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  1. Yes, if games are created by people that enjoy that content it will be pure, proper and well done. Not commercialized as major companies will do. After all, who can create the content that fits adult game users desire but adult game users? If game companies decide to say a big FUCK YOU to modders and adult content, I say FUCK YOU back in the form of not purchasing your games. Hopefully, these companies realize they need to create compelling games for users to buy or "rent" (in the form of subscription services.. well even purchases in many cases is it has been a really long time since we truly owned any games even if purchased on DVD)
  2. Then don't get support. Simple as that. This isn't allowed to be uploaded anywhere else per the developer's instructions.. if the above is your excuse... then it is a lame one. You are a member and post on LL a site with various "content". If you were truly afraid of being found out... you'd not use this sight.. or if you did and felt comfortable... well you'd use the same process to help hid yourself from Discord... (VPN services Proxies etc) Join, get the info using something to help hide you and then don't go back after you are done. NO requirements for you to participate or continue your interaction. Just check your install. This is done because it is so much faster and more accurate to cover the basics, which the verifier does, to make sure all is good. Valid game, Valid install of the script extender, updated etc etc etc. The majority of people that complain and refuse to use the verifier are those that pirate the game and have child porn content. This can be stated with confidence because the verifyer has been out for quite some time and in the end most that refused and later tried, were found out. Not everybody, and you might not fit that case but nobody that is with the support group and have all the experience of helping will help without a captured verifyer report anymore. Hence you don't get support (at least from those individuals) Good luck!
  3. You are likely correct that Microsoft is purchasing these game studios to increase their penetration into the gaming market. Origin is doing the same (started it a while ago) and likely others that I am not aware of currently has such a service. Gaming, Software etc is moving to a "service" (I forgot Adobe is a service now with monthly subscriptions) Microsoft already has Office as a subscription (which they push extremely hard as opposed to the purchased license. 9.99 isn't that bad of a price either if you are one that purchases 2~3 new titles a year with the current price for the top version. For serious gamer it isn't a bad deal. For those that just want a new selected game once in a while.. not so much. However, I believe you can still purchase those if you desire (from the MS store and Origin. Not 100% on the MS so correct me if I am wrong) Likely reason your son has been using that service "for some time". As for modding however, I don't believe you are correct. The subscription price only allows access to the game, not restrict the modding except if there is a policy that covers types of changes done to the game. (as some companies I believe have done .. again correct me if I am wrong. I don't follow this heavily) If the game like Fallout NV is used.. then the game is able to be modded as I understand. The issue comes in when the developer doesn't give the tools to mod it AND the company forbids the modding of the game. Otherwise, without tools it is very difficult to mod (look at Mass Effect, Witcher etc) It can be done but much more limited than Bethesda modded games. If you are using a subscription service, then likely you are "calling in" quite often. Perhaps every time you activate the game (for statistical purposes of course... sarcasm in case you thought was serious. They are just trying to gather as much personal data as possible. In the future they might even gather game play and choices into a data base for future games development.) With this "calling in" they can possibly see the changes you have done. If they have records (checksum) of mods that have been decided go against the EULA they can take action. This is the part of the issue with subscriptions as I see it. If the company.. lets say Bethesda dev decides to continue with their release of mod tools then we can mod the game.. but... might not be able to have selected content added. I have said a few years ago that we should (as a adult modding community) develop our own games so that the content can be continued. The tools are available, the info and resources are available (if not difficult to obtain) and the experience in many aspects of gaming and content creation is available (here) There is already a game hosted here that has been created for this purpose. It sucks or will suck if we can't mod the games 100% to the way we like.. or even at all.. but that is the future. We just have to accept the possibility and start thinking of alternatives.
  4. Take care of the serious shit that needs being addressed. What else would we do. Stupid people are only needed for entertainment... then only in limited quantities. We have an overdose of stupid people now. Not entertaining at all anymore.
  5. If... Microsoft could or would make Bioware etc... release even semi competently designed and functional games then that would be a win, even if the game was crap.. at least it would work. That would be something to see. However, I doubt that will be the case. We'd be lucky to see them hold Bioware to what they advertise. (like the bag issues, Rum bottle issue etc etc. That might be as far as we can expect Microsoft be able to do. However, like I stated before. Nobody knows. The only thing we can gather up would be references to other game studios that MS bought and what they have done.
  6. He was brought to my attention from "another site" and made me laugh. Then I watched some of his content and thought about this thread and the conversations going on.. lol
  7. Here you go, thought of you @gregathit when I seen this video
  8. I was pulled over when I was much younger... It was a case of mistaken identity... the officer came up to the car with his gun drawn... At the time I had a common cheap car... problem was .. many others have that exact car so there was cases where this would happen. Once the officer saw me... he realized I wasn't a 50 year old man (I was 20 at the time) and there was no way I was the person they were looking for. He put the gun away, he still did a check on my car to verify that I was the owner and not using the car that was part of a crime. He felt bad that he pulled the gun out on me. He stated what happened right away and stated what he needed to do .. didn't even take my drivers license, just the car documentation. about 2~5 minutes longer than a normal stop and I was free to go. The general population doesn't seem to understand what is their rights and what isn't. What they are suppose to do and what they aren't. They have a level of entitlement that is absolutely unbelievable. that is the reason they (those in the film ) acted as badly as they did. What they should have done.. is just record the incident as needed for evidence if something goes wrong. Stay there to make sure the cop didn't do something bad. That I can understand. .. what happened I can't.
