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  1. View File SmallerTalk version 1.2.6 I have taken ownership of Prideslayer's SmallerTalk and have added a few new features to it that will, and this has been proven fairly extensively through testing some very hard to talk to NPC's, make SmallerTalk a replacement for SmallTalk for any mod that needs the functionality SmallTalk provides. Why use SmallerTalk instead of SmallTalk? SmallTalk overrides vanilla records, SmallerTalk does not. SmallTalk is huge and causes you to watch the entire load sequence, SmallerTalk does not. SmallTalk does not handle dialogues it doesn't have a replacement for, SmallerTalk does. SmallTalk cannot fix NPC's that have forced goodbyes, SmallerTalk can. SmallTalk propagates all vanilla dialogue errors fixed by community and official patches/dlc's, SmallerTalk does not. How SmallerTalk works: SmallerTalk has a non-vanilla greeting and a non-vanilla response. It hooks the use of the ActivateControl (typically the "E" key) and if the target is not in combat, is not a creature, is not dead and IS an actor... it performs "StartConversation player, SmallerTalkGreeting" and sets a variable that is used by the greeting as a selection criterion so the NPC uses it. It does NOT in any way alter activation so it won't mess with activation scripts nor stop standard dialogue whatsoever. What it does do is cause a conversation with an NPC who has nothing but "goodbye" flagged dialogue responses that proceeds as follows: NPC: What's up? YOU: Nothing much... and you? NPC: Same ol', same ol'... ... and then it does not close the dialogue. Any mods you have that hook into GREETING that would display options such as SewerSlave, SexoutSex, HowAbout, UseableCigarettes and other mods of that type will then display their dialogue topics. More Information NEW In 1.2.6... Prefaced all debug messages with "SmallerTalk: ". NEW In 1.2.5... Ability for mods to have NPCs ignored by SmallerTalk. 2 options... add NPC to SmallerTalkIgnoreList (formid list) or SmallerTalkIgnoreFaction (faction) with rank 0. NEW In 1.2.4... Randomized dialogue (10 random greetings and 10 random responses) available as an MCM option, default is OFF In 1.2.3... Conversation after companion wheel use is now an MCM option and defaults to ON In 1.2.2... Reverted to armor tokens so they could be set non-playable and not appear in vendor inventories. In 1.2.1... Fix for weapons disappearing and becoming unusable. In 1.2.0... PROPERLY checking for GetSleeping now In 1.1.9... Can set timer delay from 1 to 10 seconds in MCM screen (default = 3). In 1.1.8... entirely new dialogue initiation code using a dialogue token, won't stomp on vanilla dialogue that was flagged as both SayOnce and Goodbye. In 1.1.7... the MCM config option to disable SmallerTalk while sneaking. In 1.1.6... critter support with body language dialogue in place of speaking... can be disabled(default)/enabled through MCM Altered Companion Wheel functionality response to disregard Cass so you won't see "we done?" , you'll get the SmallerTalk greeting-response, this is because Cass was EXTREMELY resistant to SexoutSex dialogue. Some NPC AI was locking up after using SmallerTalk on them. This is an attempted fix, please let me know if you have any more AI lockup issues. Added double protection AI reset Token. Fixed code error. With MCM you can enable or disable the mod from the MCM menu. With MCM you can enable or disable debug messages from the MCM menu. MCM is NOT required by the mod but the mod does support its use. SmallerTalk can display debug information. Typically it can be displayed by typing "set .doDebug to 1" or turned off (default) by typing "set .doDebug to 0". One situation with the companion wheel has a special handler... in the case of trading using the companion wheel, I have set SmallerTalk to NOT do its conversation and instead respond with "We done?" and exit the dialogue. This was an unintuitive use of SmallerTalk and was disorienting to testers so it was changed. Cass exempted from this. If tapping the activate key (typically the "E" key) does not start the SmallerTalk conversation or an NPC proves unwilling to start the conversation... simply hold down the activate key for 3 seconds while keeping your crosshair on the NPC and then release... that WILL initiate the SmallerTalk conversation even with the most recalcitrant NPC's who possess factions like ForceNoGreeting like wastelander template NPC's, AWOP Wastelanders, freeside generics, and such. Modders wishing to test SmallerTalk versioning from within their code to see if the user is using the right version can check the global value "SmallerTalkVersionNumber" and/or the mod description. The mod description will be in the form "v1.0.0" and the global will be a float such as "1.00". The two will be kept in sync with each new release as they happen. Feel free to provide feedback, testing results and bug reports in this thread. Submitter astymma Submitted 02/02/2013 Category Other Requires  
  2. Sexout Tryout

    View File "Nobody's dick is that long, not even Long Dick Johnson, and he had a fucking long dick. Thus, the name." - Cass Stable Release: SexoutTryout - 17-JUL-2017 !!!REQUIREMENTS!!! SexoutNG Beta (ALWAYS USE THE NEWEST VERSION, BECAUSE I AM) Sexout SCR SmallerTalk or SmallTalk Old World Blues DLC Honest Hearts DLC And anything those requirements require! Tryout is a lore-friendly mod that puts contextual sex into Fallout: New Vegas. Named after the part of the game where the Legion slave Siri says to a female player character that Legionaries were talking about "trying you out," it has several hooks into the vanilla story, and expands on sexual ideas found in the base game and other Fallout titles - and adds some twists of its own. Tryout is geared mainly towards situations involving female player characters, but there's also opportunities for male player characters to have sex with prostitutes and slaves. I'm a straight male, so there isn't much gay content - though I welcome anyone who wants to add it to make their own plugin. WHAT EVERYTHING DOES There are three parts to the mod. Each has a date after them to help you know what was updated and when. The SCR datapack is going to see the smallest amount of updating while the main package will see the most. TryoutMain This is the main mod, containing the ESM and ESP files you need for the basic functionality. They are SexoutTryout.esm and SexoutWorkingGirl.esp - the esp is set as a master file so people don't lose progress in the upgrade. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT IF YOU'RE UPGRADING FROM A VERSION OF TRYOUT PRIOR TO 22-FEB-2015 THAT YOU UNINSTALL YOUR OLD VERSION VIA FOMM OR WHATEVER MOD MANAGER YOU USE. UPGRADING FROM A VERSION PRIOR TO 22-FEB-2015 WILL ERASE YOUR CURRENT PROGRESS. The plugin SexoutTryout contains several quests, in addition to random approaches for solicitations of sex from various factions. If you don't want to be approached by a particular faction, set the approach rate to 0 in the MCM menu and that will turn the scanner off for them. This will not disable quest or other content, but will stop the approaches. The factions covered by SexoutTryout.esm are the Legion, Powder Gangers, Khans, NCR, Kings and fiends. There is a summary of their content below. LEGION Legionaries demand sex from female characters if scanner is turned on. Female characters can become enslaved at the Fort for refusing Legionaries' advances or mouthing off to Mistress Marissa. Stay in bondage until they deem you worthy of freedom, or fight your out. Female characters can help Antony, Master of Hounds at the Fort, keep his dogs calm and disciplined. Characters of both genders can pay Canyon Runner for access to the slave pen at Cottonwood Cove to abuse the Weathers family. Male characters liked by the Legion can make use of their slave girls. QUEST: Whore of Babylon. Female characters can talk to Adficio Animicus at Cottonwood Cove to get started. POWDER GANGERS Makes the fugitives in NCRCF, Vault 19 and Primm demand sex of female players if scanner is turned on. Female characters can be enslaved at NCRCF and Vault 19. While you can fight, talk, or sneak your way out of these situations, sometimes patience is a virtue. Chloroform Sunny and Trudy during the quest "Run Goodsprings, Run!" to keep them alive for other uses. For female characters, there are now options in the "I Fought The Law" quest series to resolve most conflict with sex. QUEST: Customer Satisfaction. Deliver a customer satisfaction survey from Harvey Zaz to Epstein in Vault 19. QUEST: Walk of Shame. Escort Sunny Smiles to NCRCF. QUEST: Let's Go To Prison. Talk to Sergeant McGee about infiltrating NCRCF. QUEST: Have It Your Way. Help Francisco Flambe make Primm his kind of town for an alternate Vikki and Vance experience. KHANS Female character will be approached for sex if the scanner is on. QUEST: Golden Whored. Get "fucked in" into the Khans. KINGS Kings are always looking to party with cute girls. Will approach you with such offers as long as the scanner is on. QUEST: Whole Lotta Shakin'. Retrieve an important music collection for the King. NCR Talk to Major Dhatri at Camp McCarran to start your exciting stint as an NCR prostitute! Scanner must be turned on and you must be advertising for troopers to approach you; otherwise you can approach them. Dhatri will be able to give you special assignments after banging 20 random troopers. FIENDS Female characters will be approached for sex so long as the scanner is above 0. Female characters can become friendly with the fiends by giving in to Motor-Runner's demands. Male characters can barter drugs for sex with fiends of both genders inside Vault 3. Trade sex with Daniel for the Vault 3 jail key. After making friends with the fiends, talk to Cook-Cook. Play his game. After making friends with the fiends, talk to Violet. She will attempt to give you and your companions free puppies. After making friends with the fiends, talk to Nephi. OLD WORLD BLUES Visit the mysterious X-69 Research Station and acquire the most technologically advanced dress in history, created by the Think Tank at BIG MOUNTAIN! Gain the power (or curse!) to become irresistible to lobotomites! SexoutWorkingGirl.esp Prostitution part of the mod. Ask the Gomorrah receptionist if they're looking for talent, tell James Garrett he needs more girls, or talk to the Vikki and Vance floor manager if you completed "Have It Your Way" and the rest should explain itself. When you're done whoring, talk to the NPC again to exit whore mode and receive your payment for the shift. You can freelance inside of casinos, but it's frowned upon and will see you kicked out on a first offense and attacked if you try it again. You can also offer your services to the Bright Brotherhood and Jacobstown, in addition to random gamblers outside of casinos. This mod also allows you to approach Gomorrah prostitutes for sex, regardless of your or their gender, and also get whores for your companions. When hiring prostitutes, the sexual orientation of the your companions is respected (you can't make Arcade bang a chick, or Veronica a man) and the player is free to have sex with prostitutes of either gender. TryoutAudio, Textures and Meshes These packs contain all the audio, mesh and texture resources used in Tryout. Download this or you'll get a bunch of red triangles and glitchy textures on the mod's outfits. Doesn't get updated every time the main mod does. TryoutSunnyCompanion This is the Improved Sunny Smiles companion specifically tailored for Sexout. If you're used any version of the Sunny Smiles Companion from the Nexus, overwrite it with this. This currently supports Sunny as a normal companion, and also gives you the option to take her as a slave if you help the Powder Gangers during Run, Goodsprings, Run! KNOWN ISSUES If you re-engage in dialog with Motor-Runner after the very first time he has his way with you, you'll need to repeat the sex sequence. This won't harm any of the stuff you have in the locker; my recommendation for the first time he does you is