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  1. cbbe /3bbb her !! https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/13023 https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/35402
  2. i didn't play fro long time , maybe it time to switch to UUNP NEXT GEN cbbe/3ba get old now , but less armor/armors/support for uunp......................
  3. SE need more pc power cpu/gpu /ctd zero LE need less pc power CPU/GPU / ctd random ( engine 32 suck) even with beast machine and all fix the news mods are better in SE / the older mod are better in LE no one force you to play one of them , it up to you to chose after testing my self after 5 yaers in LE and switch to SE and never go back why ? : no ctd , better performance , less bugs with mods an RPG with more then 200 h with ctd and bugs kill game like (cyberpunk ....)
  4. new version work without using new save , even toyful temptation no bug all tests mcm ok
  5. any one can convert using body studio , deafult skyrim mesh + high poly head it take less then 5 minute
  6. animation that have threesome ( all male /or mix , it depend on npcs join animation ) search on animation pack
  7. 1-yes -not new game -didn't see toys mcm i will try log
  8. i install toys , stoys story , and this mod, i get all mcm the device equip as armor , even toys beging after i read book nothing happend or equip devices, i try 5 cont/corps per cell in 3 diff cell like problem is in toys framework
  9. not working nothing happend even with 100%
  10. where SSe version in download ? or it work with Se and Le ?
  11. animation of 4 p break game , and some time whiping player get out for forniture , surround button not working
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