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About This File

This is Very much MAVIA's Mod,


I am tweaking it, and modifying many thing as I go along. They were fine with someone picking it up, and adapting, or working on it, and so I am trying, as it had become some what dated.




It is very much a WIP, I have a long way to go with it, and many things I want to adapt to it. I have a lot to learn as I go also, so work will not be super fast.


I want Very much to give all credit for such a wonderful imagination, and fun mod to MAVIA. I just saw it as a good place for me to start experimenting with FONV modding, and I hope I am helping the mod some as I go along. If it is just a big mess I am sorry, I am just trying my best.


what it does, as Mavia put it

Adds sex and dominance/submission/slavery with Veronica and Cass, when they are your companions.



[From Mavia's Page]

For a more extreme experience, ask her to make you her slave. This can only be done once per companion (Galgat Not true right now, I have it where you may become slave, and free as much as you want) and adds new domination actions, at your mistress's whim: clothing restrictions, movement restrictions, mini quests to fuck old friends or whore yourself out.


The frequency of these interruptions can be changed, in case you want some semblance of a normal life. Open the settings book in the Aid section of your Pip-Boy to select the frequency. The options are 40 / 100 / 240 / 480 seconds. Cass/Veronica won't bug you in combat, or if They are not nearby (i.e. you've left her waiting somewhere).

((Galgat I believe I have all these setting in the MCM I made now, but the Book is still there))



A hint if all your stuff is removed, and you need to find it look around the 188 trading post. or try to make your way back to it, and scearch there.


If you have played MAVIA's Mod, you will see that I have added quite a bit more substance to the Player enslavement part, I will be adding to the Companion latter, but there are many things I need to shore up, and yes it has bug's, and some of them I may have made, or added.


Please be patient with me, I have home responsibilities too.




SexoutNG >Latest Version and everything that is needed to make it work.

ZAZ-DataPack >latest version

SexOutCommonResources >Latest version

The Mod Configuration Menu >>Needed for the MCM Menu

Should have >> [sCR] Spectrums Toy Pack

It makes use of some of Spectrum Warrior's toys. If you have these installed, use the MCM settings to tell the mod so it can use them. If you don't, the default setting is not to use them (as it creates big ugly missing-object displays in-game).




GBS_ModderStuff >>I have known them a long time anything you get is really super.

Populated Casinos light/Medium/heavy, your choice


Sexout Soliciting >> I have not have it major conflict with this mod, and I like it

Sexout Tryout >> Great MCM Covers a lot of ground, May need to tone it down some with this mod but its a good one

Sexout Spunk >> Visuals alone make it a nice extra, and it has so much more


Lots of other good mods here, and friendly Modders




Install with FOMM.

Or you could install it by extracting the Download, and placing the Data folder in your main FONV folder, and let it write it's


self in, but the better way it FOMM the improved version that Pridslayer set up.


I hope I have not missed any needed Item's.


Things I have changed or attempted to fix



0. I have been concentrating on the PC humiliations mostly right now, and will get to the companions latter as I gain experience with FONV


1. I fixed the problem with the mistresses moving you to good spring's or Novac, when you were in one of the casinos, thus causing you to leave all your weapons behind.


2. Fixed a slew of animations that were not numbered properly and would not work because of this, I think my understanding on that was that they had been re numbered, and Mavai never came back to fix them. I did not always use the Piss animation 301 I believe it is, as there is no actual pee stream, and I felt in many case's mouth to genital in some manor or other was more logical.


3. fixed a lot of dialog,(Added a bunch more randomness to the dialog, and comments, and much more dialogue) and sex routines, and changed a bunch things about them


4. added a few more bondage items, and clothing that would be placed on the Player. plan to add more.


4-1. Made fixes to keep from getting to many of some item, as many of them were added each time they were applied.


5. Added Callback to many of the sex act to initiate Last remarks rather than the NPC to just fuck, and leave, I gave them a last remark before leaving.


6. lots of tweaks and changes I can not remember them all.


7. added a dance routine, that the Owner may force you to do,(after being told to dance, there is a 5 sec delay, and the owner will prompt you to get dancing and the dance should begin ) it is set on a 2 min. timer right now I know is long, but I have been testing, I will may make and adjustment to this or set the time to the sexoutNG sexact length. Latter


8. you can get free, and be enslaved again as much as you want right now, it was best while I was testing, and for entertainment I see no reason why you should not be able to be enslaved any time your feel like it, and enjoy the free your self parts as many times as your wish.



