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  1. it only female that can come to you or male too , so you will fuck male , or pc can be fuck too
  2. i would like if your wife chose bull for you and force you to do it , imagine when you go home after hard quest and you have big strong orc wait for you and your wife watch you do it hard , like your quest
  3. you need found man for both , the good way it she need found strong orc for you and force you to do it,then you watch her get fucked too
  4. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/21502?tab=files ?
  5. mod not wprking at all , i have test old version and new and same , not working , i set in mcm all to 100 all and time to 1 but nothing happend when equiped or undress , dress
  6. si spossible more slider or json with slider to edit like WeightMorphs or soulgem 4 .
  7. funny , if you answer like this , to any one that don't "oh my god it incridble mod , you are ginuis" and "do your mod if you are not happy " , what point of share this mod ?
  8. why you need hair mod , why not use free permission hair as in mod without need original mod and futa mod would be nice with npc comment , some npc that are futa serach another futa like them , and sex without love is empty .....
  9. i have same probleme , i think is spell /effect attached to char like face light , or vanilla spell/potion effect ,
  10. i think better do 1 texture overlay per transformation that don't alt or touch breast and low part in this way it will be for all bodys
  11. am doing cbbe texture but i need resource is princess nox is better for monster or daedra ?
  12. take you time , good food take time to be cooked and make me more hungry 😵
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