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  1. You run your computer as you would using the heaviest programs and usage case. Pull up the task manager.. if you are showing good on the memory.. then you are good. Doesn't matter if you are using 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 or even 32. This is a way to double check to be sure you have everything in order. Same can be said for processors and such.
  2. I haven't seen a computer die from being touched like the above. usually it is something that will show strange effects over time. Also, never had a problem if the computer was running. The issue I experienced and concerned with was raw sensitive parts like memory (the bottom connection part) being touched. If you miss handle the electronics .. you can give it a small charge. If that charge is large enough it can cause some hidden damage that may or may not cause you trouble later down the road. Generally, it is stupid easy to prevent this. Matt usage, touching the case a few seconds before you touch sensitive components inside the computer, etc. There is also the ol' favorite of the wrist strap. All will help make sure you don't accidentally do something you will later have to fix. Generally if you work on computers long enough and / or build them (many) you will start to develop the habits (hopefully) that will help prevent this from hapening. I am sure your research and school/class is letting you know how serious this is. .. but.. hopefully how stupid easy it is to avoid and prevent. M.2s if you can get them.. really nice and fast. If you can't there are cheap 2.5s now that are getting larger and larger every year. I have seen 1tb for less than a C note. Not the best but does the job. So far even the generic Microcenter ones have been solid for me. I have an old sata 2 version from like 9 years ago and still works. In my experience if you are careful, you can get some pretty solid time out of them. Haven't used a M.2 myself yet. I agree with @dagobaking on the raid. The reasons for using it are two.. speed (for raid zero) and redundancy. Most home setups don't require the redundancy and for the speed... not advised as if anything goes wrong.. you are literally fucked. Windows likes fucking up.. so not advised there. If for some reason you wanted to set up a Plex server and make sure it was able to serve 10 people constantly even if there was a drive failure.. then that might.. notice.. might be a reason. However, you'd likely be using the motherboard raid controller and not all are created equal. Often that is an item that WILL fail prematurely on motherboard as the raid controller is beat 24/7. (referring to standard commercial computer mobo.. server and/or workstation boards are a different story) In the above Plex server situation. you can easily just have a hard drive ready to go into the machine if a drive died. A few minutes later...you are ready to move moves from your backup. Even quicker if you have an updated drive externally with the movies cloned from that drive (while it was still good) and kept up to date ready to go. you can use a dock to sync. There are many software that can do this or you can create a simple robocopy script (or similar) and call it a day. One or two good docs, two large drives in the rig for movies... and a screwdriver and quick access computer case.. and you are golden. Computer cases need to be considered more than most people do. chances are if you have a problem with your build and you are a noob, it is due to having a case that isn't designed properly for YOUR NEEDS. Just like the rest of the build.. you don't want to skimp on the case. You need a case that is appropriate for your build, with reasonable quality and design for your goals in your build while providing adequate ventilation for all the components you will get today and any possible ones for the future. I know so many that either over buy (not a bad thing in this case as I agree with @dagobaking that the case will likely outlast the other components only getting outdated with new USB ports etc. ) but often underbuying, saving money on the case so that they can get something else or spend more on something else. this leaves them compromised and in need of an upgrade. This means they have to disassemble. Que Johnny 5 "no disassemble". This risk that something can go wrong in the process. The best thing is to think out the ENTIRE build including the case and any upgrades options like M.2s into the build. if upgrading.. consider all the parts. It takes a bit of effort but there are forums and support for such things. Better to be an informed consumer than to waste time and money.
  3. Interesting... I see your point! Didn't think of it that way.
  4. Nothing to hash out... If you are curious and need some hardware advice.. let me know in a message. I can do some checks and such and find some solid hardware choices with reasonable vendors that will do the job. Just tell me what you want to do etc.