9. I believe I have rectified the getting to many Prostitution clothes, Mavai did not check if you had the item, and added one every time it was force equipped, hopefully this will keep them from getting stuck on as well.


10. I have attempted to stop some of the interrupts by the owner during sex act's and talking to other NPC. But the way Mavai did the quest script like a function call, instead of a Loop script. placing return's, at points to keep the script from continuing. I hope over time to include Toggle variable's and then stopping these Interrupts will be better possible. But this takes time, to test, so that while fixing one problem I do not mess something else up.


11. I have been setting up different dialog for the Male/Female NPC when selling your self, so they sort of seem more gender friendly. (Example Females won't say "I got a Hard on for you" I Hope)


12. Sunny may have another dialogue added, for her best friend, a humiliation for the PC only right now.


13. It is very much a work in progress, and many problems it had, May still be there, and I may have added more :( I am working on them, and in the process, I hope to get better acquainted with FONV, and Sexout.


14. Clothing should not get constantly changed, Cass/Veronica should only pick another item for you to wear, when you are naked, which they tend to make happen quite often if you allow them to swap your clothing in the setting's book, ( Mavia had it sort of set that way, but they would get past her naked only setting a lot, I think I have stalled that.)


Once Get main Events functioning right


I hope to add some minor quest's, and extra event's.


I will probably set the Go back to places like Good springs, and Novac to once a day, or maybe even a longer period between there happening.


I want to get away from the timer events some, and more to a random happening, instead of the Owner plowing you with something every 40 sec or 10 min.


I intend to add and option MCM for if indoors, they will not take you to Good Springs, or Novac, or Mojava, when I have time Maybe. Might be handy if you were deep in a dungeon, and suddenly they take you away.


If I have messed it up I am Sorry, And if Mavia comes back, and wishes to take it all back, they are very welcome.


I guess that's about it, if it works for your great, if not I am Very sorry.


Sense this is a Re-work Of and existing mod you may find many answers to problems already solved in On Mavia's Page http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/35-msex-veronica-ds/


Problem Mods I have found so far


1. FalloutNVCheatTerminal. I hope I have addressed this problem in the 0.004 update., but as I do not use the mod, I can not be sure. Be sure to read the Update note on it.


Thanks Credits

Thanks to Mavia for this wonderful mod, and imagination

Thanks prideslayer for Sexout and for answering my questions, I bugged him too Much.

Thanks Odessa for helping me with script, and encouraging me.

