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  1. It's at .03 and .05, respectively. Thanks for making the growth/milk rate toggleable in MCM for the next release! I know there's probably a lot of people who like the mad cow virus working as it is now.
  2. @Invictusblade I think your breast size increase for the Mad Cow disease syringe might be off. Using it on NPCs is fine, but when I used it on my character, after a bit of game play my character's breast size went from what you see in the first picture, to what you see in the second picture.
  3. I think you're correct. I never tested the mod without a companion, so I never ran into that error. I'll see what I can do to fix it.
  4. You copied the entire OP to ask that question? If there were a non-DLC version, I wouldn't give you access to it on principal because of that.
  5. You're getting those errors because you don't have the NX extender installed, or not installed properly, so NVSE can't interpret the command "let" in the scripts. Being submissive doesn't block off Walk of Shame. That quest is given by Joe Cobb in Goodsprings if you side with the Powder Gangers. Alternatively, you can trigger the same enslavement by siding with Goodsprings, not shooting the Powder Gangers so you don't become vilified, and walking into Eddie's office to talk to him.
  6. Out of curiosity, what are your computer specs that your computer can't handle this? No one else seems to have made that complaint.
  7. I have both Just Business and Beggar Whore. I'm just trying to find a mod to build a decent brothel. AAF prostitution allows for it, but without the rugs you can't assign the girls to jobs properly.
  8. And I didn't realize there was any Breeder content with Morales. I'm going to need to revisit it.
  9. Possibly. If that's not it, I bet it's that tryout resistance mod. It's odd that Tryout and Breeder would have dialog conflicts considering neither requires the other.
  10. You're the first person to report that. I'd imagine you're using conflicting mods.
  11. Having the rapist KO timer being larger than the victim KO timer is just a generally good thing to do with Sexout. Also, Sunny doesn't have a list. The encounter supports up to 7 companions, and each companion is assigned a slot and sex scene fires if the slot is filled. The scripts need an event like dialog or a quest updating to fire off of, so starting the events separately isn't possible.
  12. It is, but it's just numbers that increase instead of having an practical effect.
  13. I just checked. - The Trudy thing would have never worked because it looks like I forgot to put the sex command in, so you found a bug no one else has. - The dialog you took a screenshot of doesn't come from Tryout.
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