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Sexlab Animation Loader SSE


SLAnimLoader registers custom animations with SexLab.  It reads information
about the animations from Data\\SLAnims\\json\\

This makes it possible to add new animations without needing to edit any mods
or do any scripting.  This also makes it easy to change animation tags, actor
positions, sounds, mouth positions, etc.


Dependencies For Users


If you just want to load an animation pack that someone else has already built, this is all you need:

SexLab 1.63+
JContainers SE


Dependencies For Animators

If you want to build your own animation packs, you will also need:

Python 3.x




Just install this normally like you would install any other mod. This mod doesn't come with any animations though, so you will likely want to also install some animation packs as well.


Installing animation packs:


Install animation packs just like you would any other mod. (They need to be unpacked and put into your Skyrim data directory.)


(SLAL packs made for Oldrim must be converted first in order to work in SSE)




After installing the mod, open the MCM menu, select the animations you want to register, then click "Register"




Rebuild the SexLab animation registry after uninstalling this mod to remove any animations it added.


Upgrade Procedure


No clean save or special upgrade steps needed. You will generally want to rebuild the SexLab animation registry after upgrading animation packs, to make sure you pick up the new pack data.


Creating animation packs


Rydin has written up an excellent guide describing how to create animation packs.


The mod itself contains a readme and an example animation pack source file.
Normally you'll want to edit your animation pack source file, then run SLAnimGenerate.py to generate the FNIS lists and the JSON data read by this mod.
You will need to run GenerateFNISforModders.exe if the FNIS lists change.
An example animation pack can be found here.
Additional documentation can be found in the README or in the example source file.


- Credits -


Orxx for the original Skyrim implementation and the permission to port it to SSE


Please don't bother Orxx via his own page about this SSE port!

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