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Skyrim SE for Beginners - Release 1.9.2 Final

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Last Update: 24 Apr. 2019

Updateinfo: in this post






1. Overview

2. Modlist

3. Tips and Tricks

4. Screenshots

5. Troubleshooting 

6. But... Why?

7. Files 



Who this guide is for.

I've watched quite a few videos on Youtube and some of them look fantastic. But most of the time you simply don't get a complete list of what they actually use or have to watch a dozen or so (*cough* 250 *cough* MxR *cough*) to get a hint of what they might use and then they might switch mods at any time.


So this here is my complete list and i've added a few screenshots (i recommend to take a look there first) so you'll know what to expect if you follow this guide.


My goal is to get a beautiful game which is fun and, although it is a FRPG, as realistic as possible without punishing you for playing it. So you'll find no skimpy outfits (aka Bikinis in a snowstorm), overly gothified fantasy weapons and armor which are totally useless in reality (i replaced those as much as possible), and none of the punishing survival mods.


What i did crank up is the difficulty via MorrowLoot. Higher tier weapons and armor are much harder to get and the enemies are no walk in the park anymore. Assas- sinating the leader of the Silverhand is no easy feat (i did it at lvl. 15 while he was lvl 28, but it took me some sweet time and he got me at least a dozen times). 


But the beauty of it is that you can still adapt the list to what you like. I'm just trying to give you a solid base where you can add the things you like (or remove the ones you don't). See 'Nothing is carved in stone' in post #3.



A big 'Thank you' to all the modders out there! The game wouldn't be as good as it is now without you guys and gals!



Don't forget to either endorse the mods you use or give the authors a 'thumbs up' here at LL.

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Here you'll find every mod i either tested or use in my personal build of the game. I havn't had any crashes for a very long time. But there are some things you got to watch out for (see 'Tips and Tricks').



I added some additional info to a lot of the mods which might be useful to you:

(FPS)              : These mods will have an impact on your FPS.

(Optional)     : Not absolutely necessary but recommended.

(Scriptheavy) : In Skyrim you shouldn't have too many of these mods. They can influence the speed of the gameplay and will increase your loading time.



Here we got a few things to do before we install our first mod with a mod manager.



This mod is needed for quite a few mods to work at all. Just copy the files into your gamefolder (usually …/Steam/steamapps/common/Skyrim Special Edition). Watch out to use the correct Version for your Skyrim SE!



Install the main file to be able to create LOD later on (see 'Tips and Tricks').


FNIS and MO2

FNIS can be a bit tricky when it comes to MO2. I recommend to drop a manual install of it into your game.




These mods got the 'always-use-and-never-ever-change' status.



SKSE Extensions

Required for many other mods.




Making the UI actually usable.




A bunch of mods to improve the world.



Area Expansions

Let's improve the fit.


These are all optional (only the Bells and Lanterns i consider essential). But they will greatly enhance your game.


Bells of Skyrim

Beyond Skyrim - Bruma SE

Expanded Towns and Cities SE Version

JK's Skyrim
Dawn of Skyrim (Director's Cut) SE

Lanterns of Skyrim SE

ESO Skyshards (Strongly recommended when you intend to use 'Ordinator')

Unique Vampire Dens SSE (For our children of the night)

Ebongrove SE (great housing mod)

Whiterun Valley (FPS) (great mod)


Area Patches

Required Patches for the Expansions.


Textures (and FX)

Lets beautify Skyrim (and melt your GPU).


The textures listed here arn't really necessary, the noble pack is already good on ist own, but they are the cherry on top of it all and some of them have an incredible impact on the visuals. 


The bold mods are the ones i consider essential,


Beehives 4k 2k

Book Covers Skyrim

Clutter Textures Pack

Comfy Dwemer Beds

Dirt Blast HD SE

Dustpiles HD

Falmer Texture Overhaul

Fire and Frost Impact Decals HD

Hand and Vendorcarts 4k (FPS) (but so worth it!)

Hanging Moss HD

HD Meridias Beacon SE

HD Realistic Dark Elf Urns SE

HD Reworked Baskets

HD Saerek Skull

HD Unique Hand Made Signs Overhaul SE

HD Vanilla Lanterns

High Definition Ivy

High-poly Pebbles

Rudy HQ - Miscellaneous SE

Rudy HQ - Miscellaneous SE Candles

Rudy HQ - Miscellaneous SE Lanterns

Rudy HQ - Miscellaneous SE Pottery

Rudy HQ - Nordic Ruins SE
Rudy HQ - Nordic Ruins SE Chests

Rudy HQ - Nordic Ruins SE Lever

Rudy HQ - Nordic Ruins SE Pots


RUSTIC AZURA'S STAR - Special Edition




RUSTIC SOULGEMS - Special Edition

Bridges HD
Bridges HD LOD

Castle Volkihar HD 2k

Caves and Mines UHD HD

Clay Deposits HD

College of Winterhold HD

Dwemer Ruins HD

Farmhouse HD
Farmhouse HD Stone Walls

High Hrothgar HD

Imperial Forts HD

Mammoth Cheese HD

Fort Dawnguard HD

Markath HD (FPS)

Nordic Ruins UHD

Nordic Tent upgrade

Raven Rock HD

Riften HD (FPS)

