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  1. @jaeos That's easy. Don't use my (upcoming) predone bodyslides and skip the group LL. _________________________________________________ There's no 'orange line' anymore...
  2. @ascendentkunglao Check the last entry of the 'Status Update'. There's one i'm considering to add. @jaeos Then i'd have to mark every single entry. But seriously, the whole game with all the blood and gore isn't for small children. Especially with all the textures that make it even more obvious. Btw. more than 50% done.
  3. Master? *turns around* Where? True. But it can backfire spectaculary. Thats exactly why i hated DD so much. I was very happy when i could remove it. __________________________________________________ @All For those interested in FO4. You can start to download the first 5 8 11 groups (the orange line is where you should stop) of my Fallout IV for Beginners. I'll continuously update the guide within the next few days (thankfully the worst part is already done).
  4. @ExampleJohn I'm using CBBE. And for switching: 'FallRimTools' is a great help. I've been using this for some time now and, if you don't overdo it, it saved quite a few of my chars.
  5. It does. If you read all of it. I'll give you a hint: You're right. But almost every weapon and armor gets replaced. So i guess it wouldn't be of much use. ___________________________________________________ Physics finished. Part 1 updated - Finetuning textures...
  6. Please recheck the last 'Status Update'. It is already in there... 😛
  7. I don't change anything and just let it run its course.
  8. I think that is caused by 'ENB Light'. __________________________________________________ Finally got the body for FO4 right. Two days gone for just that part alone.
  9. Yes, it has been asked before, and the answer will always be a solid NO! @Fakenet I'd be very happy with a 1080 as i only got an old Radeon 570.
  10. Have you read the first page? Especially post #3 (and the rest wouldn't be bad too). Plus there are already mods in there that are not in the list... Get it running first before you add things!
  11. Strange. Do you have Odin installed? This one gives its spells and staffs to enemies too and that might be a bit overkill for your system (you got to be extremely careful about the wenches).
  12. @NismoMan Go with the newest Cathedral. If we need a specific version i add(ed) that information to the list.
  13. Yep those slides are a lot of work. I think i finally got my own for FO4 right. Havn't got one. But with the ENB and Reshade i don't need it. I don't use that 3BBB body as i had some problems with it. But your description points to either skeleton or physics. Check the entry for 'Physics' in 'Troubleshooting'.
  14. Yes, of course. Otherwise i'd mention it. Might be 'Windows Shadows' or 'Dynamic Volumetric Lighting and Sun Shadows'. Recheck the group, you got something wrong there. Havn't got around that yet. I assume thes use the same slot. No. Two patches doing the same. Hmm, what could possibly go wrong... In 'Embers XD'.
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