grab your stuff, leave and come back the next day if you want more. CHANGE LOG 07-17-2017 Changes/Bugfixes: - The companion list will only now display when offering a companion to an NPC. - If the player is having sex, partners who can't get with them will now randomly pick a companion from an array. If the companion they pick isn't dtf, they'll jerk off. Special thanks to Doctasax for helping me with the array handling! - The companion array now clears and regenerates when the game is initially started, reloaded, or the player teammate count changes. This should prevent duplicate/invalid entries in lists and for sex targets. Known issue: - The opening to Honest Hearts might look a little weird, and Searchlight Airport has some changes to it in preparation for upcoming, but unfinished, Tryout updates. Given the amount of people who have voiced their displeasure with the way companions were being handled, I figured it was important to get this out as quickly as possible. Previous Changes: OPTIONAL MODS Populated Casinos: Adds numerous patrons to casinos. In addition to helping with immersion, it gives you several more clients in the Gomorrah and Atomic Wrangler. Playable Companion Clothes: Makes the companion armors playable so you can dress them, or undress them, however you like. This spot used to recommend KDC's mod that did the same thing, but it looks like he removed it from Nexus. This is a from-scratch remake by me. Bodymorph: An awesome mod by AJ and Prideslayer. Allows breasts to change size during milking if you install it. CREDITS One of the things that's truly marked the project is it's been a community effort since it's inception as Workgirl Tryout. Below are all the people who have worked on something that got jammed inside of here. Loogie for dialog, clothing meshes, scripting, and SexoutTryout itself UDLR for Sexout Prideslayer for SexoutNG, major scripting overhaul of Tryout, dialog and maintaining this during my hiatus Orangey and Ustesting, whose work this was originally based off of Bromm83 for most of the scripting of advanced systems, porting from Sexual Innuendo to Sexout zippy57 for MCM support and scripting help, and for rescuing my mods during my freak out Riggswolfe for major scripting help Astymma for Smallertalk and other scripting help Jaam for making Working Girl work and other scripting help Chase Roxand for scripting help Evilrunner for fixing the hole in the CaliL body's foot User29 for making the slave corset fit better Revanag for Type 3 bouncing bodies Iron_Jack for the NCRCF Powder Ganger enslavement sequence Halstrom for Sexout Common Resources Mastercchris for his ZAZ stuff Brocules for the Type 3M versions of the Tryout outfits ChancellorKremlin for dialog Jonas for letting me use the resized top of his sexy sleepwear as part of the showgirl outfit. NatanusLikens for locating the source of the PG Scrambler issue Destynova99 for dialog mojodajojo for script fixes and bughunting NismoMan for perk icons Kozzz for outfit meshes/textures Nagothm and Alex3474 for meshes/textures The lovely Nightwynd for supplying the pictures in Vault 19 AJ and Prideslayer for Bodymorph Exeter for making clothing a lot of my outfits are based on. YOU for bug reports and for playing! The lovely and talented LadyM for providing the voice of Mistress Marissa km678 for compatibility patches for popular mods Doctasax for help with array-related scripting AND A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO MY EVERYONE WHO SUPPORTED ME ON PATREON! Submitter Loogie Submitted 10/28/2014 Category Quests Requires SexoutNG, SCR, SmallerTalk, Old World Blues
  3. View File What is this mod? In short...It's a primarily a immersion adding mod via the dialogue system. Description: This mod aims to add multiple new lines, to various NPC's around the wasteland. The things the NPC's vary based on your reputation with that current faction. I also add plans to lines towards males as well. I've already told the NPC's to only say these newly added lines only if your character is female, not male. What sort of things do the say? LIke I said it's based on your reputation, but it always includes a comment about you being a female, although it may not always be directly sexist or derogatory. The vanilla game does a really good job at making you feel immersed, especially when characters talk about your sex. However those lines are few and far between and normally only include pronouns like miss or Ma'am. With this mod NPC's will give you lines based on your sex much more frequently and in a descriptive way. Short Term Plans: Slowly adding dialogue Long Term Plans: Ill start taking requests and see If I can do them:) *Important* I put this in Requirements, but you either need SmallTalk or General Subtitles on, because the characters are not voiced. Also some of the lines will make more sense or feel more appropriate if who have Sexout mods or specifically Tryout. *Author's Note* I'm going to try and make a new version as much as I can, it would help immensely If you guys could give some suggestions or let me know If something is not working right, or dialogue's aren't showing up at all. This is my first mod so please bare with me, Thanks. How to Install: 1.) Download the "ESP" File 2.)Drop it into your Fallout New Vegas "Data" folder. 3.) Use a Mod manager to activate the "ESP" in your load order 4.)Enjoy Armor in Screenshot: https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/45141 DO NOT make any changes to my mod for redistribution, without my consent, Thanks. Ghost Town Gunfight cannot be completed at the moment, I'll try and fix it ASAP. [Changelog] V1.5.0: The Boomers ***Player testing needed, did'nt get to test myself, thanks*** -I forgot to list all my changes but I added around 10 new lines of dialogue for the boomers. ------------------------------------------------------------- V1.4.2: The Game was Broken Fixes: -Sorry But I have been very busy with work, and didn't even notice a weird glitch, that broke the game. -I've also removed some new lines of dialogue that were messing with the legion. ---------------------------------------------------- V1.4.1: Tryout Legion Fixes General Fixes: -I fixed some of the issues with the legion. Yet some of the reputation conditions are cancer. More specifically the random greetings they give you, based on reputation. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- V.1.4.0: The Legion and Sexout/Tryout Before I start listing things I've added I'd like to thank the creators of Sexout. They have pre-written code already done, so all I'm really doing is just copying and pasting onto dialogue I'm adding. I would also like to say this is first time I've done something like this say please any feedback and help checking if things work would be great. **Sexout/Tryout** Currently having a problem, where instead of legion soldiers forcing you into a convo, they just walk upto and don't say anything, hopefully I'll have a fix out by tomorrow. Legion: -I fixed some lines where legionnaires will still be dicks to you even though you’re Liked-Idolized.(Tryout) -Added another about the “Mark of Caesar” in your possession.(Tryout) Cottonwood Cove: It always bugged me that when the first legionnaire approached you he didn't treat negatively or positively. So what I’m adding is that when you arrive to Cottonwood cove, and are approached for the first time, they will say something based on your reputation, and then continue to call you a profligate even though you might be idolized in their faction that's what I’m going to fix in this and later patches -Added 1 “Say once Greeting” for “Disliked” reputation(Tryout) Working -Added 1 “Say once Greeting” for “Unknown/Neutral reputation”(Tryout) Working -Added 1 “Say once Greeting” for “Liked” reputation(Tryout) Working -Added 1 “Greeting” for “Disliked” reputation(Tryout) Removed -Added 1 “Greeting” for “Unknown/Neutral reputation”(Tryout) Removed -Added 1 “Greeting” for “Liked” reputation(Tryout) Removed ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- V1.3.1: General Fixes: -Fixed some spelling and grammar issues. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- V1.3.0--This Update has a lot of variables involved, I didn't have time to test it all, so feedback would be would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Primm: Johnson Nash: -Added a gender based "Greeting" he gives you when you first walk into the V&V Casino. -Added a "Greeting" dialogue, post-rescue of Deputy Beagle. -Added a "Says once Greeting" once you've brought 'law' back to Primm. -Added a "Goodbye" dialogue. Ruby Nash: I was gonna add dialogue to Ruby, but every time I finished adding it, it deleted itself:( Primm Residents: -Added 2 "Greeting" dialogue pre-rescue of Beagle. -Added 1 "Greeting" dialogue post-rescue of Beagle. -Added 1 "Greeting" dialogue Post-rescue and pre-law in Primm -Added 2 "Greeting" dialogue post post-law in Primm (NCR)(One Greeting is positive and the other negative). -Added 2 "Greeting" dialogue post post-law in Primm (Meyers)(One Greeting is positive and the other negative). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- V1.2.1 General Fixes: -Fixed some grammar issues Goodsprings: Sunny Smiles: -1 "Greeting" added. -1 "Goodbye" added. Trudy: - 5 "Goodbye" for Trudy (They are more like pieces of advice before you leave). -1 "Greeting" added and hopefully fixed the old one. Joe Cobb: Needs Testing -He had a problem with his greeting as well. Chet: -1 "Greeting" Dialogue added. -1 "Goodbye" Dialogue added. Easy Pete: -Added a "Greeting" and "Goodbye" dialogue for players with a skill of 25 explosives or higher. Ringo: Needs Testing. -1 "greeting" dialogue added. -1 "goodbye" dialogue added (Once RIngo has left Goodsprings). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sexist Dialogue V1.2.0 {{This patch and the next few one's will focus on the early game}} GoodSprings: Doc Mitchell: -I added a greeting as well as a goodbye to his dialogue. Settlers: -1 Dialogue Greeting added for each reputation tier (Good,mixed,Bad). -1 Dialogue added in the even Goodsprings is taken over by Joe Cobb. Trudy: -I added 1 time use greeting for after you beat the powder gangers Not Working -Added 1 goodbye dialogue Joe Cobbs and/or Powder Gangers: -Added a line while you are fighting for Goodsprings -Added a line for before the fight and/or after. -added a line specifically meant for victory over Goodsprings. -[Joe Cobb] added 2 Greetings and 2 Goodbyes (1 for each is only for a victory) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ V1.0.1 General Fixes: -Fixed some spelling errors Powder Gangers: -Apparently The NCRCF powder gangers don't have the same dialogue topics as generic powders powder gangers, So added a couple lines for them. ------------------------------------ V1.0.0 General Legionnaires: -2 Dialogue added for "Neutral" Reputation.(F) -1 Dialogue added for "Disliked" Reputation.(F) -1 Dialogue added for "MIxed" Reputation.(F) -1 Dialogue added for "liked" Reputation.(F) -1 Dialogue added for "Hated" Reputation.(F) -1 Dialogue added for "Wild Child" Reputation.(F) NCR: General Troopers: -1 Dialogue added for "Indirect/Generic talk"(F) -2 Dialogue added for "Neutral" Reputation.(F) -1 Dialogue added for "liked" Reputation.(F) -1 Dialogue added for "Idolized" Reputation.(F) -1 Dialogue added for "Mixed" Reputation.(F) -1 Dialogue added for "Wild Child" Reputation.(F) -1 Dialogue added for "Disliked" Reputation.(F) -1 Dialogue added for "Hated" Reputation.(F) Powder Gangers: General Thugs: -1 Dialogue added for "Indirect/Generic talk"(F) -1 Dialogue added for "liked" Reputation.(F) -1 Dialogue added for "Mixed" Reputation.(F) -1 Dialogue added for "Wild Child" Reputation.(F) -1 Dialogue added for "Rascal" Reputation.(F) -1 Dialogue added for "Thug" Reputation.(F) -1 Dialogue added for "Hated" Reputation.(F) Submitter Doctor Fate Submitted 11/09/2017 Category WIP / Beta Requires FalloutNV, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, Sexout, Sexout Common Resources(SCR),Sexout Slavery, Sexout Tryout and then anything those mods need.
