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[FO4] [AAF] Themes - VanillaSexAnimations, Kinky/Aggressive and CreatureSexAnimations 210819.0

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About This File

Themes allow customisation of AAF animation Packs by adding tags to installed Animation Positions. If you do not install some Themes, there will be no tags added to any relevant animations you have installed so they should not be picked by mods using the tagging system like Violate or RSE. So if you want to install an animation pack that has a mix of Human and Creature animations, this means mods can tell the difference and only pick the ones that interest you by its settings unless you manually pick them in the AAF wizard.

The minimum Theme to install is Vanilla Theme which is installed automatically in the FOMOD whether you tick any other options or not.


The VanillaSex, KinkySex and CreatureSex Themes are now combined in the one FOMOD and only available on Lovers Lab, the Basic Theme is only needed if you use poses.

The Basic and Vanilla Sex Themes are available on Nexus but may be a version behind this for a week or so.


Basic Theme - Covers one of the Pose packs. Also includes new avatars for Humans and most creatures by Polistro.

VanillaSex Theme - Covers all vanilla basic sex animations, Male/Female, Male/Male, Female/Female, GangBangs. Also includes new avatars for Humans and most creatures by Polistro.

KinkySexTheme - Includes Vanilla sex Theme and covers Aggressive/Rough Sex, Spanking, Bondage positions and Bondage furniture animations. Also includes new avatars for Humans and most creatures by Polistro.
CreatureSex Theme - Includes Vanilla sex Theme and covers all Creature Sex Animations including Aggressive ones. Also includes new avatars for Humans and most creatures by Polistro.

These theme packs contain all the parts of tagData from Halstroms_TagData.XML (APT) split into each relevant theme making APT redundant. If you have APT (Halstrom_tagData.xml) also installed it will result in double tagging some animations and probably cause weirdness or bugs. Installing all the themes is the same as having the full APT.


This also includes new avatars for Humans and most creatures by Polistro most have not been tested yet.

This spoiler contains links to the supported Animation mods.

















Let me know if I've missed any too.


This spoiler contains Tagging information.


<!-- Tags so far as Follows: -->
<!-- The first tag is the Author -->
<!-- F,M,P,F_M,F_F,M_M,F_M_M,F_M_M_M,F_M_M_M_M,2P,3P,4P,5P --> P denotes no gender is set in the animation.
<!-- NoFurn,SingleBed,DoubleBed,Bed,Mattress,SleepingBag,Stool,Chair,Couch,Car,Table,PoolTable,Wall,CryoPod,PAStation,Stocks,Shackles,Throne,Pillory,HydroPillory --> This is the Furniture requirement for this animation or NoFurn for no furniture
<!-- Dancing,Foreplay,Switch,Kissing,Hugging,Cuddle,TitJob,Doggy,Kneeling,FaceDown,Standing,HandJob,Cunnilingus,BlowJob,Rimming,Masturbation,69,Missionary,Carry,Wheelbarrow,PowerBomb,CowGirl,Spanking, Bound,Gagged --> Positional information about Actor0
<!-- FromBehind,FromFront,FromSide -->The direction/s Actor0 is receiving from
<!-- Loving,Neutral,Rough,Aggressive --> These are used to narrow down approriat animations to pick for Relationships, Rough Sex or NonConsentual
<!-- Held0,Held1,Held3,Held5,Held7,Held9 indicates the receivers(Actor0) restraint level, 0 being free, 9 being shackled -->
<!-- Stim-9,Stim-7,Stim-5,Stim-3,Stim-1,Stim0,Stim1,Stim3,Stim5,Stim7,Stim9 indicates how stimulating this is for the receiver, negative values = pain -->
<!-- Love-9,Love-7,Love-5,Love-3,Love-1,Love0,Love1,Love3,Love5,Love7,Love9 indicates how much this would effect a relationship between actors, negative values = hate -->
<!-- Dom-9,Dom-7,Dom-5,Dom-3,Dom-1,Dom0,Dom1,Dom3,Dom5,Dom7,Dom9 indicates how much this Alters the Submissiveness or Domination Level for the receiver (Actor0), negative values = Submission, Giving Actors should be affected by the opposite value -->
<!-- NullToSelf --> This is what Actor0 is doing nothing to themselves
<!-- HandToHand,HandToNipples,HandToMouth,HandToVagina,HandToPenis,HandToAnus,HandToStrapOn,HandToEither,HandToStick,PenisToHand,PenisToNipples,PenisToMouth,PenisToVagina,PenisToPenis,PenisToAnus,PenisToStrapOn,PenisToVagina,PenisToStick,StrapOnToHand,StrapOnToNipples,StrapOnToMouth,StrapOnToVagina,StrapOnToPenis,StrapOnToAnus,StrapOnToEither,StrapOnToStick --> The 2nd and following are what Actor1 and lateter Actors are doing to Actor0

<!-- etc Either is used for positions where it could be a Females Vagina or Anus being used that is then decided by preferences. Stick represents where an animation is not gendered and it could be a Penis or Strapon -->


File versions are by date so 180510 is 10th of May 2018, not 5th of October 2018 unless you are American :P

AAF obviously :)

The DLC's are currently required for only the Kinky and Creature Themes until I update the FOMOD. But it can be used without them if the following files are removed.


3 of the files are old versions just in case there's an issue with the latest version, the files are labelled by Date 181211.0 is 2018 December 11th version 0
The VanillaSex, KinkySex and CreatureSex Themes are combined in the one FOMOD and only available on Lovers Lab.


Thanks To:
F4SE people

Dagobaking for his help learning how this voodoo works
CGI for general help and creating the FOMOD version
EgoBallistic for his patience and input to mesh this into his mods
and numerous sacrificial Test Minions



No Kiddie Porn usage, I don't want to be involved in any crap that hits the fan. I DO NOT support any use of my mods for kiddie porn or adult sexual situations like child pregnancy.
Otherwise do whatever you want with this except selling it, Animators are free to use it themselves to replace their templates, less work for me when updates then :)

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