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  1. Safe journey to you, @EgoBallistic, whatever has transpired and wherever you may be.
  2. MTO is flexible (via FOMOD menu) in what factions you can have it change. Like, it can be set to mainly impact raiders, gunners, scavengers and the Children of Atom via the "enemies" option but not alter settlers, city dwellers, et cetera. It also doesn't change the gender of unique female NPCs either so for example any women who are raider bosses remain women.
  3. Yeah, some integration with AN2's menstruation expansion (blocking menstruation when pregnant, severely reducing fertility when menstruating, better synchronization between fertile and menstrual times, et cetera) has always been on my wishlist... or just adding menstruation to FPE realistically timed, in which case I'd happily unload that AN2 expansion.
  4. Aha, thanks! That's very clear. Going to give it a shot in that case.
  5. The mod itself has not been updated, the mod author merely amended the description page to indicate they're leaving the community and willing their mods to anyone who wishes to continue developing them from here on.
  6. Out of curiosity, how does this differ from https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/45674 ? I've been happy with that, but willing to switch if this gives me something that doesn't (though reading the description I'm not yet certain it does). Thanks!
  7. That's one hard dude. Sure he was an asshole, but you gotta respect his thoroughness.
  8. The typical solution to this problem is to create a hidden "zap slider" in Outfit studio. Basically select the body mesh, mask the parts of the body you want kept (that is, the parts which should not be zapped/hidden), create a new zap slider from that, set the defaults to zapped and hidden so they don't need to be fiddled or clutter your BodySlide interface. Note that Outfit Studio's interface will not actually hide the zapped body parts, but BodySlide's preview window and the game will. After you save and overwrite the project in Outfit Studio you'll want to rebuild the outfit in BodySlide so your changes take effect. There are lots of Outfit Studio tutorials out there which will do a better job of walking you through body zaps, this is just a summary.
  9. I've only ever seen the peace offering happen once per capture (though it's replayable if you get captured again after getting rid of your collar).
  10. I didn't observe any problem with hand movement in the Fusion Girl version, are you sure it has that problem? Also I don't know what "scene" you're talking about. If you're saying that first-person view was obscured slightly by some of the items, I did notice that. I suppose it's a bigger issue for anyone who wants to wear these on their own character instead of just putting them on NPCs. Anyway, I guess if you can copy @colourtemp3000's mod, then they can copy your fixes into their version if they want them.
  11. Not sure, but also be aware this mod is a partially-implemented work in progress which I seem to remember @Halstrom saying he was unlikely to continue making. I've gotten the impression you should not expect that next update any time soon.
  12. But that was my point... I shouldn't need to make one, it already exists. What I guess I don't understand is why you're uploading a copy of someone else's mod, have broken it, and are claiming yours is a "fixed" version of what they're maintaining. It sounds like you converted it to CBBE and then fixed problems you created?
  13. According to the mod page, the preferred place to file AAF bug reports is on BitBucket: https://bitbucket.org/dagobaking/aaf-framework/issues Note that you can probably just fix this yourself for now, upcoming versions of AAF rework unequipping/reequipping and no longer maintain separate lists in the AAF_equipmentSetData.xml file, there will be a list for what it should remove, but it's expected to reequip anything it removes after animations conclude and the timer expires.
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