  4. View File CORE: 2.10.97 -- 23-December-2016 DATA: 2.10.97 -- 23-December-2016 BODIES: 1.1.1 -- 25-July-2015 MIRROR - SexoutNG.torrent - All files also available via bit torrent. May be faster, and saves loverslab bandwidth. You need a bit torrent client, such as qBitTorrent. Sexout code is hosted here on the GitLab. Please use the Issues link to report confirmed bugs in Sexout, or to ask for features! The sexout BETA can be found here, if there is one. Note that to use the beta, you must still have SexoutNG Core and SexoutNG Data installed. Requirements Fallout New Vegas. Should be obvious, but a few people have tried to use it with Fallout 3 (works with TTW). NVSE 5.0b2 or later; This is now the stable version. NX 16 or later (NVSE Extender) SexoutNG - CORE and DATA. SexoutNG - Bodies OR Nude male and/or female bodies manually installed, see spoiler below. Since '94, a compatible skeleton (AJ's BodyMorph) is included with 'Core'. Astymma's compatability or Deede's The Skeleton will also work if you prefer. Known issues FAQ / Troubleshooting - Read this before posting support questions First, please read the requirements section above carefully. The game doesn't even start, it freezes before main menu! ==> Usually corrupted plugin. Disable all plugins except Sexout. If it works, sexout is innocent. If not, validate your install via STEAM, and try downloading sexout again. The game starts, but sex doesn't work! ==> Did you install NVSE? Press '~' to open the console in game, and type GetNVSEVersion. If it does not return a number you did not install it correctly. Check the instructions for it and try again. ====> GetNVSEVersion works! ....but I also get this annoying message box appearing every time I start game! ======> Maybe try reading it . You have not installed the requirements correctly. Sexout requires NVSE 5.0 or later, and NX 16 or later. It will not work without them. See above for links. ~~~> But I installed NVSE and NX! =====> No. You didn't. There are no exceptions. If you think you did, you installed them wrong, check their own respective instructions and try again. ==> ...Okay, NVSE and NX installed. Uhhh, how do I actually start sex? ====> Sexout is just a framework for other mods to use. It does nothing on its own. Try installing some sexout mods. ==> ...I have sexout mods, but the actors just stand still inside each other! (maybe with sounds) ====> Usually a conflicting mod that adds idle animations in an inconsiderate way. Disable all mods except sexout. If it works, enable them one by one to figure out which is guilty. More info: ==> I definitely definitely definitely disabled all mods except FalloutNV.esm and Sexout.esm, and actors still stand inside each other but no animations! ====> Did you install 'SexoutNG - DATA'? Because, that's where the animations are. ======> Yes, with NMM! ========> Use FOMM. NMM has known issues with Fallout New Vegas mods in general. Animations work, except... ==> Infinity tits! ====> You do not have a compatible skeleton installed correctly. See requirements section ==> Infinity dicks! ====> You do not have a compatible skeleton installed correctly, or you do not have a compatible male body suit installed. See requirements / Bodies section above. ==> Invisible male bodies / big red boxes‽‽ ====> You do not have meshes for one or both of the sexout body suits installed. Either install "SexoutNG - Bodies" or manually add them- see the spoiler in the requirements section above for more information. More Useful Posts: How to GET HELP!! Help us help you. RitualClarity's tutorial on animation trouble BruceWaynes installation guide Another Sexout FAQ Modders: - Want to make your own sexout mod? (or modify an existing one). First stop is the API guide. See also: Tips and Tricks. - See the Gitlab project for more info on sexout status, or if you want to contribute. - API documentation is a WIP, if you can't find/understand something, please post here on loverslab. License: Sexout is free. Free as in BSD license free, except even freer. This work is public domain. Do whatever the hell you want to do with it. You can even upload it to some other site and claim to be the creator, but that's bad karma, and when it comes back 'round you'll regret the decision. Release History Submitter Odessa Submitted 12/29/2013 Category Framework & Resources Requires NVSE 5.0+, NX 16+, FOMM, reading instructions
  5. Introduction This little guide will cover all the basics in order to succesfully install the SexoutNG framework. There will be some pictures to clarify things that might not be clear to some or are sometimes overlooked. This guide assumes that you have succesfully installed the Fallout Mod Manager (FOMM) and know how to extract files from an archive. It is possible to install the framework with the Nexus Mod Manager as well, but I strongly recommend sticking with FOMM. I. Download the required files This one should be obvious, if you've read the requirements section of the SexoutNG OP. SexoutNG Data SexoutNG Core NVSE 5.0b2 (it has to be version 4.5 or greater, older versions are not supported) NVSE Extender 16 or higher! Astymma's Compatibility Skeleton (as of SexoutNG '94 a compatibility skeleton is included, which means you don't need to install an extra skeleton) The Mod Configuration Menu Since we are going to use FOMM to install Sexout in this guide, you need to choose "download manually", when downloading the skeleton and MCM from the Nexus. Once you are finished, you should have the following files (the version numbers may change): SexoutNG - Core 2-10-94.fomod SexoutNG - Data 2-10-94.fomod nvse_5_0_beta2.7z NVSE Extender v16.fomod The Mod Configuration Menu-42507-1-5.7z Optional: SexoutNG - Bodies 1-1-1.fomod (Install the bodies, if you don't have any male/female nude bodies installed yet. If you already have nude bodies installed, the game will always choose yours over the ones from sexout) II. Installation First of all, extract all the 7z archives in their own folders. We will start with the SexoutNG main files. In order to install them with FOMM you need to copy all .fomod files to the location of your FOMM installation into the following folder: data/falloutnv/mod. (for instance D:/FOMM/data/falloutnv/mod.) Every other fomod goes into that folder as well. (Alternatively you can select "Add fomod", instead of "Create from folder" in the package manager and add the files that way.) Start up FOMM next and click the package manager button. You will see something like this: If you have other fomods installed, they will appear here as well. In order to install them you need to either select them and click activate or just double-click them. You should see this message and the box next to the file name will be ticked. If it asks you to overwrite files, because you are upgrading, click yes or yes to all. Do this for all the .fomod files you've just downloaded In case you want to use astymma's compatibility skeleton, instead of the skeleton provided by Sexout: Since the the NVSE Extender comes as a .fomod archive now as well, the installation process is the same as for the the Sexout Core and Data files. Move the archive to your FOMM/data/falloutnv/mod folder and activate the package with the package manager. Lastly, we need to put NVSE itself into its right place. To do this you need to copy the contents of the NVSE archive (all the .dlls and the nvse_loader.exe) into the main Fallout New Vegas root directory where the FalloutNV.exe is located. Do NOT put them in the data folder and do NOT install NVSE with FOMM. You don't have to copy the src folder from the NVSE archive as it only contains the source code and isn't required for NVSE to run. Now you're done with the installation of the SexoutNG framework. In order for it to actually do something, you need to install one of the various Sexout plugins. There is a lot to choose from in the Fallout/Sexout download section. Read and follow their installation instructions carefully, as they often have requirements of their own. In case you downloaded a compilation, you should still read the requirements of the individual mods, since some of them cannot be included in compilations. As a matter of fact, you can probably save more time by reading requirements and instructions, as by just downloading a bunch of mods and praying that it works. Troubleshooting a broken game also takes longer than spending a little time reading up on vital information. 90% of support topics in this section are due to the fact that people didn't take that advice.
  6. View File For the most recent STABLE RELEASE of SexoutNG download, see here. The file(s) attached to this download, if any, are BETA versions and are NOT REQUIRED DOWNLOADS. You DO still need AT LEAST CORE AND DATA from the main thread INSTALLED before you install any beta version! Let the beta overwrite whatever it wants to. Features available in the beta: See download page change log. Features done, but not in the current download: Features planned for this cycle - Known Issues - Planned Features - Default animation start position to player if present, rather than always Actor B (like '93, but without alignment issues) - Animation chaining (so you can put B in a pillory and have multiple A/Cs bone them in a row without B leaving) - Improve ZAZ random picker, so you can just give it a prop refsurface and no number and it will choose something appropriate. - Investigate adding some facial animations for old anims that don't have any. - Animation sequences, like Sexlab - Allow for female nude bodysuits, and player specific only nude bodysuits Optional Files Bodysuits - ROBERTS (June 9 2015) - (Breeze now included in SexoutNG - Bodies 1.1.0) If you install 'SexoutNG - Bodies 1.1.0+' you do not need these. If you prefer to manually install your own Roberts male body, install these files. - Breeze (include in Bodies BSA): New weighted erect Breeze's mesh by AJ, and an Amra-aligned non-replacer mesh by Kendo2. Also includes some mesh fixes by Imperfection OR - Roberts: Amra's Roberts body, duplicated for both. USE ONLY THE ONE APPROPRIATE FOR YOUR GAME (Breeze is sexout default) --- Sexout Anim Management v6 (February 21 2016) (Now bundled with Sexout Core) Updated version of Tomm434's plugin, allows MCM customization of the sexout random picker. Sexout Positioning V2.5 (January 31 2016) (Now bundled with Sexout Core) Sexout-Amra.esp - Now merged into Sexout.esm Submitter Odessa Submitted 05/30/2015 Category Framework & Resources Requires Sexout '97 Stable