Riften Ratway HD

Ships HD

Sovngarde HD

Snow Elf Ruins HD

Solitude HD (FPS) (Video)
(Optional) Solitude HD Alternative Stonewall

Soul Cairn HD 2k

Whiterun HD (FPS)

(Optional) Whiterun HD Alternative Grass and Stonefloors (i use this one in the screenshots)

Windhelm HD (FPS)

Medieval Silverworks

Medieval Spirits

Old and Rusty

Organic Riften Leaves


The Smelter HD SE

Sky HD

(Optional) Ethereal Cosmos

Northern Realistic Clouds

ETHEREAL CLOUDS - Special Edition (Let this one overwrite NRC)

Smooth Sky

Sun Textures

White Water HD

Waterplants Improved WI by Pfuscher


Practice Dummies HD

Realistic HD Ingots Remastered

Realistic HD Mushrooms Remastered

Realistic HD Ores Remastered

Septim - A coin replacer

Silky Spider Eggs SE

Skyrim 3D Blacksmith

Skyrim 3D Cooking

Skyrim 3D Furniture 

Skyrim 3D Furniture SMIM Patch

Skyrim 3D High Hrothgar Steps

Skyrim 3D Landscapes Groundcovers

Skyrim 3D Landscapes Groundcovers Alternative Road Dirt

Skyrim 3D Rocks 

Skyrim 3D StoneWalls




This list will enhance the look of your PC.


NPC and Creatures

But the NPC and creatures need some attention too.



Physics and Animation

Here we get everything that is needed to add some physics to the game.



Armor and Weapons

Improving textures and adding some realism to the game.




Enhancing the gameplay and adding missing features.




Better sound makes a better game.


Audio Overhaul for Skyrim SE

AOS Blood Patch

Enhanced Waterfall Sounds

(Optional) Morrowind Music Integration (More music is better, right?)

Realistic Conversations

Realistic Husky Sounds SSE

Serana Dialogue Edit

Shut The F... Up

(Optional) The Dragonborne Comes (This is the place for a replacer of music files)

(Optional) iLuvLoading (This is the place for changes to the Main Menu)



Weather and Lighting

All things concerning light. 




Here you'll find the things i use from LL (including some optional additions).


Sexlabs Framework


Sexlab Defeat

SexLab Aroused

Sexlab Inflation Framework


(Optional) Creature Framework (Scriptheavy)

(Optional) Creature Schlongs

(Optional) More Nasty Creatures

(Optional) Texture Canine MNC

(Optional) SexLab Aroused Creatures

Tailfix (This file is provided in post #7 'Bugfix: Blue Tail Bug')

Dripping when Aroused

Sexlab Attraction

Dangerous Nights (Oldrim but works in SE)

Sexlab Random Sex

Billy's SLAL Animations

SLAL Animations by Leito


(Optional) Fertility Mode

(Optional) Fertility Mode - SexLab Patch

(Optional) EGG Factory (Scriptheavy) (Morph for the belly only seems to work with the standard CBBE body)

(Optional) Dibella Sisterhood (Please only use the 'DibellaSisterhood132_SSE_merged')
(Optional) SexLab Light me up (Set it up for Manual)

SexLab Ammo Unequip (Oldrim but works in SE)




The last pack of mods. Some have to be created with tools.


Alternate Start

Landscape Fixes for JK

Landscape Fixes for AS

QUASIPC - Qwinn's Unified Automated Self Installing Patch Compendium

Better Dynamic Majestic Mountains 

RS Body <- Created via Bodyslide

RS Unrestricted Physics <- Created via Bodyslide

RS Restricted Physics <- Created via Bodyslide

RS No Physics <- Created via Bodyslide

FNIS Override <- Created via FNIS (Just convert the content of override into a mod after you've run FNIS)

SLIF Override <- Created via SLIF (Files are created automatically with MO2 after the first run. Just convert the content of override into a mod)


DynDOLOD Scripts

DynDOLOD Patches (Oldrim but works in SE)

DynDOLOD Texture Output <- Created via DynDOLOD

DynDOLOD Output <- Created via DynDOLOD


My thoughts on the optional files. ;)


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Tips and Tricks

Character Creation

This is the part where a lot of people (including myself) struggle with. Finding the right body is the smaller part of the problem, but getting the face right can take forever... Aylis (also see 'Files') took me something around two days 'til i liked the result.



There are quite a few different bodys out there and my choice is in the list. But it might be that you don't like that one. So i recommend to check out the CBBE Presets Compendium. The author of this mod got quite a few bodytypes available.



This is the hard part. We end up with so many sliders and options that it is hard to find the one that you actually need. Thankfully there are many presets already available where people share their creation with others. But remember, these presets are race specific! What looks great on a Nord might not work well on a Breton or Dunmer... 



While most animations we add are done for Sexlab. there are a few other options regarding standard animations as well. Something for the female sitting and walking animations are already in the list, but there are two more which might be useful for you:

Pretty Female idles              - which allows you to select a different pose for the char when you are standing somewhere (nice for screenshots without posing).

Feminine Pickup Animation - which changes the animation for picking something up.


The most important thing to remember is FNIS. You have to rerun it whenever you change something that has anything to do regarding animations. Also you have to reregister the mods in 'Creature Framework' (if you use that one) and reset the animation registry in 'Sexlabs'.


