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  1. Yea, your original post being on this thread made me think there was something off on the OP of this thread. Not the linked thread. Anyway it has been removed along with the now discontinued SMMP option.
  2. ah, the instructions to combine them. ON the maternity thread. Missed that. yes. Also I know it has been combined.. as I was the one that combined them and put them on mega LOL.
  3. Link is still good, no need to change the op. No version or date given for the linked materials. This is to keep things easy as things update. Only reason to change the OP is if the link is bad and someone else is managing the linked mods. This is a question for the Sexout thread. This only covers the resources mentioned in the OP. If there is a change it will be mentioned there. I haven't played with this mod in many years so I am out of date regarding the recent changes (if any)
  4. Don't try to rush through the mod. Doing so will cause you to miss triggers that will prevent you from getting the equipment and other steps progressing. follow the prompts closely and completely and it should work Also use CASM or an equivilant (whatever is the now mod like this) and have plenty of saves to go back to. Only as a last resort and when directed to, manually add something to your inventory or make other command prompt changes.
  5. CTD is almost always a missing master or requirement. Make sure you have all the requirements. You can install FNVedit and let it run with all the mods scelected and if it stops it will stop at the item that is missng the master. This is the first step to try.
  6. The problem with NMM is there have been very credible and repeatable issues with installing some of the more more complex mods. Also, some evidence that it has left files in the data folder. They (the team that is working on updating it) are working on all these issues and making progress but it isn't there IMO from what I have seen, read and heard. For many of the mods (simple ones and such) it does work and does a decent job but it needs to be able to handle ALL of the mods. So NMM (which I used many years ago for a short time) isn't quite where it needs to be for my purposes and unfortunately not where it needs to be for wide spread mod support for those that use NMM. Useful note, both Vortex and even Mod Organizer went through times during early development when it wasn't supported and had issues. MO had issues installing NVSE extender in Fallout NV many many years ago. IN any case, it is great that there is a choice between two heavily supported mod managers (Vortex and MO). IMO NMM should only be used by those that can self support and experienced in modding games much like yourself @legendarytoyou
  7. When I last tried I don't remember any ads in vortex.
  8. I believe it is the process where the manager removes the files from the hard link list. So that they are no longer present in the folder. With MO you just shut down the program. That is essentially the only difference between the two programs. I could be wrong but I believe that is the purpose and what happens. Just a stronger version of disable (where one mod has been removed from the mods list.
  9. Virtual or Hard Links... Doesn't matter one bit. Both are tools to help keep mods properly managed and not mess up the Data folder. That is it. One is more persistent (Vortex) as the reason you don't need to launch the manager. The mods are already available .. .like all the time (Hardlink) MO, you have to run things through it.. So what. It is simple and easy once you understand the principle. (Virtual) Neither really matter for the common and even advanced mod users and yes.... even authors for the most part. Vortex allows you to use tools outside of the manger due to that persistent hard linked setup. Which takes most of the learning curve that you would have in MO out of the equation. The only question is do you need to have your data folder completely clean at all times due to other things you are doing and don't want to deactivate the mods through Vortex each time. The chances of you needing that is near zero. Also it takes very little time to deactivate the mods in the case that you do decide for some reason you need a clean folder. Most mod use and even mod development can use hard linked files that are persistent. Keep in mind I am a MO user. I really like how things flow and managed through it. However, it means diddle shit it is a preference. Both are very solid approaches to the issue of managing mods. Also keep in mind that Tannin worked on both Vortex and MO.
  10. Stay with Vortex. This is coming from a Mod Organizer user. 1. you have many mods already installed in Vortex 2. Vortex is already familiar to you, you know how things work through it. 3. Mod Organizer is more flexible and many ways to do the same thing however, that is more in line with more advanced users. If you start really understanding what you are doing and want more flexibility in a mod manager then ... and only when... you are ready to nuke things and reinstall the mods you have and configurations etc. Then and only then move to Mod Organizer.
  11. IMO I believe you are asking the wrong question. The question should more be can I edit "insert name of xml" and records "insert copy of code here" to "insert code here" to get "insert desired result". Edit the xml.. sure anyone can do it... the likely hood that someone on support will chime in and say "sure" is very slim. If they don't know you (and your skills for example you have worked on other xmls and such for similar mods or better yet AAF mods) they will likely steer clear of any response. The above is the best likely way to get the answer you want. You might also try the same above mentioned suggestion on the official support for NSFW AAF setup (discord) Again only my suggestion from several years of helping provide support for various mods here on LL. Most of the time if someone ask a vague question and it modifies the ... well mod.. then often times than not it is ignored.
  12. We can make it stronger, faster, better... cough, cough.. I think that is @dborg2 thought on the matter. In any case, it is more complete than I was able to keep up with.
  13. If you are talking about standing at themirror start you might need to do your facial changes then wait until you are ready to leave etc to do the body changes.
  14. I believe the instructions are telling you to go to your documents, then my games, then find fallout 4 and in there you should find Fallout4custom.ini.. note that you might not see the .ini part if youdon't have extensions shown. Then you just copy those lines as you see them into the folder using your favorite txt editor. I am not sure I don't use Vortex I use MO. Simlar issue except you use the mod manager to do thet edits
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