  7. This suite includes Sexout V2.352, SexoutSex, SexoutHookupsAlt, SexoutRapers and SmallerTalk. With these mods the player can initiate sex dialogs with any adult NPC , NPC's will approach the player for sex, and NPC's (and creatures) can rape the player or other NPCs. Detailed notes for each file are included below. Sexout.esm- Sexout V2.352 (early 2012) pre-NX, ported to Fallout 3. Sexout Handbook doesn't work, so certain things needed to be set in the scripts. These include: Duration- Set for 22 seconds. Limb Damage- Disabled STD's- Disabled Dressing/Undressing- NPCs always undress and redress, whether consentual or not. Player must always manually redress (despite my best efforts). FOSE required Important- You need to install the .dll files from JoshNZ's Animated Prostitution mod! The anims will not work right without these files. These files should be put in the FO3 folder, not the data folder. Overwrite originals. Also, since we are not using any Common Resources yet, I added a new strapon to Sexout.esm. I did this so any mods generated from this esm will not have to reinvent the wheel (strapon). The strapon itself is one I picked from SCR back then and am just keeping it here. If you don't like it you can replace it with your preferred nif and texture. This also finally fixed the "strapon won't unequip" problem. Since Sexout.esm recognizes the SexoutNGStrapon, unequipping it is now a function of the redressing process. So any mods which want to use the strapon don't need to worry about writing "unequip" code, if they use the built in strapon. SexoutSex.esp- This is a port and modification of the original SexoutSex mod by Bromm83; (ChancellorKremlin has taken stewardship over the NV version), vintage early 2012. I tied up some loose ends to get the threesome working. Then, using Bromm's idea, I added a "twosome with voyeur" option and a "solo with voyeur" option. Here is an outline for how to make things work in SexoutSex: Threesome- Initiate dialog with NPC #1 ("Fine piece of ass..".etc). Then say "The more the merrier...". That starts the threesome dialog. Initiate dialog with NPC #2 ("seriously sinful fun..."). Once both NPCs are recruited, go to where you want the act to take place, they will follow. Assign positions to the NPCs. "You're the one getting it" will be ActorB. "Mouth or Pussy duty" will be actorA. "Ass or pussy" will be actorC. Once assigned, say to actorA or actorB (if you are actorA) :"This looks like a good place to do it". The animation will begin. You can also have a third NPC take your place in a threesome. Once the first two NPCs have been recruited, ask a third NPC to take your place. Assign positions and start sex in the same manner. Unfortunately, once you activate the threesome dialogs, they will remain as options even after you've assigned positions, so try not to mix things up by reassigning an NPC or asking an already assigned NPC to take your place, etc. Twosome with Voyeur- After initiating sex dialog with an NPC, choose "why don't I set you up with someone else" option. The same method applies- recruit NPC #2 with "I've got someone ready to go, you interested?" They will follow. Assign positions- "mouth or pussy" for actorA, "you're getting it" for actorB. Say to actorA "why don't you two put on a show for me?". This will start the action. Solo with Voyeur- After initiating sex dialog, tell NPC that you want to watch them pleasure themselves. They will start wanking. Males are not working for this. I don't think there is an animation in this version. Bugs- ActorB misalignment bug for threesomes is present when Player is not ActorB. Maybe there is a fix I don't know about. SexoutHookupsAlt.esp- Another older version of a great mod by Bromm83. Had to do some tweeking to make things work in FO3. None of the content specific to NV is used (gamblers, etc). This mod simply allows NPCs to approach the player for sex. The original mod had the possibility for threesomes, but I couldn't get it to work. Removed the dialog. If you want threesomes, use SexoutSex dialog. There is an option to ask for caps for sex. The original dialog and layout didn't fit FO3 so I adjusted things here. At this point the spread is from 10 caps to 50 caps, depending on Charisma, Karma and Barter. I'm not saying it's perfect- it may be wrong, but it appears to work OK. There is some randomness.1 SexoutRapers.esp- Despite being obsolete, this is the only Rapers mod I was able to get to work with FO3. The "trick" with this mod is that it is not complete as distributed. That's because the mod relies on content that is in Fallout NV, namely the "NV Raven". The original author of SexoutRapers ingeniously used specially adapted NV Ravens to "point out" the rape victims for the stalker NPCs. Since those elements aren't in FO3, you will have to aquire them yourself. If you have Fallout NV that shouldn't be a problem. If you don't, you'll have to arrange to get them somehow. You only need the "skeleton.nif" file, and the folder named "bakidleanimsbak" which are in the "NV Raven" mesh folder-nothing else . You do not need the Raven body mesh (nvraven.nif) or the textures (delete them or the Ravens will be visible). You just need the skeleton and idle anims. Place them in the same location they occupied in the FalloutNV structure- ...meshes\creatures\NVRaven. The Rapers Handbook works so you can configure this mod how you like it. I suggest that you disable this mod (and the other Sexout content) while going through the initial tutorial in the vault. If you don't, well...hilarity, as well as chaos, may ensue. Bugs- NPCs will sometimes bounce, slide along the ground, stretch or disappear- especially in restricted spaces where there are a lot of meshes to interfere with things. On very rare occasions they may die or disappear from the game. So please save often, especially when you are about to toggle the rapers to be active. SmallerTalk.esp- The NV mod is under the stewardship of Astymma. This is the only mod generated from a recent version. Does what it's supposed to- allows the player to initiate conversation with NPCs. Console activated variables added by Astymma short iVariable1 ;mod enabled or disabled, 0 = OFF, 1 = ON, default = 1 short iVariable2 ;debug messages shown or hidden, 0 = OFF, 1 = ON, default = 0 short iVariable3 ;creature support enabled or disabled, 0 = OFF, 1 = ON, default = 0 short iVariable4 ;conversation enabled or disabled while sneaking, 0 = OFF, 1 = ON, default = 1 short iVariable5 ;timer in seconds 1 to 10, default = 3 short iVariable6 ;companion wheel override, 0=no smaller talk convo after wheel use, 1 = smaller talk convo after wheel use, default = 1 short iVariable7 ;randomized dialogue enabled or disabled, 0 = OFF, 1 = ON, default = 0 These are set via the console by doing set <questid of SmallerTalkVars quest>.iVariableX to Y - - - - - - - - Other issues- Stay away from doors that require a screen load to go through, when initiating sex. Sometimes the NPC will get sucked through the door when the animation starts. If that happens the animation will break and will require a reload. So don't initiate sex as soon as you enter a cell through a doorway- move into the room a little and get some distance between you and the door. I've seen this happen with two NPCs also. Finally, I had to make some choices that work for me but perhaps not for you. I encourage you to learn how to use the GECK, if you don't already know, and mod the files to your liking. It's really not that difficult so give it a try. - - - - - - - How to install- Assuming you have FOSE installed and JoshNZ's .dlls Manual installation only! Extract the files to a separate location. Move the .esm and esp files into the Fallout3\Data folder. The mesh and texture files are a mix of a couple of different versions of Sexout/SexoutNG. They all work together in this version. The NVRaven folder is empty. Move it to the Meshes\Creatures folder. An erect male body is included here, as it was, I think, in the original Sexout. Move it into the Fallout3\meshes\characters\_male folder. That's where you will also place whatever nude female body you want to use (femaleupperbody.nif). Be sure to install the respective textures for your body too. There are a few mesh and texture files to place also, which should be self-explanatory. Don't forget to enable the new files in FOMM (or whatever) and <<toggle archive invalidation>>. These mods were tested on a fresh install of GOTY edition. The only other mods were Dimonized Type3 Body replacer and Breeze's Male Body and Armor mods. It was truly horrible having to play the game with the vanilla walking animations. Arrgghh! But I wanted to keep things clean. I know these mods work if installed properly. Thanks again to Prideslayer for all of the help and encouragement, and also to the other modders who originally created these mods. Note: New upload- SexoutFO3Update.7z. Updated SexoutSex.esp + Duration Time extenders. SexoutNGFO3.7z SOFO3Update.7z
  8. View File v8.8 Riverside Beta is Now Available & Please Read the Paragraph below! Riverside contains a LOT of sex PLEASE SAVE OFTEN (casm) in preparation for vanishing npcs Riverside walkthrough available please check the walkthrough section of the page if you get lost This version contains the long awaited Riverside content. Please be aware that there are still bugs in this version that I didn't get around to fixing before shit happened. Therefore, Riverside does still contain a few bugs, nothing major though. I was also forced to leave the entire deathclaw questline unlocked in this version. Feel free to play as much of it as you're able to, but be warned I have not gotten to restoring this part of the mod yet so there will be bugs and probably big ones at that. If you want to avoid any issues just stop when you finish the riverside content. Truthfully I didn't want to release v8.8 like this, but shit happens and I have been unable to do any modding for the past month, and I don't see that changing in the next few weeks. As of now (08/08/16) I am unsure as to when I will be able to continue with the restoration of this mod (or modding in general). Please check back in September as I should have a better idea of my situation by then. That was a bit of a ramble and it's late, so if you have questions post in the support topic. I also post the latest news updates for the mod on my profile feed. POST RIVERSIDE DEATHCLAW CONTENT IS STILL BEING RESTORED! PLEASE BE PATIENT. SUPER MUTANT CONTENT IS IN ALPHA PLEASE NO BUG REPORTS! All OTHER content should be working at least as well it did before Sexout Breeder became outdated. ALL SEXOUT BREEDER ISSUES go in the SUPPORT TOPIC! PLEASE DON'T HARASS (PM) ANY OF THE CONTRIBUTORS OF THIS MOD WITH YOUR ISSUES! THANK YOU. Note: Parts of this description have been taken from the old Sexout Breeder description while others are my own words. All parts should be relevant to the current version of Sexout Breeder. SHORT DESCRIPTION This plugin features a series of mini stories or encounters that lead to the player getting ambushed (or sometimes tricked) into situations that lead to her impregnation. Usually with the various monsters around the mojave. Also features a tiny amount of domination, some player slavery and a hint of (mostly) optional transformations ( including deathclaw, giant ant, bloatfly, wolf, and breast growth). I do not condone any of the explicit concepts explored in this plugin and believe they should remain in the land of fiction. But they are very entertaining to play in a video game so have fun. INSTALLATION / REQUIREMENTS To install Sexout Breeder successfully you must first install ALL of it's requirements & ALL the requirements of those mods. After all requirements are installed it is a simple matter of using your preferred mod manager (NMM,FOMM,MO) to install the SexoutBreeder.esp & the current version of BreederData. Required Mods: SexoutNG http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/548-sexoutng-stable-release-94/ (SexoutNG BETA - '95 beta 4 2.10.95b4 OR > REQUIRED FOR ANT ANIMATIONS) Sexout Common Resources (SCR) http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/33-sexout-common-resources-scr-stable-version-201507151/ (version 20150804.1 OR LATER; the version number is the date so that's any version after August 4, 2015) Sexout Pregnancy http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/47-sexout-new-vegas-pregnancy-stable-version-201507151/ Sexout Offspring