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Sexlab Defeat

Baka Edition



◎ Original Thread



◎ What changes?


- Revamped overall old Defeat motions and boring vanilla motions

- Removed unnecessary required mods(Like...Breakable Undies)

- Solved the compatibility issues with BaboDialogue

- Some minor tweaks for personal preference.

- Independent creature struggle motions support (WIP) - 1.1V supports wolf, skeever, draugr


◎ Future plan?


The main purpose is overall improvement and maintenance.

I tend to let it be as it is excepting patching up some old bugs and adding custom motions for immersion so that other modders might make some improvements or add-ons.





- Sexlab Framework 1.62v LE / SE

- SLAX  or  Sexlab Aroused Redux LE BakaFactory Edited Version    /  Sexlab Aroused Redux SE BakaFactory Edited Version

- Silent Voice - Fus-Roh-Du(h)


- SkyUI


- UIExtensions

- Baka Motion Data Pack 



- Dynamic Animation Replacer


Known Issues


- NPC vs NPC has many issues to solve. I strongly recommend you turn it off till they are fixed.





Preview Site



Modders Note


- You can use my animation resource here. You are always free to use it as long as you credit me. You don't have to gain permission from me. If it's money related, please contact me for permission.

Edited by factoryclose

What's New in Version 1.50


Change Log(1.4V)

- Added AshHopper Assault struggle motion

- Added DwarvenCenturion(from SLAL) Assault struggle motion

- Added Boar(BoarMounted) Assault struggle motion

- Added Netch Assault struggle motion

- Added Giant Spider Assault struggle motion

- Revamped Troll Assault struggle motion

- No more annoying standing motion after the event

Change Log(1.41V)

- Bugfix: Aggressor Hotkey didn't work properly

- Bugfix: Wrong Chaurus struggle motion


Change Log(1.45V)

- Bugfix: Control unavailable even after QTE bar is filled.(hopefully)

- Added GetUp motions.

- Added Chaurus Reaper escape motion.


Change Log(1.50V)

- Compatibility patch for Baka Motion Data Pack 1.2V

- Added Large Spider QTE motion

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