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  1. I wish I had a pussy to stroke...
  2. I believe not all the armors will change to higher P#.. As for alignment.. if you are using an approved body you should be OK.. If you have the meshes, and textures and they show up .. you installed SMMP correctly. I'd check with Maternity Overkill or Pregnancy (not sure) and post this issue on their support thr4ead. I don't believe it has anything to do with SMMP.. (it is just a merged mod) @dborg2 is the one experienced with and working on all the above and likely the best to resolve this and or point to the correct file if needed. If per chance there is an issue with SMMP... he'd know more and be able to help with the correction / update.
  3. @dagobaking so sorry for all the derail r/t guides and discussions on guides and creation of guides and such.
  4. Understandable... however, with MO you can just create a new profile and activate the mods you need. You don't even really need to install anything new.. just start a fresh game and get to a point where you can test the animation which should only take a few moments after you create the character.. Vortex might be a nice thing to check and run. There are people using that that are new. however, lots of the actual mod creators as far as I know are using MO2... (still useful for testing purposes and to prove that it sn't the mod or the manager when something goes wrong as you would have a functional base install in Vortex ;)) The answer.. you are fucking insane.. Sorry, its true... lol Not your problem. If you are truly developing a tutorial for AAF for basic install ... that is all that matters. Add a selected POSE mod from Nexus.. keep it SFW and then you can use it for support (or even release it for support to others, perhaps using the Google doc format I use, then you can change out the document as you desire and keep it bleeding edge update.. use two documents, dev and release and if something is bad.. just post "under construction" for the linked document until you can fix the issue ) The base is solid. the rest, if problem occur is a trouble shooting issue not an AAF issue. (directly at least. unless a mod is changing something or causing trouble. which likely would be known issue quickly. ) This also has the added benefit of showing how easy it is to get a start on using AAF as well as help provide for a solid functional base for people to build on in the future. Edit.. Don't be afraid to set limits on your tutorial/ guide and what it covers. Feel free to check out my SCR Resources tutorial page. You will see I am very clear right up front on what it covers, what to request for support and how to get updates and such added (for example if an added armor is part of SCR... it has to be included into the original threads OP first before I add it or change my tutorial) Setting limits helps those people get supoort for what you can do, limits the checking on your OP or source, Interactions with you, and lets them know to go to the ... insert location here... location... Where they can get prompt (hopefully) support on their needs that are outside the scope of your guide/tutorial. For anyone that creates such documents .. this is a must. No you don't... That isn't basic... that is advanced and NSFW... If you feel driven.. I'd have an "advanced" document that covers some basic NSFW mods and requirements. this way if something goes wrong.. the original could and would still be valid. The NSFW mods and such are where most of the issues are coming from with conflicts and has the fastest development cycle opposed to Nexus pose mods. yes this... Otherwise, AAF will likely not know what is going on with those mods. (no need to re-install AAF to get this to work) Of course, I am not most current on the mods and tools.. Could be wrong. Discord chat would help with some of the questions you are coming up with. People are very active there. (dev mod authors and users) Also, with any of your guides.. I'd link to official support threads along with any contact info or support contact options you are providing for your document or source. So far, I'm not doing so bad for someone that hasn't had an actual functional install of AAF since #14~17 or so... lol. @walkin If you want to discuss this further etc etc. feel free to PM me on this matter. I can go into more detail and give suggestions.
  5. Low level tutorials will always trump looser more general guides. I don't feel you took anything away from my or @forgets work. Just wanted to mention the differences and why. Doing the level of detail that he/she did is very hard to keep up. Kudos to anyone that is willing to do such works... My hat is off to them. I truly understand the level of work that is required to provide such materials... perhaps more than many here If I might make a suggestion provided you are game for it. Just focus on the core installation of AAF and the minimum requirements and a basic, clean SFW pose mod and quick test to verify that the install is good to go. That would cover 4~5 mods and once the reader is complete and tested.. they are assured that the base is working. They have a strong working base. Simple, easy, focused, and so far as I understand it.. should be pretty stable for awhile before changes are needed to be done to update it.
  6. Did you try the tool I pointed out just a few post above. (on the same page as this post? )
  7. Lets not forget (or better yet now is a great time to mention) that there is a tool on Discord (#tool section) which when installed according ot the instructions and run will give a report of many of the issues for the AAF install. Post that back on the support thread there and many of those that frequent there could give you the answers you might need.
  8. Of course... Well it has seasoning as well. People here have such dirty, dirty minds...
  9. Yea, unless something changed, DLC shouldn't be a hard requirement... If it has, nobody told me all this only shows why more people aren't sharing or working on guides/tutorials for this.
  10. Those are the only things you need to have animations installed and activated, if you use manual methods to activate a mod. (not even sure you need DLCs.. ) @dagobaking designed AAF in that manner.