http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/47-sexout-new-vegas-pregnancy-stable-version-201507151/ Sexout Spunk http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/580-sexout-spunk/ New Vegas Anti Crash aka NVAC (make sure you're using this before reporting the bloatfly crashing issue) HIGHLY Recommended Mods: SexoutNG BETA http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2019-sexoutng-beta-95-beta-3/ (you MUST install SexoutNG FIRST) SCR Beta (should a version currently exist it can be found in the SCR support topic) Sexout Pregnancy BETA (should a version currently exist it can be found in the Pregnancy support topic) Sexout Offspring BETA (should a version currently exist it can be found in the Pregnancy support topic) HIGHLY Recommended Other: (Triicell tutorial can be found in spoiler below in case it is made public again) How to Report a Problem: Frequently Asked Questions: If you have a question, check here first. It might be answered. Detailed Description: Note: It is recommended to set your Pregnancy length to at least 3% for bighorners and 7% for bloatflies otherwise weird things can happen. Another note: If you would like to contribute to one of these walkthroughs please pm me. I don't necessarily have time to go through each scenario in depth an write a walkthrough for it. MCM Options: Lactation System (bigger titties) Bighorner Ranch Walkthrough: Bloatfly Cave Walkthrough: Deathclaw Promontory Walkthrough: Riverside walkthrough: NEW! Coyote Den walkthrough: Fenris walkthrough: Super mutant tribe walkthrough: Ants Homegrown / Hiveminded walkthrough: FUTURE OF SEXOUT BREEDER: Here's the deal I have several things on my plate right now beyond the restoration of SOB including my own original (non sex related) mod & Fallout 4 is fast approaching which I'm sure will further diminish the FNV community. As you can imagine then my primary intention here is the restoration of SOB & not adding new content. That said, I will be making general improvements where I see fit & there is probably about a 50/50 chance that I finish the super mutant tribe, since there is already a good chunk of content there & I would hate to see it go to waste. Other than that I would have to be REALLY in love with an idea to actually implement new story/quest based content. I'm sorry if this disappoints some (more like the majority) of you, but I cannot predict the future so it is entirely possible I will change my mind at some point. Final Notes Sorry for the poor screenshots. I was in a rush & I probably shouldn't have used that old save. I may be looking for more testers for the deathclaw content in the near future. If you would like to contributed screenshots, walkthroughs or volunteer to test the deathclaw content just pm me. Big Thanks to: User29 - Original creator of Sexout Breeder jamilnielsen - For continuing SOB after User29 Everyone who contributed to bringing SexoutNG to where it's currently at Odessa - For currently bringing all of us SexoutNG updates Evilrunner - for dialogue and Deathclaw Episode framework MasterChris - for creating an absolute ton of animations that I requested ChancellorKremlin Vane000 - for dialogue contributions jimhsu - for the deathclaw mutation rework and new textures Halstrom - For SCR & Pregnancy ritualclarity - For creating an amazing tutorial to help users install all related resources for SexoutNG, keeper of sexout files DoctaSax - For providing the sexout breeder compilation, also for his FNV Scripting: NX Variables tutorial atrix - For his attempted restoration of SOB before me & his idea of using notepad++ pepertje - For bring me in on the restoration effort & his work on Sam's new (pure) outfit & the new mutation icons vurt - For some of the assets used in the spore race (check out his awesome WFO mod) Kendo 2 - For some of the assets used to create Sam's new look (check out his stuff it's all great) zzjay - For the rest of the assets used to create Sam's new look (again great stuff to make your char look amazing) Nickolos1818 - For the riverside recruitment walkthrough Testers W pepertje ritualclarity Nickolos1818 7KeysCurtain ren54642 Beornwahl atrix Roxxas21 Special Thanks ritualclarity Halstrom atrix pepertje If I missed anyone or you would like your name taken off the credits please let me know via pm. And Finally Thanks (once again) to User29 for making this great mod. Submitter gamedude711 Submitted 08/10/2015 Category Quests Requires SexoutNG, SCR, Sexout Pregnancy, Sexout Offspring, Sexout Spunk
  9. View File What is this? If you don't like pregnancy and/or creature content DO NOT install this mod! As there are some (maybe) annoying effects, which could remain on the player after playing the quest, I recomend to keep a savegame before installing the mod. This mod adds a tiny quest and two perks to your game. And what is it about? Well ... the name of this mod should tell enough If you play this mod your (female) courier will get a big problem, but maybe she will get addicted to it. The idea for this mod was cut out of the still unfinished 'Mojave Schoolgirls'-mod. If you have played it and have discovered the 'Moo!' quest, you know what is is. But it contatins a little more. And if I ever keep on working on the 'Mojave Schoolgirls' the old 'Moo!' quest will be removed. This mod is basicly a experiment how 'dynamic-perks' could work and it was made because ... How can I start it? What does it contain now? What are the requirements of this mod? SexoutNG (and all of it's requirements). Sexout Common Resources (and all of it's requirements, too). Sexout PregnancyV3 (and once again all of it's requirements). If you have the new stable version (20150402.1 or later) installed, please use Miss Moo V1.23 or newer (20150419 or later). This version should work with any upcoming beta, too. If you still have Pregnancy 20140707.9 or older installed, please keep using V1.1 (20150301) How should I install the mod? Install the 7z-file with the package-manager of FOMM. Or unpack it and put it in your data-folder. How should I DEINSTALL the mod? Do not deinstall/delete the mod while having some of the perk-effects on your courier! They can become permanent! If your courier has one of the perks ... Are there any known incompatibilitys? I don't know. Tested it with a lot of other sexout mods installed. Maybe you will get some problems with mods which change the place east of Devils Gullett or edit the behaviour of the Bighorners. It's rather silly to play it with a companion, because he/she will not react to what happens to the courier. (But this is a flaw of many mods.) Are there any known issues? I hope I have found all errors I made while changing the mod to the new stable Sexout Pregnancy version. So tell me! What has to be done next? Well ... bugfixing never ends. Balancing the perks. I would be happy, if you would give me your suggestions. The first perk, you get, should be simply annoying, so you realy want to get rid of it again. But the second one should keep the game playable. With all the consequences, you have to arrange with. The dialogues are very rough and full of errors. As I am a non-native-english-speaker (and writer), don't expect to much. What are the planed features? I don't want to expand the (quest-)content of this mod very far. But as I made this mod 'controlable with NX', maybe YOU want to use some content (the Miss Moo Perk)? This are the things, I want to include next: WARNING!!! SPOILER!!! How can this mod be 'controled' with NX-variables? This is, what I made by now. But it is not fully tested! Maybe I should make a variable that blocks the conversation topics for bighorners, so you can add own topics without seeing mine the whole time, too? Credits and thanks ... ... to the crators of sexout and all it's mods. ... to all the creative and helpfull people at loverslab. Especially to Halstorm, BruceWayne, DoctaSax and a lot of other people for their patience with a noob asking stupid questions. ... to Snakeleafclover for reworking the dialoges in Beta 2! ... and obviously to User29 for his gorgeous 'Breeder' and in particular for the 'bighorner'-quest: If you had finished it as I expected, I never would have begun to make my own little farm Full changelog: Submitter Swyke Submitted 12/08/2013 Category Quests Requires SexoutNG, Sexout Common Resources, Sexout Pregnancy
  10. SexoutSex - Lite

    View File This is a "lite" version of SexoutSex. The idea is to provide a basic, lite, barebones version which will work out of the box and does not require Sexout Common Resources. It can be used for new inexperienced users aiming to test whether they've installed SexoutNG and the bodies correctly before proceeding, or by advanced modders for anim testing purposes. Simply install, approach an NPC, and initiate sex via dialogue. Basic requirements apply - see below. . What This Plugin Does: It allows you to have sex with most NPC's via dialogue with minimum fuss and superfluous requirements. There are no chances of failure - this is done on purpose as it provides a good way to test new animations. If you have Slavery mods installed (Cortex Scrambler, Reactive People - Ultimatum, Slaver's Life, etc) it will identify slaves and allow you to initiate appropriate sexual dialogue with them. This also runs true for prostitutes - soliciting only. Misc - allows you to have threesomes, hetero and homosexual sex, in addition to adding a versatile "Follow me" package to the chosen NPC that can be used in conjunction with other mods to take an NPC to a place where you want to have sex, ie a bed. Does *NOT* allow you to use strapons, as these were removed when the SCR dependency was removed also. Threesome anims with three females will instead feature quite a hot three way rubfest. What This Plugin Requires To Work: - SmallerTalk (To initiate the dialogue) - SexoutNG (For the Sex) - That you read instructions and follow them. If you don't install the above properly with all their respective requirements, don't expect this to work properly, either. Known Bugs: - Some NPC's in particular have a peculiar effect on certain dialogue trees (Cass is notorious for this) or their AI packages simply hijack certain topics. Ways to get around this include opening and closing the "Let's trade equipment" screen, and on returning, the new dialogue options should appear. This is not always the case, however. Some NPC's simply won't add the sex dialogue. Others aren't included intentionally - ie, if they are from another Sexout mod and the modder added them to an exclusion list. - Threesome's for some reason only work if you toggle the Sexout MCM menu for sexual preferences to both PC and NPC sexual orientation from the default "straight" to "bisexual." The Wish List: Nothing for this version - as it is a single release for testing purposes only. See the proper "SexoutSex" for more features and updates. Credits: Bromm83 as the author of the mod. jaam for helping with coding and many other issues. Dazmaz and Spectrum Warrior, whose images I mashed up together (badly) to make the new SexoutSex logo. A string of enthusiastic testers and members who helped hone this over the years. The LL community for allowing mods like this to exist and thrive. What's New In This Version: (1.0 - 26/12/2013) - Removed all dependency on SCR. - Removed access to strapon animations. - Minor typo & grammar fixes. Submitter ChancellorKremlin Submitted 12/26/2013 Category Framework & Resources Requires SexoutNG and SmallerTalk, and that you've installed them properly.  
