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  1. Which version of xNVSE are you guys using? I'm still on 6.0.9 and on latest Sexout beta and have never had these issues.
  2. I'm guessing your issue is you don't know how to navigate forums. You've posted a question in the downloads section and NOT the questions section, where such topics are handled. Also, what do you mean? You can't find the download links? The files in your installation? In the future, please be more informative with your posts so we can help you better. The file downloads are literally pinned at the top of this section, you can't miss them.
  3. Potentially could be the website being slow as I recall it's a gigantic file, but also because I tried to submit a report about about it and it took a good few minutes to send.
  4. I'm curious, why don't you want to add it directly to Sexout? You could try what Amra did a while ago when he had his own esp file that ran alongside Sexout, before Sexout incorporated his anims. There should be versions of his esp/esm lying around the forum somewhere.
  5. Honestly, that update was mostly to fix the gamebreaking bug people had been reporting for a while. It didn't add anything, content wise. That being the case, I think it's unlikely I'll update SexoutSex, as as far as I know, it doesn't have similar bugs. I'm also not sure what I could even add content-wise at this point, as its pretty complete. Things that come to mind would be merging aghjaxs's simple prostitution mod with it (I'd always planned on including a simple exchange of services mechanic to it but never got around to it) and maybe adding Sexout's inbuilt "if near bed, mov
  6. It could be something else, as I'm running all the latest xNVSE, JIP, and other script extenders and Soliciting without an issue. (Actually just came out of the Mojave Outpost). Do you have a load order we could take a look at? Was a crash log generated by NVSE/extender?
  7. Yep, I noticed that. I tried it, and if anything, I get more unknown message 20's at a faster rate it seems.
  8. I'll look into it this weekend. EDIT: So it seems for some reason there was a parse error on line 110 of the old SexoutSex code, but also a bunch of missing/invalid references in the topic conditions for some greetings and threesome dialogues. Removing the references for some reason didn't do the trick, but deleting the topics themselves did. I tested this with male on male, and female on male. Seems to work fine. I'm also using NVSE Extender 18, xNVSE 6.0.9 and the latest SexoutNG. Seems to work fine. Also have JIP NVSE too, which I think is unrelated. On my end, this FIXES th
  9. These two settings help fix/alleviate those particular issues:
  10. Thanks for looking into it Jaam! You said we need a FOMOd packaging of V17, do you know where that is available? The OP only has V16 and V18. I take it the DLL you provided here won't just work by itself, unless I have misunderstood something?
  11. @Carradon if you were having issues with SmallerTalk as it was, that is probably what it was. I can't say for sure what caused it, but I'm glad you managed to find a way around it. And yes, Cass' dialogue is notoriously buggy, for similar reasons. In any case, happy you managed to "fix" it, hope it stays stable for you in the future
  12. Yes, you do. The majority of Sexout mods do. Why do you ask? Is there something wrong with SmallerTalk?
  13. Unfortunately, I was unable to replicate your issue. There is nothing in the base SexoutSex code that differentiates where you are in the map, what DLCs you have installed, etc. I actually went to Zion, used SexoutSex there, returned to Goodsprings with CoC, and everything was still working. In tandem, both of these facts lead me to believe the issue lies elsewhere for you. Can you answer the two previous questions so maybe we can narrow it down? I vaguely recall having a very similar issue when I played The Frontier. I am not sure why, but its possible some mods can mess up the standard
  14. Cool. I'm hoping now that the source code is available, someone will be able to take a crack at it and figure out what is causing the issue.
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