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  1. Then I think what you're looking for was going to happen already: leveled creatures in the general case of "I need to put a <thing> here", then for more specific use cases there would be a more specific creature (for example, I don't think Temba has seen a snow bear). Choosing between species is really going to be up to the quest. It's not like a spawned creature will be totally random among everything available - the quest is going to want a spriggan, so you could be level 1 and still have the spriggan. Sub-species too, like a "mother spriggan" is a separate thing from a regular spriggan. But from there it'll be random. It's like enemy NPCs. Bandit versus Forsworn is a choice, mage bandit versus melee bandit is a choice, but after that it's leveled. This last update dropped a Really Big And Painfully Obvious hint as to one idea I have, and it's specifically catered to those types of animals, but otherwise supporting an animal is a matter of designing the quest for it. So the issue isn't about whether to support those animals but rather how. I still am, and will always be, looking for ideas...
  2. The primary goal of AMX is to have quests for every single species with animations - vanilla or otherwise. For leveled creatures, I'm not sure what you mean. They're only really about differences in stats. Occasionally there are minor visual differences, but the animations are all the same. Do you have an example?
  3. Next time the need comes up, I'm going to investigate putting a magic effect on the creature that fires when the player goes into a different area and moves the creature to them.
  4. Did you miss the part about "leave ESP alone"? Disable that MO2 warning.
  5. v0.3 - adds MQ02 and the MCM Save files are compatible. Animal Mansion Extended v0.3.0.rar ASOS-HuskyBareCompanion-Patch.esp - patch for Animal SOS users (unchanged from 0.2 and will likely never change) Incomplete list of changes (minor spoilers to old content): TODO (minor spoilers for old content): Walkthrough (tiered spoilers): If you have problems, please include your Papyrus log in your post. Quest skipping is still supported. I think MQ02's skip has a bug, but it wasn't significant enough for me to remember what it is. I'll check it before the next version. setstage amx_MQ00_Prologue 999 setstage amx_MQ01_Dog 999 Q&A (no spoilers):
  6. If the problem is because of something in DD then post here. If not then try Technical Support.
  7. Only temporarily. Theoretically, So the navmesh. It tells the engine information about where NPCs can go and how they get from point A to point B. For the most part it's what places can be walked over, but there's also tidbits like spots that can be jumped down from (the NPC actually jumps down) and what are preferred paths (which is how they'll stay on a road when travelling between locations instead of taking a direct path). They also indicate doors. Spots on the navmesh are linked to doors, and doors are linked to their counterparts on the other side of the loading screen, and those doors are naturally linked to that area's own navmesh, to form a complete chain that the engine can follow. When the engine's pathfinding for an NPC has to make them go across loading screens, the NPC follows the local navmesh to the location of the door, activates the door, then gets moved to the other side. Rinse and repeat until they arrive at their destination. The "activates the door" is a fun little nuance. Races that are flagged as being unable to interact with doors can't do that. But even more than that, a door can have a script attached to it which runs when an actor activates it, and that script can then stop the NPC from using it. Ever notice that followers don't go into the DB Sanctuary? (Couple other places like that too.) It's because while there's all the requirements for navmeshing and such set up, the outside door has a little script on it which recognizes when NPCs interact with it - then stops them from opening it. Fun fact: researched that because the next AMX quest will make use of that scripted capability. Not that there's anything particularly mind-blowing about it. lol no. Not even considering that until 1.0, and even then I very likely will not open-source the mod. Besides, I feel like I'm open enough to suggestions and feedback already. (I do have a local Git repo for it, though, if you're wondering. which reminds me that I forgot to tag 0.3.0.) Ain't given up. The Conversion thread has my soul tied to this plane of existence, so to speak, so as long as I'm still maintaining that then I'll still be working on this.
  8. Now there's a month of my life I wish I could get back. Let me know if I missed anything. Added: Player Gets Necro'd - works as-is Added: Sexlab Framework Sound Replacer Added: SLSF Fame Comments SE - as a link from SLSF Added: SSE Display Tweaks Added: Yiffy Age Extensions - as a link from Yiffy Age of Skyrim Ported: SexLab Pleasure SE Renamed: Fill Her Up SE Taken Down: Arousal Based Breast Adjuster for SE Taken Down: Arousal Based Match Maker Taken Down: Sexlab LightMeUp
  9. No contradictions? Where's the fun in that? Absolutely true. I mean, you're using it for its actual purpose after all. I was thinking more along the lines of regular gameplay. Now I don't know about everyone, but in my game the camera is normally positioned somewhere above the character's head, but if I'm lying on the ground with my legs wrapped around someone (in the game) then a camera 8ft off the ground doesn't really help me (not in the game) follow along with what's happening. So I hit the hotkey to fix that. TFC would give me a lot more control, and would certainly be helpful for those animations that think the "center" of the scene is merely a suggestion in a politely phrased memo, except sometimes I get issues like @puma described where the scene ends and I can't quite move around like I'm supposed to. To each their own, as they say.
  10. Are you disabling TFC before you hit the Change Location key? TFC causes problems if it's enabled when you get player control back. That sometimes includes if TFC is active when the animation ends abruptly. Personally, rather than use TFC, I use a camera mod (Customizable Camera) with an "alternate camera position" feature that can reposition the camera in a more suitable place.
  11. 129/105 is a bit high. Generally those things can be removed, but they don't tend to cause problems so if you're not sure then you can leave them. 5 active scripts is normal. If there were some sort of script lag that was backing up the engine, I would expect that number to be higher as things back up. I forget if you mentioned it already, but how does your Papyrus log look? Jump down to the bottom: do you see a lot of errors? Each line starts with a timestamp; do you see lots of lines being written all at the same time? From there is kinda goes into regular mod troubleshooting: take a look at your mods in-game that do things in the background (eg, Aroused Creatures scans every once in a while) and try disabling them. See if the game lightens up. If so, try enabling them and instead increasing the amount of time between the scans.
  12. Should be alright as long as the author of the thread doesn't notice. Hmm. Seems 2004 as a whole had some issues with SSDs... I was actually spending part of today working towards that very same update (I have WSUS at home and it's being bitchy), but maybe I won't install it just yet.
  13. Theoretically, you could stop and disable the Windows Update service, then download and install cumulative update packs from the Catalog manually when you feel like it.
  14. Start program, load save, wait for it to open, look in list for "Active Scripts". That would be a question for the mod's support thread.
  15. It's not a best practice anymore. It's possible to screw up the conversion (either the person doing it or CK, who knows) while form 43 plugins are completely compatible. So it's some risk versus no risk.
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