Another thing to mention is the scaling in regards to animations. While i had no trouble with the options in the MCM i'd rather recommend to use the mod Player Size Adjuster and First Person Camera Height Fix SSE for your char. Your Breton (or whatever the race is) might be now taller than the average member of that race, but the alignment of the animations works better this way, as most of the animations seem to have been made for the size of a Nord. 




As you can see in the list i've run Bodyslide several times. I did this to adapt the physics to the equipment my character is wearing.

1. RS Body                                      : Only Body, Hands, Hands Beast, and Feet

2. RS Unrestricted Physics              : Only Amulets, Rings, Boots, Gauntlets, Gloves, Hoods and Helmets.

3. RS Restricted Physics                 : Only Clothing and Light Armor in the body location.

4. RS No Physics                            : Only Medium and Heavy Armor in the body location.





Unrestricted Physics



Restricted Physics



No Physics (aka NO Morphs)





Let's be honest, the model for the children in Skyrim isn't that pleasing to the eye. So it is not such a bad idea to optimize the model a bit and you can find quite a few mods, like RSSE Children Overhaul 1.1.2, doing exactly that. But if you use the addon 'Fertility Mode - Children' things become interesting and the kids might end up with a black face...


So if you want to let the kids grow up to adults, and avoid the bug, then the only option atm is the mod 'The Kids Are Allright SE'. But then the kids will look as they did in vanilla again.




DynDOLOD (you did download the main file, right?) is an interesting program. It vastly improves the LOD of all objects in the game and also allows you to see distant objects that were hidden before. The funny thing is that, although it shows more, it actually improved the framerates in my game.


Those who want to dig deeper i can only recommend this video - for everyone else you can try my settings.


If you use NVT you should set 'LOD Brightness' to '-4'.





The use of an ENB is highly recommended. It improves the visuals and will enhance your gameplay. But it is also one of the things that totally depends on your personal taste. Some want it more colorful others more bleak and others as realistic as possible. So i can't tell you which one is the best for you, i can only tell you which i tested in my game and worked fine: 

SkyrimSE Re-Engaged ENB           A bit more on the lighter side, realistic enough with a touch of Fantasy. (Video SRE Obsidian / Video SRE Rustic)

Natural View Tamriel (NVT) ENB  A somewhat darker ENB which looks really good (Video NVT Obsidian / Video NVT Rustic).


ENB, Weather, Lighting and Skin 

All these kind of mods influence each other and finding the right combination can take a lot of time. Change one of the first three and the look of the game can change drastically, it might even change the feel of the game.





Same view with Luminous



The chosen texture for your character is very sensitive to the used ENB. What works perfectly fine in one setup might lead to bugs in another. Shadows might be wrong, you suddenly get the infamous bronze bug, etc.


Changing the weather mod

The big problem is that you will propably have to adapt my list if you don't want to use Obsidian. With for example RWL the group 'Weather and Lighting' has to be changed to get the best result.



As some of us might be on a budget for gaming i'll give you my recommendations when it comes to hardware. But one thing you have to check first is the 'Grafik-kartenrangliste' (just scroll down a bit) to get a rough estimation how your video card is ranked. 


CPU: AMD FX 8320 or equivalent (Minimum)

GPU: Radeon RX 570 or equivalent (Minimum). Expect ~30-35 FPS with everything installed.


If you want to upgrade and save some money you might want to take a look at a Ryzen 1600 (~120€) for the CPU and either a Radeon 580 or even a Radeon Vega 56 (which can be found for ~260€).




For those of you that want to add it Velis wrote a mini guide how he got it running. I might add it later into the list but, after hearing that it got problems (and its not that easy to get hold of some of the required files) i won't include it for now. 



Improving Framerates

Depending on your videocard (i'm saving for a new one atm) some of the mods in the list will tank your framerates. The biggest influence have the ones marked with (FPS) (at least that are the ones i know of). If you use MO2 i recommend to download them, but not to activate them for now. 


If you get a better videocard later on you can activate them, rerun DynDOLOD, and play the 'new' game with a big smile on your face…


Also check your ini-settings for Verdant (read its description for that). You can get a few FPS back if you tweak those settings.



Loading Times

There are a few factors regarding your loading times. First of all your storage. In a lot of games ist not that important, but when it comes to Skyrim (and FO4) i strongly recommend a SSD for your game and the swapfile. With all the texture mods it does make a noticable difference.


The second thing are the scriptheavy mods. I deactivated EGG Factory for some tests and the loading time went drastically down (i'm considering atm to remove it from my system completely). The impact of scripts seems to be much bigger in Skyrim than it is in FO4. 


Third thing are your framerates. The lower your framerates are the longer your loading times become. 




You do not need LOOT at all (except to check for possible problems)! I'm used to NMM where the correct loadorder was extremely important, so this list is built so that it works as it is. The only Thing you have to do is to maybe move a patch or two further down and move the ESM up. Thats all in that regard.






One common problem with a suddenly crashing game is the required memory. I've had set the swapfile of my system to 10GB (beginning and ending with 10GB) and very often had a CTD. I installed and removed mods, redid DynDOLOD, checked and rechecked meshes, but nothing helped (as they weren't the problem).


