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About This File

This mod includes texture files which are meant to be used for male body texture swapping on wet function redux.
This textures can be used as your default male body texture(swap your default textures with those of this mod).
However, keep in mind that this works best with 'glossiness' and 'specular strength' being adjusted.




Recommended mods


- nop0x90 for Wet Function Redux
- fadingsignal for male body texture on SkySight Skins - Ultra HD 4K and 2K - Male Textures and Real Feet Meshes
- ZwabberdieBo for male body texture on The Veteran Skin - 4K Nude Male Skin with SoS Support
- VectorPlexus and Smurf for SOS, male body textures and meshes


This mod has 7 dds files, which are

  • male_wet_01_s.dds : specular texture for a mild sweating body
  • male_wet_10_s.dds : specular texture for a heavy sweating body
  • male_wet_11_s.dds : specular texture for a soaked body
  • male_wet_d.dds : diffuse texture for a heavy sweating and a soaked body (It has wet body hair.)
  • male_wethand_s.dds : specular texture for a sweating hand
  • male_wethead_s.dds : specular texture for a sweating head
  • male_wetschlong_s.dds : intended for aroused schlongs.

I guess textures of sweating hand, head and aroused schlong need an improvement.


Sorry for bad english, since english is not my native language. Thank you.

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