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  1. If you want the unlimited life time membership (till they decide to ban you) then you have to get it before August 3rd. The only difference as far as I can tell is you don't have yearly fees to keep the status. This is likely a move to get some quick cash for the site. The warning, last time thing to get those that have been thinking of it... but fooling around and not getting it, to get it. Also some might just get it as they are afraid they might loose something. This is a standard practice. I have seen it on several software companies in recent years. Chances are if you didn't want one so far, never really felt the need for one thus far, you fairly likely don't need one.
  2. I have two .. desktop and laptop. They are on the same desk. If I need more real estate, I just use the desktop monitor (using the switch built in to switch from ports) to access it. NO extra space wasted. The desktop is center and this is to the side as it isn't as much going on with this one. I am now using Linux in a VM on my Desktop so that I can do sensitive things ... eventually once my desktop (or laptop whatever) is upgraded with enough cores, I will likely virtualize Windows and pass through the graphics card / drive etc and call it a day. (still keep my other computers for alt work) I have a chromebook for Google things It can go anywhere, Battery last for days and days! Not heavily used. however, they did add some screen capture software that I much needed and use on my desktops.. works quite well so it might get some more use... however I strictly keep it in the Google insert profile name universe.
  3. If you are becoming "to Old" I must be already "old" as I have been here for about 2 years longer than you ... lol Also have 12300 something post... (without being a moderator! lol)
  4. Even if you don't convert for drivers reasons, you are seriously outdated in security. Windows recently had such a bad security hole that it broke with tradition and updated Win 7 as well. YOu aren't lucky to get that treatment with general security updates. You'd be better moving to Linux for your main work and just keep a machine for gaming. Even at that, you can only play retro games that support windows 7. Sure the games today might support them but newer ones will seriously move away from it since it isn't supported anymore. You'd be lucky once Windoze 11 comes out to get support for anything prior to Windows 10. @Varithina Depending on the company there are generic drivers for printing that you can use. They aren't supported and depending on the laser might not work but worth a try. I have to use some generic printer drivers for my printer at work it is a old printer that is still being used because why the fuck replace one that works like a tank and you can get supplies dirt cheap? if you can get the drivers to work. Another computer has generic HP driver due to the print requirements of the software for our system needing to be setup a specific way. Go figure, but it is life. I also used a generic printer driver for a Samsung printer on a Mac I had years ago as when I got it, it didn't support my old printer. If you still have that printer and it has a proper interface, (USB, ethernet not serial) then I'd advice trying to fire up some of the generic printer drivers. You will need to know the printer language that that printer speaks then find a generic brand printer for that language. For example HP PLC (hopefully) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Printer_Command_Language then you can find a generic language printer driver for your system and likley will be able to recover that printer.
  5. I'd go so far as to say whom ever is desiring a different body for all this should learn how to convert and convert these outfits themselves. I know this is a lot of work. There is guidance here on the site and once you learn, you can convert all sorts of outfits (even those for personal use). the same principles are used pretty much for all games in one form or another. (some differences like Skyrim requires a 0 body and a 1 body or whatever they call it for morphs if I recall but it just means two conversions instead of one) Keep in mind that these bodies has taken years to convert. (5775) and not all converted by one person (at least the original conversions, I don't know if there wasn't any tweaks ) learning how to do so means that you can covert what you want and need. Ignore the rest.
  6. Off subject, however, you can use Keypass (google it) it is an open source password and such manager. It uses heavy (proper) encryption and you only need one password to rule them all. I have been using it for some time. I use Google docs to distribute it to my various devices and keep all those devices updated. It has been good for me, however, if you want to go an extra step you can just keep it on an external usb drive and upload it yourself to various devices but it requires a bit more understanding on how to update it on those devices. not hard but a bit of an extra step. I have hundreds and hundreds of various passwords, I have put various other info like software keys and such there as well. I am a bit paranoid as well so I have separate ones for my various online profiles that combined with two factor authentication for Google and I am pretty much set. (can't access Google without that or at least not easily) Sorry for the slight derail of the subject, now back to your regularly scheduled program..
  7. Don't forget Sudoku. OH, and the black community will blame any black person that can use crossword puzzles (and Sudoku) as acting white. Because, you know, if they can't do it, nobody should. I wish that was just a joke but I have seen it in person when someone black has achieved success and able to navigate the "actual real world". there "brother and sisters" try to tear them down. With "friends" like these, who needs enemies? This shit is really sad. Tearing each other down, exploiting each other, etc. As if life isn't hard enough. As if those in power will make it any easier to achieve even a small "piece of the pie" (old sitcom reference).
  8. You still will need the rest of the requirements found in the guide mentioned on the OP for everything to work properly.
  9. Smart man / woman or whatever gender appropriate pro noun (Also you know it is a joke. Seriously, I do understand the issue, just don't think it is as worth working on as bandwidth, site uptime, or other more impactful (at least to me) issues this site has. )
  10. Now you know, And it is a solution if it bothers you enough. Perhaps you want someone to remote into your computer and do it for you.. lol It took all of 8 seconds to do it for me. If something else pops up.. less than 2 seconds to remove it.
  11. for fuckin' sakes... some of the members here proudly state how tech savvy they are... just use Ad Block element blocker and get rid of that "bling" if it offends you so much. Don't take my word for it. A picture is worth a 1000 words so they say.. No Bling... Problem fuckin' solved. FireShot Capture 011 - What is this new rank thing_ - Page 3 - General Discussion - LoversLa_ - www.loverslab.com.pdf
  12. Remember "It just works" By the way, I love the fact that they use Wabbajack as a cane in the video...
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