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  1. Do you have that link.. I didn't see it. can't find it.. Likely in front of my nose...
  2. Unfortunately.. I don't think so. You could try... but there is only so much it will do and you'd freeze your fruit and other things (or really make it unreasonably cold) Again, only from my experience. I also thought. sometimes there is a tray under it that might need cleaning and if there are any coils exposed.. on the back, maybe cleaning dust and such out from it. Basically a good cleaning of the back and underneith.. might help. If it doesn't at least when it does go out.. and you get service.. they won't look at you like you are careless and caused the issue. (if there was a lot of dust and such)
  3. On top of what was mentioned above... If called upon you can see the spinning dots around the AAF HUD effect indicating working. usually took me so far about as much as 15 seconds mostly due to something getting stuck (like one of the partners being behind something like a locked door etc before teleporting in) Haven't used any of the mods (recently with my install older version of AAF 18 or so was when I did) but can't see it taking much longer unless... there is something hanging it up. Some combat, or some other quest or other game related effect that put it on hold and once you teleported, and made the area safe (killed ghouls) the area was safe for AAF. (Not sure about how AAF now handles combat) The question is does this happen often, if so then there might be a problem, if it happens rarely, likely something is hanging. Also, I would be curious if it happens in a safe area (like a town or something) when no other quest running or other interactions occur and you call AAF manually. I have been doing so testing my animations and so far they work fairly quickly. I have a lot of animations installed. Finally, one other concern is your load order and amount of scripts and other things running. Sometimes if you have a big or heavy load order things will start to slow down. Sometimes this happens at a more mature character play though (higher levels) as the save accumulates crud.
  4. Don't worry, considering the time of the year and heat etc.. I believe it is the condenser. I had a problem like that with a previous refrigerator (well actually a standing freezer) I was told the belt / bearing was what went out. Not sure if it is the same in your case, but if it is.. in a few months or less it will die of its own.
  5. Now it is time to complete my AAF install (all the naughty bits that required 10000 patches previously )
  6. So unless the base mod (Themes) changes or is updated, just install and forget... Cool
  7. Stupid question and might have been asked before but I didn't see it. (might be blind.. lol) Anyway, is this one of those mods that can be installed once and done or does it require to be reinstalled when changes are done to the animation mods etc.
  8. I am told that is the preferred body for AAF at the moment (for women) There is a discord link in my guide that can give you access to support for your setup You will likely run into more issues and or questions.
  9. My guide should be up to date. The rig has been removed. It is a live document and is updated on the fly. Please refresh your browser. If there are any other questions or issues with the guide please post where I can see it. the guide created by me is live and updated as soon as possible once something is found outdated or wrong. I don't have a heavily documented AAF install and thus I am following what documentation I can find on the subject.
  10. Did it go BOOM!
  11. Not a problem anymore it is deleted. Was working on something new and trying to help out. something that would in the end help resolve these issues, but can't make it perfect right away, out of the box. People complain about sources, and info and assistance and such, then complain about someone that is trying to help but made a mistake (considering I don't have it installed yet on my rig.. understandable. I was going on old info and resources) Perhaps when it is perfect.. I will transfer it over and people can use it. Then I only need to update the info as it changes. Much easier to do. I have never had so many issues (including for AAF) Nothing so nick picked and complained about. Not pointing out people here but in general. PMs, post etc. The limited time I had to research and develop it.. was being taken over by fielding issues over what was posted already. Not the fault of those posting it.. just an issue and resulted in me literally grinding to a halt on days I wanted to work on this and had limited time to do so. @dapood That "guide" was a links repository, not a guide. no instructions were given. Also it was less than a week old and I was trying to gather up the info needed through though the various pages and resources which is a very difficult process as well as build my own AAF (complete system) and deal with RL (which recently kicked me in my ass) So it wasn't "outdated" I was miss informed ... (using some of the very same resources .. and others that users have)
  12. You would be correct. It hides the files. There are way that you might be able to access them but it would be a pain in the ass and likely not work as I haven't seen any reference from anyone doing so (development side) @DragonGT-0101 there was something if I remember correctly. I rarely used it as my plugins weren't to a level that needed such a trick to get to run properly. there are other tools from FNVedit and others to create merges.. I might have gotten confused. I don't normally have 200 mods running at the same time. You are welcome.
  13. @chinbobble yea.. unfortunately, I guess I have finally graduated to the more advanced user status. It is getting more and more difficult to explain complex things in such a manner that someone totally new can understand it. I try, but am failing more and more often. My previous one sentence or two to clarify something is now requiring many and the meanings are getting lost in the shuffle. I still have my days but they are getting more and more numbered. I might need someone like you (and others like you) translating my wandering and more and more complex solutions into something someone normal and new to modding can understand. (not a poke at you, it is a poke at me! ) I do like your breakdown of the mod folder use. For some reason I didn't think of doing it that way. Translation on top of what you stated. Extract the folder to the desktop. (simple folder.. don't do this for a FMOD or any scripted installed mod) Make sure it is structured correctly. (like the structure you find in your Data folder ... Texture, Meshes, ESP, B2A etc etc) Open your Mod Organizer folder for your game. Put your mod that you extracted there Find your new mod in MO.. Make sure MO is not running when you do this. Then arrange the order of the left side (mods install side) and the right side.. the load order and start the game. 5 minutes I just created a mod!!!! lol... It is a "shit mod" but it is a mod.. .lol Oh yea.. the profile comment. You need to learn how to create profiles. With profiles you can change the order of the installed mods. (left side) and the load order (right side) to whatever you need for that profile. Add the mods you want and remove the ones you don't. (left side) Covering the different configurations of mods.. just install a different mod (name it different) so in this case if I wanted "my new shit mod here" to be configured differently, (scripted mod or regular it doesn't matter here. Scripted however is most common for this) I'd name it "my new shit mod here 2" Then I have two installs of the same mod and version. Different configurations for different play. (I however generally use a more descriptive name like "my new shit mods here - Female" for a female configuration option. ^ same as above for testing. Install the beta or alpha or patched mod etc and create a new profile (again you need to understand how to use MO for most of this. and test. It helps if you have the profile setup to save the files locally (that is in MO profile) when you do this. When you copy you would have exact copy including the saves! No fiddling. AND, likely starting to loose people again. Anyway, some clarification. And yes, I am starting to come at it from a person that knows the entire thing and not from a point where I am instructing from someone that doesn't
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