  5. You are ignoring the fact that you can get solid reliable parts for a reasonable price and don't have to give your leg and/or arm to do so. I am not ignoring your "premise" I am not changing the subject. My statement from the beginning is the above. You are the one that isn't reading my statements and injecting your own in its place. You can get good solid parts from places, vendors. You just have to be careful and know what you are doing. Almost everybody I know in RL does this for a fucking living. One aspect or another in this field. I have been doing this since the last fucking century.. lol. I have to literally give my old shit away due to not needing it.. 2x in my entire life I had to replace a motherboard and only once a stick of memory.. prematurely. AND the motherboard was beyond its warranty! (3 years) People like you are what makes vendors so fucking happy... drives people to think they need to spend fucking 400 dollars on a motherboard that they will likely use for only 5 damn years. Spend 400 dollars on a processor because it has x cores or y feature. When gaming is the heaviest thing they will be doing. Most of the damn problems people experience is due to their own stupidity. Their inability to properly install their hardware by not following proper anti-static procedures. that or not properly maintaining it by blowing out the crud from the fans. I can't tell you how many computers that I have seen being dumped for recycling that all was needed was to clear out the fucking dust and cat fir. But go ahead and spend $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ as those that I know in RL that are in electronic sales , work at a place that sells electronics will absolutely love you for doing so. Add to the companies bottom lines and the economy in general. Feel happy that you have the best of the best and boast away.. I will just get solid reasonable hardware and put that money elsewhere, where it is more important to me.
  6. Yes... generally more money does have better quality.. but, there are good quality parts that don't cost an arm and a leg. That is my point. However, you do have to do some research and really do more investigation with those. Most aren't willing to do this. Take shortcuts and often get the bad end of the stick due to this. All my hardware would turn on and work. Often times however, they had more bells and whisles and other crap added on to it that I didn't want or need. Another issue is many times they would have settings and such on as a default that made setting up hard if you weren't aware of it.. My last mobo was this way. It was a complete pain in the ass to setup properly. It also has one of the fancy bios updaters which has caused me more trouble than it saved. Not aware of you saying anything wrong... At least not that I am aware of. Generally we agree on most things..
  7. I work in the field.. I have friends that work in it as well. Repair, sales and shit like that. You can get decent hardware without donating blood to do so. Period.. My message is only counter to your message in that those that need to ... because not everybody can spend $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ on hardware and be elitist... to be smart about what they buy and do their research. There isn't anything "anecdotal" about this. It is being an educated consumer and purchasing the best you can for the $$$ you have. Making the best possible decision. If you can't get an new upper range Toyota.. then use consumer reports and find decent lower range car with a record of being decent. Economics. Not everybody can or wants to spend $$$ on hardware. I have a pair of 30 dollar headphones that have outlasted my friends 100dollar + headphones and sound great. I have a laptop from 2012.. mid range booring Dell laptop.. won't fucking die.. why.. because I did my research. Solid as a rock. cost fractions from what the "Advised" $$$ item cost. Second laptop was a Chromebook that was on display for over a year. got it for a song.. changed the battery (opened it ) for a few bucks.. and now I have a sold laptop that last 8 + hours.. (by the way.. it did last 5 + hours or more of hard use,. like watching Netflix before being replaced) Don't need to pay for the expensive shit.. just do your research and buy responsibly. You only need to do your way if you are lazy or don't know what you are doing.
