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  1. I'll give it a run. If i find something off i'll tell you about it. I like Sheo too much not to test it... But why do we have to steal them (at least the first one)?
  2. Replaced 'EVA Body' with 'Greek Goddess'. That one works much better.
  3. @BillRexton You could try this: Test procedure for 3BBB and HDT-SMP
  4. If you constantly improve something the changes are slow and you don't really notice it. And then you find an older screenshot... Older version of my guide. Newest version of my guide. It proves that over time even small changes add up.
  5. Still working around DynDOLOD (and it is still a pain to work with). And the ambient Occlusion doesn't seem to do much. Run #283 incoming... But i found something interesting: If you constantly improve something the changes are slow and you don't really notice it. And then you find an older screenshot... __________________________________________________ Maybe some of you will find this useful. The save is just before selecting the starting point of the game and every mod, that has been active at this point, has been configured. This should save you quite so
  6. @zattoru Darn. I can't give enough likes for that post... I might borrow that one. @Dvisraak You have to read more (and thats something i can't help with). There's a reason why there are several posts regarding the list on page #1. 1. Overview 2. Modlist 3. Installation - Recommended Settings 4. Screenshots 5. Troubleshooting 6. Tips and Tricks - Start up 7. Downloads In other words: the modlist is the loadorder!
  7. @zattoru First of all: screenshots belong into spoilers! Second: JPG not PNG! 1. Hair not set up correctly. 2. Missing textures. ___________________________________________________ Managed to fix the conflict between 'Sleep Tight SE' and 'Go to Bed'. We need to add 'Sleep Tight no boots' and then set the 'Sleepwear' in 'Go to Bed'. Updating the list and post #4978. Done
  8. That are awful big billboards... I guess thats an error the OA made. I'd stick with the older version (aka 1.3.2) for now. Added that to the list.
  9. On my side he isn't blonde... Maybe the look got baked into the savegame? I'll take a look into it... __________________________________________________ @wollboi @Sinastra €1: With 'Beards' there is a slight discoloration. Without 'Beards' there is a very obvious difference. Different lighting: €2: Gone through several mods now. There's always a slight discoloration and with some mods it becomes quite obvious. Seems there's nothing i can do from my side about it.
  10. @RedAcer I have just started the game with an older savegame. Worked here... The list is the same as mine here (just checked to make sure). Please check your LO if it is the same as here: Also have you rerun the 'Bashed Patch'? __________________________________________________ Oh, almost forgot: i did rerun 'NetImmerse Override Cleaner' and 'Skyrim Skse Cleaner'. It might be unrelated to the update, as i usually run those at the end of each month, but you never know.
  11. I couldn't agree more (and i tested quite a few). I've also tried some presets like Gen Body (were different ones at that time, but those i used are gone) to have a wider range regarding the body. But then you run into a big problem with the textures. Slim types don't need a shadow below the breasts, but heavier ones require a shadow to look good. That should be easy to make, but we only have one texture for the skin available in the game. And if you try to find a mix between the two extremes it will still look off. That's why i made the upgrade (and being a
  12. WHAT THE ...! How's that even possible? So much for a nice afternoon playing Skyrim... Fixing right NOW! Done I hate having to go through 30 pages of a thread to find what you're looking for!
  13. Previous update Updating status to '3.1.2'. Yes, the modlist on page #1 has also been updated. This should fix the problems with the patches. Sadly it does require some movement of mods. REMOVED mods: Override: Sleep Tight SE Fixes Redundant ADDED/MOVED mods: Armor: Unique Armors Ciri's Outfit (The Witcher 3) Moved within the group Ciri's Out
  14. Plans for the next update. REMOVAL ADDING/MOVING Patches Updated CHECKING ❓ Maidens of Skyrim - Serana ❓ Serana Dialogue Add-On ❓ Serana Dialogue Add-On - RDO Patch ❓ Serana Dialogue Add-On - SL Patch ❓ Steepfall Burrow - Revisited ❓ Ustengrav - Revisited ❓ DAR - Feral - Go for the Throat ❓ Sleep Tight no boots ❓ Somebody Else's Problem ❓ Hermaeus Mora - Water and tentacles
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