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  1. Is there a better reason to mod? We all know you really love Nexus..... You love them to DEATH ! Speaking of Nexus, wonder how long before your most recent post on this thread are deleted? Clean up on Page 4! LOL...
  2. Yea, I can see that. The "Tit-for-That" thing is the very reason for the discussion and working on a solution that the majority can get behind. Kind of like if you go around with the thoughts "eye for an eye" in the end the whole world goes blind.. (I forget the person that stated that)
  3. I believe they are of the mind that this shit will burn itself out in due time. Mostly, but a degree of their worrying about their jobs if they are due for election is likely another factor. However, that is a slippery slope for them to understand as there are very likely many out there that are fed up with that shit and will vote alternate in due to their lack of addressing this (the negative aspects of protest, looting and general tomfoolery. Not the proper protest etc .. just to be clear)
  4. and... better than you were yesterday. 😜
  5. The only thing the video was accurate was the local government is the one that should make decisions on any removal, addition or alteration of statues or the like (names of streets etc). The people then can propose what they want, vote on it etc, and make the needed changes after EVERYONE has had a chance to act. This unilateral decision making from mob mentality is nothing more than vandalism and should be prosecuted as such. I don't care what x statue represents to you, or anyone for that matter. YOU don't get the choice to make decisions ON MY BEHALF. In general for the most part I don't give a shit what statue is up where or the like. I do however, have an issue with people making these decisions on their own without output from the rest of the community. To anybody that thinks differently... think again, Look at the actions that are occurring. At first there was a clear agenda.. remove confederate slave owners statues.... noble enough concept (have no opinion personally one way or another.. there are pro and cons to this) Now they are doing all sorts of other shit outside of this. Above stated they removed Fredrick Douglas for christ sakes. What sort of fucked up reason for that? This is the reason for discussion and decision making being about the community involved. If after serious discussion it is decided that something needs to be changed.. then it needs to be changed. It is time. It will reflect the community, for good or bad. After all there was a reason those statues were put up in the first place... (Note: this has to do with public statues on public lands and such, not private ones. That is a different matter all together)
  6. Yes, why not.. just load up your entire OS and all your personal data and games onto ram.... That should do it. I assume someone will be paying for all that ram and hardware to contain it
  7. If I am not mistaken, Sunny needs resources from Loogie's Tryout when she changes outfit from base. You need all the resources for SCR for the rest of the addons to work (change to pregnancy clothing etc. I believe you are using MO, make sure you aren't making a mistake with the re-installation and selecting the choice to overwrite when re-installing. Another option is if it is still present, delete the mod then try to re-install. Finally, perhaps something happened to that copy in MO and needs a refresh.
  8. The problem with mandatory conscription is you will also drag various individuals that have no intention to participate. Yes, there are many techniques that can be implemented for those individuals however, I would be concerned that, at least for the individualistic American youths, would cause a great distraction from those that would desire to use that time to improve themselves. I specifically mention Americans as there are countries that have mandatory conscription for males. The difference is, culturally this is expected and has been in place for number of years...
  9. Prices have really dropped recently on SSDs, at least where I live. Perhaps it is Time for a second Hard drive that is if you are in a desktop.
  10. Good, now at least there is some info for someone to review. I am out of date on what is working with what so I can't help much but load order and such is essential to help make sure at least the basics have been done correctly. bests of luck If there are any changes or alterations that you did custom. Ilike edits and such. also mention those.
  11. Nice nfo.. not much can be done. You did everything... Jokes aside... there is no info .. no load order (in case there is a known conflict ) and other possible things ( like error codes if available) etc. This mod has been heavily reworked and tested by dozens if not more people. I doubt someone could find a but in the actual game now. however, it is a Bethesda game so still possible Most likely a conflict or missed or error quest marker... This is the most common cause of such errors followed by an overloaded game (too many mods) for a mod that has been around and tested, and worked/tweaked on as much as this one has.
  12. It is a conflict. I had a problem with that as well. It was something to do with an mod for Bison Steve hotel. I forget the mods name. Iti changed the Powder Gangers inside.
  13. If you are using MO2 for this, you can experiment with the additional mods and see how they work. There is conflicts listed in MO2 and you can then see them and decide what needs to "win" and put that mod below the one you want to "loose" so that the parts you want will end up in the game. (answering the mod list stuff that is added) You should be able to do this with Vortex to some extent however, not sure how the conflicts are show (or well they are) and the ordering. In MO2 anyone can easily see the order shown and make changes. (left side) with MO2, you can create a new profile and if setup to keep saves separated, when you copy a profile over and make changes you can experiment with this and see if this setup is better than the other one. In time you can tweak and tweak until it is as good as you possibly get without actually firing up the GECK and editing the individual mods. (also each mod is in a different folder under "mods" in the Mod organizer folder or where you told it to go to so you can open up them anytime and see what is what and even do some minor texture updates, reskins and such. I personally had several customized folder mods that I used the last time I fired up for NV a serious game.
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