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  1. Ha, nice! Thanks for making this. I tried ages ago with SS but couldn't see it to the end, this is a great addition
  2. SexoutSexLite has over 15,604 downloads. There have been (including you) 7 people on that page saying it doesn't work. That represents a 0.0448 percentage of everyone that downloaded. I dunno, I think if the mod was really as broken as you claim, you'd think maybe what, 1% of people would complain? Fuck, I'll be generous and give you 0.5%. Do you think you can manage that? Oh wait, you can't. Claiming "pretty much everyone else" on the page is having an issue is equally just another load of bullshit. The funny thing is, I bothered to download both and test them, not to satisfy you, but just to check if there was something actually broken. Lo and behold, it works flawlessly. Clarity here says it works too. I haven't asked the other 99% downloaders how their experience was but I'm confident it was different to yours, which indeed makes me very, very happy. You know, I'm *glad* it doesn't work for you. I hope it never works. After this post, don't bother replying, or looking for any more fucks I give. You won't see any fucks because they are not there. Have a nice day!
  3. Hey tpoti, I've been trying out some of your changes. I was wondering if you'd be open for some feedback? I have been using your latest version from the 19th. I wonder if it would be helpful for you to upload/start your own thread with these changes, as right now your uploads and comments get lost in the hugeness that is Tryouts. Something more focused and smaller might be easier to communicate and get feedback on. My first experience was using Vault 19, as I really liked reading about the changes you made. However, having played it, I haven't noticed any difference. I am not seeing any new content triggered. When I escape, none of the guards/epstein stop me. I'm not sure what I'm missing? The Legion changes are really cool. The options to avoid rape do open up a lot more roleplaying opportunities and the new consequences for failing them are quite fun! One thing to note, the strength one where I get tied to a pillory if I fail - I noticed you sped up time on the last punishment - this led to all sorts of weird physics issues, like crates in the fort jumping around, NPCs ending up in the sky our out of bounds, etc. Legion guys kept coming up to fuck Veronica and both would end up in the sky and eventually clipping through the ground. I haven't had a chance to test the remaining content, but I wanted to say I'm glad someone is adding some new things to Sexout, as it's been a while since I've seen anything pop up!
  4. Hi T! Hope you are still around! Wasn't sure what you meant with LL being "super secure" and capchas now? I can still log in just fine. I've been giving FNV another go recently and of course came straight back to SOI. Thanks for the profiles from the previous post, I've been able to use it to come up with some pretty interesting characters and scenarios (super duper "tense anger" jealousy) Hope you're well!
  5. Yep, there's a bit for interactibles only, so I've gone with that and it works like a charm
  6. I tried this and it seems to work, at least in NCRCF (that was walking around naked though, bunch of approaches) Is there a way to like reset the scanner without losing all my progress? It's a fairly common bug that every now and then something hangs up and you are unable to use the key you assigned to interactions. This is a little problematic as that key also opens up the menu that you can use to pause/reset the mod, so maybe something in MCM or an alternate way of unsticking it? Also, is there a way to set the dance anim length? I find it can sometimes go on for quite long and there appears to be no way to control it?
  7. If its anything like spunk, I'm still super looking forward to it!
  8. I like it on water sources I interact with (Taps, etc) so does that message not pop up if I use those? The issue is specifically the water bottle never asks for your input.
  9. DS, just to let you know I'm hyped as fuck for your next mod, considering the blast I had with your previous Doc Mitchell one! 0 pressure. ? Oh I nearly forgot, I did have a question. With spunk, every time my char automatically takes a sip of water from the canteen, I get asked if I want to wipe the spunk away. Needless to say as the sipping happens very often its quite annoying and stops the game as I have to manually select either option when prompted. The drinking mechanic also happens during scenes, which means the prompt can interrupt them too. Is there any way you can identify when the canteen is in use and possible disable that prompt?
  10. Actually, got the time to try it. White Glove Society hotel again. Used the commands, took a text SCOF, still the same results. Decided to go butt naked and managed to get an approach from a guest for decency. For the pièce de résistance I climbed on the bar and played with myself. Nothing SOI_DEBUG_4.txt
  11. Thanks. Tried 2-3 different things. First try, was again at the White Society casino, same outfit, settings, etc. DEBUG TXT 2 is the SCOF and I didn't get any approaches. Started an earlier save before I activated SOI, same character, but different outfit. This time only set to medium quality, normal settings like accentuate all body parts, pretty sex, slutty, prostitute, etc. Sensitivity to 2. DEBUG 3 for this one. Stayed in GS for a while. No approaches. Moved to FreesideEastGate, still no approaches. (Both these locations have worked in the past) Talking to a few people after fiddling with them via console shows they are up for sex, but for some reason approaches are broken on my end. I don't see the usual blue/red flashing every now and then either. SOI_DEBUG_2.txt DEBUG_3_NEW.txt EDIT: Sorry, I missed this part: NX_SETEVFL "SOI:Mtr:Desire" 100 ;Set desire so they enter into flirtatious mode. NX_SETEVFL "SOI:Bhv:Desire" 1 ;Set behavior to a desire approach (flirt). NX_SETEVFL "SOI:Rpt:Behavior" 1 ;Set reports to dump behaviors to the console. NX_SETEVFL "SOI:Rpt:Meter" 1 ;Set reports to dump meters to the console. NX_SETEVFL "SOI:Rpt:Mode" 1 ;Set reports to dump modes to the console. NX_SETEVFL "SOI:Rpt:Action" 1 ;Set reports to dump actions to the console. I'll try again using these tomorrow.
  12. Thanks T, I'll try again tomorrow. Nope, no mask. I'll also try a new game elsewhere and see if that behaviour persists.
  13. OK, thanks! I tried what you suggested. I noticed everybody had fairly high attraction, and when I cycled the queue to 100, all the people I did it on had familiar greetings and talking to them lead to flirting. But still, I had no approaches, I only had one and it was once again a rumour approach. It's like these people are just avoiding me I've attached the console debug to see if you can find anything. SOI_DEBUG.txt
  14. Thanks T! YEah, the non persistent NPCs are a pain in the ass. I'm only using populated casinos (medium) now because with repopulated wasteland there is this annoying habit of certain NPCs disappearing/being replaced every few days, which essentially reset them. I used to name all the ones I'd talk to in an area and I'd come back later and they would all be "NCR Traveller" and so on for some reason I think something is broken. By the standards of the older versions, I'd have gotten approaches and people having other things to say. I tried the version you attached and the console commands and didn't seem to get much further. I've attached some screenshots which hopefully shed some light. I tried the console commands too - could you confirm I did them properly? They all seem to return 0. It doesn't matter who I am with or where, no approaches. Wondering if the clothing with 4-5 sets all set to fine might be affecting it? Also, do you remember the print console log to text command you can sometimes use to debug stuff? I could use that now and maybe that could help you? SOI.rar
  15. I think I may be running into a bug with the latest version. New character, clean save, I've equipped a fancy dress, two gloves, stockings and a hat, and set everything to fine quality. Most is also set to classy, pretty and sexy, and the dress itself to slutty/prostitute. I've noticed the only approaches I get in both the Tops and White Glove Society Casino is tresspass warnings (which are nice) and rumour approaches. I don't get any normal approaches and talking to anyone only ever results in small talk. I tried going outside and the results were the same. Any ideas?
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