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  1. It would be just AMX quests. She's not interested in normal adventuring. So far I don't plan for her to be a follower - neither normally nor temporarily. She would meet you at the location for whatever, perform whatever tasks, and return on her own. Partly because I like the idea of an NPC not being a follower, partly because it doesn't fit with the personality I have in mind, partly because I don't want to deal with the follower system (or worse yet, a custom AI). Hadn't put a whole lot of thought into this part yet, but that sounds reasonable.
  2. I do kinda want to do stuff like that, but making things happen when the player isn't there (which includes setting up scenes to make it appear as if something was happening) has always been a bit flaky for me. It's one thing to teleport actors to positions but another to make them seem to be doing something. At the very least what I can do is fake it by moving Thaena and a client downstairs, then some time after the player enters the building they travel back upstairs.
  3. "Included" how? And make sure you've read through the last page or two where the subject of followers came up (again). With the follower playing the host to the client, yes. It'll be a bit of a stretch to explain why the player has to be there, but that can't be avoided.
  4. Added: Corruption Added: Demonic Creatures Edited: Prison Overhaul Patched - linking to a conversion by Herowynne Edited: Skyrim Utility Mod - linking to a conversion by Herowynne Edited: S.L.U.T.S. Redux SE - see also S.L.U.T.S. Resume
  5. Since Vyxenne reminded me that the spell timer is rather short, and how I frequently find myself having to run around frantically trying to cast spells before the timer expires (often being too late and accidentally starting multiple scenes), here's a patched script to change how that works. The new behavior is (1) the same spell timer as before, then (b) another 60 second timer that waits for you to sheathe/lower your hands (if you haven't already), allowing you to continue casting MatchMaker spells, after which (iii) the scene starts with all the accumulated actors. sslMatch
  6. I had a not-very-secret goal for this mod to inspire some animators to create animations to fill the gaps. One of those "If you build it" things. But in the meantime, yes: there aren't really a whole lot to work with. Example: I wrote support for FFC and FMC bear animations. Turns out there aren't any. I didn't know that at the time, but I'm not going to bother pulling those parts out. Exactly. But it will be implemented specifically for a species so it's not like some random NPC is going to show up with some random creature. In a nutshell, there a
  7. You mean like a pregnancy thing? As long as there's a mod that can handle the pregnancy part then probably, yes.
  8. https://www.loverslab.com/files/category/163-skyrim-special-edition/
  9. Note: the dog sale quest has an opportunity for that. Only possible one time, though, given there are only 3 dogs and each one can only be "used" once. I opted against having multiple same-sex animals because it felt too redundant, and because I was concerned about cramming more animals down there. With a MF pair it was easier to excuse because they each serve different purposes (ie, one for men and one for women), but with that having fallen apart, it's going to be mostly single M creatures now. But the thing to keep in mind is that the standard client quest (bring cli
  10. I considered doing it randomly (leveled lists) but I never heard anybody saying they actually liked the old gray mutt model, so I've been using only the GSD/Husky models.
  11. If you're seeing the Install tab then SexLab is not installed properly. Do you have any mod overwriting SexLab's files?
  12. Saw. Fingers crossed that Bethesda doesn't DMCA it because that thing could be literally game-changing. Worst case they do object, but even then the author might be able to train it on some open-sourced voice samples instead.
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