If you select to use a female body suit in MCM but don't manually install one, all women will probably be invisible or big red boxes during sex. Or, try disabling any camera affecting mods you have loaded and see if it fixes it.
  15. Odessa

    SexoutNG '98 BETA 2

    I believe that skeleton works fine with sexout, I remember using it for a while. I think it might make the ragdoll reset a bit weird, but nothing game breaking. AJ's bodymorph skeleton is the one bundled with sexout. Astymma's compatibility skeleton also works, and was formerly the suggested one.