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  1. Hi yall, haven't played much since the update and I logged on to find any breast slider I try is behaving wierdly. Did something happen in the update to break them? Thanks
  2. With the new content incoming a patch is coming that will pretty much break a ton of stuff. You can either play other things until the dust settles, play your sims unmodded or do these steps to keep playing until the modders get caught up. 1) Turn off updates and go offline in Origin. Start origin, go to application settings, turn automatic game updates off, also under the same origin tab hit go offline mode and play your game. You won't be able to do gallery things but you can play your modded game until things get fixed. 2) Turbo has stated he won't be around for a bit. I forgot the exact date he gave but if you update your game too bad. You'll just have to wait until he can get to it but he has said he will try from afar to do what he can. 3) If you have mods you love I suggest you follow the creator on a regular basis to keep track of progress, most of them are approachable and do a good job of keeping you updated on things. For me if the creator has been MIA for a while I drop the mod. I can't mess with that until Sims 4 is final and updates stop. 4) SimsVIP usually keeps a broken mod spreadsheet of the status of mods and they update it on the regular, keep an eye out for that. 5) Not patch update related but it's always a good thing to keep a back up of your Sims folder. Go to My Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4, copy that entire folder to another HDD or jump drive. They have gotten very affordable and there's no reason not to have one. If something happens I don't want to have to find the 115GB of CC I have or lose a save where you spent so much time setting your towns up with the sims you want, do you? This usually falls on deaf ears but I try to put the word out, if it helps one person it's worth it. Hope this helps.
  3. Hit the grey panel that says view file, on the next page hit the green button that say download file. Add all CC to your mods folder then tray files to the tray folder. Then in your game go to your gallery and hit households and turn CC on.
  4. It appears you have the old rig from Denton in your game, remove it as all current penis models have been updated for it.
  5. A lot of people playing sims like Reshade and what it brings to the table. It can seem overwhelming to make your own preset and you will look for presets all over. The problem with Reshade is as you search Tumblr and whatever other platform to find presets the most popular presets are from version 3.08 and Reshade is in version 4+. So you find 3.08 and install and all of a sudden you see error logs with your presets and you don't know why or what you might have done wrong. The problem with Reshade is though you install an older version when you download the shaders they are for the newest version of Reshade and you will get all sorts of errors. I'm in the process of learning Reshade better and found this Tumblr. It's not my foot work but I'm passing it along to help people out. This link will explain more about what I'm talking about and also it has direct links to the shaders for Reshade 3.41 and 3.08 which are the most popular among Simmers. Hope this helps and also on this tumblr there is plenty of Reshade help as well. https://pictureamoebae.tumblr.com/post/180655882504/tutorial-old-reshade
  6. Hi and welcome, good luck with that one. There are a few but not many. One of Amra's older teasing ones is on a bed. I forgot the animator but there's one in a chair but it's older as well. I think Motherlode has made some. Check his work as he makes some animations outside the box of just regular sex. There's some but not as many as you might think considering as much BDSM furniture and themed CC that's been made.
  7. Hi and welcome to LL, you will only get an animated penis if the animation has been made with the animated penis rig. Most older animations on here don't have that. An animator will mention it in their OP, so make sure to read each animators OP (Original Post) thoroughly. At this point most new animations have them. Some animators make sure you know by putting an "AP" in the animation name. Also watch what sliders you use if any. The animations are made with a default body type so heavier sims, super big breasts, mouth location sliders, etc can cause clipping and throw the animation off.
  8. I might have a few but I can't recall them off the top of my head, give me some time. The problem if you're looking for a good stripper shoe is most platform type of stripper shoes require the slider from Redhead Sims and though it's ok for gameplay and photos it will throw off WW animations. Turbo has added slider support with WW but it's geared towards the height slider. I asked about the possibility of it and though it's possible it might cause some issues with users as there can be only one slider support. I'll be playing some today and once I find the shoe that best suits what you're looking for I'll link it to you. Also stay on the lookout for what JoshQ is working on. Once he gets his impossible heel edit for Sims 4 I think the shoe game will open up. UPDATE: This is the closest I have without using a slider. It's not fully transparent but I hope this helps. You want the Venus heel....https://candycanesugary.wixsite.com/store/affection-collection I also have something way more transparent but I don't like the foot that the content creator used so I don't use them much and I'm too lazy to find it and delete but I'll link it later too. Here it is but I don't care for the foot Urbanos used : https://www.thesimsresource.com/members/Colores_Urbanos/downloads/details/category/sims4-shoes-female-teenadultelder/title/shoes-m.m-01/id/1327180/
  9. I'm awful at Blender but I have heard Blender 2.8 although it's still beta is a game changer when final. I didn't understand most of your blog post but it looks awesome and I can imagine you might have pulled some hair out.
  10. Turbo has put out a warning on Patreon that an update is coming on the 16th. By now everyone should know the drill but if you don't turn off automatic updates in Origin and play your game in offline mode until the modders update. We don't know for sure but he expects most script mods to break. Hopefully people read this and there isn't 50 threads in technical support saying my game updated and WW broke help. I put out a warning when I can but it happens anyway 🤷‍♂️. Enjoy your week.
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