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    All my mods are released under this license:

    BSD / public domain. Do whatever the hell you want to do with it. You can even upload it to some other site and claim to be the creator, but that's bad karma, and when it comes back 'round you'll regret the decision.

    However, this may not cover bundled assets created by other people. See the credits of specific mods for more.

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  1. The body you use should not make a difference. If you are standing with your back to a wall when the third person view toggles it can make you invisible. Try to avoid this, although you can sometimes fix it by toggling 'TFC' off via console, going into third person view, then toggling 'TFC' back on. If you select to use a female body suit in MCM but don't manually install one, all women will probably be invisible or big red boxes during sex. Or, try disabling any camera affecting mods you have loaded and see if it fixes it.
  2. SexoutNG '98 BETA 2

    I believe that skeleton works fine with sexout, I remember using it for a while. I think it might make the ragdoll reset a bit weird, but nothing game breaking. AJ's bodymorph skeleton is the one bundled with sexout. Astymma's compatibility skeleton also works, and was formerly the suggested one.
  3. Check your skellington. See also sexout FAQ in OP.
  4. Camera after sex glitch.

    I see that from nopipboy mod occasionally. Opening and closing pip boy usually sorts it out. You can also try consoling: "player.PushActorAway player, 50", sometimes you need a good ragdolling.
  5. Cheyenne

    Try consoling this: ListRemoveForm XX00D1E6, 0010588D ListRemoveForm XX00D1E6, 0010588E Where XX = the load order of Sexout.esm. This will remove Cheyenne base and ref from the banned actor list. http://geck.bethsoft.com/index.php?title=ListRemoveForm
  6. Sexout Soliciting

    @Allnarta; Yeah, the presex idle are rather experimental. If you get an invisible player, toggling TFC on and off via the console sometimes fixes it. @ricardolarios: You need to have unlocked the door of you hotel room as well, Cliff Briscoe should give you a key. Then leave Novac and you should see a message box telling you its opened. This is in the OP and the readme, they are worth reading .
  7. New to sex out, dealing with lots of floppy penises

    Are you using Sexout - Bodies? If not, check the mesh you used for outfitmerect
  8. Sexout for dummies?

    It looks like you have installed a very old beta of sexout, 93b7-the last one prideslayer did before I took over. That beta is buggy and won't work with a lot of mods. Use this one instead: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/47723-sexoutng-98-beta-2/
  9. Sexout Common Resources (SCR)

    I am seeding SCR resources 24/7 but looks like the trackers are dead (got ratios of 422 and 385 ). Here are updated versions of SCR resources and maternity clothes with new trackers. @Halstrom: could you swap the torrent files in download for this one? Loverslab SCR resources.7z.torrent MaternityClothesFull.7z.torrent
  10. Sexout and Blacklisting Animations

    According to the log, the sexout act script is running on the player and has not crashed- I ping it and if doesn't reply dispel, but it is replying. Strange... Try entering this into the console: player.cios XX006E548 Which is SexoutNGFinishNow- the code is printed to console when you load a game; replace XX with the load order index of sexout, which you can find in FOMM. That should force the act to end 'normally'. Wait ~5 seconds and try masturbating, if it works it should be all fixed. If that does not work, try this: player.dispel XX0397DF player.dispel XX082D06 Then try masturbating. With those spells gone, sexout should now recognize somethings screwed up and fix itself. Please let me know how it goes.
  11. Sex Assault

    Yes... The chems are picked at random from the form list 'SexAssaultDrugsFL' XX009486 The easiest way would be to open the mod in the GECK, add the other mod as a master and just drag whatever chems you want into that form list. You could also make a new plugin with SexAssault and the other mod as masters, and use a quest script something like: Begin GameMode if GetGameRestarted || GetGameLoaded ListAddForm SexAssaultDrugsFL, SomeNewChem endif End The possibilities are endless once you start modding . See the scripting tutorial linked in sig if you need help getting set up.
  12. Sexout and Blacklisting Animations

    Animations in the black list are not chosen by the random picker (they can still be called directly), unless there are no alternatives available matching the specified flags. If no animation matches all the flags, it will drop flags one at a time until one does. So, sexout will always play an animation if it can- the black list won't stop this. If a sexout scene does not end correctly, it is possible for actors to get stuck locked. Sexout '98 beta 2+ should automatically detect and fix this, so try updating to this if you are not using it. If it still does not work: 1) Enter into the console: scof "sexout.log" 2) Go into sexout's MCM and enable debug 3) Start a sex scene somehow- press 'Y' to masturbate if its the player that does not work, or else use sex key or some other mod on another actor. 4) Wait about 15 seconds, then upload the file "sexout.log" from your FNV main directory and I can hopefully figure out what went wrong.
  13. SexoutNG '98 BETA 2

    Log only catches the end of the sexout act, but looks like powder ganger and cass were meant to play #650. Did they just stand inside each other? I can confirm the animation files are included in "SexoutNG - Data 2-10-97" fomod, check your FNV data directory for the following files: meshes\Characters\_Male\IdleAnims\SexoutNG\givers\stand\650a.kf meshes\Characters\_Male\IdleAnims\SexoutNG\takers\stand\650b.kf If they are missing it means your install has somehow got messed up. Try uninstalling then reinstalling sexout-data.
  14. Help With Animations

    Stuck tokens do not cause a problem since version '93. Update to v98 beta 2: I added a feature to auto-detect when sexout has failed for any actor and fix it, via the scanner. (I actually added this in about v96, but 98b2 has a bug fix which makes it much more reliable )