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Commonwealth Slavers

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This fucking mod took me almost a year to make. Not because it was long to make (well, sort of too...), but because it sometimes required me to rest my head. I had to be in a certain frame of mind to write, program and test a dozen times the same mission, one more fucked up than the other. 



I have posted three warnings that the mod is not suitable for sensitive people: 
In the thread
In the fomod
At the beginning of the mod 



It's impossible for someone to pass those three filters without knowing what's installed, but by God I sometimes overestimate humanity. 





Edited by JB.
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Anyway, I am happy to help those who have problems, as long as things are asked with respect and proper manners. Anyone who demands answers like an elephant in a china shop will be ignored by me. 


I won't be able to do much until the end of the year, but I will be able to make fixes and tweaks here and there. 



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Almost all the quests, if not all, start from Stage 100. The stages before 100 are functions (electrocute player, perform idles, cameras, various conditions that the quest uses recurrently).


All quests in this mod have the re-use stages feature enabled. That means that if you got stuck in a stage, you can reload it in the console

Say, you got stuck on stage 120 of "The Scaver" - maybe some scene didn't trigger - you can type "SetStage _CS_Scaver 120" and the quest will run the same scripts again.


 Lucky Day


SetStage _CS_Thorns 0;    [Function] Stop Song
SetStage _CS_Thorns 1;    [Function] Camera Dialogue
SetStage _CS_Thorns 2;    [Function] Submissive Responses
SetStage _CS_Thorns 3;    [Function] Stop Gristle Scene
SetStage _CS_Thorns 4;    [Function] Rebellius Responses
SetStage _CS_Thorns 5;    [Function] Jared Camera Dialogue
SetStage _CS_Thorns 6;    [Function] Decreasing SelfEsteem
SetStage _CS_Thorns 7;    [Function] IdleStop
SetStage _CS_Thorns 8;    [Function] Increasing SelfEsteem
SetStage _CS_Thorns 9;    [Function] Confiscate Clothes
SetStage _CS_Thorns 10;    [Function] Collared
SetStage _CS_Thorns 11;    [Function] Shaving Hair
SetStage _CS_Thorns 12;    [Function] Skip Quest
SetStage _CS_Thorns 13;    [Function] On Knees
SetStage _CS_Thorns 14;    [Function] Player is Nora (Vanilla Character)
SetStage _CS_Thorns 15;    [Function] Gristle Pistol Idle
SetStage _CS_Thorns 16;    [Function] Shaving Proccess
SetStage _CS_Thorns 17;    [Function] Give Food to player
SetStage _CS_Thorns 18;    [Function] Electric Shock
SetStage _CS_Thorns 19;    [Function] Equip DaddyO
SetStage _CS_Thorns 20;    [Function] Confiscate weapons
SetStage _CS_Thorns 21;    [Function] Piercing
SetStage _CS_Thorns 22;    [Function] Handcuffed
SetStage _CS_Thorns 23;    [Function] Enable Gristle
SetStage _CS_Thorns 24;    [Function] MQ102 Put Preston Inside the Museum
SetStage _CS_Thorns 25;    [Function] Remove Cuffs
SetStage _CS_Thorns 26;    [Function] Give Cage Kay to Bellamy
SetStage _CS_Thorns 27;    [Function] Gristle force strip Player
SetStage _CS_Thorns 28;    [Function] Gristle handout your new outfit
SetStage _CS_Thorns 29;    [Function] Player gets naked
SetStage _CS_Thorns 30;    [Quest] Bellamy Stop Attacking - Capture
SetStage _CS_Thorns 35;    [Quest] Start Trap
SetStage _CS_Thorns 40;    [Quest] Gristle takes you to a private place (Submissive route)
SetStage _CS_Thorns 41;    [Function]  Jared Marks you
SetStage _CS_Thorns 42;    [Function]  Jared Marks you AGAIN
SetStage _CS_Thorns 43;    [Function] Give DaddyO
SetStage _CS_Thorns 44;    [Function] Give Jet
SetStage _CS_Thorns 45;    [Function] MQ102 Put Preston BACK
SetStage _CS_Thorns 46;    Murphy Evaluate Package
SetStage _CS_Thorns 47;    [Function] Play Song
SetStage _CS_Thorns 48;    [Function] Gristle Evaluate Package
SetStage _CS_Thorns 49;    [Function] Murphy Camera Dialogue
SetStage _CS_Thorns 50;    [Quest] Gristle takes you to a private place (Rebellious Route)
SetStage _CS_Thorns 51;    [Function] Camera Event
SetStage _CS_Thorns 52;    [Function] Give Stimpak
SetStage _CS_Thorns 53;    [Function] Show Mod Warning
SetStage _CS_Thorns 54;    [Function] Dialogue about ghouls done
SetStage _CS_Thorns 99;    [Function] Kill Player
SetStage _CS_Thorns 100;    [Quest] Meet Murphy upstair
SetStage _CS_Thorns 110;    [Quest] Tattoo (Submissive Route)
SetStage _CS_Thorns 115;    [Function] Murphy Whipping
SetStage _CS_Thorns 120;    [Quest] Tattoo (Rebellious Route)
SetStage _CS_Thorns 130;    [Quet] Start Gristle & Murphy Scene
SetStage _CS_Thorns 135;    [Quest] Murphy Aproach you
SetStage _CS_Thorns 140;    [Quest] Sex with Murphy
SetStage _CS_Thorns 160;    [Quest] Gristle Aproach you
SetStage _CS_Thorns 165;    [Quest] Going Outside
SetStage _CS_Thorns 166;    [Quest] Start traveling with your captors
SetStage _CS_Thorns 167;    [Quest] Talk to Gristle
SetStage _CS_Thorns 168;    [Quest] Yell at the house
SetStage _CS_Thorns 170;    [Quest] After yelling (Submissive route)
SetStage _CS_Thorns 175;    [Quest] After yelling (Rebellious route)
SetStage _CS_Thorns 176;    [Quest] 2nd Scene between Bellamy and Murphy
SetStage _CS_Thorns 178;    [Quest] To 2nd Spot
SetStage _CS_Thorns 180;    [Quest] Talk to Gristle 
SetStage _CS_Thorns 182;    [Quest] Talkin to slavers
SetStage _CS_Thorns 185;    [Quest] Threesome
SetStage _CS_Thorns 186;    [Quest] Waking Up
SetStage _CS_Thorns 187;    [Quest] Walking to the 3rd Spot
SetStage _CS_Thorns 188;    [Quest]  At Lexington
SetStage _CS_Thorns 189;    [Quest]  Yell at the building
SetStage _CS_Thorns 190;    [Quest] After Yell (Submissive)
SetStage _CS_Thorns 192;    [Quest] After Yell (Rebe)
SetStage _CS_Thorns 193;    [Quest] To Corvega
SetStage _CS_Thorns 194;    [Quest] At Corvega
SetStage _CS_Thorns 195;    [Quest] Inside Corvega
SetStage _CS_Thorns 199;    [Quest] Outside Corvega
SetStage _CS_Thorns 200;    [Quest] To the Brothel
SetStage _CS_Thorns 210;    [Quest] At Brothel
SetStage _CS_Thorns 220;    [Quest] Inside the Brothel
SetStage _CS_Thorns 225;    [Quest] Inside the Brothel (By Skipping)
SetStage _CS_Thorns 230;    [Quest] Gristle says goodbye to you
SetStage _CS_Thorns 240;    [Quest] Last Punishment
SetStage _CS_Thorns 250;    [Quest] Gristle Leaves Brothel
SetStage _CS_Thorns 300;    EndQuest
SetStage _CS_Thorns 1000;    Fail Quest 


