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Wiki Editors wanted. Here's the wiki. PM me for questions.


Please note that this mod is a module to Fertile Breeder, and will require the main module in order to work.


Part of the Fertile Breeder series, this mod allows you to begin your very own farm. Talk to Paula after setting her free from Jeff's basement and help her revive the Matthews Animal Husbandry. Watch it grow as you bring new women to the farm to give in to the large bighorner fest. And once it is all done? What will you do? Well, you collect the bounty, of course!


In order to start the quest, you'll have to complete Paula's quest from the FB Main Module. To do this:


-Give a calf to Martin in Goodsprings, completing that episode.
-Ask him if there's anything else you can do, he'll ask you to deliver a package to his brother, Jeff.
-From here, things should be pretty straightworward.


-Hand the package to Jeff, he'll imprison you along with Paula.
-Keep breeding calves and talk to Paula every time you've delivered one and got impregnated with the next. She should tell you what to do next.
-At some point, Martin will appear and offer to get you out. Refuse this offer, as it will keep Paula locked in the basement.
-After you refuse Martin's offer, you'll get a broken gun. Talk to Paula again and resume and she should tell you to find the slider.
-Once you have repaired the pistol, wait for Jeff to come down again and kill him. Talk to Paula and you should get out of the basement.

-Once the quest is complete, just keep bringing Bighorner calves to Paula until you kick off the FBFarm episode.



New episodes (Version 1.5+)


Once the main quest is completed and the Farmstead is fully revived, you can talk to Paula and she'll start the next episode. Two of them were already present, and seven more have been added. Every girl you've recruited along the way now has three quests, and they follow this order: Rachel > Quintin > Emily in a single cycle, which goes around 3 times.


Rachel's quests:
-The End Of Peace
-Going Green
-From The Shadows


Quintin's quests:
-An Offer You Can't Refuse
-Occupational Hazard
-Hell's Kitchen (Requires lates Fertile Breeder main version if you haven't started Lucas's quest in Freeside yet.)


Emily's quests:
-The Broad Side
-Neon Life
-Maternal Instincts


What's New in Version 1.5.9


  • Part of Update Wave 25 June 2018

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