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Fertile Breeder - TTW Addons 3

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Wiki Editors wanted. Here's the wiki. PM me for questions.


An addon for Fertile Breeder.


For the Voice Files, head to the main Fertile Breeder page.




With the aliens making progress on the Breeder Mutation, it's no surprise that it is already spreading on the surface. In and around the DC Ruins, Breeders are slowly popping up and the Wasteland is beginning to learn the possibilities. Take on simple breeding jobs spread throughout the Capital Wasteland and witness the reaching effects of the Breeder Mutation being introduced to the people of the Wasteland.


Wave 2 will finish the TTW content and will include the following features:
-a brothel which offers a multitude of jobs you can perform, as well as three short story driven quests to expand the brothel.
-Two small breeding jobs
-Three story driven quests:
-One focusing on (sort of) equality of the genders. Trust me, I laughed when me and a friend came up with this one.
-Another taking you to the newly added BADTFL Headquarters and involving a Cazador Hive
-A final one involving the Launch Terminal aboard Mothership Zeta. (Currently does not reset the impregnation of the Capital Wasteland if already done, but the quest can be started nevertheless.



This is the collection of all Fertile Breeder plugins made for TTW. This means that you'll need TTW for them to work, as well as all previously released Fertile Breeder mods. Normally I'd post every plugin on a seperate page, but I felt that would become a bit too confusing, so from now on I'm placing everything on as little pages as possible.


Current releases:
Fertile Breeder - Zeta (0.2.6)


Ever felt like you deserved to know what the aliens were up to in Mothership Zeta? Well, as stated by Ritual Clarity in the Mojave, they were busy developing the IHFM aboard that ship. Make your way through the unfortunate test subjects who were not able to get armed and organized in time, and travel alongside Jade, who will guide you through the ship as you uncover the pieces of the puzzle.


Whenever you're not on the ship, encounter the Brainwashed Impregnators, test subjects sent down to Earth with one task: to infect and impregnate human females with the latest strain of the IHFM. Pick up one of their weapons and spread the taint yourself, impregnating women as you go and tearing men apart from the inside out.


-The scenario aboard Mothership Zeta will not work if you've already completed the DLC, so be sure to install this BEFORE playing Zeta if you want to go through that scenario.
-When starting, make sure your character isn't pregnant. If you accidentally get beamed up while pregnant, reset player pregnancy in the MCM menu for Sexout Pregnancy.
-With this loaded, all Breeder scenarios on the surface will disappear until you've completed the Zeta expansion.


If you want to uninstall this plugin BEFORE finishing the Zeta expansion, you must use the following console command before you can safely uninstall:
"setstage XX01B94B 10" with the XX's replaced with FBZeta's load index number. Save your game. Head to any FB scenario to see if the people are there. If they are visible, you can safely uninstall.
Not doing so will result in all scenarios being locked out. If you've accidentally uninstalled without the command, simply activate the plugin again, perform the uninstallation steps and then uninstall normally. Next update will have an easier way to uninstall.


Adding the voice files (Many thanks to CptSparklefists for her amazing job on giving a voice to Jade!)
-Download the seperate .rar files (LL size limit requires them to be seperate).
-Either uppack or drop it in NMM, the files are properly packed for mod managers to handle.
-Due to issues with packaging into BSA files, the audio and .lip files are not compressed. They might take up a good chunk of memory.
-Voice files are not required. Having them adds to the experience, not having them doesn't break the game.




-Part of update wave 25-2
-Added failsafe to decompression chamber.
-Added dialogue to Brainwashed Impregnators (Standard GOODBYE/GREETINGS)
-Part of the Update Wave 31-10.
-Removed records referring to cells used by FBC4
-Small fixes to Launch Terminal.
-Jade is now fully voiced in the FBZeta plugin! Many thanks to CptSparklefists for her amazing job on giving a voice to Jade!
Added a new perk and perk image for interacting with dead Test Subjects. Test Subjects now have items you can loot.
Rollback from 1.0.0, some changes might be undone. Above are still relevant.
-Woohoo, 1.0
-Potential fixes to Jade's gun behavior and clothing behavior.
-Impregnation Ray fixes, as well as red glow to make it stand out from the Disintegrator.
-Jade should now sneak in sync with the player when she's following you.


-Removed Rachael from the list of women affected by the Impreg Terminal.


-Public release.




Fertile Breeder - Jade (0.7.4)


Team up with Jade Greene. After the events you went through together, a strong friendship is formed, and together pretty much nothing can stand in your way. Shoot, sneak, hack and breed your way through both the Capital Wasteland and the Mojave Wasteland as that friendship might evolve into something more than just that.