 The Whore House


SetStage _CS_House 0;    Setup
SetStage _CS_House 1;    [Function] Give Jet To Player
SetStage _CS_House 2;    [Function] Submissive Responses
SetStage _CS_House 3;    [Function] Rebellious Responses
SetStage _CS_House 4;    [Function] Set Jared For Scene
SetStage _CS_House 5;    [Function] Enable Customer
SetStage _CS_House 6;    [Function] You are submissive to customers
SetStage _CS_House 7;    [Function]  Give Prize
SetStage _CS_House 8;    [Function] Remove Suffocation Collar
SetStage _CS_House 9;    [Function] Activates Collar
SetStage _CS_House 10;    [Function] Straight Sex
SetStage _CS_House 11;    [Function] Suffocattion Masturbation
SetStage _CS_House 12;    [Function] Whipping Xcross
SetStage _CS_House 13;    [Function] Oral Sex
SetStage _CS_House 14;    [Function] Jared Test
SetStage _CS_House 15;    [Whore Room] Check behavior once sex scene done
SetStage _CS_House 16;    [Function] Lindstrom whipping - Repeatable
SetStage _CS_House 17;    [Function] Toilet Sex
SetStage _CS_House 18;    [Function] Doggy Sex
SetStage _CS_House 19;    [Function] Violence
SetStage _CS_House 20;    [Function] Rimjob
SetStage _CS_House 21;    [Function] Sex With Guard
SetStage _CS_House 22;    [Function] Guard wants Oral
SetStage _CS_House 23;    [Function] Guard wants Sex
SetStage _CS_House 24;    [Function] Guard wants Rimjob
SetStage _CS_House 25;    [Function] Guard wants Anal
SetStage _CS_House 26;    [Function] Guard wants Whipping
SetStage _CS_House 27;    [Function] Guard wants Dance
SetStage _CS_House 28;    [Function] Guard wants Masturbation
SetStage _CS_House 29;    [Function] Guard wants Dog Training
SetStage _CS_House 30;    [Function] Clear Guard Desires
SetStage _CS_House 31;    [Function] Player wants Water
SetStage _CS_House 32;    [Function] Player wants some Condoms and Pills
SetStage _CS_House 33;    [Function] Player wants Medicine
SetStage _CS_House 34;    [Function] Clear Player Needs
SetStage _CS_House 35;    [Function] Guard Prizes
SetStage _CS_House 36;    [Function] Equip Handcuffs
SetStage _CS_House 37;    [Function] Guard Whipping
SetStage _CS_House 38;    [Function] Player wants Skin Cream
SetStage _CS_House 40;    [Function] Player is a Junkie
SetStage _CS_House 41;    [Function] Codename Rapemeat
SetStage _CS_House 42;    [Function] Codename Vaultmeat
SetStage _CS_House 43;    [Function] Codename Fuckmeat
SetStage _CS_House 44;    [Function] Slaver Payment
SetStage _CS_House 45;    [Function] First Slaver Payment
SetStage _CS_House 46;    [Function] Player On Knees
SetStage _CS_House 47;    [Function] Stop Idle
SetStage _CS_House 48;    [Function] Camera Target
SetStage _CS_House 49;    [Function] About the first day at the Whore House
SetStage _CS_House 50;    [Function] Going Outside
SetStage _CS_House 51;    [Function] Add Pacifier
SetStage _CS_House 52;    [Function] New Marks
SetStage _CS_House 53;    [Function] Confiscate Caps
SetStage _CS_House 54;    [Function] Guard Search
SetStage _CS_House 55;    [Function] Open Brothel Cage
SetStage _CS_House 56;    [Function] Guard Search 2
SetStage _CS_House 57;    [Function] Check Dog Training
SetStage _CS_House 60;    [Overlay Function] Breast and Butt marks
SetStage _CS_House 61;    UNUSED TATTOOS
SetStage _CS_House 62;    [Overlay Function]  Slave tattoos - Batch 2
SetStage _CS_House 63;    [Function] Stop TickTock
SetStage _CS_House 64;    [Overlay Function]  Diamond City Mark
SetStage _CS_House 65;    [Function] Re-Shave hair
SetStage _CS_House 66;    [Quest] Vaginal Piercing
SetStage _CS_House 67;    [Function] Stop Slave Timer
SetStage _CS_House 68;    [Function] Lindstrom Say
SetStage _CS_House 69;    [Function]  Check if Family Planning is installed
SetStage _CS_House 70;    [Function] Start Radio - End Quest
SetStage _CS_House 100;    [Quest] Lindstrom Get Closer
SetStage _CS_House 110;    [Quest] Lindstrom Marks you
SetStage _CS_House 120;    [Quest] Move to the Whore Room
SetStage _CS_House 130;    [Quest] Jared is in the Whore Room
SetStage _CS_House 140;    [Quest] Sex with Jared
SetStage _CS_House 145;    [Quest] Jared wants a rimjob
SetStage _CS_House 146;    [Quest] Jared whipping
SetStage _CS_House 148;    [Quest] Jared rimjob
SetStage _CS_House 150;    [Quest] Jared say goodbye
SetStage _CS_House 160;    [Quest] Lindstrom in your room
SetStage _CS_House 170;    [Quest] Lindstrom whipping
SetStage _CS_House 180;    [Quest] New johns!
SetStage _CS_House 200;    [Quest] Start servicing tricks!
SetStage _CS_House 210;    [Quest] After Servicing - Lindstrom In
SetStage _CS_House 220;    [Quest] Get Some Sleep
SetStage _CS_House 230;    [Quest] New Chores (Truce)
SetStage _CS_House 240;    [Quest] Try the Workbench
SetStage _CS_House 250;    [Quest] Talk to Lindstrom
SetStage _CS_House 260;    [Quest] Start Truce Quest
SetStage _CS_House 270;    [Quest] End Truce Quest
SetStage _CS_House 273;    [Quest] Talk with Lindstrom
SetStage _CS_House 275;    [Quest] Clean the House
SetStage _CS_House 278;    [Quest] Cleaning Done
SetStage _CS_House 280;    [Quest] Start Pet Quest
SetStage _CS_House 290;    [Quest] End Pet Quest
SetStage _CS_House 291;    [Whore Room] REPEATABLE
SetStage _CS_House 292;    [Whore Room] Choosing Costumer
SetStage _CS_House 293;    [Whore Room]  Start servicing tricks!
SetStage _CS_House 294;    [Whore Room] Ending
SetStage _CS_House 295;    [Quest] After sleeping
SetStage _CS_House 297;    [Quest] Start Whore House servicing
SetStage _CS_House 298;    [Quest] Stop Whore House servicing
SetStage _CS_House 300;    [Quest] Start Ransom Quest
SetStage _CS_House 310;    [Quest] Sop Ransom Quest
SetStage _CS_House 311;    [Quest] Talk with Lindstrom
SetStage _CS_House 312;    [Quest] To the Cross
SetStage _CS_House 315;    [Quest] Talk with Lindstrom
SetStage _CS_House 316;    [Quest] Serve a couple of costumers
SetStage _CS_House 318;    [Quest] Server customers done
SetStage _CS_House 320;    [Quest] Start Fight Quest
SetStage _CS_House 330;    [Quest] Go Sleep
SetStage _CS_House 340;    [Quest] A New Day
SetStage _CS_House 350;    [Quest]  After 30 Days
SetStage _CS_House 360;    [Quest] Start Hooker Quest
SetStage _CS_House 370;    [Quest] Sop Hooker Quest
SetStage _CS_House 380;    [Quest] Talk with Lindstrom
SetStage _CS_House 390;    [Quest] Start Scaver Quest
SetStage _CS_House 440;    [Quest] Stop Scaver Quest
SetStage _CS_House 450;    [Quest] Talk to Lindstrom
SetStage _CS_House 900;    [Quest Loop] Start Ransom Quest
SetStage _CS_House 901;    [Quest Loop] Stop Ransom Quest
SetStage _CS_House 902;    [Quest Loop] Start Pet Quest
SetStage _CS_House 903;    [Quest Loop] Stop Pet Quest
SetStage _CS_House 904;    [Quest Loop] Start Hooker Quest
SetStage _CS_House 905;    [Quest Loop] Stop Hooker Quest
SetStage _CS_House 906;    [Quest Loop] Start Truce Quest
SetStage _CS_House 907;    [Quest Loop] Stop Truce Quest
SetStage _CS_House 908;    [Quest Loop] Start Fight Quest
SetStage _CS_House 909;    [Quest Loop] Stop Fight Quest
SetStage _CS_House 910;    [Quest Loop] Start Scaver Quest
SetStage _CS_House 911;    [Quest Loop] Stop Scaver Quest
SetStage _CS_House 912;    [Quest Loop] Start WhoreHouse Quest
SetStage _CS_House 913;    [Quest Loop] Stop WhoreHouse Quest
SetStage _CS_House 914;    [Quest Loop] Making Clothes
SetStage _CS_House 915;    [Quest Loop] Start Threat Quest
SetStage _CS_House 916;    [Quest Loop] StopThreat Quest
SetStage _CS_House 917;    [Quest Loop] Start Roaming Quest
SetStage _CS_House 918;    [Quest Loop] Stop Roaming Quest
SetStage _CS_House 920;    [Quest Loop] Player no longer doing any Quest
SetStage _CS_House 1000;    Loop Quest


