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  1. Running this many mods (especially sex mods) we recommend to save often. If you were running a save on a "broken game" (sex wise, because the animation is stuck) then really you need to bite the bullet and load an earlier save when the game wasn't broken. I know its not the news you want to hear but there is not much else to be done other than the small miracle dborg mentioned above.
  2. You're sure saving and reloading to an earlier save (before the sex act) isn't working? That usually clears up this issue. Otherwise, I'd recommend disabling the sex mods, loading your preferred save (NOT during a sex scene), saving again, and then re-enabling all your sex mods, and loading from that save.
  3. There is no building there with this mod. You can open the console and type TCL to clip through the building/floor and see if you can find the grate on the floor. Then TCL again to toggle it off. But of course, this will mean Jamal won't be able to follow you. All in all, just disable the other mod you have that conflicts with this one.
  4. I would recommend one or the other. You will get opposite experiences directly in the NCRCF and potentially actual conflicts.
  5. I think you've made a mistake, in all honesty. It's quite easy for index numbers to be confused or appear erroneously, and I say this because SO Consequences does not add that kind of content, I'd recommend you use A.J's inspector mod to find the real culprit. Also, for peace of mind, I ran that ID through FNV edit with SO Consequences and nothing showed up. So that tells me again that SO Consequences is not the mod causing this issue.
  6. You're welcome man. I have to say, when I revisit FNV every odd year or so, I always start with SOI because it just opens up so many avenues for gameplay, regardless of whether I am playing a Sexout playthrough or not. It's nice to revisit old areas and NPCs and have reasons to go back and interact with people. I second you on the mod front. It's been a little dry lately. In terms of additions to SOI, I am not sure what I could think of. Some user feedback on some of the functions maybe. For example I am still not 100% sure what [Disposition] means but it almost always gives me a negative reply. Maybe scales of fondness the PC can express for NPCs. Right now I can only say [Love] which is super creepy after a 1st or 2nd date haha. It could be interesting to spike/drink spiked drinks when using the [Offer/Request] drink options, and with prostitution to actually be able to sic pimps/whoever you pay extortion to on johns that don't pay. A few minor things here and there, but that's what I have at the top of my head. Nice to see you opening up the game again T!
  7. You could try A.J's mod inspector to find out what mod is doing it:
  8. What exactly do you mean? What animations? Like dancing, eating, drinking, that sort of thing? Man, are you in for a treat. Basically, all of the above. It's not an exaggeration for me to say I think this is the best relationship mod for any game ever made, period. You need some patience, and I'd highly recommend you read the instructions that come with the download, but yes, this is a very sophisticated and dynamic relationship mod. You can make friends, lovers, stalkers, enemies, partners, marry, etc. It's all done via dialogue and interactions but also takes into account how long you spend with an NPC, how close, how long it's been since you last spoke to them, if you speak to anyone else (jealousy) and inherent NPC types - some like certain things, others don't. Some are possessive, some aren't, etc. Only potential downside - which to me is actually a bonus - the dialogue system it uses is all "placeholder". As in, you get options for example for [Eat], [Drink], [Compliment], [Seduce], etc. You need to use your imagination to fill in the blanks as to what your character and the NPC might be saying. But I prefer that - so you won't see dialogue like 'Hey let's have a drink!' or 'Fancy a shag?' and so on. If that's not a problem for you, then I highly recommend this mod.
  9. Looks like our friend disappeared. Oh how the community mourns his loss. This is strange, I've never seen any PG's do that kind of behaviour besides Epstein himself, and that's only if you actually talk to him. Is this a behaviour that's normal @Loogie? On a related note to the whole companion inventory situation, one thing that always irked me was that my companions (specifically Vanilla ones) would never lose their weapons. So I'd have Veronica and Cass walking around in the torn scribe and cowboy outfits (great touch btw!) whilst having the superfist and shotguns equipped. This is because their characters have scripts attached that always check if they are defenseless, and if so, re-give them the guns and ammo. I resorted to adding tidbits of the Casino scripts into yours, as that was the only way to guarantee they would be disarmed forever. Potentially something to look into if you are planning on any fixes/updates in the future.
  10. You've been unpleasant in every single interaction with a contributor or someone else, even after I asked you to chill. Cooler heads like AJ and Bicobus ignored it and still you lump them together as being bad. There is a common denominator here and it's not the contributors unfortunately. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
  11. lol, thanks for chipping in Veteran! This is so weird. The only way I can get this file to download is if I right click and open in a new window. Otherwise it persistently does nothing, and I have disabled all my addons for this site to test it. I've never had this problem with any other file here. But at least it works, and the problem does indeed seem to be on my side. Thanks for narrowing it down!
  12. This is strange. It hasn't worked for me any time I've tried clicking on it. For me, when I click it nothing happens. I contacted a mod about it a few weeks ago, because it's hard to tell if the problem is the file itself or LL hosting. But for me, nothing happens, and others seem to have a similar issue. As I recall from a while ago, really big files seem to have problems sometimes. I wonder if breaking the file into smaller chunks and labelling them in parts might help alleviate the issue?
  13. Looks like this is the 2nd of @nagothm's uploads doing this. Is this something you can fix?
  14. Could potentially by Odessa's another kick in the head - sexout edition. There were a few sexual/bsdm type scenes when you slept/nearly died that I can remember.
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