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  1. Hey T, Quick question - I've noticed SOI tends to pause when inside certain buildings - like any of the Cottonwood Cove interiors. Is there a way to unpause it or prevent this from happening? In that region it's hard to go for privacy when SOI doesn't work indoors 😂
  2. Hi T, Can't wait to test the new update, thanks! This is some feedback for some tests I did for the previous version. You have probably already addressed these issues in the new one, but I went into a little more detail this time, so it might still be useful. Don't mind the caps, was just the way I wrote the notes: Basically, I had: TWO NPCS FOLLOWING (In follow mode) AFTER AGREEING TO SEX: NPC 1: SEEK PRIVACY NPC1: SEEK PRIVACY NPC2: MARK PRIVATE Leads to PRIVATE GROUP Following NPC2 options:
  3. I never get those options. I only get GROUP or something like that and from there the usual sex options like foreplay, end, rough, lewd, etc. And from there it's obvious it will only be the usual fare. Maybe the triggering option was Private Group or something, but from there, it never leads to actual group options, just 2 person ones. I didn't say nightcap btw, I said something motel. I paraphrase a lot, so don't take what I say literally. But I did see motel and group, and the version I am using is the last one you uploaded. IT's not an old esp, but I can start again if you want,
  4. Thanks for the answers! I don't think I've ever seen that message (the so and so doesn't like so and so), ever. I see them sometimes approaching each other and saying hi, is that part of the mod? What if you just ditched the sounds/dialogue between NPCs altogether and just had it be a debug interaction, like with the blue/orange hue that we see them displaying? So if two NPCs walk to each other, and do a little green display, it means they had a conversation. It's up to the player to find out what that is? Maybe if you witness it happening you can ask either of them about it? Could
  5. Awseome work T, and thanks for the update! I'm getting more and more interested in the larger group mechanics, like with love triangles. Right now I've been hooking up with Chet and Veronica, and I brought Veronica to Chet's store (she has the cuckold fetish) and I just want to see how these interactions play out. I've noticed some NPCs "talk" to each other, but I'm never sure what's being said. Could you explain a little more how NPCs interact with one another? Do they communicate or tell others to back off, become friends, lovers, or anything along those lines? It would be intere
  6. My experience with persistent npcs is exactly that - it does not work via console. In a while, they will have been replaced. It's a little annoying when you go around naming random NPCs and 3 days later they are reborn as "Novac settler" 😂 I wanted to ask about the fetishes - I've started seeing them after encounters. Do they do anything? Veronica just blurted out "cuckold fetish" and I thought I'd spice things up by inviting someone else to the room, but naturally 'Public' pops up when I try to start the act. Is there any way to progress with this? Also, i
  7. Thanks for putting this in its own topic man. Did you get around to fixing the Epstein/Vault 19 content? Do you have any planned updates? If yes I have a few suggestions for some ideas.
  8. Ha, nice! Thanks for making this. I tried ages ago with SS but couldn't see it to the end, this is a great addition
  9. SexoutSexLite has over 15,604 downloads. There have been (including you) 7 people on that page saying it doesn't work. That represents a 0.0448 percentage of everyone that downloaded. I dunno, I think if the mod was really as broken as you claim, you'd think maybe what, 1% of people would complain? Fuck, I'll be generous and give you 0.5%. Do you think you can manage that? Oh wait, you can't. Claiming "pretty much everyone else" on the page is having an issue is equally just another load of bullshit. The funny thing is, I bothered to download both and test t
  10. Hey tpoti, I've been trying out some of your changes. I was wondering if you'd be open for some feedback? I have been using your latest version from the 19th. I wonder if it would be helpful for you to upload/start your own thread with these changes, as right now your uploads and comments get lost in the hugeness that is Tryouts. Something more focused and smaller might be easier to communicate and get feedback on. My first experience was using Vault 19, as I really liked reading about the changes you made. However, having played it, I haven't noticed any di
  11. Hi T! Hope you are still around! Wasn't sure what you meant with LL being "super secure" and capchas now? I can still log in just fine. I've been giving FNV another go recently and of course came straight back to SOI. Thanks for the profiles from the previous post, I've been able to use it to come up with some pretty interesting characters and scenarios (super duper "tense anger" jealousy) Hope you're well!
  12. Yep, there's a bit for interactibles only, so I've gone with that and it works like a charm
  13. I tried this and it seems to work, at least in NCRCF (that was walking around naked though, bunch of approaches) Is there a way to like reset the scanner without losing all my progress? It's a fairly common bug that every now and then something hangs up and you are unable to use the key you assigned to interactions. This is a little problematic as that key also opens up the menu that you can use to pause/reset the mod, so maybe something in MCM or an alternate way of unsticking it? Also, is there a way to set the dance anim length? I find it can sometimes go on for quit
  14. If its anything like spunk, I'm still super looking forward to it!
  15. I like it on water sources I interact with (Taps, etc) so does that message not pop up if I use those? The issue is specifically the water bottle never asks for your input.
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