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  1. Depends on what you want , I use fusion body. But just no physics. If you want to get more info best is ask on the fusion girl thread, because some of them have some really good stuff. Im just one of the creators of Fusion more of Technical creative and dont actually play the game so much Also I cant help with CBP stuff because, I dont use it . This is the wrong thread to ask for help , request for help on the fusion girl thread . But here is the CBP for Fusion Girl https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/39308
  2. Best would be to ask on the Fusion Body Discord Sever or Fusion Body Page on the nexus. I myself am not using CBP , but I did add the frame work >< to the skeleton.
  3. Does it work when naked ? Some outfits arent CBP compatible yet. also this seems to be more of CBP issue , Check the configs are in order.
  4. You cant use both solutions. Skeleton Mods will conflict with each other..... If your using CBBE, the ZeX Skeleton will behave as the default Skeleton as it should. If your using EVB, the ZeX Skeleton will behave as the default Skeleton as it should. No changes were made to base skeletal bones. I will not make edits to the Default Skeleton because the skeleton is common it affects the male bodies as well. This is why Fusion Girl exists, we made changes to the body so that the skeleton doesn't affect males as well. This mostly looks like some HKX issue and compatibility issues. If your using CBBE use the skeletons provided by CBBE because that would avoid issues for the females at least. Since your not using fusion girl / Body Talk V2 no need for the Zex Skeleton.
  5. Some longer previews https://youtu.be/smmHJ-uIPC4 https://youtu.be/TMlQJDlCNao
  6. Guys Just some, physics stuff applying knowledge from FO4 and Skyrim Physics Testing LL.mp4
  7. Some more Previews , Working on some advanced char gen right now, about 14,000 lines of code. There are multiple randomizer options, auto posers, and around 600 individual morph sliders to fine tune things(edited) Also JSON export so characters can be saved and potentially reloaded, shared, or even imported into other of our games
  8. Hey guys we have been quiet for a while because we have been working hard towards making a robust character creations system similar to Skyrim. Here are some previews, will upload more this weekend
  9. .... That Zip contains the link to download. All this can be avoided if you read the descriptions etc. Most of the questions you are asking are mod specific , best would be post on that particular mods thread.
  10. Galactic Slut Hunters We're happy to do a public release of a game made by ZaZ and Hugh Reckum called 'Galactic Slut Hunters'! This game features systems that we've created and are working on expanding including our character customization system and auto-emotions system. The game has different play modes including a role-play mode where the Player has been captured by Alien Slavers and is about to be interrogated, and an endless mode where the Player can customize a Slave-Girl and then play with her on the Slut-Tenderizer. In the role-play mode, there's a total of 10 different outcomes depending on the answers given. The factors that can influence outcomes are how Submissive/Defiant the Player is and how many questions are answered correctly/incorrectly. The fate of all females on your home-planet rests in your hands! It is a fairly short game, but can be played in different modes and in role-play with different answers to achieve different outcomes, perhaps you'll be able to unlock all 10! Let us know what you think and if you have any feedback! Unlimited Mode - Futa Version available for patreons (Patreon support will help us make more complex stuff) https://www.patreon.com/KinkGamesInc Please Consider Supporting , Thanks ! Free Public Release https://mega.nz/#!LTx3RKpS!UdUp8lpn5yylMigBs2JZCQpSTK5AUduaT18mLLz4twk Screenshots
  11. Its probably a looks menu issue, but atleast its working now.
  12. Looks more like a MO2 Issue , Is MO2 installed correctly ?
  13. I personally wont ask you to take it down, but others have mentioned what I or Creators/Managers will say. TBOS has mentioned what going on clearly and why we are not using morphs anymore. I just don't want people to bother @TheBottomhoodofSteel regarding this mod and they will be directed to this mod page with some stern language. Since TBOS is managing Fusion Girl mostly on his own and he already gets a butt ton of ridiculous requests and queries. What I can suggest is a disclaimer that only you can answer questions regarding animated fannies + Fusion girl. Since you have credited the team thats good and fine. Edit - Please credit the Full Team As on the nexus page
  14. Patrons , had requested Futanari as an option .... So we said we would work something out. Futa Test.mp4 Balls Versions Futa Test Balls.mp4 The characters should have the same options as the female character.
  15. Its huge Task , Since we have to make everything from scratch. Maybe in time we can pull it off etc Not everything can be Skyrim or Bethesda . But it can get close We have made some systems already , Building these take time ... there are lot of variables involved . And we are just the 2 of us ...
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