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  1. Then you've got some other animation patches (UAP? Indarello's Patch for Animations? Static's SImple Patch? TOPTBTA?) incorrectly altering the metadata for this animation pack. If you're going to use patch mods, make sure to pay very close attention to which versions of the various animation packs their descriptions tell you they're made for. If you have the wrong versions, AAF won't be able to make sense of the XML discrepancies.
  2. Or you could use the undressing feature of the most recent Violate version. If AAF doesn't see any clothing to strip, then it shouldn't try to put any back on you after the animations finish.
  3. By default the PgUp, PgDn and right Ctrl buttons change positions. It's possible your keyboard doesn't emit the same scancodes as a typical US 104-key model. You can adjust AAF's hotkeys in the Data\AAF\AAF_settings.ini file.
  4. I think the tl;dr is the scripts for this mod need to be rebuilt against a newer version of AAF.
  5. Agreed, it broke in 156 and was finally solved in 163. I haven't seen it happen again with the indicated fixed version of AAF. https://bitbucket.org/dagobaking/aaf-framework/wiki/Main/CHANGELOG.md
  6. I recommend posting requests for them here if you haven't already:
  7. Both the file page and the support topic are saying they're not found. I expect they were intentionally taken down/removed.
  8. Just catching up on recent mod additions, and this looks great. I was thinking about trying to put something similar together myself (albeit far more rudimentary), but now I don't have to. Thanks for making and sharing!!!
  9. If you can't read and carefully follow this extremely detailed walkthrough article, you're going to have no luck getting AAF working. For that matter if you can't even spell the name of the mod, I doubt there's much a video is going to help you achieve. You can't cut and paste or follow links from video footage, so if anything you would have an even worse time if there were such a video.
  10. I have no idea why people make posts like this. If the mod isn't useful to you, then... don't use it.
  11. Early on right after FO4 was released and I was playing vanilla, using the beacons, I turned the airport into a fenced-in pen with a sniper tower in one corner. I'd transfer unwanted settlers there from other parts of the commonwealth, and whenever it got full I'd sit on top of the tower and "empty" that settlement.
  12. Even simpler than that since it's a full replacement of the original mod. You can just install Toxic Raider Blackout and the Toxic Raider FG conversion and it will work like you want. No need for the original mod at all. At least that's how it's working for me.
  13. If you install Advanced Needs 2 and go into its MCM, under the health submenu there's an option to adjust the radiation points needed for radiation sickness to kick in. Though if you have the vomit models turned on your character will also puke when receiving more radiation, as well as no longer be able to sprint/run and get slower in general like when encumbered. Healing radiation at a doctor or with a dose or two of Rad-Away solves the negative effects.
  14. It does take getting used to, I'll agree. I think you're going to need to use a right-click context menu on the parent node of the array to add an entry, but I could be wrong about that.
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