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Skyrim SE for Beginners - V 3.2.6 (3BBB / HDT-SMP / HPH)

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On 3/17/2019 at 2:03 PM, Kythana said:


As you can see in the list i've run Bodyslide several times. I did this to adapt the physics to the equipment you are wearing.

1. RS Body                                      : Only Body, Hands, Hands Beast, and Feet

2. RS Unrestricted Physics              : Only Amulets, Rings, Boots, Gauntlets, Gloves, Hoods and Helmets.

3. RS Restricted Physics                 : Only Clothing and Light Armor in the body location.

4. RS No Physics                            : Only Medium and Heavy Armor in the body location. NO morphs!


This is super interesting! Can you help me understand it a bit better? The only way I know to use BodySlide is to ...

  1. Select the "CBBE Special" outfit/body so that my preset shows up
  2. Select my preset
  3. Hit "Batch Build" (with "Build Morphs" on)
  4. Hit "Build" in the popup
  5. In the "Choose output set" menu, selecting "CBBE Body Special", and going down that massive list, selecting all the physics-enabled sets where it makes sense (non-physics for heavy armor).

But I thought the only place to choose physics was with whatever body you were viewing when you hit batch!

You make is seem like you can set the physics level in something other than the author-defined output set (which is usually only non-physics or physics variants). You're using groups to differentiate your 4 categories, which is pretty cool.

You made those groups yourself, right?

Don't you still have to select the output set when building?


How do you choose between "Body" and "Restricted Physics" physics?

Like, why not do them at the same time?

What's the difference between "Body" and "Unrestricted"?

Aren't they both just ... physics?

What am I not getting?


Any clarification, especially visual, would be most welcome :)

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You're welcome.


And Yes, using the whole list ends up to be timeconsuming. But it is imho worth it...




I ran into problems when combining 'Body' and 'Unrestricted Physics' in one run. Maybe i screwed up somewhere, but so far it always worked for better me when i took the route with a bit more work. Better to be safe (and thorough) than sorry. Also it gives me the option to quickly test a new preset. 


For the rest i have to write a bit more. I came up with it when i was rebuilding Skyrim for a new run (i needed a change after working for months on my guide for FO4. Thankfully SexLab is 'a bit' easier than AAF)


Generally it looks like this (disregarding the preset for a moment):

Body              : no physics, just fitting the armor to the preset.

Body Physics : limited form of physics, great for armor  - but too limited when the PC is nude.

Body Special : full physics, great for a nude PC - but too much when you wear something in the body-location (you won't see the special stuff).


Now to the effect of the presets:

*whatever you use*              : no limits for the shape of the body.

*whatever you use* (Outfit) : the form of the body is restricted as the worn outfit limits the shape a body can take (hope that makes sense in english). 


Having to choose an output is caused by the list in Bodyslide. All armors got a non-physics variant and only some a physics variant too. 

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30 minutes ago, Kythana said:

but too much when you wear something in the body-location

Holycrap, does batch building Body Special for everything impact performance?


Am I right that whatever outfit/body and preset you are using (CBBE Body, CBBE Body Physics, or CBBE Body Special) is what is used when you hit build?


35 minutes ago, Kythana said:

Now to the presets:

*whatever you use*              : no limits for the shape of the body.

*whatever you use* (Outfit) : the form of the body is restricted as the worn outfit limits the shape a body can take

I kind of understand ... are those 3 CBBE bodies the ONLY bodies, and everything else is an outfit?

Do you ever build with an outfit selected, or only with a body?

(And thank you, I'm learning a lot)


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Afaik the Outfit/Body determines the mechanics and the preset determines the form of the body.


Selecting a specific part of an armor only makes sense if you just added one or two new armor sets, other than that i'd always go with batch.


If it affects the FPS is something i don't know, but i doubt thats the case.


'Are those 3 CBBE bodies the ONLY bodies, and everything else is an outfit?' -> As long as you didn't install something else, this is correct. (overlooked that)



In the end it might just be me being german. We tend to make everything perfect (and often enough overcomplicate it along the way). ;)



Updating Status to Release 1.0.2 - Added Go to bed to the list and also a second option for 'Weather and Lighting'.

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  • Aylis changed the title to Skyrim SE for Beginners - Release 1.0.2

Updating Status to Release 1.0.3 - Added Bellyaches HD Dragon Replacer Pack to 'NPC and Creatures. Totally overlooked this one. Sadly Luxor8071 only got one dragon covered atm and should he ever do the rest i'm going to switch. We already use a lot of his mods (and they are fantastic!). 


Added a video to both 'Weather and Lighting' to show what you can expect when you use one of the groups.



Added 'Bugs and (possible) Fixes' to 'Tips and Tricks'. Moved to ist own post.


Two more screenshots



Added 'Loading Time' to 'Tips and Tricks'.



And a few more screenshots with the second ENB.

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  • Aylis changed the title to Skyrim SE for Beginners - Release 1.0.3

Updating Status to Release 1.0.6


ESO Skyshards                    - Added to 'Area Expansions'. 

Stay At The System Page - Added toSKSE. 

Guards Armor Replacer    - Added to 'Armor and Weapons'.



Added entry 'Mods worth mentioning' to post #1.


Added videolinks to each ENB and weather combination.



