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  1. For some reason, with Aroused Sexy Idles enabled, my character just stands in place. The animations from Diverse Random Idles never happen. Also, the standing animations from EVG Conditional Idles won't play. Like for instance if I turn on the modesty animation, my character won't cover up when she's standing still, but she will when she's moving. Turn off Sexy Idles and they all play well together again. Nobody else having this issue? Edit - Hmm. No, it's all working as expected. It's just the first arousal animation is very subdued. It's kinda weird to see the animations from Div
  2. @zergface In addition to disabling the appearance of werewolves in Moonlight Tales, you also need to disable it in Creature Framework (page 8 in its MCM I think). Other than that, just install it as you normally would any LL mod. And move the meshes in Windows explorer if you want to switch to the 6T mesh. @dclzexon Didn't know MO2 could do that. I'd still want to create them manually, but that's good to know.
  3. @Aylis Do we need the Ordinator patch for Frozen Electrocuted Combustion? Seems like it. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/3532?tab=files
  4. @yaki0912 Are you using the full version of SOS? Mine did that when I first tried it, including male werewolves working fine. Solution was to reinstall it and make sure I deleted everything with the word "werewolf" in the folder structure (each and every folder for SOS).
  5. @Aylis Mari's Flora has updated its FOMOD. Doesn't match yours at all now. I'd try to update it for you, but it's pretty shuffled around now.
  6. @rodrigo2 Nvidia drivers can definitely cause issues with flickering, though from your description I wouldn't have guessed that is what it was. But good that it was and that it's resolved. I use the Xbox game overlay thing to record video from in-game. If you're using an Xbox One controller, it's the home button in the center of the controller. No idea what it is for everything else. The video recorder doesn't darken everything, unlike the snapshot feature, which makes screenshots much darker. And never been afraid to ask questions, that's what the thread is for.
  7. @dclzexon I would try my instructions before you throw in the towel. I've ran it a hundred times now and it works fine with both FNIS and Nemesis. @DragonkingKyo Yes, it does. Dunno about herm werewolves though. I use Aroused Creatures and the additional addon for it, and I'd imagine if you do that then for herm werewolves you'd just enable MM animations.
  8. @rodrigo2 Can you upload a video? It doesn't sound like an ENB issue.
  9. @Jessica_Degurechaff GeForce Experience and manually changing the ini files. Forewarning: The console becomes extremely tiny.
  10. Updated my entertainment center setup. Still getting ~50 FPS (capped at 60) on the overworld in 4K or 1080p. Switch to Doom Eternal? 120 FPS in 4K. This ****ing game, man. It's like it's ten years old or something.
  11. @Aylis Is this useful? Adds High Poly and KS Hair to both Immersive Wenches and Deadly Wenches. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/40565?tab=description
  12. @the_doomsayer Crashing inside a town cell is probably Embers XD. Make sure you've downloaded the .esp version (top option in the FOMOD installer) and that your plugins are in order. If it doesn't play nice, it will crash nearly every time in Whiterun, Solitude, and Windhelm.
  13. @Aylis New Dirt and Blood 2.0 now has Spell Perk Item Distributor as a requirement. Not sure if it's worth adding that mod to the list (just mean I know nothing about it). The biggest addition in 2.0 is now there's no limit on how many NPCs can have blood on them, so I don't think updating is really imperative. Old version is still available. If updating isn't worth it, probably want to put a note in the list to download version 1.75 (still available).
  14. @Sager41 You need TexGen and DynDOLOD--both 64 bit. 32 bit can be ignored. Add them to MO2 and add the -sse argument, as they both must be launched from inside MO2, not how you'd normally run a program in Windows. See below, as it can be a little confusing the first time. Aside - I'm developing a love/hate relationship with Diverse Random Idles. It looks great when you're standing around in street clothes, but when Jarl Balgruf is talking about dragons setting people on fire and my character wearing Ebony Daedric Death Metal Album Plate Mail of +10% Kickass is swaying around and
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