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  1. Was it for asking about abortion? Because that starts in month 1. Also keep in mind that if you're also using WDF, different species have different gestation periods and some may indeed put you into labor that soon.
  2. I have no idea what you mean specifically by "change in format" (are you talking about the introduction of XSD driven XML validation in 123, the deprecation of idle nodes in 131, something else?). Also there were some redress-related fixes in 163, what version are you using? As I said, reporting a bug in AAF such that it might get attention takes some work, more than just saying "I'm observing these problems" and expecting its author to spend time trying to guess all the necessary details to reproduce it directly in AAF. In this particular case the user has gotten their knickers in a wad because the AAF author has said "could not reproduce" and so seems to have taken it as a form of condescension. It's unreasonable to expect a mod's author to reproduce a bug you observe via the interaction of some other mod they did not write. Yes AAF has bugs, and I want to see them fixed as much as most folks, but when a user doesn't provide sufficient context to recreate the observed behavior in a way which rules out the other mods they're running (which are not the AAF author's problem, let's be clear about this), there's not much else to say.
  3. Check the 'tude. AAF gets a LOT of bug reports and most are due to mis-installation or are the result of problems in other mods. If you suspect you've found a bug in AAF, you'll need to do rather a lot of legwork to provide a minimal reproducer, typically one constructed without the use of any NSFW mods. The usual way to go about it is that if you can demonstrate the problem through a particular AAF-using mod, then get the author of that mod to determine whether it's an actual AAF issue and create a stripped-down mini-mod which can create the same result so that it can be used to test any potential fixes on the AAF side.
  4. The FOMOD installer menu for Real Handcuffs gives you the option to install an included version it provides, you shouldn't need to download it separately. AAF also automatically installs the latest version, so if you're using a recent version of AAF you already have it, and don't need to tell RH to install its copy (which may wind up overwriting AAF's copy with an older version and that could cause you problems).
  5. For that, it looks like you'll need to edit the constants at the top of DD_Event_Vibrate.psc and recompile it with PapyrusCompiler from the FO4CK.
  6. Looks like all the conversions by Apart have been hidden/removed on Nexus, almost certainly another casualty of The nExodus.
  7. One thing I noticed after restarting with 2.0.8 is that none of the dialogue with the protrectrons was skippable any longer. Not sure if that was an inadvertent regression from the voicefile cleanup, and whether it's solved in 2.0.9, but I'll upgrade and test again as soon as I have a few minutes.
  8. I use FG rather than CBBE, but I've seen this happen if the BodyGen config isn't set to exclude the player ID.
  9. My point was science. Just because you observe two things together, that doesn't mean one was the cause of the other. Jumping to conclusions hinders the debugging process. And as pointed out, the change in warp location was not made to accommodate DC mods. If you jump to the DC entrance, Piper's scene often doesn't play out correctly. I've also observed this with a simple coc command when trying to skip to DC quickly on a new playthrough for testing. I learned long ago not to coc to DiamondCityExt but rather to one of the adjacent cells instead and then walk so the scene would trigger properly on approach.
  10. Yeah, I'm using the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch too, and Active Effects on HUD as my only major HUD addition. I guess one thing worth noting is that the only animation patch mod I use is Staged Leito Plus Erection Fix (so no UAP, no Indarello's, et cetera). While I could see that having some intermittent impact on erection morphs, it wouldn't explain belly morphs failing to apply though.
  11. I did, but so did others. This mod has clear references to it anyway (as well as allusions to Fisto from FO:NV). To be honest, that nostalgia is some of what makes Nuka Ride compelling for me. Not wanting to pressure the author, who seems eager to achieve some sort of closure on the existing quest lines, but that does sound like it would be yet another great call-out to FO2.
  12. Very interesting. I get expected erection morphs with latest BodyTalk and LooksMenu 1.6.20, belly morphs work for me with FPER and SA (I don't use the moprhs from WDF because they tend to fight with other mods' morphs), and I frequently switch face/body presets or adjust sliders in-game with SLM without any trouble. There's got to be something extra in this equation. Are you using latest FO4 runtime and latest F4SE? Are you running with Buffout 4 installed and have you enable the F4EE patch option in its config? Those are just the tip of the iceberg as possibilities go though...
  13. Not exactly what you describe, but you might want to try out Vault Buddy Follower if you haven't seen it yet. At least fits the role of a creepy follower with an unhealthy attachment.
  14. I'm frankly surprised it's not hitting me. I tend to play right around/at the 254 active plugin limit with another 60+ ESLs and ESL-flagged ESPs and an installed mod count well over 500. I start new playthroughs often, so don't have any really long-lived examples. I've also followed a lot of the optimization guides and have a number of stability and performance improving mods installed, but by necessity given the number of mods I'm using together. It might be that my computer is just powerful or well-tuned enough to not get as bogged down, but I do still see evidence of script lag show up in other ways so I'm not entirely convinced that's it either. I'm stumped, really, and suspect the best shot at this point is to try and look for correlations in the largest sample size of users who are willing to provide at least anecdotal info about experiencing it or not.
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