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  1. Maternity Clothes

    Check over on the maternity overkill thread perhaps dborg can help. As for Maternity clothing it doesn't have all the outfits. Might be that some of the ones you are trying just isnt' there.
  2. New Site: questions, comments, and suggestions

    I haven't had troubles uploading anything to the site. In fact it works quite well uploading and downloading (for the most part so long as my provider isn't being a jerk ;) or my computer isn't acting up) The only problem I have had was mega link seems to be going bad. I copy the current link and go to my download and create a new one. what should be the same is not. Strange. this time I double check afterwards to make sure nothing glitched on my end (error between the fingers and keyboard) to be sure
  3. CWDolls/Clothes/Pretty Things

    That explains some of the issues I have heard about and reasons behind them. Still it sounds like someone converting should be a bit experienced (or willing to become so) in 3d works and some of the tools as it might be needed even in the best of situation to do some minor tweaks (especially if someone is particular) as well as some practice and lots of forethought (finding the right templates and setup for the process) I have yet tried doing this as I don't have the patience currently (not to mention not really playing any modded games either) but, I would like some of my favorites from "insert game" in "insert game" that isn't' available currently. ;)
  4. CWDolls/Clothes/Pretty Things

    Don't you still have to some tweaks and adjustments afterwards?
  5. Sexout Tryout

    Thanks for the seeding the torrent. It is good to know that it is supported now. Before when I tried it was week. This going fast and likely people using it makes since since my traffic to the tutorial has declined. I thought it was due to the awesomeness of my tutorial but could be that they (SCR users) don't need it much anymore. For the most part as far as I know, not too much use for external site resources currently unless you are using Store. (Now that the collar has been confirmed as being LL sourced.) Back to Tryouts: :D As for the Sunny Companion, perhaps if you can find the incompatibility and help with a patch to make it work better, many would be much appreciative. I am aware of people having issues with that however, honestly, I never did have a problem, but, I didn't really do much with NCRF in my game. Any issues I encountered I contributed to the game engine being a pain in the ass not the mod having issues. (meaning they were small and I don't even remember what they were at this time as it has been so long since i played it) I should come back to FNV and give this another run... Loogie has done so much work and improvements and even added features (I believe) that I haven't been able to enjoy yet!. :)
  6. Sexout Tryout

    SCR doesn't have the files. The torrent has most if not all the files required for SCR... that is those files related to Loves Lab content, not Nexus content. If anyone does use the Torrent, then they only need any Nexus related items for their SCR Resources from my tutorial page. Won't harm things if they do install some from LL as it will only overwrite the originals from the torrent. In case you are curious I don't mention the torrent as many don't use it and sometimes it is slow, as well as if you do download the original files and install over the torrent, of course it will just overwrite and no problems Brings me another question, does anyone use Vegas Chokers? lol. Oh, and sorry for directing the answer to the Vegas chokers, It thought it was those instead of the Spectrum Toy Pack. It has been a very long time since I played Fallout New Vegas :(
  7. Sexout Tryout

    Not sure, however, it might be the collar from SCR. If that is the case you didn't install everything correctly. Check my tutorial and you will see you have to rename the BSA by adding SexoutCommonResources to the front. That or extract the files. Double check the rest of the tutorial as you might have made some more mistakes. Most of the time, the missing things with SCR mods are due to this, missing requirements or not installing them correctly. It is likely the most complex setup you will ever do in modding. It is strange however, that your collar is missing and yoru companions are fine. Could be something all together different cause that I never seen before. Hopefully, either CGi or my suggestion works for you. If not perhaps Loogie or someone else can provide more.
  8. An Open Letter To Patreon.

    I believe the low pledges are more popular than higher pledges and believe based on what you are saying above, that the patrons actually will start to loose money.. possibly. I'd be interested in the statistics of proportions between big and small pledges as well. However, I am also interested in those big money makers thoughts on the changes. Is it good, bad or indifferent? Also what approaches can be done now to minimize loss and perhaps better encourage patrons to be more effective patrons? :) Where is the new sweet spot ($$$ wise)
  9. Yes... That is how. It should be mentioned on the OP that you need ANOTHER MOD to initiate sex. Just look through the mods in the downloads section and find one that you olike. If you want some thing more instant.. try Matchmaker. It is a spell, point at a qualified NPC and use the spell then use the alternate to make them have sex with your character. Or you can use the same spell on two NPCs to have them have sex with each other. (only qualified, supported, and setup NPCs ;)
  10. CWDolls/Clothes/Pretty Things

    Sure, I don't see any problem for you to convert them over to the bodies of your choice. It is alot of work but you wouldn't have to deal with the body options. I am pretty sure if you are serious in this you can get some assistance in the process of conversion here on the site. There are alot of people that know how to do this.

    No Problem There are people that mod Sims 4 on a Mac. Not many but there are. I have seen post from time to time so there is hope. There is one ... crazy option. You can use Bootcamp and install Windows and then you can run Sims 4 if you can't find what you need or aren't able to get what you need for the Mac Version. It would cost a bit but not as much as a Windows gaming computer. You should easily be able to find help on setting up a Bootcamp partition for Windows gaming. that is if you get fed up and decide to do that.

    I unfortunately can't help you with this issue. However, I can suggests ways to get better/faster assistance. Blank, general, random post subjects got omitted pretty easily, unless someone is board and/ or curious. Many cases those that have the knowledge/experiences needed will pass the post up. There is a limited time depending on activity for your new post to be present front and center ... well to the side but you get the idea, when someone can see it as they are doing their internet thing on this site. I suggest something like SOMEONE HELP! Script issues with Sims 4 on Mac Then someone that has understanding of Sims 4, Sims scripting, and Sims 4 Mac might respond. It is general but more focused and broad enough that any of the previous mentioned might pop in to take a look. At least a better chance before your new post gets buried. Try to be somewhat focused on the issue however more broad generalizations to attract varied experienced users... the exception is if you have a very specific repeatable issue like a glitch with a specific outfit. double eyes or something. Then more specific will be more useful. Hope that helps... at least in the future post to get faster, more appropriate and experienced members to respond instead of some ol' alien on the site responding to the post with non-relevant info to your current issue. I have followed the above suggestion I have given myself for a number of years and even though I rarely need to post for support, when I do I get swift relevant info. Best of luck. From what I hear/read Sims on Mac is quite difficult (modding wise) you might even consider learning the Sims modding process to assist with this. You might e able to port over some of the things you want from the PC side when the mod is not supported on Mac. If you get pretty good. Some authors might even enlist you to help expand their support to cover Mac as you would be able to test, port and bug hunt easier than they could since it is likely they don't have a Mac to do this on.
  13. New Site: questions, comments, and suggestions

    I use firefox as well. Go to the bottom There you will find "Theme" I use Carbon (Default) as you can see above. I don't have any issues with the wide forum page. I can run two pages side by side (however I am running a 2 k monitor not sure if that matters) without difficulty. Warning, what's below is quite large :P (How often can you say that! ;) :P)
  14. New Site: questions, comments, and suggestions

    I thought that was some added name we could use not our main name. In otherwords you change that as CPU to say... CUP.. .and all your forum name changes. It is good to know where that is if I ever decided to change the name I had since I started this account here so may internet years ago. :)
  15. New Site: questions, comments, and suggestions

    I use the carbon default setting and I hve a lot of space on both sides and with using a 2k monitor I can run two regular web pages side by side andthere isn't anything cut off on LL.