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  1. RitualClarity

    Site questions, comments, and suggestions

    I had an issue for the recent late afternoon getting on the site. I might get on it and see one page but as soon as I tried to refresh a page or something I would loose connection. I didn't need much except to check for PMs and such so I avoided attempting it so that others that really need to do stuff would possibly have a chance if there was any bandwidth etc available.
  2. RitualClarity

    Site questions, comments, and suggestions

    I haven't had any troubles. I have been on for only 15 and jump on from time to time throughout the day.. (I am not doing heavy searching or h aving many tabs open or anything like that so don't know if there are issues with that.. you know downloads and such ) Hope that helps. I seem to be trying to access LL when it works and no troubles. I will post the first time I have a cloudfare issue Maybe that will help with this issue? Don't know.
  3. RitualClarity

    Fomm - Custom Build -

    and I believe both are the same. (if you get the most current version.
  4. RitualClarity

    Sexout New Vegas Pregnancy

    He is missing maternity clothing... The nude suits are there. @Valkaine please follow the guide provided for you. If in question... LOAD EVERYTHING THERE. ... IN ORDER. ... ACCEPT ANY CONFLICTS.
  5. RitualClarity

    Site questions, comments, and suggestions

    I've had no problems direct accessing the site.
  6. RitualClarity

    Advanced Animation Framework

    didn't see you there. now this person knows what he is talking about...
  7. RitualClarity

    Advanced Animation Framework

    Yes... and I suggested that the question on this be posted on those mods pages. They created the XML and other assets. If there is an issue, then they can work on it with others on the discord section for mod authors and ask questions and clarifications. That issue is way beyond my skills as well. If you wanted to work on or do some custom work etc. perhaps create a thread asking for help with configuring or working the files to do what it should do. I am sorry, I didn't use any creature parts so I have no clue how bad it is. This is the first I have heard of it though but then again I don't pay as much attention to that subject either. So I likely missed reports. The reason I mention this is only to guide you to somewhere where help can be obtained. Creature parts, problems with animations and such isn't something that is covered on this thread. as far as I know and understand. AAF is a manager for the xml and activates them. A framework. When some parts created by others don't work, there is little that can be done here. At least as I understand it. I could be wrong. It is best to ask these questions on the threads where the assets or animations are on. They know what has been done more so than most on this thread. I also understand your frustration as well. Reason I am replying so much currently on this subject. I am trying to help the best I can with limited skills I have. Perhaps try posting on the AAF NSFW thread about this problem as well ... don't remember the author but it is possible others that do mods and such for AAF are there and are quite active. (often times popping in after working on the development threads) They might be able to help you help yourself and fix some of the issues if you are willing to work on them. TL;DR Sorry you are having problems with the creature parts and animations. However, this isn't the tread that can really help you much. It is best to go to the main thread, open a thread (if you are willing to work on it yoruself and/or go to discord and ask on the AAF NSFW thread. There are many authors on that discord that might be able to help or even have solved the problem themselves (fix)
  8. RitualClarity

    Advanced Animation Framework

    Nope... I add those to AAF. AAF has no missing animations.
  9. RitualClarity

    Advanced Animation Framework

    I don't make any sex animations... @dagobaking doesn't either. This thread isn't about sex animations. AAF only manages animations that are set up to work with it. Missing penis parts for animals also isn't part of the AAF mod only used by mods that use AAF. So... there is no reason to tell anyone what is going on as there isn't anything going on. For that, you'd have to discuss with those authors that created the animations for creatures or whatever, why there aren't any for x or y or when they will be coming out. AAF is only a manager for those animations. I only posted those links to show what I had for the guide (which is included in the AAF mod) to help people at least know what is part of the guide. (and perhaps if there are some other parts or such that I have missed to inform me so I could add it . I'd suggest that you mention and show examples of issues related to those alignments and such to the threads that those mods come from. The author might not even realize that they are off
  10. RitualClarity

