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  1. Previous update Updating status to '3.0.6'. Updating the section for the trees. This fixes the visual problems that popped up. I also added all the mods i tested in the last weeks This does require a rerun of DynDOLOD. Changes: Splitting 'Weapons and Armor' into 'Weapons' and 'Armor' REMOVED mods: Foundation: Enhanced Vanilla Trees SE Billboards Redundant Tree Pineforest Branch Causes problems EEKs Renthal Flora Collection Update Replaced Skyrim 3D Plants Cut (File) Replaced Armor: zzjay's Wardrobe - SSE CBBE BodySlide Physics not working properly Left Hand Ring Left Hand Ring Icon for SkyUI SE LL: Apropos 2 Texts way too mixed up, no continuation Jaxonz MCM Kicker SE Can be done via console Sexlab Sperm Texture Replacer 1b Replaced TB Painterly Cum Texture Replaced ADDED/MOVED mods: Foundation: High Poly Blackreach Mushrooms Better looking mushrooms. Textures: Cork Retexture A nice mini-mod. Snowberries HD Texture Option 3D Pine Grass Finally some 3D grass (i hope there will be more) Remiros' Dragonborn Alcohol HD Nice little update for those bottles too. Creatures: Butterflies Unchained Not perfect but way better than vanilla. High-Res Dartwing (Dragonfly) Texture Small but nice mod. Physics and Animation: (Optional) DAR - Diverse Random Block idle This is more for the 3rd person players Armor: Early-Middleages Helmets pack SSE Moved within the group Wear multiple Rings Requires one ESP and one mod less than 'Lefthanded Rings'. CC's UHD Stalhrim Weapons and Armor Moved within the group Reliquary of Myth - Artifact Overhaul Moved within the group Natural Dragon Priest Mask Textures Moved within the group Weapons: Auriel's Weaponry (Primarily the bow, the rest is up to you) Now all bows look good. Override: Enter the College of Winterhold without joining Now we got a choice if and when we want to start this questline. LL: Mfg Fix PC Head Tracking and Voice Type Patch LipSync Fix (Optional) ABC (Optional) SLACS - SexLab Advanced Cum Stages (Optional) SLACS textures replacer (Optional) Fill Her Up Baka Edition Does work without issues Final: (Optional) Puffy Nipple Sliders CBBE 3BBB - SL Triggers compatible patch UPLOAD: None atm. ________________________________________________ As usual the site crashed a few times so i had to rework post #2 several times. 🤨
  2. Wait a bit. I'm still checking a few things but i'm prepping a new update (hopefully really the last one this year) and i'll be removing/changing a few things which are relevant for Dyndolod. ________________________________________________ 278th rerun Dyndolod: Tweaked a few things and i hope this will be my final run. Works as i intended. ________________________________________________ I'll make an update tomorrow. In the last two days i've been working on this for ~16 hours and i need a break...
  3. Thats strange. Then it should run without issues. The only time when i had issues was when JContainers released a broken update, but that has been fixed some time ago.
  4. Nope. I doubt my video card would even allow gaming at that resolution. That would require a lot of more horsepower than what i got... The planned update of my system will allow it. But that is still months away thanks to the overall availability of parts.
  5. Wait a sec... If you recreate/update the bashed patch Dyndolod has to be deactivated in MO2 (texture and overwrite). Otherwise there will be problems.
  6. I'm running an old Radeon 570 and got ~30 FPS (with all the bells and whistles installed). There's an entry regarding hardware and everything above that should run fine.