  11. I don't have a problem ... however, some people have a tendency to jump on the bandwagon and start a hate fest at times when someone starts to say something isn't good or has issues. @walkin is my witness, I encouraged him (and I will encourage) and anyone else that wants to take the path of a more detailed step by step guide. Any alternate approach (I like @forgets approach with graphs and such for example) There can be many ways to pass on info. the thing is however, more often than not it is incomplete, inaccurate, and often out of date. this cause more problems than it help solve. So anyone that wishes to create something really needs to keep on top of it or make sure it is known and perfectly clear that the info is out of date or better yet, remove it from access to the masses until it can be fixed. In direct, word of mouth, but I believe @dagobaking is concerned with all the guides and tutorials being released for the very reasons mentioned above. I have personally seen people post issues and support problems here... for someone else's guide / tutorial / VIDEO that was just plain wrong or severely outdated. Which ended up causing people to try to support something that was seriously messed up by someone else's attempt to help that ended up causing more troubles. My document might be claimed by him or some others as the "best" due to the fact that it is worked on with not only @dagobaking but @CG! as well as many of the mod authors that are contributing to AAF. They have looked over the document (as much as humanly possible when able to) and have made corrections suggestions, additional content suggestions and such. The AUTHORS are the ones that drive that guide. So much of the info is the most current but also due to size and how frequent the changes are happening to AAF and other mods, not as "concise and direct" or tutorial as many want it. It is not, and likely will never be that way. It isn't what it was created to do. So due to the vetting of the document and extensive discussions done on such content in said document it is pointed to more often than others. It isn't as detailed as a step by step guide, but it isn't outdated (and if is, usually corrected quickly often before a public release of the new AAF build) Even the way the document is distributed... Through Google Docs, there isn't any old PDFs or shouldn't be anymore. The info is bleeding edge updated as changes are approved and ported over to the public document (yes there is a dev document waiting for approval of content before being made public) Now I can't speak to @dagobaking or for him on why he would say that. I can only speculate due to the amount of time I have worked with him on this project. Also keep in mind the document is ever evolving (time allowing) with new content and clarifications being created as well as hints and possible tricks etc etc being added.
  12. High grade sausage is the best! YUM
  13. Used that as a separate reference as to why detailed tutorials for such a mod as AAF is extremely difficult. Not directed at you. the post quoted above is about the guides provided for users not being useful and wanting more details. Just used your post to highlight the fact and to also let people understand that there is a difference between a guide and a tutorial... The following isn't directed at @anghelos92 but instead directed at anyone that isn't satisfied by the work done by @forgets @walkin or myself or any other that takes time out of their day to provide support, materials, guides, tutorials and such... If anyone wants to take what I have created and edit it, format it, alter it, give more details to it. They are more than welcome to. If someone wants to spend hours keeping up on all the tiny details necessary and do the work to keep a more detailed "tutorial" derived from what I have created.. they are more than welcome to do so. If someone thinks they can do a better job than I... they are more than welcome to do so.
  14. If you post on a public forum... .your comments are open for discussion. No problems, happy to help people understand the difference between a guide (which is more general and gives .. well guidance) and a Tutorial (which is more exact and detailed.) however, that part wasn't specifically directed at you, more of a general purpose comment. Sorry, if it looked directed toward you. It wasn't my intent. (reading it a second time) I have had a good look at his/her tutorial and it has lots of good stuff in it. Very useful, shame that AAF and the related mods change so much that it is nigh near impossible to keep up with. Hopefully in time he/she can return to such task and help others again.
  15. Anyone can create a guide that is greatly detailed and add many alternative mods and test those mods and get all the bugs out... If they have the Time. LOTS OF TIME, TONS OF TIME. If they don't mind giving up all their spare time testing each version of an update of all the supported and suggested mods and testing all the possibles and making sure all is good. The guide was requested by Dargo and CG!. It was formatted and info given and modified to be as general and "open" as possible. As a "guide" not a direct tutorial which gives steps by steps with references and such on how to setup the AAF system. Doing AAF is easy to set up detailed but due to the nature of what it can do.... the options and various mods both SFW and NSFW and such as well as all the alternate mods and such is just impossible. I believe people are mistaking my guide for a "tutorial" A tutorial is more in depth and detailed.. Guides are more general. Check his guide out. I had a chance to look over what he was working on and he pointed out some pieces of info and such to update my guide. He is working on a more direct approach and being different author might have exactly what you are looking for. Update.. he/she stated they were taking a break while things are settling down. The problem with detailed tutorials for such a project is things are in constant flux and development (which is great!) and that makes keeping up with the options and such difficult and very time consuming and always run a risk of getting behind... The guide was designed to be as stable and usable for everyone as much as possible from day one of any releases. If there any major changes (which has happened at least once before with how the system worked) I am usually informed well before with the Alphas and such and can work that info in so that it is ready for the newest of the newest. (however, yes, mostly focusing on the AAF itself and not the mods.)
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