It simply was that i ran out of memory… Let your OS handle the swapfile and this problem will be a thing of the past. Sometimes tuning your system is detrimental.



Mod Manager

I strongly recommend using MO2 for this. Troubleshooting and adding/removing mods is so much easier with this tool. You forgot something? Just install it and drag'n'drop it into the right position. Loadorder messed up? Just use drag'n'drop again.


It got a slight learning curve (thats where the tutorial videos come in). But once you got used to it, this tool is very very helpful.



Mods worth mentioning.

I got a few mods which i will not include in my list but which could still be interesting to you.


Aumriel - The Pale Lady (NPC and Creatures)

Bugfix: now the game follows its own lore.


Ave's Skyring (Armor and Weapons)

Adds very detailed rings for our screenarchers to the game.


Block Random Dragons (Override)

As in the later game you can't travel a bit without encountering dragons and it tends to become a bit tedious. This addon lets you control (via MCM) how often this happens in your game.


Dark Brotherhood assassin loot fix (Override)

A fix for a logical bug in the game (aka 'you can loot everyone but not them?').


Dragonfly No Flee (Override)

This is a nice mod for all the alchemists.


Dragon Souls to Perk Pointsy (Override)

Sooner or later you got all the shouts, but you can still collect Dragon souls which can't be used for anything else. This mod changes that and you can now spend a certain amount (set via MCM) of them for perk points.


Dunmeri Leaf Swords (Arrmor and Weapons)

Miniquest for some awesome looking weapons.


Immersive KS Hairdos (PC OR NPC and Creatures)

While i'm always a fan of having more options the huge amount of hairstyles (600+) might be a bit too much. This mod removes the ones which tend to clip  through your equipment and armor all the time. The drawback is that it might affect the mods which you installed for the NPC. 


Isilmeriel LOTR Weapons Collection SSE (Arrmor and Weapons)

Incredibly good looking weapons. I hope i'll manage to exchange the glass bow of 'Real Bows' with the one from this mod. 


Joy of Perspective - Custom Armor Patches (Arrmor and Weapons)

Compatability patches for quite a few custom armors.


Lilly - A fully-voiced female courier replacer and follower (NPC and Creatures)

As a follower maybe a bit too old (mod is from 2016) but definitely an improvement as a replacer for the courier.


Player Size Adjuster and First Person Camera Height Fix SSE 

When your char is not a Nord and you run into problems with the alignment of the animations this might help.



NOT recommended mods

Sadly i found a few mods which are incompatibel with this list, cause problems, or got other issues that make them undesireable for us. This might change in the long run but as they are atm i simply can't recommend them.


Apachii Divine Elegance Store

While this mod had quite a few interesting armors it also reintroduced me to random CTD (which didn't happen for months before installing this mod).


Archery Gameplay Overhaul SE

Too bad that it doesn't work with JoP as the mod is very good. 


Dawnguard Map Markers

Sadly the mapmarkers are visible on the main map too.




Dog to Husky replacer

Seems to remove all dogs instead of replacing them.


Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul

Sadly this one doesn't play nice with JK's Skyrim. Its a real shame as it added so much to the game. I've tried it (some say it does work) but removed it later as it can get annoying. Lets take Belethor as an example. He takes his meals in the 'Bannered Mare' before opening his shop. Its a relativ short distance, but very often he needs hours (in game) to finally get to the door of his shop. Then you can finally enter but there's a good chance that he asks you to leave again... 


Mods for mannequins

So far i havn't found a mod which changes the mannequins and isn't affected by 'Random Sex'. It is already hard enough to keep them in place (when will Bethesda finally fix this bug?), so seeing them masturbate is not something i'd call 'realistic'. 


Pretty Female Idle Loop 8-9 SE 

This just won't work for us. Breaks other animations and getting T-poses doesn't bode well.


Realistic Water Two (and Water HD)

All the used changes to the landscape destroyed the LOD for this mod.




Sanguine Debauchery

Although the conversion works fine, there is a problem when you use 'Random Sex' too. Seeing torture devices (with its 'passenger') chasing each other is funny the first time, but starts to become annoying fast. 


Sea of Spirits

Sadly this mod got a few glitches (like flying sharks, and some other ones).


Skyrim Horses Renewal SSE

This doesn't work too well with 'More Nasty Critters'. Although not incompatible per se, the change to the shape of the horse is jarring.


SkySight Skins - Ultra HD 4K 2K Male Textures and Real Feet Meshes

Same problem as Vitruvia (aka Body/Face mismatching textures).


Smelter for Riften and Solitude

Solitude was a bit tight but worked, Riften didn't.


The People Of Skyrim Complete SSE

This mod is a mixed bag. Some of the things he added are fantastic (like the towns and expanded villages) others not so much (new locations), but all the bugs in the landscape are a bit too much for my taste. Floating moss everywhere, campsites where only one corner of the tent touches the ground, holes in the landscape, ropebridges where the bridge floats and holds the rope, a lot of the added locations feel somewhat unfinished (like 'Misty Hollow' or the shipwreck which got no textures on the inside), etc.


He obviously put much work into it, but it doesn't help if the shell is there but the ghost is missing... 


Just one example



In the beginning i intended to make screenshots and started a list of coordinates so he could fix it. But the longer that list got (i stopped at 21 entries for the floating moss alone) the more i thought that it was a waste fo time...


