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-SexLab Framework 1.63b1+
-(Optional)SexLab Aroused (Redux), required for dripping based on arousal
-(Optional)Schlongs of Skyrim(full), required for futa support
-(Optional)DDi/Zap, required for gag drooling support


Requires(Flower Girls):
-Flower Girls SE/VR
-(Optional)Aroused (Redux), required for dripping based on arousal
-(Optional)Schlongs of Skyrim(full), required for futa support + PapyrusUtil


Rate Mod if you like it, oh and of course you can support me/futher mods developement/ on My Patreon page
Mod GitHub: Dripping when aroused


1)install MO or NMM
2)finish helgen/ alternate start
3)install mod with correct plugins
*if you get errors, 99% your skyrim is broken or you didn't install dependecies/plugins, but if want to ignore them, use dummy status script to disable mod checks


When female becomes sufficiently aroused, her pussy will start leaking juices.(effect duration 60s)
After having anal or vaginal intercourse, character will leak cum.(effect duration 60s)
Wearing Gag will cause drooling effect.(effect duration 10s)
After having orgasm females will squirt.(adjustable chance)(effect duration 10s)
Having vaginal intercourse will cause character to loose virginity and bleed.(effect duration 60s)
Mod have virginityGO function, how many virginities can you collect in skyrim? Let whole Skyrim know who's Alpha in Skyrim.
When player(character) is aroused enough(arousal light:33 / heavy:66), you will hear heartbeat, breathing and have a blurred vision.
All effects can be had at same time, effects work through clothes, floors (¯\_(ツ)_/¯), affected characters shown in mcm.


Your graphic settings, enb, etc can affect visibility of effects.


Mod runs checks on player character and actors within range every X seconds, If character aroused enough Mod applies hidden spell with 60 seconds duration.


Cheat?: you can set Arousal_threshold to 0 and all females will be dripping(even if you have no SLA)


Modders stuff:




You can restore player/npc virginity by sending ModEvent "RestoreVirginity" with actor form(you will need to manually reset NPCs "SexLab.GetSkillLevel(actor, "Vaginal") > 0" to 0).


You can increase sound volume in CK/TES Edit


You can change breathing sound by replacing with your desired effects

to enable male breathing you need to supply your own sound files, instead of silent:


If you want to compile scripts, you need extracted sources of SL, SkyUi SDK, (for optional plug-ins respective sources: SLA, SOS)



SOS support(hairs etc):
if you have sos hair addon that is not supported you can add it manually to
name of addon can be found with tes5edit - faction - FULL Name


Meshes and textures taken from ZaZ Animation Pack/skyrim, meshes modified to work w/o equipping inventory item

There seems to be 1-2sec warping(visual dissapearence) of charactes in Blue Palace, problem seems to be in zaz fluidity effects, no idea what is the cause or how to fix it.


If you repost/share this mod to other sites, you must add link to mods thread and provide descent translation of everything written on this page.
You are not allowed to post/host/share this mod on cloud storage, torrent sites and file hosting services that:
-force you to wait 15+ seconds and watch advertisements while "your file being prepared" or buy premium to get file instantly crap.
-force to buy premium and sms crap.
-give you money for file downloads/uploads/views/clicks.
-install adware, crapware, trojans, viruses, miners, etc




here could be your ad



What's New in Version 2022-03-03


fixed not_a_virgin json not being loaded

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