  11. View File The Advanced Medical Scanner Requires Fallout NV, NVSE, and NVSE extender, Mod Configuration Menu. Recommended: Sexout, Sexout Common Resources,Sexout Pregnancy, Spunk, and Body Morph. you don't need these but it will give all zeros for the data. What does This mod do? It adds a MCM menu to your game with the following Data. -- Basic Scan -- health (curr/max), damage Threshold, resistances, Body Conditions, Karma, Lust, Arousal. -- Role Scan 1 and 2 -- Spunks count, xp, and Enjoy of various types of sex. (Giving Birth is masturbation role) -- Species Scan 1,2 and 3 -- Spunks Count, Xp, and Enjoy of Species. If the Enjoy stays at zero it is because there are no animations for that species. -- Pregnancy Scan -- Total semen, sperm, in womb sperm, ova, Father?, Mother?, Preg Percent, Stage, Time left, Miscarry/mutation chance, Total #orgasms, lust multiplier, arousal multiplier. -- Drug and BodyMorph Scan-- Drug scan stolen from the medical scanner and gives the BodyMorph scales if installed. -- Special and Skills -- Current and Base Values. -- Wear And Tear -- Diseases and Wear/Tear amout (0-1000) How does it work? Walk up to a NPC, get them in your crosshairs and open The mcm menu. Then just go through the menus. What about the Player's? point your crosshair at NOTHING and open the MCM menu and go through the menus. Will this work on anyone? Yes and creatures and custom followers and tables and beds and oops. Can you add.....? Maybe. I have 1 more menu That I can add, and if I can call the NX variables then yes, but If I have to make it dependent on another mod then no. Why? Why not, no one else did it. I made it mostly for me, but I am willing to alter it if there is a good enough reason. New Version AMS.esp Requires Fallout NV, NVSE, and NVSE extender, Sexout Pregnancy This one adds a Book to your Inventory -AMS- If you were looking at a character before you open the PIPboy, then You can Store them (8 NPC's MAX) for Later retrieval of Information. or just view their Information Pregnancy DATA from SCR Medscn Drug Data from SCR medscan Wear and Tear Diseases Mood (Lust, Lust multiplier, Arousal, Arousal Multiplier and a few other things) I left The original MCM medscanner up for those that want the Species and Role Data as I have yet incorporate that data into the limited space provided by the Message Window. Submitter securenym Submitted 08/29/2015 Category Other Requires Fallout NV, NVSE, and NVSE extender, Mod Configuration Menu  
  12. SexOutMDJJFollowers

    View File This adds 3 sexable female followers and 1 male sexable dog follower. __________________________________________________ Do not use this at the same time as the file at http://www.loverslab...xout-followers/ __________________________________________________ Requires: SexoutNG, Tryout's Data Pack (You don't need this if you have Sexout Tryout installed already.), Spectrum's ToyPack SexoutNg http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/548-sexoutng-stable-release-96/ Tryout's DataPack or Tryout http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1476-sexout-tryout/ Spectrums ToyPack http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/195-spectrumstoypack-re-pack/ __________________________________________________ Before upgrading (if you are indeed upgrading) otherwise ignore this, get all items off any companions and/or storage containers from this mod so you don't lose them. Sell all mod-related items as you will lose them. __________________________________________________ You will have to reacquire all companions from this mod if you are upgrading from an earlier version as everything has different IDs. __________________________________________________ For now, see the old incompatible file at http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/461-outdated-mojodajojo-sexout-followers/ for descriptions of how to acquire each companion, etc. Expect many discrepancies in the old readmes. This mod contains rape and/or beastiality roleplay themes. All contain sexual themes and imagery. Don't download if you aren't of legal age where you live, or are offended by the content. Version 9 1. Merged all the esp plugins into the master and converted it to .esp 2. Flipped flag to .esm in FNVEdit but left the plugin an .esp (to stop body head color mismatch issues without using an .esm) 3. Added a "receive anal sex topic from Cheyenne" topic her to consensual female on female dialogue (yes player will equip strapon for this.) 4. Fixed all errors showing in FONVEDIT (There were some related to Cheyenne's old .esp) 5. Removed body slot 2 from dog collar w/tail in order to prevent it from accidentally unequipping the strapon on Cheyenne (or anyone else wearing that dog collar during sex as the dog collar shared a slot with the strapon and things got messed up if use dress list was selected in SexoutNG. 6. The mod specific vendor is now added to banned for sex formlist 7. Mod vendor now will reset any glitched AI problems relating to Brutilda, Cheyenne or Marisol through her dialogue. (Still haven't added Mac.) 8. Lots of stuff I'm forgetting most likely. Submitter mojodajojo Submitted 05/18/2016 Category Misc Sex Requires SexoutNG, [SCR] Tryout's Data Pack 20131005 (You don't need this if you have Sexout Tryout installed already.), [SCR] Spectrums Toy Pack (Re-Pack)  
  13. View File Welcome to Sexout Common Resources BEFORE INSTALLING THIS OR ANY MODS REQUIRING IT CHECK YOU CAN GET SEXOUTSEXLITE.ESP WORKING FIRST, IF THAT WON"T WORK, YOU'VE SCREWED UP SOMETHING BASIC AND NOTHING MORE COMPLEX WILL WORK TILL YOU SORT IT OUT. The aim of this produce an ESM that holds all the common assets used by SexoutNG Plugins like NPC's, Drugs, Creatures & Clothing, Weapons etc so that other plugons can refer to them without needing to have each other as masters. It doesn't include meshes or textures themselves, merely point to them. it will have minimal scripting, only scripts required by the objects and plugins it contains. The DataPack provided is only some of my additions and minimum requirements of SCR itself. SCR Includes support for all DLC and TTW but does not require them. SCR adds some Perks, but they don't necessarilily add any effects, they are mainly flags for other Plugins to know the players preferences in dialogue. To explain in detail how it works, there are 2-3 parts to most outfits, the first is the Item ID which contains all the Armor ratings, weight, value, etc of an outfit and also where to get the mesh model and textures from, that is what I have copied from the original mods into SCR. The other parts are the model mesh and optionally textures for which the original download is needed, because I don't have permission to add other peoples work to the SCR download and it would be too big. Doing it this way gives users the option to not install Ghost suits etc. The Item ID itself uses next to no space in SCR compared to meshes & textures, but having outfits in there means that outfit can be incuded in formlist groups of SCR, this means a plugin can just check if the player is wearing something in the "Heavy Armor" group formlist and then change their dialogue or sex options based on that. Optionally people can also add their custom outfits to those lists too. it contains a percentage of Lore unfriendly assets but they should be only added to the game world by plugin modules calling them, mostly SexoutStore. Before you install Sexout use the Steam Backup function and backup your game as there's a good chance new users will completely screw their game on the first attempt of installing Sexout because they didn't read something properly and install things they shouldn't. If you aren't using Steam then you'll find Sexout won't work for you anyway so give up here or buy the game. SCR adds some Sex related Perks but their effects are up to the Plugins referencing them Dominant, Submissive. Brood Mother & Bitch in heat are added but only activated by Pregnancy. There's a few changes here: SporeData is only required for the SporeRace in Breeder. HalstromsData contains a few textures & meshes I've modified for some content, like the Camo, Nurse, Vault69 & Nun and other Textures for the Mantis suits, most people won't need it, they were in the original Data pack, I just split them to save download & installation space for those not using them. GynoChair.rar contains the mesh & animations for the GynoChair used in Pregnancy at the New Vegas Medical Clinic. SCR Integrated Plugins: Drugs: SexoutDrugging is now a separate plugin for SCR. The MCM menu is still in SCR to avoid adding another MCM Menu for one slider. Please use the Support Topic Button on the right for more information, support & beta versions. You will also need to download the clothing packs listed in the 2nd Post if you want to use those outfits in Plugins or SexoutStore, there are also some assets in there that are no longer available for download so no links for them, I cannot remove them without breaking them for people who do have them. RitualClarity has written a great installation guide in the link below for installing SCR. http://www.loverslab.com/topic/22156-tutorial-installation-of-sexout-common-resources-scr/ I have no problems with anyone translating this to FO3 or other Languages, just give me credit and link back to LoversLab Russian Translation: http://gamesource.ru/index.php?s=&showtopic=2618&view=findpost&p=51428 Requirements: FalloutNV (Non-Pirated Steam Version) FOMM NVSE Latest beta NX_Extender Latest version http://www.loverslab.com/topic/24656-nvse-extender-aka-nx/ SexoutNG Stable Release http://www.loverslab.com/topic/24614-sexoutng-stable-release-96/ And Astymma's Compatibility Skeleton from here: http://newvegas.nexusmods.com/mods/45229 You will need MCM to change any settings http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/42507/? Assets used in SCR you should install before reporting red diamonds and invisible bodies and other stuff not showing, there are also some assets in there that are no longer available for download so no links for them, I cannot remove them without breaking them for people who do have them: Other Supported Assets: For most of these clothing mods as noted you can remove or deactivate the original esp if you are using Pregnancy or Sexout Store, you only need to install the meshes, textures & sounds etc. Those that are FO3 downloads definitely need the esp removed or they will crash the game. Also remember when you update this it may change itself in your load order, use the following Load order or it will crash your game: Sexout.esm SexoutCommonResources.esm SexoutPregnancyV3.esm SexoutOffSpring.esm SexoutStore.esm The file version is in YYYYMMDD.x format, eg 20120122.2 = 2012-01-22 Version2. When reporting issues please state what version of SCR you are using. If you can please post in font size 14, it's a lot easier for me to read too The Torrent isn't necessary, it's just an alternative download for the data pack, not the esm. PERMISSIONS: Basically I don't have FONV installed anymore and the time to continue work on this other than the occasional bugfix if enough information is given. If anyone wants to submit updates or overhaul it and use any of my code or assets for the enjoyment of the community go for it, just keep free and on LoversLab and give me some credit Link to Download OP: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/33-scr-sexout-common-resources/ . Submitter Halstrom Submitted 02/04/2013 Category Framework & Resources Requires NVSE, NVSE Extender, SexoutNG and heaps of outfits
  14. forword I open this Topic, to help people with the installation progress using Nexus Mod Managar. Since nearby every major mod for FNV relies on NMM these days and FOMM is heavy outdated. I also presume you guys are familar with the NMM UI so ^^ no pictures for you. This is aimed to give you just some additional hints for NMM, since NMM has occasionally problems with scripted mod installatons. READ and GET first (obviously) Read the installation tutorials by BRUCE and Ritualclarity first!!! go here and here Heavy outdated too, but they cover the basics you need. additional advice do not test with sexoutsexlite, for myself it was broken, the text option appeared normal, but as soon as the animations was about to start FNV crashed. Aim for the "big" installation imidiatly. ************************************************************************************************************ install tips for NMM 1. Keep in mind that NMM copies manually downloaded Mods, so save all Sexout related mods in a seperate folder. [pathexample] X:\Modding\FNV\Mods\Sexout <<< download folder of the sexoutmods X:\Modding\FNV\Mods <<< "working" folder of NMM working folder means that one you set in the settings for NMM where NMM stores the dl form nexus if you download via NMM 2. add Sexout Mods manually hit the green + icon on the left side, select your sexout dl folder, NMM makes then a copy of the mod to the working folder "simulating" the dl from nexus so to say 3. install SexoutNG Core, SexoutNG Data; Bodys right click on SexoutNG Core install the mods as you usually do right click in SexoutNG Data, when you get asked by NMM to upgrade the detected Sexout NG Core mod, say NO!!! and let NMM install SexoutNG Data normal right click on the bodys to install it (if you choose your own body meshed then choose it in the option when you get asked) otherwise install breezes fixes and bodys (for testing for example) Here it is important that you say NO!!! to the upgrade question NMM will pop up, otherwise NMM has the strange behavior to uninstall SEXOUT NG Core and install SEXOUT NG Data instead, but we need BOTH to make Sexout working thats it Sexout Framework is now in place and kicking, all you need is adding the needed/ desired Mods (see step 4 ^^) 4. install Sexout Common Resources if you followed Ritualclaritys tutorial you have your SCR FOMOd on place (see folder example for Sexout above), add manually then right click to install, let it overwrite what ever it wants to overwrite (shouldn t happen with a "virgin" FNV folder andagain a Sexout installed) except for soma animations they are already integrated in SexoutNG 5. install SexoutSex 1.6 again add mod manually, right click on it and install done 6. install smallertalk same procedure, add manually, rightclick to install, done ************************************************************************************************************ Thats it, all done, if nothing went wrong during the process Sexout and 1 basic mod is in place and should work to test just start a new game or load a clean save in Goodsprings and talk to an NPC the Sexout smaller talk choices should be there, take one and the animations should start Keep in mind that it SEEMS to work, but i just started with sexout mods so i barely see that it is in place and some animations work. i can t tell if NMM messes up the installation any further so animations might be missing and so on. For me the basic stuff is in place and working without any crashes, exclamations marks or missing bodys and so on. PS: i hope that helps out a bit, with the install NMM process
  15. View File This project aims to improve custom sound options for Sexout. Sound/Voice Support (Low/Med/Max): Forced Oral Voices = 6/9/12 Forced Sex Voices = 9/18/36 Gagged Voices = 6 Gagged Orgasm Voices = 6 Oral Voices = 6/9/12 Orgasm Voices = 6 Sex Intensity 1 Voices = 9/18/36 Sex Intensity 2 Voices = 9/18/36 Sex Intensity 3 Voices = 9/12/24 Oral SoundFX = 12 Sex SoundFX = 12 Requires: SexoutNG (latest version). Optional: SexoutCommonResources (Required for gagged voice support.) INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Install the mod and data using FOMM. 2. Disable SexoutNG sounds in MCM. 3. Install custom voices and FX by overwriting files in Data>Sound>fx>SOSr (Optional). 4. Modders can place custom voices in Data>Sound>Voice>SexoutSound.esp><voicetype folder> (See Docs). Credits: Big thanks to zippy57 for holding my hand through this. Also to DoctaSax for input and inspiration. Submitter t3589 Submitted 04/12/2013 Category Framework & Resources Requires  
  16. So, I've seen already two one year old threads with this problem. One did have a solution, but this wasn't working in my game. The other One is not really helpful either, the solution here didn't fix it either. So I thought I would need to do ask for help by myself. After I've installed Sexout, which was a painful process already, caused by my own dumbness, I finally wanted to "Get lucky" only to see that the game decided not to care about the mod at all. Ok, this is maybe an exaggeration, since I can speak to People, flirt with them and do things that should start a sex scene. However, it doesn't start. Let's say I'm talking to a nice looking gambler at the Gomorrha; We talk a little bit about how it should go down, and then everything goes on as if nothing ever happened. In the Console, however: There is a line of code that says: "SexoutActRunFull: Aborting, actor is invalid, code: 1" Since this is what I've read I should do in the 'How to get help with problems' Thread, here's my load order: Does anyone have a solution to it that hasn't been mentioned in the Forum yet?