Visible Favorited Gear

This is a mod that only works half of the time and shows the 'new' weapons only when they are in use. But when you want to see them all this one sadly doesn't help.


Vitruvia - Skin texture overhaul for males

While it improves the faces the mismatch with the body ruins that.





Nothing is carved in stone...

I've tested quite a few mods to find the combination which i like the best. But you might disagree with some of the choices i made and i definitely don't think it is the best-of-them-all list. We all got different things we like (or not), so i'll give you a few links for some comparisons so you have something you can base your own choice on. But please be careful with the compatability. Now grab a drink, relax and enjoy:

(Video) Comparison of ENB. (Re-Engaged is close to Rudy) 

(Video) Comparison of grass mods.

(Video) Comparison of lighting mods.

(Video) Comparison of mountain mods.

(Video) Comparison of texture packs.

(Video) Comparison of weather mods.

Also don't forget: whenever you change something you have to rerun DynDOLOD.



OS and DirectX

Older games (and Skyrim is one of them) might run into trouble with DirectX. Microsoft made their newer OS compatible with the older versions of DirectX but didn't include all the older files. But it might be that a game requires a specific file from an older version and will give you trouble if it can't locate it, If you want to make sure that this is not the case i strongly suggest to install the old version of DirectX on top of the one provided by your OS.



Recommended Settings

I'll add a few comments for some mods which will give you the best visuals for the game.


Fertility Mode

First you have to run 'Bodyslide' (as mentioned in this thread) and then activate 'Bodymorph' in the MCM of FM. It might not be necessary, but i usually rerun FNIS so there will be no problems somewhere else.




Majestic Mountains

Activating those two options will help to blend the mountain textures into the world.



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As the screenshots were taken at different times i'll add an Information what was used when i made the pictures:

(RLO) - SRE ENB, Obsidian and RLO

(NVT) - NVT ENB, Obsidian and RLO

(RS)   - NVT ENB, Obsidian and Luminous (Recommended Setting)





Aylis (RS)ScreenShot57.png.b2e9d5309642cb60d4f30c56c8c081dd.png


Relaxing at home (NVT)



Taking a nap (NVT)



9th. month (RS)




Kodlak (RLO)




Adrienne (RS)




Jarl Siddgeir (RS)




Serana (RS)




Isran (RS)




Lord Hakon (RS)





Septimus Signus (RS)




Whiterun Guard (RS)




Giant (RS)







Cities and Villages


Entering Whiterun (RLO)



Entering Whiterun at night (RLO)



Entering Whiterun at night (RS)



To the market (RLO)



Whiterun Market (RLO)



Whiterun Market at night (RS)



Gildergreen (NVT)




Entering Falkreath (NVT)




Entering Solitude (RS)




Entering Riften (NVT)



Entering Markath (RS)








Inn (NVT)




Tomb of Ysgramor (NVT)



Tomb of Ysgramor - So many candles… (RS)



Castle Volkihar (RS)












Morning in Skyrim (RS)



Exploring (RLO)



Night (RLO)



To Whiterun (NVT)



Into the unknown (NVT)



Over the hills and far away (NVT)



The misty mountains (NVT)



Falmer Caverns (RS)







Winter is already here (RS)



Northbound (RS)



Northern shores (RS)



Under a full moon (RS)



Soulcairn (RS)



Blackreach (RS)



Whiterun Valley (RS)







Hidden Valley (RS)





To Falkreath (RS)



Plains (RS)



Light fog (RS)




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As you can imagine we might run into a bug or glitch while running so many mods. In this post i'll try to give you some informations to either diagnose or solve them.





Elephant's Script Latency Tester

This mod will help you to determine if you got too many scripts running.



After uninstalling a mod it might be a good idea to run this tool to remove remnants of scripts.


The safe route:


Load the savegame



Now choose this option



Save and you're done.


 The better but riskier route: Use this with caution! It might break your savegame!


Load the savegame



Now choose this Option



Now the check for remaining 'undefined elements'





Only remove the ones where you KNOW EXACTLY that they are not needed anymore!


Save and you're done.


--- ---- ----- ----- ----- ---- ---


Bugs and (possible) Fixes

While none of them are really breaking the game they appear randomly and are annoying enough to deserve an entry here.



Blurry Visuals

Well, this is no bug but an effect of the mod 'Dripping when Aroused'

Effect: Visual

Fix     : Changing settings in the MCM.







Blue/Purple Argonian Tails

This can become a problem if the game garbles the path for the correct textures and can't find them anymore. The provided file should fix that problem.

Effect: Visual

Fix     : Install the provided fix (see 'Files') as the last one in the group 'LL'.





DynDOLOD vs. 'Bathing in Skyrim'

DynDOLOD can be a bit, as someone else put it, prissy when it comes to our bathing mod as it simply refuses the texture generation and throws an error instead. As there's no fix for that behavior we have to deactivate 'Bathing in Skyrim' whenever we want to run DynDOLOD. After we're finished creating the LODs we can reactivate 'Bathing in Skyrim' again.

Effect: False Positiv

Fix     : Temporarily deactivating 'Bathing in Skyrim'.



'Egg Factory' - Belly not working

It looks like the mod doesn't like modified bodies and only works with the default CBBE body. 

Effect: Visual

Fix     : Switching to the standard body of CBBE.



