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  1. or open the outfit in bodyslide. (it might be the boots missing the mesh) and add a reference to it using a standard cbbe body. Then the missing body is back.
  2. If you are running DCL (deviously cursed loot) it will not work properly with quick loot, they both use script hooks to activate and are not compatible in any shape form or fashion per the DCL pages.
  3. What i've noticed is some armor mods actually have a couple of script hooks in them for SMP to work, clear them out with xedit and you get the infinite mesh streaking issue. A few armor mods not from LL or nexus do that, I have not had an issue with ctd running them, but they are usually nice enough to warn you that if you install that armor on the playthrough you will not be able to turn the mod back off unless you are creating a new save. I think thats what it said.. google translate is sketch at best with mandarin, enough you can kinda see what they are saying. So yeah, i can see where the armor from soul caliber 5 (or any other get it for only the next 24 hours armor mod that pops up on 9daemo) will cause a ctd if you remove it. Thats one of those things i add in the title when i install if i know it.
  4. Dyndolod is pretty straight forward if you don't read the mods directions and do it as listed in the first page of this thread. install dyndolod where you choose except into c:/program files (or x86 either). 2. associate the texgen and dyndolod exe files to shortcuts inside mo2. 3. run the texgen exe. 4. use 7zip to pack that into a file and install as a mod into mo2. make sure to activate it. 5. run the dyndolod exe file and right click the little box with the different worlds and select all. click medium rules and finally generate. 6.pack that output into a 7zip file and install exactly the same way you did the texgen output. Visuals to follow. NOTE: it is not going to say it found earlier textures like mine shows. It was started simply for the screenshot. Use the second button install the 7zip you made. run the dyndolod exe. choose advanced. right click and choose all choose medium (seems to take less time) click ok and wait until it's done. exit that as well. (it will look the same as the texgen) compress that output to 7zip as well. and install the same as you did the texgen. activate. (sorry my dyndolod output is empty so i didn't have files to show compressing) Dyndolod should now be active NOTE: this was not in any way suggesting you are lacking in intelligence. Your post just happened to be the one I read that I decided a visual walkthrough was a good idea.
  5. Considering MFG Fix is used solely for facial expressions i would put forth the theory it's sexlab causing a hook and ctd through mfg fix. What happens if you shut off sexlab and flower girls (and all mods needing them) and climb the same hill with mfg fix still on?
  6. are you using a mod called the kids are alright? it puts standard armor into the game as kids wear and if you remove it they show up in nothing but underwear. It's a good mod if you use it as intended. (i.e. kids would normally be everywhere not just in the cities) Ive never been able to redress them into different outfits though, so whatever they were wearing when i came across them is what they are still wearing. Though it would have been cool to put lucia into daedric armor, if i give her the kids deadric armor she runs around with just the skivvies on.
  7. Vortex can be to much hassle. If you are new to modding or IT in general. Most people on the internet (and you can see this just in these pages) want quick immediate results. So using MO2 is a way to put training wheels on them so if they do completely mess up it's not as hard to fix. Some of the people in these pages are under 18. That's a given with the laughable age check and sometimes horrific grammar (i know i'm not the best but some i've had to sit and decode with me teenagers help). People want {click click play hahaha dragon melt} not sitting at the computer for 3-5 days just downloading and installing hundreds of mods that covers even one little leaf on a bridge. For those that have IT Vortex is a viable alternative to MO2, like anything individual mileage may vary. But I do agree with everything you did say, which is take the time to start right and the end result can and will be phenomenal. Regardless of what you start with.
  8. the other ini files that skyrim makes is in the account holder files. something like this C:\Users\account\Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition. the ini files for the profiles is in MO2/skyrim profiles/profile name.
  9. Fore did the impossible for the game at the time. But he retired and since no one is actively progressing FNIS to be the next-gen xxx animation framework of the 22nd century. It will happen. Taking FNIS and merging how Nemesis and Fnis handle the exact same animations might bring something called Nemefsis that handles ANY animation for either basic framework and makes it super easy for animators to make anything goes animations. I mean we already have almost any animation my mind could come up with, only thing missing is the multi species gangbangs from what i can tell, maybe some vore with the PC being dismembered, but thats all i can think of right now thats missing.
  10. It dazzles them with rapidly moving small pieces of shiny metal. I swear that FNIS and Nemesis merging conglomeration you're doing is causing a stack overload. I don't use nemesis at all and use just the old FNIS and can play for days and not have a crash.
  11. this for stock armors. this is you want to look like you are being molested by a tentacle monster. (or replace the meshes in the devious devices mod) or this for some player exclusives
  12. or.. go into the bijin mod folder and rename the aio to what you need to get lydia to work.. not really the best way, but since the other mod is looking for a very specific file, it might be your only option. Or go into the scripts of the lydia mod and rename it needing the bijin_2018 to bijin_aio. Since i cant understand the scripts.. i just renamed the esp
  13. I had to make a new profile in MO2 to shoehorn it in, so no dibella quests for me. But I have yet to even make it into a delve yet. (am trying a new race and the one spell you get sucks ass.. xedit it for the win...
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