    Advanced Animation Framework

    Canine Genitals Creature Penises part of the tutorial. The second one has the Deathclaws as far as I understand. Not aware of other mods. Perhaps not all the creatures are covered yet. Hopefully someone else with chime in on this with more info.
  11. RitualClarity

    Advanced Animation Framework

    I never used the creatures. I believe there are some mods for that problem. It should be part of the guide. Not sure if that is 100 % updated. If you find any mods not mentioned for that please post.
  12. RitualClarity

    Sexout Breeder [v8.8] Riverside Beta

    Correct. no load order change in any manager I am aware of. However, it does change the files that are available to the game and can cause various problems such as crashes and freezes. (I have experienced crashing from such a thing)
  13. RitualClarity

    Advanced Animation Framework

    the how to isn't outdated ... heavily... I just got info to update ... Body Talk 2, replace CBBE with Fusion and add Zex that is all that is in need to add from one of the developers. The SWF should be working, Never had a problem with it during the testing (alpha testing) of the mod. Am working with said person for the updates mentioned above. I want to be sure I understand what is happening before I update it. The base core instructions are still true as they were when the guide was created. I am leaning to something with your computer, the mods setup, manager used, (if not MO) and less toward conflicts as that should be easy enough to resolve. just run a pure basic install without all the added mods. You shouldn't have any SWF issues. As for bug reporting.. make sure you have the Paprus turned on. Other than the above, I don't do much gaming or even testing now so I can't help much more than that.
  14. RitualClarity

    Advanced Animation Framework

    Problems with someone else before that claimed that they knew what they were doing and still had problems. ... pointing that the mod must be the issue. I spent a few hours loading up the game following the instructions... cleaned the save as the instructions stated and installed the animations... (version 14 or something was where the save was from) Unfortunately I had a problem with one of the animations. I forget which one as I type this. However, visited the page and realized I needed to install the patch and make sure it was below the main mod in MO. Started it up again on a cleaned save.. and it worked. I usually forget one of those.. lol. The only thing I can figure out that is causing problems for people reporting these strange issues is they aren't taking the time and making sure they are loading the mods and all the requirements properly. I have done this many times and still forget a part here or a step there, only to realize it once I double check. Acting like you know what you are doing and you can't make a mistake or miss a step isn't the way to get to the bottom of the issue. It could very well be a conflict or some other issue with the selected mods you are using and the install order/load order that is contributing to the issue. (I only use pure AAF and required mods during the test mentioned above and any other test I have done. Only a few external non AAF related mods mostly common mods used by most people to make the game berable. This time wasn't the case. When someone starts to give advice ... note... it is advice not dictation, they have to start with the most common and likely causes (as @dagobaking did above.) then move to the more and more complex possibilities. There are many here that want to help you and others but when the conversation starts to become combative... many times you end up on your own. As for your issue. You mention you can't get something to work on your number pad. Sometimes that happens. There are instructions on how to change the various keys in the guide. Try changing the key to another one. Might be something with the keyboard. If possible try another keyboard The above is assuming that you are having getting the mod to activate.. I am not sure so please forgive me for my assumption if that isn't the case. Hopefully that is the solution as I don' have any other suggestions based on your post and info.
  15. RitualClarity

    Advanced Animation Framework

    First thing is to make sure you have the most current up to date mods and patches, and you don't have a patch that is no longer needed or causing troubles. then make sure they are installed in a reasonable order. In MO, check to make sure the patches for the mods you need are below the mod. I use a separate section for my patches below the main mods installed. Check for conflicts to be sure something isn't conflicting (in MO) that you aren't aware of. Not likely but still a good check Need load order and mod list from MO to be sure all is present and something isn't miss placed or missing. I don't have the game installed to help much further, but hope that helps cover some of the basis. At least the mod list and order is needed. you can also reference the guides which have links to the live Discord sever for more quicker turn around of questions and issues.