Glowing fire

This one sometimes popped up after entering Whiterun during the day.

Effect: Visual

Fix     : Deactivating 'RLO Effects.esp'.





Missing penis

I encountered this bug many years ago and sadly it is still there. Affected are three types of NPC, the Briarheart (see pic), the two Snow Elf Paladin, and lastly the Ghosts in the forgotten valley (which keep their pants on). Afaik there is no fix for it.

Effect: Visual

Fix     : None that i know of.





Shadowy Triangles

Here we got something that only appeared in third person. While it was constantly visible using Rudy ENB, it became a rare ocurrance with Re-Engaged ENB. So far deactivating the 'RLO Effects.esp' seems to have fixed this issue as well. Switching to Luminous removed this one completely.

Effect: Visual

Fix     : Deactivating 'RLO Effects.esp'.





Yellow vs. red vampire eyes

This 'bug' is caused by the placement of 'The Eyes of Beauty - Vampire Eyes'. As you might like this i didn't fix it in the list. 

Effect: Visual

Fix     : Moving 'The Eyes of Beauty - Vampire Eyes' (PC) below 'The Eyes of Beauty SSE NPC' (NPC and Creatures) will give you red eyes.

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But... Why?

Here i'll ramble a bit about why i chose certain mods or why some popular ones are not in the list.



AOS vs. SoS

Sound can make or break a game. The mod i added to the list vastly enhances the game, but it is also a matter of personal taste. For me AOS is the best pick as it doesn't add so many additional sounds to the area, for you SoS might be the better choice.



Fantasy vs. Realism

Now i got to talk a bit about myself. I grew up in a city where the first signs of settlements started around 1300 B.C. The Romans were here ('til Arminius showed them why there's a ger in german) and over the centuries the small settlements grew together. The old part of my city still got houses which were built in the early middle ages (aka ~900 years old). Its those old houses which already fascinated as a kid and sparked my interest for history and the mythology of that time. This lead me to the EDDA, vikings (i'm from northern Germany so Denmark is in spitting distance and Sweden only a bit further away) and much later to LotR (which takes 'some' Inspiration from both). In the end it was LotR that started my interest for Fantasy and RPG.


So i'm always a bit torn. I love fantasy for the stories and its worlds, but i'm often stopped by the things i know about history. While i can ignore magic (if it is explained good enough) to break the rules a bit - the rest of the world still has to be believable and realistic enough to keep me in it. 


This won't work…



...much better (although it got some flaws)…



… now thats what i'd go for.



And now you know why they took an arrow to the knee…


For those who want to know a little more about history and what they get wrong in fantasy i can only recommend Shadiversity. He got some very good informations in his clips (although i don't always wholeheartedly agree ;))




There's one thing i simply hated in Skyrim when you get to higher levels: the <censored> distribution of high tier armor and weapons. Especially when the bandits start to use some stuff even a richer trader couldn't afford to buy. Why rob a lonely traveler for a handful of coins while wearing something that easily could get you a house and provide you for years?


MorrowLoot fixes that. The standard bandit still wears normal clothing/armor and uses normal weapons. But they use their equipment way more effectively. Even the basic iron arrows can hurt a lot when they are used by a competent enemy. Combine that with 'Defeat' and one lucky hit can take you out.



NPC Replacer/Overhaul

The thing with a lot of the overhauls is that they overdo it when you use them. With most of them you end up having almost more 'supermodels' in the game than 'normal' people. I try to improve the NPC through the use of better textures and some changes through improved meshes while still keeping it relatively close to vanilla.


In the end it is the 'everyone is special' problem. If that statement is true, then it becomes the norm (and i'd say boring). I'd like to keep a certain degree of surprise and 'wow-factor' in the game. Like in real life. You walk around and then suddenly there's one face in the crowd which you think is perfect...



Obsidian Weathers

This one was a very easy choice for me as it got several avantages other the other weather mods:

1. It got seasons and its weather patterns change according to the season.

2. Lighting is affected by the seasons.

3. Its fog (which covers some area of the mountains) lessens the effect of possible pop-ins and also increases the FPS a bit.

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Instead of having the files spread all over this thread i collected them here.



Bugfix: Blue/Purple Argonian Tails

I created this fix with my list in mind. It might not work for you if you don't use Feminine Argonian Textures (Chameleon and Lizard) [CBBE].




Improved labia for 'Bijin Skin'

As i wasn't impressed with the look of the labia we got from Bijin i combined parts of one of Bazinga's files with Bijin to improve the list. Don't forget to give him a 'Thumbs up' as this file wouldn't exist without his permission. Well, it would, but not for you to download... 

Bijin Skin - CBBE Improved Labia.7z


Open (reacts to penis and fingers)




Improved labia for every skin (CBBE)

You have to blend this file with your preferred skin. Instructions and the required tools can be found here. Don't forget to give Bazinga a 'Thumbs up' as you wouldn't get it here without his permission. 



I'm still testing this one for Bijin and hope we get a working anus. Please inform me if there's a problem with any other texture pack.




Preset for my female Breton

Here you find the preset for my Player Character. Please be nice to her... (and drop me a spoiler with a screenshot or two).

Aylis (Breton).7z


Aylis Preset combined with RS - Realistic Sexy Bodyslide (weight 50) - Recommended settings and 'Bijin Skin'.