  7. There's one thing i learned while creating the list: patience. Just rushing through will likely end up with something broken. Also reading the stuff the OA puts up (and the last page of comments) is a must, especially when it comes to new mods. Then rechecking if something changes becomes important too... For the tree textures the first page was quite small when i downloaded and installed it - now 'some' restrictions were added and i'll drop that mod. Too many hoops to jump through. ______________________________________________ Regarding mfgfix. We need two mods and a patch to get that working properly. Three days ago i was running through that area making quests and fighting off dragons. No CTDs. That is one of the spots i heavily use in my testphase (same as the areas around Riften, Whiterun, Windhelm and Markath). In the end i'm criss-crossing everything to check for anomalies, especially when an area was modded. ______________________________________________ Small thing to add to Jaeos runthrough. Deactivate Dyndolod and get your PC indoors when you change or update Dyndolod! ______________________________________________ Now back to Dyndolod here. I simply hate redoing that! 277th rerun Dyndolod: Completely removed the added branch textures and now everything works. The old ones were better and less problematic.
  8. It might cause problems as the LO determins what gets priority. Nope. Unless you want the standard 2D trees and not the 3D ones. I doubt that. So many people 'identified' different mods as the cause of their problems... Especially doubtful when it is a mod that has been in the list for a long time. Sounds more to me that something didn't work as it should (download or extraction) or something is missing (like a patch). ________________________________________________ Right now i'm trying to find out why some pines look more like a partially plucked chicken than a normal one. 273rd rerun Dyndolod: Billboards make no difference. Looks like the additional ones arn't really needed and the problem is more texture related. 274th rerun Dyndolod: treepineforestbranchcomp.dds seems to be the problematic texture. Digging deeper... 275th rerun Dyndolod: Replacing the texture fixed the behaviour (closeup and distant). Checking snowy areas now. Looks like only some of the non-snowy pines were affected. Retesting the lush version now. 276th rerun Dyndolod: Hmm, the textures seem to break the lush trees too. Tomorrow i'll try with a different mod.
  9. There's no wrong version. The only thing is that some of the custom trees got a noticable pop-in (so i can't recommend using those). Imho it boils down to either 'vanilla trees' or 'lush' and then 'standard size' or 'larger trees'. When it comes down to performance i'd go 'standard/vanilla'.
  10. @komupuro I'll temporarily reupoload it here. Done Reinstall it and check the pathing. V8R2 for CBBE @Varithina V8 R2 works fine with CBBE/3BBB. @wollboi There are two versions of TML (one in LOS and a separate one). Some patches work with both, some don't. @ascendentkunglao Telling us the location would help... DynDOLOD The 'new' version works. But it is even more 'prissy' (as someone else remarked). You have to clean its cache even between the texture generation and the final LOD creation. Otherwise there will be sideeffects like floating rock formations, floating trees and other strange things.
  11. No. Some mods require those edits. Might be DynDOLOD. Deactivate that one for a testrun. Already tested and didn't end up in the list. Just reinstall it when the patches show up in the list. This way all files end up in the right spot. @EvilCampinCow Thats a problem with the glowmaps of DynDOLOD. The second pic shows how they always should look like. For spells that is normal. Each spell got a different effect so they also look different. ________________________________________________ Sadly Shiny Wet Rocks Fix didn't work out. So my patch is still the best option atm. The floating rock formation is gone too. Testing Perfect Terrain LOD next. I always wanted to include the tool but setting it up and using it is a real pain. Thankfully someone did all that work for me... And it looks WORSE than what we have atm.
  12. The basic FNIS is still required for some animations, the one for creatures can be skipped. That's why it is flagged 'Optional' and 'Only needed if you add animations for creatures'. The normal 'standard' animations are already in the game. But, and thats the problem, it might be used for additional animations as well. There are a few mods that improve riding and those could require it. ________________________________________________ Regarding the rings (which btw work fine here):
  13. Next on my list is Shiny Wet Rocks Fix. If that one works out i can drastically reduce the size of the texture patch (which was mainly created to achieve this). _______________________________________________ Now i got floating rock formations... Got to check more.
  14. Couldn't agree more. I got an 1600 so the multicore should work fine. It could be Jaxonz MCM Kicker SE acting up (which will be kicked off the list next time). Did you clean them with 'Fallrim Tools'? If so i hope you didn't remove several mods with ESP/ESM at the same time (aka max two). That seems to sometimes cause problems later on. Not really. My guess would be a script going bonkers...
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