  17. Well. Either im just dumb or this is something very complex because i read some tutorials on how to install SCR but theres still stuff i don´t understand. English is also not my Main Language which makes this even harder to understand. Can somebody give me some Links/Tips on how to install SCR/Sexout properly ? The Tutorial i have read and had Trouble with: [Tutorial] SCR Resources Folder Creation 201610.8 Follow 38 by ritualclarity <- This confuses me the most. To sum up here. This is the first time im trying to install Sexout right (Oh Boy theres been soo much failures and crashes recently). (The Actual Mod im trying to get working is Fertile Breeder but i don´t have Problems with it other than invisible bodys -> Ive read that this is caused by a wrong SCR Installation) -Aki I would greatly appreciate any help. I´ll give you a hug. Somehow... Mhh :P
  18. This FAQ is meant to give information for people new to Sexout. Note that this thread is not meant to give technical support for any particular problem you might be experiencing, so don't ask for help in this thread. If your game is crashing or your graphics are all funny or you don't know how to use a mod manager, first read through this FAQ, then the guide How to get help with problems and as a final step continue to Technical Support. If you think that some information should be added here, please tell me about it! If you think some answers are false or only contain a partial answer, mention it! If there's a typo or weirdly formed sentence (English is not my native language), be a good grammar Nazi and point it out! And admins feel free to edit this post as you wish so that it contains valid and current information. --- Warning! --- This FAQ is just a starting point. The actual mod files and their descriptions are updated in a fast pace, faster than the FAQ is. This means that the FAQ might not be 100% up to date. So you should actually take your time to read through the descriptions of everything that you're about to install, just to be sure. --- Background --- --- Getting started --- --- Making things pretty and bouncy --- --- Troubleshooting ---
  19. View File Here is the first episode of SexoutSlavers3 entitled 'The revival of slavery' which allows you to start a slave career that I hope will be long. Submitter Strec Submitted 11/22/2014 Category Quests Requires See thread  
  20. View File Installation of Sexout Common Resources (SCR): Questions related to use of this tutorial: This tutorial covers the how to create the Resource folder and install it. Support will only cover any issues related to these two issues. Any questions related to issues downloading, extracting or obtaining these files should be directed to the threads host the resources. Please refrain to posting missing requirements here unless they have been added to Halstroms SCR thread. This tutorial is based off of his thread and any new or missing requirements need to be posted there first before being added to this tutorial. FYI: This is the brief tutorial, general instructions and such. For the full step by step instructions download the PDF. It is very large and complete with pictures. Do not PM me with questions on the tutorial. These PMs will be ignored. If it is valuable enough for you to take time to send a PM then it is valuable enough to actually post in the forum. There are others here that can answer many of the common questions I get in PMs. Anybody that wishes to make translations of my tutorial is welcome to do so. Please cite your source (this tutorial) appropriately. However keep in mind if you translate you will be expected to provide support for that language. Please also let me know you have done this. I will be happy to post a link for your language version to help those people with a native language speaker support for SCR Resources. Installation of Sexout Common Resources (SCR): This tutorial is for those individuals that can use tools such as FOMM and 7zip. A Downloadable PDF for convenience. Step 1: Prerequirements Make sure you have all the SCR pre-requirements installed and setup properly. 7zip installed and configured. Required for this tutorial and useful for modding in general. FOMM installed. Preferably the version hosted here on LL. Fallout New Vegas Astymma’s BnB Body Extender FAFF NVG compatibility skeleton. New Vegas Script Extender (NVSE) Most current version available. NVSE Extender (Most current available) SexoutNG Sexout Common Resources (SCR) by Halstrom An Account with both Loverslab.com and Nexus.com to access the mods needed. Create a SCR Resources folder on the desktop or where you want to work. Create an SCR Archive folder to keep you from having to re-download the requirements again. There is an excellent tutorial by BruceWayne on Sexout installation and its requirements found here. Still have problems go here, here and here. Step 2: Installation Prep These requirements installed in this step aren't available in game without some mod accessing them. If you desire to access these outside of mods and gameplay my advice is to install SexoutStore so that you can access these armors and other items when you desire. Provided you have the caps. Keep in mind in order for SexoutStore or Halstrom’s Pregnancy mod to work properly you need all the resources installed. General Concept: Download all the requirements to the SCR Archive folder. Extract the requirements to a convenient location then drag the textures, meshes and sound to the SCR Resources folder. Finally delete the extracted folder and move on to the next requirement. It is advised to follow the list of requirements in order. Remove all esp's from these resources. There will be special instructions to rename files. This must be done in order to get a functional SCR Resource. If you do not follow the instructions properly many issues may occur. In some cases there will be two sets of records (clothes, toys etc) in the game which only one is controlled by SCR. Other cases the items won’t be available and giant red exclamation marks, pink skin, or floating head and hands will be the result. The worst effect of not following the instructions would be your game will crash when you start it. You have been warned! Base Non-SexoutStore/Pregnancy Requirements: [sCR] Spectrums Toy Pack by Spectrum Warrior. Refugee Outfits for Type 3 by Exter (Delete the esp(s) T6 M CH Raider Armor by Izumiko (Delete the esps) Raider Chains Armor T6m – T6BB – TN – BerryK2 .2 by nagothm (Delete the esp(s) Sexout Clothing System by Evilrunner (Sexout Clothing Damage Updated with Combat Armour! Only) (Delete the esp(s) Nordlands Mesh & Texture pack for the Fertility Drugs by Norland GSB’s BDSM Files 20130227 by GSBmodder You now have all the base and specific resources installed. If you desire to have SexoutStore, or Halstrom’s Pregnancy installed continue with the tutorial. If not you can skip to Step 3. The Following are required if using SexoutStore, Halstrom’s Pregnancy, and/or Tryouts mod. The following are mod specific resources and are only required if using specific mods, SexoutStore, or Pregnancy. Tryout's Meshes, Textures and TryoutAudio by Loogie: Sexout Maternity Clothes – Old by Evilrunner Mantis Zero Suit Samus and More - Type 3 for NV by Primantis. (Delete the esp(s) Reflex Armor S-07 for TYPE 3 a Mantis Retexture by static07 and Primantis (Delete the esp(s) Bunny Suit for Dimonized Type3 by Backsteppo (Delete the esp(s) Ghost Armor Conversion FNV Revamp by Ken1945 - Bunsaki – Rikai (Delete the esp(s) Vegas Chokers by adriant1978 (Delete the esp(s) You have to rename the BSA to SexoutCommonResources – VegasChokers Bouncing Breasts Type 3 Armors by revang. (Delete the esp(s) Requires Pack 1, 2, and BB Sexy Sleepwear. The Dragon Girl Dresses Do not use the one on this page. Use this one instead. Julia Chang Set by GSBmodder (Delete the esp(s) Ghost Variants by Brokencrash. (Delete the esp(s) Extravagant Half Masks FNV by t3589. T6M Competition Swimsuit NV by Shimaneko (Delete the esp(s) The following are mods that have been removed by the author. They are no longer publicly available for download. A Collection of Sexy Attire by Shadowtroop (Delete the esp) Step 3: Verification of Installation Check the SCR Resources folder and you should only have the following: Meshes Textures Sound SexoutCommonResources - VegasChokers If you have anything else you did something wrong go back and figure out where you went wrong. If your folder has only the files I mention above and you are completely satisfied that you have everything ready move to Step 4. If you think you made mistake go back and repeat any or all the individual steps for the requirements. Step 4: Installation Instructions Create an FMOD that can be used when installing SCR. Open FOMM and select Fallout New Vegas. Click on Package manager. Click on the arrow pointing down on the “Add FOMod” button. Select Create from Folder. A window opens up select the SCR Resources Folder and click OK. Wait until done. This will take quite some time. When done you will see SCR Resources entry in the Package Manager. Select that and click the Activate button and wait some more. When done you can close the package manager and move on to Step 5 if you desire to add some of the available options from the mods mentioned above, if not move to Step 6. Step 5: Optional Patches (Optional) SCR Resources Patch Used in case there are some options that are desired from the SCR Resources Tutorial above or files added in the future to SCR and SCR’s family of mods. You can also create a patch if you are concerned there might be a mistake or problem with your SCR Resources folder. Patches can be installed separately ( after the base SCR Resources folder of course) and the installation will prompt you for overwrite. After verification that it is what you desire you can later merge this into the SCR Resources folder and overwrite those files. Benefits to creating a patch: Flexibility and expandability without risking the core base folder created by the above instructions. Ability to make multiple patches and numbering them or giving them a brief name at the end. For example SCR Resources Patch – Ghost Armor. This can make it easier to figure out which patch is which in the future. This also allows you to make smaller changes. My suggestion is make a patch for each mod or resource used or added. Patches can be added, removed, altered, and tested until just right. When finalized and determined as “perfect” the folder then can be merged with the SCR Resources folder created in the tutorial above. More info further down under “Merging SCR Resources Patch with SCR Resources folder”. How to create the SCR Resources Patch: Create a folder named SCR Resources Patch Open up the mod desired and look for the Textures, Meshes, or Sounds desired. Might have to dig down onto the folders and move specific files over. Make sure you follow the instructions of the author on how to place these extra folders as some options means manually creating a file, placing a single file into a folder in a specific location etc. When finished return to Step 5 and import the new patch into the game and test. When reinstalling your mods remember that the SCR Resources folder needs to be installed before an SCR Resources Patches. Merging SCR Resources Patch with SCR Resources folder You have determined that the patches you have created are perfect and what you want to use going forward. You would desire to merge these together to easy the management of your mods in your manager. Grab the SCR Resources folder you created earlier. Make a copy. Might take a bit of time. Rename the old copy “SCR Resources Original” This is to designate it is what was started with. You might change your mind later and decide to go back and rework the files. It is always a good idea to have the same base files to start from that everybody else will have. Grab the files out of the SCR Resources Patch Submitter RitualClarity Submitted 10/21/2013 Category Other Requires FNV, FOMM, Sexout, SCR, NVSE Extender, NVSE  
  21. SexoutSexMS

    View File MS stands for male straight. I know, I am about as creative as a brick. This file is an addon for SexoutSex. You need a working SexoutSex mod in order to use this. If you try to use it on its own it WILL crash your game. The original mod lacks conditions for preventing homosexual sex and sex with old people. With this file the dialogue option for just going male on male between PC and NPCs is now gone. Male on male action is still possible if you set up threesome actors for it. I've also added checks for old age in order to disable banging grandmas. This is intended for player characters that are male and straight. If you're playing a female character this mod will do absolutely nothing for you. How to install? If you've managed to get SexoutSex going, you know what you're doing by now. Load MS after SexoutSex and you're good to go. Submitter grumpy_old_guy Submitted 09/08/2017 Category Dialog Sex Requires SexoutSex