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On 3/17/2019 at 2:03 PM, Kythana said:


As you can see in the list i've run Bodyslide several times. I did this to adapt the physics to the equipment you are wearing.

1. RS Body                                      : Only Body, Hands, Hands Beast, and Feet

2. RS Unrestricted Physics              : Only Amulets, Rings, Boots, Gauntlets, Gloves, Hoods and Helmets.

3. RS Restricted Physics                 : Only Clothing and Light Armor in the body location.

4. RS No Physics                            : Only Medium and Heavy Armor in the body location. NO morphs!


This is super interesting! Can you help me understand it a bit better? The only way I know to use BodySlide is to ...

  1. Select the "CBBE Special" outfit/body so that my preset shows up
  2. Select my preset
  3. Hit "Batch Build" (with "Build Morphs" on)
  4. Hit "Build" in the popup
  5. In the "Choose output set" menu, selecting "CBBE Body Special", and going down that massive list, selecting all the physics-enabled sets where it makes sense (non-physics for heavy armor).

But I thought the only place to choose physics was with whatever body you were viewing when you hit batch!

You make is seem like you can set the physics level in something other than the author-defined output set (which is usually only non-physics or physics variants). You're using groups to differentiate your 4 categories, which is pretty cool.

You made those groups yourself, right?

Don't you still have to select the output set when building?


How do you choose between "Body" and "Restricted Physics" physics?

Like, why not do them at the same time?

What's the difference between "Body" and "Unrestricted"?

Aren't they both just ... physics?

What am I not getting?


Any clarification, especially visual, would be most welcome :)

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You're welcome.


And Yes, using the whole list ends up to be timeconsuming. But it is imho worth it...




I ran into problems when combining 'Body' and 'Unrestricted Physics' in one run. Maybe i screwed up somewhere, but so far it always worked for better me when i took the route with a bit more work. Better to be safe (and thorough) than sorry. Also it gives me the option to quickly test a new preset. 


For the rest i have to write a bit more. I came up with it when i was rebuilding Skyrim for a new run (i needed a change after working for months on my guide for FO4. Thankfully SexLab is 'a bit' easier than AAF)


Generally it looks like this (disregarding the preset for a moment):

Body              : no physics, just fitting the armor to the preset.

Body Physics : limited form of physics, great for armor  - but too limited when the PC is nude.

Body Special : full physics, great for a nude PC - but too much when you wear something in the body-location (you won't see the special stuff).


Now to the presets:

*whatever you use*              : no limits for the shape of the body.

*whatever you use* (Outfit) : the form of the body is restricted as the worn outfit limits the shape a body can take (hope that makes sense in english). 


Having to choose an output is caused by the list in Bodyslide. All armors got a non-physics variant and only some a physics variant too. 

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30 minutes ago, Kythana said:

but too much when you wear something in the body-location

Holycrap, does batch building Body Special for everything impact performance?


Am I right that whatever outfit/body and preset you are using (CBBE Body, CBBE Body Physics, or CBBE Body Special) is what is used when you hit build?


35 minutes ago, Kythana said:

Now to the presets:

*whatever you use*              : no limits for the shape of the body.

*whatever you use* (Outfit) : the form of the body is restricted as the worn outfit limits the shape a body can take

I kind of understand ... are those 3 CBBE bodies the ONLY bodies, and everything else is an outfit?

Do you ever build with an outfit selected, or only with a body?

(And thank you, I'm learning a lot)


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Afaik the Outfit/Body determines the mechanics and the preset determines the form of the body.


Selecting a specific part of an armor only makes sense if you just added one or two new armor sets, other than that i'd always go with batch.


If it affects the FPS is something i don't know, but i doubt thats the case.


'Are those 3 CBBE bodies the ONLY bodies, and everything else is an outfit?' -> As long as you didn't install something else, this is correct. (overlooked that)



In the end it might just be me being german. We tend to try to make everything perfect (and often enough overcomplicate it along the way). ;)



Updating Status to Release 1.0.2 - Added Go to bed to the list and also a second option for 'Weather and Lighting'.

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Updating Status to Release 1.0.3 - Added Bellyaches HD Dragon Replacer Pack to 'NPC and Creatures. Totally overlooked this one. Sadly Luxor8071 only got one dragon covered atm and should he ever do the rest i'm going to switch. We already use a lot of his mods (and they are fantastic!). 


Added a video to both 'Weather and Lighting' to show what you can expect when you use one of the groups.



Added 'Bugs and (possible) Fixes' to 'Tips and Tricks'. Moved to ist own post.


Two more screenshots



Added 'Loading Time' to 'Tips and Tricks'.



And a few more screenshots with the second ENB.

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Updating Status to Release 1.0.6


ESO Skyshards                    - Added to 'Area Expansions'. 

Stay At The System Page - Added toSKSE. 

Guards Armor Replacer    - Added to 'Armor and Weapons'.



Added entry 'Mods worth mentioning' to post #1.


Added videolinks to each ENB and weather combination.



Looks like i have to rerun DynDOLOD. The trees in the distance seem to be a bit too bright after switching to NVT.





The LOD of water seems to be off sometimes. Working on a solution atm...


'Old' water


This btw is one of the Skyshards.