Pest Control


SetStage _CS_Ransom 1;    Submissive Responses
SetStage _CS_Ransom 2;    Rebel Responses
SetStage _CS_Ransom 3;    Camera Target Player
SetStage _CS_Ransom 4;    Activates Collar
SetStage _CS_Ransom 5;    Camera Event
SetStage _CS_Ransom 6;    Big Bomb Say
SetStage _CS_Ransom 7;    Remove Blindfold
SetStage _CS_Ransom 8;    Gristle Dialogue 
SetStage _CS_Ransom 9;    Camera Target Gristle
SetStage _CS_Ransom 10;    RemoveCuffs
SetStage _CS_Ransom 11;    Give Jet No Anim
SetStage _CS_Ransom 12;    Submissive Scene
SetStage _CS_Ransom 13;    Rebel Scene
SetStage _CS_Ransom 14;    New marking
SetStage _CS_Ransom 15;    Enable Timer 3 hours
SetStage _CS_Ransom 16;    Stop Slaver Timer
SetStage _CS_Ransom 17;    Player choose to be sub
SetStage _CS_Ransom 18;    Player choose to be rebel
SetStage _CS_Ransom 19;    Player betrayed the Minutemen
SetStage _CS_Ransom 20;    Punishment - Whore Room
SetStage _CS_Ransom 21;    Gristle Dialogue about Minutemen
SetStage _CS_Ransom 22;    Gristle Dialogue about Minutemen 2
SetStage _CS_Ransom 23;    Gristle Dialogue about Minutemen 3
SetStage _CS_Ransom 24;    Big Bomb MSG
SetStage _CS_Ransom 25;    Enable Minutemen
SetStage _CS_Ransom 26;    Enable BOS
SetStage _CS_Ransom 27;    Enable Traders
SetStage _CS_Ransom 28;    Fill Minutemen in RefCollection
SetStage _CS_Ransom 29;    Fill Traders in RefCollection
SetStage _CS_Ransom 30;    Fill BOS in RefCollection
SetStage _CS_Ransom 100;    Meet Gristle outside
SetStage _CS_Ransom 110;    To the Studio
SetStage _CS_Ransom 120;    Talk with Gristle
SetStage _CS_Ransom 130;    Inside the Studio
SetStage _CS_Ransom 140;    Talk to Gristle
SetStage _CS_Ransom 150;    Sit in the couch
SetStage _CS_Ransom 160;    Start Filmation
SetStage _CS_Ransom 170;    Show Ransom MSG
SetStage _CS_Ransom 180;    Punishment (Rebbel)
SetStage _CS_Ransom 190;    Sex with Gang
SetStage _CS_Ransom 200;    Talk with Gristle
SetStage _CS_Ransom 205;    Start Fight
SetStage _CS_Ransom 210;    Going Outside
SetStage _CS_Ransom 220;    Waiting MSG 01
SetStage _CS_Ransom 221;    Waiting MSG 02
SetStage _CS_Ransom 222;    Waiting MSG 03
SetStage _CS_Ransom 230;    Better Go Back
SetStage _CS_Ransom 240;    Going outside again
SetStage _CS_Ransom 241;    Waiting MSG 04
SetStage _CS_Ransom 242;    Waiting MSG 05
SetStage _CS_Ransom 243;    Waiting MSG 06
SetStage _CS_Ransom 250;    Better Go Back Again
SetStage _CS_Ransom 260;    Going outside again
SetStage _CS_Ransom 261;    Waiting MSG 07
SetStage _CS_Ransom 262;    Waiting MSG 08
SetStage _CS_Ransom 263;    Waiting MSG 09
SetStage _CS_Ransom 265;    Better Go Back Again
SetStage _CS_Ransom 266;    Whipping
SetStage _CS_Ransom 267;    Talk to Gristle
SetStage _CS_Ransom 270;    Going outside again
SetStage _CS_Ransom 271;    Waiting MSG 10
SetStage _CS_Ransom 272;    Waiting MSG 11
SetStage _CS_Ransom 273;    Waiting MSG 12
SetStage _CS_Ransom 280;    Player See them!
SetStage _CS_Ransom 290;    Speak with the heroes
SetStage _CS_Ransom 300;    Heroes Follow You
SetStage _CS_Ransom 400;    Heroes dead
SetStage _CS_Ransom 405;    Show MSG about the murder
SetStage _CS_Ransom 410;    Talk to Gristle
SetStage _CS_Ransom 420;    Loot the bodies
SetStage _CS_Ransom 500;    Back to the Whore House
SetStage _CS_Ransom 900;    Fail Quest
SetStage _CS_Ransom 1000;    EndQuest


