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  1. It is easier and more responsive from what I see. Often there are members over there working out some issues on the development channel or such and see post under support and jump on there. Hope you can resolve your issue. Sorry I don't know enough to help with it.
  2. RitualClarity

    Advanced Animation Framework

    There is guides that have various links for support included here.
  3. RitualClarity

    Sex Assault

    Yes, that version isn't working anymore with the current Sexouts. People have talked about adding the functionality to the mod... but failed to do so. At least not publicly People have "wanted to" but didn't Not much real interest at least not enough for someone to do so. Odessa has removed it as she was the one maintaining it with the original authors absence (of Brutal Rapes) She didn't feel comfortable with that content but If I remember correctly there were some discussion on how to re-implement it in personal versions (or public I can't remember) Try checking back into some of the older threads (a couple of years old) to find it. If you want.
  4. RitualClarity

    What really pisses you off? please no posts about nexus lol

    Yes... it does. Creation of something without any exposure to the original creation, independently creating something .. yes.. it does.
  5. RitualClarity

    Advanced Animation Framework

    Just use the command "player.additem 0000000f 100000 and you should be fine for awhile LOL
  6. RitualClarity

    ARES Androids for Fallout 4

    Keep on working on your projects and do what you can do with this one. Most should understand. Your projects are important and those that care shouldn't want you to give up on some project you started to do (inspired to do) to complete the rest of this project. It will just take time. If you must work on this project... then hold the other project is my suggestion.
  7. RitualClarity

    ARES Androids for Fallout 4

    Yes as far as I know. @Trykz is the sort of modder that would update if this has changed. It is slow going from what I know and understand. Keep in mind (everyone) that he has other projects he was working on ... his projects. This was supposed to be a joint venture with DJ...
  8. RitualClarity

    Advanced Animation Framework

    There is a guide and a discord page just for that mod. Lots and lots of support for that mod available. No reason to get lost reading the page or even installing it. Between @forgets and my guide and the guide for RSE you should be good to go if you decided to use it. It is pretty complete and lots of functionality included Good stuff. But I understand. I haven't really used it much myself. Started to and tried to work with it while it was being converted but failed .. between my lack of understanding of AAF (at that time) and RSE being a large complex mod.. I just lost myself ... Now I can use it.. or at least i believe I can.
  9. RitualClarity

    Advanced Animation Framework

    I was saying... add you to the AAF NSFW guide (that is already here) so that people can see your mod as well as others. That is if it is ready for mass consumption Sorry for any confusion.
  10. RitualClarity

    Advanced Animation Framework

    For both I'd advise you to reinstall AAF and make sure you have the stripping turn on in the install dialogue. (as well for the creature support selected) Then Install the AAFCP patch and make sure you have the proper selection of mods you are currently using selected. Those two are the most likely reasons. At least if that doesn't work others that might support this and try to help resolve the issue can rule those out.
  11. RitualClarity

    Advanced Animation Framework

    Hey, I noticed you have a mod for Fallout 4 AAF as well. Are you on discord? (I have a guide and would like to add this to the guides mods list. provided it is very stable that is )
  12. RitualClarity

    Advanced Animation Framework

    It didn't come up while I was working on the Guide. You might like this as well
  13. RitualClarity

    Advanced Animation Framework

    Well I am running an "American" version of the game and haven't had any troubles with the pre-vault animations (after the Special was selected) Only problems I had were on older versions and related to known bugs that were being worked on. (Pre-clone Player etc) Also I believe there are testers that are from all over the world testing the early versions before public release has been done. (however, not 100% if they all are using the pre-vault area for testing.)