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  1. I already am, actually. I used to split the weekend between the two, but now it's all for AM4 and I spend Monday doing the list update. Lately has been a few weeks of some big changes. Another month or so to complete everything I'm doing to it and I should be back to normal.
  2. Annnd breathe out... Added: COW Girl - bikini Added: Craft-More SSE Added: Daedric Museum of Artifacts Added: DDAccessories 1.0 - Glowing Halos and Rings Added: Dragonscale Bikini SSE Added: Dwarven Devious Cuirass SSE Added: Extra Pocket SE Added: FallrimTools Added: Forsworn Women Topless SE Added: Free Death Camera Added: Heights Corrected Added: Just4u.FF7RE Cloud Strife - SE Added: Lilithya Silverstorm Added: Morihaus SE Added: Morrowind Dwemer Resources Added: Morthal's Ghastly Mine Added: Naked Mage SE Added: Namira's Skyrim + Decorations SE Added: New Body for Aela Added: Nice Face Added: Nude Yngvild Spirits SE Added: OP Werewolf Form Added: Scottish Basket Hilt Broadswords SE - two mods Added: SexLab Animation Tag Editor SE Added: SkyHunks for SSE Added: Skyrim Social Conscience Series - P1 - Julius Cretak - Scholar Speech Added: SOS - Grower Extended SE Added: Soulsborne Sound FX SSE Added: Start video replacement SSE Added: Vie101010 Male Casual Clothing SE Added: Vigilant of Stendarr Added: Wear Your Helmet SE Added: SLAL: RohZima - this is a new pack Updated: BeeingFemale SE - linking to the instructions and downloads by maxshlong instead of the main mod page Updated: Spectator Crowds Ultra Edition - linking to the new SE page, even though it currently points you to the LE page Adjustments to how some mods are listed to take advantage of a few internal changes This is the last big "green checkmarks" update, I think. Upcoming updates will focus more on the unported stuff.
  3. It is very awkward having them outside. And what I have that tries to keep them in the stable makes the situation a little worse. Things will be much different later in the storyline. Until the player reaches that point (a handful of quests after the skeevers) I'll try to do something else - like I had attempted to use the single larger wooden stable model instead of two of the small ones there now, but couldn't find a good way to position it near the building. It's also harder to solve given there are two horses instead of one, but I really don't want to give up on having one of each sex whenever possible... Although... maybe I could postpone doing that until later... because it's not like the female dog and horse are really that important... No, no, I'm creating more work for myself if I do that. ...and it was at this point in writing this post that I started to go off on a tangent about my feelings of taking the "Animal Mansion" concept and doing what I wanted, but then I went to check the original mod page for sky_mds's precise wording around permissions and saw another blob of big lettering that I didn't remember seeing previously really outright saying that anyone can do anything they want with it - be that fixing it up or creating a whole new mod. And I've spent months wrestling with the decision of whether I'm fixing or recreating, and therefore the decisions around how I should be approaching what I do with it. So perhaps I should rethink my feelings and intentions. Not about whether I want to do this work, I definitely still do want to do it. I mean about how I've been making choices regarding the separation between old and new. "What would I do if I could create a mod based on the Animal Mansion concept purely as a concept?" Ugh. Creating even more work for myself. And I still haven't completed today's Compatibility List update...
  4. It's possible you had used the console to move past that stage, or did something else. I don't know how that could be. If they walked back then that means their AI package led them there, but that package ends after the objective is completed - and even more so, ends when the quest ends. If they were listed in the "Zoo" MCM then they should also have packages to keep them around the Mansion's stables. If you still had the mod and were also using an improved console mod (like More Informative Console) then I would ask you to find out what package they were using. That would at least confirm what is causing them to hang around the stables.
  5. When you bring them back, did the objective complete? Judging by their IDs? How? They should be temporary FFxxxxxx forms. They're spawned in Markarth but once you reach the Mansion's stables (and the objective completes) then they should hang around there instead.
  6. With what? On my side of things? There's progress every week - this last weekend I got most of the way done getting rid of my popup thing and replacing it with a more correct mechanism, and I'll be spending my entire next weekend adding in the last new quest. Which I think is the last thing I have left to do. Just need to stop finding things to fix...
  7. Go ahead. I thought all files were already compatible with LE, and even tested them myself a while back, but I guess not? My first thought was the "CTD" was because of a missing master.
