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  1. Someone told me that you make Animations for another game now. I would love for you to come back to The Sims 4!

  2. Are you going to return? We need you. 😪

  3. Thank you for your awesome animations!

  4. For the Ass spanking mod can you all make it longer or different positions or instruments like paddles, canes etc?  I like it but is too short the current one.

  5. Fu**ing year, fortunately we have jeff!! JEFF!!
  6. Have you considered making a patreon as a way to update people on animations you're working on? Haven't heard from you in a hot minute. Hope to see some more animations soon! All the best!

  7. Hi! I'd love to support you, by making more animations. Actually I am making some, I just need some help from you. I am trying to make the "package" work, but I still don't know what's the problem with it, and so, it isn't working. Could you please help me?

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