The Truce 


SetStage _CS_Truce 1;    Stop Timer (ID 20)
SetStage _CS_Truce 2;    Submissive Responses
SetStage _CS_Truce 3;    Rebellious Responses
SetStage _CS_Truce 4;    ElectroShock
SetStage _CS_Truce 5;    Player On Knees
SetStage _CS_Truce 7;    Mule (Inserting Drug)
SetStage _CS_Truce 8;    Add Whip of Peace
SetStage _CS_Truce 10;    Whip delivered
SetStage _CS_Truce 11;    Allow Sleep
SetStage _CS_Truce 12;    Stimpak
SetStage _CS_Truce 13;    Idle stop
SetStage _CS_Truce 14;    Sleep Event
SetStage _CS_Truce 15;    Dancing for the Boss
SetStage _CS_Truce 16;    Whipping 
SetStage _CS_Truce 17;    Bad End (Pole)
SetStage _CS_Truce 18;    UNUSED
SetStage _CS_Truce 19;    Bad End (Gallow)
SetStage _CS_Truce 20;    UNUSED
SetStage _CS_Truce 21;    Bad End (Chair)
SetStage _CS_Truce 22;    Equip Handcuffs
SetStage _CS_Truce 23;    Move Murphy
SetStage _CS_Truce 24;    Camera Murphy
SetStage _CS_Truce 25;    Remove Cuffs
SetStage _CS_Truce 26;    Camera Event
SetStage _CS_Truce 27;    Jared Camera 
SetStage _CS_Truce 28;    Supplies
SetStage _CS_Truce 50;    Visit Jared
SetStage _CS_Truce 60;    On the X-Cross
SetStage _CS_Truce 70;    Mule MSG
SetStage _CS_Truce 80;    Talk to Jared
SetStage _CS_Truce 100;    Talk with Murphy
SetStage _CS_Truce 110;    Visit Random Gang Leader
SetStage _CS_Truce 115;    Stage to the boss Look at you
SetStage _CS_Truce 120;    After delivering the Whip of Peace
SetStage _CS_Truce 130;    Sex with the Raider Boss
SetStage _CS_Truce 140;    Talk with the Raider Boss
SetStage _CS_Truce 145;    Delivering the Drug
SetStage _CS_Truce 148;    After Drug Delivery - Talk with the  Raider Boss
SetStage _CS_Truce 150;    Talk with Murphy
SetStage _CS_Truce 160;    Get 100 caps for Murphy
SetStage _CS_Truce 200;    To the Whore House
SetStage _CS_Truce 500;    EndQuest


The Truce - Extra (Fusion Core mini game)


SetStage _CS_Truce_Extra 100 ;    Start Fusion Core Timer
SetStage _CS_Truce_Extra 150 ;    Fusion Core Message
SetStage _CS_Truce_Extra 180 ;    Set Fusion Core to Dropped
SetStage _CS_Truce_Extra 190 ;    Set Fusion Core to Picked Up
SetStage _CS_Truce_Extra 200 ;    Fusion Core Dropped
SetStage _CS_Truce_Extra 250 ;    Fusion Core PickedUp
SetStage _CS_Truce_Extra 500 ;    Reset
SetStage _CS_Truce_Extra 1000 ;    Stop Fusion Core Quest 


 The Pet 


SetStage _CS_Pet 1;    Player On Knees
SetStage _CS_Pet 3;    Oral Sex with a gang member
SetStage _CS_Pet 4;    Rayder Pay Drugs
SetStage _CS_Pet 5;    Sex with a gang member
SetStage _CS_Pet 6;    Gang Pay
SetStage _CS_Pet 7;    Raider Offer 15 Caps
SetStage _CS_Pet 8;    Raider Offer 20 Caps
SetStage _CS_Pet 9;    Raider Offer 25 Caps
SetStage _CS_Pet 10;    Raider Offer 30 Caps
SetStage _CS_Pet 11;    Clear Raider Offers
SetStage _CS_Pet 12;    Perk Chem
SetStage _CS_Pet 13;    Electroshock
SetStage _CS_Pet 14;    Stop Timer
SetStage _CS_Pet 50;    Collect bloodleafs for drug preparation
SetStage _CS_Pet 51;    Collect fertilizer to prepare the drug
SetStage _CS_Pet 52;    Collect plastics to prepare the drug
SetStage _CS_Pet 53;    Bloodleaf picked
SetStage _CS_Pet 54;    Fertilizer picked
SetStage _CS_Pet 55;    Plastic picked
SetStage _CS_Pet 60;    Report to Lindstrom
SetStage _CS_Pet 65;    Prepare the drug
SetStage _CS_Pet 70;    Report to Lindstrom
SetStage _CS_Pet 100;    Get out and make some money for the gang
SetStage _CS_Pet 105;    Roaming Stage 
SetStage _CS_Pet 110;    Sex with Jared
SetStage _CS_Pet 200;    EndQuest


 The Fighter 


SetStage _CS_Fight 1;    Increase Orientation
SetStage _CS_Fight 2;    Decrease Orientation
SetStage _CS_Fight 3;    Camera Dialogue Target
SetStage _CS_Fight 4;    Give Psycho
SetStage _CS_Fight 5;    Decrease Self Esteem
SetStage _CS_Fight 6;    Increase Self Esteem
SetStage _CS_Fight 7;    Put Customers in Corvega
SetStage _CS_Fight 8;    Punishment
SetStage _CS_Fight 9;    Equip Nosering
SetStage _CS_Fight 10;    Mark Player
SetStage _CS_Fight 11;    Jared is pissed off Scene
SetStage _CS_Fight 14;    Stop Slaver Timer
SetStage _CS_Fight 15;    Whore Room Punishment
SetStage _CS_Fight 16;    Start Jailer Scene
SetStage _CS_Fight 17;    Camera Jared
SetStage _CS_Fight 18;    Disable Woodhorse
SetStage _CS_Fight 19;    Evaluate Package
SetStage _CS_Fight 20;    Unique Camera Event
SetStage _CS_Fight 21;    Give Stimpak
SetStage _CS_Fight 22;    Lindstrom Stop Timer
SetStage _CS_Fight 23;    Shock Player (Fence)
SetStage _CS_Fight 50;    Visit Jared in Corvega
SetStage _CS_Fight 51;    Test Stage
SetStage _CS_Fight 100;    Start up
SetStage _CS_Fight 120;    Fight 01 Start
SetStage _CS_Fight 130;    Player Lost the Fight
SetStage _CS_Fight 140;    Player Won the Fight
SetStage _CS_Fight 150;    Player Refuses Fuck the Loser
SetStage _CS_Fight 160;    Player Fuck the Loser
SetStage _CS_Fight 180;    After Fucking
SetStage _CS_Fight 200;    Second Fight
SetStage _CS_Fight 220;    Fight 02 Start
SetStage _CS_Fight 230;    Player Lost the Fight 02
SetStage _CS_Fight 240;    Player Won the Fight 02
SetStage _CS_Fight 250;    Player Refuses Fuck the Loser
SetStage _CS_Fight 260;    Player Fuck the Loser 02
SetStage _CS_Fight 280;    After Fucking 02
SetStage _CS_Fight 285;    Whipping
SetStage _CS_Fight 290;    To the Woodhorse
SetStage _CS_Fight 300;    Orgy
SetStage _CS_Fight 310;    After Orgy - Send to Cage
SetStage _CS_Fight 315;    After Whipping - Send to Cage
SetStage _CS_Fight 320;    Party Ended
SetStage _CS_Fight 330;    Say Goodbye to Jared
SetStage _CS_Fight 335;    Jailer come
SetStage _CS_Fight 337;    Open Cage
SetStage _CS_Fight 340;    Back to Lindstrom
SetStage _CS_Fight 400;    End
SetStage _CS_Fight 500;    Fail Stage


