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  1. Hint: check the comments in the Simply Knock mod page, first pinned comment has the answer (along with most of the ~40 bug reports which are mostly about the same issue and the reason you're crashing: an outdated dll file). You should be able to find the updated dll (it's linked in the pinned comment, also easy to find if you search "simply knock" in the nexus for Skyrim SE). Couple of things: You have FNIS listed twice in MO, why? one does the trick already. If these are different parts of the same mod (ex. FNIS and then the Creature pack from FNIS) you should rename them
  2. You raise a good point but seem to be mixing different settings/mods. Crash Fixes is not a SE mod, it is a LE only skse plugin. For SE there are several of these skse plugins related to fix (SSE Fixes, Bug Fixes SSE, SSE Engine Fixes...). Reading about their settings and tweaking them according to proper information is a must, otherwise having those mods not properly configured can be even worst than not having them at all. As you mention the UseOSAllocators setting I think you mean the setting in SSE Fixes (which comes with the FPSFixPlugin.ini file to set said setting). But then
  3. Ok, I see the file paths, they seem to be right. Check if the content of \mods\Bodyslide... is actually there, try to reinstall it. Other than that I don't see a reason for your BS to be empty.
  4. A form 43 plugin does not prevent you from starting the game. Your issue must be something else (a missing master or an outdated/incompatible skse plugin/dll). Don't use the matchmaker light if you're not using Sexlab light (and you should not be using Sexlab light in 2021 holy...).
  5. You posted in the wrong forum section, myuhinny being a moderator moved it to the proper section. Animation issues: READ the text FNIS gives you after using it. Any warning or error line: address and fix it. Other things to note: You have XPMSSE before SOS in the left panel, that could cause issues. You should place XPMSSE after SOS and any other mod providing humanoid skeletons (MNC and related creature mods need to be placed after, so it's fine as you have these mods already). You have cbp.7z and CBPC. CBP is redundant and not needed if you already have
  6. Old DD versions aren't supported anymore. On top of that you seem to be using the LE version, which makes certain files completely unusable in a SE game. You should try to use the latest converted DD version (currently 5.0) and not old versions for LE. And if Slaverun has a problem and requires an update you wait for/ask about that update. If it never comes then you can safely say that mod was abandoned and you shouldn't be using it. If you still insist, you should try the previous converted version for SE (which was DD 4.3 + some fixes and I'm not sure if it's still available).
  7. The Sexlab limit is different from the animation count you get in FNIS (let's say Sexlab limit is number of animation sets, so each SL scene you see is actually multiple animations, each stage is one different animation tied into the next animation which is the next stage and so on) For the crash part yeah, the mod Psalam linked you (which is also mentioned in the FNIS description) fixes crashes while loading related to animations. Make sure you install it properly and that you're not using incompatible mods/settings from other mods (again, this is detailed in the description).
  8. Ok so following my reply on your other thread, if you're already using Anim limit crash fix and you still crash then a) a setting from anim limit crash fix isn't setup properly or you have an incompatible mod (check the description for details) or b) Nemesis is not affected by said fix (I doubt this to be the case, I think the fix should apply to Nemesis too, but I'm not sure), if this is the case you would need a fix particularly made for Nemesis so asking in the Nemesis github/discord or whatever is available should be a step in the right direction. IMO you have an incompatible m
  9. Are you sure you pointed it to your current SE install? The first time you try to launch it through MO you should get this The folder path in there should be your real game install. If you don't see that window now (because you've already launched it once) you can see the folder path by going to Bodyslide settings (the "Settings" button in the bottom-right corner of the Bodyslide window). The Game Data Path should be your full Skyrim SE install Thank you, it's good to see this is still being useful (even if I'm almost not playing Skyrim atm, and I see I'
  10. Are you trying to say the forum sections are not clearly distinguishable? S(h)ame. You could post this directly in https://www.loverslab.com/forum/72-skyrim-special-edition/ But I'd say even in the tech support section for SE would be okay (I've seen similar mods moved from the main SE section to tech support). If you read the FNIS description you'll see it mentions a couple of mods to avoid CTDs because of having too many animations. I use this and haven't had any issue, but I'm not sure if Nemesis is different and doesn't benefit from this or uses a different limit or what.
  11. So you're using the wrong version of SL aroused, a warning like "x mod is not Skyrim (SE) compatible", is that it? Remove it and get the proper version for your game. Then use FNIS again and verify there are no other warnings or error lines. If you're playing Skyrim SE you need to use the SE version of aroused (hint: google that or check the forum sections for SE, hint-hint: this is not a SE specific section of the forum), if you're using LE then it's the other way around and you must get the LE version of said mod.
  12. This mod should give you the same effect of using the procedure Psalam mentions but on the fly. Still worth the effort to do the real deal in CK (author mentions a slight load time increase for each NPC using this fix).
  13. In terms of release dates and supported features it's CBBE SE --> CBBE SMP --> CBBE 3BBB ("3BA" or "3BBBA" was the name CBBE 3BBB had for a while, now it's just "CBBE 3BBB"). That's it.
  14. That check is broken in the latest FNIS version for regular Skyrim. Don't use it and manually check you got animation related mods for LE and not for SE. Or rollback to the previous FNIS version if you really need to do that check (you really don't, unless you're experiencing broken animations and can't find the incompatible mod on your own). There are only 3 DLCs and the best thing you can do is stick to the Steam version (which also guarantees getting the latest version+ automatic installs of directX and other redistrib files required for the game to work). There is no
  15. Did you launch LOOT through MO as per the instructions? If you did and your mods don't appear in the LOOT UI restart your computer once and try again. I've seen it once or twice after doing a new install or after deleting some temp files, restarting my computer is enough to solve it and it shouldn't happen again.
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