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  1. RitualClarity

    EA broke WW again.....

    What the hell? Is that even a thing? Wow... just Wow
  2. RitualClarity

    TUTORIAL: Four-Play Installation Guide For Beginners

    Should get one that allows you to "select" the animation(s) (I believe that is what you are referencing when you say "popups") Have you tried using the guide that is included in AAF? There are links and even order or installation and finally, in your case you might have some issues with the "Home key" which there are some instructions on how to change that in AAF as well. Might help that issue. The AAF CP should always work. It is developed hand in hand with AAF. The "Four Play" patch (or however they are spelling it these days) doesn't work unless it is installed using the official sanctioned patch. Finally the the guide( at least one) has the discord server that you can link to in order to get live assistance. It is usually quite active (at least in my experience) with many people that have been where you are and can do alot to help. Oh, and the last time I heard about Vortex and AAF it wasn't working properly. Things are moving along with AAF and Vortex so that might not be the case currently. Mod Organizer is the only one that is confirmed to work super well with AAF and all the mods. (many of the developers and testers are using that manager ... that is the reason ) Hope that helps, can't really do much more. I can tell you the link to my guide is the newest one and as of a week or two ago there were some updates added to bring it in line with the current status of aAF and AAFCP.
  3. RitualClarity

    SexoutNG - Stable Release '97

    It was mentioned around the site (s). Not sure if that is the case. I don't have Fallout installed currently so I am working only on hearsay. Sorry. I believe the last time I seen this was on one of the fertile breeder or Sexout breeder threads. I believe it was an issue with the mod(s) and NVSE .. basically needing an update but I could be wrong.
  4. RitualClarity

    SexoutNG - Stable Release '97

    There were a NV SE issue which was causing TTW some issues reported recently. Not sure if it has been fixed.
  5. RitualClarity

    NVSE Extender (aka NX)

    Make sure your game folder is COMPLETELY CLEAN of all mods and data other that what is given by the game. Otherwise it won't be pleasant... good news is if you didn't... keep going on installing and when you are done you can clean the game folder properly just make sure your MO folder isnt' there. lol. there is lots of support for MO ... on the web, videos etc. Benifit you likely didn't think of.. If you have a "local install" you can just drag and drop (copy that off somewhere) when you have an excellent setup that you really like. Then if something screws up or you just want to play it again (in my case a few years later) you can drag and drop it... make sure the settings is pointing to the proper folders etc, and enjoy.. You might have to update some of the mods but not difficult since all the mods are independent. Also, you can reach into any mod and see the files, tweak them or even mod them out side of the game!
  6. RitualClarity

    NVSE Extender (aka NX)

    Manual install to the path given for this and you will be fine.
  7. RitualClarity

    What's on your mind?

    Welcome to getting older.
  8. RitualClarity

    Tumblr Users! Beware!

    Has anyone checked "The Wayback Machine" for any cached versions of their favorite tumbr pages? Not sure if it is blocked or not. Or some other service like that. https://archive.org/web/
  9. RitualClarity

    WickedWhims - 9 December 2018

    Perhaps some experts here could show examples of their first level folders for Sims 4 to help show the organization ? I also like Amara72, he has done some great work in Fallout NV as well.
  10. RitualClarity

    Fertile Breeder

    There was recently a problem with TTW and Sexout and perhaps it might be a problem with this mod as well due to the changes made. Thank you for the feedback on SMMP. I don't have it installed and need reliable feedback when there is an issue. In your case it would have to be verified by dBorg2 or Peperje or someone like that so I could get the info needed to do the needed update to the compilation.
  11. RitualClarity

    Fertile Breeder

    It does... to a degree as designed. It works. Patching files isn't hard... Just install the newer files after you install the base or files needing to be patched. In this case SMMP needs to be installed first. Then install all the other mods for FB OVER IT and accept when prompted to overwrite. These aren't my files to fix That you have to take up with the author of the mods included in SMMP. Again remember to install whatever they have over the files included in SMMP and accept overwrite. If you do things wrong, yes. Nobody that has experience in modding or with using these mods have reported any issues with SMMP. Only those that don't have experience have. I have encouraged and even begged the authors to take a good look over the files given and they have DIRECT access to me where I will respond quickly. I am here almost daily. I will respond to any issues they bring up with my compilation. They don't work likely due to you doing something wrong.. having a TTW setup without the proper resources installed.. that could cause serious issues SMMP is nothing more than a collection of the included mods (listed) into one file which can be downloaded. Then you download and install the various listed mods as needed over the SMMP and accept overwrite. Not rocket science. Not difficult and mentioned on the page. It can't be kept up to 120% current as there are massive changes done on these files daily and if not one mod someone else is doing update es to another one. It is a quick base to get someone up and running with the file needed . Previous people would omit critical files and cause great difficulties. Now they have those files just not the most current one. Any one of the authors being included in this compilation can request to be removed or even have the entire thing scrapped if they desire. Nobody has asked or desired that. It is only present at the grace and permission of those that have their assets included in SMMP.
  12. RitualClarity

    Sexout Common Resources (SCR)

    This? https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/46128/ or this
  13. RitualClarity

    [Tutorial] SCR Resources Folder Creation

    Yep... there isn't any esp, or esm's in the SCR resources folder if you followed the instructions. The reason it can be packed up and used fore ever more Nothing to really break or conflict. You can install other armors and such over it later to get different experiences and no problems will occur.
  14. RitualClarity

    [Tutorial] SCR Resources Folder Creation

    then extract the file then there isn't a need to rename it.
  15. RitualClarity

    [Tutorial] SCR Resources Folder Creation

    That was when other managers wern't working properly for the tools that were used by Sexout. You can use any manager you want... just zip up the folder and then add the mod normally for that manager. If you followed the instructions you would have a fully functional SCR resources folder.