The Hooker


SetStage _CS_DC 1 ;    Submissive Responses
SetStage _CS_DC 2 ;    Rebel Responses
SetStage _CS_DC 3 ;    Add Pickpocket Perk
SetStage _CS_DC 4 ;    Start Song
SetStage _CS_DC 5 ;    Idle Stop
SetStage _CS_DC 6 ;    Player On Four
SetStage _CS_DC 7 ;    Start Timer (ID 20)
SetStage _CS_DC 8 ;    Stop Timer (ID 20)
SetStage _CS_DC 9 ;    Player flirted with Costumer
SetStage _CS_DC 11 ;    Sex - Normal
SetStage _CS_DC 12 ;    Sex - Oral
SetStage _CS_DC 13 ;    Sex - Anal
SetStage _CS_DC 14 ;    Sex - Rimjob
SetStage _CS_DC 15 ;    Start The End Quest
SetStage _CS_DC 16 ;    Duoble Sex Services - Oral
SetStage _CS_DC 17 ;    Shock Collar
SetStage _CS_DC 18 ;    Camera Gristle
SetStage _CS_DC 19 ;    Camera Dwayne
SetStage _CS_DC 20 ;    Search for the friend
SetStage _CS_DC 21 ;    Take the 2 guys to the GreenHouse
SetStage _CS_DC 22 ;    Fail The End Quest
SetStage _CS_DC 23 ;    Player Prostrate
SetStage _CS_DC 24 ;    Camera Event - DC
SetStage _CS_DC 25 ;    Stop Dialogue Camera
SetStage _CS_DC 26 ;    End Services
SetStage _CS_DC 27 ;    Camera Event - Office
SetStage _CS_DC 29 ;    Retrieve Dwayne Folder
SetStage _CS_DC 30 ;    Folder Obtained
SetStage _CS_DC 31 ;    About "The Hooker" Quest
SetStage _CS_DC 32 ;    Bimbo Mode Off
SetStage _CS_DC 33 ;    Add Soap + Skin Care to Player
SetStage _CS_DC 34 ;    Player Strip
SetStage _CS_DC 35 ;    Take the client to the Greenhouse
SetStage _CS_DC 36 ;    Gristle Evaluate Package
SetStage _CS_DC 40 ;    Gristle Dialogue +1
SetStage _CS_DC 41 ;    Gristle Dialogue +2
SetStage _CS_DC 43 ;    Gristle Dialogue +3
SetStage _CS_DC 44 ;    Gristle Dialogue +4
SetStage _CS_DC 45 ;    Remove Dwyane Folders
SetStage _CS_DC 46 ;    Gristle Set Look At Player
SetStage _CS_DC 47 ;    Open Cage
SetStage _CS_DC 49 ;    Give Jet
SetStage _CS_DC 50 ;    Remove All
SetStage _CS_DC 51 ;    MQ Mod - Gates Open. Disable Sullivan, Piper, Mayor. Stop fight between Dance and ghouls
SetStage _CS_DC 52 ;    Player is Young
SetStage _CS_DC 53 ;    Player is Mature
SetStage _CS_DC 54 ;    Player is Old
SetStage _CS_DC 55 ;    Supplies
SetStage _CS_DC 56 ;    Equip Jet
SetStage _CS_DC 57 ;    Start Herding
SetStage _CS_DC 58 ;    Stop Herding
SetStage _CS_DC 59 ;    Give ASA Clothes
SetStage _CS_DC 60 ;    PIper gives you water + food
SetStage _CS_DC 61 ;    Remove Slave Rules
SetStage _CS_DC 62 ;    Diamond City Marking 
SetStage _CS_DC 63 ;    Dwayne Before Frisking Scene
SetStage _CS_DC 64 ;    Evaluate Gristle Package
SetStage _CS_DC 65 ;    END MOD - Restore actors, triggerboxes and doors
SetStage _CS_DC 66 ;    DUFF - Injecting Drug
SetStage _CS_DC 67 ;    DUFF - Sex with Snoopy
SetStage _CS_DC 68 ;    DUFF - END Get your Payment
SetStage _CS_DC 69 ;    Stop Dialogue Camera
SetStage _CS_DC 70 ;    DUFF - Visit center notification
SetStage _CS_DC 71 ;    DUFF - Payment notification
SetStage _CS_DC 72 ;    Confiscate Caps
SetStage _CS_DC 73 ;    Confiscate Caps Silent
SetStage _CS_DC 74 ;    DUFF - Pillory Scene Start
SetStage _CS_DC 75 ;    DUFF - Pillory Camera Event 
SetStage _CS_DC 76 ;    DUFF - Pillory Equip Blindfold
SetStage _CS_DC 77 ;    DUFF - Pillory Start Food Scene
SetStage _CS_DC 78 ;    DUFF - Pillory  Start 2nd Scene
SetStage _CS_DC 79 ;    DUFF - Waiting to poop
SetStage _CS_DC 80 ;    DUFF - Pillory  Start third Scene
SetStage _CS_DC 81 ;    Gristle in Market Scene
SetStage _CS_DC 82 ;    Gristle at Brothel Scene End
SetStage _CS_DC 83 ;    DUFF - Pillory Visual Effects
SetStage _CS_DC 84 ;    DUFF - Pillory Enable Poop
SetStage _CS_DC 85 ;    DUFF - PIllory END
SetStage _CS_DC 86 ;    DUFF - Both doctors equip masks
SetStage _CS_DC 90 ;    Start Stealing Mini Quest
SetStage _CS_DC 100 ;    Meet Gristle outside
SetStage _CS_DC 105 ;    Start Travel to DC
SetStage _CS_DC 110 ;    In DC
SetStage _CS_DC 120 ;    Follow Gristle
SetStage _CS_DC 130 ;    Start Dwayne And Gristle Scene 
SetStage _CS_DC 140 ;    Gristle Leave - Dwayne Scene 02
SetStage _CS_DC 145 ;    To Check-up Room
SetStage _CS_DC 148 ;    Dwayne is in Check Room - Wait player input
SetStage _CS_DC 150 ;    Dwayne Scene with thief
SetStage _CS_DC 155 ;    Dwayne has left the Office
SetStage _CS_DC 160 ;    Dwayne is back
SetStage _CS_DC 165 ;    Dwayne Final Speech
SetStage _CS_DC 190 ;    Report To Dwayne - REPEATABLE
SetStage _CS_DC 200 ;    Start whoring
SetStage _CS_DC 210 ;    Report to Dwayne to finish your shift
SetStage _CS_DC 230 ;    To Check Up Room
SetStage _CS_DC 240 ;    Dwayne is coming
SetStage _CS_DC 245 ;    Frisked Scene
SetStage _CS_DC 268 ;    Talk to Gristle
SetStage _CS_DC 270 ;    Back Home
SetStage _CS_DC 300 ;    After Thief Mini Quest - Back Home 2
SetStage _CS_DC 310 ;    Inside Whore House
SetStage _CS_DC 315 ;    Inside Whore House (By Skipping)
SetStage _CS_DC 500 ;    End Quest 
SetStage _CS_DC 666 ;    Dwayne Agro - Kill Player
SetStage _CS_DC 900 ;    Fail Quest