  22. View File Alien symbiotes spread through Mojave, making their hosts very promiscuous, but happier. Work in progress Consider this mod to be in a very early WIP stage, or an Alpha ver. It is not a real mod, just a very, very tiny part of it. So, you could try it out, have fun with it, maybe leave a comment (much appreciated), but don't make important saves with it, as it could brake something. It is safest not to use it during usual gameplay as a constantly active mod. This works only with female courier. [spoiler=Introduction] Couple weeks ago I was thrilled with great ideas found on the Alien Symbiote thread, so I've started working on a mod of my own right away. Thank you all for being so creative back there, hope that best is yet to come.. This is my first "real" mod, and I'm learning my way through this GECK'o thingy alongside making it, and for now it's been a very painful, but fun experience So, please don't expecting anything done fast. Any bug reports, ideas, comments.. are welcome! For any and all feedback about this mod please use 'support topic' button in upper right corner, and 'reply to this topic'. [spoiler=The Story] An alien race with highly developed genetic engineering skills wants to infiltrate humans in Mojave, for some(?) reason. So, they've created a symbiote, and placed it at a convinient location, where he's waiting for an unsuspecting victim (host). When it finds host, it has two goals, mature to reproduction phase, and reproduce finding new hosts, thus spreading through Mojave. To ensure this, it's directly attached to human female reproduction system, like an unavoidable sexual companion. It is capable of changing size, shape, hardness and texture instantly, and release different chems that benefit the host (so it wont be rejected), and also raise sexual arousal.. It feeds on vaginal juices and ejaculate that give him energy and genetic material to grow. What will happen when there's enough(?) symbiotes happy in their host I don't know.. (but aliens do ) There will be a way of removing it, and control their numbers, maybe meds that make it go to hybernation, lower addiction etc.. [spoiler=The Details] Done so far (partialy): North of Horowitz farmstead (where aliens are), you'll find a hollowed rock with a greenish light. After activating it you'll get some msg challenge, which is not important, but it will release the Symbiote. It's attached to you, and develops trough several stages. First it enters is incubation period, during which you'll feel some sickness. In second stage it's adapted to your imune system, so from now on you'll feel much better. You'll get a message and dialog quest is started. It will hold dialogs with doctors, scientists (etc) to learn more about Symbie, and start other specific quests once they are made. There's only one dialog with Fantastic, as I'm working on functionality for now. During this period Symbiote is young and hungry, so it will raise your lust, and after having enough sex it will go to third stage. Third (adult) stage begins with some forced masturbation, a bunch of msgs, and courier will finally see it's new symbiote friend. From now on it can reproduce, addiction is possible, and is wearable sometimes. It gives some permanent bonuses to host, and provides unique dynamic help when in danger. Symbiote behaviour is managed through repro stages, in During Repro stage Symbiote can be equipped, and there should be a dialog line (with anyone) "Wanna try out an alien ?" folowed by few sex options. Symbiote maturity stages: (mostly done) Stage 0: Incubation -> found a host, fighting immune system, duration ~30h (maybe make it a rnd 1-3days, or mcm setting) Stage 1: Young -> very tiny and hungry, duration 3 times have sex (maybe a rnd 5-10, or mcm setting) Stage 2: Adult1 -> can reproduce, addiction chance, symbiote wearable Maybe more.. I have no idea right now Effects in each stage: These are just some numbers for starters, it's yet to be balanced out. Stage 0: Sickness (-1 on all special) raises lust (in second half of period) Stage 1: raises lust gives temporary positive effects after sex (+1 on a.c.e.) Stage 2: permanent effect (AG +1, AP +20, Poison resist +15%, Rad resist +15%, Damage resist +15%, Fire resist +15%) Dynamic effects (each given once a day): - Poison detected -> removes animal poison - HP < 20% -> Restore 20-40% - SLP > 500 -> Restore 100-200 - H2O > 500 -> Restore 100-400 - FOD > 500 -> Restore 100-200 - RAD > 500 -> Restore 200-500 - Restore all limb condition by 1-10% - STD check once a day -> 10% chance of cure Addiction: Could be based on counting times helped host in danger, and/or time host spent using it (wearing). Higher addiction could result in forcing host to have more and more sex, and maybe wear the symbiote more often. Reproduction: (partialy done) Ways of reproducing (maybe something like): Sexual intercourse with another female will give her a chance to 'catch' a Symbi (just like the first host(Player)) While host is gravid there's a (low) chance that offspring will be born with a symbi of her own I don't know, anything could happen.. maybe one day there will be a bunch of little green children runnin' round desert.. Reproduction stages Before -> takes special care of host to be in good health, counts times host had sex. Duration 1 day for now. During -> Pumps lust high, and Symbiote is equippable. Also there's a dialog line "Wanna try out an alien ?" folowed by sex. If lust is over 75 it forces host to stay naked, and have simbiote equipped. If lust is over 90 host will ask nearby NPC to have sex. (not yet implemented) Gives positive effects proportional to number of hosts sex acts in Before stage. Duration 1 day. After -> Symbiote is sleeping, not helping host. Duration of this stage depends on times actor had sex. For now 2 times. [spoiler=Next steps] Next few weeks (or months) I'll primarly work on the functionality (wearing (using), addiction, reproduction). When equipped, it's size changes with lust lvl, but during sex allways using the same model, so anims could line up. The idea is that in During repro stage symbiote is equippable, and possible to use as a dildo in sex scenes. It will keep lust very high, and should be a bit harsh. Any help povided to host is proportional to times she had sex in Before repro stage. In After repro stage Symbie is sleeping, thus not providing any help to host. There are two possibilities: (partialy done) -first is having a "usual" sex anim, (symbiote dissapears) -and second, where it would be used as a dildo, thus having host play the male anims. [spoiler=To be done] Dialogs and quest for doing research on symbiote, interaction with doctors and scientists (maybe others).. As English is not my native language, it's very hard for me to write good dialogs. If there's somebody who would want to write down dialogs and/or ideas for interactions with some npc that would be awesome! Further interaction with other sexout mods, like pregnancy, etc. Make it work on everyone, and be able to activate by male courier (host would be a female companion). MCM settings, not anytime soon. Ummm, there was a bunch of things, but I realy got tired while writing this, so nothing else comes to my mind. A Note This is my first mod on LL, so please be gentle, and don't be surprised when I do something incredible stupid, as I'm a noob. I hope this wont burn down your PC, will work, and wont completly suck.. Name is totally uninnovative, but it's ok for a working title, I guess.. I really think you should not make important saves with this mod active! Compatibility, bugs and latest news Major bugs removed, hopefully. Should be playable as described in "Done so far" part above. Having sex while symbiote is wearable will always result in using it. This part needs more work, so we can call it a known bug After few months I'm back, and about to work on this mod. It will take some time to make any serious progress. Besides new NXvars, dialog and spell callbacks from Sexout, it uses Variable04 SexoutNG.FlagInUse for sex detection. There's a world edit for placing "Strange rock", but besides that it should be compatible with other mods. Requirements FNV, NVSE SexoutNG -> master SCR -> master Spectrum Warrior's Adult Resources for SCR SexoutLust -> this mod is all about lust, and pointless without it SmallerTalk - or alike Credits Prideslayer, Halstrom, Chase Roxand, Spectrum Warrior, and many more, for their great work on Sexout mods. box888, Coffinbag, sen4mi, and many more, for their ideas. LoversLab community, and all the modders out there, for making all this possible. Do a clean save if updating, or it won't work! Old version was very buggy, so I hope you don't have it anyway Submitter Borisni Submitted 02/11/2013 Category Quests Requires  
  23. So my character spawns in cottonwood cove, it seems if I try to go away, either by walking or fast traveling, he will suddenly get naked and the camera will go into tfc, as if initiating a sex scene. After that, there will be a brief loading screen, followed by the death sound. The game usually crashes at this point. When it didn't crash, my camera is still in tfc, and my character is spawned below black mountain in the ground. By disabling mods I noticed that this doesn't happen if sexout.esm is disabled, but does happen even if sexout.esm is the only mod enabled. If I disable all my mods, load up the game, save, and then enable all the mods back, the problem does not occur. Enabling the sexout debug messages in MCM shows that my character is indeed trying to start a sex scene, and that there are nightkins using stealth boys? (I guess because I'm beneath black mountain) I'm actually really confused as to what creates this error. EDIT: added sexout's debug console output in attached files, but the nightkins don't seem to be there this time (probably because I crashed before getting moved to black mountain). Resubmitting this on the new site. debug.txt
  24. SexoutLust

    View File SexoutLust was originally developed by ChaseRoxand. It calculated and allowed you to see just how horny your character and some companions were, and made sure this was affected by sex going on. Horny characters approached you for a little relief, and others approached you to give you relief if you needed it. After a while Chase ran out of time to work on it, and because I was dependent on it for another mod I took it over, cleaned up a few minor things, and expanded the functionality so that any character could have their lust tracked, using NX. Otherwise nothing much was changed for a long while. Then came NVSE4, which made a lot more possible and a lot more needed doing in the sexout world too, so I designed Spunk to handle all the number crunching & data transfer, from its own lust tracking figuring out how horny everybody is, to arousal tracking handing out orgasms, and orgasms dealing with cum shaders, faction smells, pregnancy, xp and a lot of other things, all of it applicable to any character, modular, and dependent on a lot of MCM settings that you can toy with. Lust 7 seeks to preserve and possibly expand what didn't make the transition to spunk: - NPCs whose lust is tracked by Spunk will approach the player if their lust exceeds a certain value. If too far removed from the player or not orientation-compatible, they'll masturbate instead. - If the player's lust exceeds a value, nearby NPCs will approach. Except NPCs whose own lust is tracked, and those that aren't orientation-compatible. - If the player's lust exceeds another value, they'll automatically start to masturbate. I suggest setting this lust value setting higher than the other one. - A primitive privacy check has NPCs suggest you take it elsewhere, if applicable. To avoid this becoming an exploit to use them as followers, this will time out after a minute or so, and then you'll do it there & then. - When you press spunk's hotkey in combat, the nearest hostile NPC should ask you what you want, giving you the option to save your ass by offering it up. All hostility should time out until sex is over + the "reprieve" duration (MCM) has been exceeded. Requirements: NVSE 4.5.7, nx15, Spunk 0.79+ previous OP: Changelog ----------- Submitter DoctaSax Submitted 06/06/2013 Category Misc Sex Requires NVSE 4.5.7+, nx15+, Spunk 0.79+