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  1. Sexout Tryout

    It was only the PDF that needed updating. the web was updated. Forgot to change the PDF... Not sure about the audio but, it is referenced in older resources so it is still safe tohave (no harm except space used)
  2. SMMP (Sexout Maternity Mega Pack)

    No problem we all make mistakes. I still forget the skeleton and get infinity tits every once in a while... lol.
  3. Sexout New Vegas Pregnancy

    Could be the icon is just missing from the mod. Not sure. Is there any ! in the game? (giant exclamation marks?)
  4. SMMP (Sexout Maternity Mega Pack)

    Yes this ^ The reason I don't have a stuck screen or other issues. The think I like to do is what is mentioned above. I run FNVedit after I run Loot to be sure I am covered. (master wise) I find issues I resolve them until it can process completely. This usually solves most of the basic issues r/t masters and requirements.
  5. Sexout Breeder [v8.8] Riverside Beta

    Also Sexout Breeder has more capture events as well. Death Claws. Bloat Flys, etc, etc. Sexout Breeder has more traps than FB seems to have at least as far as I have read/played (limited) and tested (zeta/TTW). Run both stories at the same time and picknd choose what you want to do would be my advice if you like this type of content.
  6. Sexout Tryout

    One thing to remember, at least before when I tested it, is not to move the mouse or activate your character in any way. The characters will come and interact with your toon. Just sit back and watch the show. Of course, you move the camera to a position that is better for each event then let go of your mouse and keyboard. At least that was a help of me before. However, it has been awhile. Loogie didn't have some of the features he has now.
  7. Sexout Breeder [v8.8] Riverside Beta

    They can be run together as I understand it so no need to "choose". AS I understand it. Sexout Breeder will have your toon getting captured /tricked and even trapped where this isn't as much so with Fertile Breeder.
  8. Sexout Tryout

    @deborg... would you know which of Loogies pack shouid be part of the Instructions. This has changed and I had forgotten about that. I can make an update for this. I believe it is just the Textures and Meshes pack but I can be wrong.
  9. Fertile Breeder

    Cool, Just giving you (and anyone else reading this) options. the "XX" in the above code is the place ## in your load order for Fertile Breeder. Just in case you (or others) wasn't aware.
  10. Sexout FAQ - Read this to get started

  11. Fertile Breeder

    Don't have that, however, you should be able to get it the next level up or two you do. RewardxP ##### where # is the number of points you want to give yourself. ( I believe that is the command ) This should allow you to get the perk naturally. Another harder way to find all the perk s from a mod, any mod is install FNVedit (also useful to clean mods and help resolve load orders and create merged patches and more) and open it up. Wait until it has finished checking your mods and open up FB (or any mod) and search through it. You will find the perks and the codes. Also learn more about the mods you use in the process. You can even edit some of them there as well. Eyes, hair, etc, etc.
  12. Pun

  13. Sexout Breeder [v8.8] Riverside Beta

    Come on guys and gals that are interested in this. It takes testers (real testers that give feedback and help) to keep this mod moving forward. Without it, It might just not move or at least not fast. They (dborg2 and Neutron_rus) have what seems to be a surge of energy for this, best take it while it is available. Neutron_rus even created a discord server for this.
  14. GG_Naughty_Trading

    No problem on my end . Perhaps create a few more post then you can start downloading. Not sure, The newer members have various restrictions on their access until they reach a post count etc. If at 10 post and still having problems I'd create a thread asking for help.
  15. Is Anyone Using the Creation Club?

    SHOCKING! You sir/miss are a PIRATE LOL. They deserve it when they load your ship (computer) up with the gold (assets) without asking permission.