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  1. chevalierx

    Outfit Studio/Bodyslide 2 CBBE Conversions

    can you change that avatar
  2. well i download follower or preset and based on it ,and some time in the shit of racmenu and you need really good mousse and at end am happy with finale version of my work and this is goal am no longer play skyrim but am just modding ............
  3. need Deviously Cursed Loot v6.1 version it only version that translat to french if possible upload ? thank you.
  4. chevalierx

    any one still have old DD

    thank you 1 from 3
  5. chevalierx

    any one still have old DD

    it script and naimation that make game lag
  6. hello i search old device devious 3.xx all 3 because new one is heavy and need more resource from my old pc !!
  7. chevalierx

    Shout Like a Virgin

    are sure ? because it use D.D 4.1 new things ?
  8. chevalierx

    Shout Like a Virgin

    any one have old version that use old DDD <4.0
  9. chevalierx

    enb suggest

    use snaddragon prime lite version search in LL you will found it then go gomapero and download gomaperso luts for sandragon prime in gui enb it custom 1 to 3 and enjoy best enb with less imapct
  10. i will help all you can do to get good face 1- download rya enb1.7 disable multiple weaather 2- download nini texture cos google it 3- dowload cos (clam of skyrim)use only _s texture 4- download gomafollower 1.4 or less ( low play head) and extract face preset , loaded in racemenu , custom face like you wish 5- now search good pose , use gomapero land 6- be artistic and take pic head mesh and racmenu preset gomaperov2.nif gomapero.jslot
  11. you again you have no right to talk or write , but with some efforts i get what i want lol because you have done nothings is juste fake x fake , and i have share the link for your mytic high poly head ( that you can't share , and link is free in halo site) what shame if you want write your story or lie go to another place