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  1. That's exactly what you must do. When you correctly uninstall a mod its files are no longer there for other mods or tools to pick up. So the fact that uninstalling these mods didn't remove the warning means the uninstall process wasn't done properly or that other mods are providing similar/the same files. There is no other way to fix this, confirm you're completely removing the offending mods from your mod manager and run FNIS again. If you want to use the mods mentioned in these warnings make sure, double or triple check, that you're using SE compatible versions (and you would do
  2. That usually means you have Better males or a similar mod on top of SOS. Mods like better males replace the entire male body with a static model including an also static penis, then SOS applies its own dynamic schlong on top of the static mesh. Remove any other mod affecting the male body. You only need SOS and if you want to, alternate textures (not meshes) that must be compatible with SOS.
  3. I forgot to edit my previous reply to say this; incompatible hkx files only cause animations issues (broken behavior files which present as the usual A/T-pose). Your crash may come from a similar mod (not intended for SE) or from a missing component. You can pinpoint the problem by starting a new save with few mods and adding them in groups. Or you could try Net Script Framework, it prints crash logs and if the issue is consistent you can get a repeated object it can lead you to the offending mod. There is even an article about common error parts which may contain useful info.
  4. That would have the completely opposite effect you want. Loadorders work from top to bottom, with the latest plugins overwriting things loaded before. But skeletons are not part of the loadorder, so you need to do that in another part of Vortex. And for that -seriously- all you need to do is learn how to use your mod manager. Go read some tutorials, go watch the Gopher series, invest some time learning now and save yourself from hours of problems ahead. Possible yes. Would it be of any use to you? I doubt it. LOOT exists, and Vortex has its own loadorder sorting done via LOOT be
  5. Unmanaged mods are mods installed outside of MO (so in the actual \data folder as with manual installs or while using other mod managers). MO can use these files, but won't be able to manage it as mods installed through MO as expected, because of this having unmanaged mods is not recommended. There is no reason for having unmanaged mods and it will likely cause problems if these unmanaged mods conflict with something else. It's like not using MO while at the same time trying to use MO, it won't end well.
  6. Why? the whole point of the Data tab in MO is to show you the files in a list so you don't have to go folder by folder looking for that file. Once you're in front of your PC try it. It's way easier to navigate the Data tab than you seem to think. You only need to expand the folders and things are presented as a list. You don't need to double click on the mod files or anything. Just expand the folders mentioned in the warning until you find the file and take note of the mod that is associated to said hkx file.
  7. It definitely is from a mod, and hopefully from one you installed through MO if that's what you're using. So it should not be in Overwrite. You'll need to manually find the file and in the process identify which mod it belongs to. For this you'll need to search the Data tab in the right panel of MO and navigate to the full path of the file in question. This would be ...\meshes\actors\character\animations\female\mt_idle.hkx For example in my \female folder I don't have that particular hkx, but I do have others and in MO there is a column for the file name and the Mod these mods
  8. Best thing you can do now is learn how to use it. Switching to a different mod manager won't be inherently better, in fact you'll need to learn and start from square one for no real benefit. There is a video series on youtube by Gopher about Vortex. There are other video series and guides that can help you get the basics. After that it's a matter of reading each mod description and follow any install/configuration instructions. LL mods aren't anything different to regular mods, except you'll need to manually download them, after that Vortex can handle them as any other mod.
  9. You're not using the SE version of FNIS, are you? If you were using FNIS SE the warning would say "... not Skyrim SE compatible". That's likely your issue. Check every mod you use is compatible with SE or made specifically for SE.
  10. And you're asking to whom exactly? Because you seem to get the idea that mods require plenty of other mods to work. And behind these plenty of mods there are plenty of different people working on their projects. I'm not sure if you expect everyone else to know the details of developing and releasing mods, or you think all mod authors will jump here to ensure you things will be okay. Stick to reading the description of each mod and try to avoid comparisons to other games. If you think something is old simply move on, you'll surely do fine without it, right?
  11. AFAIK the current CBPC release doesn't support items nor hair.
  12. Yes. That's what I mean when I say I have no problems using SOS SE. I feel like I'm repeating myself a lot here, and I don't have much more to tell you. These screenshots are not readable at least for me. You'll need to do some reading on the other mods you have installed to account for any incompatibilities, required settings or other things going on with your game.
  13. I have no problem using the SE version of SOS. If you have a problem with it then it's something on your side (can't say exactly what as there is unclear information about exactly which version of the mods, or additional mods, you're using). If you mean you went for the version for regular Skyrim I already said that's a bad idea.
  14. You may have XPMSSE installed, but if SOS SE is crashing your game whenever your char goes naked, it's likely because your game is using the skeleton from SOS and not the one from XPMSSE. And using SOS for Skyrim won't help you here, if you have Skyrim SE you need to use SE compatible mods.
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