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  1. Thats why i'm awake now (had to set the clock for the end of my 327th rerun of DynDOLOD and run some tests). Updated the info for that mod: It will be removed with the next update. One thing less to worry about... ___________________________________________________ And now back to catch more
  2. Something like this doesn't help at all! 👎 Its 4 o'clock in the morning and, you know, sometimes i need some sleep too. ___________________________________________________ In the message there's a link to a FAQ. Did you guys try that? In the message there's a link to a 'Support Forum'. Did you guys try that? I'd guess that the creator of a mod might know its creation better than me... There's also the option to simply deactivate that patch for sexlab. Did you guys try that? I got no idea why a patch, which worked (for several months now) perfectly fine before, suddenly is the possible cause of an issue. As far as i can tell that is a false positive as we actually want the original file to get overwritten.
  3. Only if the lost levels gets added (what i don't know yet).
  4. @Largelarry420 And doing so you added quite a few bugs. See 'Not recommended mods'...
  5. When you not buy it then you get 'Survival', 'Fishing' and 'Saints and Sinners' if you already have all expansions. Otherwise that what @alaunus01 wrote. But the update to the game will most likely be done in both cases and that will break a lot of mods. @MK198914 Its in the description/comments of the mod. ___________________________________________________ Nailing down the last texture errors. The map almost looks right (so there are still some hidden 'almost right' textures), but it is way better and not so obvious as before. I still think 'Fluffy Snow' looks off. When we get snow here it is much smoother and the top is usually frozen too. But with that amount of endorsements the OA must have gotten something right... Anyway, so far this is the only snow texture (already tested a few) that doesn't cause any issues and blends well with the other mods for the landscape. Atm. it looks like those will be changed
  6. Its OK. As i'm primarily using AMD for years now it is interesting to see whats offered across the border (so to speak). Also i see this as a part of modding so i'm fine with general talk about hardware.
  7. SRA - Simply Realistic Armor You don't want to bodyslide those...
  8. There already is an entry regarding AV in post #3. __________________________________________________ Waiting for the last crash of the 'grass cache' generation... __________________________________________________ Starting to look good First steps of improving the shadows work too.
  9. Thats up to you... @yeah758 1. Bigger pics still belong into spoilers. 2. It doesn't matter how often someone 'discovers' this mod. It only hides the problem, but it doesn't fix it. For a fix you have to check the LO or if a patch is missing. __________________________________________________ Added a small 'how-to' to check if the creation of the grass cache is working. Added informations for settings of the creation of the tree LOD. Removed already fixed bug entries. __________________________________________________ The creation of the textures for DynDOLOD is really strange. Sometimes it is really fast and the next time it crawls on a snails pace... The 'Defender AV' is not much help either. The selfactivation of its functions might well play into it.
  10. @Jessica_Degurechaff Yeah, that one is difficult (no idea what the OA did there). For the moment leave it there. I'll take a look what can be done about it... @wollboi @Jessica_Degurechaff Exact location? Afaik this only happens when you use an already existing save, a missing patch, broken textures or there's something wrong with the LO.
  11. You wanted to know what to do with the ESM and ESL and where to place them. Or did i completely misunderstand that in post #7831? OK, thats helpful. I'll take a look although this can take a while 'til i get there (don't want to start the claw or the dragons yet). @Apollonir 1. If you have something that changes objects or the landscape, the yes (when in doubt rerun the patcher). 2. You can't afaik. 3. There are a few mods that rely on each other. Like that a lot of the lighting mods require an ENB. 3BBB can require Sexlab (installation option), etc. 4. Either complete it or skip it. Otherwise there will be issues. 5. Atm its normal. I, and others, are working on fixing it. But a lot of them are more 'info' than a real 'warning'. 6. Nope, unless you added armors. The predone files are there so can skip the entire process of bodyslides.
  12. @asebw Both companies are now owned by Microsoft. So it is possible (but i wouldn't hold my breath on it). @Largelarry420 1. Bigger pictures belong into spoilers. 2. That seems to be a bug of the house there. There's nothing i could do about that mod and we'd need an update for it. 3. But it shouldn't flicker. Repeating foam, yes - flickering texture, no. @Jessica_Degurechaff Have you taken a look at the screenshot in installation? Propably not... __________________________________________________ The mods for snow are tricky, one was way to bright (must burn your eyes on HDR) and another one only caused texture problems. I'm not completely happy but 'Fluffy Snow' seems to be the way to go. I also discovered what mod caused the 'almost right' textures and of course it was the last mod i checked. The mod 'Majestic Landscapes' contains some changes to textures so those are just a tiny bit off. I'm working on upgrading my texture pack so that those glitching textures get overwritten. I only wish they were easier to see. The next mod i'm taking a look at is 'HDT-SMP Racemenu Hair or Wigs'. Hopefully it won't cause the issues we had before...
  13. @asebw Yep, someone already posted the comment from the guys who make SKSE. And it is even worse than i feared... It will be weeks, if not months, 'til everything works again. And some mods might get lost forever as the OA arn't active anymore. FO3 already got the same treatment which broke a huge number of mods. I guess FONV and FO4 will be next should they get an update too. @kesryth I very much doubt it will play nice with JK and Sepolcri. @yeah758 That sums it up nicely.
  14. @Jessica_Degurechaff That one is already in the list. Btw. be careful with replacers for horses. Those tend to cause problems (be it textures or compatibility). __________________________________________________ The new textures for the mountains are way more complicated than i thought. I'll have to add new snow textures as well and then dig through all overwritten textures so the right ones will be used and several additional patches seem to be required too... Another thing are the changed meshes. If the textures don't match this simply won't work and i doubt that some previously added mods will work with them at all. Looks like this will be one of the mods that sets a lengthy chain of changes (and required checks) in motion and i found my work for the next week(s?).
  15. @Temphyx Do what you like. When it comes to sexlab SMP is often enough glitchy so i prefer CBPC. __________________________________________________ Updating the instructions for DynDOLOD 3. The two folders are not needed anymore: DynDOLOD Landscape Output LOD32 isn't used anymore DynDOLOD AO Output Is now integrated in DynDOLOD 3. You can keep it, but on a new run of DynDOLOD delete it and use the integrated tool. Reworking the description Done Updating the instructions Done Who would have thought that an update to a single mod would cause so much work... Now its back to the mountain textures.
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