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  1. Here's a big list of relatively small towns and cities that I compiled. I put it in alphabetical order by state & country for you, Vin. Zhouzhuang, China Trogir, Croatia Willemstad, Curaçao Znojmo, Czech Republic Hakone, Japan Kotor, Montenegro Lagos, Portugal Jinhae, South Korea Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia Sitka, Alaska, USA Wilmington, Delaware, USA Portland, Maine, USA Whitefish, Montana, USA Cape May, New Jersey, USA Hood River, Oregon, USA Greenville, South Carolina, USA Gatlinburg, Tennessee, USA Addison, Texas, USA
  2. Of course it isn't their fault. War will be war, that's just how it is.
  3. [singled out an image because i have a comment about it] Many US military personnel that cleared minefields during the gulf war have said that TM-46s and TM-57s [TM-46 is the one shown in your meme] were huge pain to deal with and were harder to disarm than other mines, as they had a very old anti-handling devices and secondary fuses, which had probably been stored in soviet warehouses for decades before being sent to Iraq for Saddam Hussein and his military.
  4. A while ago, I downloaded that Noir Sims futa underwear [and swimwear] CC, which are modified versions of some of the default panties and swimsuit bottoms/one-pieces. I later noticed that if I'm editing a sim/making a sim in CAS, and I remove their pants [accessories excluded, they dont change the issue], they will be wearing the futa version of the game default panties (that pink one, but using the grey swatch). So, I deleted that specific file for that underwear, but the same underwear still shows up if they aren't wearing anything on their lower half. I don't think I have a setting where sims always wear underwear instead of being completely naked (sex is an exception as well). There may be a setting, but I cannot find it if it exists. What do I do? P.S. yes, I use the Mods folder.
  5. Are you referring to the bar at the bottom of the screen when ingame? How do I move the sim faces into different places? I want the sim that I use the most often to be the first on the left. Is that what you meant? And if so, how do I do that?
  6. What things does the Disable_WickedMermaids.package disable? Also, does whats the purpose of NisaK_Blush_Blank_Override.package? I don't know what it does. I've been using your mod since it came out on LL, but I never really asked what those 2 files do. Mind telling me? Thanks in advance.
  7. I don't have an antivirus program, and I can launch oblivion. OBSE just isnt working. I've tried the stuff on that thread already. I've enabled Steam Overlay as well. Also, the video is outdated.
  8. I'm not getting a popup anymore. Thanks. Edit: I closed out of oblivion, repopened it, and I'm getting it again.
  9. If i just made a new folder in Documents\My Games, and put them into it, that would work too, right?
  10. Wyre gave me an application error when I tried launching oblivion through it. I can't do it through Wyre I guess. So, what do you mean by moving them to a temp folder? I'm not sure where the temporary folder should be put. I'm a bit too cautious when it comes to these things. Edit: I cut and pasted them into a new folder called Documents\Muh Games Edit 2: Reread what you said and moved them into yet another new folder called Documents\My Games\The Erder Scrohrs 4 Obrivion
  11. My installation of Oblivion is located at D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Oblivion
  12. So, by "everything", you mean: Saves folder Bashloadorders.dat Bashloadorders.dat.bak Bashsettings.dat Bashsettings.dat.bak blendsettings.ini Oblivion.ini Oblivion.ini.baked Oblivion.ini.base RendererInfo.txt WyreBashTemp.html Did I get that right? Just trying to make sure.
  13. I did all that. When I try running obse_loader.exe, it responds by saying: "You are trying to use a Steam version of Oblivion. Steam users should launch the game through Steam, not by running obse_loader.exe. If OBSE fails to load, go to Steam > Settings > In-Game and check the box marked "Enable Steam Community In-Game". Please see the instructions in obse_readme.txt for more information." I also had read obse_readme.txt, but it didnt help.
  14. OBSE is mad and wont let me run it. I tried "enabling steam community in game" as it said. Didn't work. It also said to run from steam. I tried. Lovers doesn't detect it. It's v0021 if that helps.
  15. rip, the high-rez 2048*2048 HGEC skins have reached unobtainium status. the mega link for it broke. its a shame nobody has knowledge of where we could still get them
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