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  1. @Dirknina Its all in the right place... The meshes get overwritten (which we don't need), not the textures.
  2. It doesn't matter. If you install another skin texture later on it would leave the textures for teeth as they are. And maybe you even like the 'Fair Skin'. Here you go:
  3. The solution to the problem can be found here (just check the entry in 'Installation'):
  4. That got nothing to do with Wrye. Thats a patch from Wizkid further up.
  5. Nope. The farmhouses addon has to be below the main one (which it wasn't when i reinstalled). Rephrased that line
  6. Previous update Updating status to '3.0.1'. Adding more support for 'High-Poly-Heads'. Plus a few recommendations and improvements. REMOVED mods: Textures ETHEREAL CLOUDS - Special Edition Got a replacement PC Kyoe's Bang'n Browse Female Found a replacement Kyoe's Bang'n Browse Male Found a replacement Aylis (Breton) (File) Got updated to HPH Physics and Animation: 1hm and Dual Wield Animations Overhaul SSE Redundant Weapons and Armor: Beautiful Amulets and Rings Redundant Truly Light Elven Armor (Female) - Replacer - CBBE 3BBB (3BA) Redundant Witcher 2 Steel Plate Armour Replacer Sadly not working as intended. Enhanced Circlets We got better mods NPC: High Poly NPC Overhaul - Ressources Redundant Weather and Lighting: Horncandles Redundant Final: DynDOLOD-DLL-SE Redundant ADDED/MOVED mods: Preinstallation Wrye Bash Can't get around it anymore. Foundation: High Poly Bones SKSE: Rearranged the content of this group (should have no effect on your game). NPC AI Process Position Fix - SSE Textures Renthal Nettle SSE Moved from 'Foundation' Snowberries Vanilla Table Replacers Common Table replacer SE (No Ropes) Basic Dining Set Replacer Puddles PC Fair Skin Complexion We do need the textures for the teeth. Fair Skin Complexion - Makeup Addon Actually useful ESL High Poly Pretty Face Brows Works better with HPH Aylis (Breton) HPH (File) Physics and Animation Pipe Smoking SE Adds a bit immersion. Diverse Random Normal Attacks Weapons and Armor: JS Circlet Replacer Filling gaps Override MLU - JKs The Drunken Huntsman-ESL Missed that one (and fixed the typo of the OA ;)) Big Backpack HD Small but nice visual upgrade NPC Dawnguard Sentries Plus SE Moved from 'Override'. Finally in the right spot KS Hairdos for Dawnguard sentries Plus SC - KS Hairdos Retextured A bit big, but the results are too good to miss. SC - KS Hairdos Retextured - Physics Weather and Lighting: Tamriel Master Lights Using the separate mod works better for us JK Skyrim - TML Cities Beautiful Clouds Looks good and more options Final: Bashed Patch UPLOAD: Aylis (Breton) HPH V1.2 Mentioning it in case someone didn't see the entry. In the works: Texture Patch (File) <- Working on it
  7. @lolthisis I havn't tested both mods you mentioned. So i can't help in that regard...
  8. Thanks for the confirmation (i wanted to test that one too ;)). If i remember correctly CGO is incompatible with two or three mods in the list. My thoughts exactly. ________________________________________________ Today i'll make the update with the smaller changes. Those have proven to be stable. The bigger mods will come later as i want to make sure that they do work as intended (aka i'll make more tests over the course of the next week). For those who get a 'black screen' for a few seconds after changing the area i've got good news. I found the settings for this behaviour and it can be removed to a certain degree. But, and that seems to be a limitation of the game, it shouldn't be removed completely or set too short. Some assets are loaded after your PC enters the world and imho seeing those appear is worse than the 'black screen'. I have to tinker with it more to find the right balance, but i'm working on it. ________________________________________________ Uploaded File Aylis (Breton) HPH V1.2
  9. I think some of what gets added is overpowered. Also the sheer number of the added spells. Take your pick: available space (i got a drive for every task), money (SSD/NVME are coming down but are still quite expensive), more important things than upgrading a PC (family comes first), etc. You're not alone with that... ________________________________________________ Got to rework my preset. Suddenly it developed a white head... Definitely not what i had in mind when i started to rework it.
  10. Nah, i hope to get 'Baldurs Gate III' and 'Cyberpunk 2077' on it too. It will be interesting to see what happens when all the modders get let loose on Cyberpunk... Interesting and scary at the same time. Apocalypse is a big no-No-NO from me. 😛 Atm i'm considering Immersive Carry Weight Spells and Immersive Spell Learning. And there was a mod that changed the mage quest so you actually had to study (no more acolyte to archmage in three days). And i still hate how that lackluster quest gets forced on you! I'll take a look at 'Spell Research'. Sounds, from the name, to be right my alley... ________________________________________________ Its views like this when i know i'm on the right track ________________________________________________ Btw. my friend got lucky (i rolled a 1 on a d20) and i'll go the 'i come in peace and bring breakfast' routine (better than his 'IT breakfast' of Coca-Cola and a cigarette) before pestering him about the new drive.
  11. Thanks to something totally unexpected (thankfully no one was around to see my face when i got the PM) my issues with storage will be resolved in a few days... Thanks A LOT for that. Raising a mug of mead in your honor.
  12. Maybe i should stop posting on what i'm working atm... 🤔 That stuff is NOT final!
  13. I leave that up to you. Also if i post as a text here or set a link to a video or a website. The one about building the dungeon will be very interesting to me. I have no idea where i would even start such a project (and i still have so much material from my selfwritten RPG). @johnny0183 Hope you won't mind if i use your entry from post #3147 for 'Tips and Tricks'. Thanks - Added
  14. Keeping track... Next bunch of screenshots added. Preview slowly gets filled again... Fixed an error and changed some descriptions.
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