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  1. A while back, I used a mod for Sims 4 that worked as a sims-counterpart of Pornhub. It worked by using the camera feature activated through a sub-menu in the WW option menu. I cannot remember what it was called. Anyone know what mod I'm talking about?
  2. actually it works via checkmarks, found that out myself. So I did all that but it still isnt doing anything. I did nothing wrong.
  3. Yes, I did. Also, steam was running. The UUNP armor replacer is accompanied by a CBBE conversion mod for the UUNP mod. How do I change the load order in Vortex?
  4. I've validated my files many times, and nothing has changed. It won't even give me an error message. I've tried deleting my steam cache, but that has done nothing either. I've even uninstalled skyrim, but I don't know what's causing this. tl;dr: wont launch Here's my mod load order:
  5. My most satisfying moment of all time in a video game was completing my first Call of Duty game, which was CoD4: Modern Warfare. Funny thing is, I owned that game on a 15" 2008 Macbook Pro, got it off the app store (unexpected, I know). The thing that I remember the most specifically during the campaign was the fact that the prone part at the Church in the Pripyat level, "All Ghillied Up" (13th mission, quite ironic now that I think about it) was unnecessarily difficult. Apparently, I didn't realize that hiding in the bushes on the same side as the Russian soldiers, who were marching past the church walls, wasn't enough to not be noticed, and whenever I was able to pass them, that annoying Mi-24 would spot me and then shoot me to smithereens. It took me about 15-20 tries to actually make it to the next checkpoint. I don't think about that game much anymore, don't even have the computer that I completed the campaign it on anymore (it broke a few years later, fell on hard wood floor, would've been obsolete by 11 years anyway..) Still, I think that finishing CoD4 was my most satisfying video game moment of all time. It's been 10 years, and it still has yet to be surpassed. Here are the runner-ups: Shooting down a helicopter with an M79 [as Blue Army, during the 2018 Christmas Event "Green Army Men: Christmas Special"] (Rising Storm 2: Vietnam) Surviving a Huey crash with both pilots dead [as US Army, mid-game '67] (Rising Storm 2: Vietnam) Being ranked in the Global Top 2% for 'Industry: Cheese Exports' on NationStates [Not giving my nation's name for privacy reasons] (NationStates) Getting a good score on Bakamitai in the Karaoke minigame (Yakuza 0)
  6. When was that last updated? It says February on the file page, but I'm not sure if it was updated via the MEGA account and just wasn't mentioned in the changelog. I'm worried that it might not work with the most recent version of SKSE.
  7. Would you mind telling me the link of what download you're talking about? I only see the words, "The file you are trying to download is no longer available." There's no file for me to download.
  8. the mega link got deleted or just expired . now it just says "The file you are trying to download is no longer available." so if i cant download it, its not 'on me'. its on the uploader of the mega link.
  9. I regret buying that game. It sucked. I didn't have much interest after I realized that I dumped a ton of money on a game that didn't deserve the price tag given. Honestly, video games are a coin flip if you decide to pre-order or buy it on launch day (the latter is what I did, big mistake). Now, Fallout 76 is a partial exception, as it got a good update that made me start playing again. That made my pre-order worth playing for once.
  10. They better not get some sort of brain aneurysm that affects the entire dev team resulting in the game flopping. I'm really looking into playing the game when it comes out but if they screw up, I'm gonna be so mad... A cyberpunk video game like this is something I've always dreamed of, and I was already too late when I learned that my favorite anime franchise, Ghost in the Shell, had a multiplayer squad-based FPS called "Ghost in the Shell: First Assault". I ended up finding out about it after it had already shut down. There's a community trying to bring it back, and they're doing a great job, but I don't expect it to be finished until maybe a year from now. CDPR better not mess up.
  11. 523952398_Ijustwannagrillforgodssake.png.d914e70be7a19dc6a5b7e2ec6f8593b8.pngi just wanna grill

  12. SparkFun Electronics sounds kinda dangerous for a electronics brand (11965)
  13. BANNED! because you just soiled his amazing name by mentioning him in your reply on a sex mod website! 😢
  14. Sorry for not replying soon enough. Glad to hear that it does. Thank you!
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