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  1. Turbo has put out a warning on Patreon that an update is coming on the 16th. By now everyone should know the drill but if you don't turn off automatic updates in Origin and play your game in offline mode until the modders update. We don't know for sure but he expects most script mods to break. Hopefully people read this and there isn't 50 threads in technical support saying my game updated and WW broke help. I put out a warning when I can but it happens anyway 🤷‍♂️. Enjoy your week.
  2. I've been out of the loop for bit, but geez. What has been done so far, oh my.
  3. No problem, you have to kinda just play around and find settings to your liking. But make use of the export and import settings. It will save a lot of time if you have multiple saves....?
  4. Hi and congrats on your first LL post and do more. Your question is kinda hard for most people to answer as it's probably a matter of perspective. I have different settings for different saves. I use Nisa WP mod and in some saves I have prostitutes and slaves so those have high autonomy and are very raunchy. I have some saves that are more traditional and autonomy is lower. One of the coolest features of WW mod that I think gets under utilized is the ability to export and save your settings. You can have multiple WW settings saved as a json file and depending on how you want your save to go you can import them in your new game. Play around, enjoy the mod and you'll figure it out.
  5. Thanks so much for this, I've been away from the Skyrim seen for a while and I was thinking of getting back into it and I was so unsure where to start with SE.
  6. It should equip automatic, you should only have to use body selector if you use a different penis other than your default one.
  7. Hi and welcome to LL, BB to best of my knowledge is not Body Selector compatible and the only way to use it is make it default and in body selector choose native. The creator has had some real life issues and we can only hope they are fine and eventually comes back to work on this project.
  8. So you have two different versions installed? One to create and the other to put into S4S when done?
  9. If I haven't said it already your animations are top notch, much appreciated.
  10. Simite has made Bod-E WW body selector sompatible and you should be able to download it now as SFS is back up.
  11. I was having issues to and they are fixed, just to be sure make sure you have Azmodan's strapon that was released in November. I was using an older version and that gave me issues. I'm fixed now.
  12. Great screenshots, this game was so much fun. I disappeared for three weeks too playing this.
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