  8. I will have to disagree with you... However, also agree... Sometimes you have to get some lower quality hardware. Due to circumstances beyond your control at the time , this might be the case. There are good quality lower level motherboards and CPUs that do a decent job. Same goes for Graphics and power supplies. They are few and far between and you will have to make some compromises but it can be done. The key is THE BUYER NEEDS TO KNOW the limitations and what they are compromising on. The fact that the hardware will become obsolete much sooner than a higher quality part (generally) if they don't wear out sooner (dependent on case usage of course) You can get a cheap decent build for gaming and do well.. not super good but can get the job done IF YOU HAVE REASONABLE EXPECTATIONS on what will come from that hardware. Now on to your point @27X or so I believe it is due to your post. You should always strive to get the highest quality equipment you can if you are serious about your hardware and expect a terrific return on investment. This I agree with. You don't have to spend $600 dollars on a motherboard and 1100 dollars on a processor to do this. In the case of AMD a x570 with mid line features should be solid.. the 3600X and up should be good to go. A GTX 1060 or above for a 1080p monitor and GTX 2070 or equivalent for a 2k monitor (with some compromises) Should be a good start. (not sure on the AMD graphics cards. Sorry) Monitors .. a high refresh low latency (120 or better preferred) is solid.. a X sync monitor (comparable with your graphics card) is preferred. Going lower.. will leave with lots of compromises (visual) It doesn't take much to get a good setup... Often times the more preferred hardware option is 20~50 dollars different.. Across the entire build this can cost 250~300 dollars more.. but.. you can rock the system for many years and still have great results. I am not just talking out my ass.. I choose a 4790k with a Asus Hero board and 16 gigs of solid ram and I am still rocking Witcher and other games without an issue. ONly change.. is from a GTX670, to a GTX 970 then to a GTX 1080TI. (last change was due to upgrading my monitor to a 2k.. A 970 is a 1080p graphics card. .. it was excellent for that by the way) Finally the company statement.. that is extremely strongly advised .. that shows that the company is concerned with your business. It shows they care and are wiling to invest in support and assistance for you. You might never need it, but it is extremely nice if you should find that you do I woudn't go as far as to tell you to never ever not purchase a hardware from such a company that doesn't do the above.. but strongly advise against it. YOU NEED TO HAVE A SERIOUS REASON to not do so. Like it was FREE OR SOMETHING... or you want to toss your money out the door. If that is the case.. you still should get hardware from a solid company with excellent support.. AND the 600 dollar motherboard and the 900 dollar processor and about 500 dollars of memory.. etc... lol I had to comment as I don't agree with extremes. If you are going against the advised statement of @27X and others that believe the same... you should know exactly what you are doing, what you are cutting your self short on.. and it be of proper value (savings etc) for this to happen. Keep in mind that the hardware is interdependent and cutting short on on can easily fuck up others so ... you could end up with one piece of shit hardware that takes out the rest ... I am a firm believer that people should do what they want.. provided they have an educated reason for doing so.. but... don't come crying to me when it fucks up.. P.S.. perhaps if money is a concern.. get the better of the last gen if still available. That is what I did (well two gens previous.. it was 6th gen coming out at the time I got my processor etc) Nice savings.. and possible solid hardware .. Just it becomes out dated quicker... For me... the hardware works perfectly for my needs at that time and due to my usage expectation.. would still work all the way to now and I was right. If my shit blew up today (motherboard, processor and ram) I'd likely get a 3600X, an midrange x570 and some lower priced Crucial or corsair memory.. (16 gigs) If money was a concern. A 2700x, a nice x470 board and again the same memory. save about 100~200 dollars.
  9. I just take down info and document it.. I try to make it easier to u nderstand and provide a referenced. Ego and the others.. they make the magic happen
  10. HOW TO POST A LIST OF ERROR CODES FROM SUPPORT: Occasionally you will be requested info from your AAF, one such occurrence might be for error codes you have in AAF. Open the AAF Menu, [Home] key is the default Then use the [DEL] key to cycle to the Admin Console and hit [ Enter ]. There will be a list of errors. The most recent will be at the top of the list. Take a screenshot of the errors and post as needed for support. Thanks that should do.. Also updated the table of contents.
  11. Hey, I took the info and added it to my guide.. Looks good.. (thanks.. more info to credit to you! )
  12. Well now ... experts... will have to look over thigns. I can't figure out why you have the issue. Also, good that =you posted here you were having problems with Discord. If you don't get a response, I'd shout out once then give it a bit (use the @ name etc) to get his attention then if not ... PM him. Might be something going on. He can give the best info and such.
  13. N0, not that I have ever been aware of. Why don't you check out the Discord server and post your screen capture from the GFV tool found under the tool channel It will be quicker and if there are some issues, many eyes will be there. If posting there or here. please state the capture from there. It is the first step to resolving the issue
  14. @Slorm Thanks for covering the updates and changes for those that use NMM.
  15. Please give the ACTUAL modlist from mo that you didn't edit. There might be something there that was changed or edited etc that is missing that is important. Load order as well. If possible a bug report from AAF. (not sure if that is needed. ) My thoughts is possible improperly installed male body or missing patch(s) Something to check on while you wait and do for the more informed detailed support.
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