  8. ...if you don't already own SE yet. There's two flavors of the AE version. As far as I've heard: Skyrim SE Skyrim AE Price Free upgrade At least $40 USD, probably more Fishing Yes Yes Survival Mode Yes? Yes Saints and Seducers (CC) Yes? Yes Other CC mods No Most if not all
  9. Next update scheduled for Sunday/Monday. Until then, if you want to use BeeingFemale, get it from this post because the main download is a bit out of date.
  10. What about it? If there's a memory leak then there's a memory leak. Could explain some percentage of random CTDs people experience. Not much I can do about it. Have you reported the issue on Nexus or GitHub?
  11. Not only has MatchMaker been officially ported to SE, a good majority of mods are compatible with SE too. I mean, I'm only one person so I can only speak to what I know, but... If you don't want non-consensual/rape mods then don't install any of those and pick something else instead. edit: If you don't know where to start, the Index has a list of many mods and with brief descriptions.
  12. To be precise, the category is the LE category if I've been able to associate the mod with an LE version, or the SE category if not. That's why there's a "Quest" and a "Quests".
  13. This one's a bit of a doozy. Added: DARK MAGICAN GIRL and more!!!! Added: DDWardrobe - Nu-Goth Outfit #1 - WIP Added: doa marie rose bhunp body SE Added: ElfNord Preset SE Added: Faster Mod Setup Notifications SE Added: Fertility Adventures SE Added: Hel Rising SE Added: HoT&WeT SE Added: Mae Little-Fire Added: Maelstrom - Norse Dungeon Quest Mod Added: Male dialogue Added: Mighty Beasts - Vampire Lord Added: More Vampire Eyes Added: My Vanilla Races Added: NL4 U NPC 2 Added: Race Delimited Vampire Lord Added: SexLab sslAnimationSlots 2000 SE Added: sextoys bonus se Added: SKYGIRL BOOK, Vol.1 - Boobs, SE Added: Stalhrim Bikini SSE Added: VO Succubus Rape Spell Added: What am I Ported: Mighty Beasts - Werewolf Ported: Prettier Bandits SSE Ported: Riding Styles 2 SE Ported: SexLab Raven Beak Prison Upgraded: BeeingFemale SE Upgraded: SexLab Aroused Creatures SE Upgraded: SexLab Pleasure SE - and linking to the author's port, but keeping a link to nomkaz's because I'm confused Updated: Maria Eden SE - now linking to the author's port (it's a little newer) and keeping nomkaz's as an additional link Updated: SKSE - version 2.0.20 released October 2nd Updated: Skyrim Bump Ride - linking to the SE version, though both LE and SE pages say they're compatible with the other Renamed: Alien Queen SE - added the suffix Edited: Radiant Prostitution/Gigolo SE - linking to Patch for Mihail's Succubus by Neydzz Added a blurb about the upcoming Anniversary Update on November 11th Removed the MfgConsole entry and listed Mfg Fix and opparco's separately, given that this isn't really significant anymore Switched the primary list back to a categorized version, but now it's based on the LoversLab category for the file (or Other if not applicable) I could actually keep going - there's more. But it's late and I think I forgot to eat today.
  14. Currently I use a terrible method for getting that popup to appear, and it's very incompatible with other mods that also want popup actions. I'll be switching to a better method soon. In the meantime, do you have Aroused Creatures or even MatchMaker installed? The popup that this mod provides is provided as a convenience - it's not necessary to use it for progression, and in fact you're encouraged to use more interesting options (such as AC's invite action). She's definitely not supposed to become hostile. I don't know what happened there... Was it only once or multiple times?
  15. Re: "should I install and play this?" My official stance is: please do, but not on your normal save and/or don't hold onto the saves you make once you install it. Because occasionally I may change things that will force you to do make a clean save and reinstall, and that's a risky process. To encourage this I'm adding quest skipping so at any point you'll be able to take your normal save, install the mod, skip whatever quests you've seen before and start where you want, and then throw it away. I do expect to reach a normal release within the next couple versions where it will be safe to install on a real save. As for content, it's trickling in. There isn't any repeatable content released yet but that's coming. If you're really itching for stuff, consider Animal Mansion Plus; playing that will spoil stuff in this version, but the further in we go the more I'm doing stuff differently so it won't be that bad.
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