Whore House Services (Miscellaneus) 


SetStage _CS_Chores 5;    Sex - Normal
SetStage _CS_Chores 6;    Sex - Oral
SetStage _CS_Chores 7;    Sex - Anal
SetStage _CS_Chores 8;    Sex - Rimjob
SetStage _CS_Chores 9;    Remove Food, Drugs, Beers
SetStage _CS_Chores 10;    Customer want a beer
SetStage _CS_Chores 11;    Customer want to eat something
SetStage _CS_Chores 12;    Customer want Daddy-0
SetStage _CS_Chores 13;    Clear Customer Chores
SetStage _CS_Chores 20;    Player flirt with client +1
SetStage _CS_Chores 21;    Player flirt with client +2
SetStage _CS_Chores 22;    Player flirt with client +3
SetStage _CS_Chores 23;    Player flirt with client +4
SetStage _CS_Chores 25;    Notification -Keep turning the guy on.
SetStage _CS_Chores 30;    Prepare some roast beef
SetStage _CS_Chores 31;    Prepare some Daddy-O
SetStage _CS_Chores 32;    Get some beers
SetStage _CS_Chores 50;    Broom Animation
SetStage _CS_Chores 100;    Start quest
SetStage _CS_Chores 110;    Rubble 01 cleaned
SetStage _CS_Chores 120;    Rubble 02 cleaned
SetStage _CS_Chores 130;    Rubble 03 cleaned
SetStage _CS_Chores 140;    Rubble 04 cleaned
SetStage _CS_Chores 150;    Rubble 05 cleaned
SetStage _CS_Chores 160;    Talk to Lindstrom
SetStage _CS_Chores 170;    Cleaning Done
SetStage _CS_Chores 200;    Guest Arrived
SetStage _CS_Chores 300;    Start Servicing
SetStage _CS_Chores 350;    Prepare some meal/drug/drink
SetStage _CS_Chores 360;    Take the client to your Room
SetStage _CS_Chores 370;    Talk to the Client
SetStage _CS_Chores 380;    Say Goodbye to the client
SetStage _CS_Chores 390;    Clean yourself in the Bathroom
SetStage _CS_Chores 395;    MSG
SetStage _CS_Chores 398;    Report to Lindstrom
SetStage _CS_Chores 400;    Reset Quest


The Scaver 


SetStage _CS_Scaver 1;    Submissive Responses
SetStage _CS_Scaver 2;    Rebel Responses
SetStage _CS_Scaver 3;    Decrease Self Esteem
SetStage _CS_Scaver 4;    Increase Self Esteem
SetStage _CS_Scaver 5;    Equip Jet
SetStage _CS_Scaver 6;    Equip Handcuffs
SetStage _CS_Scaver 7;    Remove Handcuffs
SetStage _CS_Scaver 8;    Collar Shock
SetStage _CS_Scaver 9;    Prohibit Sleep
SetStage _CS_Scaver 10;    Allow Sleep
SetStage _CS_Scaver 11;    Torture Mode ON
SetStage _CS_Scaver 12;    Torture Mode OFF
SetStage _CS_Scaver 13;    Confiscate Throwable weapons
SetStage _CS_Scaver 14;    UNUSED
SetStage _CS_Scaver 15;    UNUSED
SetStage _CS_Scaver 16;    UNUSED
SetStage _CS_Scaver 17;    Give Food
SetStage _CS_Scaver 18;    Give Special Weapon
SetStage _CS_Scaver 19;    Give Special Weapon + Remove Caps
SetStage _CS_Scaver 20;    Force Stimpak
SetStage _CS_Scaver 21;    Sex with Raider
SetStage _CS_Scaver 22;    Add Scrapper Perk
SetStage _CS_Scaver 25;    Scene between Jared and Bot - set to 220
SetStage _CS_Scaver 26;    Jared about the enemies - set to 230
SetStage _CS_Scaver 27;    Evaluate Package
SetStage _CS_Scaver 28;    Confiscate Weapons
SetStage _CS_Scaver 29;    Jared Dialogue +1
SetStage _CS_Scaver 30;    Check Dead Actors
SetStage _CS_Scaver 31;    Whipping Scene
SetStage _CS_Scaver 32;    Player On Knees
SetStage _CS_Scaver 40;    Display objectives (Loot the bodies)
SetStage _CS_Scaver 41;    Display objectives (Loot the bodies)
SetStage _CS_Scaver 42;    Display objectives (Loot the bodies)
SetStage _CS_Scaver 43;    Loot 1 acquired
SetStage _CS_Scaver 44;    Loot 2 acquired
SetStage _CS_Scaver 45;    Loot 3 acquired
SetStage _CS_Scaver 46;    Confiscate ASA Clothes
SetStage _CS_Scaver 47;    Medium Sized evalutate package
SetStage _CS_Scaver 48;    Confiscate Items
SetStage _CS_Scaver 49;    Add Sneak Perk
SetStage _CS_Scaver 100;    Start Quest
SetStage _CS_Scaver 200;    Start Scaving
SetStage _CS_Scaver 210;    Back to Lexington
SetStage _CS_Scaver 220;    To Battle Spot
SetStage _CS_Scaver 230;    Enemy appear
SetStage _CS_Scaver 240;    Loot the bodies
SetStage _CS_Scaver 250;    Talk to Jared
SetStage _CS_Scaver 251;    Get Fucked by Jared Dog
SetStage _CS_Scaver 252;    Talk to Jared
SetStage _CS_Scaver 255;    Piles the corpses on the rail
SetStage _CS_Scaver 258;    Talk to Jared
SetStage _CS_Scaver 260;    Follow Bomb to the Workbench
SetStage _CS_Scaver 270;    Talk with Big Bomb
SetStage _CS_Scaver 280;    Destroy the weapon
SetStage _CS_Scaver 290;    Talk with Big Bomb
SetStage _CS_Scaver 320;    Follow Big Bomb to the Laundry
SetStage _CS_Scaver 330;    Talk to Big Bomb
SetStage _CS_Scaver 340;    UNUSED
SetStage _CS_Scaver 350;    Threesome with the bombs
SetStage _CS_Scaver 360;    Talk with Big Bomb
SetStage _CS_Scaver 370;    Find the dog
SetStage _CS_Scaver 380;    To the Whore House
SetStage _CS_Scaver 500;    Back to the Whore House
SetStage _CS_Scaver 900;    End Quest


