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About This File

A lighting addon for sexlab. It simply hooks into the animation start event from sexlab and if the lighting level is below a certain threshold, drops some lights on participants, then removes them at the end.


NB: As of Version 2.7 Lightmeup stores lighting profiles in an external file: "SKSE/Plugins./SLLMU/profile.json".

The mod doesn't come with the file, it is generated the 1st time you save your game with the mod enabled.

If you are using mod organiser it will appear in your overwrite folder, copy it somewhere safe (preferably not in the mod folder or it could be deleted if you update the mod in future).


NB as of version 2.4: Lightmeup now requires powerofthree's Papyrus Extender


Version 2.3.2 is still available in the downloads for folk not wanting to use po3 papyrus extender. I'd strongly advise using the newer version though as it makes the mod much better!


Have fun!



Ashal for Sexlab Framework
Powerofthree for PO3 papyrus extender
user_no_3453 for scripting contributions
everyone who has made useful suggestions/comments


Skyrim LE Version here

What's New in Version 2.9.4


Added: MCM Toggle option "PC scenes only". If enabled, lights will only be used for scenes involving the player character.

Earlier versions in spoiler:



Added: TDF Prostitution Integration. Additional MCM option if TDF Prostitution is detected. You can now enable lighting on dancers with this toggle.

NB: This feature requires the SE SLEN version of TDF Prostitution, I tried to find a solution without my additions in the SLEN version but couldn't.




Minor fix: removed a line of code from the mcm script that was just just throwing an error




Minor change that makes the keymaps do nothing while in menu mode (when the game is paused).




Adds a new "Testing" keymap option to the MCM that allows you to test your lighting profile for a configurable amount of time centred on the player character.

As always please let me know about any issues!




Adds an event listener for Sexlab "ActorsRelocated" which is called when you use the "Move Scene" hotkey. Now, when you use this hotkey, once the scene restarts the lights will be deleted and placed again on the new position. Thanks to @buzzalicious for the idea!



Fix: registers the keybinds if they are mapped each time the game is loaded. This applies to the manual lights keybind and the light level detection keybind.


For some reason once registered in the mcm the keybinds only worked for one game session. Similarly to the earlier bug with modevents fixed in version 2.6.1 I'm not sure if this is specific to skse for game version 1.5.73+ or if it's because the plugin is flagged as an esl but it won't do any harm re-registering them anyway.


2.7 BETA


Phew! OK this update is pretty big and I'm not sure if bugs will be encountered so feedback would be great at this point. I've not really messed with jsonutil much before so this is a first foray for me :)

Adds Profiling to the lighting settings thanks to Ashal's excellent PapyrusUtil.

You can choose one of 5 lighting profiles in the MCM

changed settings will only apply to the current profile

NB: Changed profile settings will only be persistant if you save your game. They will be saved to an external file which is then read from when you change profile.

The idea Behind this is that if you decide to start a new game your lighting settings will be saved! :)

Also added: Fomod installer which makes the installer look fancy and also adds a Link to the modpage so you can check for updates etc. Thanks to Kythana for this and his support for my mods :)




Added to the MCM: Optional keybind for checking the light level on the player character. It simply outputs a debug notification showing the value as an integer when the key is pressed (unmapped by default).




bugfix for game version 1.5.73 (sexlab modevents are re-registered each time the game loads now).

This should fix the "only works once" issue found in version 1.5.73 of the game.



Minor code changes

Manual lights toggle keybind is now blocked while sexlab is animating



changed light names 1-4 in MCM to "Right,Left,Front & Back" and "fade value" to "Brightness".
Added MCM colour settings for each light (6 colours to choose from)
Increased the range for fade (0-2.5) and radius (16-512) values.



adds MCM options in a new page to set the fade and radius values for each of the lights affording much greater control.

This is thanks to powerofthree's Papyrus Extender which is now a requirement.

NB I'll leave earlier version 2.3.2 available for folk who don't want to add the PO3 plugin.


Fix: the mcm quest had an invalid formid for ESL (thanks to @elzee for pointing this out, well spotted!).
Note to self: after any additions unflag the esp as esl and save, then reload it and compact formids + set the esl flag.



fixed a minor ommission in the mcm script OnOptionDefault for the sliders


Added an MCM
Slider:  mimimum lighting level for Auto Lights
Slider: delay time for switching lights off after the scene ends
Toggle for manual mode
Toggle and optional keybind for always on/off (if in manual mode)

NB the manual keybind/toggle won't switch the lights on and off in real time, it just toggles whether to use them or not when scenes start.



 Shiny new version with thanks to user_no_3453 for the fab contribution.
 We can now light as many scenes as SexLab can support at once and then clean up after ourselves!
 The Lights are now placed by the SKSE function SpawnerTask which manages it way more effectively.



replaced DisableNoWait() on the lights at the end of the scenes with Delete() as suggested by Holzfrau

Thankyou Holzfrau!




Changed the mod to place 5 lights around the scene instead of using a magic effect spell (which limits the number of lights).

Supports up to 2 concurrent scenes (this aspect of the script can probably be improved upon using the sexlab thread ids, any suggestions much appreciated.)


I used the vanilla torch mesh as a base this time, removed all the shapes and just left the light. These lights are just object references with no havoc and I removed the "carryable" option so your character/followers won't auto loot them!


Each light has diferent offset and fade values and is either placed at the player or at the 1st actor in the scene if the player isn't involved.


At the end of the scene they are disabled so they won't cause save bloat.


Since this is very diferent from 1.0 and 1.1 you might want to make a clean save before installing it just to be safe if updating.


If you want to play around with the light levels you can use SSEEdit and change the "Fade" values. I'm fairly sure that this can't be scripted so if we want options for lighting levels it will need to use diferent light objects. Then again I'm not sure if this added complexity it worth it.


Have fun!



Added a conditional for lighting level: The light only comes on If the ambient light on the character is less than 45. The Range is 0-150, 50 being around about ambient room light in houses, 150 being bright sunlight etc.


Attached the light to the pelvis node instead of the magiceffects node since this can vary depending on mods used.

Increased the light Fade value to 1.5 (slightly brighter).




I don't think it merits the added hassle and clutter of an mcm menu just now but you could have a slider for the light level detection  and an on/off switch for the mod. Possibly how many lights and which ones.



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