'New' water


Looks a little bit different  - but we need some esp less than before.


Changing the mod for the water finally did the trick. Next update Incoming...

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Updating Status to Release 1.1.6 


This is a Major change. I've been using Realistic Water Two for many years now. But it looks i have to switch to something else as i finally got it to its limits.



Realistic Water Two

Water HD

Smelters for Riften and Solitude Solitude worked, Riften didn't.



Now to the new stuff:

Lightweight Water Overhaul      - added to Basics

White Water HD                         - added to Textures

Bathing in Skyrim                       - added to Override

Ordinator                                    - added to Override
Ordinator Bruma Patch              - added to Override

Feminine Jarl Sitting Animation - added to 'Physics and Animation'

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Updating Status to 'Release 1.2.0 Final' 


This is it! It was a very long week (including way too little sleep) but we're finally here. <HAHA You didn't really think it would be THAT easy!> This is the final (?) version. Nexus hid a few things from me, i found some new mods  (@Kokan Thanks a lot for the tip), rediscovered some old favourites of mine, and even finally got 'my' perfect ENB. 


From now on it will be only bugfixes (should they raise their ugly head again) and maybe an entry or two which might be interesting for you. New mods will only be added if they are an update, will improve the gameplay or save us an ESP or two (or blows me away with something incredible).


Last mods to add:

Better Jumping                           - will be added to SKSE

Dawnguard Sentries Plus         - will be added to 'NPC and Creatures' 

Ebongrove SE                           - will be added to 'Area Expansions'

Peacekeeper Armour - CBBE  - will be added to Armor


I might still take a look at Luminosity but that is imho not really necessary (Lighting Mods).


Now it is up to you. Have fun and don't hesitate to ask if you have a question... 

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Added entry 'Nothing is carved in stone' to 'Tips and Tricks'. In the end it is all about having a choice...


I've tested most of the stuff there before starting with this list. But if you want to change something those links are a good starting point.

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NO SMP talk

Skyrim se need more power machine then oldrim even if enb is less fps killer then old

you could talk about how optimize game ,like loot , conflit mods, have less mod for the same things

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Hmm, did you take a look at post #3? A lot of the stuff you ask for is already there…


What do you mean with 'NO SMP Talk'?




Ouch, thats not good. Sadly this happens...


I've chosen this mod as it was very easy to configure. An alternative would be SINful CBP


Thanks for bringing this up (would have taken me quite some time to notice it).



Updating Status to 'Release 1.2.1 Final'


Switched the missing mod for an alternative. 





Entered a few locations and it looks like the ENB also has an influence in regard to the used lighting mod. 'Yngvild' was way to bright and the 'Shimmermist Cave' way to dark. My last visits looked different...


I'm trying a few combinations now (DynDOLOD alone will cost 'a few' hours) and will also give Luminosity (and the maplightfix) a shot.



An old favourite of mine. Most areas look absolutely fine, but others don't. 'Shimmermist Cave' is so dark you can't see anything at all... It is almost as if it was forgotten while creating the mod. It also removes some light sources.



Removes quite a lot of the lightsources and still got the problem with the flickering (aka lights vanish when you change direction) in some places.


Relighting Skyrim

Very good idea but some areas in dungeons or caves are way too dark.



Not bad, not bad indeed. Still suffering from being too dark in some places.



Now thats unexpected. Thats the one i think fits best... (and i thought nothing could beat RLO). Dark where it should be and the lights fit the scene. 'Ysgramor's Tomb' suddenly looks so much better, i didn't even know that there were so many candles. The 'Shimmermist Cave' is gloomy and not just pitchblack.


I dismissed this one, as it looked way too bright in the videos i checked. Now it seems to be the lighting mod which works perfectly with the ENB. Surprisingly, as it doesn't cover the exteriors, the outside world also seems to look better than before. Also it reminds me quite a lot of ELFX when it comes to colors.


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Updating Status to 'Release 1.2.4 Final'


Hopefully those will be the last changes for now. But the bug with the lighting simply had to be adressed, which also lead to a change of the texture for the PC. The good thing is that we got rid of a few ESP.


Removed mods:

Realistic Lighting Overhaul

Demoniac Texture


New mods

Luminosity  will be added to 'Weather and Lighting'

maplightfix  will be added to 'Weather and Lighting'

Bijin Skin SE will be added to PC


Will add the entry 'ENB, Weather, Lighting and Skin' to 'Tips and Tricks'.


Also a few new screenshots for you.


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Thanks so much for this, I've been away from the Skyrim seen for a while and I was thinking of getting back into it and I was so unsure where to start with SE.

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am talking about SMP HDT physic , i return to my old skyrim

after testing both with same enb and setting and same mods , i got same fps ..... but sse run better and smother  and Le better graphic and enb ( some mod or new still in LE)

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Ah, HDT, now i get it I left that out for several reasons:

1. You have to jump through a lot of hoops to get it (aka nothing for beginners).

2. The latest version seems to have some trouble.

3. There isn't much there for SE that requires HDT.


In my opinion the effort to set that up for SE is not worth the hassle. The only thing i miss from Oldrim are the physics for the hair, but trying to figure it out so i can try the few hairstyles for SE? Nope, not me.



Should i add something so you can see which mods might be affected if Bethesda makes another update for the creation club?

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