The Hooker (Traveler Sub Quest)


SetStage _CS_DC_Travelers 2;    Submissive Responses
SetStage _CS_DC_Travelers 3;    Increase Orientation
SetStage _CS_DC_Travelers 4;    Give Jet
SetStage _CS_DC_Travelers 5;    Start Herding
SetStage _CS_DC_Travelers 6;    Stop Herding
SetStage _CS_DC_Travelers 7;    Client set look at Male Slave
SetStage _CS_DC_Travelers 8;    Client set look at Player
SetStage _CS_DC_Travelers 9;    Player has read the note
SetStage _CS_DC_Travelers 10;    Player war rebbel
SetStage _CS_DC_Travelers 11;    Client set look at female Slave
SetStage _CS_DC_Travelers 12;    Disable Travelers
SetStage _CS_DC_Travelers 13;    Gristle Evaluate Package
SetStage _CS_DC_Travelers 14;    Traveler evaluate package
SetStage _CS_DC_Travelers 100;    Startup
SetStage _CS_DC_Travelers 110;    Traveler meets Gristle
SetStage _CS_DC_Travelers 120;    Traveler Choose male Slave
SetStage _CS_DC_Travelers 125;    Traveler choose female slave
SetStage _CS_DC_Travelers 130;    Traveler fucks male slave
SetStage _CS_DC_Travelers 135;    Traveler fucks female slave
SetStage _CS_DC_Travelers 150;    Traveler Choose Player
SetStage _CS_DC_Travelers 160;    Traveler fuck player
SetStage _CS_DC_Travelers 170;    After Fuck
SetStage _CS_DC_Travelers 180;    End
SetStage _CS_DC_Travelers 200;    Thief Quest Start
SetStage _CS_DC_Travelers 210;    Steal the traveler
SetStage _CS_DC_Travelers 215;    Moral Decision
SetStage _CS_DC_Travelers 220;    Go back to Gristle
SetStage _CS_DC_Travelers 500;    Stop Quest
SetStage _CS_DC_Travelers 900;    Fail Quest


 Pet Walk


SetStage _CS_Roaming 1;    Stop Timer
SetStage _CS_Roaming 3;    Stop Slave Timer
SetStage _CS_Roaming 4;    Equip Jet
SetStage _CS_Roaming 10;    Sex - Doggy
SetStage _CS_Roaming 11;    Sex - Oral
SetStage _CS_Roaming 12;    Sex - Rimjob
SetStage _CS_Roaming 13;    Sex - Anal
SetStage _CS_Roaming 14;    Xcross - Whipping
SetStage _CS_Roaming 20;    Player has been with Jared
SetStage _CS_Roaming 100;    Start Roaming
SetStage _CS_Roaming 110;    Report to Lindstrom
SetStage _CS_Roaming 500;    Shutdown


The Threat


SetStage _CS_Threat 10 ;    Add Nuke
SetStage _CS_Threat 11 ;    Remove Nuke
SetStage _CS_Threat 12 ;    Dialogue Camera Lindstrom
SetStage _CS_Threat 13 ;    Camera Event
SetStage _CS_Threat 14 ;    Dialogue Camera Minutemen
SetStage _CS_Threat 15 ;    Dialogue Camera Settler
SetStage _CS_Threat 16 ;    Settler Dialogue - Settler has been warned
SetStage _CS_Threat 17 ;    Settler Dialogue - Settler has give his reasons
SetStage _CS_Threat 18 ;    Player wanted to be free
SetStage _CS_Threat 19 ;    Player aked about her collar
SetStage _CS_Threat 20 ;    Settler threatened to shoot you
SetStage _CS_Threat 25 ;    Settler threatened to release his dog
SetStage _CS_Threat 26 ;    Minutemen Aggro
SetStage _CS_Threat 30 ;    Sex with the dog
SetStage _CS_Threat 31 ;    Minutemen Dialogue 1
SetStage _CS_Threat 32 ;    Minutemen Dialogue 2
SetStage _CS_Threat 50 ;    To the Pillory
SetStage _CS_Threat 100 ;    Talk to the settler
SetStage _CS_Threat 500 ;    Report to Lindstrom
SetStage _CS_Threat 600 ;    Enable Minutemen 
SetStage _CS_Threat 610 ;    Minutemen get attacked!
SetStage _CS_Threat 620 ;    Minutemen Dead
SetStage _CS_Threat 700 ;    Report to Lindstrom after Minutemen incident
SetStage _CS_Threat 810 ;    To the Xcross - Punishment
SetStage _CS_Threat 820 ;    End Punishment
SetStage _CS_Threat 900 ;    EndQuest (Fail)
SetStage _CS_Threat 1000 ;    EndQuest


 The Hero 


SetStage _CS_End 0;    Setup
SetStage _CS_End 1;    Submissive Responses
SetStage _CS_End 2;    Rebel Responses
SetStage _CS_End 3;    Decrease Self Esteem
SetStage _CS_End 4;    Increase Self Esteem
SetStage _CS_End 5;    Equip Jet
SetStage _CS_End 6;    Equip Handcuffs
SetStage _CS_End 7;    Remove Handcuffs
SetStage _CS_End 8;    Collar Shock
SetStage _CS_End 9;    Prohibit Sleep
SetStage _CS_End 10;    On Knees
SetStage _CS_End 11;    Camera Gristle
SetStage _CS_End 12;    Check if Nuka Ride is Installed
SetStage _CS_End 13;    Set Look At Gristle
SetStage _CS_End 100;    Start Ending
SetStage _CS_End 110;    Go Outside
SetStage _CS_End 120;    To Gristle special site
SetStage _CS_End 130;    Murphy run away
SetStage _CS_End 1000;    Start Moving to End Spot
SetStage _CS_End 1005;    Move to Ending Spot
SetStage _CS_End 1010;    Kill the hostage
SetStage _CS_End 1020;    Hostage dead - Talk to Gristle
SetStage _CS_End 4000;    Fail
SetStage _CS_End 5000;    Ending
SetStage _CS_End 5001;    Shutdown


Edited by JB.
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SOO tested 1st mision 
1st disable aproach in sh .
2 if you use hht mod with lazman replacer i recommeded you sat fall chance to zero in mcm or you may die after falling due hht ivent 
3 if you have fonb there be some conflict with collar info (soo go too load order )
 need more tests with other mods and function but this is recommendation from new game (if you use mods i named )

4 if you enable an76 before start this mod sat all timesrs to max
5 truestorm weather (if you enable before start ) and other radiation mods (that give more radiation ) my recomendation set basic settings in rmr(if rad rain or storm apear you may continie with huge morph ) and of course some conflict with fonb soo if you new to this use only mod that jb recommended )

Edited by kazeha9
more testing info
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Seriously? I roll back my save to pre-Nuka Ride three days ago and now you drop this?!? Ugh.  Guess my gal will have to start Nuka Ride all over again...again. You know I'm always good for finding odd conflicts, so I'll report what I find as I go.  I'm done with RSE Brothels, so hopefully my weird scripting problems are a thing of the past.

