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  1. While I don't know what would be a good amount for alien charges, I would suggest some things: 1) Sex causes 1HP loss per turn 2) If a soldier loses all their HP from a fuck, they count as captured instead of killed. 3) If possible, rework chrysalid goo attacks into a sex attack and have the soldier give birth to chrysalids the old fashioned way instead of dying and becoming a cocoon. 4) When a soldier recovers from a birthing/sex action, they should be dazed for the next turn. 5) Have a counter-sex skill that has some percent chance of working (the higher chance the higher the soldier's will), that instead leaves the alien dazed and the soldier have a full turn.
  2. That isn't generated by Tryout.
  3. Turning off the asynchronous orgasms in Spunk and having the rapist KO set to 1 second while having victim KO turned off has always worked for me. I don't know what Tryout Overhaul may or may not be doing.
  4. I've never seen NPCs use the none slot by default. It's just there so the various addon parts don't conflict with each other, like if you have a torso that also has legs attached.
  5. This is a known issue. The newer versions of NVSE break the NX script extender's LET command which leads to all sorts of issues, primarily fucking up arrays. Best thing to do is use the 5.1beta4 from http://nvse.silverlock.org/
  6. You probably have another mod that modifies her. Thank you for confirming I am not going crazy. Thank you for the information so I don't go chasing ghosts!
  7. Thanks, I'll look into those! I thought I had disabled the send you back to the cell behavior because it was too buggy, I'll take a look into it. It definitely shouldn't be doing when Epstein is dead! I was under the impression their weapons were stripped as well. I'll take look into it. That being said, I have an extremely busy week coming up so I don't know when I might actually release bug fixes.
  8. Here's a reductionist question for you - why, if the script snippet you show is broken, has it always worked correctly for me and for everyone else who has used this prior to the latest NVSE update that broke the "let" command that allows me to fill the array with the companions I then turn into ref variables? The answer is the ref variables aren't being set to the correct characters, or multiple characters, creating confusion. Until someone figures how to unbreak the latest NVSE's relationship with the NX script extender, unfortunately people need to choose between using TTW and Sexout mods using http://nvse.silverlock.org/.
  9. I find it odd you're getting defensive after being called for talking down to someone. If you have constructive feedback, or there's a bug in my code, I welcome being told about it. If you start out borderline accusing me of breaking your game on purpose, don't be shocked if I'm not receptive.
  10. The problem is the new NVSE doesn't like the let command in Prideslayer's script extender. I use the array filled using the let command to assign the companion refs. I tuned out everything you said after that because I don't like your condescending tone.
  11. That's your problem. The latest NVSE overwrites some functions a lot of Sexout mods use. Use the version of NVSE from the silverlock.org site instead.
  12. It would break things and often lead to sex when roaming Legion would enter combat with roaming NCR.
  13. That's a quote from 6 years ago and the bug has since been fixed. Some context as to what your issue actually is may help.
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