  9. I am happy to say a radio station where I live told a nice positive police interaction story on my way to work today! There was a fire, the building was engulfed in flames the officer couldn't get through the front or back doors (I believe he kicked one but it was too hot/flames to be able to get through after) but, he was cleaver and went around to a window air conditioner and was able to pull it out and get a 14 year old out of the building in time. He just wasn't going to give up and kept on trying even though the building was in flames and no apparent option was available. he created one 😍
  10. Some of them can be used for government building and such, My link should have lead to the one that was tire spikes that were deployed by remote. So that the officer can be further away, and perhaps be behind something much more solid like a concrete barricade or something.
  11. I never stated it was rampant.. just that it happens. Besides training there needs to be follow up to be sure those cases were the officer starts to slip and deviate from the policies and procedures are brought back in line.. before those major events occur. My case exactly. They need to be monitored and re-trained as needed. I agreed that they need more training along these lines as well.. in other paths as well if they are expected to respond to situations that their basic training doesn't cover. There is a reason there are SWAT and Patrol Cops... The Patrol Cops don't just one day decide the want to participate in a SWAT operation. They need that specialized training. One thing that is common with many of these events that are hitting the news. Resisting the police. Refusing to follow their instructions and in the end making them feel like their hand is forced. This most recent event ... she had a boy friend selling drugs. She was associating with a felon. No wonder the police came to her door. No wonder there was a shoot out. She put herself in that situation willfully. Doesn't excuse the police officers for violating their policies and procedures (like the officer did blindly shooting into the glass windows with blinds. the man that got shot in the back 7 times didn't follow the instructions and went for his car .. he could have stood there and did jumping jacks all fucking day likely and nothing would have happened but he forced them to respond. When this happened one of the officers shot him. AS far as I can tell wrongfully but... he wasn't 100% acting alone. The man was contributing. 90 pounds or 900 pounds, if someone is pressuring the cops and they don't have the proper training and re-enforcement that I mentioned above, Disasters will happen. Stop forcing the reactions by following the instructions and then dealing with if or if not they violated your civil rights after... and doubt many of those people that were killed would have been killed. (with the exception of the officer blindly shooting into the apartment. In that case, stay the fuck away from drug dealers and felons commuting crime) I don't know any officer that will go hand to hand with any person with a weapon .. be it a knife, 2 by 4, or whatever. That is part of their training. Stay I believe 20 feet behind a cop car/truck. Of course it isn't 100 % safe but ... better than that cop standing out in the open trying. I am sure that he didn't follow the proper training for deployment. Another person that needed a refersher and or complete retraining. Maybe, someone that didn't even get the training in the first place. Just to be clear, I agree deployment of strip is extremely unsafe and dangerous. However, there are procedures to follow to try to make it better That looks interesting. I believe I seen something similar may years ago but .. tech does improve perhaps it works well now. I also found this .. it looks interesting and would solve the problem of the officer being so close to traffic and as you stated, even behind a car it can be dangerous . With that device the officer can be far away and deploy it ... much safer.
  12. We have no clue what will happen. I believe chances are Bethesda studio will be allowed to do their projects with some minor policy changes by Microsoft. So far I haven't seen much change with other game studio/companies that MS bought... doubt that will change for this. They are likely making sure that they have XBOX options .... .
  13. Many are have training and the training that they have, they often ignore. Like the recent case where the cop shot through sliding doors without clear line of sight. They are trained to not do that, but he did anyway. Yes, they need more training, but lest be honest. They (many) aren't using their training that they did receive. This is a problem for public safety but also for personal safety (of the officer). Poor adherence to proper procedures lead to the recent case mentioned above where a cop blindly shot into a residence. Clearly against common sense and police policy. (Reason he was terminated and recently charged) I am pretty sure that he was trained not to shoot blindly into a building. Not only do they, the police need increased training, but they need a process where training is confirmed over time and that those policies and procedures are maintained properly throughout the career of the officer. The video you were commenting on. Didn't have an shelter, (police car properly positioned, he properly positioned and preferably more than one car to funnel the car into the strips. (and not parked stupidly like you see in the movies... there is a reason cars blow through those, the scene is setup for that no a slight angle to provide the police officer some shelter along side it if needed (for a shootout if the car , truck stops) and make it so much harder to blow through if someone tried to ram the cars. Many videos that are shown where something goes bad related to police officers usually due to them not following basic procedures and policies.
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