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  1. All I did was ask what "MSM" was. Sorry if that offended you.
  2. First reaction was "oh great, another tweaks mod" but actually some of those things are nice.
  3. So if I can attempt to summarize all that: Quest #1: 1. Companions want another wolf, hear story about a particularly dangerous one 2. Initial pacification/taming is done by werewolfing and demonstrating dominance, who fucks who establishes the hierarchy 3. Since the Shield-Sisters are all busy, ask player/follower to be the stand-in female 4. Go looking, don't find, talk about plan, return to Jorrvaskr 5. Werewolf-able Companion males could do occasional freelance work at the Mansion (plus an appropriate amount of sex somewhere in there) Q
  4. Option for what? I don't think it's reasonable to keep a dragon on-call like the other animals. Back to the sentience thing. But repeatable/random quests involving dragons, certainly. Due this month. I had to take my "one client quest" and turn it into two three four, due to complexity of trying to cram so much into the one I started with, but that just means each one can be that much simpler. Otherwise I'm mostly trying to test stuff.
  5. You can Follow a download to find out when the author edits the download, but this isn't a download.
  6. I think I'll end up making her marryable. Hell, maybe even Jesper and Jala too, since all three of them are going to get story arcs.
  7. Not that I can think of. I typically update every 1-2 weeks and just about always on Sunday evening or Monday morning (US time). The thread title changes with the date and most recent post number.
  8. Looks like I forgot to write it down, but someone did suggest that there should be options to RP someone who's reluctant but ultimately willing to try stuff. It's on my to-do list when I reevaluate dialogue across the board. I figured Siddgeir as a perv who wouldn't mind seeing women get debased or whatever, yet with enough money/business sense to consider that it could become a profitable business for him to exploit. Or on the other hand, if people did revolt and burn the place down, Thaena would still be on the hook for the loan money. Or if the idea turned out to be to
  9. If you're thinking of a one-time thing during the main quests, yes, and I know exactly where to put it.
  10. There's a whole bunch of holidays to choose from. Some would make most sense as themed parties, others maybe something else. edit: Without trying too hard I came up with 22 holidays and Daedric summoning days that could make sense to host some special event.
  11. Added: Devious Strike - beta Added: Sacrificial Spriggan - Redux Added: Wartimes - a daughter's tale Upgraded: Dark Arena SSE Updated: Naked Defeat SE - same mod, new link Edited: Devious Devices - Equip - is compatible with DD 4, is not included in DD 5 (so nothing to comment about) Taken Down: City Bondage - author quit LL
  12. There isn't much variety in 3P+ animations that I've seen. Like, it's mostly draugr and rieklings. I do intend to pull in more animals, but I can't really do it when they're all stuck in tiny rooms in the basement... To me, it's not so much about "monsters" but about certain levels of sentience. You can kinda get away with locking up a few draugr, since they're dead and essentially mindless, but giants and rieklings and werewolves and dragons and (transformed) vampires and falmer? Those rooms are practically prison cells. Size, of course, is another conce
  13. 1. Get the doors set up, including positioning their yellow markers (and make sure they're on the floor, not floating above it) 2. Add navmesh triangles 3. Make sure each of the doors' markers are sitting on one of your red triangles 4. Finalize cell meshes, and confirm that the triangles those markers were on have turned green
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