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10 minutes ago, ecastellvi said:

Hello, I'm trying to install the mod and I get this error during installation. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!




It's cool that MO2 has that warning. I initially had a "Tools" folder for Bodyslide, in my FOMOD, but I left it for another update. 


Bottom line: there is no Tools folder, and I guess it's an innocent warning. 


Let me know how it went. With Vortex nothing unusual happens and I doubt that with MO2 it will be any different.


19 minutes ago, kazeha9 said:

soo played it about 45 min. soo fantastic dialog and idea )  already sup you on patreon ) but you need some more promotion in your patreon account ) 



Thank you for the reports. I am willing to create compatibilities with Loverslab mods. I'll see one of these days if I can block Sexual Harrastment during my mod, the same way I managed to block Raider Pet or Commonwealth Captives. 

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10 minutes ago, Nuka Cherry said:



Ok, was considering a full reinstall of Fallout and now..... thankyou!

Hehehehe. I remember I was without many ideas at some point and I read a post of yours where you made a story with pictures about some prostitutes that were taken to a Gunner camp. Thanks to that post of yours I did what I think is the best quest: The slavers haul you and other slaves to Diamond City to make caps as prostitutes. You have no idea what it took me because the road from Corvega to Diamond City is long and full of triggerboxes that I had to control, but damn it's a pretty brutal quest and I manage to do it. 


I plan to do it also for Gunners camps but it will be next year. 



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6 minutes ago, JB. said:


It's cool that MO2 has that warning. I initially had a "Tools" folder for Bodyslide, in my FOMOD, but I left it for another update. 


Bottom line: there is no Tools folder, and I guess it's an innocent warning. 


Let me know how it went. With Vortex nothing unusual happens and I doubt that with MO2 it will be any different.

I had problem starting a new game, but it was due to another mod. I tried with a save I have fresh fro9m the vault and the mod is working perfectly so far. Thanks!

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For a playthrough using this mod with Nuka Ride, do you recommend starting with Nuka Ride disabled and then enabling it after "finishing" this mod, or can both be enabled at the same time? Does Duke know to wait if this mod is installed?

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7 minutes ago, MrNicoras said:

For a playthrough using this mod with Nuka Ride, do you recommend starting with Nuka Ride disabled and then enabling it after "finishing" this mod, or can both be enabled at the same time? Does Duke know to wait if this mod is installed?


You can start it with Nuka Ride activated if you want. At the beginning, you will find Duke dead near the vault and that's it. And at the end of the mod, someone will tell you: "Hey, I found this pamphlet, I know the place and you should go there..." and the Nuka Ride quest will start. Very basic compatibility.


Next year I want Charon to refuse to take you to Nuka World if you are still enslaved, a scenario that is possible right now but will still end with your death because you can't be away from raiders for long. 

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1 hour ago, JB. said:

I'll see one of these days if I can block Sexual Harrastment during my mod, the same way I managed to block Raider Pet or Commonwealth Captives. 


It uses this function to check various keywords before assigning an approacher, any of which could be used to block specific NPCs if you want:


bool Function IsActorKeywordUnavailable(Actor a)
	Keyword actorBusy = Game.GetFormFromFile(0x0100915A, "AAF.esm") as Keyword
	Keyword actorBlocked = Game.GetFormFromFile(0x01022BB0, "AAF.esm") as Keyword
	Keyword actorLocked = Game.GetFormFromFile(0x01017CEA, "AAF.esm") as Keyword

	return a.HasKeyword(FPSH_ActorBusy) || a.HasKeyword(actorBusy) || a.HasKeyword(actorBlocked)



2 hours ago, kazeha9 said:

4 if you enable an76 before start this mod sat all timesrs to max


Thanks! I was just about to ask if this plays well with AN76 instead of vanilla survival. I always set those timers to maximum anyway because its defaults are far too fast for my tastes.

Edited by vaultbait
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Well I got stuck right away.

Gristle sent me up to talk to Murphy.

Murphy tattoos me and then tells Gristle he wants to fuck. I say Hi and Murphy says This is your new life - get used to it.

Arm tattoo looks really good.

I stand their, handcuffed, and nothing. AAF does not fire.

I can rotate and say Hi or Sir to both Gristle and Murphy - but I can not move.

I tested AAF before this - poses work OK. No AAF error messages.


Bug note: Gristle called me He and Him. Somewhat insulting - but not serious.


Edited by fred200
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4 hours ago, MrNicoras said:

Are you playing as an ENBY?


That is a new acronym on me... No idea what it means, and can't even suss it out. Vanilla female, fusion girl.


Thank the Lord for Google. ENBY - Non-binary. Any day I learn something - is a good day.


I think JB just had a typo. I can't think of any reason for anything other than a female PC to play this mod.

At least I would not have put in gender checks, even for ENBY roleplay.


I take it back - I looked at the dialogs and there are a few male / female checks.

The one that was incorrect for me was 2D0084A Dialog Topic in Scene _CS_Thorns03_Murphy01.


I am stuck at stage 130 in Quest _CS_Thorns.


Setstage _CS_Thorns 135 got me going again. Every scene and animation up to Whorehouse worked perfectly, including 3 party AAF.


Typo: Whorehouse Jared "Sigh" should be "Sight".


Whorehouse third Raider - msg box AAF animation failed to play. Skipped.


Jared sent me to Demo. I don't know if I broke Murphy - but he is not leading. Not to good of a follower either. I lost him.

He showed up at Demo scene. Flat on his back and unconscious.

I could not wake him because I had no stimpacks. Consoled some in. They don't make Raiders like they used to.

Incompatibility: Add Knockout Framework to the list...


Moving right along - I got assigned to pick ingredients for drugs in _cs_Pet. All fine and good - except Dekel has no dialog to let me exit.

I can get the ingredients using Setstage, and making the drugs goes well - but Dekel is well and truly broken. I have no way to exit the Whorehouse.

Dekel only says "Why are you looking at me like this". I tried hitting him enough to aggro him - then the collar killed me.

I think I am done for now. Setstage is not going to help on this one.

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