Looks like i have to rerun DynDOLOD. The trees in the distance seem to be a bit too bright after switching to NVT.





The LOD of water seems to be off sometimes. Working on a solution atm...


'Old' water


This btw is one of the Skyshards.


'New' water


Looks a little bit different  - but we need some esp less than before.


Changing the mod for the water finally did the trick. Next update Incoming...

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  • Aylis changed the title to Skyrim SE for Beginners - Release 1.0.6

Updating Status to Release 1.1.6 


This is a Major change. I've been using Realistic Water Two for many years now. But it looks i have to switch to something else as i finally got it to its limits.



Realistic Water Two

Water HD

Smelters for Riften and Solitude Solitude worked, Riften didn't.



Now to the new stuff:

Lightweight Water Overhaul      - added to Basics

White Water HD                         - added to Textures

Bathing in Skyrim                       - added to Override

Ordinator                                    - added to Override
Ordinator Bruma Patch              - added to Override

Feminine Jarl Sitting Animation - added to 'Physics and Animation'

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  • Aylis changed the title to Skyrim SE for Beginners - Release 1.1.6

Updating Status to 'Release 1.2.0 Final' 


This is it! It was a very long week (including way too little sleep) but we're finally here. <HAHA You didn't really think it would be THAT easy!> This is the final (?) version. Nexus hid a few things from me, i found some new mods  (@Kokan Thanks a lot for the tip), rediscovered some old favourites of mine, and even finally got 'my' perfect ENB. 


From now on it will be only bugfixes (should they raise their ugly head again) and maybe an entry or two which might be interesting for you. New mods will only be added if they are an update, will improve the gameplay or save us an ESP or two (or blows me away with something incredible).


Last mods to add:

Better Jumping                           - will be added to SKSE

Dawnguard Sentries Plus         - will be added to 'NPC and Creatures' 

Ebongrove SE                           - will be added to 'Area Expansions'

Peacekeeper Armour - CBBE  - will be added to Armor


I might still take a look at Luminosity but that is imho not really necessary (Lighting Mods).


Now it is up to you. Have fun and don't hesitate to ask if you have a question... 

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  • Aylis changed the title to Skyrim SE for Beginners - Release 1.2.0 Final

Added entry 'Nothing is carved in stone' to 'Tips and Tricks'. In the end it is all about having a choice...


I've tested most of the stuff there before starting with this list. But if you want to change something those links are a good starting point.

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Hmm, did you take a look at post #3? A lot of the stuff you ask for is already there…


What do you mean with 'NO SMP Talk'?




Ouch, thats not good. Sadly this happens...


I've chosen this mod as it was very easy to configure. An alternative would be SINful CBP


Thanks for bringing this up (would have taken me quite some time to notice it).



Updating Status to 'Release 1.2.1 Final'


Switched the missing mod for an alternative. 





Entered a few locations and it looks like the ENB also has an influence in regard to the used lighting mod. 'Yngvild' was way to bright and the 'Shimmermist Cave' way to dark. My last visits looked different...


I'm trying a few combinations now (DynDOLOD alone will cost 'a few' hours) and will also give Luminosity (and the maplightfix) a shot.



An old favourite of mine. Most areas look absolutely fine, but others don't. 'Shimmermist Cave' is so dark you can't see anything at all... It is almost as if it was forgotten while creating the mod. It also removes some light sources.



Removes quite a lot of the lightsources and still got the problem with the flickering (aka lights vanish when you change direction) in some places.


Relighting Skyrim

Very good idea but some areas in dungeons or caves are way too dark.



Not bad, not bad indeed. Still suffering from being too dark in some places.



Now thats unexpected. Thats the one i think fits best... (and i thought nothing could beat RLO). Dark where it should be and the lights fit the scene. 'Ysgramor's Tomb' suddenly looks so much better, i didn't even know that there were so many candles. The 'Shimmermist Cave' is gloomy and not just pitchblack.


I dismissed this one, as it looked way too bright in the videos i checked. Now it seems to be the lighting mod which works perfectly with the ENB. Surprisingly, as it doesn't cover the exteriors, the outside world also seems to look better than before. Also it reminds me quite a lot of ELFX when it comes to colors.


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Updating Status to 'Release 1.2.4 Final'


Hopefully those will be the last changes for now. But the bug with the lighting simply had to be adressed, which also lead to a change of the texture for the PC. The good thing is that we got rid of a few ESP.


Removed mods:

Realistic Lighting Overhaul

Demoniac Texture


New mods

Luminosity  will be added to 'Weather and Lighting'

maplightfix  will be added to 'Weather and Lighting'

Bijin Skin SE will be added to PC


Will add the entry 'ENB, Weather, Lighting and Skin' to 'Tips and Tricks'.


Also a few new screenshots for you.


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Ah, HDT, now i get it I left that out for several reasons:

1. You have to jump through a lot of hoops to get it (aka nothing for beginners).

2. The latest version seems to have some trouble.

3. There isn't much there for SE that requires HDT.


In my opinion the effort to set that up for SE is not worth the hassle. The only thing i miss from Oldrim are the physics for the hair, but trying to figure it out so i can try the few hairstyles for SE? Nope, not me.



Should i add something so you can see which mods might be affected if Bethesda makes another update for the creation club?

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