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  1. Remember you have to RENAME THE CHOKERS as the instructions indicate. (also part of the capture shows. That BSA needs to be renamed. the info is in the guide. Follow it and you will be good to go. think you forgot something just add it to the resources folder, compress the new folder and install the new one. (make sure you remove the old one. Instructions for that is toward the bottom. I admit the tutorial needs to be reworked and updated but the info for what to install is still 100% accurate.
  2. It isn't listed in the guide. It isn't needed for the SCR resources. IN fact, if you read Sexout there is express instructions not to use Body by Race. (at least years ago it stated that. IT has been awhile since i had this installed lol)
  3. This guide has been around since 2013 and has helped countless people setup SCR properly. It has been edited dozens of times to help make it clear and as concise as possible. ( the part to create an FMOD isn't necessary anymore. Just right click and send the created folder to a compressed folder and then let Vortex or MO2. No need to use FOMM anymore by the way. If you run into problems with the guide... do like you should and post those questions on that thread. That is what that thread is for. There are many people that can respond and help clarify which ever step you are having
  4. 'there are many there on Discord that speak various language, at least for this support thread. The author herself speaks different languages as well. I believe English isn't her native language.. if I am not mistaken. The key is to keep it simple. Follow their instructions (ask clarifying questions if you don't understand ) and allow them to guide you through the setup. First they will verify the system that you have using a program, then look over your installed mods then start the process of helping you by giving you corrections etc. If you speak a different language, mention
  5. the question was phrased to mean are they photos or videos, instead of do you want photos or a video to show the problem. that is the reason I made the joke.. he wasn't giving any description or request to what was desired. Sure, that was a simple deduction but people get in a habit of giving vague questions and then when they do for a more complex question or a problem, they don't get the help or they get the wrong help wasting support time. Best to be as brief and direct as possible.
  6. Discord is the location where support is given for this guide. Not sure why Discord "was not very helpful" every time I am on there they are helping many people sometimes painstakingly. Now many people decide they want to tell what help they are being given, not follow the instructions and give the needed reports and captures and ... then, yes, you will find Discord not very helpful. I don't know what happened while you were there but can tell you there are many there that have helped with this guide. Some people want to tell support what help to give because they have pirated ga
  7. You seem to be having a very hard time. I'd suggest that you go to the discord channel and follow their instructions. They are active there. (dedicated support) It is generally quicker in a channel like this than posting here. Be prepared to post some screenshots and run some tools to get to the bottom of the issue. I'd tell them the brief issue, wait for them to give you instructions then do those EXACT instructions then wait for new info. More off tangent conversations the more time it will take and more likely you will loose support as they move on.
  8. NVSE scripts not updated or correct, Improper installation of options (or not installing a woman body)
  9. Yes, if you have a reasonable valid point of view.. if you are spouting non-sense.. then no .. at least IMO.
  10. Well hopefully you can now go and "bork" something.. lol.
  11. Yes.. they will ban porn.. so that they can't get the billions of tax dollars that that generates. Next they will ban taboo as well... you know, because it is unhealthy.. for people .. again not unhealthy for the taxes that they place on it. Hell, they even made marijuana legal.. yep... so that they can tax it. USA preventing porn across the world.. yea.. right.... Just like Trump was going to make Mexico pay for the wall... wishful thinking.. USA can't even get the governments to honor their varieties much less force them to follow their Agendas... Yep..have Trump call Putin and
  12. It would have been better if one of the wise men was removed Leaving him in his place.
  13. You aren't the only one not offended by the "Toxic Masculinity" term. Disney can make the content that they want .. gender neutral or whatever. The problem is .. they loose customers. They have backlash, they have hate male for changing long standing characters trying to meet a SJW checkbox People don't want that shit. They want stories. They want to be engaged, they want interesting experiences. There have been many award winning shows that cover alternate life styles. Relationships and the like. Major releases that got great reviews and was greatly enjoyed by the public. the ke
  14. There are lots of medical info that has changed over the years. At one time they even gave medical cigarettes to those that had Asthma. It was thought to help .. (and in a way it did for short term effect it had a chemical proven to help loosen the bronchus. How many times have the medical community told you you can't eat this or that only to change it later. ? At the minimum 40, 50 to above. Unless someone watches lots of old series movies from the 80's (which many are AWESOME) I loved that from the very first time I seen it as Battlestar was actually on in re-runs where I live at
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