Get to know Jade and her character through eight unique quests and a multitude of events which tie in to the events the game takes you through. Discover the secrets of her past, and help her figure out who she is. You can give her one of three perks, which not only enhance Jade herself, but also you whenever she's beside you. Go on dates and see if the friendship can't blossom into a strong relationship. After all, if you're both Breeders, having a girlfriend seems the best anticonception there is, right?


Where to find Jade:
-Enter Rivet City through the Stairwell.
-Head to the Mid Deck Ship.
-Her room is immediately to the right. You can spot it by the Filing Cabinet with the note attached.
-Enter the room and she should be standing against the wall.


-Most of her interactions and quests are only available if she is actively following you. That means she's not waiting somewhere.
-She hasn't been fully balanced out yet. If there's something you feel is overpowered or the exact opposite, please let me know.




-Part of update wave 25-2
-Added Caravan to Jade, you can play once you're out of Zeta.
-Jade will now draw her weapon when the player has a weapon drawn.
-Part of update wave 31-10
-Minor edits, mostly dialogue notes.


Fixed Jade's terminal and other minor bugs. Both of Jade's follower perks now have new perk images.
-Initial release




Fertile Breeder - DC Breeder (0.2.6)


With the IHFM running amock throughout the Capital Wasteland, people are making grateful use of this new mutation. Travel throughout the DC ruins and surrounding Wasteland to see the impact first hand!


Breeding jobs:


-Old MacDonald's Farm (Bighorners)
If you've decided to spare MacDonald's life during the FBJ quest "Hunter and the Hunted", you can return to his ranch and breed Bighorners for him, for a fair compensation.


-Enclave Outpost (Super Mutants)
The Enclave is working on a way to weaponize Breeders, by using them to breed an army of Super Mutants which can be deployed against the Brotherhood of Steel. The Outpost can be found near the Car Dealership.


-The Hornet Guard (Deathclaws)
At the Citadel, you can now find the new members of the Hornet Guard working on a new batch of eggs. You can give them a hand and expect a nice reward in return.


-The Red Pepper
Near Seward Sq. Southeast you'll find a new brothel employing a number of Breeders to cater to the more discerning customer. You can work in the brothel as a floor girl, as well as help the managers of the brothel solve numerous rising issues plagueing the brothel of late.


-Talon Company Outpost (Dogs)
North of Vault 92 you'll find a makeshift Talon Company outpost inhabited by two disgraced Talon Soldiers. You can help them regain their position in the company by helping them breed attack dogs for Talon Company to field in combat.


-Haunted Tunnels (Ghouls)
In Museum Station, a long forgotten tunnel has opened up. People report Ghouls roaming from this tunnel, and you can investigate. Once you've found the source of the Ghouls, you may choose to join them to receive a reward in return.







-Buzzkill (Rivet City)
Talk to Commander Danvers in Rivet City and she will tell you of a problem arising in Rivet City. Help her get to the bottom of the issue to ensure Rivet City's safety.


-The Deserter (Bethesda RUins)
At the Bethesda Ruins, you can run into Julie Summers, a deserting Enclave Soldier who has to go into hiding. Help her start a new life, or bring her back to her former officer so she may face justice.


-A Sunny Day For April (Citadel)
Talk to Cpt. Bourne at the Citadel and she will ask you to help her find her daughter who has gotten herself in trouble. Follow the breadcrumbs and hope you reach April in time.


-A Date With Destiny (Canterbury Commons)
Talk to Reginald in Canterbury Commons and he will ask you to help him seduce his crush. Find the things he needs to make a smashing first impression and accompany him as he tries to talk to his dream girl.


-Queen of the Hive (BADTFL HQ)
Head to Dukov's Palace and you'll find a group of Cazadores have opened up the previously sealed BADTFL Headquarters. Talk to Reginald to start the quest, and find a way to confront and deal with the Queen of the Hive.


-Zura's Endeavor (Mothership Bridge)
Once you have talked to Zura during the FB Zeta quest, you will receive the task to launch the missiles containing the viral mutagen capable of infecting every woman in the Capital Wasteland with the Breeder Mutation. However, the codes must be cracked. As such, you must assist Elliott in deciphering the codes.
NOTE: If Elliott is no longer present at the Bridge, he is likely at the Bighorn Saloon in Boulder City. His location should be marked. If he doesn't talk to you, you must complete Wolfe's quest first until you can talk to Elliott at Boulder City.





-Part of update wave 25-2
-Removed records to Rivet City Midship Deck, should fix issues.
-Added Jade breeding content to DC Breeder animals.
-Reworked Jade's pregnancy script to support lumpy pregnancies.
-Part of Update Wave 31-10
-Minor bugfixes.
-Added Wave 2
-Fixed Rivet City white door bug.
-Fixed Angus dialogue bug.
-Initial release



What's New in Version 3


  • Part of Update Wave 1 March 2019
  • Updated DC Breeder plugin to be compatible with latest TTW version

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