Thanks tomm434 for giving me heads up on some MCM stuff

Thanks Panthercom for encouraging me, and testing early stuff

Thanks Molevalence for encouraging me, and testing early stuff

Thanks So many others, that have been so helpful here

What's New in Version 0.005


  • Version 0.005
  • 1. Added Cell. not finished yet encase you find it, nothing to do there now, and much more to finish on it.
  • Is part of plan for quest. But I am having to study the AI packages for FONV some, they are somewhat different than Oblivion, and so I am having to experiment with different Idea's there. It will be a slow addition, and the name's may change on many things.
  • More trouble to remove before Uploading than was worth or would not have it included.
  • 2. added a button in the MCM to remove all SexoutNG Tokens, Use this only if you are sure you have one stuck, and sex acts just won't happen. This is just a cleanup Idea, I have once in a very rare happening had one of them to get stuck on my Player, and Sex would not happen.
  • Normally if one is stuck you will see things like the NPC will start towards you as though they intend to talk, and suddenly turn around, and walk the other way.
  • But other install problems can cause that also, so if problem still exists after using this, look for your problem else where.
  • 3. Added a vanity Idea, you can reset your SexOutNG Experience back to Zero, as in your character will be virgin again, with zero, Vaginal, Oral, and Anal experience. There might be mods that eventually use Virginity as a Check, this might be useful for that.
  • Note: as best I can tell Although "MSCourtesan" has dialogue that infers that there would be and extra client if you were Virgin, there is no extra client, so being virgin makes no difference there at this time.
  • But I can see where someone might take advantage of this, and so I added the option.
  • 4. A few more Dialogue tweaks, and this is mostly just a Very Minor Patch, and not really needed, but some may find the MCM Options I added helpful.
  • 5. Other Minor Stuff here, and there.
  • *****************************
  • Version 0.004
  • 1. fix a little thing with the Whoring Event. Explanation:: To make the tricks ask faster the timer is set to 30 during the Prostitution of the Player, but it was not set back to where you had it after wards, I believe I have fixed that, it should get set back to where you had it now after the Whoring event.
  • 2. There is a cheat Mod many are using, I don't use it, but I see the advantages of it called "FalloutNVCheatTerminal" It changes the Default way items are moved when entering Casino's, and I guess allows you to carry 2000 pound of stuff around with you if you want in and extra menu.
  • This causes a problem with My fix to keep you from leaving your Weapons in the casino, by making you leave the casino before you can ask to be freed, The mod does not reset the default Variables for when you get you weapons back after leaving the casino. So some of you using this cheat would not get the Dialogue To "take me to the strip" or the dialogue to "Drop me in the Wastelands Naked" or the dialogue would not work
  • I have added a toggle In the MCM menu if this happens, make sure you are outside, and then in the MCM change the "Dialogue fix in MCM to On. This hopefully will allow you to get the Dialogue, then for which ever Option you pick. I Hope. There may be mods out there that do even stranger stuff with the Original Game code, so I can not be sure.
  • 3. I also added a toggle in MCM to turn most all of the rape damage Off if you want or on, it is Default set to Zero/OFF so if you want the rape damage turn it on.
  • However some Dom actions will still allow damage, but not many.
  • 4. added a little more Dialogue, and a few I hope Dialogue fixes. And extra Whipping action also.
  • *************************
  • Version 0.003 Changes
  • 1. Fixed Problem found when asked to be freed in Casino, They would move you, and your weapons were left in casino, did same fix as last time for this, was a little more in depth, but should keep this from happening. This was different Problem from the one where they randomly decide to take you back, and show you off to your friend's.
  • 2. Added MCM Toggle to keep them from moving you if you are in and Interrior cell's, I saw this as a problem if you were deep in some dungeon, and they suddenly decided to take you to Novac, or Good springs, so you have the option to stop them from moving you if you are in an interior cell.
  • 3. added a Random setting which should be used in conjunction with the Dom event timer, to get the right balance of Domination events you enjoy, I believe as I have it now it will mostly effect the Slave Domination events, the normal Dom actions will just be controlled by the time, for now, but the timer will also effect the Slave Domination events, according to the timer setting.
  • 4. I believe I have a fix for the interruption when doing the Last trick in the Whoring for a 100 caps Action. They will still plague you on some of the other event's, but I believe I have that one shored up
  • 5. I changed the % to Sec. for Event time, and Dance time, as those are seconds between event, not Percentage, of course the Random event setting is a percentage from 0 to 100, and I fixed it to show properly MCM is new to me, an I am learning the system as I go.
  • 6. did some dialogue additions, and changes.
  • 7. mainly trying to catch problems as I find them now with main flow of Mod, and tweak, and repair where needed.
  • 8. also found a few of the placed on by Owner clothing that I had not placed a stop on getting to many of, and being swapped out to much, and hopefully fix those as well.
  • *******************
  • 0.002
  • 1. Check if Doc Mitchell is alive, and dialogue change if he is for return visit
  • 2. Check to see if Cheyenne is alive for extra dialog Option I added, if dead, no Extra Dialogue
  • 3. added and MCM Menu, I will be increasing some of the options there over time
  • 3. Dance timer can be set in MCM menu
  • 4. Domination events can be set in the MCM Menu
  • 5. Fast travel if your bored can be turned on or off if in MCM menu.
  • 6. Clothing control should be controllable from MCM
  • 7. Toy's if you have them should be controllable from MCM
  • 8. Some events do not happen if fast travel is on, and Vise versa this was original design, and makes sense most of the time.
  • 9. I believe I have every important thing changeable Option in the MCM now
  • 10 I may look for other thing to control there latter, but I am not so good with MCM
  • 11. I think I did some other thing's, but I forget.
  • As usual use FOMM to install
  • Or you could install it by extracting the Download, and placing the Data folder in your main FONV folder, and let it write it's self in, but the better way is FOMM the improved version that Pridslayer set up.
  • I will delete the older Version files latter, and will leave them up for awhile
  • I am very good at fat fingering stuff, so best I leave them up for awhile

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