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About This File

This has been ported privatly for a long time now. T.ara allowed me to load the ZAZ Packs up officially, so here we go.


This will also be a base for all people that already ported the packs, where they can share their expieriences and problems to make ZAZ even better than it has been before in Oldrim. 


With tears in my eyes I'm thinking back at the time when Ashal released SL 1.63Beta1, and a lot of people shared their stuff, helped each other and tested the hell out of things what finally leaded to a release of a working version of Creature Framework. And that all without participation of the original authors.


I really wish we can do this again.


About ZAZ 7 :


I tryed to keep this as close to the original as possible and added just edits that seemed neccesarry to me.


Skyrim SE edits, that I have made so far:

1. Added the fix for the doggy animation.


Thanks to Cedec0 at this point.



2. Removed/edited textures that were not SE compatible. (I have checked if they were in use someway and haven't found them so far, but you never know.)
Reports on that are welcome.


Thanks to Osnious for SSE Nifoptimizer at this point


With out this a lot of stuff would not have been possible.


3. Brought the .esm into a SE compatible shape.

Thanks to the Wyre Bash Team at this point


4. Checked and corrected errors in Tesedit.
There is a copy of the original .esm in the 'Docs' folder.. I keeped it as emergency back up. I have not cleaned the new .ESM with SEEedit, but i have checked it for errors and so far there are none.


Thanks to ElminsterAU and SSEEdit team at this point



To cut it short:
Thanks to all people that have been involved in creating this pack (especially the original authors), the tools for converting mods to SE and all the people who helped me with getting this going. I hope noone gets dissapointed because he/she/it gets not mentioned by name. for now the list would be too long.


The main point in starting with Version 7 is, that it is needed as dependency for a lot of other mods and I see not much progress on further official SE releases as long as this one is not officially. I called the file Beta, because I don't know into which issues I might run into in the future.


The packs of ZAP 8 can be found here:


ZAZ 8.0 CBBE Rev2 https://mega.nz/#!rJghkKBZ!Orm3SQ4_W7Icpbnjs--FzvX2cJQlZg82WlywEct_Jfw
ZAZ 8.0 UNP Rev2  : https://mega.nz/#!7B5RFTIS!M5PL4MZvVPSTM6UfoVkXbJcBzN0GQxH52IszrKvylaM


Note: Same proceedure as last year. But SSEedit shows one error message: 


[00:00] Checking for Errors in [02] ZaZAnimationPack.esm
[00:00] zbfdefaultActivateSelfTRIG [ACTI:02057F66]
[00:00]     ACTI \ VMAD - Virtual Machine Adapter \ Scripts \ Script \ Properties \ Property \ Value \ Object Union \ Object v2 \ FormID -> [02057A01] < Error: Could not be resolved >
[00:01] All Done!


If someone could help me with fixing this a lot of people will be thankful happy customers.


The packs of ZAP 8+ can be found here:


ZAZ 8.0+ CBBE HDT Rev2 : https://mega.nz/#!nZQAyQTJ!5Bk5XOS8B60JAkud0EvK3pa2AlvryANI7ihkyswmfoU
ZAZ 8.0+ UUNP HDT Rev2 https://mega.nz/#!bEgChJII!kMEg6xU8ERY2F94gn_CEqVfz5ARpCTuiGbe-kp5tD3Y






Note: SSEedit shows the same error as the 8.0 Versions. 

Thanks to @tasairis, the Patch for the Doggy anim is now also included in the 8+ version. Send her some Flowers!




If someone has fitting slidersets for CBBE SE, please share.


Todo list:


Bodyslide reports an error on a missing file. This error can be ignored, but i have not managed to erase that error. I haven't even found the BS file, that causes it.


Edit: attempt of fixing the trees included in Rev1 of all 8.0 and 8.0+ packs try one.

Edit: rechecked all ZAZ 8 packs for hkx issues and reupload them as Rev2




What's New in Version 1.0.0


Added Mega download links for ZAZ V8.0 CBBE and ZAZ V8.0 UNP I could have posted the CBBE Version here directly, but the UNP version is too big for loading it up here and posting just one would be unfair.


Upload of ZAZ 7 with the 44 Header, Yeah, I have 'touched' it. 


2018-05-03: Starting with Naming the packs with Rev-numbers, Upload of 8.0+ Packs with 'touched' esm's  




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