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  1. I think you might be right: it seems like there's a couple places where some dialogue conditions don't quite match up with each other.
  2. Yeah, that would be one of the "couple other places to fix".
  3. There's partial support for that using an MCM option, which I think starts off disabled, but there are a couple other places to fix before it can be allowed everywhere. But sure, I can do that. Oh. Reminds me that the MCM has overlapping text problems. If you can't read the options on that one page, #1 Allow females to use strapons, thus supporting placing them into "male" positions - yes, use the SexLab setting, no #2 Allow males in female positions, basically meaning that male (N)PCs can use FC/etc. animations - yes, only for non-vaginal animations, no Not
  4. Also overhauled post #2 to serve as a (partial) public dump of some text files I keep regarding plans and quests and stuff. Easier than that table from before that I had stopped maintaining. If it seems overly cryptic and vague, that's because It's only about half of what I have on my computer - what isn't included is various descriptions and notes and such that I'm keeping to myself.
  5. Alright. Let's try this again. Animal Mansion 4 patch v0.4.2.rar Patch 0.4.2 replaces the previous patch. Install in addition to (and overwriting everything in) 0.4. Bugs fixed since 0.4.1 AFAIK: - The thing about the flyers/bear quest not starting. I've confirmed a couple different ways that what I'm doing now (Unique aliases) is supposed to and does in fact work. If the quest does not start after this then you've got some other problem. - Head and hair problems. Using the same sets of files, created by CK SE and then Nif Optimizer-ed to LE, Thaena had a
  6. No plans about having the follower be a client, but I do plan to allow you to bring a follower with you (and the client) downstairs and have the follower play some sort of role. Mostly female, but if I can find something for the guys to do too then I will. Fun fact: I started a little bit on that for the main quest with the client, but my brain got scrambled and I stopped partway through.
  7. I thought I had installed those already, but I don't remember that download page so maybe not...
  8. Oh yay, 1.3 is out. Yes, batch mode will definitely be nice. Now if only I could get GPU mode to work...
  9. I forgot that Nif Optimizer has an LE/SE option. If I can't get one of those file sets working with both games then I'll just 🖕 and make an LE "patch" download. I'd prefer to fix the mesh files themselves instead of needing an SKSE plugin inside the game.
  10. "Update" how? Safest option is no. Clean uninstall of SexLab Light, fresh install of regular SexLab. Treat them like the two separate mods they are.
  11. Bug fixes: Mostly done, forgot about the two I listed in an earlier post and remembered when I went to edit the post just now to upload the patch. Will get those tomorrow morning. SKVA Synth voices in a couple spots - was going to be a surprise but meh: Spent a bit too long toying around with it, generated a few lines for Thaena and Aela, then found out I have to do some bullshit microphone stuff to CK to use them and lost interest. Was going to skip except if I'm fixing those two bugs then I'll try again. In general the quality is decent: with the basic analysis it
  12. Apparently it's a common issue with using SE mods in LE.
  13. Not really a good question for this thread. The main SL forum would be better. Quick answer: give the player a spell with a script-type magic effect that activates at 100 arousal, then have the effect's OnEffectStart do whatever you want.
  14. Sorry, yes, script sources. The compiled .pex ones still go in scripts\. "HEY TASAIRIS, I DID THE THING YOU SAID ABOUT MOVING ALL MY SCRIPTS AND NOW MY GAME DOESN'T WORK ANYMORE" sigh. Yeah, I suppose someone might actually try that... Yup. Then for some dumbass reason, someone at Bethesda said "So I know modders already have to deal with plugin conflicts and texture incompatibilities and all the vanilla bugs from LE we haven't fixed, but is that really enough? Shouldn't we be doing more to piss people off? Oh hey, what if we moved
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